Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1908
Page 4
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^ :m::: r: i RNi BULTl 1 timn t. ^cori BAlpbitm* Bodm ..m pui^ OOM •Btmd at lOU. KUMH, FMUAMk M tAntUatag RttM lUda Knowa on J AppUeattOB. Bf Gttrl« tai I^la. %u Cttf, iMrti- TitU vc lA Harps. O B * WMk 10 onta Oaa Month 44 eaata O B* T*ar IS .00 By KalL O B* rear tosM* e *BBt7 C M r «ar ••UM* MBBtjr Thr** MoBdu, IB adTiuc* ILOO O B* MoBth. In adraao* .44 of Jite it fraQiwBtly. cornea In » red automobile. , omtujL PiPEiL cm OF BAS- or 1S80CUTED PBESS. Tfe* lola DaOjr Bcfliter to a BMBber •f tke 'lAMclated Fm* aa4 Beceire* Oie dar icpert if that' great aewi er* iBBhaaeB f«r Exelailre Afteraeea Pablteatfw la l»la. OH SECOND THOUGHT. l:t must be mighty humiliating to a main to have Eome other man come aloirig and alienate his wife's affec- tioiTs. ix^ji ^ikffi dood capons are selling for $1.40 apiece. The moral of this is that you should market your capons now. dnce in a while a woman ignores preScedent and orders a party gown which Is neither pink, blue nor yellow but the result is never very satisfactory. "What chance have I got to get into •odety." aaid H ^d Bernelr yesterdar. "In the Urat plae^ I aerer tilled any- bodr. and I not | only pay mj debU, but I am also rery tnu^rate.** We judge that Clyde Miller iant tak- Ihg a Tery active part In the preaept campaign. He waa in tpwn yesterday wearing a Buffalo Bill hat When Mr. Miller la really intereited in pollUc* he wears a derby. After a man has tailed at everything elae he movea further wrist and begins all. over again. It doesn't matter how ugly you are, you can probably And a woman who win think you beautiful. They say that a certain girl who made a great hit when she came out a year or two ago is beginning to cro«k: Between themselves the fellows are now admitting that she Is tiresome. New« '|rf Ike County r IQKXBTA. 1 We note by the telegraph that Geo. Baker Glover Is again trying to get bis hands on his mother's shopping bag. Still, you will remember that Captain Angney had lived in I>awrence three years and had no hope of getting away in the Immediate future. There Is nothing especially surprising In the news that George Dixon died in poverty. Lots of people do that. Death is suposed to ride a pale horse; but we have noticed that here Wc notice, however, that notwithstanding the reaction which followe) the evening paper's editorial against a special session. Governor Hoch went right ahead and called it : The Crystal Theatre has beeti purchased by a ICansas City man and it -Is believed there are other theatres in Topeka which could be secured in the same manner. TO CUBE A COLD IS OKE DAT T.-ike LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money If It falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 26c. Try a Want Ad. In the Begbter. PHYSICIANS DISCUSS THE NEW THEORY i COuipER'S VIEWS OF HUM.L> STOMACH >OTED BY .MEDICAL .MK>. A recent article in the Now Orleans'of the facta recently brought to my Item gives on account of the effect iupon the medical profession of that city with regard to L. f. Cooper's the- 'ory that the human stomach Is responsible for most ill health. The article [Is as follows: "The astonishing sale of Cooper's prciaration In this city has now reach ed such Immense figures that the medi cal fraternity have been forced Into open discussion of the, man's theories and medicines. "The physicians seem to be divided witli regard to the young man's suc- ,ce8s in New Orleans—some being willing to credit him for what he has ac- comjiliehed, while others assert that the Interest he has aroused Is but a passirg fad that will die out as quickly as a. bss sprung up. "In a statement - recently obtained from a well-known physician of this city^ the position' of those in favor of Cooper Is well voiced. The doctor said: 'I am not a believer in proprietary medicines, but I must admit that some attention concerning this Cooper medicine have gone far toward removing the prejudices I had formed against them when I first heard of Cooper's new ideas and medicines. " 'Numbers of my patients whom I have treated for chronic liver, kidney and stomach troubles have met me and stated that Cooper's medicine has accomplished wonderful results for th.^m. I notice particularly in cases of stomach trouble that the man has relieved several cases that were of years' standing and proved very ol>- Minate to treatment " 'I do not wish to stand in the way of something that may be for the public good, sim.ply through professional lT«?judipe, and I am inclined | to give Coffper and his preparations credit as deson-ing to some extent the jpopular demcnstration that has been accorded thrm in this city.'" I We sell the Cooper medicines. They are rrovlng remarkably successful ihrouehout the entire United; States. —S. R. burreli. The Ladies'Aid Society ,o( t^e C MI' gregational Chur^will gtre an oya> ter supper Friday Night, Jan. 17th, 1908. 15 cenU a diah. Married: WIU Wella and Ethel WU- liams on Thursday. Jan. Snd. Last Friday being Roy Campbell's birthday, hia friends gave him A surprise party. Mrs. Bosworth visited at Mrs. Child's last we«k. Win Irvin has moved on the James Irwin farm and has a telephone. The Royal Neighbors and Woodmen installed their officers Wednesday. Ulya Hyde went to lola. CBESCENT TALLET. I I : * Our school reopened last Monday. .Farmers In this nelghborbood are butchering this week. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Simmons were visiting In Chanute Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. R. Ross helped Mr. John Baxiey butcher Tuesday. .Mr. O. C. Cunningham helped Mr. McManners'saw wood Tuesday. Mrs. Agaltemeier of Toronto was in this part last week on business. She said Mr. .\ltemeier was Just able to sit up. Mr. and Mrs. R. Ross and Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Willhlte> and family visited at Mr. O. C. Cunningham's Sunday. Mr. Wiilcnburgs are hauling hay to roi<-i. ~ E. Johnson and Willie Altemeier went over to Toronto Monday. Albert Kuhn started to school Monday. The company which owns the wells on the Baker and Vrooman places are preparing to pull the casing. Mrs. J. H. Vrooman was in Wichita last week to have her eyes treated; PLEASAKT TALLET HILL. i " <• John and Ben Ellis returned last week from New Mexico where they went for a hunt and a visit with their uncle. Hen Brown aud fiiniii.v; Kansas seems to suit them better than that country. They report a fine time and killed wild turkeys, the first they had ever seen. I^C .Mat Ueahm killed a beef Monday. Jim Hawkins has finished gathering .Mr. Nostrand's corn and will finish gathering Mat lieahm's this week. Then ht will gather corn f()r<*'rank Ellis. Bnrnoy Raven had Allen Castator helping him haul manure last- week. Lee Clark writes from California that ho does not intend to ever conic back to Kansas. Ho ilkes that country better he thinks. Nettie Oaboru is doing some sewing for Carrie Bolln this week. Frank Ellis is having potatoes dug this week- They did not get the whole crop dug at the right time so made an examination of them this week, and finding them all right he hired his brother. Vess, to dig them. That shows the Kansas climate Is perfect Mat Beahm is selling corn to Mr. lleiman at forty-six cents. Heiman comes after it Cora Sloan stayed all night in Humboldt Sunday night at her sister's. She came out to school Monday morning with her cousin, Minnie Rader, and walked on home. Grandma Osborn and daughters and Dora Hawkins and children visited at C. R. Peck's Wednesday. A few have begun plowing for Advertising Primarily consists in iettlnE~a lot of pcopk Icnow you . are in cxtatence and what excuse you have for It. ADVBin'ISINa Is like throwinff a rubber ball; the harder you throw It the QUICKER it cornea back. Don't write a ha f hearted ad—you wouldn't whisp<r to a customer, would you? Write a srood ad. tell the truih, then put It in The REGISTER ami twenty thousand Readers Will Liisten This woman says Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound saved her life. Bead her letter. Mrs. T. G WiUadsen, of Manniag; Iowa, writes to Mrs. Pmkham: •• I can truly say that Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound saved my Ufe, and 1 cannot express my gratitude to yon in words. For years I suffered with the worst forms of female complaints, continually doctoring and spending lota of money for medicine without help. I wrote yon for advice, followed it as directed, and took Lydia E. I^-nkham's Vegetable Compound and it li.-<s restored me to perfect health. Had it not been for von I should have been in my grave to-diiv. I Tvish every snffering woman would try it." FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. For thirty years Lydia K Pinkham 's Vegetable Compound, made fnom roots and herbs, lias lx!«n the standard remedy for female ills, and has posit ively cured thousands of women who have \ieen troubled with displacements, infUmmation, ulceration, fibroid tiumors, irregularities, periodic painsi, backache, that bear- mg-down feeling, flatulency, indigns- tiori,dizzincs.sorner\'ou^piostration. Why don't you try it ? Mrs. Pinkham In^-ites all sick women to write brr fur nd\-ice. Sbo has iniided thoiisnnd.s to health. Address, Lynn, Mass. spring, and It certainly scorns spring, the weather is so mild warm. like and I DIAMOND. Qtiitf a number liavo been h.tvins iho grippe In this locality. The many friends of Dr. Martin are sorry In learn thai ho K very III. .Mr. aud .Mrs. E. O. Banta, of Gas, wore vlsItliiK rolailves in these parts week. Mrs. Adit Freeman, of lola, is visit- in;; with -Mr. and .Mrs. J. F. Oiiarl. .Mr.s. Tylt-r s|)oi)t a few days last w.^ok vli-iling frionds at Gas City. Mrs. Ruth Van Dandt. of Parsons, spent a few days last week visiting with her parcni.s. Jlr. and Mrs. Levi Roblnsf)n. Saturday evening a goodly number of the DianKind branch of the Anderson company telephone system, and the west branch of the Kincaid line, mot at the h(/iiio of .Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wyiin, brin.^Ini; their suppers and many •.iseful presents, among which was a nice rocking chair. The family was comiletol.f surprised. Everybody rei)orts a fine time. Mr. and Mrs. I'rank Nulon who have been sjicndin .i; the past year in Iowa, have returned and have moved onto the Clin Reeves place. We were glad to soe them at Diamond to church Sunday. A few of the neighbors gave a surprise party on Mr. and Mrs. ^\1m. ilerchant last Thursday, bringing with them well filled baskets. The guests were pleasantly received. An elegant dinner was ser\'cd and an informal good time was enjoyed. WESLEY CHAPEL. Olin Chitwood shelled corn last week for Frank Fowler, Mr. King and Franklin Smith. Mrs. Joe Reeds sister was visiting her last week: also Mrs. Russell of B.iyard, and .Mrs. Hunt of Conway Springs. Miss Maud and Minnie Talley visited homo folks Sunday. A number of the friends g.ivo Mrs. Joe Readc a siirpriso .Monday night Saturday was hor birthday and they tilaiined a surprise on Saturday night, but It wan so stonny they waited until Monday night. A gnod tinio was re- tKirtcd. .Miss Hoernlng is planning to have a liox supper at I.ji(3randc school house Friday night, the 21th. Some more now phones. .Mr. Wm. Rogers of Montovale, had one put In; alM) .Mr. Dlckorxnii. Mr. (;hitwood made a business trip to liarpo Tuesday. .Mr. James Turner and Mr. Hunting and son, Jones, were doing Some work on .Mr. W. W. Wright's house before Mr. Smith moved in. Mr. Love's home was fumigated last week. They are glad to be out once more.<*x enoxsoji. —4 Lee Smith,' Wta. Perry and R. Fool were summ(}ned to Fort Scott Monday to serve on the jury. The little son of Robert McBes died at his home a few miles north of Benson Sunday after several weeks' illness. He waa a very bright Ilttla fellow and will be greatly missed by his parents. Interment was made Monday In the Bronson cemetery. Sympathy Ib extended to the bereaved ones. ' A big stock sale was he'd at the Long sale yards Saturday. Luck hon-g auctioneered. A large crowd was present despite the Inclement weather ind the stock brought gooi prices. Hiss Kva Kussell returned'Monday to Uke up her school work again, aft <>r a few weeks' absence on account of sickness. W >n. Anderson who recently returned from WHsblngton has purcha«. ed EU Geyer> Interest in the Geyer ft Hotatein bladonnlth riidp ana win begin woric in a tew days. Mrs. C. T. Hammel spent several days last week In.Gas C|ty vlaltlns h«r brother. Mr. Mooney and family. The Mutual Telephone meetlns which was held at Goodno's hall Mon day waa weB attended and the meet- iuK lasted the greater part of the day. The business of absorbing the Holt Telephone company was completed. Hereafter the Rovemraent of the company will bo left to two directors and to the President. George Broughton. Mrs. Ina Wanl-Hampton has returned from Oswogo, Kas., nftor n few weeks' visit with hor parents there. The Wpodman Oyster supper at tho Holt hall waa well attended Monday night. Those present reiwrt a pleas ant evening. PIQUA. Wle have been having a little touch of winter the past {cw days. There saems to be quite a lot of sickness In the nei(rtil)orbood, something slml'ar to lagrippe. S. C. Bibler delivered dressed hogs In lola Tuesday. C. Thom.-is was shaking hands with friends In Piqua Monday, having stopped off l)ctwo.->n trains. Dr. l^ntl who has I>oen quite sick h. able to be at his place of business in his drug store again. Wm. Murphy and wife of Petrolia .TO here visiting relatives for a fDW da :.T5. ' Joe Heffron helped Mr. Mischa Imtcbor Monday. Miss Little, who has been nysUt operator at Plqua for some time has been clianK?d to a.nother place. The sick folks at .Mr. Colloy's are all getting better. Frank Ulrich of Ft. Scott has a ten day lav off and is taking advan- fngo of it by visiting at the home of his parents. The I.adie.s' Aid .society met last Wedn?s(Iay at the home of Mrs. .Tas. Elam. They will meet asrain on Wednesday January 22nd at Jfrs. Geo. Bnrtnetfs. Ora Weed of Oridley. Kas., visited his uncle, .1. \Y. Colley a couple of days last week. Ttp pariy who piirchas?d the PIqna hotel took possession last Monda.v. The M. Wu A. sold their Inniher that was used as a dancin .ij floor to Joe CuUen last week. LIBERTY. Mr. Stephen Townsem! Is roiinn- o(t to his 1)0(1 with inflaniaiory rlieu- uiatism. Mr.s. .lohn Sicka and Mrs. Kramer nr? going to a rarpet ra'- laoklns at .Mi's. Hefferen's tod;!v. .Mr. and -Mrs. T. Slack of lola. .Mr. jMirt .Mis. John !5liick i>f Nsotho Valley and Mr. and Mrs. Ira Townsend and .Mr. Arthur Slack were visiting yir. and Mrs. Charley Slack Sunday. Miss Jessie Spurgeon was visiting Miss Pansy .Johnson Sunday. The Kramer children have all been sick with bad colds but are all ab!e to attend school with the exception of Miss I^na. Mrs. Johnson and two children were visiting Mrs. Jlurphy Saturday. Jlrs. Rosa Ford who has been v.orking at Mr. Cornell's this winter nent Sunday to vfeit her sister. Mrs. George Cornell and thsn she Is to return to Kansas City where she intends to make her future home. Ira Townsend hauled corn to Piqua Tuesday. Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Florence Wil son were visiting Mrs. Murphy Tuas day. Charley Harris Is putting a new roof on Mrs. D. W. Jones' house. Mrs. D. W. Jones wants to sell her kitchen ran?e. BEQOMIMG A I^OTHER Is aa ordcHl wtj WORien approac indescribable fe nothing com pan the pain and he child-birth. The I of the suffering and danger in store for her, robs the expectant of nil pleasant anticipations of the coming event, and casts shadow of gloom which cannot be shaken off. Thousands of have round t!u»t the use of Mother'* Friend during pregnan confinement cf nil p.iin and danger, and insures safety to lire of and chilJ. This scientific liniment is a god-send to nil womci time of their moit critical trial. Not only docs Mother's carry vomcn snfcly through the perils of child-birth, but gently propnrcs tho'syAtom for the coming event, prevents "n sickness," nml ftlier dis- 1 comforts cf tlii; period. Sold by all i!:-!.,-^'i»i8 at %i.oo per bottle.' Book ^m.— containing ^'aluable information free. tC^^^S^M^ 11iearad {<eIdi{cc<ilatorCo .,iUlMiU.««. F mmmSLffm MOTHER WA M TSi POLAR BEAR rLOUR Has St(x>d the Test Becatsse its the Best Acc€|)t No Other Wm. Oberdorf, Agt. srruATmits WAK AdTefrisements under this I be Inserted three times withoni SITt'ATlO-V W.iV.\TEn—P farm by man with sm.all fan j quire -nz South 10th street, h KanFas. WAMTEO- ~MS909llB\ WANTED—Second hand W pop gun. Inquire 105 SouU stret. the meeting in tola called by the j W.XNTKt)—Experienced county superintendent. Mrs. Fiinston.' r^. George Ford and family wore Sun-1 " day suests at Ed Eflin's. Victor Sloan and v.ife enfertainoil the following relatives to dinner on Sunday: J. D. .Moore, wife ami daughter. Hazel, of Moron: Howard Moore and family of Prairie Hall, and Roy Moore and family of Parsons. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett spent "a cou- p'e of days the first of the weak with their daughter, Mrs. Fronk and family. Mi-s. Rpling returned to her homo | Im Gns riiy .vtomlay aficrnoon after I'lnklng a short visit wltli her diiugh-: tor Mrs. Uiura Knnpp. Work was finished .Monday on the ht'iise .Mr. Miller lias be.'n. moving for Will Wood. Tuesday Mr. Shaw came out and repaired lh(! cliiniiiey and re-, piii.^tt-red iho lioiise, so it will be ready for occipaiicy in a r<'\v days. Plione ICI. Apply at i W.\NT1:D—Two young men hish class article: not, boo dr(-.;s "IJ" the Ke.aisler. WA.NT CAS CITY PROPI exclianse for 200 acres fini land in linrlcson county. Ten J2.000. .Must be in good loca clear. Quick deal. See us jIOLA LAND CO. WANTED—Siilesmen war : every town of 2,o00 or mora sas and Oklahoma, to sell o to retail trade. Good sales make from $20.00 to $;!5.00 i Credit extended to rospons • tirs who can give bond and I t rences. Write or apply to X cific Tea Company, lola, Ki TRAVIS ADDITION PIIAIKIE ROSE. Vara E. Rogers, reporter. Elmer Hall and wife returned to I.,aHar|)e Monday after several days' visit at the parental Biggs home. Wl! Ford and Mr. TIce raprescnt- cd the Prairie Rose school board at DOCTORS MISTAKES Are said often to be buried six feet nndcr ground. But many times women call on their family physicians, suffering, as they Imagine, one from dyspepsia, another from heart disease, another from liver or kidney disease, another ffem nervous prostration, another with pain hero and thero, and In this wajr they present alike to his pills and potions. In reality, they am ail only «yiiip(bm« caused by some uterine disease. ^he'pKKSlelan .Scnorant of the CHUM of sufferln^VRV 'PS npTHalreatment until Urge bills are ^de. JhO*^^?' patient gets no ' t"**"*> If r* wrong treatment but probably w( toms, and Instituting «omfort Instead of prolonged misery. It has been well said, that "a disease known Is half cured." . Dr. Pierce's Favorite Preserlptlon is a sclentinc medlcIa^ ttrcfulW devised by an experienced and skillful physician, ^te system, icinal and acisptcd to woman's dellcai It Is made of native American roots >nd l» TerfectlT harmless In Jts gg^^ <" .B»r.^H<Jlilo>t «,> »/.£3^g '^a "i^ powerful invlKoratlnr tonic -ra- "pbwerful Inviicoratlnr _ Vbrlte Prescription" Imparts strength to the whole system and to tho oreans dis< tinctly feminino in particular., iqr overworked, "worn-out," run-down,"^ debilitated teachers, milllDcrs, da seamstresses, "shop-girls," hoi nursing mothers, and feeble women gcn- erally,l)r. Pierce's Favorite ' jtest earthly boon: being Unas an apjietizing cordial and ro- pUon la the equale Storatlve tonic. As & soothing and strengthenlns nerv­ ine "Favorite Prescription " Is nneonaled and Is Invaluable In allaying and subduing nervons ezcIUbility. IrrlUblllty, nervous exhaustion, nervous prostratloil. neuralgia, hysteria, spasms. St Vitus'a dance; and other dutresslna, nervous symptoms commonly attemunt jipon functional and organic disease of tha Uterus. It Induces refresblnr sleep and relieves mental anxiety and deanoadencT. Dr. Pierce's Pleaaant Pellets fivteOTata the stomach, liver and bowela. One to thraaadosa. Easy to take aa candy. Quito a delpgation from Travis .Addition attended the leciure at the Christian church Monday night. Mr. Parish and family have moved to Ottawa. Kansas. The Infant of C. E. Smith has boon sick. Mrs. Woody's sister from Missouri is visiting her. Mrs. Giover's mother and niece. M-s. Holnian and Miss Collins from Walnut, hav3 been visitiri;? lier. Mrs. Denny has been suffering with a sore throat the last few days. Gilbert Whitworth sprained his foot while playing. Tho people of Travis Addition are very much worried over the gas. FOR SAlE^MlaoBUm VOR SALE—Some lumber 110 West Monroe. WEST OF THE KIYEB. | • There are too many of our people complaining of the grippe to attempt to name them. Mary Preston helped Ella Peck sew Monday. »''1IM|| Mr. Peck and Elmer are hauling wood from th^ timber. Mr. Morrison laycd off from work a few days on account of not feeling abie to work. Mrs. Etta Flake is visiting relatives in Joplin this week. J. L. Dawson who accompanied Elder J. y. Preston to Uniontown Saturday says that it snowed all day tlrt-ro and there was as much as three inrhes it snow Sunday afternoon. .liie t'lbson, an uncle of the Preston children, is visiting them this weeli". .Mr. Shockoy Is getting tho rock for the foundation of his barn of C. R. I-eck. Mr. Fair was on the sick list Sunday. Mr. Croekors is liaiiling hay to lola. Sarah Pre.stim visited her brother In la llarpe Saturday and Sunday. .SOITII LCMJAX. Rev. Hosworth, of NjEOSho Falls will commence protracted meetings at the Scatter Crock church next Sunday evening. Asa Nourse and Gus Wolfe are hauling hay to Pctrolla. Mrs. D. Hart of Iowa is visiting at J. T. Hart's. Mrs. Swartinan, of lola. is going to mqve back iOB the farm near Petrolia. Born to Mr. Renfrew and wife, a twcive and a half pound boy. J. F. Young is baling hay. Several Woodman attended the Installation of officers In Chanute Monday evening.: R. O. Young had the misfortune to lose-a two year old horse. .1 ..1 One of the callings of a newspaper Is to do £ood. The Register believes that If It can assist those who are out of work to find positions that It w^lll be doing a great deal, so commencing at once. The Register will hereafter until due notice la given, publish alt- nation wanted ads three times free of charge. Deserving are Invited to take advantage of this opportuiUty. FOR SALE OR TRADE—J lished real estate and fire business. Box T,:i2 Independfil FOR SALE—Household god plants, phonograph. 204 Nortj Phone IISIM. FOR SALE—Good Studebaj gy, practically new, with go| $35.00 harness, for sale at barn if taken In the next, at $S0.00. ' FOR SALE— A driving buggy. Horse city broke, saf^ to drive. Inquire* 832 North FOR SALE^—Good milch quire 404 North Elm. FOR SALE—J1800 stock o| les and store fixtures. 4 Kentucky street FOR SALE OR EXCIL clean stock of ladies and mis; Will take lola city property. "Shoes," care Register. FOR Rati' MUaomUi FOR RENT—One live ro«| on South Second and one house on South Fourth. Incj South Buckeye. J. H. Bock. FOR RENT—Seven room house on paved street. i> bloj square; newly remodeled. I a Kirk, C21 North Washingt FOR RENT—Five room hoi r'epair. Inquire 42.1 South CotJ FOR RENT—Eight room h North Walnut Apply at 2< Walnut LOSTmmdFOUm LOST—L,ady*s gold watch ; 405 and 619 South Buckeye.' leave at this office. ' 1X)ST—lady's bracelet wj pink amdthyst sets. Finder li Gas City Bank. Reward. I'OUND—In L 0.0. F. hall, containing a sum of money, may have same by calling at 2 Jefferson, proving property i Ing for this notice. LOST—Lady's gold watcl ington case. Return to No. Douglas. PhilUps residence. Its Econor J* To have yotir Carpel and Sugs cleaned h TkeiolaRogFac rHONt SISl

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