Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1908
Page 3
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JEWS OF GAS CITY '^niE CHEROKEE SMELTERS WERE 1 COJfXECTED TO PIPE LIXE. iWILL INVOICE A DRUG STORE Hi? SrMEELE CLINE LEFT FOR WELDA TODAY FOR A WEEK. £.;;The Lecture Course ?inm1»cr Pleased —Mrs. Rothenbeck Was Taken to Cherokee for Burial—>'otes. Will Be Taken to Cherokee. The remains of Mrs. Cbas. Rothen­ beck who died very suddenly yester- iSit^ from what is believed to be an attack of heart trouble, will be taken Iq XiHerokee, Kansas, for burial. The remains were shipjied over the .Missouri Pacific this morning. The funeral .dei-vlces will be conducted from the Methodist Episcoi»al church of Cherokee. Connected Cherokee Yrsterdny. • The Cherokee smelter wa.s connected to the pipe line wHIcli the Kansa-s Portland Pipe Lino company is laying between Gas City and the Elsmore and SuvonburK Rna nclds. was connected yesterday. If the lino is found to be good when the tost is made the smelter will resuuio active operations. Odd Fellow.H Will Have Bi? Time. The Odd Fellows of this city hiivt planned on a big moetlnK this evening. Tht-rc will be work and it is hoped that every menibcr will bo present. Lecture Course >nniber Pleased. The lecture course ntinihor which was held in the Methodist lOpiscopal church Wednesday night was larpely attended. A trio of ladies entertained the large audience. The ladies are good singers. Their work pleased.- ' Will Invoice Dnip Slock. Merle'Cline leaves today for Wcld;|. Kansas, where he will lio^^in invoicing - a drug stock. It will prol >ali1y takjc him a week to finish the work. 1)^. Swan will be in sole clmrKO of the dnip store in this cily durinj; bis al>- senpe. ?io >ews of Bank Knlilier$. Nothing has developed by whicli the mystery which surtounds the of the Gas City hank Tuesday nisht. can be solved, it seems impossible to Jearn the purpose of tho man who entered the bank if it was not KiTob it. Personals. J. L. McRride went to Kansas City yesterday on a hnsiness visit. Dr. C. W. Renick returned yesterday to his home in Harllesville. lie has been here with a imtient. Mrs. Tommy Trout, of Wichita. Kas.. Is %1sltlnB Mrs. Merle Cllne of this city. Mrs. Mable neill will leave for .\r- knnsas City in a few days. R. n .Mlstnt rclurno*! yoslorday from Kansas Cit.v where be went to attend the stockholders meet Ins; of the I'n'.on Portland Cement company.' A. .1. Sutton, of lUirlingtnn. Kansas, was in the city yesterday on a business visit, i Wpst<>m Kansas Wheat Land in tracts from I6n to :iooo acre.<;. in most any county desired, to exchange for Eastern farms. Now is the 4ioia to trade for cheap land. Wo know we can suit you. We have several forties coming from the west, so write ns-what you have, that we can show them your iand. IOL.\ LAND CO. PIPE LINE IN GOOD CONDITION. Partial Test Has Been Made in EIs- - more-Gas City Line. • Wlile they have boon unable to make a complete test of I In- iiipi^ line constructed botwoi-n fJas City and _ the.lETsDJore and' -Savpnburg sas fioMs by the Kansas Portland I'lpo Line compatiy, what has been (i-sied was in the best of condition The gas was turned on in part of the line this morning, and as far ^s learned there was not a | single leak. XAVE NEW CHURCH. Parsons People Are Proud of New ; Buitdino Just Finished. TAFT MADE REPORT Talked to Canal Committee Today About Affairs Conreminpr Big -v-^ Ditch. Washington. Jan. IG.—Secretary Taft appeared before the senate committee on Inter-oceanic canals today >f^ giys.that committee information. He gave a c<Maplete review of the condi- -tlons at the canal^ site and quoted Vork. He expressed the opiulon that the canal would be completed within years, from next July and that it's ultimate cost will be approxlmjitely Ihfee hundred million dollars injjlud- Jng tlie purchase price. ! The Parsons Sun takes up one en- lire page y.-sferday in Ic'ling about the new Baptist church under, erection there. The building- is a Verj- fine one. Smith & Hare of this City, were tha architects. The Sun says of the plans of the building: At a meeting held a short time ago Hare & Smith of lola, were selected and engaged as the architects, and the plans of ihs new church were submitted, to the church trustees a: a meclinjC held in this city December 20 and approved, and these were later approved by the congrjgation. and the architects were instructed to at once proceed to the drafting of the working drawings of the buildinp. The design accepted was that of a modernizffd Italian rennaisance, the entrance resembling strongly the entrance to .nn ancient Onek temple. The building itself wi'.l be crowned by a lofty dome, whose flnial will rls;> to a hPigA of si.\ty feet above I ho level, and will add materially to th»- impressivenoss of the cdilioe. TO STATE MKETlMi Hr. llllsclier's Paper on Quackery Will Be Read to Memliers of Slate .Medical Soclrly. The paper road Inst night by Dr. S. S. llilsohor. pastor of the Pfcsbylorlan church at the .-Mien CountJy .Modical i^ocioty was one of the bolt that has over boon road before that' body. In fact it was so IliorouKh antl appropriate that the rounty .sooloty will hnvo it road boforo the state inoeling here next May. Dr. Hilschor"s iiaper was on the subjoot of (|uaokory in its broad est sense. IIo prosentod the subject fnini t!io standi)olnl of the layman. The sooloty expressed thanks to Dr. llilsohor for the .sontinu-nts cxprosscd in the paper. HAD A BK ; (iATHKHl\(I. tllcn Coiinly Medical SiM-iety Was i Well Attended. .The .\lhii Comity .Modical society had one of (he lar,:;cst .:;:it!icrings of lihysiolans in nionlbs at its moot in? last nl^bt. ;ind iho inlorost was very oinoourapiii:;. Tl'o a ]ipi-(iac!iMi '.l s'aJo uiooting wliii-h is to In- '!>•!(! !ii -io in .May has luiii (Iio oJToi-i of oro;iliii:; even a doopor lntorc.-;t than usioil. Tlio liusinoss affairs <>f the soicciy ns t ^hown last lUKht ii/o iu j;ooil shape. HEADY FOR BANQl KT. Lincoln. .Vobr.. .I.-iii. 1William .1. •Iryan today enli-rtainod Governor Ha .skoll of Oklahoiiia. llnndrods of lemocrats are bore to altoinl the dom- ')cralic l)an(iiiet tonight. PILES . "I h»r« aiiffrTfl irllh Till**!! for iMrly «li vnrs OB » yrnr ECO la«t Ap-il 1 )—can l .4 *inj* for cnnKlt |>ati 'tii. In tb*t cnurnr «tf A M < rk I M (>ti--*'<' «rvck»> th«-v.ilid ij..t tr»>ui.:" xw .it ull I 'nsr i-.-i. have don" woii'lT -i for ni*-. J unj -ti'ir.iv <-iii. .1 :.ii.t fwl Ukv % ti«ft- icKu.** UtHftct) h .r}ut.i. >ap<>lr4,ii. o Best For r m^^^ The5owel3 ^ CANonrcATMunrc PIruKnI. r»li»ti«I.I». rolont T««»» no-d. D': Oom Kerrr ^•|••k(•ll. n^aL-u or Hrlii-. J5r.-i-Stc. •oM In hoik. -Th- connlnn tablet •i»m;xid CCC Qnftranl*.^ to <-ur« or T».ar moiirr l>:;.:k. Sterlini; Rf mciljr Co.. Ckicaco or N.Y. 553 AMItfAL SALE, TEN MILUON BOXES WINTER TOURIST TICKETS via lie SA.\"T.\ Ki-: on sael daily until Ajiril .'I'Uli Willi final return limit .liini St. r.Mis, at very low rates, to Austin ellauii :<nt. El I'a^o. Ft. Worth, Dallas (lalvcslon. San .•\nloiiio and Waco. Toxa::; Carl.^bad and Doming, N. M. and many other points. Kindly see ns. we may be able to Interest you. W. E. RALSTON, Agent ALMOST MONOPOLY standard Oil Company Controls Ninety-nine Per Cent of the Oil Business. .\"i \v York Inn. IC.- Mon- than :i!t P<'i- ooiit (if ih.'.oil liusiii "ss in Colorado. l 'l:ili. Montana and Now Mexico is oi >iitroll'"d by the Standard Oil company according to to.sliniony addiiood at the hearing of tl e govornmoiifs suit to dl.vsolvc the oii'IHiration. Christian Dredger of 'IIO Statistica' dopartmr^nt of the standard Oil company Id'-ntllied state inonts certifying to the above por- conia:;o. WTIIiani G. Rof lc<fo!l<r. ,Ir.. was oxaniinod rogarditis a $2.'iWi.n(iO kian made to .a .Mr. Harii.sdaL', who. tho novornnK -nt is trying to prove, is a secret Iiiiyor for the Standard Oil company in western Pennsylvania. In i:tii."> loans to Rarnsdale are said to l>ave roaclHvl upon wlilcli praotlcally no inton'st was charg-d. n .->yond saying that the J ^ was seciiiod by nior>ca:;e bond.s of the Kansas Natural Gas oompany. togoth- 'T with mortgages on real wtate and ooal '.-inds. .Mr. Rockofj-lb-r said he lad little knowlod -'o of the transnc- tioii. and rof,-rroi| Frank B. Kellogg, ilio governini'iit altomoy, to other •dlii-ors of tin- company. TO OPEN SMELTERS Cherokee at Gas City Will Resume Operations on February first. Tlir> Chonikoe snioltor at Gas City I will rosunio operations on February tirsf. Tiie repair gang which has bi'on luitting tl-.o plant into condition >-inco the shut down finished their work today and were la:d off until the llrst of Fobruarv when they were instructed to return prepared to work Es the smelter would resume active operations then. Gas connections with the Kansas Portland Pipe Line company which runs to Gas City from the Savonhnrg and Elsmoro gas fields v.'cre made this morning. BEGIN WORK SOON. First Work on Union Portland Plant to Begin in Thirty Days. EXCUSE WAS WORN OUT. Charles Creason Was Fined for Vagrancy Today. Clias. Crea.^on was nrrni.-nod in police court again this morning on vag- r.moy charge. This time he did not •.;et off .so easily as he had heretofore, lie was given %'< and costs. Heretf>- fore when he was .irralgned iu poller court he pleaded that ho could not :;ot work and each time Judge Coll'ns leleased him. 0 1^, Santa[e ^ — ... "ThHl tiirl" at (irand Tonight. The Crand Thcaier Stock company will put on •That Girl," a throe act fareo comedy which the mangemenl [u -omisos is an excellent bill. The story told is that of a southern major who Imbibes HKJ freely. He wishes to tnarry his ilaughier to a certain Mr. i:i:iiuk who turns out to be nothing more than a common Irish day laborer. \ pretty love strain runs through I bo whole play. The lead, Mr. Brown, will take the jiart of the major, and .Mr. Rankin, that of Black, the Irishman. .Mrs. Rankin will [ilay the lead, "That Girl" and Mrs. Brown the sou- iiroite as Gladys Gray. Miss Duokott takes the juvenile lead in Margaret iHuff and .Mr. Percy will a|ipcar In a negro comedy. Helwi^en acts there wiJI be si»eciallics by Mr. and Mrs. Itankin and Mr. Percy. E. S. Slough of this city, who returned toilay from Kansas City where v.her.^ ho has been altending a meeting of the stockholders of the Union Portland Coniont company stnte<l • they expecterl to lu-gin active wo-k on the plant within t!ic ni-xt thirty days. The contract, Mr. Slouch v-ays. will be let soon and oth.->r arrangements for immediate action will be taken. The TInlon Portland Cement coni-j jiany proposes the construction of al cement plant on the I.ognn farm miles north of Gas. City. WHO TOLD THE TRUTH? James and Horace Jones Confess to Robbery, but Confessors Don't Agree. Janios and Horace Jones, the two colored men arr:>sle<I by Jim Frei!- orickson for attempting to enter the of .nipany sl<ire in Bassett. have confessed; but their confessions don't agree. Each says the other broke th,' pane in the door while he stood off at the side. They confessed to D<>piily County .\tlornoy Wlsllace Anderson and made affidavits to their guilt, \\1iile there is some contradic lion in the confessions of the men it sroms to settle the matter of thcii being the right parties. Horace Jones worked at the cement plant last summer under the^ same of Sam .lohnson, it has been learned, so there is some question as to what his real name is. The officer? are inclined to believe that James Jimcs is a bad man. Information has lioea obtained by the officers which lends them to tlie Iiellef that he has been In other stealing scrapes. It i-^ thought that he may have had Komethiiig to ilo with some of the rob beries that have taken place in Neo sl.o county and marshal Jim Fred KNOWS _CREYISTON Brother of W, H. Anderson Says Alleged Murderer Was Suspected in Brown County. orickson will go down this afternoon to investigate. FOR COUNTY TICKET ARE TRYIXJ BITTS CASE. Resulted in a Hunir Jury at tbe Last Session. TWO MORE WITH SMALL POX. Two Residences Placed Under Quarantine. Two more small [lox cas.->s were re- imrted today, one at thu Barrett home HI tC South Teiinctisee and the other at tfce Poe residence at !'>!> South Tennessee. Both were quarantine today. Neither of the rases are of a s<rious nature at the present t;me. The case of Hurley Hntis vs. 'Dr. J. F. I'lynn, of Humboldt, is on this afternoon in district court. Hiptts is asking for |l(».000 damages alleging malpractice. It is claimed that Dr. Flynn did not properly treat a dislocated arm. The case was tried at the last term and resulted in a hung jury. Tlie jury was secured this morning about ten o'clock. A number of people from near Ijumboldt are in attendance at the trial.: Party is Now Organizing Over the County, But Don 't Hope to Win. The Socialists of Allen coimty will pill a county ticket Into ths field this far. is the statement of C. F. Snell, a prominent sodalt worker of the county. • Mr. Snell .says that there Is te he a meeting next Sundday after noon at Union hall and that at that meeting steps will be taken toward putting a ticket in the field. .Mr. Snell believes that at the coming election the socialistic ticket In lola will poll a vote of not less than four hundred. He does not believe that the socialists have a chance to elect their ticket but by casting their LET C(»TR.»CT .\EXT .MEETINti. ! mil p.irty vote each year they will Room Plans for !>i 'w Jnrj pletrd. Com- grow stroncer. j Goorg,^ Tapkins. of lola, is at pres- [inl Chairman of the county committee and is in charge of the cotmty The «onti-act for the now jury ro(mi . ,, „ ,i.„ socialistic politicians. At the pres in the fourth story of the court house . . , i i, . .1, ..... ^ Cut time the socialist party has or will pr<diably be let at the next meeting of the commissioners. Chas. Smith of Humboldt was here today talking to the commissioners about the plans which are now about completed. The matter wan to hare come up at tbe last meeting but was deferred. ganizallons at Bayard. Gas City. Savonburg, Moran and lola and the thirteen men in Humbo'dt have signed ; up to secur? an organiaztion for that i town. The Humlmidt organization will be perfected as soon as an or gi'ni/.i-r can lie sent here. in lola the organization consists of sixty four members and each menber Acrd PhiUathropM Drad. Peoria, Ills., Jan. 16.— Mrs. Lydia Bradley, one of the richest women in o' the organization pays dues of 15 rillnols. died today, ngcd 92 years. c?nts a month toward a fund for the She w.ns particularly well known for distribution of siScialistic reading maker phllanlhrop.r. . terial. Hoy .Anderson, of Hiown county who is vlsitinr liis brother.^Deputy County Attorney W. H. Anderson recognizes in H. Creviston, charg ed with the mucder of WVills Stewart En old acquaintance. He was down at the jail this morning with his bro- th.-»r. whie the 'alter was interviewing a prisoner, and recognized Crev iston. He says Creviston was sus iiccted of having been engaged In stealing chickens while In Brown county and the suspicion was so strong that Creviston thought It to his benefit to l?ave the community Creviston admitted to Mr. Anderson h's having lived In Brown county It will be remembered that Crevis ton, according to his own statement was out on a chicken stealing excursion with Stewart when ths latter was murdered. DEATH OF ALMEDA JONES. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Jones Succumbs tb Short IllViess. Shortly afternoon today Miss tneda Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Jones, 302 North street, died after an illness of a few weeks. She was suff-->ring from tuberculosis and heart trouble. Having been a member of the First M. E. church for several years and a very active attendant of the Sunday school. Miss Jones has a wide circ'e of friends who will ext;>nd sympathy to the family. Tbe deceased was a pupil In the sixth grade of the Jefferson school. No arrangements have been made for the funeral. DEFEXDAMS WON DEMUKRKB Uf BREACH <»F PROMISE SUIT. DRU.LEDA 6^000,000 6ASSER THIRD GASx,WEI.L DfilLLEV HT YBSTERDAjL OJI XASH FABJL Knigrkts nA Ladies •! Secarity Gsre a Sapper Last NiVht ud Eatertalned Xoran, lola aa4 Clas CMf Orden. Knights and Ladies Had v-Good Tlaew The Knights and Ladies of Security of this city bad a good time at. tbelr meeting last nighL The lola. Oas City and Moran orders were represented and helped put on work. ^ A supper was served and a social even- ini; was spent A 6,00(^000 Gasser. A G.000.000 gas well was drilled in vestr-i day afternoon on the Naali farm three miles south of tbi«, city yeatar- day for the Lanyon Zinc company by the Cias City Drilling company. The rock iiressuro of this well is also Tery good, being 270 pounds. Tbia was the third T.ell to be drlBed in on tbla farm, all of which have a volume of at least 5,000,000 cubic feeL Defendants Won First B««B4. The defendants in tbe breach of |;roniI;c suit wherein Elsie Douglas QFks ?'>0,000 of Clarence Gates becanse he .-efuses to marry her, won the flrat round yesterday by taking a demurrer By so doing they were able to learn moie of the charges made by the plaietiS. This big breach of promise suit pro'iiises the sensation of tbe season. Tiic trial proper will be held la the high school auditorium next Monday night. Mr. Gates, the defendant, has secur-d the services of the able attorneys, Ernest Dick, Ro8« Forney and Kudoiph Fclger. The plaintifTs attor- pe>s are Alic^ Bright. Erwln Hair and Pete .lury. The trial will be held before Judge Christine Ruble. In rented Method of Panlshnent It is said that a La Harpe teacher has invenetd a new n^ethod of punishing her pupils. Yesterday it Is said that she gave a boy well in his teens a nipple of a nursing bottle and made him hold it in bis mouth where the ether pupils could see him. It is use- •esH to .-ay that the method of punishment bus the desired effect Suffered Dislocated Elbow. .'antes Holt who lives south of this city suffered a dislocated right elbow yetierday evening about five o'clock. He was riding bis horse when in some manner he was thrown to tbe ground. In his efforts to ]irevent t^<f fall |ie threw out his right arm. The force of the fall from the horse threw the ei; jw out of place. A physician, was .-ailed and the bone was set BUILD SKATING RINK. lola Business Men are Forming Stock Company. lola Is to have anolhT skating rink, it is sa'd that a stock com nany is being organized among some of the bsinesR men who will begin the const ruction of one at the comer of Sycamore and Madison, it Is also ^ald that this will be so constructed that it can he used for oth?r purposes. It hs likely that it will be cover- e<l by a shingle roof Instead of a t. nt. WANT LINE EXTENDED. A i)etit:on wl'l he pre8ent?d at the meeting of the £lty council. askln« that body, to Incorporate the residence of F. V. Crouch and the surrounding territory in the «lty of lola. petition has been circulated, and it Is >«ald. has been generally signed. There will be other business of importance to come before.the council this evening. The matter of the city bonds will be taken up with a representative of the Spltzer ahd company. Are .Vovlnit to La Harpe. Frank and John Lupartus of Gas City began yesterday to move to La Harpe where they will make - their homes. Frank will make his home on Xoith McKlnley street and John aa Ndrth Taylor. Both arc good citlsens .inJ are welcomed by the La Harjte people. Will Hold Episcopal Senrlees. Archdeacon Hobbs, of Topeka. will (<e in this city and will hold Episcopal services in the Methodist Episcopal ihurch Tuesday, December 2l8t. Arch Deal on Hobbs travels over the state holding services where there are bat a few members and no church. The choir of the St Timothy's church of fola will be out and have charge of the music. Personals. John Peck who has been visiting at the home of his uncle, H. Peck, of this city. left yesterday for his home In Geery, Oklahoma. .Mrs. E. C. Mbor^ who has been quite ill for the past several days. Is reported as a great deal better today. J. J. Halner, of Moran. was In the city yesterday calling on friends. He also visited In lola. L. T. Temper, of Wichita, was here yesterday on a business visit H. R. Waiters, of J^ort Scott, was here yesterday on a business visit Stormwind and Klingate, shoemakers., make shoes and repair sho^. Glen's soles and heels 75 cents. Ladlw* soles and heels 55 oents. Repair nd>- ber boots. First class work. 215 Sonth street The Fraternal Order of Antlera will give a box supper In the K. P. hall tonight.. Bring your boxes and have a good time. For best aa4 qaMest f«t«lts m tlM Bccister IftaX Calnn.

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