The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, August 31, 1936
Page 2
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THE HAKERSnELD CALIFORNfAN, MOiNDAY, AUGUST 31, 1936 It's School Week at Harry Coffee's New Boys' Shop! Hairy Coffee's fine new shop for boys is now open. Mothers will be happy with the wide selections, the sturdy quality and the close pricing as well as the bright new surroundings. Boys will be glad to have a shop they can call their own ... entirely separated from the rest of the store. Come in and pay us a visit. . . and see the special values for school week. Tims' Oiticimi Cords School Shirt Spociml Timi ••)•• you cm treat these rough and they'll like it That'i why he putt hit official 0. K. on them. Oriddor/r. Wool Trousors Popular with Pie Eaten. Pirated models in attractively patterned woolens. Good looking and very sturdy. I 9 . 5 2 95 Tins' Otiiciml Swomtors Cossack Slip-On with fancy back, "IOC -•- * aide cinches...Zipper jacket with Mohair finish with fancy bark. Crew neck Slip-On. • f€l. Tims' Oiticimi Shoos Grain leather or calf akin in blark or brown. Properly ttyled so they won't pinch your toet. 2 95 Colorful patterni and white. The pattern Miirls have the button down collar*. Worth lots more than this price. foto Campus Imckots Made with tipper front, raglan O/l ^C sleeve* in nlain melton ( -C**«J uses it), l.olors...maroon, blue, <-^ 9 brown, navy. Doublo Prong Bolts You'll want one of thrsr to wear ptf f\ with votir rord«. Made of hlack ^%t |C or brown leather. t-JVr Twin Swootor Sots... Coat of pure wonted wool with fancy hark 'and sleevelets pullover with crew neck in contrasting stripings. Very new. "Dog HOUMI" School Sox Conioronco ir. Suits Regular 25c and 3Sc ribbed top -!_._ I . • l.s. > • '* alax aocks in bright striping* and I vJ patterns. A school special. JL J Double breasted models in greys, lirownn and blue*, all nmde with sport backs.Vou'll turr look your best in a Conference Jr. 13 9 . 5 Free Helmets to Boys who visit the New Boyi* Shop accompanied by an adult. ' ** HARRY COFFEE FRESNO BAKERS FIELD and MINI Btirnsdall Hulls Drilling in Wrcclcn No. 1 nl Depth of 5087 Kcct BaniHdnll Oil Company ban suspended KH wildcat, "Wreden No. 1, In I ho coast mountains north of Carrlzo 1'lnlns, section 24, 1!8-17, after making ono of tho deepest tests ever made in that nre.a. Digging was hard and tho hole was fairly small, size TC'a-IncIt, H.H drilling was done through 8%-lnch casing cemented nt .'I4BG feet to sidetrack Homo Junk. Total depth Is 5087 feet. No oil showings were reported. The locution lies three miles west of the San Andreas or "earthquake" fault, on a huge tract of several thousand acres which the company has leased. Will Drill Wildcat Near Mount Poso J. J. Chegaller will undertake to find oil half a mile east of tho north end of Mt. Poso field on a 40-acre loose acquired from the Veddor brothers. Percy V. Lea Is agent for tho project. Oil will bo looked for at 14,15 foot. Tho location Is 300 feet south and 470 feet east of the west quarter-corner of tho northwest quarter of Section 3, 27-28. A few months ago Vcdder Petroleum Corporation drilled a well half a mile east whoso findings aro said to have Indicated that an accumulation might exist In tho neighborhood of this now venture. Edge Job Planned, Kern Front Field Charles II. Kaar proposes to drill an outpost Wattcrson No. 1, on tho southern edgo of Kern Front field, on a 14-acro lease In tho southwest quarter of tho southwest quarter of section 20, 28-27. Tho shape of the lease Is complicated by tho reservation of ono well on It with the land within ti 150-foot radius, by Hlchio & Martlgan, OH sand Is estimated to bo topped at 2200 feet. New Outpost Well Planned by Hogan at Mountain View AN interesting teat to extend •^Mountain View field one-half mile southeast has been announced by Hogan Petroleum Company. This will be Banklinc No. 2, located 1155 feet went and 320 south of the center of section 4, 31-29. Drilling is scheduled to start the middle of September. The location is west of a line from the southeast tip of Mountain View field to the Mohawk discovery well on Di Giorgio Farms, section 10. Kern Topographic Maps Are Printed .Standard topographic maps ot An- telopo Plain, north of Olldalo and White Hlver quadrangles have been published recently by the geological survey In co-operation with the state of California department of public works. Copies of these maps are available at offices of the geological survey In Washington, D. C., at 10 cents each. * »• Five Point Company Plans Shallow Well Near the old shallow pumpers south of Marlcopa which make 10 barrels dally, the Five Point Petroleum Company will drill a well on section 18, 11-23, which Is expected to hit the oil sand at 850 feet. Louis C. Simmel Is president of the company and W. H. Martlgan Is superintendent. The lease comprises the west half of the northwest quarter of the northwest quarter. Miami Begins First Fruitvale Project Miami Oil Company has spudded Its first well in Frultvnle field, Schmidt No. 1 on a 4-acro lot on section 21, 29-27. D. R. Young is president of tho company nnd Jim Brldger is superintendent of drilling, which Is being done in a 130-foot wooden derrick with a unltlzed No. 6 rotary brought up from Long Beach. This lies In n closely drilled portion of the proven field. Oil sand Is expected at 4000 feet. Exploratory Work Centers Attention on Soledad Hill (Special to The Callforntan) Aug. 81.—Attention Is 1TA being directed to the south and east slopes of Soledad mountain where a number of Important activities aro In the offing. The Golden Queen Mining Company la driving a tunnel from Its property near tho south lino of section 6, and close to tho north lino of Its holdings In Section 7 which were recently acquired from Akin and Lambert of Los Angeles, The tunnel Is being driven In a north-easterly direction for the purpose of prospecting new ground and providing the older workings with belter ventilation and will Intersect the old workings at or about the 100 foot level. Meuer I'lnns Tunnel On the extreme southwest corner of Section B, Rolph Meuer and associates of Los Angeles have a lease on a piece of ground 385 feet In width and some 1200 feet In length, which Is proposed to bo the site ot tunnel operations for the purpose of Intersecting a number of veins at depth which have excellent values on tho surface. This piece of ground will also serve as • a mlllslto for milling tho ores from the Red Top property on which Mr. Meuer has a long term lease and which has been inaccessible up to the present time because ground on Section 5 Is held under of the roughness of the terrain. Tho teaso from the Wilson Estates, with Ilomor Johnstone, Loa Angeles attorney, acting for tho Wilson Estates In tho deal. Seeking Ore Veins Just to tho north of the Rolph Meuei' holdings, work Is going ahead on another tunnel which Is being driven on the Monarch lease from the National Mines, Inc. Approximately 25 acres of patented ground Is held'under a 20-year lease, and It Is proposed to drive the tunnel for a distance of approximately 1GOO feet due west, with the expectation of cutting a series of veins o.t depths ot from 100 to 1000 feet below the surface. Among tho veins which are expected to be encountered are the Karma, the Mountain Key and the Blackbird. Compressor Installed Compressor has been Installed, camp buildings aro being erected, 400 feet of track Installed and a force of men under the supervision of Walter Bllderback, who has subcontracted the driving of the tunnel from the Monarch people, Is working on tho property. Old records show that considerable gold was taken from this tunnel, by old timers who left evidence of their work behind them In various winzes, drifts and slopes. Plugging Back in West Edison Well Finding nothing In the Temblor after drilling Into It to 5354 feet. Fullerton Oil Company has plugged back to 3470 feet to test the Kern River zone In its wildcat west of Edison field, section 18, 30-29. This upper section will be cored in a new hole alongside the old. Seven Spot Fails to Locate Deeper Sand Deepening to 1700 feet has disclosed nothing in Seven Spot Oil Company's wildcat on Woody road, section 13, 28-27, and the rig is idle. An upper sand was struck at 1150 feet and pumped for a few days but production fell off rapidly. Intention to rotest this upper oil has not been announced. Death of Official Halts Oil Drilling Death by automobile accident on the highway north of Taft, of Paul B. Stlmson, head of the R. A. Stimson Oil Company, has halted drilling at the company's outpost in the Williams area on section 27, 32-23. Operations were suspended at 2520 feet. Warren 2 Spudded at Mountain View Bell & Loffland has spudded Warren No. 2 In Mountain View field for Standard Oil Company on Hermosa road in north middle Mountain View field, section 13. :iO-29. The break or cross fault is supposed 1 to pass near this lease and a moderate yield Is expected. Man Arrested in „ Oil Dealat L A. LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31.—On ths f complaint ot Dorothy Wells Dunbar, Jerome Mlley, 37, has been arrested on suspicion ot grand theft of $3,000 from Miss Dunbar In an oil deal. Miss Dunbar, motion picture actress and former wife of Max Baer signed tho complaint against Mlley In January. Encounter Granite in Jasmine Wildcat Hitting granite at 4850 feet and drilling Into It to 4861 has resulted In suspension of operations In Cochran Oil Company's wildcat near Jasmine, section 31, 25-27. No oil showings of Importance wero struck • and no casing was set. ff Five miles southwest Woods. & Bailey's wildcat near McFarland has been abandoned at 4476 feet after retestlng upper showings. OIL AGREEMENTS R. T. Colter et ux, M. D. Hover et ux, J. R Harrison ot ux, S. L. Colter et ux and Cecil W. Breeca et . ux to Ernest W. Bysshc, Sr.—Assignment of operating agreement on northeast quarter section 27, 81-22. R. T. Colter and M. D. Hoyer agree with J. jr. Harrison. 8. L .Colter and Cecil W. Breece as to furnishing drilling equipment etc., on portion northeast section 27, 31-22. Bank of America, guardian estates John and Lawrence O'Brien, minors, I atrlclt O'Brien, Margaret O'Brien, L. P. StCInlr, Catherine A. Sill, executor estate B. H. Sill, deceased, and Oil Well Supply Company to Joseph " McDonald—Lease dated January 23, 1S34, one-fifth oil nnd one-eighth gas royalty. 30-day drilling clause, portion northwest quarter section 6, ^. J. T. Nlghbert to Hall-Baker Corn- puny—Lease dated June 1, 1086, one- eighth royalty, B-ycar drilling clause, lot -ISO Titchgravo Land Company's Colony Tract No. 5. Adolnh Fleishman to same—-Lease dated June IB, 1936, one-eighth royalty, .1-year drilling clause, east half of east half of northeast quarter section 3, 2B-27, ITf HEM News From West Side Communities Housewives Group Meets September 3 TAFT, Aug. 31. — The Housewives League of tho West Sldo will hold the first meeting of tho fall season In the Moose hall Thursday, September 3. This will bo an all-day affair with it fresco covered dish lunch at 12:30 o'clock. It will also bo revealing day when the members will know their unknown Housewives friend. Tho president, Mrs. Margaret Conley, wishes a full attendance. Gifts not exceeding 26c in value are to bo brought for the unknown friend. All those whoso birthdays are In the second quarter of tho year will be remembered. A birthday cako will bo especially baked for tho occasion. Bridge and 500 will be the diversions of the afternoon with prizes to the winners. Tho committee Is composed of the official board, Alma Iceberg, chairman, and Margaret Thomas, Irene Webber, Ruth Shor- rill. Marguerite Waltnum, Lela Jef- fross and Dorothy Blair. Mrs. Margaret Conley, president of tho league, entertained the advisory board with a luncheon Friday at her homo at 117 Monroe street. Tables were. sot with dainty accessories In the yard, under tho trees. The luncheon guests were McBdumes Dorothy Blulr, Margaret Thomas, Irene Webber, Ruth Shi-rill, Alma Iceberg, Elizabeth Do Long and Marguerite Waltmun. • - •»« » W. C. T. U. TO MEET TAFT, Aug. 31.— The Tuft Woman's Christian Temperance ITnion will hold a special meeting September 9 in tho Presbyterian oliUTh at - o'clock to complete arrangements for the Kern county convention to be hold In Tuft during the following week . Events of Note in Fellows SHOWS SKiNEO ! TAKT. Aug. 31.— Black Gold Post \ No. 199S, VuteruiiH of Foreign Wars' has unnounctHl tho Hlgnlng of foil- tracts with Crafts Show fur their appearance In Tuft from September 8 ID 13 at tho went end of Center street. HELPS HEAL AND BEAUTIFY REDDENED '" HANDS A Roughness and irritation disappear— hands become noticeably smoother and whiter by daily use of Cuticura. Bathe and soak in hot, creamy lather of soothing Cuticura Soap—then dry and aroint freely with Cuticura Ointment. Called superior to creams and lotions. For FREE sample—write "Cuticura" Dept. 29, Maiden, Mass. FELLOWS. Aug. 28.—It has been announced by R. N. Hatch, superintendent of Midway School district, that school will commence on Monday morning, September 14. Tho Misses Florence Chalmers and learl Thompson and Mrs. Mildred Currey. all of tho school staff, have spent the summer months touring Mexico, .f. A. Hylton and family are In Montana making repairs on property and expect to return the first ot September. Miss Lorraine Robinson has been touring tho north Pacific coast and in Washington. Miss Iva Bauman Is still confined to her bed by Illness at the homo of her father, Dr. Lewis Bauman of Los Angeles. Miss Maud McKee, who was Injured a year ago as tho result of an automobile accident, is slowly Improving and is now with her sister. Miss Willie McKee of 1'armvlow. Va., who is a nurse In the state teachers' college. Mrs. M. E. Fletcher and daughter Sfnrtha Louise aro visiting this week \\Jth friends and relatives In the south. Mrs. Irene Albright anri Miss Veva Hastings of Santa Rosa were recent visitors nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Cann of the C. C. M. O. lease. Tho first meeting of. the fall ot the Arerae Club of Fellows will be held on Tuesday, September 1, beginning at 2 o'clock In tho afternoon at the Masonic hall. Buena Vista Chapter, O. E. S.. of Follows, will meet on Wednesday, September 9, at the Masonic hall. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waggner and daughter have returned home after a week's outing at Sequoia National Park. Recent visitors at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fluster wero their son nnd daughter-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flnster of A venal. Tuesday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. (Jeorge Miller wero Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Miller und family of A venal. Mrs. Oeorgp Miller nnd children. Donald, Lota Fnye nnd June, are leaving Sunday for Plsmo for a two weeks' vacation. Mr. and Mrs. A. 1). Rlley and daughters have returned after a month's visit In St. Louis. Mo., at the homo of Mr. Riley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ,1. Rlley, and other relatives. They were accompanied by Mrs. Chester Watts of BakerHfleld, who visited her father. Mr. Whitworth of Delia I'aine. Ark. Mr. and Mrs. (leorgo Jordan are visiting this week with friends nnd relatives In southern California. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Morrison of Wnsro. aivompniiiod by Mrs. .1. H. Sundorlnnd of Fellows, have left for Missouri. Mrs. Sunderland will visit her parents In Atlaala. Mo. Duwayno Hall and his grandmother of Fellows aro vacationing at Pismo Bench. After a two weeks' visit with relatives In San Diego, Mr. and Mrs. C. Evans and family have returned home. flex Musser has left for Richmond where he spent a few days. Mrs. Mussor and daughter, who havo been visiting Mrs. Musser's parents for the past few weeks, will nccom- pony him home. Taftians Attend FordCity Party TAFT. Aug. 31.—A party was given' recently by Miss L»Uell Brown nml Miss Merbelllne Bllllngsley, both of Ford City, at tho homo of the Misses DolureH and Clou Hawkins on tho Union Bedrock lease. Tho guests were tho Misses Lois Ivester, Elolse Godbey, LeDcll Brown, Merbelllne Bllilngsley, Dolores Hawkins, Cleo Hawkins, Paul Homines, Cecil TtomlneB, Charles Foster, Richard Watts, Orval Melloway, Hernias Homines, Ruby Kills- ton and Raymond Nanco. NAIISEATEDALLTHETIME! CALIFORNIA LADY PRAISES THE ACTION OF VAN-TAGE CUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT CHINESE HERBS Relievos chronic ailments of all kinds. Male and female troubles. $1.00 PER BOX PEKIN HERB CO. 20 Years in Bikirsfiild 1317 Twentieth Street, Upstairs Townsend Club in Business Session TAFT, Aug. 31.—Tho Taft Townsend Club No. 1 held UH regular business session in Blue Moon hall nt the county yard Friday evening with President Uobort Tragic presiding ami Mrs. Alice Miittooti, secretary pro tern. The Uoiial procedure was followed. After business was attended to. three homemade cakes were disposed of for the radio announcement expense fund. The club will meot at the duiiu* place and time each week until September "4 and after that I dale In the Ttoosevelt School auditor! Him on September 1'8, with regular | meetings each Monday after that , date "Awful Nausea and Dizziness — Frequently Could Retain Neither Milk Nor Water on Stomach!" Read This Astonishing Experience Of California Apt. House Manager. From every part of California come reports of truly wonderful j benefits received from tho great Internal Medicine VAN-TAGE. Crowds of sufferers ure to be seen at leading Bakersfleld drug stores; and a great number of well known California citizens have given their personal j testimony. These testimonials are SWOItX to, from men and women • who are widely known In this community! What greater proof could be offered of the splendid merit of VAN-TAOE? A well-known citizen is Mrs. Catherine L.. Amlck, manager of one of tho finest apartment houses In Sacramento; and her friends know how for IS years she has suffered from stomach misery. Uead, In her own words, tho amazing experience, sho has lived through. Her address Is 27-u Eye street, Sacramento. Sho writes as follows: Ever Present Nausea "For 15 years I have suffered from stomach misery—very often dizzy and nauseated. Finally I became so 111 1 was sleepless and could retain neither milk nor water on my stomach, having an ever present nausea. From time to time I have been reading in the papers testimonials of so many of our local peo- pie that I knew, but I kept putting off trvlng VAX-TAGE. Finally I had lost 1- 1-2 pounds from constant nausea. On the day I started taking Van-Tnge, I had not slept for three nights, and I was a very disheartened pei-son. Quick Relief "1 insisted upon buying a bottle of VAN-TAOE right then, because I had already tried everything else "After 15 years of stomach misery. Van-Tage Rave me almost instant relief," testifies prominent California lady. without any result. To my delight VAN-TAGE gave me almost instant relief. I have taken only six bottles for a nervous sickness that has hung on to mo for over J5 years, and 1 wish that everyone could have seen the wreck I was before my present photograph. It Is almost too good to be true—for my nausea Is gone— I enjoy my food for the first time In all these years—I sleep well, and can carry out with perfect health and strength my responsibilities as landlady of an 11-story apartment building here. All this I owe to VAN-TAGE Medicine. I make this testimonial, hoping It may help others." Natural Herbs in Van-Tage It Is the 21 Great Natural Herbs In this Compound of 30 Scientific Medicaments that Is the secret of these wonderful results. 20 MILLION BOTTLES of this formula have been sold! Start using VANTAGE today. Sold at all leading drug stores— as for example tho Eastern Drug and the Owl Drug—in Bakersfleld, Taft and Marlcopa. FOR 1937 AMERICA'S MOST COPIED RADIO Afa/n A Year Ahead FEATURES YOU.NEVER SAW 0 R HEARD BEFORE ON ANY RADIO Come into our store and look over these new Zeniths. An '* unbelievable number oi models to choose from. Price" so moderate, you will wonder how a manufacturer with t, 20-year reputation for making $2,500 radios can do it. Wilham & Booth Fox Theatir Building 2015 H Strut Phtne 2U4 Our Experience Assures Your Satisfaction SAFE BRAKES Avoid «r«tt faulty braktt • Hive yours Refined. Today/* for BUDGET PLAN Johnson's Firostono Auto Supply and Strvioo Storos, Ino. Chester at Twinty-teurta Street •done 4080

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