The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 31, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, August 31, 1936
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LAST EDITION LAST EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE THE IIAOINO NIWIPAM* OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY FULL AND KXCLUSIVL UNITED PRFSS REPORT VOL. XLVI 16 PAGES DAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY. AUGUST 31, 1936 TWO SECTIONS No. 20 U.S. SHIP BOMBED BY SPANISH PLANE # # # * DuceCan Mobilize Army of 8,000,000 Quickly, Asserts SPANISH REVOLT- er§ Two Deputy Sheriffs, Civilians Are Killed in Cold Blood BROTHERS ACCUSED * i Doberman Dogs Trailing Fugitives; Pitched Battle Pends (United Pren Leased Wire) Y RBKA, Aug. 31. — Doberman- Ptnscher dogs trailing the fugitives John and Coke Bright, sought for slaying three men, today followed a long circular trail and returned to the Horse Creek ( camp where the killing occurred. May "Shoot It Out" On a possibility that the Bright brothers had circled and were hiding near their camp, a group of pssemen started a new search In that vicinity, ready to "shoot It out" with the killers if necessary. The principle search centered along Sterling Peak, near the Oregon line. It was In that country that Hoy, Ray and Hugh D'Autremont eluded combined forces of t^o states and the United States government for 30 days In October and November of 1923, after killing three trainmen and a postal clerk In a mall train jobbery. The D'Autremonts eventually escaped from the Stskl- you wilderness and were not captured for several years. 1000 Searchers Nearly 1000 volunteer searchers, vowing lynch vengeance against the pair If they are captured alive, sj»read across the rugged Slsklyou mountainside while an official posso established "siege" headquarters along Horse creek. Lynch Law Threat This frontier mining town, once again ready to Invoke lynch law, was restless and excited throughout the morning as reports reached here that the two brothers might be heading to a trap set for them by officers who believe they are headed north. The trail from the tiny gold mining camp on Horse creek, where 'Deputy Sheriff Joseph Clark, Dep- uto" Sheriff Martin Lange, and -Fred S&born, Vallejo, Calif., WEATHER HALTS N. Y.-LONDON HOP (Associated Press Leased Wire) B ROOKLYN, N. Y., Aug. 31.— Reports of bad weather over the Atlantic caused Dick Merrill and Harry Rlchman today to postpone again the take-off of their projected round trip flight to London. Merrill said they hoped to get away tomorrow. Famous Flyer Escapes Serious Injuries in Arizona Crash (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES. Aug. 31.—Col. Roscoe Turner, twice winner of the Bendix transcontinental race, today was returning home by train after crashing near Gallup, N. M., while en route east for the start of the speed race. Officials of the national air races believed Turner might get another ship and enter the Thomp eon race' next week. The veteran pilot escaped serious injury when his trim Wedell-Wllllams racer turned over twice during a forced landing on the Zuni Indian Reservation. Motor Begins to Idle Turner had taken off ttt dawn yesterday from Union Air Terminal here and was flying at better than 200 miles an hour toward Albuquerque when his motor began to idle over the arid Indian reservation. Efforts to start the motor In midair proved futile, ho Informed his wife by long-distance telephone afterwards. down, had grown cold were shot when two * (Continued on Page Fifteen) Blast Traps 290; 16 Bodies Found (Associated Press Leased Wire) BOCHEM, Westphalia, Germany, Aug. 31. — Rescuers tore frantically at debris under huge spotlights to save 290 men, caught in a mine explosion. Sixteen bodies had been recovered at 7 p. m. and 18 other miners wore found badly Injured. The death list was mounting hourly. Of undetermined origin, the blast roared through the ninth pit of the United President mine at midday. Poultry Man Shows Three Strange Eggs (Associated Press Leased Wire) TEXARKANA, Texas, Aug. 31.— John Burson, poultry fancier, displayed today three eggs, laid at different times by different hens, each bearing a perfect rising sun. "It means Japan will make a military campaign which will dwarf all previous offensives," lie said. Burson denied any similarity to sunflowers which might mean a" Republican victory. A year ago AVilllam Settles, Tex- nrkana chicken raiser, predicted war when his hens laid torpedo-shaped eggs. Three months later Mussolini started his Ethiopian campaign. WAGES OF 2500 MINERS RAISED (Associated I'ress Leased Wtrel B I8BEE, Ariz., Aug. 31.—More than 2600 Arizona mineri received five per cent wage Increate! today. Four copper mining companies — the Copper Queen branch of Phelpi Dodge at Biabee, the Shattuck-Denn of Blebee, the Miami Copper Company of Miami, and Inspiration Consolidated, Inspiration — announced the Increased wages effective September 1. "I started to use my parachute, but I hated to lose (lie ship," he said, "so I stayed with it and darn near broke my neck." The filer said he believed he hai two cracked ribs besides bruises on his head and shoulders. Picked I'p by Indian Despite his injuries, he hobbled to an Indian hut, where a Zuni Indian loaned him a horse and led him to the Indian service bureau on tho res ervatlon. He was taken In an auto mobile to Gallup, 42 miles away where lie boarded a train for Los Angeles. Tho plane in which he flnlshec second In lust year's Bendix race was so badly wrecked, Turner said that he will be able to salvage only tho motor and instruments. The flyer Indicated he would return to the Indian reservation during the week with mechanics. Turner said he was uncertain what caused his motor to fail but believed his throttle became disconnected, cutting off the gasoline from the engine. Search Ordered Turner crashed during yesterday morning, but It was not known until last night when he reached Gallup. A search had been started for him via the department of commerce | communications system. Several flyers were prepared to take off on a physical check of his route. The Wcdell-Wllliams racer had balked twice on Saturday in take-off attempts, forcing Turner to delay start of his flight east until Sunday morning. The racing ship Is little more thnn a flying motor, generating 1000 horsepower to send It shooting at more than 200 miles an hour. • » * Britain Has New Recruiting Plan (Associated Press Leased Wire} LONDON, Aug. 31.—Great Britain announced today u new recruiting scheme whereby youths may try the army for six months with the privilege of quitting If they dislike the life. If they quit, they will be subject to 14 days' ununal training for five years. Otherwise, they will become regular enlisted men In the standing army. Those between the ages of 17 and 25 may take advantage of the trial enlistment. By CHARLES II. GtJPTILL (Associated Press Leased Wire) AVELINA, Italy, Aug. 31.—Pre•'"• mler Mussolini returned to Rome today after reviewing, with King Victor Bmanuel, 00,000 of the 8,000,000 troops which he told the world were under his distant command. The marching soldiers concluded the annual military maneuvers In which picked troops and the Italian high command participated. We always, In the course of a few hours and after a simple order, ran mobilize 8,000,000 men," lie told cheering thousands who crowded the town square here. Diplomatic quarters interpreted his declaration to be aimed against two ecent actions by Adolf Hitler In Germany and Joseph Stalin In Rus- la. Aimed at Two The first they declared, waa the ^elchsfuehrer's extension of the nllltary training period in Germany rom one to two years. The second was the Soviet dicta- or's statement the Russian armies nust be prepared to march at a moment's notice. Two additional interpretations were read into II Dnre's derlnra^ tion by observers who viewed the Italian policy a* possibly resulting from the crowth of Socialistic and Communistic influences In France and Spain. Further, these quarters believed, the statement was a reafflrmatlon of Mussolini's determination to defend his country—Including the newly-acquired territory in East Africa—against whatever threats might arise. The Italian premier commented directly on the victory his troops achieved In Ethiopia, asserting: "For this reason, but not only for this reason, will wo reject the absurdity of eternal peace, which Is foreign to our creed and to our temperament." Disarmament Failure He characterized the world disarmament conference as a "catastrophic failure,"- took noto of "an armaments race already underway and irresistible from this time on," and proposed this order for Italians: "We must be strong. We must be always stronger. We must be so strong that wo can face any eventualities and look directly in the eye whatever may befall." ANOTHER RECORD BY QUEEN MARY Utility Employes Facing Official Ire (United Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31.—Refusal of three telegraph company employes to turn over copies of messages to the Los Angeles county Grand Jury in connection with Its liquor Investigation today led deputy district attorneys to consider requesting court order that they be produced. The telegruph companies declared that on advico of counsel they declined to turn over tho messages to the Jury without being forced to do so by court action. Deputy District Attorneys U. U. Blalock and George Stahlman were to confer with Jury Foreman George B. Warren over tho advisability of asking Superior Judge Thomas I/. Ambrose for a writ of mandamus requiring that the telegrams be produced. State uttorneys indicated that the telegrams were necessary In their attempts to prove that a plot had existed to reclasslfy certain hard liquor concoctions as wines with a low tux rate. Bride Killed in Airplane Crash (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN BERNARDINO, Aug. 31.— The crush of u biplane on a pleasure flight killed a 21-year-old brldn and left her husband and their pilot critically injured today. Mrs. AlleiMi Roach died en route to a hospltul yesterday. Kurt Aldon Roach, "u, of San Bernardino, and Robert Doty, 25, Redlands amateur flyer, suffered broken bucks. Coroner R. E. Williams said Doty, attempting to land after u IG-mlnute cruise aloft, twice overshot the Colton air field and on the third attempt the motor fulled. The plane nose, dived from 100 feet. Umbrage Taken by Lucky Blackiet at Officers From L. A. SIREN'S CALL HEAD May Enter Films; Others to Quit Search for Missing Judge (Unttrd Press Leafed Wire) W ARNER'S HOT SPRINGS Calif., Aug. 81.—Reports tha "Lucky" Blackiet, picturesque pros pector, had deserted the Crater ex pedltlonary force to answer a siren call from the Hollywood studios were heard today aa a posse seek Ing missing Judge Joseph Crater prepared to disband. Blackiet was not with the posse on the desert today. He was las seen by his sun-burned fellow search ers last night shortly after he wa heard to tell several members of the party that he had been approached by representatives of the movies. Listens to Siren Call "I'm just the type for the movies," boasted. Blackiet, who started the Crater hunt when he told Los Angeles police that last August 1 he met a prospector on the desert who said he wua the missing New York judge. AfUsr- the disappearance' of -Blao- klet, Captain W. C. Allen, of the Los Angeles missing persons bureau, announced that he and Lieutenant Chester Lloyd, also of the Los Angeles police, would withdraw from the search Immediately. Capt. Allen Convinced "We are convinced thorn Is someone on the desert answering the description of Judge Crater," said Captain Allen. "However, we will leave any further searching to the New York police and San Diego officers." QuarreU Blackiet quarreled continually with Allen and Lloyd during the search, which started lost Thursday. Ho caled the pair "smart city cop pers," and several times threatened to walk out on the party. Friction between the picturesque desert figure and the business-like officers started when Blackiet do manded that his expenses be paid for guiding the posse over the desert. He received $25, the majority of which was contributed by news papermen accompanying the offl cers. Several days later Blackie again was ready to leave the party (Associated Press Leased Wtrcl L ONDON, Aug. 31.—A new record—this time for the fastest eastward crossing of the North Atlantic — was entered today In the log of the super-liner Queen Mary. The huge Cunard-Whlte Star vessel steamed past Bishop's Rock off the English coast last night three days, 23 hours and 67 minutes after she passed Ambrose Light off New York. This time shortened the previous record held by the French liner Normandle by more than three hours. MM! 801 Mrs. Ruth Bryan Rohde Resigns as Minister to Denmark (Continued on Page Fifteen) .». » ' II Duce Discloses Humanitarianism (United I'ress Leased Wire) AVELLINO, Italy, Aug. 31.— Premier Benito Mussolini, racing through the village of Ciuardla Lorn bardi on his return from the armj maneuvers near here, noticed child playing In the main street Halting his car, Mussolini picket up the child and carried it to th mother, remarking. "You must be more careful. Ba bles are the dearest things In th world." STATE POWER BATED WASHINGTON, Aug. 31. (A. P.)— California's potential water powe resources was estimated today b thn Geological Survey at 605,00 horsepower, u volume, exceeded onl by tho 768,000 total reported for th state of Washington. The bureau estimated tho hors power, at 70 per cent efficiency would be available 90 per cent ( the time, with passible future slo age. (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 31.—Fornal preparation was under way to- ay at the state department to no- Ify towering Christian X, King of Jenmark and Iceland, that Mrs. iuth Bryan Owen Rohde had reigned her portfolio as American minister at Copenhagen. America's first woman diplomat— laughter of William Joinings 3ryan—became a member of the Danish court by her recent mar- lage to Captain Bacrgo Kohdo of <ing Christian's bodyguard. With her husband as chauffeur, Mrs. Rohde Intends to tour the mid- vest In a trailer, making speeches as a private citizen for candidate loosevelt. Announced by President AVord of Madame Minister's resignation was received at the department from President Roosevelt at Rapid City, S. D. Tho President, vho on July 11 attended Mrs. 'lohdo's wedding at Hyde Park and ater gave a supper party for the iride and bridegroom, announced Mrs. Owen's decision to retire late yesterday. In her telegram to tho President, Mrs. Rohde said: "... Believing that I can be of more service If I campaign as a private citizen and not as a holder of public office, I beg to hand you my resignation. . . ." The state department declined to discuss a possible successor to Mrs. Owen. MARRIAGE, NOT POLITICS 18 ADVANCED AS REASON COPENHAGEN, Aug. 31. (A. P.)— Marriage—not politics—was advanced today by the Danish press OH the reason for tho resignation of Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen Rohde as United States minister to Denmark. Tho news of her resignation was received in the Danish capital with general regret. "Many had hoped MrH. Kohdo would remain, but few believed Hlie would," said tho newspaper Kxlni- bladct. "The reason «lven for nor resignation—participation In the campaign—Hounds constructed, as her participation was already planned six months ago without the faintest suggestion It would necessitate her resignation. "The true reason must bo seen us marriage, as diplomats marrying foreigners must always be moved to other posts. No one doubts her own \vlHheH to remain, but the diplomatic ruutlni! once more IH proved stronger than oven that charming ladya private wishes." Yacht With Edward Aboard Hits Bridge Robbery Was Motive and Gels $8 Worth of Jewelry is BEATEN_TP DEATH Hammer Used; Feels No Remorse; Doubts if He Be Convicted (Associated Press Leased Wtrt) C HICAGO, Aug. 31.—PvOland Mun- roc, 15-year-old choir boy, maintained an unruffled calm today an officials studied his confession to the hammer slaying of a crippled widow In n robbery that yielded $8 worth of, jewelry. Confesses Assistant States Attorney' Richard Devlno said tho red-haired prisoner confessed last night he heat Mrs. Agnes Koffols, 65, to death Saturday night at her home. Tho prosecutor quoted the youth as observing without remorse: "I don't think they'll ronvlct me, though. I'm too young." Devlno said tho boy apparently held tho belief he had committed a "perfect crime" but after four hours of questioning declared: "Well, I'll tell you. She died partly by accident and 1 killed her because I didn't want her to suffer." Hoy Tells Story Munroe related how ho went to Mrs. Ruffols' apartment to collect for newspapers he had delivered. Who brought out a box containing an old watch, several rings and a cross and sought his advice about selling them. She suddenly rose from a nofa and. attempting to walk without her cane, fell to the floor. The prosecutor quoted him as sayIng: Depicts Horrid Crime "While she lay there the thought entered my mind that If I knocked her out I could get all tho Jewelry. I grabbed a hammer and hit her twice on the head. Tho third time I missed. Tho hammer fell on tho floor and the handle broke. Then DESTROYER REPLIES TO ATTACKS, FIRING NINE VOLLEYS; WASHINGTON STIRRED; CRISIS PENDS (Associated Press Leased Wire) R EBEL bombs. tore two women to bits in tlie northern Spanish city of Irun today while the United States gov- ermucnt, stunned by the bombing of an American destroyer, dispatched stiff protests to Madrid and to the Fascist insurgents alike. In a vicious attack on long-defended Irun, rebel planes blasted great holes in the streets us the city was being evacuated en masse. Before the attack had begun, more than 4000 inhabitants had fled i France. On direct orders from President Roosevelt, now in the middle west, the state department demanded the fighting Spaniards keep hands off United States ships. Naval ofllcers at Washington indicated any ' United States men o'war similarly attacked would reply with ronawod flro. The protests came after an unidentified alrplano off the west coast of Spain hail dropped bombs about tho destroyer Kano, which (Continued <>n Page Fifteen) •« » Dern Is Eulogized by Sen. Pittman (United Press Leased Wire) LAS VEGAS, Nov.. Aug. 31.—U. S. Senator Key Pittman of Nevada, unab'.e to attend funeral for the lato Secretary of War Dern, today Issued a statement eulogizing the Utah statesman. "1 not only admired Secretary Dern. but was very fond of him." Senator Pittman said. "Ho was a typical western statesman. "A man of peace with a great and kindly disposition, he mastered the history of the details of war administration. HlH service wus marked by a remarkable unuciriHhnoHH and loyalty to duty which Impelled him to Intense work without complaint during the inonthN that ho was suffering from hlH last Illness. DENY EXTORTION STORY TUCSON, Ariz., Aug. 31. (A. P.)— Wlrt G. Bowman, Nogales, Democratic national commltteeman from Arizona, denied hero today he hud received recent extortion letters and had placed guards about his Bcv- , erly Hills, Calif., home. I Flight Resumed by | Russian Aviators (Associated Press Leased Wire) MOSCOW, Aug. 31. — The Russian flyers who started from Sun Pedro Calif., for Moscow on August C, were on their way again Baseball Results after being delayed by bad weather at Ambarchlx bay. Yesterday tho airmen, Slglsinund Levunevsky and Victor I^evchonko, flew from Amarehlx bay to Uulow, near the mouth of the Lena river. ATHENS, Greece, Aug. 31 — With Kins Edward on the ileoU. the yacht Nuhlln smashed Into a brldne today in the strait o;f Clmlkl.s, on the Aegean Island of lOuboea. Tho yacht, carrying the. monureh on a cure-free holiday In tho Adriatic and At-Kean seas, apparently was in>t seriously damaged. It proceeded on Its way after a brief Inspection. NATIONAL LEAGUE I Th« king was not perturbed. He At Chicago— 11. 11. K. ! waved to a cheering crowd on the New York 0 6 6 i Cbalkls bunk after the collision, In Chicago 1 12 i i which a motorboat on the yacht Batteries: Gubler, Castlemun und I w " s crushed and the bridge was Muncuso; Warneke und Uartuett. I slightly damaged. | *** No other games today. AMERICANA LEAGUE At New Vork— U. H. Chicago . .. 1 New York .. Batteries: Broocu und Dietrich Ulc-kpy. ... 1 ,.. 5 and LIKK FOR KIDNAI'KR LOS ANGELES. Aug. 31. (A. I'.)— Superior ,ludg« Frank M. Smith sen- 13, tenced John A.. Cooke, .11. today to ( 1 i life Imprisonment In San (Juentln i '„' I penitentiary on his conviction of kid 40,000 Employes Get 14 Pet. Bonus 1'ITT.SUIIKGII. Aug. ai. —Home 40,000 employes of the Westlnghousu Electric anil Manufacturing Company received 14 per font more thun their regular wages today for the month of August under llio company's excess earnings plan. Thn workers received an additional 1 :t piM- cent lust month and 9 per cent tin: month before. Offlrlals sulil the increased payments reflected a continued rise. In sales of electrical equipment. Trio Young Children Taken From Parent i fi'nitfd 1'rrsft /vi'u«ci/ H'u-fJ | COBLKHK1LL, N. Y.'. Aug. 31.— I .Mm. lltleii L. Greek's thruo young ! children were turntMl over to the ! Htuto wflftir«! department today I when Him hr^un serving nil Indeterminate term at the Westfleld state I farm at Hedfurd Hills for bathing I nude. j Mrs. Greek pleaded not KUllty to charges that Hhe swam In a creek unclad before her children, the oldest of whom Is C. .No others scheduled today. ( IU SIIKD TO Shea; I naplng and attacking a woman In LOS ANGKMQS, Aug. 31. (A. P.)— June. In denying a plea for a new ! John \Vllllams, IS. fell Into a broad trial. Judge Krnllh turmoil Cooku an i mixer at a bah«ry today and wu*i "habitual criminal." crushed to death. replied with nine volleys from Its, foun( j anti-aircraft piece. Neither tho 1 Kane nor the airplane was hit. Wi Ohurc'liM Burned With tho Vatican, In an unofficial summary, announcing 18" churches and other religious Institutions had been burned in Spain, unconnored advices from Madrid Itself disclosed a long list of prominent personages which the government cryptically reported "dead." It was assumed most of thorn died of firing squad bullets. Nuzls Despair of .Madrid Germany, declaring it could not count upon the Madrid government for protection of its embassy, announced the- embassy had boon moved to tho southeastern port of Alicante. There, presumably, German warships cun protect the diplomats. Although Germany has embargoed arms shipments to Spain, some Socialist leaders In Madrid have accused the Reich of continuing to help the Fascist rebels. In addition, Germany and the Madrid government have been embroiled In several unpleasant Incidents since the war started. As for neutrality eforts, It was announced In London that 11 nations, headed by Great Britain, Franco and Italy, had approved formation of an Inturnutlonul com-1 mlttcu to co-ordinate arms embur- ] (Continued on Page Fifteen) Drought Data Are Being jt\ssembled (Associated Press l,ranc<l Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 31.—Morris L. Cooke, chairman of the President's long-rung" drought committee, and four officials who accompanied him on u 2000-mile uutomo- blltt tour of the drought urea, were buck In Washington today to assemble data for the rehabilitation program they suggested to Mr. Roosevelt. Kendall Fuss, who served us Information man on the tours, sulil that the thousands of fanners contacted on the 'Must bowl" tour "were apprehensive that the government was planning to depopulate any of the urea." Foss said Rexford G. Tugwell, resettlement administrator, who madu the tour, assured the farmers thai this was not planned and told them "as many <>r more people had voluntarily left the drought urea than tho government cuuld hope or plan to move." Koss said Mr. Roosevelt hud asked I Cooke to prepare maps showing wen-, ther data, soil conditions und other material by regions for putting the committee's recommendations Into effect. __ Santa Monica Pilot Killed in Nebraska I\aswiHted Press Lvust'd Wire) CRAWFORD, Neb., Aug. 31.— Hurry MoCullam, 30-yeur-olil Santa Monica pilot wus killed yesterday when his ship went Into a nose dlvo 300 feet off the ground before a crowd of 1000 persons. Mi'Cullam und throe other California pilots, each In his own plane, were giving an nir show near here lit the limn of the crush. Spectators told County Attorney It. It. Wellington Iho flyer WUH stunting at llio time of the fatal dlvo. Found Shot to Death at Residence in Winnetka Chicago Suburb (Associated Press Leased Wire) CHICAGO, Aug. 31. — Wilmarth Ickes, 37, foster son of Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes, was nbot to death today In the IckoH homo in suburban Winnetka. Sergeant' Harota 'Lewis -ortho Winnetka police naia "unquestionably It In suicide." Erlck Magnuson, caretaker In the employ of the? lck«s family for 20 years, found the body at 8:10 a. m. Them was ono bullet wound through tho head. I'lstol Found Magnuson told thn police a .38 caliber pistol lay on the body, which was on a bed In a room on tho first floor. » Half an hour later, Ickos 1 wife telephoned to Magnuson from Chicago, where she and their three children hud Just arrived on a lake steamer from a trip to Macklnac Island, Mich. Ho told her of her ( husband's .death and she left at onco for thn AVInnetka home. Tho body, clad In pajamas, was found by Mngnusori when ho entered to bring • Ickes his -breakfast. , The gun WUH on Ickes' chest, the gardener sulif. Tho bullet entered the temple. ; above the right ear and emerged from the top of tho head. AVlnnetka police had reported to the Chicago coroner that there was a note written to Ickes, but Ser- (f'untlnueil an Page Fifteen) INDEX TO ADVERTISERS PACE AL'S COFFE£ SHOP * APEX TERMITE « ASH A ASH 4 AUSTON BEAUTY SCHOOL 6 BILL'S CAFE * BROCK. MALCOLM, COMPANY 3 BURTON'S DINING ROOM 4 CAMPBELL, DR. 7 CAROL MoLEY BEAUTY SALON 4 COFFEE, MARRY 2 DRINK-0-LINK 4 DUNN, IIMMY 4 FERGUSON'S PAINT STORE 4 FLICKINQER-DIGIER 6 FOX CALIFORNIA 7 FOX THEATER 7 FRAGER'S TAMALE UROTTO 4 GLOBE DRUG CO 4 GOODRICH SILVERTOWN 3 GRANADA THEATER 7 GREENLAWN » HAKE. HARRY 4 HOGLE L CO., J. A 19 HUFF. JOHN R 3 IMPERIAL FLOOR SERVICE 4 JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES J JOHNSON I ISAACS 4 JONES, EVERETT 4 JONES. KENDALL 4 KARPE, ELMER 4 KIMBALL & STONE ( LEO'S FUR SHOP 4 LOCAL PAOE 4 LUFKIN'S BUSINESS COLLEGE I McMAHAN FURNITURE COMPANY 5 McNAUL'S 4 MANDARIN. THE 4 MERLE ROBERTS DANCE STUDIO 7 MOSS. SAM 4 MR. AND MRS 4 NEW CITIY CLEANERS « NILE THEATER 7 NOODLE BOWL 3 NORA'S BEAUTY SALON 4 1WEN8 STORE 4 PEGGY'S BEAUTY SALON 4 PEKIN HERB COMPANY 1 PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY 3 POPEL FURNITURE EXCHANGE PKE8TON. DON C.... HAGLAND, KIRK.... REX THEATER SANTA FE SOUTHERN PACIFIC ST. FRANCIS CAFE.. SUN KONG HERB COMPANY TROUTMAN'S UNION CEMETERY.. URNER. DAVE E.... VAN METER, DR.... VIRGINIA THEATER WEILL. A.. INC WHITE. ROY WHITE SPOT MARKET WICKERSHAM'S JEWELRY WILLOUQHBY, W. G. WILBUR. ALBERT... WILSON. GEORGE E. WITHAM 4. BOOTH.. COMPANY. 4-5 3 4

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