Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 16, 1908
Page 2
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—- m Ejes Tested Free! To. Pac.SanU Fe aai 1. K. A T. Uatch iBspecton. 'f' Qui VWe Club. 'Ifembers of the. class which >trs. ai %^.tieroaster8 teaches In the Prt-s- :.1)]n«rian church ware pleasantly en^ tertalned at the home of Miss Flor- Ito ;'0QiMt^r yesterday afternoon. The ^bttk : ladies have lately formed a dub; the'Qnl Vive, and this was the llnt \meetlDg. Miss Qates and Misn imifle!er< gave papers on CAIna an<l Misses Omia and Riith Allison savo pUmo' numbers. Among those pres- -eatrwere Mrs. Lemasters. MisBos Wheeler, Ruth Horton, Georgia- and MM^n. Qritton, < Leona Sagner. Gra- tlaradd Ruth Allison. Miriam Hiirhes. Mftrisan^ Wolfe, . May Rose. Ijf^a -Thompson. Ijiclle Cope and B^tha Swlgart. EUzabeth Apt, Marj-j Crouch. Lsla Holjmts. Grace Giles.) Violi and Jean Delgimo an* Kdnai Klelh. ' i . ; • • • 1 „ Luncheon Fruit 1 Frnits seem very much in favor for< dinner decorations this winter. At al lunc^^n the other day the center-! piece \ras mada up of black and white' Stapes m alternate bunches on a wide, lojw grape dish. Small chips of ice '.• and silvery leaves filled the luter-j s^ces. . Before this dish was plao.'r! upon the table, the ho.stess confird to-one of her guests, charged water from-a -ayphon squirted over the ice. eare beins taken not to let It touch the fruit In less than half an hour beads of dew covered-the fruit. m .ilj-' ing the grapes extra attractive l)i- cause of their seeming freshn.'ss.— ' Rxchanse. ' i,- -f- • , ! - 1 Guild Meetlnq. ! - The 'Neman 's Gul'd of the Eplfco-' :~ pal ohurch was entertained by Mrs. ' Ge0i*ge DeClute yesterday. The or^ dlalon vas the usual business meot- tagl.? Mr*. \ DeClute served refresh- miuits to'the members at five o'clock. Mrs. B. Wir-Stapfleld was a of, the organlxation. : i ., * * * ' I SeWng Club. I 1 Miss Mettle BrlRham was hostfs? I to a anal] group of friends yesterd .T.-; afternoon duriiig a very pl?asant i meeting of her Sewim? duh. A small luncheon completed tije afternoon, j I , ' i • * , Dinner Party. I -• ^One of the vfery e'aborate dinner, .•parties'of the post-holiday .-season i I was.given by Mr. and Mrs. D. P.! - M^trtbrap^aat erenlng for ttie Origin-! s\ Whist club. The beautifully decorated illning room was prettily arnuig od for the event, the table being es peoi^lly attractive with Its appointments of silver and cut glass. Individual lace sets were used and in the center of the table a bank of pink c.irnntions and smllax' si)ray8 was built. Tile favors were small trav ellng bags fiMed with bon bons and th.-' ratnii was served in six courses .\fle- dinner the quests played vrhist at several tables., the prize go ing to Mr. "V \m Spencer. The guests present were Mr. and Mrs. .1. G.. Mil ti^bach. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Spenc?r. .Mr n!ul Mrs. L. L. Xorthrup. Mr. and .'ifrs. F. .T. Horton, Jlrs. .Tohn Fonsf Mr. Wfli Spencer. •> •> •> Sorosis Club. Mrs AL nickford had the .iiicf of Jlrs. O. Holmes yesterday af'enioon in entert.Tining in a very '•hirni'ng manner the Sorosis club. 'The Peop'e of America" was the •v;)j-ct of the program which featur eil the occa-slon and each member aii.swerpil th.' .roll call by describing one of the ehanict(|r!st'cs of the Km< r'.cnn'nfopic. Mrs. 1 .1, W. MicCall read nn e.\c?'l»nt paper on "The Assimilation cf Pore'ga Immig-ants," and Jirs." C. J. Doxsee told alwut the av rrage American girl. During the liicheon hour the ladies discussed iilf 'a .=5 for the decoration of a girl's room. The club's next meeting i ."^chidned for January 30. A 4> •>• For Mrs. Sewall. .\ nunibrr of ladles gave a very l.appy surprise party last evening for y.ia. I. T. Sewall who leaves today for CoUax. Iowa, to enter a sanitar luni. Thore was a very pleasant hour Willi conversation and delicious re- fii shiiK-'nts were served, .•\nions' the ;.'.;:o .-5 prc-ieui were Mrs. W. R. Hey' i "un. Ms. Piihner. Mrs. Stiidor. Mrs 1. K. nn.-ii: and Mrs. Mark Hilles. <• •!• • Euchre Party. .Mr. nnd Mr.'!."^ W. E. Redfearn will I'lifert .Tiii a group of friends at cards ll;is ovenit.g. • • •> Royal Club. .Mrs. Chas:. Hutchinson. 417 North I Y Entire Stock to be sold to tie highesTj bidder, piece by piece. I go to California in a few days. Nothing in my fine stock reserved. Diamonds, P^-]} Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass and Hand .•Paint-ed China. Everything ^oes. f^hXk is the chance of a life-time to :l3itt3rany of these fine goods at your oym price. Ladies especially invited.. Auction begins Friday, jjan. 17th 83^d-c6ntinues daily except Sunday imtitentire stock is sold. Sale begin^ gitt|j each day at 2 p. m. and at 7:30 : Pi mj- Nothing but fine goods to sell. Fl^ctpres' all, to be sold. Come one iBtad and s^e the goods go. '''' -^L ^l ^tl^North of Postoffice. If ^f ^^^MiJ ^i^,^^:^:^^.^^. I ' I?fferson street; will have the Royal ;liib tomorrow afternoon. • <Birthday Dinner. .\ very p'easant entertainment for .Mrs. C. A. Twilley. 420 North First street, occurred at noon yesterday The occasion was her flft.v-nlnth birthday. Covers were placed for Mrs C. .\. Twilley, Mrs. Herman Pancoast Mrs. Earnest Brown. Mrs.. Williams Mrs, Reld, Mrs. Davl^. Mr«. Steve Jenkins, Mr. Lenl Herrln*ton, Mr. Ed. McKIeaman, Miss Cl^elsa Llm bocker. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Llmbocker, Mr. and Mrs. Will Cottrell. Mr. and Mrs. Dud Cottrell. Mr. and Mrs. F. Richardson, Master Vernon and Vel RichardBoh, Mastar Chrlssle and Raymond Cottrel', Master Forest and Clifford Cottrell, Master Floyd and Merl Jenkins, and Miaster Roy Twilley. • • • Surprise Party. Mr. Clarence Foerschler was guest )f honor at a very delightful party gi.ven at his home last evening to -elebrate his birthday. Several of the quests contributed impromptu selections of music. Those In attendance were Misses LAicUe and Esther Nye, •Jarnetta Donnell, Esther DIngman Laura Cooper, Emily Slocum, Ida Cross. Mable and Frances Overman Ora Spurrier, Bessie Rboades, Hazel Mason, RIssa Cross, Messrs Earl Rcldj Homer Beach, Pratt and OIlie Steele. NVJlloughby Donnell, Tiny ahd ?hclby RIghthouse, Merle Mason,'V\'hi Swopp, Archie Cannon, Weston Cross, and Clarence Foerschler. + + * Personals. Miss Hazle DIngman Is a gtiest of Xoodesha relatives. Mrs. M. T. Trout, of Wichita is a ?uest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. R n. Stevenson. Mrs. VIra Rankin and datighter are home from a visit In Gamett. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Heig'e are spending a few days in Kansas City Mr. Dan Bartholomew of Eldorado Springs Is vIsitlnT Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Harris. Mrs. Rattholomew has: been here for the past week. Mrs. J. T. Sewall left today for Colfax, Iowa, where she will enter a ^snltarlum. Mrs. Sewall expects to %(.• to California Ip- the spring for an extended viait (CoiiUnued from page 1.) ESTIMATE SEWEAGE This is Prof. Head's Advice to City Before Taking up Septic Basin Further. City Engineer Melvin Amerman today received a letter from Prof.^W. C. Hoad of the State University, to whom he wrote asking about plans which he had drawn up relative to adding a new chambar to the septic basin. In the letter, Prof. Hoad approved the plan of City Engineer Am c .man but advised waiting until the amount of sewage in all rireather. could be determined before deciding tie s'ze of the additional chambef*. This will probably be done. Mr. Amerman stated thlB morning that It would take at least two weeks to determine the exact amount of sew age. Mr. Amerman prbposes building an nddltional chamber to the city's septic basin. A'etlee to tke PaUlr. The public will please take notice that F. A. Umsted, formerly connected with the Lumbermen's Portland Cement Co.. is no longer in the employ Of the Union Portland Cement Co.. In any capacity whatever. R. C. PATTERSON. First Vice Pres. and GenT Mgr. DEEP WELL 2780 FEET. Third Wire Line to be. Here Next Tuesday. ' A thirty-two hundred feet wire line is expected at the deep well by next Tuesday. Thls| irIU make the third |.I!ne to be used In drilling this welL tt U hoped that the new line wlU last 'rniUl they hav^ finished drUUng the well. The well is now 2780 feet deep. what he had told. The state claims that Dr. Petersen showed himself to he an unwilling and reluctant witness. Th? examination of the witness, while It did not reveal anything of grtat importance, was listened to citsey by the crowded houSe as It was jeneralfy known the state expected him to be a star witness. After the witness left the stand he was seen by a Register reporter fo whom he sa'd h? had net made any of the stHtcmeuts which the state had at- Innpted to force htm to admit. Dr. Petereen left last nfeht for hla home In Kansas Cly. * Mr.*. McCallen was called to the sicttd after Dr. Petersen was excusj el. Miss Rellly roooied at her house pr vlo-.s to go'ng to the Readlcker rooming house wh*e she died. She was call.'d to the stand to prove that Miss Reiry was out of town at the time she was alleged to have been out of the city for the purpose of having an operation performed. The case will be argued this aftar noon at four o'clock. The attorney for the defense. B. D. McClaIn and F. J. Oyler, who looked after the in ttrests of WJheaton yesterday, asked that the argument be postponed until today as John P. Goshom. who if chief counci for the defense, was out of the city and would not return until today. Mr. Goshom Is here to day. BILL WHITE ON VANCiL Emporia Editor eommenta on Law- ranee Miliar Case. COMIM-E VA!«CIL HEARIXC. Prof. Bailey Has >ot Completed An alysls as Yet Because Prof. E. H. S. Bailey of th Kansas State University has not fin ished the analysis of the contents o Mrs. Vancll's stomach, the prellmin ary hearing of E. Vancll who is charr ed with the poisoning of his wife, wil not be held until next Tuesday, Jan uary 2l8t at 9 o'clock. The case wai set for today at 9 o'clock. E. Vancll formerly lived in this city, being employed in the Palace Shoe Store. The hearing will be before Iiistlce Clark in Lawrence, Kas. flAKLIXJIIOrSE NOT I\. IMiyslrInn Denies That Hr Is Candl date for .Stule Senator. it has been'reported that Dr. O. 1 'lariiii^hoiise was a candidate for the •)fnce of state senator. Dr. Garling "louse stated this morning that he waf lot a candidate nor would be accept ,hc nomination should It be tendered lini. Frank Travis and Representative Tredway are expected to enter the .•ace. For best and qnlckest resnlts n.« the Register Want Columns. wtu'Lu RESTORE: PRE.SS PASS Seaaior Stone Favors Transportation on AdTertlxiug ronlracts. Washingtoii, Jan. 15.—Senator Stone today introduced In the senate a bll' providing for the Issuance by rail roads of transjiortation to newspapers in return for advertising. The measure is intended as an amendment tc the railroad rate law enacted at the last session of congress. It has the Indorsement of the National Educational Association, and the' only proviso is that transiiortation may lie Is sued at regular rates In retnrn for ad vertlBlng at regular rates. FIND TWO MORE CrilTT. Hralon and Thomp<>on rontlcted of Liqnor Charge In Police Court Clint Heaton and Felix Thompsor were found guilty in iwlice court this morning of violating ihe city ordin- anc«» prohibiting the sale of Intoxicating liquors. These men were two of Are who were arrested. The others pleaded guilty, lleaton and Thompson will be sentenced tomorrow morn Ing at ten o'clock. It Is likely that af soon as they are rentenced notices of appeal will be filed. (Emporia Gazette.) Ephrlam Vancll. of Lawrance. Is 'anguishing in jail, and will be tried In February, charged with the murder of his wife. Thei evidence'against him is so strong that he will probably be convicted. and sent to the penitentiary for tha balance of his days. Here is a man so constituted that a home meant nothing to him. He had a better wife than he deserved, and a pair of children who' were quite creditabia: he was a superior workman, and earned good wages, and might have enloyed life to the limit. For when all Is said and done, there \i no .ereater enjoyment in this world than the paaceful,. comfortable home life: happy Is the- man who Is always glad to go home, and whose folks are equally glad to see him come; who puts on hia slippers and sits by the blazing hearth and the cheerful lamp, and reads the patant office reports while his goo<l hausfrau sits by with her knitting, and the children play horse with his plug hat, and every glance speaks of affection and contentment. And unhappy is he who finds nothing at tractive in the evening at home: who impelled by some perverse Imp to hunt his pleasures as a starved wolf "lunts carrion In the aisles of the for- ast. Vancll was of that sort; his family meant nothing to him, more than that It was a burden; the light 'n the window meant nothing more to 'ilm than that the old woman was sitting up waiting for him with her •^yes full of tears. There are so many "i'anclls in the world that tha pesslm- sl receives new encouragement every Ime he thinks of them. And all the band's get married, and hava famll 'es. MAY PROVE FATAL. Vhen Will lola People Learn the Importance of It? Backache is only a simple thing at But when you know 'tis from the 'xidnays; That serious kidney troubles fol- ow:. That diabetes, Bright's disease may •e the fatal end. • You will gladly profit by the fol'ow- ug experience, Tis the statement of an lola citl- •en. Mrs. Josaphlne Cole, of 204 North Buckeye street, lola. Kans.. says: "Mr. Cole has a very high opinion of ""•oan's Kidney Pills. For a good many years he had trouble with bis '•ack and kidneys. The pain across »he loins was at times acute and everj* orlng he was required to take medl •sine for it. Kidney trouble Is hered tury with him for It Is common imong his peop'e. hla father having lied with Bright's disease. He learn •d about Doan's Kidney Pills and pro- •ured a box at Charles B. Spancer & Co.'s drug store. Their use benefited llm so much that he continued lak- "ng them. Our daughter also used he remedy and cannot speak too ilgfthly of It We take plea.«!ure In -ecommending this reliable medi- ine." For sale by all dealers. Price 50 •ents. Poster-Milbum Co.. Buffa'o. \' .Y.. sole agents for the United •;tates. Remember the name—Doan's—and ake no otbe. THAY ARB FRESH. A dielce assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. WHeo you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge uf their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases you. ^ CR AEIB'S 0RUC STOR£, Corner Washington and West Sts. Lod^e Directory KMGHTS OF .HACrABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights of each month. J. W. Postwait, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W»— Camp Xo. 101 meets in K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. C, A. H. Davis. Clerk. Visitors cordially invited. "KM'GKTS" OF" PYTlliTs.— Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday night at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. S. Thompson, E. C, Christ Rltter, K of R. andsS. It. W. A.— The .M. W. A. IXKlge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. Hall. Visiting brothers invited. W. H. Anderson, V. C, W. A. Cowan, Clerk. ~«OYAL~>EIGIIBORS ^Iola Camp Xo. 365, Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oracle. .Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 Weest Street, Recorder. Bffsiaess Directory. • DB. MeMILLSir. • Special attention glren to tha * • treatment of all Chronic Dlsaas- * • ea and Dlacaaea of Children. * • Telephones: Office 82. Rea. Itt; • • Office in Mrs. Tnrher'a Bldft. • • West Madlaon. • • • ? « Phone fXt. Rea. 701. * • .DK. O. L. COX, • • Eye. srar. Nose and ThrasL * • flpecUcles Properly Fitted; • • Office A- O. U. W. Bid*. • Offles Phone lOSS. Night Phone 406. 9B. B. 0. GHBisnur. Phytleln ni SngMB. Roonis 7 and 8. Crana Bids, • • • FILlTERXAt BROTHERHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Thursdays of each^' month in A. O. U, W. Hall. Visiting members cordially invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Golda Elam. secretary. . Junior Order rniie4 American Xe- rhanicM.—Meets every Wednesday evening at S o'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting members Invited. R. A. "Wl- dlck. Councellor; C. U. Black, Record-'^ Ing Secretary. \^ • * B^a. TeU 198. Office TeL 16S. DR. ). S. BEPPKS. ]>eatiat la permanently located orar B. G. McClmtn's Clothias Store, /and la prepared to do all klada of np-io^te dental work. E^renlng work by appointment Diiffllel Water One hundred pounds of Crys* tal Ice will make 12 gallons ot distilled water siutable foe family use. Try It ffhIce &C»l(iStf >ngeC0 FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. TWO NEW PUMPS AT WORK. Pumping Station at Petrolia Makes improvements. The- two new gas compressors which the Kansas Natural Gas com- lany has added to its pumping station It Petrolia, five miles northwest of C^hanute. were set fo work In ear- lest today. The pumps ware completed a week ago and have been nm It Intervals to test them, but not ?et to actual work before. Each one of these pumps has 1.000 orse-powar. The three pumps at Sclpio, Kans.. which were set in op- ratlon since the first of the year, tiso have 1.000 horse-power each, so hat the Petrolia plant Is pulling gas •way and shoving It north with the :trenglh of S.OOO horses and the Sclp- on p'ant with tha strength of 3.000 naking 11.000 altogether. It is tiiiderstood that the company ^ill continue to install pumps, and hat Its next station will be in Mont- Tomery county. It bought a site there early last year and announc- d that it would place a plant there, then decided to build the one in Scipo first NEW RIFLES FOR THE MILITIA. Magazine Chief Announced That Guns Will be Used. Boston. Jan. 18.— At the closing -lesMlon of the national guard conven- »'on today announcement was made by General Crozler. chief of the ord- -lance bureau of the United States army that the national guard through •»ot tha country would be equipped before April 30 next with the new -nodel 1903 magazine rifle and 190C ammunition. The report of the committee on en- -ampD 'ents manenvers and nractle- -pad by Malor Oaneral William E. Harvey of Washington, said that too •nnch time wa« lost in parade work •»nd not enough taken In actuA' Instruction. General Carl F. WVigtier. of MicUean. presented a report of the committee on small arms practice. "ommentUng the Remarkable ;ntereBt •n gun nractlee amone elTlIfans and urging that It be fostered In ereir war. eepeclailr In Intenrthte and lonal competition. STEYER'S OROCERY liradqaarters far GoodThiRfs to Eai p. H. MABTCr. Surgery and Diseases of Women. . Office and Residence Phone C76 Office 7 North Jefferson. « DK. W. R. HBTUniH. nyilelu k Sarseea* * Office N. E. Comer ot Sqaare. • Over K. C. Plumbing Co."> Store. • Rea.TeI38. Office TeL 602. • • • • P. L. tathrop, Mrs. Besale O. Lattiop. 08TE0PJLTHIG FKI8ICLLK8; Special attention giren to da- eases of Women.and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office Thone. Main 468. • • The<<6arWaif" Restaurant mfohmmi9'Lumeh2Sc . Everything in Season.' SHORT ORDERS OF ALL KINDS FARMS. In Howell Ceoaly, XissoarL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list Give full descritplon and price of what yon have. J. T. GILXOLK. Peraons. M*. Big Special Cut on on atl kinds ot MercKandbe until ie. • Att*rM)f4it.I«w. NoUnr and Stenesrapher In Office. Pbone 46S. JEWELERS. B. P. Pancoaat. old reliable Jeweler. 110 Bast ibreet LivingfttoD ^ Co roBtractora and Bnildeni. All Kinds of Work a Specialty. 9 Sontli Sycaaiore. Phone 17. s, attmiAH, General Canlnctor. Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks and Curbing a SpecLilty. Ofliro IK East Jark <ion Are. Phone SM. Office and Storage Wate Room at t8 West Street Phone 356 )pHmwgmr Estimates cjieerfuliy given on all work Pbeae d*. r Bes. 409 S. Buckeye. TELEPHOHt^TdlTR WA5T ABS. TO TMB jqWitTEB OFHCE. As an ^•coopMdatioa. the Register r^hres.adif tbr tta want eolnmns over the teiephotie/bat expects tha advertiser to caU «r the office and settle a««ooB iscMifnlent u tto Wla are it or iSS. and It

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