Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1909 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1909
Page 8
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Begins Tu^day morning, January 51h. At the beginning of each year we hold a&tock reducing sali so that our different depoTtments will have just as stock as possible to enter on the inventory sheets. Once a year we'disregard the value of all merchandise where we have too niuch in order to reduce the to the lowest possible figure. We have found only one way to reach the lowest level, and that is leiarless price reductions. While the actual time for wear- ^ilg heavier garments has just begun, we have to prepare for another season ahead and begin to unload our stock for spring needs. Here is where you benefit |by a backward season. Every dollar you spend means a saving of from 2Sc to 50c. M §0le^lBsts Three Daiye: Tuesday^ Deo^ Bih; Wednesday^ Dee, Bth and Thursday^ Dee, 7th VOiifBmyour rememhranoe of Underweui^ Salem reoall muoh pHoemam these? ' Grey or cream, separate garments. Vests and Pants, 340 pieces in the lot, choice garment '. 17^ Extra sizes of the same underwear, choice ; tUt ALL 50c I'XDUllWEAK NOW 38c. Separate garments or union .suits, for ladies and children, all sizes, some are white, cream ami others grey; choice of any gar' ment at the price. This includes the Munslng Underwear, for three days only 386 ! • 65c Underwear, Munsing nialce, cream or grey union suits or separate garments. Choice 476 75c Munsing Underwear, cream or grey, women's or children's; choice of any 75c Underwear in the house 516 UKDEEWEAE REDUCED TO 77c. Munsing Union Suits or separarte garments, all sizes In cream, grey and white; special thre days' price 776 $1.25 MUHSnG USDEBWEAR KOW 87c. Extra large sizes 7. 8 and 9, made for stout people; garments that have fit and wear seldom equaled' in other brands of Underwear. Choice of any 11.25 qualitjr .i,.;-.., 876 11.50 MOfSIXG rXDEBirEAR SOW $l.t7. A three days' price that is very low, fine woolen separate garments or part wool union suits, creani or grey; choice $1.17 • ATunsing No. 945, size 3, 4.and 5, women's Union Suits, cream colored, high neck, ?ong sleeves, ankje length, one-half open, medium weight, a 11.50 union suit, but we have too many of this number: •while they last, choice 896 All $2.00 Munsing Union Suits, natui-ul or. cfeam colored, woclen or cotton inventory sale price $1.49 $3.00 Mercerized Cotton Union Suits in blue, flesh and bleached white, sizes 4, 5 and 6, high neck, long sleeves, ankle length, one- half open; special price $3.19 A few Oneita Union Suits for children, were 50c: choice now 256 Fur Coats Reduoed $9.00 Fur Cloth Coats, black, trimmed with velvet and braid. Tuj vcntory sale price $4.95 $12.50 Fur Cloth Jackets, black, trlnmied with velvet and braid. Inventory Sale price $7.(>9 • $15.00 Fur Cloth Coats, black Irimmeil with velvet and braid; also Ferslaa Lamb Coats, all are salin lined. Inventory Sale price $8.«9 $17.50 Black Fur Cloth Coats, brown collar band velvet trinmied. Inventory Sale price $10.1.^ $25.00 Coney Fur Coats, high storm collar, now $19.85 $20.00 Fur Cloth Coats, black, satin lined, velvet and braid trimmed. Inventory Sale price-v...- $11.85 $25.00 and $27.50 brown and black Caracul Jackets and % length Coats, velvet and braid trimmed, .satin lined. Inventory Sale price $14.95 $35.00 and $:57.50 Klack and IJrown Caracul Short Coats, satin and fancy silk lined. Inventory Sale price $24.50 $35.00 Near Seal Coat $26.25 ^45.00 Near Seal Coal $:M..'><> $60.00 Russian Pony Coat, now ; $37.50 $75.00 Blended Mink Coat on sale for $49.00 All Suits Go Now At Just Half Price Twenty-nine Suits left We're satisfied with our suit business for this year. A.11 that's left, your choice for one half the original price- Colors blue, brown, red, black, raspberry and gray. Cloths— cheviots, worsteds, serges, panamas and diagonals. Prices were $10, $15, $17.50, $20, $22, $25, $27, $40, $16 and $60. Divide the price by two and you have the price for this sale. AU Remnants at Ono'third off the Marked Price 'Rugs and v Draperies Special prices on all Draperies and Rugs. Space will not permit enumer- "^atlDg the price reductions, but lists .will be bung in each department so that you may see the actual reductions "on the entire stock. $1.00 Lace Curtains 796 tl.25 Lace Curtains 896 $1.50 Lace Curtains .^.$1.19 $2.00 Lace Curtains $1.49 $2.50 Lace Curtains ..$1.98 $3 .00 Lace Curtains $2.25 13 .60 Lace Curtains $2.89 $4.00 Lace Curtains $3.09 $4.50 Lace Curtains ..........j ^.G9 $5.00 Lace Curtains .;.$3.87 $6 .00 Lace Curtains ,$4.0j>. ^16 .50 Lace Curtains ...... :.. .$5.10 $7.00 Lace Curtains 95.85 $7.60 Lace Curtains $6.29 $1.25 Rugs will be 9H« :|1,60 Rugs will be $1.19 »« $1.35 be .>«1.49 be be be be Bjaga will be .:$3.19 pIMSXW .Hugs will be .$3.98 J V /JBO-BtigB will be ..$5.98 #fio6 Bti«B will be $6.39 'p |ii>.0(^Bogs will be :.m.25 -.%-|i?.50 Bogs will be $9i87 - TBngBwlU be $12.15 %7MBa\» will be i ^a ^;ilB«i will be ..f ^^l^'Stas* will be $18.25 ^ '..9i ^i ,09' ^^'•Bngs.will be fSfH^^i. "iftxi|^>Ul be 9^^^" ' ' will be .#31:^9 lllilM» wUl be 033.85 MadfM, JReinlii*. BJIkoUnet, etc. !|^1.76 Rugs will ;^,j |2.00 Rugs will \^J^3& Rugs will :^|2.60 Rugs will rg^.00 Bugs will f *ii25 Bugs will . .;..$i.69 $1.98 ..«2.19 .-...$2.45 FA.\<y RIBBO.N.S. Ix)t 1—4 to 7 Inches wide, .".tic to 7."ic values. Inventory • sale j)rlce, a yard 296 Lot -—5 to 8 inches wide, values up to $1.2r> varU. Inventory sale price, yard :J96 LI.>OLE( .M.S. Jl.lit ipialit.v Linoleum t! feet wide, on sale for. a running yard 896 $1.25 quality l.lnoleimi on sale for, a rtinnig yard 976 $:!.00 Inlaid Linolciiii) B fcpt wide, a running yard $2.39 Colgatos or Menncn's Talcum Powder on sale for, can 125^6 ALL IIO.SIEUY 10c Hose will be l.'.c Hose will be ... •JOi; HDHO will 1 )0 ... LTIC Hose will lie . . :;<tc Hose will be ... :!.">n Hos^e will lie ... •Jiic Mose win lie .,. l .'iL- iloso will bo ... r.Oc Hose will be 6uo Hose will be ..., T."»c Hosp will be .... .S.'.c Hose will he ...'. !)0c Hose will bo $1.00 Hose will be ... ?1.2u Hose will be ... ?;i..'.0 Hose will be .. $2.00 Hose will be ... $2.50 Hose will be .. REDlTEl). ..86 116 156 196 216 266 296 326 396 476 516 706 726 796 896 $1.17 $1.39 $1.79 TABLE LINEXS KEDITED. Kvery item in the big Linen stock placed on sale at remarkable low jiriccs. A few reminders. Full Itleacbcd Towels, red border, fringed TVjc value. Inventory sa"e l)rice ,l6 Honey Comb Wash Cloths*, a dozen 256 Union Linen Napkins, a dozen... 5l6 .'i8 and 62-inch Table Linen, bleached or unbleached, a yard 2<J6 T'/^c quality Toweling 56 16-lnch Bleach Toweling, red border a yard , .'56 06 and 70-inch full bleached Table Linen, never sold for less than .50c yard. Inventory sale price, yard 396 All 2 .50 Table Linen 206 All 35c Table Linen 206 All .10c Table Uncn 396 All 7 .-iC Table Linen 526 All $1.0t» Table Linen 796 All $1.25 Table Unen 986 All $l ..''i0 Table Linen $1.19 All $2.00 Table Unen $1..';9 All $2.50 Table Unen ..$1.98 Pude Linen extra large Huck Towels, plain white hemmed ends, 25c valu on sale for 186 Every Towel in the house at a vec small price. BLACK CLOTH CAP£S. A few Black Cloth Capes at bargain prices, a chance to buy a serviceable Melton Cloth^Cape at half price. $5.00 Capes $2.75 $6.50 Capes $3.7.'> $11.50 Capes $6.75 We ure Mie BgeRts for Batteridc Pattenii, l«e u4 Uc. (OK.SET.S. fl.uo Corset will be 826 $I ..-,0 Corset" will be $1.20 $:!.00 Corset will be $1.69 |2.r,(i Corset will be $2.lh $3 .00 Corset will be $2.5913 .50 Corset will be . .; $3.09 15 .00 Corset will 1 M ; $4.15 Odd Corsets, some are slightly soiled. $1 .00 and $1 .50 Corsets on sale for 756 $2.50 and $3 .00 soiled Corsets and odd sizes while they last. Inventory sale price choice $1.49 Colgate's Dental Powder and trial size Cashmere Boquet Toilet Soap, a 25c value on sale for 146 Musiin Under'' wear L'.'ic Carnieiits 196 30c tJarnionis 226 ;i.".c Oamicnts 256 4ric Garments 296 5(t(; Cinrmenls 396 r.r.c flaruicnts 506 T.'.c Carniunis .j26 S5c Garments 676 !iOc (;arineiUs 696 $1 .0<) Garments 786 $1.25 narmoiits 896 $1 ,511 Garments $1.17 $1.75 Gariuents $1.29 %IM Garments $1.49 $2.25 Garment B $1.67 $2.50 Garments $1.87 $;!.00 Garments $2.15 $:!..-,0 (;arment8 $2.47 $1 .00 Garments $2.9.5 $4 ..-.0 Garments $3.^9 $5.nii Garments $.3.87 $6 0(1 Garments $4.47 $7.u0 Garments $5.39 $7.50 Garments $5.9.1 Bearsliin Coats Reduced Children noarskiii Coats, ages 2 to i; yo:irs, foiors white, blue, red, tan, fiiey and brown, not all sizes in alt colors, but if there Is a coat here that will fit .vour child, don't delay, these prices will soon clean them up. $2.50 liearskin Coats $1.79 |:MIO ilearskin Coals $1.98 $;;..5o Hcaiskin Coats $2.19 $3.75 Ilearskin Coats $2.39 $4.50 Bearskin Coats $2.85 $5.00 Bearskin Coals $3.29 One lot of Children's Coats, plaids and plain colors, $5.00 and $6.00 Coats. Inventory sale price $2.49 One lot of Children's Coats In all colors, values up to $7.50. Inventory sa'e price $.'1.49 If you- need a Kiir come In and get prices, big reductions on the entire line of Kitrs. I'ast Color Window Shades in light or dark green on sale for 19^ Special prices on the entire stock. Children's Melton and Bear Skin Caps, values up to $1.25. Choice ot 'he lot ^. 59<k Ati Siik P^ttiooafs at One^third Off WoelDrbss Deeds and Silks reduced • 32-inch Black Taffeta Si-'k, regular price $1.00. Special price. .696 36-inch Black Taffeta Silk, extra quality; Inventory sale price, yard 796 36-inch Black Taffeta Silk, extra wearing quality, a bargain at a yard 986 24 and 2C-inch .Moneybak Taffeta and Peau de Sole and Pean de Cygne, $1.50 and $1.75 quality. Inventory Sale price, yard.. $1.19 35-Inch. 34 V6 inches inside of selvage. Moneybak Black Taffeta, wear guaranteed, absolute satisfaction. In every yard. Inventory Sale price, yard $1.29 Skinner's Taffeta 36 inches wide, wear guaranteed for two seasons,* regular price $2.25. Inventory Sale jirice, vard $1.69 $2.00 Peau de Sole or Taffeta 36 Inches. Inventory Sale price, yard ; $1.49- ID-inch Black Japanese Silk. Inventorj- Sale price 216 27-in-h .Japanese or China Silk, black, white and colors. Inventory Sale price, yard •• 376 19-inch Colored Taffeta Silks, regular (;5c quality. Inventory Sale price ...'. 496 27-Inch Colored Taffeta Silks in light and dark shades, regular price $1.00. Inventory Sale price, yard 796 20-inch Satin Messolines in lau|)e grey, gendarmine blue, brown, raspberry and black. Inventory Sa'-e price 7.16 27-inch Salin Messaline in maize, grey and white. Inventory sale price, yard •. 856 30-inch Satin In white, black and colors, wear guaranteed. Inventory Sale price, yard , 856 36-lnch Satin In white, black and colors, wear guaranteed fo'r two seasons. Inventory Sale price, yard $1.3.5 25c Woolen Dress Goods on sale for, yard 35c Woolen Dress Goods on sale for a yard .. 50c Woolen Dress Goods on sale for, a yard ... 75c Woolen Uress Goods on sale for $1.00 Woolen Dress Goods on sale for a, yard . $1.25 Wooden Dress Goods on sale for, a yard.. $1.50 Woolen Dress Goods on sale for $1.75 Woolen Dress Goods on sale for ...' $2.00 Woolen Dress Goods on sale for $2.50 Woolen Dress Goods on sale for ..' 196 256 ;«>6 526 — 7:>6 896 $1.19 .S 1.: J 5 81.59 iSl.89 Ught plaid and striped Woolen Dress ('.(jods :;r, to ts iiu li> ^ wide. 75c and $1.00 qualities. ' Inventory Sale price 'i.5f Cotton Suitings 28 inches wide, in lij;li( and dark clLcks. .^tripes and plaids. Inventory Sale price 12 -26 Fancy Silk Trimming Braids and Prrsiaii Baiid.s. ai .-o .•iii!)r<ii(|ered filet net bands aM in the Inventory Sale at .. mi marked price. .Ml Woolen Dress Ggods bought durin« ;iie <.0.>- >\,nv.j..-\ tip.; of charge. WOMES'S SHOES REDITED. $1.00 Shoes on" sale for 826 $1.25 Shoes on sale for. J)86 $1.50 Shoes on sale for $1.19 $1.75 Shoes on sale for $1.39 $2.00 Shoes on sale tor i ..$1.65 $2.25 Shoes on sale for $1.89 $2.50 Shoes on sale for $1.98 $3.00 Shoes on sale for $2..59 $3.50 Shoes on sale for $3.12 $4.00 Shoes on sa!e for $.3.29 nilLDRE.X'S SHOES. 25c Shoes, Inventory sale price 196 35c Shoes. Inventory sale price 256 50c Shoes. Inventory sale price 396 65c Shoes, Inventory sale price 476 75c Shoes, Inventory sale price 536 85c Shoes, Inventory sale price 696 90c Shoes, Inventory sale price 726 $1.00 Shoes, Inventory sale 796 Dr. Grave's DenUi Powder, the 26c vise, on Mle (or -... 15^ 25c W «8te Pkper Baakets .......796 All Goat» Reduced Women's I»ng Black .Meltiiti Coats, braid and velvet triniined coats that are bargains at the i^>::iilar price of $5.00 go in the sale at $;{.79 $7..-i0 Co-ats black and colors, on sale for .it5.98 $S..->0 Coats black and ct)lors on sa*e for $6.39 $10.00 Coats black and colors, on sale for $7.85 $12..50 C<jats black and colors, on sale for iS9.S5 $15.00 Coats black and colors, on sale for .$10.85 $17.50 Coats black and colors, on sale for $12.95 $20.fK) Coats black and colors, on sa'e for $13.29 $22.50 Coats black and colors, on sale ; for $14.85 ; $25.00 Coats black and colors, on sale for $16.85 $27.50 Coats black and colors, on sale for $18.95 $30.0 Coats black and colors, on sale for $21.79 $35.00 Coats black and co'ors. for $24.95 $37.50 Coats black and colorf; on sale for aj|7.5a-" $40.00 Coats black and cdtors. o'n sale >. for $30.50 Domestics ^t lower prices than yoa have bought them for—Ready made Sheets, PU'ow Cases, Miislina, Glng-- hamrs. Calicoes and Fleeced GoodaL Some rare bargains await you. C<mie eariy for best selections. Special prices on every article the Art Goods Department. U M the lo-ice o( aU Waiattk

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