Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 16, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Thursday, January 16, 1908
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HE DIDN'T RECALL IT BR. FETERSOX WITHSTA>T)S FIRE OF QUESTIONS BY STATE. BIG PER CENT DIED KEf. L. G. MORONT (SETS FIGURES OX MATERXITT HOSPITALS. DENIES ALLEGED STATEMENT ATTORNEYS IX TVHEATOX CASE EXGAGE IX LITELY TILT. Finds That 83 Per Cent of Babies Bom In Snch InsUtntions Die—Attributed to Manafactnred Food StJfrs. Case May Be! Argned Late This After- noon—Xothing of Importance Broaght Out That the prosecution in the case of the State vs. C. H. \\lieaton. chargedi with mansTaughter, is gr?at- ly dlaapiiointed over the testimony given yesterday by Dr. E. W. Petersen, of Kansas, is freely admitted today. Since the arrest of Mr. Wheaton it was been known that the state regarded Dr. Petersen's testimony as Important to the case. Uving outside of the state, the witness was out of the Jurisdiction of the court, and this was the first proposition the slate had to contend with. Offlc?rs at Kansas Clt.v. it Is said. wcrt> employpil to watch the witness with the view of notlf)-lns the omcera here If Dr. Petersen came into Kansas, so that 8« M- Vlce eouid \u< giMten \>JHMV him. lu the Chrlntnms Jioltdiiys Hr. Peterson *ent to Mcpherson eounty to visit his family. The Knnsns Clt.v olTicors nollftHl the vherlft's oljleo i\ntV She^ Iff C. O. IVilUngiT went out nnd serv- «d the Bubj)Oftna on him. | Aceonllng to the ofHciTS, n stnfo- nient had been secured fron» Vir. Petersen to the effect that In the latter part of August or first of Septfniber Mr. Wheaton had come to Dr. Peter­ sen's'oOice with a girl whom he, Mr. /V^ilieaton, said, was his stenographer and booltlieeper, and said that "something, waa wrong with her." The state ment which purports to come from Dr. Petersen goes on to say that the girl weighed possibly 120 pounds and had darlc hair, and brown eyes; that Mr. •V\'!heaton said he looked after her wBlfare; that Mr. Wheaton said It was,her first trip to Kansas City, and that ho was going to tal<e her to the parks. The statement "wliich Dr. Pet ersen is alleged to have made goo^ on further to say that he directed the girl to a Dr. Hughes' office. He said, that her name had been given him as Forest or Porestqr The statement, it is said, was secured by County Attorney Petersen. Sheriff Bollinger and Detective Phil Kirk, of Kansas City, from Dr. Peter- .sen in the latter office, his stenog rapher taking It down as he to'd of UM mauer. Dr. Petersen refused to iflgn the statement,: however. Yesterday morning Dr. Petersen placed on the stand' but denied having made the substance of the statement. He said Mr. "WJjeaton liad come to his office with a girl but he could not remember how she looked or anything about who she was except that she was ill and he direct ed her to a Dr. Hughes' office. The state resorted to severe questioning to obtain additional information from Dr. Petersen but he did not recall what they wanted him to say. Y'esterday afternoon he was recalled to the stand again. Chris Hitter who questioned him, had in his hand the written statement alleged to have been made by Dr. Petersen with ref erence to the case. He asked the witness if Mr. •VTheaton heA j^ot said that the girl who was Vi'ith him was his stenographer and bookkeeper, but the witness did not recall. He askeu him if Mr. 'VSTieaton. did not say "sometliing was wrong with her,' meaning that she was in trouble, but the witness did not recall. He asked the witness about several other thingit In the alleged statement which, if true night strengthen the case of the st^e, but the witness did not recall In ftac the witness did not recall any thing in the alleged statement that was of partlcniar importance to the state. I During' the time Dr. Petersen was on the atand the attorneys for the defense were making freqnent objections. In fact the attorneys engaged in ai lively tilt. The court once can tioned the atiomeys not to Indulge too far in their critielBme upon one another.: Dh Fetersea himself grew mm oa aoTeral occulon* and fired •ome hot aiuwera .to the, attomm for tha attte. The irlta««i nuecW Kansas City, Jan. 16.—The jinvesti- gation of the maternity hospitals in Kalsnas City, Kaa., wlllch was started sday by the .Ministerial Alliance is to ibe carried out, notwithstanding the proprietors of the hospitals have refused to admit some of the investigating committees. Yesterday the Rev. G. Morony complied a list of the births and deaths reported from Dr. U. G. Hughes's hoispltal on Washington avenue from July 12 to December . last. Twenty-four babies were born at the hospital during this iwrlod, according to Rev. Morony's figures, twenty of hich died. The death certificates in ill of these cases sliow that death a.s due to non-assimilation of food. At the Florence Crlttentim home in Kansas City. Mo.. Mr. Morony says here were forty-seven births during the past throe years and only five deaths. He is of the opinion that the rewt death rate at the local maternUy hoslpla's I.-I due to the fact that the hal>t<<s are taken owny fitnu thwlr 'nothers at lilrtli luid iiliiced on nianu factured foiwl stuffs. Thoro Is onnslderalile si>eculatton here as to whether or not the l>r. Hughes referred to in the above ur- lele is the same l»r. Hughes nu>n- loned yestordiiy In the tesllhiony of Dr. K. W. Peterson of Kansas Clly In he WTiotiton case. Dr. I 'l 'lorson said hat he had diiocted a girl brought to his qlilce by Mr. Wheaton "to the office )f VT. Hughes, ^le said that Drj ttighes had formerly conducted a maternity hospital there, but had now ?lven «p that line of practice and was general practitioner. Rev. Morony. who seems to be leading the investigation of the records of deaths In the maternity hospitals, was formerly pastor of the Episcopal church here. ri^btaed Ua votflMi that !ba tka «Baa aaceapt BIG IRRIGATIOX PROJECT IS FLAX XED FOR WESTERX KANSAS. AX IMMENSE STORAGE RESER­ VOIR WILL BE ("ONSTBUCTED. PRESSURE IS HIGH Patrons Are Not Complaining About Gas Service During Cold Weather. J. M. Rodcers, superintendent of the gas department, stated toda.v that while this was the coldest morning of the year the gas pressure is higher than it has been at any time this season. There is a twenty r ^ound pressure on the high pressure line and' two and one-half pounds on the low-pressure. This means that every one in the city will be well supplied with gas if their ser>-ice connections are good. There was but one com; plaint at the city hall today. Workmen were, dispatched to Investigate and see if the service pipes were out of order.. LOCKE COMPANY SUSPENDS. Illness of Henry Locke Causes Several Dates to be Cancelled. Owing to the automobjle accident in which Henry Ix)cke suffered broken leg at Lawrence day before yesterday, the Locke company Ija; been compelled^ to suspend playing for a few days'. The bills at Law rence for this week have been can- cslled. The company waa to have •rome to Gamett from Lawrence, but they have cancelled that engagement The Garnett Xews says: "Manager Lane received a tele gram from Lawrence this morning, where the Lockes have Just been gflNng a three-night engagement, that owing to the fact that one of the main actors was seriously injured in an automobile accident yesterday, would be necessary for them to cancel their engagement here. They expect to c'ose the show for a time. GAS WE4.L IN TOWN. H. Klaumann Haa Ganer on SoutJ* Washington. The Gas City Drllllnsr began yes terday drilling a gas well for H. Mau maan on hia lots on South Washing- 0 BUILD BIG LAKE lOLAi XAKSAS. JAKUIST le, IIM^THFRSDAT EtEHIXO. SESSION^'lS BEGUN THE TTEATHER. Forecast for Kansas—Fair tonight and Friday; rising temperature. Data recorded at local office. U. S. Weather liureau, yesterday, today and year ago. Yesterday. Y^esterday, Yr. Ago 0 WATER SAND HILL UNDS Natural Depression South of Garden CHy Could Be Used—Petition Before Congress. 2 p. m 37 22 4 p. m 35 22 6 p. m 26 21 8 p. ra .23 22 10 p. m 13 25 12 midnight 16 25 Sfa-v. Temp 39 30 Mln. Temp 16 20 Precip. 7 p. m. .. T .07 Garden City, Kaa.. Jan. IC.—A reclamation project, which. If carried through, will mean a great deal to the country in Haskell and south Finney counties, has been presented to t;ie officials of the reclamation service by Congresaman Madison, and it has met the favor of the officers who are conversant with the local situation. Mr. Havls. chief ent^neer of the service, and Dr. Newell, cljiet of the service, lioth have spoken favorably on the sub ot and an expert will be sent out to liKik over the lield lu a lihort time. The plan as presented to the deiuirl- meni ttrovidcs for the building of h sturage reservoir on the south sido of he river soineUiiug after the plan ol ,ake .MeKluule ill Koariiy county, and the |<urtiose «if the ci<nstrurtlon of this tke would lie Idenlie.-tl with that of l.)«l<(> MeKlnnle, to store Ihe IIIXMI waters of the river for IrrlKatUm p<ir- pose.-L Just across the hills south «if Oar- on Clly Is a iiiUural dei)ressltni, which could with a comparnllvcly small expense be made to hold a large supply it fiood Waters. While enough lower than the river to make the filling of the basin an easy feat of engineering. . et the liottom of this lake Is one hundred feet higher than Santa Fc and nearly 150 feet higher than the country which would be watered from it. The largest expense would bo the construction of the canal from the river to the lake, and (his is not considered a difficult feat as the ground to be worked is all sand. On the com- pletlofi of the canal ihe washing of (he flood water through it would soon cement the bottom of the channel with silt. m.iklng a permanent waterway, It is easy to see the advantage of such a storage reservoir. With an assurance of water whenever needed, the country south of the river,, which is now highly productive, would become fen more so and there would be a real incentive to farmers to farm on more extensive plan in this territory The plan was sijggested by Horace J. Evans, who noted the possibilities of the depression and he made maps of the country showing the elevations and amount of country that could be irrigated from the lake. His plan .ileased Congressman Madison, who has taken up the matter, and the following dispatch from Washington indicates (hat he Is Interesting the officials: "Congressman Madison has pot the reclamation service interested in another proposed irrigation project for Southwestern Kansas. There is a great natural basin near the FInne.v-Haakell county line Just south of the Arkansas river, which at a comparatively small cost can be transferred into a lake to Irrigat/ thousands of acres of fertile land east of the basin. Madison ha called the attention of the reclamation officers to it and they have promised to send an expert out to make a tech nical Investigation. If the expert finds it a feasible scheme the government will likely take hold of the matter.' Jannary 16. Today, Yr. Ago a. m 15 26 a. m > H .29 a. m 12 30 a. m 11 I a. m 17 31 2 lioon 26 32 Preclp. 7 a. ni 0 1.31 SCAHERING MONEYS: Bob Evans- Men Will Leave Quarter of a Million in Rio de Janeiro. Rio .Janeiro. Jan. IC.—The events of the official progr.-imme today of the entertainment of Ihe visiting American offleers are nt brt>akfast at the n s'diMit of IMvsident IN-nna at P.>tro- IHOIS nt no«»n and lu the aftemooii n Kimten parly at the Ami <rienn em- mssy In the same suburb. Admirals Thomas Kpt'rry and Rmory will r»<i>- .-JiMit tho fie <t at the prt'sl.lentlnl ^>r^Mlon Th««y s<>t out for IS'tnv polls oijrly ihls morning. In addition o thiw offiwM-s, the only guests of Dr. Pi'unn will bo Atnlmxsiidor nnd 1. Dudley, Mlulhter Ali'lncar, the nrarlUliiii nilulsti<r of nmrlne. M«^ lial Hirnu's ^^1nltco, nilnlster of wnr, the chief of the naval staff and tlie nienibers of tho pr«<sldent's personal tnrf. The officers and diploninis who win ntt;>nd tbi> ganlen parly this nf rrnoon will leave here later in the dav. The newspapi-rt this morning all commented favorably upon the cood l)ehav!or,of th«' sailors who had nhore W'avo yesi.Tday. The m^n ail had a Kood time and perfect order was maintained. Not 'ess than 4.000 men vl.sltrd the city during the course of J The members have them tagged from the dav and eveninc. It Is caloilated 1 j^gt session. TO SENTENCE THREE Sam Donovan, Bert Mann and J. Morrison Pleaded Guilty to Violating Prohibitory Ordinance. San Donovan. Bert Mann and J. A Morrison pleaded guilty In police court yesterday afternoon to selling liquor in violation of the city ordin ance. These men were arraigned soma time ago on the charge of violating the city ordinance prohibiting the sale of intoxicating liquors and pleaded not guilty. Yesterday when It came time for trial they reversed their plea. They will be sentenced by Po'lce Judge J. MT. CJoHInB at 4 :30 o'clock. Bach of the defendants pleaded guilty to one connL ton and Imqiediately north of the Elm creek. Tl^e well to for his own oae.] Se has a number of houses in s. H. BEEJfAN of Ck>Inmbn8. Kan- ihla part of tb« citr and if he can us, wa< inj the dty yesterday on fet a cood caa weU It wiU be a great baslBe«i rlUt He retnmed home to* day. KANSAS LEGISL.ATURE CONTEXED IX TOPEKA THIS AFTERXOOX. A 6,000,000 GASSER THIRD GASSER ON NASH FARM BROUGHT IN YESTERDAY. GOV. HOCH SENT MESSAGE Indicates that Field South of LaHarpe la Unusually Good One. RECOMMENDS PRIMARY ELECTIOX LAW AND TWO-CENT FARE. Other BHIs MenUoned, But Special Work Must Be Done First—Mem­ bers Would Limit Time. Topekai Kas.. Jan. !«.—When the st>ecial session of the legislature convened this afternoon practically every member was present. The senate was called to order by Lieutenant Governor W. J. Fitzgerald and the house by peaker J. S. Simmons. It Is likely Ixith branches will adopt a resolution limiting the time for introducing bills to the jiresent week. Willi one exception there will be no elections to make in either house. D. Y. Wllstin, chief clerk of the house, baa moved out of tho state and bU place \A uiifU to some one. Chaa. llrilharl of Howard is a candidate fur the place and lato last night was the only candidate. It is likely that ho will bo elect wl without optKwiduii. He waa NViJ- son's assistant lust winter and can take up the work on short nutlco With out any trtuible. Outside of this there will W notUtng to delay nndters. The gtjvernor'a mes snKe wna Issuetl by the Mtnte printer at mam yesterday and Is ready for reading, it Is likely that one of the first things 'on tho program will bo the reading of the governor's message. The imly thing necessary to do before that will be the adoption of the rules of tho last session. Unless there Is a fight over some point which Is unlikely, this can be done In ten minutes There will be no drawing for seats. A six million cubic foot volume gas well was drilled in yesterday af (ernoon on the Nash farm three miles south of LaHarpe for the Lanyon Zinc Sme'ter company by the Gas City Drilling company. The rock pressure of this well is even better than any in the field, being 8omethin$ over two hundred and seventy lbs. Gas was reached at the depth of something over nine hundred feet. This is the third well to be drilled in on this farm. This welt is larger than any of the oihers and Us rock pressure is a Kreat deal better. Ordinarily the third or fourth well that Js drilled In a field is not as good as tho first ones because they are affected more or less by the ones which are being used. This probably means (hat the field souih of I^aHarpc which waa discovered les.^ than two months ago is one of the l>est in this s-sction. The l^anyon Zinc company is lay lug a |rfpo line from their No. 3 work.= :il ljiHari>e (o the new field. This hue will be completed In tho near fnturo. > WANT TAFT VIEWS (hat betw.^en the buying of suppljes for (he ships and the money spent On shore by officers and sal'ors not ess than a quarter of a million dol- nrs will have been'left behind in Rio by (he (Ime (he ve.«se!R sail on their way south on .Tanuarj- 21. The prospects are na(ur.illy ver.v p'easing to he citizens of Rio, Janeiro. The English and American resl- iV-'nts have unKed for an entertainment and tomorrow they will give a smok'ntr concert in Flumlnensc park in honor of the visiting officers. It is rumored here this morning that the Argentine minisfor of for elgn affairs has sent a telegram to S?cre(.iry Root at WJn.shlnglon inviting a detachment of the fleet to visit Buenos Ayres on its way south. Ijocal Interest in the progress of the fleet around South America cvi- ilenlly Is Increasing for another report current here today says that the new Penivian cruisers Almlrante Gran and Bologne .i. will accompany the American fleet through the Peruvian waters to San Francisco. NEW MOTOR CAR, Is Being Used on Main Line of the Missouri Pacific. Ottawa. Kan., Jan. 16.—A new kind of motor ear passed throuch Ottnwn ->ver the Missouri Pacific yesterday. Those who saw (he ear say it much resembled an automobile, it is real ly an auto-motor car. The car is .il>out as larjie in every way as t nioriern sized aii(omol)ile and con tains sea(s for ton persons. The car is the prnp?r(y of Chl»f Engineer Dorley. Roadmastor C. B. Painter, both of Osawatomie. accompanied Mr. Oorey in a (r'n of inspecdon over tho railroaii. The car Is run Just like an a'Xomobilp. In his message to (he members Governor Hoch says in part: I recommend the enactment of the primary election law state wide in its character to include every state, district and county offlcef to be vote<l for in this state this year, and to include also an expression of popular choice for United States senators and to be operative In selection of this year's candidates by every political party.' Governor Hoch says the demand for the depositors guarantee law is overwhelming. He recommends that all doubt of the iegalit? of the state railroad commissioners in establishing a two-cent passenger fare be removed by the enactment of a straight twocent passenger fare law and the incidental repeal of the mileage book law. A bill to strengthen the prohibition law has been prepared and will be submitted by Attorney General Jackson. The governor favors an amendment to the pure food law. an amendment to the national guard law, to bring it Into harmony with the Dick bill and an act conferring ui>on women the right to vote for president this .vear, but the Kovernor does not wish these latter reforms to occupy the attention of the legislature to the displacement of specified measures (o pass which the legislature was called together. MIGHTY JEFFRIES HAS FALLEN His Wife L-d the Fighter by the Ear From a Saloon. San Francisco. .Tan. 16.—W?»ile Jim .Teffri.'s. with $200 In Kold in his nocket. was taking In the town with some friends. Mrs. .Teffries entered Billy L.von's .<:aloon and - taking the champion heavyweight by the ear, led him to her automobile out<:ide and whisked him away. He had earned the money by giving an exhibition at fvColma, and his wife started on his trail. Earlton's TOWN WITHOUT GAS. Did MITCHELL^HONORED Local Physician ia Member of Doctor's National Legislative Com- mrttee. BANKERS AREM ARE WORKIXCI TO DBFSIT GUARAXTT DBFOSIT HOIk ;.j THEY FEAR "WILD CAr THINli METHODS WOULD BECOIH LAX IF BILL GOES THROUCilCiK^' Governor Hoch Is RecelTfag Felltiaat —Labor Unions Faror tha Ai^ tion of Proposed Measare. • it Moving Picture Man Goes to Washington to Interview Sierttary . of War. WlisIiloRlon, Jan. 15,—There Is a big demand on the vaudi'ville circuit to sec pictures of Secretary Taft In motion. This demand has risen to such heights as to give tho moving lilclure makers no rest and F. ,T. Marlon, representative of one of the big concerns In that line, arrived In Washington to sec what he could do about it. "Wyjen we ascertained." said Mar Ion. that the demand for Taft film? was so great, wa decided to attempt to get pictures of the Secretary ot War as soon as possible." Marion did not attempt to account The appointment of I>r. P. S. Mitch el! as a member of the national legis lative committae was approved by the Allen County Medical society last night. Dr. Mitchell received his notice of appointment from national officers a few days ago. The medical profession over the entire country is urging some Important legislation and the appointment which Dr. Mitchell receives Is quite an honor. for the desire of the public to. see Taft in motion. Envious Forakerltes assert that the public does not be lievc Taft can move. It is all the result of the exaggerated publications about Taft's size, they say. As a matter of fact. Taft is as light on hia feet as a rubber ball. He Is like the enormous bear in the fa'ry story who spreads terror until it develops that he is made of rubber so he can bounce down the mountainside and come back to the top with the recoil. Slow Machine Won't Do. The lengthy Fairbanks and the sawed off Knox are ponderous In move ment compared with him, and even Uncle Joe. who can shake a leg in a Virginia reel better than John Sharp Williams, ha* nothing "on him.' These historical facts not being known at where they make moving pictures, Marion has brought along a slow-moving machine, think inig it will be plenty fast enough to ratch Taft even at a dbublequlck. If he ever gets in (o see the Secretan he will find out his mistake. He did i:ot get in. "Moving what?" said the Secretary "Bring me those papers. Moving pic tures? No. Where Is that commis ston? I can't lay a thing down but somebody takes it away. Moving pic tares, did you say? Is that you. Gen eral? This is the Secretary. I wou'd like to see you right away. Did yon say. Carpenter, that this man wants to take a moving picture? Ah, Ed wards. I was Just sending for you See If you can't rush this through will you? W3:at was I saying. Car pentar? Oh, about the moving pic tures. Tell him I'm too busy." Marion will try again. Topeka. Jan. 16.—One of the hai^ est struggles against the paaaaca of a bill in the Kansas legislatnra Is h being waged here today to praVaat. the passage of the (gnaraatr-banfc dsr nosit bin. Bankers from all parts o^. the state are here and tha'baakara ^ In the legislature are worldnK hard ; against the measure. , They see awy member as soon as he reachea Topeka and begin argubiK with hfaa' about the propositton to gnanuitiM^, tho deposits In all sUte banka ;aai4 - ^. •xW the national hanks If the naUa»r <il banks desire It. The chief arevment used ajtalaat the passage of the bl'l la that *^wlld cat" hanks will spring np throollH out the state and that bankara wQl not he as careful as they are atpraa* t<nt to 8?e that all se«uriti*a ara |o64 befor«« loans are made. Soma of UM nnkera have threatened that If Hi* aw IH lutued Ihey nrlU adopt aOM* wild eat" motho«ia thematWaa aA<. u« nil of tho buslnesa the/ ean, ' the event uf a iwnio they oontaaA ihnt n thlril of th«t baaka irould |0 under and that tho guaranty fUad oii 'd i\ut bo sumclent to maat th* i ^mnndM to itay the depoaltora ot these failed banks, Oppentnta Working HarA . There arc olioiit' as many baakari' the leglslatuie w»"- favor tha WU • -in there are n«:alnst It, but tha'op--" iKinents are working hardar. Tha men favorable to the plan sajr tkef are not a bit flrightened at t^tte threats. It Is planned to glTO the. bank commissioner about five morp^ laputles and have examlnatkMa il|kd« >f evr>r>- bank at least twice'a T9*r ind in addition there would i» ton . -cports showing the condition of the . anks. In the six months betwasii.. xaminations there would not bia, -nuch chance for a banker to do modi' "wild catting" with the fbnds. In addition to this It Is argned thai ' ill the bankers would have an iB^ ' 'erest in seeing that all the othe^' bankers kept In the straight uid aaiy row path. A conservative banker who .. "iaw part of his funds going to Belp.^ nay the deficiency In assets of another 'lank would not be lively to atand -:till and let the other bank violate, he rules of good banking withont -gm ng the bank commissioner notice, 'hat something was wrong. 7 Not Uaina Lobbyists^ As near as canjlie learned the haidt' »rs who oppossi the gturanty have not secured the services (rf hired lobbyists to help them ind they have not secured anr ntlal politicians to "see" the meapvx - i»ers and try to get tho bOI.hdd ape'*' ; The governor received a set ot rsaolni Mons of the labor unions ot| lCiNlt>>.':^ ^omery county urging that tiie Jtoa^ inty deposit bill be adopted. Tha W -letition recites that there la ft of confidence and that undl aiaapf '«t out of the regular trade duoBMla ind Is being hoarded. It sUtaa'(hat many factories have been elaae^'be>. t -anse of a lack of funds. The tahqih '• •nsr men urge, that a gnaraaty Ip^ be enacted to restore confldenoe, and Tet the monev back into the haaki; vherc it can be used. BBOWX IS IX THE RACE. Not Gas Reaulatbr Work. (Chanute Tribune) The residents of Earlton, six miles south of Chanute. were without gas Tuesday night because of something being wrong with the regulator on the line which transports gas from the holdings of the Travelers' Oil & Gas company to the city. There was no gas for light or fuel, and as a result there wss much chopping up of dry goods boxes and instl- Ing of com ooba to keep the fires going, while the popolation went to bed early In the eve^Iny rather thaa alt «» IB tha dailb . ..... Local Attorney Enters Race for Clerk of Coart Mr. J. W. Brown who announces his candidacy for clerk of the district court Is a native of Allen county, a graduate of the Kansas State Xonnal school, tjie University and was admitted to thje bar last June. He was superintendent of the city schools of Neodesha foir three years and served his country in the Spanish-American war. He opened a law offlee here Mnreral aoathajvo. ^._ , i TO MEET IX OMAHA. Xebraska Democrats Have Chosen March S for CoareaUen. Lincoln. Nebr, Jan. 15. —The democratic state central committee today chose Omaha as the place and March as the date for the state convention to select delegates to the national c renMon. The committee adopted an optional primary plan permitting fifty voters in any county to call for direct primary to express preference on the candidates tor delegates. iREV. AND Mrs. Leander Jones of Oswego are the gaeats o( lOr. and Iba. H. H. Ji !N SPECIAL SESSHM Nevada Lenlalailure Meata tn ance to Call of the Geven ^r. ; Carson. Nev.. Jan. IS.—The aplie'. ij 'al session of the Nevada legialatars: ,^ •called by Governor Sparks, aMt^^|l >r >v suant to the caU. After etfaiilll'^ -ion Governor Sparks' message wfa-::! r.^ad. In the senate the apprepriattjn ^ bills for the session were paaaed.|1%!artl^ only Important action taken "iraa flwt" oassage of a resolution refeRiagTiMi! hil's that may be introduced, •o state rangers, eonstabniarr or; tani-. to a special Joint The governor will send any message that becomes There was no attonpt to my measures in the-asaeoddy. seems in the seems that the senate wffl lead in the matter of regulate the affairs between ind the unions. Governor Sparks. It la endeavor to tnToence tte 1 state ranger law shgallar to Texas, as he haa the Tenut hand, and It has been read to ik ber of the members. It Is Ukely to have atr tion in the lower honaaL labor union haa » •tran^ tlon. ^ thpdgh^ SALESICAN WJ trade ..z^r'loeaiuy I ezpeaaaa tq fclatt or < nerlnce.'

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