Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1909 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1909
Page 7
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o o o o o o o 0.0 0 o o o o o ? ADDITIONAL SHORT STORIES § o o oobooooo o o o oo o o o Succeeds Perrloe. Emery Olson, whose two home runs over the Jefl field fence at Association park In the last series with Topcka, excluded Wichita from the (tcnnaiit, Is slated for second baseniau at Luuis- ville. Advices from that city state that he will be given the jxjsitlon in preference to Nig Perrlne.—Wichita I^agle. .VfldP a Drpository. Through the Idfluence of ConRress- man Chas. F. Scott the Rovernraent at Washington has designated the Baker University library as a regular depository for all the government publica- fioiis. This Is a very valniiblc consideration, as there are but a few of these depositories in each slate, and every government publication and document will henceforth ho sent to the library here. The university authorities and ail the friends of the college feel very grateful to Mr. Scott for bis interest.—Baldwin Ledger. Kodirned to lola. Mrs. (I. H. .lenkins of lola, who spent ten days with friends fn Harrison township, has returned home.— Ottawa iiepublic. ^^^^^^^^^ Put on a Drama. The ladies of the Secouil Uaplist church will give an entertainment in Booker's hall Thursday night for the benefit of the church. The entertainment is in the form of ;i drama entitled. "The Old MHids Keturn From the Klondike." .\ large number will fake part. "4 k Funks to Leave. L n Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kunk will leave ^ tomorrow for Stigler. Haski-il county, r Oklahoma, where .Mr. Funk will enter the real estate business. They have many friends here who regret to si-o them leave. Snell Furnishes Story. E. .S. Snell of lol.i. Kansas, came In from EHdorado S^)rinss this mnrnlug and reports the appearance of a man sHpposed to be demented in that vicinity. The unfortunate man first appeared on Christmas day at the residence of E. .1. Snell. who with his neighbors .secured him and then took him to Stockton. From the tlon he held with the demented man it is supposed that he has relatives in Peoria Mail. At Neosho Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Eher Oil>-ll rauie up from lola ami spent Cbi is' li'-is week with relatives. Eber rc -nr- | home Saturday ni'-'ht. Mrs. o :remained for a longer visit.— N ; i Falls Ready for Giants. Manager Fred Urv of the Fort Scott .\thletic baseball club will procure entirely new uniforms for his club the coming season. Fort Scott will see some good games -bcre this season. The New York Giant.s will he here the last 'of March and games will be arranged with some of the Western Association teams.—Tribune. At The Falls. The MeClures were up from Tola on Thursday evening and visited at th- Thrall home until Saturday. .Mrs. Inness accompanied- them home.—Neosho Falls Post. To and From Toronto. S. .M. Brownson ami wife spiiit rhristmas with their daughltM-. .Mrs. ('has. Rowe. of iola. * • • Rev. Onn- ovan. of Severy. visited the Rev. ami Mrs. Ayling Friday night. He was en- route home from lola. • • • Mrs. Chas. • Rowe and Harold, of lola. came In Wednesday for a visit with her parents, S. N. Brownson anci wife.—Tor onto Republican. Layinq Brick Now. A Nevada, Mo., papsr says: Contractor GilfiUan's men started to work this morning laying the briek on th" west side of th" snuare. • It is quit*- eertaln the entire public square will he open to the public Tiie.sday. The work of trading the court house yard was started this morning and is bn. ing done under the supervision of .Surveyor .T. M. riack and F. T .vo Ship Hedqe Posts to Missouri. .T. P. Anderson of Hfiiry. Ill in Humboldt this week Iiuyinp » load of herlge posts which h" will ship to a large farm he owns in .Mis .•^ouri. .Mr. Anderson is farming on an extensive seah^ and wishes to make a hog tight fence around a 2"" acre f.irm. He has jdenty of naU itosis on the placo but says that a lied:;" post will.last loiige- and is rlu-.-ipi-r in the long run.—Humboldt I'nion. Visited Here. A H WTieat and grand daiisbt'-r. Miss fJarcueritP Olling»'r. who spent Christmas with Mrs. A. .\. Rifhards, at lola. have returned to their home in this cit)-. Mrs. Riehards is Mr. Wieat's ilaughter. Salina .Tournal. Build Pipe Line. Workmen on the pli>e line to the t'ltrh well east of Humboldt have nearly completed their work. Thev have built a meter house and will have gas in the line before long, - Huniboldl Herald. Honor Atwood. .1. H Atwood yesterday rneelved an iuvKal'(111 to attend the annua ban- niiet of KanxHs soeii-tv In New York Me has been asked to make an a 'ldresK liifo'-e thin fjrganizHiiott. Mr. Atwood lias not yell nnnounei 'd whether he win or not' he able t<i Heceiil th" liit'ltHilon. The KanMas Ko"le(v holds H tiHiiniiet In New York eaeh year when the more proin(nt*nl Hon« of t\tv Sunfower state gather In nor- IHI felatlon-l>»avenworth Tlme«. With Diver F«tnllv. MJHKCK Kilna and Cora Klelu and Midden Nettle «nd May Rrltrhnni ol loin iirove up to the cniinlrv home of C. V. niver last Rtilnrdnv nil I visit"d until Snnday afternoon.—Neoshc as . Begins Tomorrow, Tuesday, Mornmg To old patrons of this store the announcement that we begin our annuar* Clearing Sale" next Tuesday morning will be received with much interest. Those who have attended these sales in the past !know3 by- experience that Frishman's absolutely pay no attention as to the former cost ot all winter misrchandise on hand January 1st, but that in the annual clearance sale simply makes prices so ridiculously lowcthat these goods are converted into cash in a very few days. So it will more than pay you to be one of the first on hand tomorrow morning. The open winter has of course worked a hardship on us in dlsposiiig of many of our finest Coats, Suits, Skirts and Furs—it's in the garment section you'll find some of the greatest savings. Women's $20 and $22 Cbdts, $9.75 While this lot lasts it will prove lola's greatest Coat offering. They are long tailored g^rmeDtj, some are lined throughout with Skinner's j^uaranteed satin. You'll find' finest broadcloths, ' :- ••- Kersey.s, meltons, etc. in the lot, and garments wc do not hesitate to say are worth ^^^9 TF^5 more than doub'c thi.s January Sale price, which will be only ^^P 2^ B m Ladies' 00 Coats, 00 QO now at -^^ -100190 Ladies' f 10.00 Coats, 0C nn now at I^VlUU Ladies' $12.50 Coats, 00 QQ now OUluO Ladies' 115.00 Coats, (7 QR now -Ol lUU Ladies' flH.OO Coat^ $1450 Ladies'130.00 Coats, Si6 50 Children's J2,50 Bearskin Coats . Jj Children's 13.60 Bearskin Coats Jj Girls' So.OO Long Coats, S2 50 Girls f 7.50 Long Coats, Misses $12.50 Long Coats, J J Jjj Misses' $15.00 Long Coats, Jg Thousands of Dollars Worth of our Best Merchandise will be Sacrificed in this Final Mid^winter Clearance Sale! Hundreds of yards of best 12ic and Qfi 15c Ginghams at g(l Regular ^t; fast colored Percale^, per 3'ard [}\/ Regular 1 Percales, full yard 1011 wide, per yard '.»c uulikached yard wide Muslin, C'n clearing sale price U^U Qjic thousand yards regular He Outings, yard J|l 20 pieces regular lOc Outings, fast fkm^ color .c, yard. Oil l«-4 best full bicaohed Sheeting, ftrt- special ZZiV '.I 4.extra (|uality unbleached IQgl Sheeting at lull- Rcgular $1.2o large Comforters, TRP sale price | U|| 50 pairs ootton Blanktts in gray and I tan, dealing sale piice 1 TUU Children's 25c Underwear, odd vests ICp and pants, also union suits, at Ladies' 35c and 30c Vests and |Q|I Pants, special lUV One lot ladies'$1.00 Vests and CAA Pants at \ OUC Extra Specials 50 dozen ladies' black and tan Hose, all lf|ll sizes, regular 15c and 18c values at. \UV 35 dozen children's heavy ribbed -ind IA|I fleeced Hose, 20c and 25c values. IZu 25 pieces regular 50c and 65o Dress Goods, QC|| .'{6 to 42 inches wide, yard Z3u See window 76 pieces regular 76c, <S.Oc and UHc fine all wool Dress Gowls, 3fj to 42 inches wndc, QOn ppecial.. .. ^ UUU 50 pieces regular $1.00 and $1.25 plain and fancy Silks, while they last, r ft- per yard UUU One big lot he, 7c and He embroiderJee Q^n and lacee, yard U^U Another lot of Embroideries, formerly sold Q|| at 15c to 25c a yard, now at UU 50 Fur Neck Scarf a, a rich black oney Fur, always sell at $1 00 to $1.25. Qr^ Special in this sale; DuL 35 pieces fancy Kimono Flannels, beautiful patterns, were 12 ^0 and luc, Q|l special 3u • ' " ' .1 • — • ^ • I ..I . I.I Big Skirt Special and they formerly sold at $5 00 to $7.50 each. They are in blue, black, gray, brown and fancy mixtures, your choice of the lot, ^0 OR only OZ *UJ Silk Petticoats in blacks and colors, regular prices were $7.50 to $9.50. This Clearing Sale price, only while two QC dozen lasts iP*tiDU 200 Lace Curtains in new patterns, full regular size. d^l QQ Clearing Sale price only. MlliOu Ladies regiilar $1.25 black and color- DCAI ed Kid Gloves, pair .OUw 75c Fancy Head Scarfs at 49C $1.00 Fancy Hand ^ags at JOC $1.50 all Leather Bags at 98C 50c Back Combs special at • 256 15c Side Combs, sale spice One lot 15 and 25c price yd |Oc Regular 40c and 50c eiderdown in pink AC' and blue, Clearing Sale price, yard fcUV Look for iho RoilTlokois South 9ni0 t Mqumrm Br%a4ier GeaenI In C«aluiy| TWtoy to Wilt kb Pw .TT • Brigadier- General Fred BlanV ^Mkof^ Leavenworth, in expected iS '^t ^v inston farm north o( the ci^ tlila,'^ tornoon to spend a couple of! dSra' . ilh hlir parents. The general is iiik- 'ji^ a Ifttle vacation. It ia expected t he will spend a few* hours tomor« •row vlsiUng Iota friends. A GLES CLUB CONCERT. •, —• IVIMiia Con«ie. StideDts Gare Fine EntertolBMBt Hm. The Emporia College Glee Club ^n- .Pertained a large audience in the). iPresbyterlan cbnrch 8atni;day evening.. iVhe program for the concert varied t irom th< classical to the popular inl {nstrumental and vocal nnsic and was meritorious to a h.lgh degree...The . Sfonis. solo and duet work showed incjet excellent training and aome goo(!r voices. The pianist. Miss Nicholas^, ia a iierformer of mnch ability and ber accompaniments and solos added much to the Bucess of ^ the: coacerC. - A burlDsque opdra. a sketch entl-. iled "The Lunatics." and the ^hrasa ^iKirtette, composed oT a double belt- euphonium, two cornets'and a Frendii horn are features of exceptional (merit. . The club is compos^ of twMity' jlfoiir ElmporJa college students accooH panled by. a director and pianisj^ Tliey jave a sacred concert In.the Presby- 'erian church last night and wera igain given a fine hearing. - IFATHEA SOUGHT HIS CHILDREN. {'Estranged Parents Quarrel Over th4 Right to Visit Little Onesh- . . A call asking that a patro]m «%.b« sent to lower South Buckeye street came to headquarters this momtiis. Aa ofBcer who investigated founil titat t)ie trouble was between a conple ina were having a quarrel over tii9jcl ^t 6t the father to come to see his i ren. An action for divorce Is The investigating ofBcer tovn^ no [reason to make an arrest. Getting Briek 5ow. Contractor Gilfiilan has recdved seven car loads of brick and expects the other two cars every day. Bto- expects to complete the west sldttoC.- the square paving by Saturday nl^C ^Nevada Mall. Another Year. The ballasting is bones, not graref, upon tb6 great Trans-Human line; tli4> big through train on which we .traVel. has reached the station, Nlnetieeik- iiine. The brakeman uses gun Mtd truncheon, to knock the hoboes teaai the train; some men get off tor drtoka or luncheon, and never takQ tl^eis seats again. Some travelers are cl|nm- \}c weepers, and s<nne are broke, mndl ' some have, bucks; some Job aJtmg- In : Pullman sleeper^ and some are xi^-, ing on the trucks. And some «rar cheery as the crickets, and some fn.- f dnlge in doleful tune; Conductor Tiine f I 'still punches tickets, and doesn't csni-' a picayune. Some folks climb ob at' svery station, the yonng, the beantifal the brave: and all wiU reach tiietr destination, the JuncUoa city oalledF The Grave.—Walt Mason. Begin JS'ew Contnet. Contractor R. S. Gilfiilan, who only recently completed the contract .oC paving Xatlonal avenue for a dIsUace ~ of a mile and a half, stated yesterday »hat his force of men will be pot"to work within the next few days, ieC- ting the curbing for the Second streee paving. The street is to be paved firbitt. Scott avenue west to the good raidiv % distaitce of several blocks, and fb» council gave permission that all of .tk« curbing be put in place during winter months, as it is to be ot sailer stone, which cannot be injored by the freezing weather.—Republican. Want GliflUaik It is barely possible that R. S. 00- rillan will return here some of theaa days to make bis borne. Mr. GlIfiBaa lived here for many years. He has m. residence, at lola at the present time, but he still has a warm piaocf for this city, appreciating the fact that It is a good solid town. He rather, in.- . dicates that some of these days be amy .move his business here, which woiiM» indeed, be a welcome addiUon to For* ^ Scott.—Tribune. _ .> 'Jc Increase In Wells. . . >. The Independence Reporter. slyA/. that for the month of December tlMni. was an increase ot 102 wells dfOIeiiKfil the Mid Continent fields eoniMNrwI., with November. Speaking of tiw^*^: Icn county field, the Reporter.^amif;^ 7-28-20. Woods & Bowlus. R.-Wcrd^ 3, gas; 4. gas. 7-35-20. Woods As.B&w'f- lus. H. Ward. 3. gas; 4, ga^. J'SMff, Woods & Bowlus. Allen 1. gas.,- 113^ 19. Lanyon Zinc Co., Funk. |m..;'$SB« 19. Lanyon Zinc Co.. Boater, gMU'*25' 18. City of lola, Pnrdom^ 1 Im^WU.- i-25-18. City of lola, PurdOfD.^ ili ^qn* gis. 4-25-18. City of Iola» piird(B% 3 , ^m. gas. 13-26-19, Gas Belt .Tntti^o.^ Olson, 5, 5-m gas. 35-24 -18 MiBUk-H Co. 2 gas. 29-29-19. Humboldb Giis'Co. Smith, 3. 12-m gas. 26 -33-18. lAnabet' men's Portland Cement o <^c dh^' li^ 24 -18, United Zinc Ca. GUne ,8; dry. 29 -26-20. Kansas Natural' Gas iCo.,': B. C. Williamson. 1 gas. Wells drilled 16, gas 14. dry 2. "Red" Downs la Bumped^. . 'Red" Downs, a former fovt ScotC : second baseman, wbo has bom p^y' inc on the Detroit club of the Aiierl' ; [wi league for a coaple.of t^uont, lias beea farmed- by the Detroit ooni* bioatlon to the Newark. N. X, team. This does not mean that Dowajs will . aaver be used again by Detroit or vaf , otber major leaguo. Ho was soit §gr (ttded as fsst enonch tor the Ti «i% thongh he gave •brlllljuit ftooomt «L bii ^isK in some of the games.. DOVBC camo in for two cuts os tbe series. Last fstl wben tte Onb« fMtad DetroU Dowas drew akout laaA did about tko MM * tMafl fV before. H« pUyad. JMoa* to nost of the gamei w«r i trial ia. Ooinif ia aaotkar Va ftst saoush lor Mrs. R. L. Tbompwn «nf but Bight to Tlilt a ttw dv»-y daai ^ter.-^depeiulenoa 1 m •3 m •ft i4m •i '-.0 'Cia^jH ^^i ^L'r- r..

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