The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 29, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1936
Page 11
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- i THE BAKGR8F1ELD CALIFORNIAX, SATURDAY. AUGUST 29, me It Ftr S>lt— M ONifl net of Wear-Ever aluminum for »ale cheap. Call 1211% Sixteenth TWO Wefttlnffhotifld motors, 10 and 20 horflopower, Bllghtly uatfd. Ford truck, stake body. Phone 3071. PKR 1000 FEET Low Grade Mlumlllod 1x8 and 3X4 SIS REDWOOD SIDfNCJ AT $20 Ixfto 1x10, 848 Finish, "142 1X4 FLOORING, $29 1x4 "E" Kiln Dried T & O $19.00 House. Paint, all colors, gal. 1.25 t-0tl-0 Saah, 1 It, glazed 05o Redwood Podta, 8x4, 6 ft., ea. 18o SHINGLES, BT7NDLE8. 75c LESS 6% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 Bargains 101 LOS ANGELES 2100 E. 88th St. ADatns 5171 HOME pressure ays tern. Fairbanks- Morse; excellent condition. N6 longer needed account city water. 937 East Brundagc Lane. 25 FOR SALE—One 28 "Caterpillar" tractor, two "Caterpillar" 20 tractor's, being rebuilt, good buy, Only 3 year old, excellent condition. One 40 Cletrac tractor. Two 75 Monarch tractors. One Holt land loveler. One Brenner's chisel. One used disc, $50.00. COUSINS TRACTOR CO. 1414 Chester avenue. 2o CLOSING out paint. White, ivory, cream and green, $1.09 a gallon. Pure boiled linseed oil $1.09 a (?al- Iqn. Also closing out all enamels at a special saving. San Joaquln PJpd and Salvage Co., 4000 Chester avenue, opposite Fair Grounds. 2fl Ltcal Notion NOTICE OF SALE OF RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to kn order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Stale of California, made August 10, 1936, sealed bids will bo received at the office of tho Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County at tho Court House in the City of Bakersfletd, until 11 o'clock A, M.. Tuesday, September 8, 1936, for the jmrclmae of seventeen bonds of Rio Bravo School District, Kern County, California, of the denomination of J3000.00 each. Said bonds were Issued by tho said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the State of California, and In conformity with the order of said -Board of Supervisors, passed on the 30th day of August, 1936. and bear interest at the rate of five p«r cent per annum, interest payable annually for the first year the bonds have to run and seml-annually thoreafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of tho United States of America, on the 10th daya of August and February of each and overy year out of the Interest and nlnkinnr fund of said Rio Bravo School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of tho Interest coupons attached to said bonds; said bonds to bo numbered consecutively from 3 to 77, Inclusive, as follows: Bonds Nos. 1 and 3, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. 3 and 4, 11000.00 each, to run 2 years; Bonds Nos. 5 and 6, $1000.00 each, to 3 years; Bonds NOB. 7 an d 8, $1000.00 each, to run < years; Bonds Nos. 9 and 10, $1000.00 each, to run B y«am; Bonds Nos, 11 and 32, $1000.00 each, to run 6 years; Bonde Nos. 13 and 14, $1000.00 each, to run 7 years; , Bonds Non. 15 and 36, $1000.00 each, to ru,n 8 years; Bond No. 17, $1000.00, to run 9 years. The Uio Bravo School District has been acting as a School District, under the laws of the State of California, continuously since 1898; the aa- sessed valuation of tho taxable properly In said Rio Bravo School District was Six Hundred Forty-two Thou- rttnd Five Hundred Fifty-five Dollars f$6<2,G5S.OO> and has now an outstand- * '"K Indebtedness of nothing. The bondq herein referred to wore voted for the purpose of ralslnfj money \for: 2. Tho building or purchasing of school buildings; 3. The making of alterations or additions to the school bulldivg or buildings other than such as may bo necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; (i. The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 0. Tho permanent Improvement of the school grounds. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds. All bids must bo equal In amount to the par value of said bonds and accrued Interest to date of delivery and each hid must be accompanied with a certified check payable to F. E. Smith. Clerk of the Board of Kupervls- drs of said County, or a cash deposit for the sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. Tho check or cash deposit win be returned to the bidder In case of the rejection of the bid and the same will be forfeited to Rio Bravo School District if the bidder neglects or refuses to pay the amount bid for,tho said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of the bids for said bonds as aforesaid, said bonds will be sold to th« highest and best bidder for cash, lawful money of the United State* of America, subject to the sai»T conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rate of interest will also bo considered. Tho paid Board of Supervisors, however, reserving the right to reject Any and all bids for paid bond*. All bids must ho enclosed In sealed envelope* addressed to F. K. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PROpoSAT,H FllO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS." By order of the Board of Suporvls- orri of the County of Karn, S'fato of California, made Augunl 10, 1930. (Seal) P. B. SMITH, County Clerk and Clerk of said Board. Aug. 38 to Sept, 1, Inc. L tm^m - - NOTICE City of Bakersfleld civil Service Com- minion for tha Pollcq Department NOTICE IS HEREBY CHVKN thnt competitive examination for the. position of Lieutenant.of Police of the Bakerafteld Police Department will be held at 1:00 p. m., September 15, 1930. at Fire House Number 1. at Twentieth and K Streets, BaUerafleld. Call- f orn la. Only members of the Rakersfleld Police Department having three years' experience as regular paid peace officers and who nave served on the Bakersfleld police Department for not less than one year immeUialely preceding the date of the examination are eligible. All applications must be on file with the Commission by not later than 12 o'clock noon. September 1U, 1930. Further information as to applications and scope of examination nmy be set-ured from I he Secretary oV the police Civil Service fommlsKlon, City Hall, Bakersfleld, Cullforna. „, , GEOHUE F. HITfJHES. Chairman, Civil Service CommlPHion. August M io September 11, hit-]. F«r Salt—Mltctllantout FOtt SALE—Cheap; n-h.p. grfft engine. 1 -Inch pump, complete, One mile north of Panama-Stliic Hand, Kerv- It'o street. _____ FOR SAUfl—34 feet of 1%-lnch shafting with shaft coupling, two hearings and 12xlO-lnch pulloy. P. W. _Green, Ttoute 1, Box 34. Delano. 25 JUST received a full Hue of used plumbing fixtures, bath tuba, toilets, basins, sinks. Clet our prlcen he- fore you buy, san Joaquln Plpo & Salvage Co., 4000 Chester nvgnuc, . opposite Fair Grounds. 26 FOR SAI-ilfl—Model D John Deere tractor, In first-class condition; with extension rims. Full price $460. See this at Cousins Tractor Co., 1414 Chester avenue. 2B FOR SA1,13—One Winchester model 12 12-gauge pump gun. Glade Wat- tenbergcr, 2521 East California avenue. 2T/ FRUIT JARS—Quarts, 24c; pints, 19c. We also buy rags, liptUen, junk of all kinds. Phone 1786 for pick-up wagon. 132. East Twenty-first street. G-D-tf FOR RENT mixer. Wears 3810. One-sack concrete lAimbor* Co. Phone 44 FOR SALE—Farm Implement, rabbits, hutches, bees. Ous dribble. Fruitvale, west of Frultvule School on north side of highway, Route 4, Box 124. 25 FE13D prices advancing rapidly. Buy now. Our prices are low, consistent with quality. San Joaqufn Grain Company, Fourteenth and D. Phono 385. •_ 7-14-tf FRUIT jars, while they last, washed, quarts 24c and 34c dozen; pints 19c and 29c dozen; glasses, lOo dozen. 717 Sumncr street. 6-12-tf FURS—Factory samples. Fur coats, Jackets, foxes, collars. Huge slock. Furs remodeled. "The House of 1000 Fur Bargains." Dow's Wholesale Furs. 133 Kearney, San Francisco. 8-10-tf For Sale—Furniture JUST ARRIVED—ANOTHER TRUCK J..OAD OF UNFINISHED FURNITURE. ALSO ONE DECKER & SON PIANO, UOSRWOOD, $85, AND ONE REGENT PIANO, ROSEWOOD, $65. WIU, SEL.K. ON TfMB. ROV WHITE. 2620 OHIfiS- ' TER AVENUE. PHONE 1470-J. Ltcal Notices NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE CLOSING OF PORTION OF MERTON AVENUE, ETC., IN THE THIRD ROAD DISTRICT. Notice Is hereby (riven that a petition has hecn received and fltod August 18, 1936. by tho Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, petitioning the Board to close, vacate, discontinue, abandon, and abolish certain portions of roads In tho Third Uoad District described aa follows, to-wlt: Parcel 1. Beginning nt tho Intersection of the South boundary of KnottB Street with the west boundary of Merton Avenue and running thence south and along 1 tho west boundary of Merton Avenue to the north boundary of the alley in Block No. 37 of the Keith Addition, thence west and alopg said north boundary to the east boundary of A Street, thence south and along past boundary of A Street. 20 feet, to the south boundary of naltl alley, thence east and along south boundary of said alley to west boundary of Merton Avepue, thence south and along west boundary of Merton Avenuo to north boundary of Bernard Street, thence east and along north boundary of Bernard Street to east boundary of Merton Avenue, thence north along east boundary of Mertqn Avenue to south boundary extended of Washington street, thence northwest and along the south boundary extended 6f Washington Street to the west boundary of Section 21, T. 29 S.. R. 28 E., M. D. M., thence north and along west boundary of said Section 21. to south boundary extended of Orange Street, thence easterly and along the youth boundary of Orange Slreet to a point, which point lies at a distance of 40.09 feet, measured said south boundary of Orange Street, from the westerly boundary of Beale Avenue, ns said Beale Avenue now exists, thence southeas- erly and along a circular curve of 30 ft. radius, concave 19 the south- wesl, to a point on the westerly boundary of said Beale Avonue, which point lies 40.0!? feet, measured along said westerly boundary extended from the Intersection of the westerly boundary of Beale Avenuo extended with the southerly boundary of Orange Street, thence northeasterly and nlong the westerly boundary of Beale Avenue extended, to a point, which point lies southerly n distance of 100.00 feel, measured at right-angles, from the southerly boundary of T.ot No. 35, of Tract No. 1029, thence northwesterly in a direct line to a point, which point lies southerly a distance of 80.00 feot, measured at right angles, from the southerly boundary of said Lot No. 35. nnd which point lies N. 77° 05' W. a distance of 20.00 feet from the west boundary of said Bealo Avenue, thenco N. 77* 05' W. and parallel to the southerly boundary of said 1,01. No. 35 to Intersect the south boundary extended of Knntls Street, thenr? went and along the Houth boundary extended of Knottn Street Io the place of beginning. Parcel 2. Beginning at a nolnt on the renter-line of Orange Street whlrh point lies westerly a din- tani-e of 147.RR foe.t from ihc center-line of Arlington Street, measured along said center-lino of Orange Street, thenco, nouthorly nnd at right-angles tn center-line of Orange Stivet, n distance of 30.00 fret to a point on the nouth boundary of -sal/J Grange Street, the point of beginning of this Oe- hpripllon; and running thenco westerly and nlnng tho south boundary of Orango Street to the northwest corner of Lot No. 21 of the Mcmi Tract, a point on the easterly hnundnry of Bealo Avenue, us Kald Bealo Avdliuc now ex- M.S. thencp northeasterly and along tho easterly boundary of Bealo Avonue extended, to a point. which point lies at a distance of BO.00 feet, measured along a radial line, from tho circular portion of the south boundary of I,ot No. 1 of Tract No. 1029, thence easterly and parallel to said circular portion of tho south boundary of paid T^ot No. 1 to the place of beginning. Both Parcel No, 1 and Parcel No. 2 Ho within the boundaries of Section? 20 and 21. T. 2fl S., R. 28 K.. M. D. M and the Hearing of paid petition has been net for 11:00 o'clock A. M., Monday, August 31. 10H nt the rooms of the Bojird of Supervisors, In the Court House, City of Rakersflcld. said County and State, at which time and place all JKTHOIIH Interested In the closing of nald roads may appear nnd be heard. By ordur of the Board of SupervlH- <>rs made August 10, 1936. F. K. SMITH. Clerk of the Board. Aug. 17 to 31. Inc. For Salt—Furniturt k^^k^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^^^^^^k^^^^^^^^^b ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^r^O^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ITSMD FUUNITURIC SPKClAU* Kobcrti Bros, closet hod $7.95 Baby bed, cuno paneled $r».flfi B-pc. breakfast sot, hardwood $7.95 3-pc. overstfd, bod duvcnp. set $20.50 3-pc, enameled bedroom set $14.95 2-pc. Robert! Bros. living room sot, rust tnppstry, like new $46.00 2-pc. Kurpen living room set, green tapestry, Uko now $39.50 Many Other Big Bargains POPKt, PUUNITTTRK TOXCHANGB Ardlzzi-OU'ORft Hldg. 023 Kumncr St. Just west of Rukftr. T'hone lajl 2fl TWO-PIEOK mohair overstuffed, 517.r.O. Slightly Damaged innerspring mattress, $9.75. Five-piece enamel breakfast sot, S8.50. DAVIS FURNITURE lUXCJIANOK . 2105 Chester Avenuo 26 ONE round table and 4 chairs, $7.50. BOGVRC sxvoeper and attachments, Table radio, $5. Flat top phonograph, good for making ft buffet, $2.Go. 308 Wilson avenue, Oll- dftle. Phone 1445. W. 25 USED FURNITURE SPECIALS 3-pc. mahogany Bedroom Set $29.95 2-pc. tapestry Living Rm. Set $10.76 Student's Desk $6.00 Mahog., walnut Beds, 2.76 to $4'.6o Coil Springs $3.25 Cigar-case, 5 feet S4.50 8.3x10.6 Velvet Rug $4.26 HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 Eighteenth Street, at N Phono 341 26 Radios, Muiiotl Inttrumtnts FOR SALE—Haines Bros, piano; $50, terms, Phillips Music Com- 'pany, 1512 Nineteenth street. 27 FOR HALE OR rlffht piano. Phone 1340-J. RENT—Howard up- In good condition FOR SAI.JC—By French violin. Apt. ft. owner, one old 2217 Eye street. 27 FOR' SALE — RADIOS., PHI LOO, BOSCH, OENIORAL ELECTRIC. ATWATER KENT. SPARTAN AND OTHER CONSOLE AND TABLE MODEL RADIOS, |5, $10 AND $16. CALL EV72NINGS OR SUNDAYS. CLARENCE L. STEWART, 2,11 FLOWER STREET. PHONE 4710. . 26 PIANOS FOR SALE—Two good practice pianos. Both have been reconditioned and are guaranteed. $45 and $60. Terms. Open Sunday afternoon. Inquire Galbralth Van and Storage Company, 2712 Cheater avenue. 25 Fruits and Vefitablts TEHACHAPI canning and pears. GOc per lug. Hart's Kern Canyon highway. 2nr>fi-\V. eating Stand, Phone TOR SALE—Friday, Saturday, Kun- dny only, mountain Bartlett canning prars. Last chance. ISades Mountain Orchard, Tehachapl. 25 Legal Notices **•*> .•^•*-*^^***»**^«*W*i*^H^N M g NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals, addressed to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, Rtat«» of California, nnd endorsed. "Proposal for Construction of Timber Bridge across Beardnley Canal on Snow Hoad," will be received by the undersigned until the hour of 11:00 o'clock A, M. on the Ulh day of September. 1H36. at the office of the undersigned In tho Court House. Bak- ersfleld. California, at which tlmo and place they will bo publicly opened and read, for construction In accordance with the specif lent Ions therefor, io which spftcfal reference is hereby made, of the following work and Improvement in tlie County of Kern, to-wlt: Item la. Kxcavatlon. Item Ih. Embankment. Item 2a. 40.344 Thousand Feet B. M. Redwood Timber, In place. Hem 2b. 26.214 Thousand Feet B. M. Douglas Fir Timber, in place. Hem 3. Three Fire Barrels, In place, complete. The foregoing quantities are npprox. Imute only, belnff given as a banta for the comparison of bids, and the Board of Supervisors does not, expressly or by Implication agree that the actual amount of work will correspond therewith but reserves the right to Jn- creuHo or decrease th« amount of any claa.s or portion of tho work aa may be deemed necessary or expedient by tho snld Board. Plans may be seen, and form.i of proponals, bonds, contract and specifications may be scon at tho office of the undersigned and they may be obtained at the office of the County Surveyor, situated at Bakersfield, California. Bidders on this work are hereby notified that the Board of Supervisors will insist that tho work be completed within tho time limit. A penalty clause relating thereto Is contained In Article IV of the form of contract above referred to. A hid may be rejected unless the bidder has indicated on the outside of the sealed envelope, in which his bid Is filed, the number of hla State Contractor's License. No bid will he considered unless It Is made upon a blank form furnished by tho undersUjnnrl and accompanied by cash or a check, made payable to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and certified by a responsible hank, In an amount Mjual to ut Iea«t ton per cent dOTo) of tho aggregate of the proposal, or by a corporate surety bond for tho said amount, payable an aforesaid. The Board of Supervisors of Kern County. California, bus. pursuant to the provisions of Chapter JJ97, .Statutes of 1031, ascertained Ihe general prevailing >'«to nf wagex for cin-h craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to oxffute tho contract, Hiid it shall be mandatory upon tho Contractor lo whom tho contract in awarded, and upon any Mjh-contnt"- tor under him. to pay not ICKH than tho .specified rates, viz; Craft Hate per hour UrjtlRi! foreman $1.125 Bridge carpenter 1.125 Painter i.QO TcaniHter 76 Truck driver 7o Laborer (wKillod) 75 laborer (common) G2fi Shovel operator (power) 1.375 Caterpillar operator 75 HlackHinlth 1.00 Blacksmith helper 7n Watchman 625 Any craft not herein named, not Jess than $0.025. Time and one-half to be allowed for ovor-time and for work on Sundays, and on the woven holidays, viz: New Year's Day. Decoration Day, July 4th. Ij&hor Day, Armistice Day, Thankti- glving Day and Christmas. The Contractor shall forfeit as a penalty to paid County, ten dollars for each laborer, workman ur mechanic employed, for each calendar day, or portion thereof, such laborer, workman or mechanic Is paid less than the above stipulated rates for any work done under this contract, by him or by any Bub-contractor under him. Tho Board of Supervisors reserves the right lo reject any or all bids or to accept the hid deemed for the bent interests of the County. Dated ut BuUei-Hfleld. California, this 19th day of August. 193G. F. K. SM|TM. County Clerk and ex-officlo Clerk the board of Supervisor!*. Aug. 21 to Kept. 1, inc. Fruits and V«f tt NKW almonds (103fl crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1100 Stockton stroM. nnkei'Hflold. -M -gg.l_ L T" ' p •! _b_d. ,_ - . , , — | ____ , --- _ i -- ••• — .... . ____ PEACHES! PHACH108! Fresh yellow cling peaches from Tulfiro county for cunning. Tho next truck load Monday morning, G U. m. Jimmy Paddock. Ult NIloB etroot. Phone 0452 for reservations. 25 OR A P.1S8— largest IOSR, 50c n hip. talnnr. Thompson Bring your con- Poultry and Livestock FOR SATjE— Turkeys, all slzen; twn milk gouts and red fryers. 231 Me- Cord, Rlvervlew. ~_ 1. !_!••, ,• __ - - - - . _____ • - -. _____ - ___ FOH SAl^—apntlc work horse. Inquire neo"ond house west of airport on NOITJH Uoad, Uaney. _ . RABBITS— Fletnldh and New Zealand does and bucks. One mllo nouth of Beardsley school or one-half mllo north of Oak street bridge on Pierce Road. FOR SALR— Good work homo; will cheap. Two nillcn north of Frank Rninn, FOR SAI.K— Two milk tfoals, each plying 3 Quarts dally, gfs H street. * . SIX cown for sale; two froah soon and. four milking Rood; must bo ween to be appreciated. Phone 8729-R-3. 2. r i Arohlbalil &K A ^ THR Hatchery Sequel * ^ A atalofr. FOR BALK—One HOW. Four gilts, ter. registered Opal Fry, brood Shaf£8 FOR KALE— Fryers. Heels, Rocks— hattery milk-feel. "Their feet never touch the ground." Tender, juicy. Dressed, delivered. Phono gCfi7-J. 25 WANTED— To buy good milk cow, giving not loss than 4 gallons dally. Write Box 72D, In care of The Call- fornlan. 26 h _ m ^m • i , _ - , i . . , - __ _ __^^_^ _ , _ _ _ ^ *^^*^™^^^^^»—.^^™^^M»™^^ta^^^^^^I^Z^^^_i^^*^l^^^^^^_— ^^^^^^— ^^^^^^^^ Do« and Othtr Pitt ^^^^rf^^Jfc^^ ^fc ^fc ^fc ^fc ^ ^fc ^ ^ ^ ^fc ^fc ^ ^ ^ ^m ^ ^fc ^ ^ ^^^^^^^^"^^^^^ p ^*^^^^^^ p ^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ KITTENS froc to good home. 829 Chester avoiuie. _ 20 PEDIGREICD Scotty pups; parakeets, J>5c. Bird cages, J)9n. Po/il moss, $2.85 bale. Shrubs. 2Gc. Blue tropical water lilies, OBc. Potn and supplies. PptR wanted. 1124 Third Htreel. Phono fiS38-.l. ^ --- __ ... i i -i • - ______ __ _ • • - _ __ KITTKNS to give away. Call ut 1025 Twenty-third .street. _ _ Wanted to Buy-Miictllintous WAXTI3D TO B Ur— Two plrls' bl- cycleH; pood condition. Cheap for rash. 61 «S Hoberts Lane. Route 1, Tinx 85. UIOST prices paid for battles, Iron and other junk. Phone 3fl7 for ploknp wa^on. I J rompt wervlno. 420 Kant Nlnglconth. _ 7-9-aB-tf WANTKD— Old ntirlap and nigs. 13uyt ing hnttlen and other junk. Call 2170 for nlok-up wagon. 717 Suni- ner street. fi-16-tf For Exchange, Mitcillaniou* WANT TO TIIADB—LiRht car for row. One block south Union Avenue school on Hlthwav 00. NOTICE OF SALE OF SEMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Kern County, California Notice la hereby given thnt pursuant to an order* of tho Board of Supervisor* of the County of Kern, State of California, made Auffunt 17. 1936, sealed bids will be received nt the office of the CIcrU of tho Board of .Supervisors of Bald County at the Court Ilouso In tho City of Bakersfield until 11 o'clock a. m.. Monday. September \\, tflfJG, for the purchase of eighteen bonds of Scm I-Tropic School District, Kern County. California, of the denomination of $1000.00 each. Said bonds were Issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of the CoiiKtitutlon and I^XWH of the State of California, and In conformity with the order of said Hoard of Supervlw- orp, passed on tho 17th day of Augunt. 193G, and bear interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum, interest payable annually for the first year the bonds have to run and seml-aunually thereafter, both principal ar.d interest payable In lawful money of tho United States of America, on the 17th days of August and February of each and every year out of tho Interest and sinking fund of said Seml-Trnpic School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County. California, of the Interest coupons attached io said bonds; said bonds to be numbered consecutively from 1 to 18, inclusive, »s follows: Bonds No.s. 1 to 4. inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. 5 to 8, Inclusive. J1000.00 earn, to run 2 yearn; Hoods Xos. 9 to ]?, inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years; Bonds No«. 13 to 1C, inclusive, $1000,000 each, to run 4 years; Bonds NOB. 17 to 18. inclusive, $1000.00 niich. to run 5 years. The Semi-Tropic School District has fln rtoMriff us a School District, under tho laws of the State of California, continuously since 181)6: tho assessed valuation of tha taxable property In said Semi-Tropic Hchool District was Ono Million Nino Hundred and Seventy-One Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Dollars <|1,»71.520.00) and has now an outstanding Indebtedness of nothing. The bonds herein referred to were voted for the purpose of mining money for: 2. Tho building or purrhnslng of school build ings; 3. The making of allenttlnnn nr additions to the school Inilldlng or buildings other than mirh HN may bo mvpNKary for run-on t maintenance, operation, nr repairs; fi. The supplying of H-liool buildings with furniture or neomHury app;iratiiN of a permanent nuturn; B. Thn pei'inanent fmprovMnonl of the ci-huol grounds. Ilids will be rr.-clved for one or any ttumhrr of said bonds. AH bids niufil bo equul in amount Io th« par value of tho nald hondH and iici-rued Inlercsl to Unto of delivery ami earh bid must b*j acooinpanled with a certified check payable to P. K. Smith, f'lerli of the Hoard of Super- vMorn of f-'ald f'ounly, or « r«Kh d'»- poslt for the Hum of ut least ten per rent of the amount of th« bid. The <-herk nr cuhb deposit will b» returned to the bidder In rase of the rejection of the bid and the name will he forfeited to Keml-Tropie School District if the bidder neglects or refuses to r»*y the amount bid for tho *a!d bonds within fifteen days after being null- fled of the acceptance of the bid. t'pon opening of the bids for paid bonds us aforesaid, said bonds will be sold to the highest and best bidder for cash, lawful money of the United .States of America, pubjm't to tho HflJd condition^ and provisions. Bids for llu- bonds at a lower rule of interest will also be considered. The Kald Board of Supervisors, however, reserving the right to reject any and alt bids for *ald bonds. All bids must be enclosed in sealed envelope* addrf?i>HOd to K. K. Smith, CU-rU of th« Dourd uf Supervisors, and endorsed "PUOPOSAI-S SKM1-TROP- 1C HC1IOOI, DIHTRICT HONDS." Uy order of the Bonrd of Supervts- ors of fhe County of Kern. S(atu of falifornla, rnado August 17, IDItfi. ^Scnl) K. K. SMJTH, County Clerk and Clerk of said Board. Aug. L'2 to Sept. r>, Inc. BOY ARRESTED ON EXTORTION COUNT 18-Yc«r Lud Who Called Himself "Tlie Plum lorn," Falls Into Trup (t.'itttnt rrr** l.fiiurd H NKW YORK. AUK. 2n. — Tim nnv oroim coupln, (ho wobbling drunk ftiul nnappy httrh-litl«»rH pntmlnff u corner In Qtiponri muldonly rovnulrd thcmnclvoa UH Kuvornmrnt iiKonta to an 18-yoar-oUI hoy whn walked Into a trap »nt Tor "Tho Phantom X. * X" who had attempted to oxtort. $.10,000 from tho puronts of two recent Newport debutantes. The federal buronu of InveHtlgn- tlon aiHcloHinl the arrest today when a charge of "oxtort Ion by mull" was placed agaliiHt William J. Uutter, 18, Brooklyn. Butler WIIH plckoil up laflt night when he appeared at the corner to collect $10,000 from Robert U. Young, Manhattan, whose daughter Eleanor tmulo her debut at Newport two weeks ago. The Phnnlom'H loiter to the Youngs threatened harm to the do- butante. Young turned the letter over to the agents who already line? u "Phantom" note In which Mrs. Truman Maunders, wife, of a prominent physician, was ordered to pay ovor $20,000 If aho wanted to "mivo tin* life" of her daughter, I.ncy, also a debutante of this month. Uutlor, according to the agcnla. waa arrester! when he tipped his hat ns a Hlffnnl to the a/rent who Impersonated Young. One of the agents was disguised us a woman much absorbed in her male companion. BIRTHS CRKNflHAAV—To Mr. and Mrs. Ht.lly Crenahuw, Bateman's Camp, a son, August 28, at Kern General hospital. HUAfPimiflY—To Mr. and Mrs. Glen Humphrey, Saco, n son, August 27, ut Kern General hospital. HUMP—To Mr. And Mrs. Hoy Woodrow Hum p. Route 2, Box 121, a son, 'Charles Woodrow, August 27, at Kern General hospital. POLK—To Mr. iiud tors. Sidney Tupman ,a HOII, August 2g, at General hospital. Polk, Kern SAWYKR—To Mr. and Mrs, Hubert Sawyer, Route 4, Box 200, a Htm. Charles Murrell, August 28, at Kern General hospital. TOW—To Mr. and Mrs. Rverctt Tow, Arvin, a daughter. August 27, at Kern General hospital. Legal Notices NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY. CALIFORNIA. TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. Notice Is hereby Riven that tho Board of SiipervlsorB of Kern County •will meet fit tbelr rooms in the County Court House, City of rukern- fleld. County of Kern, State of California, at 11:00 o'clock a. m._ Monday, September 14, |93b", for the ptir- POHC of consummating tho purchase from C. L. Taylor Hurt Otn R. Taylor, hlfl wife. Raymond G. Taylor nnd Dora Louise Taylor, his wife, for the sum of $1400.00, of the following hereinafter described real property, towlt: Tho west half of Villa T,ot 46 of Drury'rt Addition In tho County of Kern. Stale of California, an per m%p recorded March 1R, 1907. in Book 1, Page 101 of Mnpa In tho office of the County Recorder of mild County, ex- rcptinif therefrom the south 75 feet; and also excepting therefrom a strip 30 feet wldft on the north and went sides thereof reserved for public roads. Said property IK to be used for public purposes, to-wlt: for Hospital Grounds. Any and all persons Interested In the matter may appear at tho above mentioned Mine and place and be heard. Dated August 10, 1036. F. K. JiMITH. Clerk of the Board. August 21 to September II. inc. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. GQ65 JN THIS SUPKUIOR COURT OF THE STATK OF CAUKORNIA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF KERNIN THK MATTKR OF TICK KH- TATR OP ANNA N. I'ARSONS, also known us MUS. 11. Ci. PARSONS, Deceased. NOTICK 18 IIKHKUY GIVEN Ity the undersigned Administratrix With the will annexed of the I,ast Will and Testament of Anna N. 1'arnons, also known as Mrs. II. O. Parson*, deceased, to tho creditor*} of and all persons having claims against the estate of said Anna X. Paruon.H, alno known as Mrs. IJ. G. parHon*. deceased, to exhibit said claims with tlie neccRimry vouchers within nix months from the date of the publication of this notice at the law offices of Horton, Petrfnf & Conron. 304 Professional Building, Bakersfleld. Kern County, California, (»w* same bat tig the place selected by said Administratrix With the will annexed for the transaction of all business p^rl-iln- infj to fijild entatp, or to present and file said rlalint* with thh neceu- isary vouchers with tho f'ounty of the County of Kern, Strife of „.. fornla, within six months from the d«l*» of the first publication of thi.s notice. Tiatfd and first published UMH unih day of .Inly, 103U, K1JS5AHKTH N. NFAVKU,. Administratrix of the Last Will and TcHtHiiicnt of Anna N. Parson*, al known ns Mrs. M. (I. Parsons APC* HORTON, PKTHINM * I'ONRON. Attorneys for sultl Uxccutrlx. _& ^^ ^ & • _ _ _ ^ NOTICE TO CREDITORS No, 6054 IX TMK SUPl-:iUOH COIM1T STATIC OK CAUI'-OKNIA. IN AND l-'OH THK roUNTV OK KICHX In the Mutter of tho I-intate of Janien A, Hullurd. df-ceaMod. NOTICK IK HKKKHV (,'IVKN by tho uiiderHlgridd AdmlniKtralrlx ( ,f the K*tale ot Jamoif A. Uullunl. deceased to tho creditors of and all personJi B clalniH against tin; nutate of Janien A. BtiMard. deceased, to exhibit Hj\id clalniK with tht! m'p.e.s- ;-ary voucherfi wlthtn Rfx niontliH from tho ditUi of the first publication of Ihf.s notice at the law offices of Horton. Petrinl & Conmn, 304 Profe H - Hional HnlldinK, Hukersfh-ld, Kern County. California, th« samu beiiiK the place nelecicd by suld Administra- trix for the traiiHHctlon of all biiHlne.HH pertaining to said estate, or to pre.- nent and fll« paid cialtiis with the neeossary vouchers with the County Clerk of the County of Kern. Htale of California, within »lx months* from the date of the flrnt publication of this uotlcf*. Dutod and flrni published tins fii>i day of AuffUNt, 193G. MAiiKI, HHAIiKia:, AdiuhilMratrix of the K«laic of JairuiM A. Hullurd. doceus BOUTON. I'KTRlNM'ft CONRON, Attorneys for AdniinlNtratrlx. l-S-15-22-20 STOC POULTRY, BUTTER, EGOS (United /'ITJM Ignited Wire) l.OK ANC.KKMS, Auff. 20.— Butter rtinn fll'HtH, Hue. Unde Egga (Candled) KnrKo-Clean extras, Mtn; llglil dirty rxtriiH, 21V; clenn Mtitntlnrds, 27c; ffht; dirty Htandariln, 2Bc; cheekn, 37c. Mediums— Clean eKlraa MBUjc; light dirty cxtniH, 24 lit*; clean ntAndardff, 2'le; llRhl dirty nlandnrdH, 2Uc; chocks, 2lc. Hmall— Clonn oxtrnH, ISVyc; ll&bl dirty extras, l"r. Case count*. 22e. Poultry Prto*« lions, LcKluirnB, 2U to .'t^i [rounds, 1 IU\ HettH, LcRhortiM, over 3*4 nnd up to HOIIH, LeghoriiH, over 4 poumlH, Itjc. liens, colored, ^ tn 4 iioundH, 30c. HeiiH, colored, 4 povuula and up, 22c. llrollern, over 1 and up to rw. over 1 U and up to 2>,i pounds, ISo. KryiM'n, iveplioriiH, over 2U aitd up to U pounds, ISc. Kryora, colored, 2',fe and up to 8>,4 pounds, ISc. Kryers, colored, ovor 3U and up to 4 -noundH. Iflc. KoaHtei's. Bofl bono, Hnrrod Hocks. over -I pouiiflfl and up, lOc, HoanterH, soft bone, other thun Harrcd Tlocka, over 4 pouucKi and up, 1 ifo . Slaps, 12c. Old roosters, 9i:. ]>unUlinKH, -I ! ,i poundfl and up, He. nucltlinjrjt, under 4V4 poundH, 12c, Old durUn, Il<;. Geeae, 10c. Youuc toni turkcya, 13 pounda and Up to 18 poundH, IDo. Vounff loin turkeys, over 18 pounds, 20o. Hen tiirKoyn. I) pounda and up, 20c. Old torn turkeys, He. Old hen turlieyH, He. S(|tiabH, under 11 ponnda, per doKon, 24r. Squabs, n poundH per dozen and up, 2Gc. <'apons, under 7 pounds, 20c. CanbiiH, 7 poundft and up. 28c. H/ihUitH, No. 1 white, 3V6 to 4Vi pounds, each lie. Uabblts. No. l mixed colora, 3Vfc to 4 H pounds, ciu-h Wr. Uabblts. No. 1, old, 5c. GOVERNMENT BONDS Frets heated NKW YORK, Aug. 1!!*.—U. S. bonds eluded today: Treasuries 4 1 /4* < ) 47-52 119.'I 3'/in. 43-45*. 10RM7. <K t 44-f.4, 114.4. ni(,H, 4*i-4n, fle, 411-48, 10(1.2. 38, Sl-rifi, 10S.8. 2TH.M, 55-CO, 103.11. 2 : Us. 45-47. 2-7SK, 51-54, 101.III. Federal Farm Mortgage is, 40, 10S.2K. Home Owners Lonn ', A r.2, 103.19. 102. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK Prcus Leaned LO.H ANUKLKS, Aug. 20.—flogs receipts for week. 1150; strong Io 25o higher; top $.12; locals, ?llfi>11.60; ho.'ivlns down to $10.25; sous, $8(?i!>. Cattle for week, 6000; wtendy to 2Gc Inwer; fed Hteei-8, $7.75<ff8.GO; lop $9.10; short feds, $7J»7.«0; grassy fot'H down tn $6.25; Moxlcanu, $5.50 Mi.:tfi; fpoilcrw, $5<?//?; fed liolfcr*, $8; Bhort fndH, 0.50^7.35; Rrasa heifers, $G.:jfi flown; row*, $4.75ft'5.!)0; cutter grade*. $3Wl.50; bull* to $6. Calves for week, ]!»GO; Hteady to 2lh» lower; tup vcalerp, $10; Cnlven, $&.50Qfi G.7r,; few light ralveH, $7ft-8. Shfep for wppk. 2300; lamhfl weak to lower; wook-cl lambH. $8^8.75 sorted: fed shorn Iambs; $7.75??8.60; ewes weak at $2.30®a.05, TREASURY REPORT AVASHINT.TON. Aujr. 29.—Tlie position of the treasury AugutU 27: Kc- fftlplH, J9,4:i3,X37.38; cxpondlturcB, $23,- 1132.887.G4; bulnngu $1,034,091,004.6-1; fiiKtonin rcnefptn for tho month, $30,- na3,024.!)8; receiptH for tho MHCU! your (hlnre July J) $60S.f,04,fl71.3JJ; expend!- turcH, $92ft,3l5,262.0!». includhm $297,- fiJ4,OI>n.lS of pnuTRfttiry oxpcndtturcH; H of cxpoiidllurr'H, $;t20,774,290.73; dt'l.t, $:j:i,a87,05S.:i57.23 1 u dn- froase of $2,773,4U1.7ri undftr tlio pro- ylouH day; t'old a.s.selH, $10,606,409,- TOKAC'rO KXRCL'TIVK OIK8 NKW YCJHK. Aiiff. 29. (A, P.)—C. \\'. Toms, (J7. preHtdent of tho Mg. Kftl unfl Aly*TH TuYtttccu Company, since 1927. died oiii-ly today at a New York hold. Ilo had !>een ill only ii brlnf tlino. r ; ;- f INTENTIONS TO WED »!!', and n*.jv*ih l.takr-r.sf i ftiire K. Arnold. Karl, .IS, both of I.KVKIIKTTK-MVICUS — Huben C. Leverntte. '24, and Uladys M. Mycrw, lilJ, both of nuttonwlllnw. •11. atir] T Sun KU(;K(£.s-( 'C '2'2. and DMI Frank Hoorncr, M. Mead. , both of M. <'ul|». 21, both of FUNERALS SToKKS --Prlvat*) funeral aervlrcH for • Jertrude Itachai-I StokfH. 2-yeur-old daughter of Mr. and Mr«. John K. Sicilies, 4;;i Water Klroot, were con- din-teil at ;i:30 o'clock thfti afternoon at Payne X: Son chapel, wltb the fCeverfml Mr. Harrett uffk-lutlnw. ln- I'-rnn-nt was In Habyluiid ill (Jrcen- Jaun -- Joint fujierul for Jack HulilrldK**. :!8, of Arvin, and hi* 2-ycar-uld HOU, Kreddle, were rondm-ted ut Pay no ^ Son chapel at '2 o'clock thin afternonii. with the ltever«;nd Mrs. Hoden officiating. Inlermunl wutj in Union cemetery. Cimttiry, Ttliphon* NEW YORK CLOSE f I' it ft erf /VrA* Leaned Railroad* Atrhlmm Hnlthnorn & (Miln ('hnnnpeakc A Ohio 'rl*« Jr/'jii N«»rM)prn pfrl Illinois rVntrnl 2IU- 27 7 ft ................ ................ ................... ................... Now York (Vntrnl N'nrUi^rn r«c'irir I'fnnKlyvttnln .. , Southern I'nrlfic Union ractfic Induatrlali Atncrtoau *'nn , Anii*rlrun Tfl. A TH Uordpns CnUM-plllnr Trnntor Cities Hcrvloo ('nlninl)ln OHM CoMhoJIdatefl Una t'orn IVniUli'tH I'urtlflp-WrlKht I'Mi'Ht Nutlonnl Stores Kox Film "A" (innornl Rlectr nenonil I-'oods Gold TMist fJoodyenr Tin* X- Uuhber Int^rn/tt Inmil Ifnrvfwtt'r Intornatlonnl T*-l. A Tel Monlf;oinory Ward North Amorlntin Pacific (law lOloi'lrie Hndlo Corpornllon flnfewriy Htoren Hears-Honburk U. R. Hubbor Union Carhfdn A Carbon. United Alrmift A> r nrnor nrothrtrs Western Union WnfltlnffbouBO IClootrle ... Woolworth Transamerlra MetAU Amwlcnn SmoltlnR Annronila Hetbleboin .Steol .. Intnniatloiial Nickel Kenncootl f!oj)per . nepubllo Stool U. S. Steel Vanadluni Steel Tobacco and Sugar American Sugar American Tobacco "B" Cubnn American Sugar Oreat Western SuRar.. K. J. Hoynoltls "B" Oils Atlantic Refining 27V, .in M.'t'.j 17-1 U ;io 74 HO-* 47',fi 3Ry.i 14'i 44»i 70? 47 .............. ................. 29*4 8484 30 flfl in»; 54 HM r,7% 47U 50* Moxlctiri . c Phllllpn Peto .1.....! Shell Union Htnndurd of Cullfornla Standard of Now JorHoy Rorony Vacunni Texiia notnpuny Tidewater AHB'n, now Motors Chrysler General Motors ITudson Packard MolorH Studobntcor Tlmkcn Holler Beijing Equipments American Car Foundry American l»oromotlvo Haldwln tjonomoLlvo f.Vnerril TanU •Stewart \Varnor 32>,i 43V4 35 1 371, 114 18 11Vi 64 U 45!/i 31 *« 3',i 5G 1 ,-, 18*4 LOS ANQELES STOCKS (Antne.tatcd Preag Seated Wire) rudlnir was dull today on the Los Angeles Stock ExchanffR aa most of tho list slipped off slightly. Oils worn higher, reversing the day'H trend. Hancock Oil A )od In volume, with Universal Consolidated /i ml Repu)>llc Petroleum coining In for trader interest. Of tho 2S issues traded, 8 were up, 12 down and K unchanged. Voluniu was Ift.lfiS shares. Quotations wero ns follows: High Randlni Petroleum ....... 2 Uerkoy Gay .............. 2 Mlark Mammoth Holsu Chlca Oil A ........ Cons. Steel pfd .......... .. Kxeter OH ................ 70 Farmers Merchant nb ..... 421 Hancock Oil A ............ 21 Jade Oil Co ................ 10 CM OHO 7% .70 421 52 Khmer A. & M ;. .4 Lincoln Petroleum 15 U A. O. & K. pfd 107% \t, A. Industrial ».... 4Va Oc<;IdentaI Peto 33 Republic Pete 8flc«rlly-Flr«l National H. Security C'o. unit So. Ca). KdlHon Kouthern Pacific Taylor MIllInK • Trannamerlca Union Oil of Cul Universal Cons. Wellington Oil .10 .42 .15 107 6 1 ****•••• * * • » 18 1« \ a 21 31% 42 18 * 9 • I * * • 8 SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS 40 > i 8% (Antnciatt'd /'m* Leaned Wire) KAN FUANCJ.SCU, Aug. 1'9.— Stock— Illph Clowe A«HOc(atpd Iimurance Fund GU California Pack 40% Crown Xellerbach vtc 8 General Paint rum I3> R Uoldfcn Stale MIIU !»% K. A. CluH & Kluctrlc pfd.107^ 107'A MiiRnin 20% Man-hunt Cal 23 North Amorolan III H Occidental IriNiirnnoo .'JO P. O. &. K. tj INI pfd 32*8 J». T. A- T 121* Ucpublic Pole '.'.'.'.','. 1) S. J, U ^ P, 7 pr pfd 115 Ho. Pacific Cloldcn (Jato U 1 *i Standard Oil of Calif 3&Va 35V, TrunNumcrlco. 80 M 00 32% 329 115 «> i ! L. A. CASH GRAIN (Atwintrd I*rf*n l.rintrd \\'irr) I.OS AMJKI-KS, A UK. 2ft.-Currpnt u) if rain fitiotntioiiN worn reported by th(« l-'eilcral-.State MarUet News Hervic*' MH follow* (prlrew (juoted are owl., field run. in eurloadrt, only): No. 2 yellow corn, bulk, prompt do. livery, rail J2.47fj 2.18; ArKftiitlno corn, quick dellwry. bulk M.2Q f n'2.'2.b\ ''all- furnla wheat, MicU*-d No. 1 soft or Xo 1 hard white, $l.r,7^; California bar- toy Hacked, « II)H., Xo. 2 bright went- ftO'a.l.GHi/s; .\.». I, 1C, IbH.. 1.65; ('HHfoMila yelluw ;nilo, .sacked No. 2. $1.5T».'.'?M.t;0. SPECIALTIES AT N. Y Mosl of Ollior Slocks Hold Their Own Despite Profll-Tnkcrs lw\TK NKW YOIIK. Auff. 29. (A. P. Sprrlnlilm and rail* opmiril Die throttle on nnothrr iidvnnro In to- y'H brief market sosslon, many lihiK up frnrtloiiH to (hrnr or morn imintn. Tim alrolxtls wcr« ulso out In front and n wide nn- .sordnrnt of MpncfnltfaH nuliNtiintlnl jmlnfl. The O!OHQ firm. TnuiMforn npprnxlmntcd 000,000 shares. Loitfil Wii'c) NKW YOIUC. Aug. 29.—Selected Bpec-fftltiea continued to mount the stock market price ladder today while most of tho rncent leadern junt about, hold their own. Tn vtnw of the absence of many trudni-H from tho board rooms on wroU end holiday, tho activity wn« not pronounciHl. Profit-taking wa« In nvldcnco throughout the brief Union Pacific changed hands for the first llino since Thursday ut ft 3 point advance. American Sugar Refining was up nearly aa much. A few of the distillery shares pushed ahorul as much aa a point. including lilram Walker, American Commercial Alcohol, National Distillers, Schenley and Distillers Corp.- Seagrams. American Car & Foundry, Bucy- run-Rrlo, Atlantic Coast Line and Borg-Wanier wore llvojy with grains tip to a point. The steela, motors. utilities and rails generally did little. Stocks <*n filing Conspicuous on the upside were the stocks of Union Pacific, Santa Fo, N. T. Central, Atlantic Coast Lino, Delaware & Hudson, American Car & Foundry. Bucyrus-Erle, Baldwin Locomotive preferred, American Sugar Refining, Montgomery Ward, American Commercial Alcohol and Distillers Corp., Seagrams. Leaser Improvement was shown by U. H. Hteel, Bethlehem, Youngatown Sheet & Tube. General Motors, Chrysler, Hears "Roebuck, Douglas Aircraft. National DlHtlllcrs, Hiram "Walker, American Water Works, Anaconda, American Crystal, Sugar and Kjijardo Sugar. Now Changes Du Pont was a trifle heavy most of the tlrsc and the majority of the ntlHtloB. uircraftB, farm ImplernentB, oils and rubbers did little either way. Burg Warner firmed when the company's directors voted the regular 76 cent dividend and added an extra of as much. Helpful to the stock of Montgomery Ward wan the estimate that the company's net for the first six months of this year waa around $1.35 a common share. This would compare with 80 In the similar previous period. COTTON FUTURES (Associated Press Lowed NKW YORIC, Aug. 29.-Cotton reached new low prices for the movement today in response to relatively easy Liverpool cables and reports of ruin in some western belt sections, but met a good trade demand on the decline. December sold off to 11.86. with tho general market cloalng steady nt new IOBSOB of 5 to 8 points. Futures closed steady, 5i®8 lower. Oct., 11.30(3)11.31; Dec., 11.36011.37; Jan it.SS; March. lM6@ll.4fl; May, 11.61; July, Spot qulot; middling 11.70. SEVEN CASES OF RABIES SAN BKUNARINO, Aug. 29.— (A. P.)— Seven new cases of rabies this month were reported by the city health officer. Tho police department announced orders to shoot stray dogs, In the quarantine against hydrophobia, will continue in effect. Owners have been warned to keep dogrs tied up or behind fences. THE WEATHER San Joaquln valley—Fair tonight and Sunday, slightly cooler south portion tonight, northwest wind. Run Francisco hay region—Pair tonight and Sunday, hut overcast night and morning, slightly warmer Sunday, moderate west winds. Northern California—Fair tonight and Sunday, but overcast night and morning on tho coast, slightly cooler m the south portion of the .San Jonquln valley tonight, moderate northwtst wind off the coaat. Sierra Nevada—Fair tonight and Sunday, preceded by local fihower? ever rent nil rtingcs today, little chnngp In temperature, gentle vari- iiMo winds. Sarmmenin vnllny—Fair tonight and Sunday, norpial temperature. Mrmiherly wind. Santa r'laru valley —Fnlr tonight it IK! Sunday, but early morning clouds, normal temperature, north- WPH| wind. Rallnas valley—Fair tonight and Sunday. Init fog in north portion, m ir mal temperature, northwest wind. Southern California—Fair tonight and Sunday, but unMcltlrd in eaxt portion ami over mountains, morn- fnt; fog near coant, no change In temperature, moderate northwest wind off the coast. OFFlCtS: Beverly Hills Lot Btk SAW Dhgo Salt L Ogdert Financial News •iKT quotation! and impt riant Bnaruul newt from Icuuinjf financi-il cuitcr* are wired direct Io our oriicci and immediately po*ted for your information. Our board room it maintained lor your convenience and uae at *11 lime*. A. HOGLE & CO. a**;. N'tw YO«K Sroi-x HAC)J.\NO* Kstablnfttd 19! 5 1408 Seventoenth Street Phune 2240

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