Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 15, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1908
Page 6
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MEETDie TESizBDAT. W. & F«r4 U ••TfiW JewcliT SUdc and Bestauuilr-Fcnraal Hews S«M tl« Dlek Fam. Ltneback Brother* of thia city completed a deal a ahort time ago whereby Mr. Dick disposea of one hundred and sixty acres of his land sooth of this city to John Stewart. Mr. Steward owns the farm adjoining the one he purchased. Some Improrementa will be made. A. H. T. A« ICet TwtcHar. The central committees of the suborders of the A. H. T. A. met la the Masonic hall In this city yesterday afternoon and perfected their organisa­ tion by electing,John T. Wood of lola president. The purpose of this meet iuK was to discuss the advisability of buyluK traillDK dogs. This, however, was postponed until some later date. Was Looklnir for a Lofatloii. Mr. C. L. Stormwind, of Fort Scott, Kas., was in the city yeatarday look- iuK for a location for a shoe repair shop.. Mr. Slormwind is experienced Inj the btiBlness and says If he opens up a Bho ]i in this city It will be modern In eevry respect. He did not decide dcflnitcly to go Into business here. MIN !« Ohlfest Entertained. Miss Minnie Ohlfest entertained the members of the Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian church last evening. It being their regular monthly meeting. After a short business session the evening was spent in a social way. Mrs. Fatten Entertained. Mrs. Morris Patton entertained the Ladles' Embroidery club at her home i In the east part of the city. The afternoon was spent with their fancy, work. Refreshments were served to the members of the club and " their guests. A TTHE cnAm * • The Grand theater wlli donbUesa; be crowded tonight when ithe favorite yonns-.singing comedian Allen Doone. will present his new and sacoesafnl comedy-drama "A Romance in Ireland.' a scenic production of considerable extent and elaboratenesa In four acts and eight stage aettings. Mr. Doone, who is known as "Joseph Murphy's successful successor," which title he earned by his clean-cut, artistic impersonation of the famous "Murphy" role in The Kerry Cow and Shaun Rhue, which performances pjn ed him in the front rank of Irish comedians, and gained for him an immense following, will be seen in the part of "Larry CDaly," In which he is aaid to have scored heavily, and in which he Is said to have many opportunities to display the many talents that he Is gifted with, including the introduction of a number of capital new songs, of his own composition. In which his sweet tenor voice will be heard to good advantage. "A Romance In Ireland," unlike the great majority of plays of Its class, is a rational, reasonable, consistent, wholesome comedy-dra am with a plausible plot and a story of uncommon interest, filled with wittv sayings and a very Medical Society* Haa Not Originated Bill About Irrigular Pliy- •teians. An erroneoin report has gained cir cnlaUon that the Al!en County Medi- cat society had originated a bill In regard' to Irregular physicians and that the society would send delegates to Topeka to lobby In the Interest of the prc^osed bill. It was stated this morning on good authority that this report waa unfounded and that the society had done nothing whatever in regard to this class of fegls- latlon. The society will meet in regular session this evening and some very Interesting papers will be read by Rev. S. S. Hllscher and Dr. O. L. Cox. The preliminary arrangements for the state meeting which will be held in this city next May will also be taken up. TO MAKE GOOD ROADS Webster Johnson, Rural Carrier. Tells His Views to Horticultural Society. At the last meeting of th«» Hortl cu'tural Society Webster Johnson rend the following article on roads: "W^jen road talk Is once started I observe that it usually very quickly , , ,,, settles down to a rock foundation, to pretty love-Interest. The scene Is laid j ^1,,^^, j can raise no objection as the To coat »acf2ct certain talk and to fKit tne coiisfmiing ptifK He in possession of fbe tnrtli) we say 2n jplaln words tliat no one in tliis town can sell as good coffee as Afbuckles'! Atiosa fof as little money* in the dear old County Mayo, in the picturesque seventeenth bentury, an adventurous and a stirring time indeed. Larry O'Daly is the son of an Irish Squire, and a gentleman, but a wild, reckless young scamp as well, and his escapades bring about some exciting moments. As the play opens Men & Boys Ladles* Aid Wm QnUt The Ladles' Aid of the Methodist Episcopal church will quilt at their meeting next Thursday afternoon. Theer will be much business to be transacted and it is hoped that every member will be present. W. S. Ford Is MoTingr. W. S. Ford, restaurant and Jewelry man, yesterday moved his business jand residence to the bul'dlng formeriv ' : occupied by the Farrner general store.' ;Mr. Ford will live over the restaurant. •They will not be ready for business j until this evening. Ann basis of native stone cannot easily be surpassed for duri^ttity and economy In our country, but as so lorge a part of all out of town hauling of products, travel for pleasure or on business Is done on the p'ain earth roads made only of the soil we fear that our own Interests, whether we ride or haul or drlvo much or' Larry Is In disgrace with the choleric ; ^ ^^'Z^'S^ ^.^''^Ji' father of hia pretty sweetheart, Nora. gbly 15-16 of Its course before tho' Doyle, because he has "borrowed" the : central stations of consumption or . old man's pet hunting mare,'without' niarket or the fine paved city streets permission, to follow the hounds. Noi'^f'"® Into our use. lola ha.^ had a! *^ ^ ^ place on the map for nearlv 50 years i snnn ^r has the young scapegrace, ^^^.^ . . Justly ; I cumstances. and the evil plotting of an : proud, and thsre are severa' miles of stoned roads in the country and 1 Misbranded and make-believe Mocha and Java, or coffee sold - S. loose out of a bag or a bin, is * i not as good value for the money,^ ^ nor can it be sold at as narrow;' profit, nor reach the consumer under as favorable conditions. When you buy Arbuckles^ Ariosa G>ffee you get more than, 16 net ozs. of straight, wholesome' Brazilian coffee from the largest coffee firm in the world, with that firm's direct assurance that they| are giving you the best coffee^ the world for the money. .iSRUUCICLE liitOS., NeT7 Tork City. this procedtngs, than clr-j streets of which we are , unscrupulous rival, conspire to fix up-, jj^^ 1^^^^^ *•* * on him the theft of a large sum of^^^^^^j bridges all made of native ^be first svnnptom of Contagious Blood Poison is ustially a little sore or nlco^^ the sikin. swollen elands in tne money and he becomes an outcast ^^^^j^^^^ j,^^^ Improved condiUons ^hich is qmckbf followed by a i«i rash on the skin svrollen^^^ without a friend except the faithful i vastly-In the last decade, but the fact groin, falling hlir, ulcerated mouth and throat, f?^often ropi^^^^ .hom he loves. The play Is' remains that a lar^e proportion of Splotches on different parts of the body. As the blo<>i l^mes more fuU^ ^ „„d rich m our travel wh-n outside of the city contaminated with the poison, pustular eruptions and sores break out on, -. IJ ehar i ni'ist be done on the native soil. : flesh, and in extrenie cases tlie nerves and bones are attack«i and tte melodramatic situations. T^he char-j ^ travel of from 24 to no miies gnj^er nils drop off. Then the sufferers find themselves diseased from head acters are quaintly garbed in the cos- ^Injogt gygry working day for the f „„».^tu »»,;=ii „mii ;ati "n!r. vile and destructive poison. No other disease colleen w crowded with Jicldent ney. PCNY IHILDKEX >EED YIXOL. causes, which might jbut we are not endeavoring to for- I mulate road laws, but sugjrest mere- i j ly the maintenance of the earth road ' that it may be used for the greatest Discussed Medical Xlsslons. The members of the 'i ^dles Mlsslon- i,ary society of the Methodist Episcopal = — ' ' • 1^ church discussed Medical Missions at j FOR KAMcAc f>n .BK, ^^.i....... I • ' '^eir regular monthly meeting which i . „ run rvANSAS CORN CONTESTS I tute and It is recommended that thei was held yesterday at the home of Mrs. ^It Buildii Tliem I'p and Makes Them, benefit for the public to whom the New, Rulem Prf.»,..i„,.-,i i. .u * • i ^'"'l^" sl^''" ^ Prfzes free trlpis Ira M. Benham. In the study many i Strong and Robust. : road belongs, cultural rXi°! .K^ '^'•"'i ^ ^® ^^^^ cuiiurai C«llege Authoritfes. {to January 2. ' Mr. Bn4 Mrs. Hall Enterialned. Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Hall entertained ' SIMPLE BEMEDI FOR LA GRIPPE. ilanhattan, ICas., Jan. 15,—The extension depfirtment of the Kansas state agricultural college is sending they frequently develop into pneumo- i First the natural drainage should i be provided for and those In chars Rapid growth, overstudy, Insuffic- . 3^^,,,^ ^^eir plans that this circulation, and neutralizing and forcing out every particle of the poison. It makes the blood pure and rich, tones np the system, and completely and permanently cures this , disease. S. S. S. has cured thousands of cases ni inn %5 it>ni Contagious Blood Poison. If you are suf- PUntLY VEGETABLE fering with this debasing and destructive disease begin the use of S. S. S. and get the ^?.^£drmV:?rtWi"d°;;n,,n:di;-,:;;ch„d„n .,„. .nd d=«.for .he „,.„J .„ sbould poison out of your blood before it peraanentlvwre^jour^^^ lent nourishment, convalescence aftor , ^e obstructed or neglected. This have a home treatment book on the disease which; we ^^'t'^®^^*" - • • vvho wish it, and in addition our physicians will give '"t^"*.^^ medical advice needed. IHE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLAHTA, OA, night. 01d :chlldreu-s diseases, and n«.dx.wncon^ f^^'Unf^lf'sS "^"ll^ late hour. the recommendations for this year's.nla. Foley's Honey and Tar not only, „„oa.a „ri »««nt work with the boys to all farmers' in- stops the cough but heals and strength j ^° guests iiresein Btitute organieatlons. For two years' ens the lungs so that no serious re- about 5.000 Kansas farmer boys {suits need be feared. The genuine have been engaged in growing con-; Foley's Honey and Tar contains no • - ^ j^j^ ^^^^j, tests and they ha.-ve created great i harmful drugs and is In a yellow Interest in corn culture and have package. Refuse substitutes. Bur-; - - ,, , . lines are i)emilttcd to scar the Refreshments were servedjcato and stops dovelo,m,ent j the drainage almost' Because Vlnol contains all the mod ^ ^^^^^^j^.p^ ^.p ^re Informed by ic-nal^ bone, tissue and body-bulldlng ^^^^ "^^^^ tj,gge jjn^g ,a^e these lib- elements of cod liver oil, actually tak-1 ortles without even asking the prlv- Fersonals. Knights and Ladles will Install of- caused an educati onal and intellcc-1 tualr awakening. rathers, teachers and county superijatendents unite in saying that it hpa had a wonderful rell's Drug Store. F. F. ROZZELLE IS UfPROTING. effect upon the boys In the contest;An Enconniyliig Rfport Today From and In whole 8<:Lhools and communi ties. The changes now made in the plans, it iB hoped, will increase the membership greatlr. The state Judging school here. I>dcember 26 to January 4, at which 350 boys were enrolled. wi!l also -add to tho. Interest and add to the membership. Following are the p/.ans: one; quart of fsooi seed corn by tJie J. M. Rrown left yesterday for Rlack wood, California. Mrs. E. P. Twinham, of Moran. was In the city yesterday on a business visit. en oil eliminated and peptonate of Iron , liege added. It quickly restores robust' The grading in some places ha."! health and children love It. u""".","'' Iw® "'"'^ M o w c»,„„„ r .a „f^„ shaped but the work left in such Mrs. C. W. Stump, of Canton, Ohio, ^n unfinished condition that no trav- "Cr Ramer of Kansas Cltv was:''"^'^^' ' ^"""^ ^^^^ °^ mounting here vesterday OIL nhiislnesBV^^^^^ has a weak, sickly child <he center to work It down to pass S. I. Upton. t,t Oronson, was here to try that delicious cod liver prepara- "J^jli^f^' ^''^^ l^^if' ^ . I fon. Vlnol. as It restored health and l^r^r^^^TZZ^X^'^^^^^^^ strength to our daughter after all else goes the larger part of the work Into had failed." , the ditch and the condition is worse We have never sold a medicine In j ley's-HoneV«m-d-Tar for coughs, cold-1 our store equal to Vlnol for delicate, I ,,2%--^/^^a^^^^^^^^ and lung troubles is not affected by'ailing children, weak old people, or'Litton was the "King Road E>rag." .v= K--.i„„„, o..,„ i.,^,, „„H nnie law'ainkiv wrtmen and children, and we'AVhen the careful road worker ha the Attorneiy's Physician. Kansas City. Mo., January 15.— The physicians who are attending; Frank F. Rozzelle, who was operated • o„^i.i 4 „„„ VAMrJinir tlie op at the South Side hospital Sun-|SP«!»» Announcement Regarding tne NaUonal Pore Food and Drag Law. We are plr^ased to announce that Fo- day, are very much encouraged today. Mr. Rozzelle slept fairly well last night and, was cheerful this morning. He made some joking comments when (Niuor.arPureV^ranriJro^^ wocmen and has firmed the earth wheii he left that Atlhe hosSunt w^ Sli he * ^s It, ca,,t,i„3 no opiates or other j return money If it falls to benefit. S. -^^ ^ ^ ^rsTbeinSroZisLiily and j harmful drugs, and we 'e^mmendJt i P^^^^i^t, jo,3, Kas. f ^ack the well broken, taam will at „- , — .3 . _ ltpin»is uc iu<i«u.xub , sa'Ta rompflv for child committee, ar.d- to exhibit ten ears at! all the developments since yesterday I the county Institute next fall; win-j have been favorable. He is not out of j**"'^^ Burreii s arug store. ners to receive cash or merchandise prizes. Class B—Op en to boys from 14 to 20 years tild. each boy to plant ten ears of seed corn (of his own raising or from elsewhere), to exhibit ten ears next fall at the county Insti- danger, but his physicians are much encouraged. InsUlIs Xew Machine. Ben Railove, the shoemaker at 217 F. F. Rozzelle is attorney for the;South Washington, has installed a Lumberman's Portland Cement com- machine for sewing on shoe soles. P*?.^''.*^.^^ to build a cement Plant I ,^ machine of its kind «EO. A. BOWLUS, PrMldMt THOt. H. •OWLUI. Mitr. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DlRiiCTORS K W. BMIC L. C . Beatty. A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evans, J. O. Wt<nr» «eo. A. Bowlus, Thoa. H. Bowlua. WE ISSUE OUR O WM DRAFTS OR Ml EUROPEAR POUm •AFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 to IB PER YEAR. north of this city. A FAT V^OMAN TURNS SOMERSAULTS TEACHES CLASS OF BALLET «IBLS CALISTHEMCS AUD GYMNASTICS, i. >9ii-:Uiii The celebrated Helen Burnside tells a story to the society reporter of a leading New York evening paper in this way: "Several monthsago I was promenading the Rialto when I met an old college chum.. She was rather astounded at my sporthig so much jolly fat and asked me what I was doing. As a matter of fact I wasn't doing anything just at that time but taking -'ong, tiresome walks and doing with-, out my breakfast and late suppers, drinking double-skhnmed milk, and taking a horrible patent medicine. My frljend was rather Interested In kiiow- Ing more about the success that I waa liaving with this streiiuous 'fat cure' and was astonished to learn that I had only lost 10 ounces lin three weeks. "'Girlie,' said she, 'you don't need to suffer all these deprivations and do the liardest IcintJ of work, which you really call /doing nothing.' .Why not try' my Marmola Prescription? Pm losing almost a ji)ound a day and not losing any sleep over it. either, get my four squareis and my bottle, and I don't pass an> thing in the way of eat? ing and drinking.' 'Marmola.'" said li : 'Why. I never h^ard of It What in th'c : naipe of heaven t$ ItT 'la it poMible in the city and means a great deal in the saving of time and money. You can now get j'oirr shoe soles sewed on in a very few- moments while with the hand sew-ing an hour's time was once appropriate the jcenter of the Albin D»»one at the Grand Theater road and .Mr. King telJs us that the tonight in **A Romance In Ireland." - 1 hoof and the tires are the best Ini struments for packing the soil avall- j able. , lola township Is in the !ead and Not Ready tto Speak Definitely on Elm comes next as far as we are in- - ' formed in the adoption of this simple! device, thej TREDWAY WONT SAY NOW. There is Only One ^^Bromo Quinine Thai le Laxative Bremo Quinine Helen,' she replied, 'that you have been hiking around little old New York and don't know what Marmola Is?' Why, it's the sensation of the day. It's just an ordinary doctor's prescription, but extraordinary in its results. I take a teaspoonful after every meal and one before retiring and just keep along my leisure pace, letting Mar-j inola keep me down In weight' Now," \ said Helen, "I took the girl's advice;^ sewed soles lor men wt cost $1.00, can now be had for 85 cents; ladlcjs' best, which were formerly 75 C'ints are now 60 cents. He wil nail on men's soles lor 65 cents Running for Senate. . Representative J. T. Tredway. oi and cheaply operated LaHarpe left this morning for Topeka j King Road Drag. to attend the special session of the i — • legislature called to consider the: ROOSEVELT DID IT, HE SAYS. , passage of a primary law and other; proposed legislation. He expects a j German Legislator Declares Threats least longer than Against Trust* Caused Strinflency Berlin, Jan. 15.—In the course of ., ^ . Interpellation In the Reichstag to- i AJ^y remember the full name. Look IMED THE WOHtD OVXK TO OWX A OtHLO IM OmE OAT. derstood that Mr. Tredway will not! an be a 25o. r^entatlve, but will asked to be nom- , ' by a Register reporter on the matter and ladles' for 50 cents. Mens rub- running for the senate, but he her heels 40 cents, and ladles' 35 cents. \ -ji-ould not state as definitely as to Ben saya if you wish to save money, always buy a welt shoe. NO JAMESTOWN 1908 FAIR. and in consequence I got down from 176 to 140 pounds inside of a month. I'm teaching dancing to a bevy of prospective Casino girls, all of whom are taking Marmola." The Marmola prescription reads: Half ounce Marmola, H ounce Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic, and 3^ ounoBS iSynip Simplex. In these days, when there is so much substitution going on, it is as well to see that you get Marmola in the original-package, and then you have ample guarantee that for aheer merit of good ness.there is nothing to equal it Don't { inated for'state senator. While in bank. Count von Kanitze, Conssrva-i lola yesterday Mr. Tredway was seen tive, said that Pr^ident Roosevelt's • — "--'"threats against the trusts" wer^• { responsible for the financial situation; existing today throughout the entire! world. Ills intentions. Try a Want Ad. in the Register An End Put t» thn Talk lof Reopening the E](positlein. Norfolk, Va^ Jan. 14.—iThat there will be no ofJcial reopening of the Jamestown exposition for the season o* 1908 waa <aetermined' today by the reply of Oeov-ge H. Mams, chairman of the «zpoeitlon reopening oonunit- tes, to R oommunJcatlon from Alvahj H. Martin,; chairman of the reoi^ivers (or the exposition company. The only «*ance left for . reopening wbutd be confound the Bfannola Prescription [the purchase of the property-for-thia with anything for which similar claims j porpoae by prtvarte interests. The ex- ti:'.^™!,^.- ^VuV ''d ^.*S ^iP<»«"««' nscelvns wIR file their ftrst ent medicine. It is a doctors pre-^, - • ^- . , • scriptlon. | report with flie .court tomorrow. A Bad Irregularity is bad in every department of life, in meal^ in sleeping hours, , but especially when it is a question of womanly habit Not only is it a sign of feimle disease, but, unless cured, it will cause dangerous troubles, beause of the poisons thus allowed to remain In the system. If you suffer in this way. get a bottle of Wine of Cardui Mn^ LoeliidB JolnaoQ, of Flah Craek. Wis.. vriteK "1 aufland for' Ibvtoea (U) yeaisHtb WW*^ liin7.eaiataKr««tp>iit AtlutlliMCaidid.aodJ»vlamcw«L~^ At aU dnobta^ lo $1 U^tes-

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