Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 16, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1896
Page 3
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Washing- windows is another one of the things that Pearline( u0 ' e t«i h p) does best. With that, the .glass is never cloudy—is always clear and bright. Washing it is less trouble, of course—but that is the case with everything that is washed with Pearlirie. And about the sashes and the | frames; remember that Pearline, when it takes the dirt off, leaves the paint on. Haven't you noticed that certain imitations are not so particular about this ? 497 THE RAILROADS 5ome Figures That Show Scope of the Pennsylvania. RAILROAD EARNINGS General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. When Company Comes [unexpectedly the housewife jis often puzzled as to what m to get for dinner. Then time is doubly precious. If when so caught she only has package of < (fa NONE SUC! MINCE MEATt In her pantry she cnn, In a few 'minutes, prepare tho best of all desserts— good mince pie. Think fbt It- No peeling, chopping,seeding, ™ Pplckloyaud mixing. A pncknjjo ofiu Nonesuch, costing only 10 cts., will ]• makeiwo largo pies. MttkCH perfect Fruit Cnko ana Fruit Pudding ulso. | Got a package to-day from your grocer. Take no substitute. ' k Sondrooraddre**. gaming thin p»- r pnr, and tro irllJ vend joDfrcca " 'book, "jlra. Popkina' Th»nknplv- Vair/' t>7 oneofthemoit popular/ I hamoroa* rritorit of tho d»i. fltmU-Sonle Co., Sjneiw, X. V.*( J. W. HARWOOD RETIRES. The Nominee for Assessor is Ineligible--A Card. Mr. .T. W. Ilarwood li:is retired from die Itepu-l»lican county ticket on account of luologl-hility, die law t'ociuiriag certain qualifications, lie lias handed to the committee and The .Timrmil the I'ollowin;; card. NOTICE. I wish 10 express my sincere I hunks ro all those who worked so onthusiasii- cully in tliu convention Cor my nomination to the otliee of county ussrssor, Sineo the convention I rtnd thnt there nre requirements for tills office which would make me ineligible to hold it if elected, should any objections be raised. Xot wis'hlnsr to ettter the race with aJiy doubt,! step aside, hoping that DO harm has been clout! and that the committee may be able to place a man on the ticket who will be a winner. .T. W, HARWOOD. Tlic committee will fill die vacancy. THE Munson Typewriter Is a Good Machine. standard o£ eieellence, of the "Munson" consider It THE .BEST. You will l!ml It u valuable wutotaut In jour of- lice. Address for imrtlcalara THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO HAXUFACTUIIEKS. 240-214 AV<Mt Llllto St., ClilcilKO, III. Before you arrive at the last bottle of HIRES Root- beer make some more; don't be caught -without it. Jlmlr ujjli- liv Th« CliM-l... K. Him Ro.. l*lilla.lcl|,li[a. - ABOUT TRB13 PLANTING. Some excellent mlvlcc is {riven on the subject, of tree pliiiitlus by the Indi;iu- npolU News. The lesson which every storm briii'jrs in the breakage of tho li'mbs ftC soft trees, says the News, Is that out- trees planting should include more 'hard trees. The true way of planting is to iiUoni;ue a hard wit.h a soft tree. The soft, which will grow rapidly, will in four or five years s:i l 'c bsrniMJal shade, and will hist for lif- tuen or t.wemy years, J^y thnt time tho luird tree is lurpc enough, to take its place and then tho soft tree should be cut rlowu. Cor it has readied a 'ime when Hie spread and decay of its trunk and bram.'ijcs so weaken the soft limbs as to ma.kc them unsafe in any high wind. JOURNAL TUESDAY. JUNK 10. 3SOO. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. All goods uow at prices to clean up stock to, reorganize July 1.—Trade Palace. A church social will be given at Mrs. Lucy .TackwJu's Linden avenue liomc tonight. / ptH. Sftvens's gallery at 414 Market etreetTis now open. Competent workmen. Work guaranteed. Tho Trade Palace for lo-w prices on wasli goods, laces and trimmings for wash goods.—Thu Big Store. Don't forget the concert given by the B. B. Club a.t the A. M. E. church Tuesday, June JO, Admission 10 cents. Purify your blood with Hood's Stir- saparilla, which will give yon an appetite, rone your stomach and strengthen your nerves. Landretn Seed Company of Philadelphia, have been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. HarrlsoB IB their agent In Cnss county. Do you. want to invest In gold mining stock in the best gold producing district In this country at Cripple Crock, Col.? M so,,call on Jacob Herz for particulars, Eemember the entertainment at the Baptist church on Wednesday evening. Some of Kugeno Field's bean tHul .poems will be sung and recl'ted. Admission ten cents. BICYCLING COSTUMES. Ilochcsier 'liopu-blican: We read that oilier towns mid .young cities liUc Wa- ba.fh. Porn. Lngans|>ort. Kokomo and slch. are terribly aiUietert-with bicyolu cranks who are consta.ntly doing something 10 atlrnct the attention of the public in style of riding, costume or oilier tinuitica! ccccii'lrieity. The riders of Rochester can be thankful that biking has not boou disgraced by bicycle cranks a.nd I lie- moral fiml social atmospheres a.rc pure and unfji;fllud. So mnny people go crazy without the slijclntcisi pnj/,>c, j ii.ioi.i or cxcu-sc, and others become c.\t'remits at a prayer mectiujr. Win. E. Curtis writes as follows In live Chicago Record: in a recent number of Current Literature am English wi'Hiei 1 asserts that "the greatest: corporation on earth Is the London it Nortli- u'osw.'ru Railway (.•oiiiipany of Euglund, \\-lth its capital of l?r,05,000,00(i, a revenue of $(>,.">00 an hour, 2,300 engines iuid (10,000 employes iiiiil rqiHJM that cost ,*130,000 a mouth." "Everythiing rs made by the company," says the writer, "bridges, engines, rails carriages, wagons and au innumerable lot of other tilings, even the coal sentries and the wooden limbs for the injured of the staff.'' Thi? Northwestern Railway company is no doubt a gigantic Cfirporation lor a lilt.Ii> fOuutry like Rngland and worth bragging alxiut, but we luave gut a bigger one here in t:lu> United Rt.'Mes that might absorb it very easily. The IVua- sylvaiifci railroad, for example, has a capital of !?S57,OT5,t!00 a.ud 10,-lMO miles oil' track, which traverses tliii'tcen sta.tes. It has 3.7."(i locomotives, which consume 20,000 tons of coal a day and make runs equal to the distance around the globe every two hours. It has pn.sseii'gpr cars, 154,000 fn.'ight cars, ,T>0 Pulliu'an cars and 2-tl. other cars for constirnctiou and other purposes, making a total of 158,534 cars, which make a journey equal to the circumfureuce of the isirtli lii every til'ght minutes. These locomotives and cars, If placed upon a single track, would reach from New York to Chicago, or ten times the distance between, Philadelphia and New York. The rails of fbe Pennsylvania railroad, if laid end to eud, would encircle the globe and overlap about -1,000 milns. The -total annual revenue of the road Is $135,000,000 equal to $372,506 a day, amlj $15.525 every hour of the day and night—which Is two and a hurt times as much as that or the Northwestern of England. The North western bou^ts of 00,000 oir.ployes, but the Peunsylvnnhi com- pa.ny has over 100,000, who. wilh their families, make up a tota-! of about 500,000 persons dependent for their living \ipon the $00,000,000 it distributes In wages tveiy year. Last yrar tlie Pcun- niilroad company moved 1-1,- tlonal butslaess day included la the statement of last year. For the mouth of May gross earnings of all roads reporting are 2.2 per cout. larger Hum last year. The loss compared with May ,1803, is 0.2 per cent. TWO BIG ENGINES. T'.vo of the biggest locomotives ever built at tln> Biildiwin Locomotive worts have Just been turned out nt the plant. They are Intended for the Chicago, Milwaukee it St. Paul railroad. Tim en- glues are of the vauclalai compound system, and are bulit after the pattern of those recently constructed for the Rending railmad's Atlantic City service. The two for die Western road weigh 71 tons each and have four massive drivers, d\<> ffctfn diameter, a four-wheeled leading truck, 4V-; feet, in diameter. They are equipped w.ltth two high-pressure cylinders, 13 inches hi diameter by 2fj inches long, and-two low-pressure cylinders, 22-t2i; inches. They are also fitted with all the latest appliances, such as the Westiiiirhousu quick-acting automatic airbrake, and are bul'lf to carry a 200- pound sjeam pressure. Read This. of,- CHOSEN FRIENDS. Logan Council No. 21 will elect Ccers tonight. Wednesday night there will be a joint meeting of Cass and Logan Councils at l!i<; In tier's hall over the Progress store, at: which rime Past Grand Councillor Funk, Grand Councillor Campbell of EJkhart and Supremo Councillor" Liun of Indianapolis will deliver addresses. All Chosen Friends and ox-Chosen Friends and ' their friends arc cordially invited to be present. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, wltb plenty of exercise In the open afr Her form glows with health and her face blooms with Its beauty. If her system needa the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle and pleasant Syrup of Figs. Mads by the California Fig Syrup Company. "THE LITTLE NAPOLEON." Frankforr Times: The'Times job department yesterday completed a 'largo edition of Prof. Farrar's new march "The Llt.tle Napoleon" written in anticipation of the nomination of McKiu'ley, and which will be played, by the.fa- mous Canton band immediately upon the consummation of the event. The march is handsomely printed and bound in elegant color worked covers and Is regarded by Prof. Farrar as one of his best productions. The Professor will go to St. Louis today and put them on sale ready for the convention. 30.~,20Ci,C75 tons of freight per mile and carried l,Ki7,S01,0.">0 passengers. The freight carried was equal v> a ton around the world every minute of the year. The money invested in the property Is equal to a double line of silver dollars 8,000 miles in length. In 1S05 the Pennsylvania company owned 5 per ceift.. of all tho mill way mileage In the United Stales; lOVi per COM. of all ihc 'locomoiiivo.-?; l\y, per coat, of all the freight curs, and had 13 per cent:, of all the railway employes in ihc country upon its payroll. 1 -;. It, eniTiod 11 PIT cent, of all the passengers who traveled by rail during the year 1S95, and ils earnings were 1.1 2-5 per cent, of all tho earnings of all the funds in tho comHry. Like the great NoiMhiwesteni Hit: Pennsylvania company makes almost everything it uses, and with its plant could build a locomotive every day in tho year if it chose to do so, WJrhin. ils systOJii are some very Interesting features that are worthy a chapter of their own, particularly tho sciou'lific department, wkh its chemists, mechanical engineers, and the relief, savings and In- suranco funds provudeil for its em- RAIL'ROAD NOTES. Steps are being taken to introduce the Pennsylvania voluntary relief department o!ti the Vandalia lines. Leroy Tucker, formerly with (ho Wabash has been appointed passenger •cut. of flio Great Northern at Detroit. It is suited that within a short time the Yandalia is to be known as the St. Louis division of t.he Pennsylvania lines.. The Erie will build some more ears with 80,000 pounds capacity. Sixty thousand pounds has been the limit heretofore. ' 1, 1S95. The refunding of the 7 per cent, bonds, which mature this year, ihas •reduced tlie interest charges ?1SO,- 000 a year. On, March- 1, the Wa.bash Railway company's bills payable amounted to $107.885, ngtlinst $800,000 .Tuly ], ISO"., and the rolling stock notes, payable monthly, charge-Able to operating expenses, to .$54.128, against $182,700 Julv SUMHER SUITINGS. To those who are looking for something light ;uid airy, something- to keep cool in, we would say, try our .<5 line of skelton serge coats ' aiuj vests. They are of exec lout cjuaUty, ami price is right. We also have Them in any grade and price desired. We also have full line of Alpacas, Dratatas an d light woolen garments, from $1.25 up. Got as outfit, jt will make y on feel flood. BICYCLE GOODS. Latest ant in bicycle sui ts, with caps to match. Ringing In price from $3 to $7.30 per suit, w o carry best grades of bicycle sweaters, bolts, hose, racing suits an J caps, Golf pattern if preferred. We keep a full line of those goo ils, and cm supply anything not to stock. SPECIAL SALE KNEE PANTS. This week we are making a. special sale of cenain lines of children's knee pants, in wash aoods. and medium summer weights, at from 9 cents to 19 cents pi; r pair. Full assortment we make the price that will close thenii o nt, simply to reduce stock. Those woo- aro looking for bargains in this line should call at once, and make • their selections, before the lots are broken up. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. A. 1>- JENK8 HOWS THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Howard Cor any case of Catarrh thai can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! F, .T, Cheney & Co., Props,, Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, have known F. .T. Cheney for .the last 10 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in. nil business transactions ami financially able, to cany out any obligation made by the firm. WEST & TRTJAX, Wholesale Drug- piste, Toledo, O. WADDING, KINXAN & MARVIN, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Price '5c per bottlp. Sold by all druggists rcstimonlals free. INVENTORS AND BUSINESS MEN. Perspective and Mechanical Dr»wik«*- prepared for the Patent Office and r»»-. Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of EW trical and Hydraulic devices including Alarm Batter/as, Coed actors, Curonts, Electric LIfha, Magnets, Coils, Keys, Lightning Bofl», Meters, Registers, Recorders Switchboards, Telegraphs, Telephonic Appliances, Electrical Clocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Mercurial and Rotary Ah Pumps, Accumulators, Compressed Air and Water Elevators. Double Actilff- Drainage and Force Pumps, Lift u&~ Oil Cups, etc..' Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney lock, Logansport. QUEENSLAND. tbo People Are ployi-s. But: I have already said enough j cllCir for u<"idred..s to liiillcivte that the author at' the iir- lilcle in Current. I/ileraturc should revise his statement. I It In Hot There, Hut Happy. "Jso rain had fallen for eight mouths, and the hot air was thick with ;i stifling haze of dust. The mighty Flinders, a ^ast river, of sand, with water bcueath, mocked tho paa-ched township, the dusty downs imcl the burning limbs of the population, "Frequently nil the doors and windows of the wrotchc<l tin and wood houses hail to be hurriedly closed to keep out the hateful sirocco. Tho almost bnvc clowns rolled away into tho distance, with pillars of dust,a thousand feet high, traveling 1 along in 1-hescorch- ing whirlwinds, nt n few miles distance from cnch other, like giants stri'liing" through'the lard, rearing their dim heads into the brass-colored sky. These ' Oust sports are only a few feet in diam- ' etor for hundreds of feet up. They come eddying along 1 , sometimes lifting even oil tins and corrugated iron; and woe betide the houses they take in their track, for they fill llicjii with dirt-and Logansport & THE GAY- PARISIANS. .The wonderful success,' "The Gay Parisians" lias been running four weeks at Hoolcy's theatre, Chicago. It will run until August 13th, and perhaps longer, as its success Is something phenomenal. rubbish, making a clatter on t-he roof. RAILROAD EARNINGS. I,; TWI if people are on the alert to closp Dun's Review: The aggregate of j rll the apertures as they see a column'of gross earnings of all railroads in tho ! dust approaching-, they are filled with United States reporting- for tile first [ f ™ dust > and thc ver y booltcovcrs curl week of June is ?3,730,SOC, a gain of 2.(i ! "P with tho , he f' ,' rhe P? 0 ? 1 ^."* a !! , , . , „ | happy as anybody else. T.hev liveauo pe. 1 cent, over last year, and a loss ot ^^ ,J tg O ' f money) „; • Wld 1U.7 pur cent, compared with the COITUS- nrc give;i In marriage. They have their ponillimg week In 1S03. The improve- excitements—the shearing season, clanc- ment over last year is about the same j ing- and race meetings. All the vices as appears in the weekly reports for nndafew of the virtues belonging to tho May. In tilio fourth week of May al- rcst of thc wor!d nre to be met with in low'nncos must be'made for the a(1 , ri . j «at drearj-. scorcl^g-wilderness." Natural and Artificial Gas Sills da3 tha Firs of each month, ten day's grace. Ail bills pay * able at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. » Special—Low rates on heaters during the months of May, June, July, August and September. A FROG HUNTER. Cents New Jersey Girl la AccuuiulntlnK a Lame ItatmclKan Revenue, Miss Moiia Selden, of Friendship, N. J., is a hunter of renown. The game she bags is frog's. For seven years she has been supporting herself by her unique athletic exercise. Now she is on<? of the most prosperous citizens in tho little town, and she ia reputed to have a bank account which, if it keeps oa growing^ will eventually enable her to g-ive up frog shooting-. Before she took to frog shooting Miss Seldcn taught school in the country re' She did HAVE \'OU RHEUMATISM? Knlainnzoo. Mich., May 5, '00. I suffered grcaUy with rheumatism for mouths. I tried numerous remedies, with, no bcuen'i. -V frieud who liad bcoji helped by Dr. .Tebb's Rueuuiatl- ctirc persuaded me to try that. I obtained two bottles. The effect surprised me. The first botiJo nearly cured me, and by the time I had used the second I was completely cured. I am careful as to what I endorse, but I most un- fluaJiQedly re-commend that remedy. On mv evidence several severe -cases r oc .. Cllro . ST. JOSEPH'S OOMM13NCEMI5NT. .The Journal acknowledges an Invitation to tho commencement exercises of St. Joaoph's parochial school, to be held June ISth and 10th. Rend Harry Frank's strong -ad; gions for ten. dollars a \veek. not particularly enjoy teaching-, for her i luive tried, it. and Jji every instance, so pupils were frequently boys about twice I far as I know, it has produced a per- ns big 1 as herself, and they hud that particular form of humor which shows itself in being obstreperous. Moreover, ten dollars a week did not satisfy Miss Selden's idea of proper compensation. Consequently, wh<;n she found that frog's were a costly luxury, shc\ resolved to invest her savings in a frog farm. Friendship being rich In bogs and swamps. Miss Sclden bought 20 acres of land, fenced it in, and began to raise frogs for tho New York market, to the scornful delight of her neighbors. They thought she was n harmless n.nd nmusing lunatic when they Parsons' ' a,n<l Shorthand Institute. . Sold on A positive guarantee t>y B. F. Keosling and Ben. Fisher. saw her practicing shooting 1 froq-s. But when they IcaJ-nerl thnt she cleared $1,COO the first season, those who came to scoff remained 1b imitate, and frog 1 shooting 1 became a ]x>piiiar occupation ir. FriemJjibip.. Tho other sh'ootcrs sell their yame to Miss Sclden, who in turn sells it Vo t.h? market. . I NOTICE Is hereby given that the annual meet- Ing of stockholders of the Loganspott and BurJj'jigkm Turnpike Co., will be held at the Council Chamber, T^ogans- porf, .Ind., M 2 o'clock p, m.. on Saturday, .Tilly 4, 1SOO, for the election of a Board of Directors for tho ensuing voar. S. I. TANGUY, Sec'y. , Subscribe per month. for the Journal. 40 cent* •^4444444444444444444444444444444444444444*^ cLi, .'l.£00 fret. :* j:::iv.! tn be thi* highest elevation \" \":;l:'s or Enjr!-n!l. Children Cry for »tcher's Castorla,

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