Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1909 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1909
Page 6
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' THE IOI<|i:i>AILT BBfllSTEB. MOXPAY EmPtC, JA7IPARY ItW. •Pastor of the •v.'wiucai. Is One of iSix ^ 'Inhott Fortone. torald says: Can you „ yoa -would have if - _,_,_4;';irodM: drop a present in '^«tiiM^iliK'' leavins a legacy of 0.000?. If not you can Av Nothing how you .^117 iuTing a talk with Rev. luan^' pastor of the Moran for that is what hap.—i .'at least, that is the way .•••t W*Bent time. Mr. Bran- l |;IiO ^:ilppTl8ed of the fact unUI —-id day when he and Mrs. Bran irJrmi'gaests for dinner at the ie;cf ;ibr ..and.Mr8. R. M. Hodges, ^ln ^•f ;Infomed of the news by :t 'A.;Di Jennings, another Kuest. OK -s the .course of the meal the biaitloa. drifted to a subject i TcuSi been discussed at the Pres- im^nrch recently on "WTiat yo ado with the money If you •J^lUlenly come In jmstiesslon of •OT*'. Mrs. Jennlnfcs put the ques- j-^wU to Mr, Branham In a JoklnB maii- p^t^^'Qt.yfp&t he Intendpd doinjt with jT ^'llta fortune. To this the Kevorpud had ttt '.f*.Tdtlial was nienni HH lie had not informed of haviiiE 'iiin*' Into Cv -1i0*Msalbn of any iHrno nniniiiif o ^^tftOOey or its cqulvnlPnl. Mrs. .Inn rVajUC* th^ told of nn ai-llolo wbirh ^L'^tMPUblithed in Iho KflminKlMty J'OKI ^•'^;'Wednett4ay of last week. Tin- im-af .r ^fbtiabed Mr. .lennlngH wt-ni hemic iif K^' tor the p ^per and It was shown to .Mr §::.._ jBi*Uihaai.' The article Is as follotts: Ml i^'" Divided mo.(HW. -i^'ChariiBB 0. Branham of ::7 Smith proepict streel, Kansas City. Kaii.. recrtved: a letter yesterday from Ulootn- i-ji' iBgton. III., stating that iiroiiorty val- &i- tied at more than $.500.00ti had IXHsn K/ him and his two brothers and sisters by the death of an uncle of 4*." :tliat city. The father of lh<» six Brans -^iam children was bumod lo death in the Chamber of Commerce l»iulding ffife two years ago. They are Charles djirencp and George Branham, arr?!. te'a White, Mrs. Naoma I,oith and Mrs. C. W. Kales. AH live in ICansas aty." After reading the artirlo Mr. Bran ham naturally felt no Utile unionnt oF nervousness hut he fried not. to manifest his feelinps. fenritiK that no such hews was in store for him. Hut as he re-read the article and found the name- corresiJondeU idontiiuilly with Ih."-^" < r his brothers and sisters, the rn;v 1 • ;or bring in givinp his rcsi- "deiice a( I'auHUs City Instead of Jln- ran. wliii ii muld easily have been -. inclined to be more con- ilii>re was something to 'lili' not acquainted with • !• death is rejwrtcd and . . •• lecn left as stated, he hsid oftru he .1(1 his father speak of their rich ; T in Illinois. He h:i.; -c- rccivcd any further news cf \b- roporlod gof)d fortune, bill has 1.0(11 expecting word from his brother at Kansas City, who rc,celv/,'d the letter front Illinois. A letter was sent to the probate judKC at Blooin- Ington for Information but no word haa been received from there. Until definite word is heard, Mr. Branham iB not maldng any plans for the fu- tare, but as the reported fortune of a half million htis been left by an Atner- lean rather than some foreign reln- tivo. It does look as if there miRhi bn :more truth than fiction in the story alBd a Christmas gift that anybody would like to have presented to them. Hla Moran friends are hoping that there is no question about the report and that Mr. Branham will soon be the recipient of his portion of the amount. 'FILES CUBED Vi 6 TO U DATS. .FAZO (MNTMESJT is guaranteed to .isare any case of itching, blind, bleed ing or protrnding piles In 6 to 14 days or money refunded. 50c. SEED «GBA>DFATHEK tLUSK/ made, br vlnced i li^ t 'the Btrrv* the uaO ' icrturc I- One of the Anthons of Genenil Y.U'v- ' tlon Law Thinks Jt Necessary, Gnthrle, Okla.. Jan. I-- -Senator I,.' -K. Taylor of Chlckash;.. who arrived ia-the capital today, slated that lie Cwfil Introduce a proi)osed anieiidninnt :'.,-^'the'constitution 1o permit the adop- j > ttOli of a "Grandfather Clause" as a ' i ptnt of the general election law. .-r SenattM* Taylor was one of the an<" thprs of the general election law in J tlie First legislature, and he stated to- V- day fliwt In his opinion an amendment : mill have to ;be adopted to the const! ...'tatloti before the legislaitirr CHII ailop . a"Grandfather Clause." , A very staple amendment lo m ; constitulon, stating in effcoi tliat the V- ^legislature Is authorized to plai<> .id 4ith>nal restrictions uixin ilic ri«hi of ^y._W^lra^, would be snfricient.' said ;-.ftBnator Taylor today. "I do tint he J^e, however, that the iomin;; lej;i.= ^J^re. can' imss such a law iiniil ilic OMLsUtution is amended." j .'SSMalor Taylor will M1S <> introdiicp ^^bin •'rednclng the foes that may t>e .'i^'^litied by clerks of the distrjc 'Mitairtsand fixing a nnifonn sjsicni 'itPUTt fees. AMHhETES MORE ItE.SI'i:! T|-;i>. i/t^ifynhPit* Scholant Take Bark Seal ilp» Poot Ball filsdlHlors, ^«pelca, Kas., Jan. 2.—Professor W l ^^rjmth of the«tafc nniveesity has ried »'campaign to make a sclml .Ti-^•^^respectable as fixn. liull. lie pseift the matter nt the state Hgteetlng yesterday. Me had tp all the leading colleges and TTf ^des In the country o<mcefnina: S^^l-<rf,»cholarshlp arid the rise of '^I'snd they all regretted the : tlie captain of an athletic ,„-..3lved far more resiK>ct and ffoai ibe student IKMIV and the .Jn^general than the Rhodes Vinr 01^ man who stands at the j^^liia elaans. 'ny-^^kiteiTa from Harvard, Yale, ^te.'^^ford. Cornell. Wiscon- h. Denver. _ •r^ -M -C }jt- • lii'" • ttchi^ Dartmontli. -I Bow- iicnor 1 Now m Full Progress and will Cotitinue All Month These sales have come to be fatnous in this territory as the greatest barjs^ain giving events of the season, and we are determined this year to beat all previous records. The backward weather, that has been prevalent this season, has left us with an unusually larji^e amount of winter goods on hand, which we could not possibly afford to carry over, but which we offer yuu now right in the season when you need these goods, at prices that arc but a semblance of their real values. Dig down in your pocketbooks and get out your.Iittle savings and come to this sale. The amount saved here on purchase will more than overbalance the interest your money cquld possibly earn in the next year. Don't wait until all the plums arc picked, but conic as soon as you can and do some picking yourself. Many cheerful faces will greet you and wait on you. 1 A Rousing aod Determined Clearing Sale of Women's Winter Garments Womei\s' Coats /a One lol of ilO-lutli Coal.s, all woo! Clicv- iolr, ?(i.00 values fur . $2.35 jS.aO all wool Korscy.Coats, ^U-iucli loii):; uiccly triuiiiud, .scmi-lillcil. clearing sale price S3.00 k $12 00 ail wool Kersey Coal.s iu black, blue, Uiown ami Castor, full W iu length, •Jir. .""lO all wool Br »a(lclot.ii (loat.s, satin liiun' llirouj^honl, iti black, blue, red and Rtct-ii, bcantifnlly Iriuiincd, Ecini-Futed, clearing .sale I'licc $0»8S All our *'2():0U Coal-, all colons, ,ill btylcs incltidinj; ihc cclcbraud' Vanlccc Priiil/,o.s:i"al CDC prico of. $12,9fi All o'T S'J5.0() Coat.s in (inc CiiifTon liroarUlotli-s and line Kcr.'^cy.s, iiaciificc jiiicc $13 OO All our $35.00 Coats in of Broadcloths and KersHys lined with Skinncr.s Satin, sacrilice price $18*73 Sacrifice Sale of Mhses and Chrildren's Coats Children's Bcar:>kin Coatri in all colors' .si/CCS 2 to ('), the regular ^'IS-^) kind, .sacrifice price : $1m50 CliiUlreu'.s Bearskin Coats in all colons, .'ii/.cs li l"> (•), worth $.">.50, clearance sale price $2.25 Childrcn 'H %'^ 50 Cloth Coals for .. ..$1,95 Children's *:..UU Cloth Coats for.. ..$2.95 Childrcn'.s .ff, 50 Clolh Coats for... $3,00 Children's <8.r,0 Clolh Coats for .... $^.95 (•hitilieu's Bcar^skin Coata iu sii:cs, ajjes X lo 11 worth *.s..50, for $S.OO Children's *I0 00 Cloth CoalB for . . $6.50 Children's |I2.00 Cloth Coats in. best qiiJiity Kersey, for $8.50 DISTINCTION moncss cow(>tr.»*T t*07 mr SAdllFICK S.VLE OF FIRS A>D Fl R tOATS. $I .2r. Kiir Srarfs for Tur Scarfs for J2..'.n Kin- Scarfs for $3.r.o Kur Scarfs for J .'i .iiii Kiir ScarfH for Is .iKi I'lir Scarfs for '$10.(111 Fur Scarf.s for Fur Scarfs for iMt nir Scarf.s for $L'."..ii"i Fur Scarfs for SA( KIFH'K SALE Fl K (OATS. Sl'.'i.iiii Kiir ("o.-its for •. $:i."i.iMi l-'iir t.'o;it.s^ f<ir $10.1111 Kiir Coats for J.'iO .iMi I'-iir (.'oals for JfiO .dii Kur Coat.s for $7r>.iio I-'iir Coals for • $1110.01) Kur Coals for .... Tr»<<- JSIO.OO $1.>.0() .l?2:«..->o $.'jr.r»o ( l,KARI\<{ SALK OF IVOMAN'S IVAISTS.. .'.II W.iisi.s, .S.-icrifico price :>1"..'.|| Waisis. Sacrifice |iric-<> *::..'.|| Wai.'-ls. Sacrifice price iSl!95 ?1.0{| Sacrifice piic-e ii?;^!!).! $r ..iMi Waists. S;icrifice price iSijij),! ?7.(m \V.'i.-ls. SiiciU'ice price $.1.'<M) SA(KIKICI\(; SAI.K OK SKIRTS. 'I 'll'- ladies «if tola and vicinily will li.ive ilie opporiunil.v lo loiy ;iiiy .Sl?in ill llie lioiise .-I a .-:peeial lediK-lioii ,>< I'KR ri:\T iroiii Ilic rcL-iilar nuiiked prices. AlliTiilions not Inrliiilrtt. 23 Per Cent Off On any Lace C^nrlaing and Portieres in the house during this sale. CLEARIXJ SALE DRESS (JOOD.S. :.o(- Wool I>rcss Cioods. Cleariuc Sale price 7."ic Wool Dress ( JOIHIS in fancy and' plain. (.''earing sale price -•.. $1.-.'. Wool Dress CO'KIS I 'n laiicy stripes and checks, l .'i inch^.s wide. ClearioK sale price J 7.^^ JI .Oii*nroa<lclolli.s |..r '. GO«t $!.:•:. nroailclollis for -. 7J )<J 1 LEARI\<; SAI.K SILK.S. :.o,- Kancy Silks t..r :J8^ 7.'>i- KaiK-y Silks li>i- .lOt? JL.Mi Itlack Taffela Silk :;r. inches wide. Clearing sale i{«|.(M) $l..">o Mlack Saiiii ::K incln-s wiile. ClearinK sale price «1.(M> Clearing and Sacrifice Sale of Blankets and Comforts 25 per cent discount from Regular Prices. Buy them now. You will never buy thcni so cheap again. lOc DRESS (a \(:ilA.MS. .luBt ri 'ccivcd all new p:illeriis; while tlii'y last iu this .-iaU'. only ^'iC ;jic Ai 'RON (a\<;iiA.>is FOR :,C Thirty picce.s in tlie lot in blue, hrown .and Kreeii <hecks, while they last ill this ,s:ile, mily ,1i »r KMT ITiDERWEAR FOR ^M: Ten dozen l.adie.s' nieaclied. Kleeci-il Knit Vests and I'anis, reRiilar :!!ie (Iiiiiliiy. CleariiiK sale price . .IlitlCr |.> FI\E DRESS (J.MHIIA.MS. .\ew sprin;? pattcrii.s, nn many aj yon want while they last, in this sale ""l.v \Ot .V)r RED SHEETS FOR »!»c L 'oo l',>'d Slieeis made ofuofid cpialily nlar .Mie, kind in this -.m- iiiiis 'ln 7 L'X!'O . ri .sal. .Vie h.MT I \DERWEAR FOR .1J )r, ir.ti l„-ulles' Vests and Pants lii'a\ y rieeze<l. ihi- repiilar •"••ic i|lialitv. Clear- UH- RI.EAI IIED .MISMV. l''n!I y:!rd wide, sofe finish, while ii lasis. only limited iinantiiy in his sale. Only I.> I'IM.OW CASES FOR 'M-. L 'oo ['illow C.'ises made of nice <|iial- il> muslin, size ."'.Hxli'. Clearini; sale l>rice $l.(m LADIES I MO.N SIITS FOR .Vie One lol I.«idies' t.'niou Suits, ejctra heavy fleeced, worth Jl.tHi. Cleariri*,' sa Ie price .*><)^ IHr FAX V OITI>«;.S. I.iKht or darks only alx'mt 2i(0rt yards of iiretty OiitinKs. the reKiilnr Hie (luality in this sale only Mto Yards Towelinj; in this sale at yar.l ; :;.'(• Itle.iclieri 'I'jihle l.iiien. clearlnR sale price 19l^ .'.Oc Uleached and Malf-Bleaclred Table Linens in this s<i!e i$oA 7"c MIeached. and llalf-Hleached Talilc Linens in this sale at oC)^ Kine llleached Table Linen, 71' inches wide. In ihls sale at.. .'J)j>^- ^ _ . ^ ,. , ]

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