The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on March 20, 1870 · Page 2
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 2

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 20, 1870
Page 2
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nines. We perceive by an advertisement in a Lrra. don pnper tliat the Government of India undi-r dite of January 11, 1S70, bave off.rel prize of 5000 over S2V000 of our cnr- renoT for tlie invention of a suitable m- cbitery for septitiing the fibr. ind bark from the stem of the Ramie plant or, as it is called in India, Kheea, at a moderate expense. The value of this fibre, properly prepared, is abou 50 per ton in the English Market, but the cost of preparicg it by majual labor is too great to yield a aatiiJactor!' profit. A great portion of India and all oar cotton region are suited to the growth of Iianiie, and proper machinery to fit it for market, as " a regular textile commodity, is all that is requisite to give an immense impetus to its culture. The prize offered by the GoTerament of India is therefore of equal interest to our people, and should equally stimulata their inventive powers. One year from February 10, 1870, mill be allowed for' the preparation of the machines and their transportation to the locality selected for competition, somewhere in the northwest provinces of the Punjab. . The very liberal prize offered is sufficient evi- ' dene of the importance attached to the B&mie plant, if machinery can be invented to , perform for it what the cotton gin has done for cotton. The following, from the authentic account of the Bourbon duel, carries with it its own commentary upon the brutality and crime of dueling : Montpenfrier's first shot tmsaed, his second sliphtlv wounded the Prince, and his third proved alii, the bell entering the fit-ehf-ad of the Prince ' aod kilJice him iestactly. T'a Duke rzciaimsd, " My God! What hajre I done I " and ttrore to proteot the Frittce't cfiuiirm. 1 Forney bas commenced republishing reports t of the battles of the late war. We have expected this for some time, and presume it will become general by the Northern press. . In ' six or seven yean the brightest laurels will . get tarnished, the old war-cries lobe their echoes, and the glory of the battle-field become as dingy as its smoke. Time, in traveling along, will kick the dust lip behind him, and, in the disappearing past, goes its pas-. sions, prejudices, cheap heroes, and cheaper patriotism. People grow tired of eternal music upon one siring, and are apt to regard the performer as a nuisance. This is what Forney fears ; what he would escape; and he accordingly brings out bis old asthmatic bellows and blows away at the dying embers. Admitting the despairing nature of the attempt, we can at least , afford to compliment his good judgment If anything is calculated to stir up the Northern people and arouse old enthusiasm, it is the bosh of (lattery. No people on the nice ol the earth have such an egregious vanity, or one more suscptible of tickling. Plenty of glory, daring victory, and general whitewash will bring them oat if anything can. Their old soldiers would like to fight the whole war over strain every year, that is on paper. As it is, they are eternally taking advantage of every possible occasion to furbish up threadbare uniforms and blaze away with the musketry of buncombe speeches. The associations growing out of old army organizations are as multitudinous as the frogs were in Egypt The North cannot boast ot a single Cincinnatus. No private life for any of its heroes. They are de- te mined that the public shall never lose the sense of its obligation to them, while alive, and when they are dead expect the procession of generations to come along, blowing the same old bugle. All this is what, they ' now strive for and would have ; but will they ? r We think sot New surroundings, new issues and new interests must inevitably blot them out Sensible people, who "act within the living present,' will not long tolerate the shedding of useless ink any more than useless blood. Every time the battles are fought over they will become lens interesting and more wearisome, till long before all of its heroes are laid in their graves, the mere threat of remi- . niseence will cause as great a stampede of listeners as that recorded in the "Vision of Judgment" when Bob Southey undertook to read his poem before St Peter. In digging up the bones of the dead rebellion, Forney has, lika Gabriel, played Jiis last trump. The example, if extensively followed-may serve to resurrect a little transitory Hie; giving enthusiasm to the Radical pvrty; i' niay add to it a little skeleton strength, particularly in case old women ara allowed to vote. But the mold is thickening on the material ; the mors is growing over it ; the rust s at work, and not very many years will pass " before the dust bin of history will enshrine it. by general consent of a people, with higher-nobler, and more fraternal aims than thoi.-predecessors. The weeping and wa 'lings among the Ad- miniHtration head-men at Washington, over the decisive rejection of the St Domingo treaty, is so great as to suggest something more in tlie project than the mere acquisition ' of an inland to our territory. A matter so tr fling would not have caused Gen. Grant . on the eve of the report, to call for his boot and burrj down to the Capitol, where he joineu h e own personal remonstrances with those . of the other big chief, pointing out to the committee, npon the map, with bis own executive rtdt the great advantage to accrue from its confirmation. What neat little scheme was wrapped up in " its parchment folds we shall probably hear more of some day. The bank speculation was one that we know of, but the profits on this were scarcely promising enough to account for the extraoidinary excitement manifested on the occasion. Evidently some bubble was exploded some Chateau en Espagne blown Up. The following named bills have been signed by the Governor: The Election bill; Eegittra-tion bill; evisd Statutes bill; Civil Code bill; Code of Practice; bill relative to vete- . rans; bill for the relief of Hon. John Eat; : for the relief of Atlanta Male and Female la stitute; bill relative to Church of St Louis. FrsxTTntK as Srnraiss at Arcnos. Mun-tlav, March 21, 1S70, at 11 o'clock a. at tales-. room. No. 47 Camp street be sold furniture sad sundries by CoL C. C Thayer, auctioneer. The report of the Chief of the Stambcet. Ic-pectinn Divibion of the Treasury DoparV ttiect at Washington nfeeU with some discussion and criticism among steam! "osi men, and the operation of the steamboat inspection law on paities interested in the management of fsjeambcata. It is complain' d that the law virtually makes the inspectors a court, with power to take testimony, try without a jury, and condemn or not as they see fit This, it is thought should be corrected by Congress so that pilots and engineers shall have an opportunity to take an appeal in case they feel themselves aggrieved. The duties aa well as the responsibilities attached to these positions should be clearly defined i and a portion, at least, of the onui for wrong-doing should attach to inspector! when they license unfit men. We assume as a pobition, which will not be controverted, that our boatmen are men of equal intelligence and practical experience in their respective callings as any other class that can be found. In danger they have shown as little of selfishness, aa noble a magnanimity, as high . a heroism. They should, therefore, when any shadow of stain rests on their escutcheon, have a full opportunity of defending themselves. It deserves to be extensively known that the New York Board of Health reports, concerning the late viidtation of "smalL pox, that a very large number of its victims were adults who had been vaccinated during infuncy. This conclusively establishes the necessity of re-vaccination in order to guard against its attack. Upon this question medical men have been greatly at variance, but facts emanating from an official source, founded upon careful examination, must be accepted in opposition to all theories. We are glad to perceive that some of our golid fellow-citizens of Celtic origin are about to establish in our midst a new monetary institution, under the style and title of the Hibernia Bank of New Orleans. Already about $100,000, or one-fifth of the proposed half-million of capital stock, has been subscribed for, and the rest will doubtless be taken at a no very distant day. Judging from the c haracter of those who have already taken stock in this new enterprise we cannot but anticipate for it a grand material success. The following named gentlemen have already subscribed : Patrick Irwin, Arch. Mont gomery, Hugh McCloskey, Adam Thomson, Thomas McKenna, John Henderson, Edward Euike, Thomas Fitzwilliam, William Hart, Thomas Gilmore, Ed. Conery, X. Burke, Peter ODonnelL Win. Douglass, O'Reefe A Dunn, W. J. Castell, and several others. To Pahekts Aim Toraj GrarnjorrM. In another column will be found the advertisement of the Dolbear Commercial College, which is of direct interest to the parents and young men of our country. The changes in fortune are many an I rapid. The accumulations of years may be swept away in a day. The rapid fortunes made daring the war, have, in many instances, melted away hke snow before the warmth of returning spring;. But an education is a permanent fortune. No financial reverses can sap its foundation, and its possessor is not only sure of a good income, but also of a proud aod independent position that will command the respect of the world wherever he may go. The Dolbear College issues full and partial scholarship! on the most liberal terms, aod its long and useful career in the past commends it to the patronage of our people, Otb Cxaxpioii Fiarasn axd trxtb Noethebx Tare. If if already generally known that the gallant members of " Mechanic' No. 6" and Hope No. 3 propose, next June, to visit New York and other Northern cities, with a view of giving our Northern brethren a sample of what our Fire Boys can do for the honor of New Or-leadt and the South. There has been, of coarse, much difficulty in the way of getting the number of preliminaries absolutely necessary to the soo-cess of the proposed excursion. Employers were to be consulted as to the possibility of allowing such of their employes as belonged to the two companies to leave, without their positions being endangered. The Companies themselves were called upon to famish s certain sum to insure the expenses absolutely necessary to make the challenge te New York and Philadelphia effective. In this connection we are pleased to learn that the members of ".No. C " have already, among themselves, contributed five thousand ($5000) dollars to tn end. This will cover, however, only their expenses when North, leaving the expenses of travel to and fro (a considerable sum) to be accounted for. We are informed that a delegation of " No. 6 " are now ready to receive subsidies from our citizens in order to forward this object ; and we trust that the response may be such a their energy and zeal eojnstly deserve. We commend the champions of both Hope No. S " and Mechanics" to tbe consideration of our community. It is a gallant task which tbey have set for themselves, and they should sorely be encouraged. AcxirowiiOGMST. We are indebted to Dr. It Delrieu for a copy of the "Prospectus' of th i "Rising Sun of the South Institution, " a Sehov of "Agriculture, Band Economy and Zooteehny," recently organized and started under the manage, merit of this gentleman. The principle cpoa whkh thU Institution is based, besides bein , thoroughly practical in scope, are ab!y explained by Ir. Dilrieu. He announces in addition to the curriculum of tbe School, which embraces to years of study and thorough study at that t!i establishment of a Model Farm at so rue few rrulo.-. below the city, in which the various elements of knowle dpe acquired in theory bv the pupil wiil b systematized and made useful by a tUorouzh familiarity with their practical operati.m. This strikes us as an effective plan of popular'udns the more useful branches of knowledge applied t j Agriculture and Baral P-i-onomv. The perpetrator of the following, we are hapv to say, is deeeesrd. He was bled to death arita hir pins, and afterwards drowned ia catnip tea : When are babies not babies? When they are robin' red-breasts. - The Socth-Lasd This able journal of Pouilitrn prcgreei and improvement should be found in the Lauds of all who desie the more perfect development of our great resources, and the profperity of our country. The first number, now before os. contains many articles of great vJ'ie acd interest and i full of bright promise for the future. The South-Land ia published in this city It is edited by men of enlarged experience, and on iu face bears evidence of aaoceea. We commend this paper to the public aa excellent authority on agricultural and horticultural mbjects, and as a fi: st -class family paper. Iu term are for the weekly ti per annum, and S3 for the monthly edition. .' C. C. FiU-x, of No. 13 Commercial Place aad 153 rojdras street has, beyond doubt, shown a great amount of , kill as a book or periodical dealer in the citj. While others have been proe-pectirig cut a "coming seison, Mr. Haley has purchased everythirg appropriate to it; and the result has bees that his stock has gone off with a rapidity proportionate to the appreciation enter-tfcntdby the community of his well knowa and often-tried enterprise and energy. Haley has an extensive lift of periodicals, pictorial, literary, fashionable, sentimental. Ask for anv paper or magazine of the day, and you will be curtain to obtain tbera " s etab'.hments. AH the late publics twos he day, whether soLd binding or perishable paper, are t j be had of him as soon as issued. Bis assortment of initial note paper and blank stock is quite large and well assorted. At Haley's you can get a fall collection of French's acting plays. For everything, in short that is new, fresh, up to time, in periodicals, book, plavs, and stationery, Haley may be safely looked to. " One Good Tts Pesebvim Asothf. When we have had balls or celebrations our fellow-citi-K-ns of Jefferson City, especially the firemen, have heartily responded and joined with us, and we therefore call attention to the ball to be given by Protection Fire Company No. 2, of Jefferwra City, on Thursday evening, the 31st inst, at the Hall of Pioneer Company. The 31st is the anniversary of the Fire Department in Jefferson, and we tn it that the many compliment paid to our gallunt firemen by tbe residents of that place will be fully returned on this occasion. The Gsavd Dress and Masquerade Ball to be Grvxs by the Gektlehes's Hebbew Bekevo-u rr AsfociATioit, at the Opera House, on Wednesday, the 23d March, promises, from on diU that have reached us, to surpass any of the Balls previously given by this spirited and influential Association. When it is remembered that the forthcoming Ball is in celebration of the 26th Anniversary of the G. H. B. A.; when it is borne in mind also, that time and time again, the Association have had occasion to celebrate the anniversaries of their original formation; and when, to this, is added the on diU at which we have Lin ted, we need say but Kttle more of the prospects of the enjoyment to be had at their 26th Anniversary. There seems, by the way, to be a certain spell of suceecs in everything which this Association attempts. Under all circumstances, they work for the fulfilment of a certain end; and that end is very much like the Bentham-theory of Government "the greatest good to the greatest number.' Very much like it we repeat, since, after all, when Humanity, in gauzes and white neck-ties, is asFembled at a Ball, the "greatest good' is the greatest measure of enjoyment to the participants. As an evidence how systematically the G. H. B. A. have g ne to work, and how they propose to manage the celebration of their next Anniversary, we would mention that no children of either sex under 13 years will be admitted. This strikes us as a judicious innovation, in every respect We have been favored by the Chairman of the Committee of Invitation with an invitation to be I recent on the occasion. The beautiful weather of the past few days caused our grand promenade, Canal street, te be filled with crowds of elegantly dressed ladies, who moved along, chatting gaily of the sights displayed in the different windows of our principal street No place has more attractions for the passer-by than the showcases of Waslibnrne, who has been for many years a favorite as a photographic arti-t The portraits displayed in his cases are so natural and hfclike, that the spectator involuntarily pronounces the name, as he looks upon the picture. Those who desire to bave portraits taken, in any style of the art, plain or painted, will do well to call at Washburn's galleries. f Card from Coroner Hoc ft r, THE IlQmT. Krw OBLSAm. Marah 13, 187a To tits Knrroa or m Kbw Obiasb Time : A pmitioa b bw SIM 111 the Fourth (Hitrict Court by on lamer: a Bier, which chary" n, in mj otticiai capacity aa Cowr. with acta of wbich I u aot and cuid not be faiil?, and which arte aha maa h"-!? BHdetf eaitmataa to hmva damacwd turn at toat SlO.iV). 1 wocid pauamir await a trial, aausried tbat ifcaiev a petit oQ atio e aura wnwtd b treated as thr dnaerv. wire it not that tha allalMna of t bis pti t -a hav oaaa put-(ibd in futi by tf. pabtic prwwa, and tbat I have ao a na-ntj.that either mi aaawar to tb charm oris of tbe trial will atteet with tb same pu(i-uy. The enty nefette 1 cr to off ia nr owa taieaantof the facta, which wiU b fail? Taribed he ey BBaiter of tb I'ufucer i iorT. and wibhit bit -a i leave tlie pub!e to juUre Vetween Beaaiey aad Baraeif. Oa t lta oi Jafnarv I waa aolthed by the pultre nukt an ioqiet at fc nfaeTazin fttraet, on tnhoaj of iCdwanl W r,-, aa c oniric iLrgihman. formerly eaapoyed aa 8iwn at Dr. Palmer a t hureh. Accompanied by my de;-w'y. I prr-eeeded to the fiou'O and aaet mh eoaaiderabio oppo- t n f r m W r-, tWaslty.whe Claimed tbat dereaaoi) h ul boew attended by a pbyeietaa. and thai ab had aaartili-ate. frne. boerer. euii- r could not or would not io-dacw t'. eart-ncato. Beaeiey earn IB inaaaednttwly alvr 1 1 a at of loioiicatios. and aithnaah he knew me and knew my bnaiaea there, ordered e out of thai bonta, aaytna: that it waa kif- rae'ie. ai i no in met atuiuid b held oa Ijo body of ieri-t Be behaeed in won aa eitraordinary n-attner tbat tfte grareet auapieioiia were arou-wd lumjr n.ird aa to the ranee of tne man' e-etb. and ly thie -! i ' n only eotiid i aa- ount for to-rejtaria'iU ra-krii B- a- ey, w hoe bonne Warne hal did, eetn-d t lave in prerenun- a n j ).. I'a ler Sie cin-uie-rat or I flt it ay duty to order a poet uiorfra eta-niaa-tHa B. a. ley waa an ma-h not or toe rail'ieaoe of luioor. and waa beraru. himself in au h aa oatraaTeoa manner, ti at I fit oobii i al to arr- hire and o te h,m 1 1 t conlined ID ibe polwe net. too f.a? iorerfnM-iair e la iDd m the ci-cbare t w-y d-;ty. 1 be peat nurvn a-mna-moi aa- doiv made t-y rrtor Pool-baa. nd tbe lert ra-i ; of ib ueeeaeod aa gonad to be entirety tone. 4 If eowra It a isn na' -n dnw-ii at -1 hi euepMon. wluci had b-ei eere aatunny created ty tbe eobdijot of Baaley aod bi wieintbehrt itvtan.. it waa ooiy aHta tae rretet d footibr tbat Mr?, fceaai- J cento be todne-d to tbe i-iM m t anna the po mo-te xa-iitnuea awtii t .in. I the i rot riety and mv.e4 of moel wonei. It rft 1 not rati aire force, bet it did r4uire ooiid jle per- fl-iM.n l. ird c her to retire. It tm true that I tooa iweneeaiow of the effe-ta of the deieau-ed. aa uie law repaired me to do: reit I tound a -i i n. y en bis perinn. aa ait t ia members of the jury ciri ;ei-!ify. I r iw ore red tht V-irne', kyn, inlndiria ih net ut fcia iwi in the tieeoad l .at not, w r ia 'he p-tm-mwv n -t B- aaitj s aoa, trem wnom I ob:Ain-j ah-n tae t l winar cay. Woetuei ua inrst'-rd uie cnr-at, wi iriAr'M.m or wot before be -nr-er,d-red tbe key te me. 1 am iao-e lo say. I certeii.ry dri refil-w to lara or ir 'A e j n.perty of the,--ea to B--l-"-, and 1 bad fir n.y 1-nunal the eery rood r-e-on I fiat K- s n- b io c'aim h-iteer to tnat pt-perty. I d.-oTftrl th eatural beira of tbe deceased in t ' per-son a . wo surriiri-m?Te'a: a-deneof ihi, M-e. KUi Waroe f-iiks. of B-t-ndere. Boone eonnty. Iitinoie. wlwre I eel te l.n e ta nolifjiner i f ner brotAer'e ueai.lL. wnria t.- aie u- 1t date of February 31. aieeaa ofjier thin ;e. ana: " e would wieh bis emts to be l -rwardsd to a" bt eij r-ia as rooe aa poih e. end we wi i piy tb ir-r-i-ti oe t'elirerr t ua AltboorO hi ssfe-t wooii be tala. (ea lo a i-warMt' r, tbey are rainaie to s. soa v., ,in. al) a tor lb carriage ot aoytblh. that was oi r I T.trnr'i. ' . I U-.rk I bre anfSrienil re"aed the Hl-d'-r-a ! ' rr wsdf by Bi.-iey. a d. tail i o!,Ttl l Sf-rut-rusien m on bar- na-1 brtesl np a esse in wbi,:b to r e-h fis sin oet n-aiden sword. I doubt if bta client, eresj sit tie pifflr' s--rtenc. wiii be able to aaafy bis aianciuca aretii .r $l.-J at a.y erns. JllRli i, ROTHR. rrrearr First aad Foortb Ditncia and Km at rieik. ml lt n 2p The Latest Stylet for Spring. JVST EECEITFD 1VD BOW OPi" FOS I!SPECTIO!. I WILL SELL TBE AT SMALL PROTTM. "fn EVER ASK TWO PRlftS. I HATK SFRrSC BUSnfF-SS SUITS. EFEnrG FrRISHIXG GOODS ALRKADT OPbb. Come aad eianuu taeaa. H. Z. n-V lt?r C- rs r-f St. Charew aad C m tr-et. IZ rmp street 12 BTOKE KETTKD-FUTURES SOLD, BtfrOTHASa) KROC4 8ELLT50 AT COfeT-TO CXOSE VTH M Alt' TIL WAXTLB A. PKCK, Ajrent atiiutrtat l ui 4. Card of TJtamSts. Knr Obi bans. Mar-Hi It, w:t W tbe nndersumed do hereby tender ear aiaeer tbaakw to tb Officers aad Mem ben of It aaiaaippi Fir Co. Ko. X Lalayett Hook and Ladder No. 1. and tbe Firs Department ia avnera:, for their gallant aad timely axer-tiona ia aavinf otur property from destruction by nr ea Hvs aaorniiuT of th lTth mat., at Ki T.honpitoals street, ear St. Joawph. Tee macb praiss cannot be (ivea Mr. C. T. GAL'CHS. Foreman of Mississippi So. X for bis prompt action aad moat saleable service rendered dar-ux tb tr. J. ROHKL1TS. mbXliiSt Wi SCaiJiDLER. 4T Card. H in rr Cbaubttb Srut Fnw KnonrB Co. So. as. At tbe rea-niar asetin( of this Ootupany. March T, KJ it waa Resolved, Tbat th thanks of this Company are da aad ,ra terror tendered to Miss CHRIST KB, Mrs. H. MTERS and Mrs. FELLA rltSHE.f, for th splendid Wreaths: and to Mrs. J. BOUTAIN. Mr. O. LKDIO Mr.assd Mrs. J. BA YFR. for tbe beaot.fnl Boaajaets wh eh so tastefully decorated ear Entrin on tbe 4th day of Marsh. J. FRANK ARTS. mli2i lt2p Jlore JTcw and Cheap Cood$ F. CASPAR'S KEW STORE. Cw. .rttasvl Stlrea-t.. .SOS I hare reeeired the last week to my now already well-aeterted stock, tbe loUowia aooda. which I wiil sell oa MOKDAT, the slat. This i a rare ehano for those in want of Dry Oooda : 10 ram Embroidered LACK CURTAINS, worth (Kb 'or B preens PTQT7K. from Vs. upward. Iiiah LIKEN at 31 S. 3 and (Do., tor tb best. AU colors of SILKS at $1 TS a yard. Real Ealbrman HOSH at iTl dotsn. Black Silk ALPACA f-om to, upward. Th best Frsnch CORSETS aver brought to this ejtr at told prior. Chsct NAINSOOK th Gaest quality, at Sc. ( beck Jaconet. Ltnesj Lawns, Swiss. Mall Mall, Vie-tona Latrn, and Handkerchiefs for Ladiaa. Oent and Children, at aqua My lew prioes . A fuU line of KMBROlDERTia Swiss aai Jaooaet. PARASOLS ef all deaenptioBa. Bobbinet and Mualia Bar. Lose Shawls, and a thousand other article. . too aamerows te mention, very cheap. I bars only about am yards of those asacsuficeirt Nsw Style BAREGES left, which I am still eeUins. at ISo. PLANTATION GOODS in rrerrUne, is per cenV below the merket pneea. F. CASPAR, mh lt2p Canal stree. wHfason v MIamtin? Organs, Adapted te stMsilstr aad ftaveroal M twle for C knrehea, Hekwela, Idsren, aad the Srawlas-Reeai. They opetiprrittl spar, are eleerant aa furniture, are net liable to ret out of order, and require no tnninr. Forty difTerant styles, u pissa or elAfat eases, front $11 upward. beeenty-four Medals and Pramhuae bar been awarded to tbe tranutaetorera for tne important luiproreuieuta affected by them. Only fir4 clasa Orrane made and guaranteed for five ywara. lor etu at laetrry prices by . LOCiS GKCXEWALT), Boothern Wboleei Arent, BhXHdpSaTnFrSa lat Cwtal . Great Inducements. REAL LAMA AND FOINT LACR SHAWLS DOWN TO GOLD PRICES. We sremM earl th partientar sttentiow ef ear raaaea-ers, country mercbanta and piasters to to crvat tadiaue-menta in our Fauaew mad ittnsle avry Clds, Bonarbt in Korope and at New York auetioae foronsh doniiir th 1st auid and cotton panic, wbu-a ar iticom-parslile in prices, aa well as in duality, and sav at beset fiom 2& to 0 per cent by calliar and xamiainjr onr well selected stock inj vary nepartmeot hefor porrbaetns; eieewbere. attenlton is called to our CARPET, MATTING and bHAia, Departmea. B. A W. CBONEH. mb39 sptt S51 Maranine street, comer St Mare. James Turner if Co.y CHEMISTS AJS BKCdfilSTS, HO. CAMP STREET, Under City Hotel. Tb Prescription Department unit receira ths personal attention of Mr. TURNER, formerly C be mist of Charity Hospital, and price raaranteed thirty per cent, lower than any ether store in the city. Dr. JAMES STUB, formerly of IIS Canal street, ha appointed JAMES TCRiER A CO. his successors ia bsauness; and all tbe former patrons of bia astablUh-sent arc respectfully innted so the . new stabUsb-mrat. Their Stock Is tVesh, havinaT been perch aerd within th las thirty days, aad parties desiring to purchase wiil find crest bsdacemente. nthJB 3t3p .1 Card. Orwhans" Hesae, Seventh Htreet. alb TMatriet Th Board of Manaerera of this institution taks pleasnre in acknowksdsinr the following addittoual liberal donn-t ion a. sine their last report. Any omissions will bs p lb tished in future Hsu : Frosa Msesrs. C. Ltl.X. WaJmeJsy and David .Tsoit- son, each, f 1U3 JU a) .. Meer. A. B. t-nswold Co.. Naranel K. Men A Co., Je-ee al. Bell. U. A C. TT'ur, J. A. Braseimaa A Co., each l M-w-re. ri ffer Brothers, tsboes Mr. Thee. M. Mmirito-is .. Messrs. fatus, Hiiniinioej A Oo.. Sttrop-st.ire Broe.. M 'tea Va-ue. Caae. E. r alark A Co.. kue Bros. A "o.. -a.n: Samuel Jjumoa. W. W. I'arre. H. T. Bartletr. J. r-iockney Smith, James kid onueil, f bae. J. Lexls, A trtetd -t the l o-T.f to." J. J. Barr, (Kuppieal raeb. em b $J& .. Me-ers. Harte-il. Oambera A Sedherry, Joe. 1. Adams A t'o.. Uw B. l.rsnsrn A ikt.. W. t. O y e A V ... Jams -n A' Mnac-n. .Ismes A. Siakep"ar. W n. k arret t, M. M- tireenwoud, J. W. St,,ne. Folert J.v k-on, A. II. liber. E (ward C-mnery. Mrs. t. !. Walmler. ItltM. N. Woitl, areaiuer L Be'ie. Capt. T. P. Leath-rs. siesm-r Nane, A. Broo'Si aa. sh. Joi.a si. tnulil, i ol. J' bo Armhtrons, Jsroes A. (.reebaos. H. llallcr and Mrs. J. ii. C jbi-o. eai h i.O Dr. fi. M. Aostlt. Hsrlow J. Phelps and R K iiecan, 1 aai look isuppiiea) sa-.b t i .. Messrs. A. D. Grief A Co.. Stetsoa A Ann-stroiiir. L?si V Ns.ra., l'aisaon Pitcber. lerisiisn A Hyatt. J. B. Van Horn A t'o-. 1 .aacon .-v-iias A 0 j, and ! y'e 4 Kanm, nop 1 es .. Me-rJ. VV. sheerer A t o.. oaBr-..K. Msriiiier A to.. N Tth. B t:u A Meson, Sim Smilb A Co.. Osribwaite. Lewis A b'ewart, Louie Ure-iewa o, L Linoop. W. O. limil-lin. K. H Kt.ri, C. A. Wbitner. A. A. Yatee. Irenre FsJjrey, J. Buc. .ner. ki'-oi I J. Smith, Alphonse B. t. t. J. V. M nr , Crroe Frft-e'y, ti. W. Rao. W. H. Foster. J. hV Burk. (i-.-.;ies'. J. H. t. am net, for ti rover A R isr Sew1-,aT jHachine 0m;ny, S. f. Mamal lo-eoran.-e C,-sn-any. Mrs. M. L. Wsime-ler. ' " T Tie Orpheu s Kri-nd." Al -rt I,. Phelps. O. S-rht-n acker. Dr. Wru. H. Iloicombe. K. t . at casneyer and ' S. W." earn i .. Ve-sra. 1-s-t SB Bna. Biakely A H nn. Mrs, A I . Wsucb Mrs. llinni- a. Mrs. Whi:rtn. M-s A 11 -it M 1 Mrs. Vi m. Ti-ierton. Mm. W. H Foster. Tho W i rswi.-l, T. Tay nr. I. M. Hollinrwww-tri, Irr. W. bamy, A. A. Mastin' is, W. C i ok. bantil Haat:Ri. John J Wa!)is. J. A. O Bnea. J. fc kmc, li-o. J -nae, IJwn.1 Htxtn. 1h"-rss .-, K. A. 1 r awe. is. . W. I ,-sssrt. K iward LlHn'ha-. S. Aad re n. K. fj-sth. .Ino. HrH-kanLfr-e-. L Va n. -tl. h., D Sme. U. W. Man ,n. at. B.k- U f h. Iiieicbeaui, each Cash from to ty perswis 31) r i ". in 3S uu JTi I 4t OS U OS JO OS Mi M Total ti.091 a nibs IrMp Mas. JOI. S. PAI.APn. President. TJieSIurfee Sub-Soil Flairs Paete-a bare nearly dnnhled their erer-s by the nee of he "Ml b 1 FK M B-.-OlI- FLO W. ee January No. csiatbern t'n tieator. parev lOani II. A laree u piy jnet re. eird ar. i for sals by th prraot-pai arieu!U.iai bonnes in this city, and K. H. MrRFFi ml I ! 'H CenersJ Areas. o. 1 Unoa St. HI.MalFM AI SEl'TRALkFlKITs- rmbbi.wrtrjicTiRri fttra. 1 .. WHITf UHFtf, l .. KM THAI. SflKITI. lt .. k I TR eiS tsrTY. tut .. BuLT-xSO and KYK. By DaVAN M-VSON k CO . Arenta f' r Fitislers. til and US Porsrastt. ".' "-' ; r , t - - Cr. C, JfielMne tt,FJtKlTI'.S UTtl n !.!. IS IT G-loD PRASTIUB In the suTreon, whs, called to a ce-e of fraotnrs and dislocation of the arm, near sets the reductioa and th ad-instmect at ths kajnred parts, and simply prescribes aa opiau for the relief of issiasiintnt paint Will not the pain continue to return, and anil not rraee oompboatjons ensue: should not th Bijury ttsetf ressrr proper attention T Is it any Usee apissrent that all attempts to eject a radical ears in any of th rlneaearl organs of th body. wiU prov utterly fatil, just so long aa temporary ranse-dws are administered for tbe relief ef a single symptom, while the disease Heelf rerelrea ae attention ? Certainly not. Why, then, knesrmg th pro position te he weB founded, will people allow thentserrss te enter ins the view of empirics, and swallow bottle after bottle of ' bitters," drench tbvir stomachs with M rsjnsvnatins; ehztrs," and ooasnma " stresirtb-imparling aad appe-tits promoting remedies,' by ths gross, ia th rain expectation of getting nd of the accompany in f horrors ef liver digests? Nature aod common seasa slits oondema the nae ef torse ours-a Is, aa not only ineffectual te San dissaas, bat alas oertaip te work additsonai aril. Theksta of appetite, the failing strength, the disordered digestion, the ne'ning head, the gloomy ferebodinrs, are but th appeals of ths rliarsised liter for sueoor; and their ln-variabls return after the ass of tbe whole ales af these ineffectual " remedrea,- ia bet a vigonma ntoteet ef the still ill leased rjrer agaitst their nae. All suffsrsra from s diseased brer and it entire ttst ef attending evils, are assured thai II. MsLASrs CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS Will positierly effect a radical eve. They disoltirs asa oonnaction with the puffy mixtures ef th day, wbieh) bona ef their powers te " increase the appetite," tint-ply, bat stand on their menta as a specine ia all eaaea sf diseassd lisev. tiraytle With th Eater at th Treeheld. Th evii of procrattinsUoa nr aerer more fully smpl.fiod than ia dt-laying attention te bscrpient djs- estrea A corurertesl hrar, for inetanee, ctMists ia a pretenatmral fulmeas of the blond vessels, and aoonss qcent partial di stems en ef that or ran. This saaditiea nvsy be attended with a sense ef fullness, tension, wairht, or oppression ia the region of the User; loss ef appetite, furred toesvne, aad deficiency or esneaa of biliary aecre-bon. There hi la a feeling ef general aac aai ansa, drow-tineas or deprsssion of spirits; ths patient being conscious of something wrang in himself, aad disposed te see nothing right about him, yet wholly anable to ex plain the eaase of his aiaialimii. How, if the hver be not unloaded and relbrred by increases! accretion, that congested state of th portal circulation win lead te aa attack of true hepatites, or inflammation ef til organ, with Hs entire traia ef accompanying Mat. It ia conceded that nothing has yet beam discovered te remove congestion of the brer, se naiformry edsetuai, ss DR. Mi. LANE'S CELEBRATED LIVER PILLS. By the action of this great specine. depletion of the congested and distended orgaa at effected directly, both from its own vessels and those of the bowels, and immediate relief tram pain and a return te the fulfillment of its proper functions ia the invariable result, The aotesa of tbe pilla is the same, whether congestion arises frees irritation at torpor ef the hver. JAlItlCi Is aa affection in which tbe skin, eyes and arise are ef a yellow color from tie pi astute ef bilious matter. The coarse of tbe disease ia various, sometimes rapid tn its attack and qnkkly Qi appearing, it not an! reu. neatly runs en for weeks, months, end eeeu years, snteiimg inea-preasibM miseries on its luckless posse 'air. until death closes ths scene. It is produced by any cause which diminishes, er snspends artegethsr, the aiunitut j fene-tionsef tbe hver, whether by producing a torpor, are sort ef parslvsat of ths orgaa, or by ererw helming its nowers throngb th means of coagsotiom. The agent givtrg ris to thews sffecta inchade eon tinned heat ef weather, miasmata, the depressing tnotuaa any sudden or violent passion. bytlerical etcitemeut, errors of dies, and gastric eiTecteont operating thro ash sympathy. Tbe proper treatment of aiindioe is obviously to administer tbat remedy which will promote the hepatic accretion: and in almost every esse nothing mora required. Se soon as tbe alvine evacuation show that the oils has be-sna to flow, a speeily sure may he onlratated ea with certainty. Dr. Ntl.aae'1 Cetetratrsl EJver nila. Are infallible in their action on the Irswr. fjorreetinr any df-pertmre from its aormaJ function, aresteiaing its ss-cretiw powers, aad regulating th proper Bow of bile ia it allotted channel?. COUNTERFEITEK.1 OF NATIONAL CURRENCY Are punirhed with long terms of corifrrteraent n prison, st hard tabor. Tbe nature and dsgrse of their crime ronHdered of enttc ent enormity t) demand thisaeeere treatment. If these who aeek to enrich then s -ires by awning spur. o as and worthless imitatsons of our N al ioan Currency , are ad.nilgrd dnserving ef snch punishment, what course should be pursued toward th sw who wil-fiilly and knosnngiy tamper srith tbe health aad lives ot Lbs people, by r-Bering them medicinal compounds which, if not ale-o tufely baneful aad hurtful in Ilium sesrea are totally ineffectual in aooomplnhi ng what u rlmmeil for them T When these worthless nod dearer, onseompsnndarceentent, nader the satabliahed name and reputation of ar sri tunous prepni atiena th crime ef eocnterfetiing is aa certainly eesabliahed aa tn the esse of Net sal currency. Tbe reader may draw his own ia- Dr. McLsne'e Celebrated TFR Wltrrrin --s r rwwn PILLS, ptvnared sti by FLRMINO BROS.. OF PITrS-Bt Et.H. PA., barr been imitated by parties, snrion of their unsullied reputation and uneiuieocal wo-.s. Let onr readers boon their guard. In makine their aocss-tomed purrbases of reliatla Family Meuieine. let them be rarsfal to prom Is Ihemietvee Dr. Mc Lane's in-fall.ble remedies, maaufactrrrei by Fuming Brmv, e( Flti.burrh. Fa. T, be had at all rasseotabl drug stores Sea bra-.,s4 Wlthwat the SlgKavtara ef FLEMING BROS. SOUTHFRif AGRNCT AT WLEM -- rATENT MEDICINE DEPOT, NEW OKLKANS JUKTuT-SudlWly a7ottv .TJwt noes it Cost t It snO only cast ran on ilollar and twenty-frrs senss t amy a bottle ef EDWARD WILDS B'S STOMACsl BTTTElfcS, winch snH aartaiary sure yea. er any of ycenr fastuly of Dj mn nmt. Lis Cosapmint and afl species s Indigestiow, IaVsrmitsesit Fever, aad all periodical dss-ordera. It wfB gre immsiluss rebec us Oohc and nt It wiU cur Cnstissnsss It a a mild aad datighsfal us-ngorant for delicate females. It is a safe aatt-bilieaa alterative aad tonic for nO family paras ess. It b a pew-erf ul lacunas net after the frame ha been reduced aod attenuated by mrknmn. It it an iiriHmt TfTliai i. aa well aa strwagtkenar ef tbe dirsetrrs iarree, aad Ae-(arabie aiika as a uusietui and mild cut harts a. MOW MUCH DOES IT OOSTP It wiU only cost yea ens doflsr te buy a botiis ef sTIV-WASD WILDER-S S ARSAPASILLA AND POTASH, which win, tiujtmd doubt, cure you. cr any ef your family, of Scrotula m aA its forma, Serofnlous Sors Eyas, Caroaia Rheemsllsm, Neuralgin, Skin Disaaeon, no msltsr hew eld or inveterate, every knewa ranety ef Csmstisutitnal ByphiHa or Vausnsml Disiais, Glandular Swuiliaa sf the Neck er aiaeehma. Cbroeie ChiUs and Fsesr, Tsttaa Weeping Sore Leg, Closes of seery kind. Pimples sa tbe Face. Ringworm, ocajdheed. Falling of the Hair, Whsta SweDing. Hip-joint Disease, Chrome Eryniueia Dtusssj. eta For the rapid and pwaitaial cure of al the etsis HOW MUCH DOES IT COST It snll only sost you cue doOsr te buy a bottle sf KB -WARD WTLDEB'S COMPOUND EXTRACT WIIJO CHKRRT, which bas neeer bseu bosra te fad in (imag raped snd prompt relief ia aO kinds of Ooagha, Oolde and Catarrhs. In Broaohrtia. Laryngitis. Asthma aad Phthisic, it gives immsrlisfs esnsiert, followed by rapid sura ft is alls admirably adapted te the relief ef the Ceagk and Difficulty ef Breetliiag ia Corswimption. In Paiamiiai. Winter Freer, Pleurisy, and every eoasutvnbi farm ef Pulmonary Diasassx it is i be kept in every house hold. HOW MUCH DOES IT OOHT" It will only cost yea ea dollar te buy a beetle sf EDWARD WILDER S CHILL TOkflO, which it Curacy vegetable, and will act only care yea er amy of yeua fssifl) of ChilU and Freer, Fever and Ague, and seery lorss, type awl variety of Malarial ar Faaadal Fsesr sr Affee-tione. but srill entirely drive them tram the s stsas. whsah ne other Chili Medicine now made will da. Dent buy aag of the old and worse thaa valueless nestrwuss. but una only EDWARD WILDER S CHILL TONIC, as s am is guaranteed hi aQ name, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST" It will only east yea twenty Bis eest I buy a bottle ef EDWARD WELDER S MOTHER'S WORM STRUT, which will curl aialy reiiev your children ad Worms, which are indicated by peine nt the atomach. swelling sf the abdomen, picking of th neea aad sen, had hrndt, variable appetite, eta. It is a pure Syrun, and atuhfcam sill readily eat rt, spread ea bread, aad tt s entire I asm ia its nature, and never has seen raswu te fad ia giring prompt relief te the Kstle sufferer. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST 9 It snll only cost yon tsrewiy-dv cents te buy a bus ef EDWARD WILDER' S FAM1LT FILLS which is th best known onenbtnaLioa of Medicine for Const! ;sson ay Sluggish EVosrea. In these ceadiuou ef the esimentsry anal they are perfectly Infallible. As a per set res. tn s Freer aad Inflammatory Diseases. Acute Rhsnasaism, Inrl animation of the Liver, Braia, Kidney and BUnVtsr, Fever aad Ague. Sore Eyes, Dullness of tbe Hand. Tup-tigo, Dtrsinees. sta. they eaana be axw-ed. and aa family should ever he without them. rear Set r mm Bscascru. EDWASO wtLDZB & CO.. wUOLHALI IVSfiIITA SIS Bfaasa Stent. (MavrMa rwuW LOTJTVTTXXE, IT. F i. EAT tt CO, wnoimu AcrvTt, KW ORLEANS. LA. Fjraa-sbr BAXX, LTON A CO. JOBS FLAM r a a, WHXELOCK. FT5tAT A 0 Ossly 45aA Ws AM W 7t

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