Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 15, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1908
Page 5
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Qmnd theatre TO*NIGHT. MUmm Ooome, In His New Romantic Play . «A BOSAACE !>• IRELAITD." Prices. .25, S5, »0, 7oc ud $IM O O 0 O O 0 O 0 O 0 O O 0 0 0 o o o O lOLA TETERIXART HOSPITAL O O , O O Frank S. Bealtir, V. O O Tflpphone 199. Prop. O O O OOOOOOOOOO^OOOOOO EAT cut HBWfL PEARL OROOMER.- daughter of Wl l|Oroomer, leaves the 26tb of this mo|ith for Emopria, Kansals, to attend the State Normal School. Mtu Qroom er Is the first lola colored girl to at tend an educational InstitiitLon higher than the high school. She Js fitting herself to be a teacher. Sr. Mitchell, oflBce and residence, *phone M.­ MRS. EVERETT Rankin and baby, who have been visiting here since FrI day at the home of her uncle, W. F. Hempstead, returned to their home In tola today.—Oarnett News. Powell, the real estate man. hat _ few thousand dollars to loan on (arms at a reasonable rate. Qiinther's Candies! Complete Line at SPENCER'S A .MUSICAL comedy company camis ni> from lola today, on their way to i '.'ioin. Willi' here they practiced at the opera house breaking in two liioon girls."—Uarnett News. ^"I'ln saddest, when I have Indiges lion." say many with weak stomachs. Got rid of your stomach trouble by using Ml-o-na. Cure guaranteed or uinnoy refuuUoil. GOc a box. Chas. 11 Sponccr. DB. J. F. JAKESOir, The Snecessfnl ine- tioneer, Teteriaarian. Farm sales or Pediifrced sales made anywhere. Veter iiiary calU answered day or night. OfEce with Douf^lass Brox. Phcne 13, residence iio 10I.A." KANS.4S. .lUlXiH Afanford Schoonover re- turiu'.l to Qarnott today after having bion here In the Whitlow case which was continued yesterday to the Mar teriii. E. .T. Davis Moving Van. Phone 909 lag the past several months. THE PAPERS in the Dr. Reld case, which has been appealed from police court, wore filed in district court yes terday. Allan Doonc at the Grand Theater tonight In "A Romance In Ireland." MRS. GERTRUDE Tolscm was Rr .mfed a divorce yesterday Mn dis trict court from John Tolson who is now in the penitentiary serving sen tence for shooting: her five times at the Treraont hotel. ROSCOE Clark Is In Kansas City on business for the Hunt Engineering company. Edgar's New Feed Store, telephone Best feed. Quick delivery. .Meet all competition. The Wafch, the RInfr, iiny of Uiat Jewelry you intend bnylng IH here. We have a groat variety of Deslgnit and we are stire (hat we can pleuNe every oue, both in lawte and jwirket- book. Q A; LEFFLER, JEWELER. The Greatest Selling Book for the year 1907 was CHAS. SCHAFFNER, the new county assessor, has appointed the following deputy assessors: J. W. Napier, lola ritv: Jordan Bannockman, Hum- lioldf. R \V. Jury, La Harpe: F. W. Krovcrt. Cas City; Geb .Halt. Salem town.ship: Fred Schmidt. Humboldt township: C. W. Works. Logan township; J. Ludluni. Collage Grove township: S. H. Welth. Elm township: L. C. Caldwell. Marniaton township; C. n. Muff, Klsmore township: Ralph nrake. lola township: J. U. Cllne Geneva township: C. F. Perkins, Deer Creek township; J. 0. Chrlstaln. Carlyle township. GMtdren'm OvBrooBis At Year Own Price. We Must Sell Them. "The Lmdy of ihm Dmoormilon" By Franrls Little. It was In the sis best sellers seven times, and at the head of .the list three times—few books make such a record. The publishers are far behind on orders, are running two binderies night and day to catch np on this little book. Have you read It? Evans Brosm THE BOOKSELLERS. ETerybody Knows Where. CAe BanlaylSHields. CIothm<^ Cr THE STORE THAT SATISFIES. THE I'KOSPECT hole being sunk in CalluMiri bluffs yesterday was put down fifteen feet .nnd struck the lola limestone strata at a depth of 510 feet. The lo.< of the o:d hole sunk on the south side of the river near the Santa Fe hhdj's shows lola limestone at a depth of r,40 feci. T. M. James says the core of the boring In the prospect hole follows the log of the coal hole almost identically, allowing for about thirty feet difference In elevation.— Topeka Capital. MRS. GEORGE Grimes, wife of the Home Telephone company's manager, is quite ill with pneumonia fever. 'Mvriou^ i^ksl l&tt Jopirn' Qtob*" ConinMiitii' flmtltar Fual. oii.Gu f»r Speaking ot ameltera using gaa for fuel, the JdpHn Globe haa the fbllow- iug to say of the local field: As to the situation at Ida, it may b€: summed up in the statement that the ameltera still hare -an adeauate suppljr: of. gas. It has heen predicted daring each of the last four jears that the next year would be the end, but the smelters still have suflleient gas to run the forty-two blocks ol furnaces of the district. Neverthe-, less, the opinions that were expressed four yeara ago were not Incorreci. It is the fact that the old lola pool, which was the original source of supply, has been exhausted, but new pools have been discovered to the north and west, fivm which theao smelters Imve been' obtaining their gas. This year some of the smelters united In putting down a deep, experimental well, in East lola, to pros- l>ect for gaa at a lower horizon. By the middle ot November this had attained a depth ot 2.600 feeU DISTURBED THE CONGKEGATION. The person who disturbed the congregation last Sunday by continually coughing Is requested to buy a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar. Uurrell's drug store. DIRECT VOTE, PLURALITIES WIN. A. H. T. A. Will not Decide to Make Purchase -at Present. Fred Dumont Smith Frames Primary Bill He Will Prtsent. Topeka, Jan. 15.—Senator Fred Du raont Smith, of Kinsley today completed the direct primary bill which he will present to the legislature. It provides for a primary on the second Tuesday in March, both parties on the same day. This year, however, he provision is that the primary shall be held in August. The iioll- ticians benera'ly favor the August date for this campaign. That amount of time Is needed to complete the nominations by petition, their filing, and the arrangements for the voting. Smith's bill is for direct voting, pluralities to decide. BASKET BALL GAME TONIGHT. Freshmen of High School Will Play Picked Team at Y. M. C. A. The Freshmen basket ball team of the lola High School -will play a picked team from the balance of the High S<-hooI at the Y. M. C. A. this even Jng. The Freshmen have an excellent team and are confident of win nipt;. Following is the lineup of th.-* the teams: Freshmen High School Wheeler Forward Fulton Meylmun Forward Steele Reeves ,., Center Gardner Delegates of the subk>rdera of the A. H. T. A. of this county met in the Masonic hall et LaHarpe yester day afternoon for the purpose of e'- ecUng county oificers and transacting other business ot the order.. John T. VN'bod of this city was elected president and Mr. Kalhn of Allen Cen ter was chosen Secretary. • The subject of- buying blood hounds for the use of the order was brought before the meeting but was laid on the table for the present, owing to the fact lhat some ot the members are con templating the purchase of houuds for rental purposes. President \V^IIB has asked that the associations set apart some certain day ax a day of worship and suggested that the 19th of this month he named ak the day. After some discussion the deleitBtes decided to let each sub-order name their own day i-^ be set apart for this purpose. Several cases of petty thieving were brought before the association, most of which was the stealing of brass along the car line. The association will take steps to prevent the junk dealers from buying stolen brass and copper from the small boy. Eat anything you want, don't starve yourself, fearing It won't agree, tor Holllster's Rocky Mountain Tea cleans the bowels and stomach, and makes digestion easy. 35c. Tea or Tablets Uurrell's Drug Store. SHE BRIXGS IX $S7,»00. of M Price Goat Sale • Evejy woman in lola seems to realize that a choice selection of coats can be secured during this sale for a mere pittance and none this far have been disappointed. The garments are aH standard styles, all new and perfectly tailored. It is the ONB sale of the year where cost is not considered, where high grade garments are almost given away. We bought too many and everyone must go NOW. Every Seat Sold for Mrae, Tetrassinrii First Five Appearances. Root . Guard Spink Osborne L.Guard... Ix)wdcrrallk SKATING RINK AT THE PARK. Lee Massengale Has Taken Up the Proposition. Superintendent , Ix^e Massengale of the lola Electric Rallwaj- company, stated this morning that a large skating rink w^ould be opened at the park this summer. An out of town man was in the city yesterday making preparations for the opening of the rink. Mr. Massengale says thac the rink will he large enough to accommodate the large crowds which ill attend the park. ONLY A FEW SHUT OFF. ity Clerk's Office Suffers a Change of Heart. THE FIVE year old son of'^has. Remsberg has pneumonia fever. Allan Doone at the Grand Thraier tonight in '•A Romance In Ir^nd." DR. S. A. COFFMAN Is much improved today and will probably be t^e to attend to his practice in two or throe days. OytT A FEff any. fair -minded people fail to real:e what a iK>tent factor is the press influencing public opinion—it is e mirror that reflects the passing .dow. What yon are doing today _y not interest John Doe. but it may Irlke Rldiard Roe Just right Next kek it may be the other V^KS around; .'erefore It behooves the/merchant to , ?eep on hustling every day. There Is always so much trade to lie gained and the race is invariably to the swift In conjunction with good copy the Register keeips its advertisers in the forward van of progress. Climb in, neither, climb In. ! DR. ^^TCHELL this morning skin grafted the hand of Wilbur Dennis who met with an accident at the lola Brick company's ii days I ago; , lant No. 1 a few I Good Airents make IS.OO and more per day sel'Ing new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat pales are guaranteed. (Not sold in stpres). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken. N. J. MISS ALMEDA Jones Is seriously ill with valvu'ar heart trouble and .tuberculosis. PROP. JOHN Wessley. of this city will deliver a lecture on the ^World's Greatest Needs" at the men's meeting in the T. M. 0 -A. Sunday afternoon. Prof. Wesslsy is an excellent talker and is well known in this county. Dr Edith I^aigh will render a vocat Bok) at the meeting. Jit. 0. L. Garltedioaie. Oflce 'pkoae Sp. I Beslieaee 47S. WThile there were seventy-five on the shut off list of the city gas department, only a few will be shut off. .Assistant City Clerk R. E. Vamer stated that the gas department did not wish to work any hardship on anyone bnt it was necessary to cut off the gas in some cases. A large number who were on the shut off list have arranged to pay up the twentieth, pay day. The city will carry such patrons. New York, .Ian. 14.—Every seat for the first five of Mme. Tetrazzlnl's fifteen appearances at the Manhattan opera house ha been sold, the receipts for those performances being $57,500 Oscar Hammerstein Is quoted as saying that from the rush for seats he Is convinced that were the capacity of the house three timse what It is. and had the prices been trebled every seat would; be gone. Mme. letraszlnl will be heard as Violetta In "Traviata," Gilda in "UIgoIette." Luica in "Lucia ni Lammermoor," and Rosina In "The Barber of Seville." Her first appearance In .New York will be on Wednesday night In "Traviata." How to Avoid Appendicitis. Most victims of appendicitis are those who are habitually constipated. Orino I.AxatIve Fruit Syrup cures chronic ^-onstlpatlon by stimulatlnjr the liver and bowels and restores the natural action of the bowels. Orino Ijixntlve Fruit Syrup docs not nauseate or gripe and Is mild and pleasant to take. Refuse substitutes. Burrell's drug store. VANCIL'S MOTHER THERE. Is Consulting With Prisoner and His AttomeysL Mrs. Vancil, mother of Ephriam Vanell. who Is charged with |,oLsoning his wife, is in Lawrence consulting with her son and his attorneys. The Lawrence Gazette of yes terday sa}"s: "Mrs. Susan Vancil, mother of Eph riam Vancil. arrived this morning from lola. and went at once to the county jail where she held a confer er.ce with her son. I^ter Attorney Riling was called in and the three conferred for quite a while, probably in the nature of a defense to be made In the approaching preliminary. Mrs. Vancil Is a pleasant appear ing woman, small in stature. She takes her son's dlfl5cultles much to heart and will help by her presence as well as in a financial way. THE TRIPLE TIE lodge will Install officers at their meeting on Friday evening. To get Besnlts—Register Want Ad. OMiis niniMii Of BAKni rawDiR It is put np under the snpenriaon of a competent chemist, from the finest materials possible to select, insuring the user lights wholesome, easily digested food. | Therefore, CAIilJMET is recommended by leading physicians and chemists, Perfect in Quality Economical in Use Moderate in Price GalOMt to to canMIr >ad icksUficallr prepared that te B—trsHisttoe of tlw taarpdinu U atMOhitelr perfect. Tbara- foc«, €)Bl«Mt IMVM M RocbeOe Salts or Alnm la tfaa food. ItisftiMliwIlyeerrxi. ••ForyoarxoMAhi mmMal- — Calwsam. Por aeoaomy'* tato bar Cm •l »000.00 BireB tor any tabUaaca IB- iortoaa to taaalth (onad la I $2.50 will buy a (5.00 long, loose black coat $3.75 will buy a %1.')Q long coat, blaclc or colors. J5.00 will buy a JIO.OO long coat, lined throughout. S6.00 will buy a $12.00 long coat, saun lined and trimmed. $7.50 will buy a $15.00 long coat, lined and beautifully trimmed. $10.00 will buy a $20.00 fine Broadcloth coat, best satin lined. $12.50 will buy a ^25.00 beautifully tailored coat, satin lining in black or colors. J7,50 will buy a $15.00 Caracul Jacket. $10.00 will buy a $20.00 Oarracul Jacket $12.50 will buy a $25.00 Carracul Jacket. $3.50 Children's Bearskin Coats, half price •$1.75 $5.00 Children's Bearskin Coats,, half price $2.50' $7.50 Mottled plush Coats, half price $3.75 A Sensational Waist Sale $6.00, $7.00 and $8.00 silk and net waists at $3.95, in all sizes and np to date Styles in high colors, ecru and white. A silk waist sale that will ontrival all former bargain sales. Lemember an $8.00 Waist for $3.95 Reduced Prices on All Sl^irts to Continue. Greafly Reduced Prices on ail Dress Goods. AH Furs Must Go Rei^ardless of Cost The Kansas Dttegatlcn. (Kansas City Journal.) .\ Rttidy of the new Congressional nin^tory so far as it ralates to the Kansas delegation Is very interesting. The advent of D. R. Anthony as a member of the delegation makes four native-born Kansans out of ten a food proiKirtlon. The others are Senator Curils, Mr. Scott and Mr. Murdoclc. Senator Curtis was bom in what is now North Topeka; Mr. Scott was bom on an A 'len county farm: Vic tor Murdock at Burllngame. Osagn connty; and Mr. Anthony at Leaven' worth. The combined age of the ten Kan sas members and seiiators Is 47.* years, making an average of 47'.^ years, a low average. This, by the way, is almost exactly the age of each of the following: Senators I>ong. Curtis, and RepresentaUve Scott It Is probably lower than th^ average oon.sTeasIonal age. There are three Pennsylvanlans on the delegation, ranning ICansas as a close second on place of nativity. Sen at or Long and Representatives Miller and Reeder. Renresantatlve Campbell was bom In Nova Scotia, and so can never become president of the United SUtes. Mr. Madtson was bom in Illinois and Mr. Calderhead in Ohio. The eldest on the delegation Is Mr. Calderhead. He Is Jnst past 62 years. Victor Murdoch Is the "baby" of the delegation— aged nearly "37. Mr. Anthony Is next youngest, being 37. a few months past. The next eldest is Mr. Reeder. who Is 58. Mr. Campbell is 44. Mr. Madison 42 and Mr. Miller 52. Lawyers still predominate on the delegation. Senators Long and Cur tis. Representatives Campbe'l, Miller. Calderhead and Madison are of that fraternity. As stated above, the newspaper men are three. The farmers are not hsavlly represented. Mr. Reeder bein? in this class. Also Mr. Reeder Is a banker, a capitalist, a stockman and a few other things. Nearly all Kansas . members had extended service politically before entering npon their present bfflces. Both senators were in the honse of representatives,' Senator Long was also \t the Kansas state senate, and Senator Curtis county attorney. Mr. Anthony was tonr years postmaster at Leavenworth and one term, two years, mayor. Ml*. Scott mta in the aute senate one term, and served ten ywn as regent of the Univerfity of Kaasn before he went to congresii in 1901. Mr. Miller • served seTeral-terms as connty aUomey and one ttino in the legislature before going to congress In 1899. Mr. Calderhead had been county attorney and also' served one term in congress before he entered npon hit long serriee in 1S99. Mf. Campbell was a c«(W«lga apell- binder, and once ran taf olllee, bnt was defected, before be enteried can- gress in-IMS.- Hells/thaiakl^: tion, with Mr Reeder, to the rule that Kansas members had previous political experience as offlce holders before going to congress. Mr. Murdock was clerk of the Kan as court ot appeals from 1895 to 1897 when the Popultsts separated hinr from his place. Mr. Miadlson was county attorney of Pqrd cotinty two terms, and wts district Judge for seren years. ThB Kansas delegation with its young average age. with past experience, with Western virile spirit, and with excellent committee assignments can not be excelled among the other states. Vestera KUMS Wbeat Land In tracU from 160 to 3000 acres, in most any county desired, to exdiange for Eastern Kansas farms. Now is the time to trade for cheap land. We know we can suit yon. We have sereral parties coming from the west so write us what you have, that we can sKow them your land. lOLA LAND CO. ELECTED Y. M. C. A. DIRECTORS. Meeting Last Niaht Wias to Select Tl^ree Year Term INemher*. Last evening at the Y. M. C. A. H. H. Mtae^jlke. J. H. Vannuys. H. A. Snyder, Wl C. Fiust and E. W. Myler were elected to three yeas terms as members of the Board of Directors of the Y. M. C. A. There are fifteen directors In all, five of which are elected at the annual meeting of the association. These meetings are held on the second Tuesday in January of 3«ch year. ' For lest tai aalckest results BM the itertoter Wait Celwaas. Ofliyersity of Kaiis. SCHOOL OF lEDlClNE Candidates for the profession of medicine should study the advantages offered by the University of Kansas. This school Is peer of the older and better known uaiversltles in the east For entrance some preliminary college work is required. For : two years' work in college and ; fonr years In the school of Medicine, the iUnlveralty grants both the A. B. and M. D. .Address the Registrar at Lawrence. ... KUBSIH <i Young wcimen -who w*!* to prepare for nursing shonld write the principal of the Training School for nurses of the l^ni- versity of Kansas at Rbsedala This school gives a three years' course and excels in the lecture work and the variety of material presented to the pnpila. The pnplls are allowed ^.00 a month first year for expenses, |10.00 second year, and $15.00 the third, year. Candidates must be healthy and high school gradnates. A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bnsh. Use WiDche«ter, League or t)» M« C* SKed^^ Aindthe Bird is Yours. Full line of Guns, Revolvers and Ammunition. 1 Headquarters for Gas Uf^t Si iipplies

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