Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1909 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1909
Page 5
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ShortiStorie^ Happenings —Frank B. Beatue, V. S., Phone 139. MacQsiJ^^, Officers. The followin^^^e the officers for the Maccabees for the ensuing year: P. C.—Frank Travis. Comander—T. C. McKlnzle. L. C—W. C. Teats. Record Keeper—R. B. Porter. Chaplain— Wm. Fiinston. Physician—S. A. Coffraan. S. K. S.—E. N. McGuffan. First M. of G.—H. C. McCloUaud. S. .M. of Q.—R S. Asplnall. Sentinel—J. W. Avery. Pieliet—C. B. Core. For the hmt and qnlrkpNt reiinlU DRo tho Register's want colomns. Badgle/ Buys Feed Store. A. Badglc.v has lioiiBht the EdKar freil stone and has moved It Into tho hullding recently occupied hy the lola Karage. Mr. Badgley was formerly in the feed business here. —Insist on havlnir U. S. Flonr. A $2,000 Policy. The Modern Brotherhood of America has paid to the father of the late Frank Fiake $2.nOi> as the insurance on the life of hi.s son. —Dr. P. E. WTangh, Dentist, Phone 32 Coutants to Leave. .Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Coiitant have planned for an extended visit throtiah the western country. They will leave about tho middle of the month. —Drs. Lathrop, Osteopaths. Phone 468 Cope in Kansas City. Attorney \V. D. Cope is in Kansas City on lepal business to'iay. —Alway.i time to eat at tho Our Way. Visiting J. S. Taylor. T. C. Taylor .Ir. of Oakley. Kansas, is visitins with hsi brother .F. S. Tayor of this city. —The only Cafe that serves the Genuine Seal Shipt O.vster. Our Way. Was in tlie Ozarks. -.1. W. Brown returned homo yolor- day from a weeks htintinR trip, in the Ozark.'?. —rnnnlngbani k Amrtt, C per rent money. Have a Son. Mr, .Vr». Kil Fulton of III .^oulh Keiiiiicky street at" llw piin-nls of a ten pnuiiil son. horn this innrnine. Rooms for men, Y. M. C. A. bulldioK. Steam heat 1c each room. Baths free. J. W. Brown's Father III. .1. O. Brnwn of iluniboMt township, father of Attormy .1. W. Brown of this rlly. I K reported 1o l>e tn a very ser- louK condition as the result of a stroke of paralysis. —3\fm palntlnft. pbona 1428. Fred Rowden. With Mrs. Heylmun. tl. C. Cook of tho .\'uerirau Cloth- iiiK company, of Butler. Mo., was a visitor at the W. R. Heylmun home yesterday. .Mr. Cook is a brother of Mrs. Heylmun. —I)r. J. R. Pepper. Dentist, Phone 1B3 Resloned School .Mis.-; Carrie. Flool-: lias been coni- pelkd to cive un tho n ^er Croel< srhoni on arcnuut of illness. .Miss Minnio Porter of Bayarri has boon chos- pn to take her place. npt the KIko. the iM -st tn- rlear, nl Cralilis. .X home rltrnr. Bollinaer at His Farm. Shfriff C. r». Bollincer went out to lii.s farm todav on btisiiifss. —Good Things to "Our-Wa.v." Schaffner for Two Years. Ciiiintv As.«sor Pchaffiier is ill) from Hiinilm'dt today. TI KTO h:i^ li'-eii soino flispute ns tn wiiotho- or not the rouiily assessor was naine-i for one year or two. The tax commission has ma'If a rulinc on tlif matter a:: is ovi'lfiic<-"l In the fnllowInK d!si>atcb: , January Stb, and Lasts Till Monday We have just closed a suocesstul year's business and have satisfied thousands ot people-now to oXe&xiM&ll winter stoofe;: This great sale includes every Overcoat in the house, all Suits Oravinette Coats, Odd Trousers, Childreqj|yt|!Lts, Knee -Pajts^: Flannel Shirts, Underwear and hea^y goods. The prices you will see on these goods will be a revelatio^^p |you—prices tnat will move them in a hurry. Men's Overcoats The weather has been too warm for Overcoats to sell at a profit, now we must get them out of the house regardless of profin. They are made by SKch well known houses as Kohn Bros, and the House of "Htn 'ey." f6 .oo Overcoats go for $4tB0 7.50 Overcoats go for SSmOO T2 50 Overcoats go tor $Tm2S 15 00 Overcoats go for $tOmOO 16 50 Overcoats go for .$ttmOO 18.00 Overcoats go for $12m7B 22.50 Overcoats go for $1Ot00 Children's Suits Reduced prices on Children's Suits, reductions that mean something. Youth's Suits Long Pdnt Suits, age 14 to 18 years. $5 00 Suit for $3mSO 6.00 Suit for $4mOO 7.50 Suit for I $8mQO 10.00 Suit for $6*80 You have dealt with us long enough to know that when we make, reductions in prices that they are genuine reductions, not just make believe Not everything in the house is reduced, but the reductions cover a large proportion of the stock shown in this big store. Boys' Knee Pants 5'>2 Knickerbocker and plain pants 3So 75c Pants for 50o Boys' Sweaters 50C Sweaters for ». 39o Children's Toques All sizes and colors, 50c kind for 39o Flannel Shirts Big reductions on evsry one. Heavy Fleeced Undcrwcdr All 50c fleeced go &t ..39o Men's Suits >X-^'" made by Kohn Bros, and the "He^ make—the beat made clothing in Angrij^^^^ $10 00 Suits go at ..$Ti9i^<"^/ 12.50 Suits go at -OT-lfO^.,..! 15.00 Suits go at .. .StOmOO 18.00 Suits go at \$fSm$pl 20.00 Suits go at SitTdvft 22 50 Suits go at ^Mb^^ -p-^ 25.00 Suits go at SWKpO 28.50 Suits go at $2S^^^.^ q Remember these Suits are all woof Cas-' simeie and all colors and black unfinished Worsted and blue Serges. Children's Overcoats ; Here Is where you can save some hfg money. • $2.50 Overcoats for. $tm50 3.00 Overcoats for $2m2B 3 50 Overcoats lor .ffSfJfS 4 00 Overcoats for $3mOO 5.00 Overcoats for 93m30 7.50 Overcoats for $PfQO Remember the Big Sale starts Tuesday morning, January 5th. Come. Don't miss such an opportunity as this. Borclai|-&hield» Clothing Company "THE HOUSE OF QUALITY" Topckn. Jan. 2.—In order to clear tt disputed qiu 'Htion among county of- flcials, the state tn .x conunlsKlon today ruled that al deput.v asseHSors mu;it he a|i|)olnte(I annually; rliat the county as.sessors hold over until iniii; that deputy assessors ou(;ht to Ije n;iiiied so tliat they can lie c ^inlirnied at the January meeliiif; of thf counry commissioners. Glad We're Here, a new one and ft flavor seldom tasted. Crabb's Fonn- tain. A I 'mKiiM -tlve HeKldnnt. ('. A. Ilulchlnson, of I O I H, I H in the city, looking over the field with u view to locating here.—Indejiendence Reporter. to his •Hud" .Uuniilton at Parker. Rev. A. P. lianiillon, lietler Itnown friends and neighbor.s here as Hamilton, occupied the pulpit at the .Methodist church here last Sun- Iday night and delivered a splendid ! sermon touching largely upo'n his re' ceai trip to the Holy I..ands.—Parlter,<;e. Aspinall Returns. Fred Aspinall returned to Lawrence this afternoon where he is attending the state tinivcrsity. —Hard Shell Crab, Ixibslcrs. nine Points. Our Way. Pressman Buys Restaurant. .Miln .Maudlin, pressman at the Index oflic*'. has purchased a Iialf i;)- terest in the Bariicrue restaurant at nu .Vorth Washington avenue, and has plaftcd lii;; son W;iltcr in cliarge. .Mr. Maudlin is well Knowti in newspaper circles and I KS many friends extend bi-st wishes for siiceess in his ni 'W liusiness ventiin'. Visited Here. Mr. and .Mrs. Winfield Drake returned yesterda yevening to their home six miles west of this city, after a week's visit with relatives in lola. Kas.— Ilariicsvillc Hnleri>rise. INSTALLS OKKAT OIL STILL. .MI^s rulliam Home. IMiss Corinne Pulliain «f the high sch<K)l faculty, arrived this afternoon from Boulder, t'olo.. where che visited her parents during the vac:atlon.—("ha iiute Triliune. YOUR INTEREST IS READY All DEPOSITORS in our S.vings DEPARTMEN V who had $5.00 or more on depotit January Itt, I'-iOl) will plca.'^s present their Prfss Book 1 at the Bank, to have their INTEREST CREDITED. You can either ::raw this intcr- terest in CASH, or we will credit it the same as if you made a dc] csit of lliqt much cash. If credited to your accouut, it will draw iiiterett juBt th« same as any other deposit. YOUR. INTEREST 15 READY Un-At WVstern Conipanjr at Erie Ha« Onv of the I..anrc!«t. Topeka. Kas.. .Ian. -4.—The (Jreat V.'estern Oil Itefining company of Erie has jiist erected one of the largest oil stilU used for refining purposes anywhere in the I'nited States, it is one of the enormous steel receptacles where the burning ois are first separated from the crude by a heating process. The still has a cai>aclty of 1.100 ImrrelH and is regularly charged with over 1.000 liarrels of «)il al one time. .Vo .stifla are made larger. There are a few of this size used in Standard refinei-iea In the eajst, Imt so far as Is known the one owned by the Krle refinery and one used by the National c<-fip:uiy at Coffeyrllle are the only stil's (f this cajracity anywhere In the west. THE END TO GEORGE HELLE. Well Known Humboldt Man Passes Away After Brief IHness. Oeorge Helle, a well known resident of Humboldt died yesterday morning of an abdominal trouble. Mr. Hello was accidentally Injured by stepping ill a rut In the road Christmas eve. He was seived with ilness immediately afterward and slowly grew worse until the end came. Funeral service and burial Is to be tomorrow. Order your flour at Badgiey's feed stole. 117 West Madison St. Phone 75. MONEY FOR SUFFERERS. St. John 's Chu.-ch Takes Collection for Stricken Italy. AFTER THREE MONTHS. MIshle Pitts Wants Divorce From Kendrick Pitts. TO FORECLOSE LIENS. .lust three months ago today .Mi.slilc Pitts and Kendrick Pitts were marri ed. During those three months divers things have occurred, says the wife, which compel her to believe that Bin?le life is more pleasant. Mrs. Pitts charges her husband generally with misconduct and nonsupport. Specifically she charges him with having struck her on December 22nd, with having on one occasion ordered her out of the house with the suggestion that she stay out or he would kill her, and also with having given her to understand that his "other woman" was in town and that he "did not nefd her longer about the house." Whether he was afraid to come home in the dark or whether he was necessarily detained she doe« not filate, but she does aver that her husband stayed out late at night, leaving her, when slie was not well, alone in the house. She also alleges that her husband was addicted to drink and associated with persons of not the best repute and chai'acter. Moreover she says he does not jirovide for her although he draws about $M per month at the cement plant. There is . now, she states, comine to him from the United Kansas Portland company about $20. In addition to asking for a divorce she asks thi^t the company be restrained fmm paying him the sum due hint until the s-ttlement of thiB case. H. F. Kinderick Brought Suit Against M- Mller. H. F. Kinderick hroitght suit against M. Miller of Petrolia in dis trict court today to two me chanic's- liens on buildings in Petrolia. He alleged that he entered into a contract with Mr. .Miller to build structures on lots 5 and 6, block 23, and lots n and 12, block 12, Petrolia. he furnishing the material. He claims that Mr. Miller has never settled with him and be asks to foreclose the liens taken on the buildings some time ago. —For fine llvcry and hoarding stable for horses, see Ralph R. Drake, Phono 101. 212 North Jefferson. mVi. K.>IALI.\K UE.X.NLTT HEAU. Uc^. 0. MfsHmore Had t'luirge of the Funeral Srnlcrs. ' MOUTHY OF l'0.\FIDE>TE. An <»ffer Barked I'p hy One of the Most Reputable Concerns in lola. We will either cure you of constipation or pay for all the medicine used during the trial. You pay us nothing if we fail. That's a mighty broad statement, and we mean every word of It. We will l)ack it up with onr own personal repntntion, too. Could anything be more fair and secure for you. The most scientific, oonmion .sense treatment is Uexall Orderlies. Their active principle is a very recent scientific discovery that Is odorless, colorless and raste'ess; very tironounced gentle and pleasant in its action and particiilarly agreea'ole in every way. This diarrhoe .T. nausea, fatiilence or griping. Rexall Or.leriies are as pleas ant to lake as candy and are particularly good for children and ilellcate persons. It you suffer from chnsnic or habit-! iiai constipatirui. or the associate or j dependent chronic uilments. wo iirgC) you lo try Re.xall Orderlie.>» at our risk. Remember, you can onlv get them at our store. Two sizes 2r> and lOc. S. R Uurrell. The Rexall Store, We.-t Side S(|uare. mSS MOORE'S TiXPEXSES. Opera Singer Known Here IVas Inlei^. Tlewed at Topeka. ; Miss Laura Moore, prima donna dt the Hoston Ideal Opera company, which was at Electric park last sum'- mer, but is at Topeka now, was Interr viewed by a Capital Reporter. In telling of her expedience she said: "Starting as a young girl I alw^a^-s had a voice. I first took lessons ip St. Louis from Madame Pettipas, who had been at a conservatory in Paris. Shi^ was a French woman^ and she tojd me she thought I could get in the con^er-^ vatory. They will only take in a cer* fain number, that is, if a certain num-^ ber graduates they will take In just that nUihber, always keeping the same number of students. The year I went; in there were eleven admitted out o£ 120 applicants and I was the only foreigner in the bunch. I was there two' years and won first prize. It was my. thought I could get in the conserva-: tory first competiton. The only ad-, vantage tho native bom French: have over the foreigner at this conservatory is that they are allowed to com-, pete for prizes at the end of the first year, while a foreigner has to be there two years. I was too short for gmnd opera, but my education was for col- otura work of grand opera. Col. John A. McCall first engaged me to come to this country. I waa with him a Beatson. I was then with Francis WilsoO' four seasons as his prima donna. t^Meason I was with IfcCall, Sa^I Wbn Hopper was first cottMy. OMm Bell Idcond comedy, and Jett D* j^^:., getes ^k what was left -ThBra Wtra< other well known, artists with the oOfBI pany. When I contracted with Ifr^ Burgess I was alternating; with am Xoldl In 11 Trovatorc in Now TofkJ:' -oHy.—Last January I was .with 'YM'^ Den|\pes-g Opera Co., touring Cvaidai^ in grand opera." 'J! "'Miss Moore speaks Spanish aqiC; French' fluently, and has learned the grand operas in the langnace which they were written. yXHES FIRST APFOINTMEHT. ' i Llent Gov. Fitzgerald Seleeto Ja4i«' Price for Judiciary Cbaurittee. . i Topeka. Kas., ,Jan. 2.—Lleotenntt; Governor Fitzgerald yesterday aBh " nounc'ed that he would appoint Jndge Francis E. Price, of Ashland, as diali^; man of the senate judiciary ooBBlIt'^* tee. Judge Price served one term ae^ senator and several terms as dMriet^. Judge^nd Is perhaps the tiest e4l|Ip>^ - ped member of the senate for .tint;,' position. This is the first appoiat« ment made. » lA^ySl L0A5S! LOAXtl On farm land or lola propertyr- long'br short time; lowest rat«a;''best- terma. Money today it title la CQOd. : See u» at once. lOLA LAND GOMPAMi; • •' J. D. PARKE FAILS. Fniieiiil K 'rvircs over the remains of .Mrs. Kiiialine iJcnnelt '.vho died at her home ~l itrnner street. Siiiulay morning, were roiiducted frmu the residence Kt 'J.'.io o'clock this afternoon. Rev. O. C; ...Misaniore. of the I'niled Brcthrt'ii f liurch, had charge of the services, interment was made in the Highland cemetery. $1000.00 state Savings Bank CmgMmi $23,000 Open fmm 7 to 8 p. m.'SaitardAys eiMi P»y Nights Bishop Hennessey of Wichita, wired all tbe churches in his dioceRe Saturday askinr that a collection be taken in the churches for the l>eneflt of the sufferers In Italy. Father Mo- Oiiire, of St, John 's, according to In- - • «trucUo98 took, the collection here K9tfM99 yesterday and the money will be wired at once to the sufferers. . » y. . J ,. Register Want Ada Brinf Beaulto, lor g jaooinlol ((3u . any tobilaiiea tn-^ he>]lli(oiiiidia(ood (n^a tl>e uie of Calumet Baking^ rder Former lolans Go Into Bankruptcy at Ottavya. ! J. P. Parke & Son. formerly of this ! 'city, ijavn gone into banl<rnptry at Ottawa, where they have been conducting a store for soine tini". Th^ Herald says: A petition in voluntary bankruptcy Tv'as filed In the fedrraT court in Topeka yesterday by the .\inerican Tea company, and the comnanv c'osed the doors of its store at 21 Main St., this morning. ' J. D. Parke and his son. Lee Parke, who are the proprietors of the store, allege in their petition that the total amount of their liabilities is $2 738.10. and the total assets $3,765. • The assets include the stock which was invoiced a week ago at $2.314.74.. fixtures worth about $1,100. and some accounts. The principal creditor Is J. B. Jackson, from whom the tea store was purchased. -Most of the other accounts of importance belodg to wholesale grocery houses. Mr. Parke and s^n came to Ottawa last summer from lola. takinR possess* ionot the store on Angnst IS. Win. P. tullen Offers the Pixley aad Inders "DaintDy BWereat?* CotBie.0^eci»: SiBCcess The Butidiiiaster With tbe Idea-Is It Pe8sl)>l^lffth -ilanry Hermsea-Katt White, And over half a haadreiktUeri. ii%di«g that spkk, apaa. saucy, Itewttchfaiy cl^f ,oj NOTE?—I halve personally, guaranteed that Tho BurgomastiBr'a share o^^tho receipto shall no^ bexleeathan $500, and I gnarante^; this attraction to be the musical event of the.season.—H. R LeVaa.^ •• ^-iii-i': 'ii-^.i . . tocal Manager, •^•yrii m PRICES 86c, ^Qd^7^^1.0dand;$Ii^

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