Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 15, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1908
Page 4
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S 1 Where the fine^ biscuit, cake, hdt-breads,- cfi]^ ^puddi^are ' is jBattinffJPmirder Not only for rich or fine food or for spedai times or service. Royal is equally valuable in the preparation of plain, substantial, eveiyKlay foods, for all occasions, it makes the food more ta%,nutritiou^and wholesome. Bnfter—The! mmrkiet yesteitUy • WM jfirm to a JIttle higher, country advancing ^c; bfferingB light Packing stock 16c; Btorjs packed,- 18c; creamery extras, 31c!; creamery firsts, 28c: sec- jonds, 26a. Eggs—JThe market yesterday was {weak and sales slow. Extras, 22^c; firsts. 2o|6c; seconds, 10c. All quotations Ic liess where cases are returned. Poultry—Offerings light and' market steady and rather firm. Hens, S^c; young roosters, 5c; springs, S^c broilers, 'under 2 pounds, lOV&c; turkey hens, 9%c; gobblers, toms, 8c; c«ni8, 5c: ducks. 7%e; geese 5%c f nenu DULY lEilSTEl CHlSLBS P. SCOTT i-1 E." Mporten' Boom 222 B^ilnasa Offlcf " ulitand at Ida, Kansas. Postofflce, as ' Beoond-class Matter. Ad?«rtialng Rates Made Known on Application. BCBSCBIFTIOK BATES. By Carrier la lola, Qas City, Laajoa- Tllle w Is Uarpe. Oa* Week 10 centi On* Month 44 cents On* Tear $5.00 By Man. Oae year tauMe eoanty $S.0O Oa« year eotslde county %IM Three Months, In advance li.OO One Month, in advance '. .44 POLAR B^AR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becatne its the Best Acce|it No Ofber Win.Oherdorf, Agt QFFICIiL PAPEB, CTTX OF BASI' ' SET. ' PBES8. iber MBHBEB OF ASSOCUTED •f^w.Auoelatel Presa an4 B«e«lTes Ae^V^report If that great aeWi or. natettoB for Exelnahe Afternoon PaMeatlOB la lola. m K. C. MARKETS ii«^''marnttl 3aatitr all aaeUoo and H^M, WUI* iiot ao ATM at thoaa of MoBda3%'wera oinalifere^ itaadirv ^« Qo^tty wai only telr;%e^ claaiy kinds haTias been diaposed Of konday. There were no freah recelpit^ yeatenlay and the day^ attire busiaeiBs woia>on lioldOTBr attat, iioth in the h^rse and n^^e btriM-^T mules were teft" unspUf-and Ihk light trade yesterday cloned up ererything J. BAILEY SAID AS FOLIJ.OW8- William Allert Write "Prints" Blank for the Ex.Gov.'a Primary VIewfc •-a M from i4jeumarisin.sHff joints, gouWumbogo, neuralgiij.sciaHco and^poralysis gives quick relief/ Ir pene^^a^6s mrough me nerves and tissues, relieves rhe •nfkimmaKon and conqesKon. quickens me blood and gives a pleosanr Hngling sensoKon of_comforr and warmHi. Needs very little rubbing. At oil dealers' PRICE 25*50*5^ $100 DnEafl SSIoon.Bosfqn Moss. Emporia, Kas., Jan. 16.—On the edi torial page of the Eimporia Cazette last night appears a quarter of a column that is blank. WJIlIam Allen Wlhite adopted the method to publish what Governor Bailey says lof the direct primary. Mr. VVliIte says editor ially: "At last Governor Bailey has issued a "statement." It is bristling with charges and countercharges against Friend Stubbs, most of which arc true." But what of it? The renlly.Im­ portant thing In Governor Bailey's statement Is the eloquent words he speaks upon the leading Issue of this campaign. Shaking of direct primary for the nomination of all the offices from United States Senator down to road overseer, ex-Governor Ballpy succinctly says: Here the blank space was left. "It Is a c'ear, forceful and direct way of dealing with the people which makes Bailey an indomitable candidate in this campaign. News of the County r BAYAKD. Qalet Day In Grain Pit-Corn Receipts' Were Light i Kansas City, Jan. 13.—It was an-| other quiet day In the grain pit yesterday. Trading was light all day long and mostly among professionals and of a scalping nature. Very little out- aide business was reported. The tone of the market, however, was a little Stronger. A decrease in the visible supply last week in the United States aad Capada of 600,000 bushels caused Imyers to bid up a little better. May wheat started the day ^c lower, then SQld >np %c and finally finished 96c hl^er tlian the day before. July also Bliowed more strength. It opened the day.jateady, then sold up %c and finished at the best point of the day and maintained the above advance to the close. Corn as well as wheat was a ; llUle higher, but trading in It was lij^t. May closed %c better than the day before and July advanced the same. . :"Wheat—Receipts past 24 hours, 59 ara; ^ipments, 52 cars. Receipts same time last year, 143 cars; shipments, 69 ears. Inspections Monday, 185 cars. There was quite a drop in the receipts' yesterday, yet the market was slow Mid evenly lower. A few of the best samples of dark hard wheat were called steady, but most of tlie sales showed \ic decline and red was called tinchanged to Ic lower. Still, buyers claim tliat the market is too high for them to handle and that at present prices wheat cannot be shipped from har^ to any point save at a loss. The vidbl^ supply In the United States and Canada decreased la't week 600,000 bushels. ' Com—Receipts past 24 hours, 30 cars;;!shipments, 41 cars. Receipts same time last year, 65 cars; ship- nteata. 38 cars. Inspections Monday. Ill cars. A very good movement was had in this grain yesterday. The re- ceit>ts were light and this enabled Ublders to maintain steady, prices on mixed, which was ott the day before, ^ot' white, which was held above buyers' views on Monday, was called %c liiref than jthe nominal qnotatlons on tiiitt day and ydlow was also iaid to bsre been |4c oC Bnt »t tlie prlMf there was a very good demand. The fresh receipts were not only all disposed of ,but some held over stock was worked off, home dealers and order men both buying. The visible supply in the United States and Canada increased last week ^SS.OOO bushels. By sample on track here at Kansas City: No. 2 mixed, 6 cars 53%c. No. 3 mixed. 1 car 53%c, 16 cars 53c No. 4 mixed, nominally 52V^c. No. .2 yellow 3 cars SZ^c. No. 3 yellow, 2 cars 53%c. 15 cars 53%c. No. 4 yellow, nominally 53@53%c. No 2 white, 1 cars 53%c. No. 3 white, 9 cars 53%c. 30 cars 53%c. No. 4 white, nominally 53c. Oats—Receipts past 24 hours, 7 cars shipments. 10 cars. Receipts s^me time last year, 41 cars; shipments, 9 cars. Inspections Monday, 15 cars. But few In yesterday and not much doing in this grain. There was some Uttie home buying and prices were called steady. But the outside trade was said to have been light, the present high prices tending to check the demand. Corn was weak, which also Uad a sympathetic influence upon the market for oats. Cattle—Supplies for the past 24 hours. Cattle, Calves Receipts 14,822 694 Week ago 11.901 ' 570 Year ago 13.6G0 1,29 A CARD. This is to certify that all druggists ar^ authorised to refund your money if Foley's Honey and Tar falls to cure your cough or cold. It stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold.. Curies la grippe coughs and prevents pneumonia and consumption. Contains no opiates. The genuine is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. Burrell> drug store. TRUE. TO P.^YORITE SOX. Indiana Repabllcaas Have DMisred They Will Support Fairbanks. a few days. Charley Troxell and W. C. Walker are helping Jim Dugan cut hedge on the D. Curfman farm. Will Dugan is cutting hedge for J. R. Stewart. Frank Myers and Tip Williams are cutting hedge on the J. W. Seymour farm. ' Mrs. FInley of lola Is the guest of Mrs. Cunningham. J. Seymour is feeling very poorly. Walter Wood Is still in the west. . Mr. Spencer, our mall carrier, is on I a lay off and Mr. Chamberlain is filling Mr. Lantz was visiting In our vicinity last Wednesday. A niece of Sam Ewing and her two children arrived from Humboldt Friday for a few days" visit with relatives. Charilo eVslal and family was called, „ „, to La Harpe last Wednesday to attend',,j3 ,Viace ^^L'l^^Z' 'i"'^ ""Phew whoj andiMrs. Tip Williams and fam- WA H TSI to, Harpe for burial. Mrs. M, Cox visited Miss Birdie Patterson Thursday evening. Charley Dawson moved his restaurant stock from Mildred (o Bayard Thursday. i Mrs. O. I^.Moore is visiting with rel-;''^'' Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kohlcr atlves and friends In Iowa at present. '"'^ Kansas City. Teh Mutual Telepohne company and Mrs. Williams was In lola were puting In some of their lines In Saturday Mrs. Purl Harden is at McCune entertaining a little niece. Ladda .Murrie is in La Harpe caring for Charlie. Beu'.ah and Helen Koh- our vicinity last w#»k. j hZd Hltc was called to Illinois the last of the vseek to attend the .'uneral of her mother. Miss Birdie Patterson is staying with Mrs. Hite and the children of nights during Mr. Hites absence. Mr. .McAdams is on the sick list this week. Hoover Kerr Is receiving a visit from his mother and son. Then Maxson Is dragging the roads at present, which puts them In better condition. DIST. >0. 38. GOLDEX V.VLLKY. Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 14.—Republicans of Indiana in the district conventions today selected members of the state committee which will man-j age the coming presidential campaign In Indiana. Each district convention unanimously adopted resoultions hear tlly endorsing Fairbanks for the presl dentlal nomination. The run of cattle yesterday was some too heavy for the Inquiry and trade opened slow at weak to 10c per cwt lower prices. Qlfertngs were generally of plain to fair quality and outside demand was slim. Later shippers got good orders and trade became more active and prices closed almost steady. Several loads of steers sold around $o.25@5.65 per cwt, and many were considered fully steady. Cows and heifers opened weak to 10c per cwt. lower In s}'mpathy with prices on steers. Few sold at a loss however, before the market improved and prices were right at steady. Veal calves were again scarce and prices were unchanged. Stocikers and feeders were in good demand and the t>est sold easily at the previous day's best figures. . Hogs—Receipts. 24,9T2: week ago 32.565; year ago, 12,130. Supplies in this department were above normal at all Western markets, but the total supply was not nearly so heavy as that of the same day last week when the record was broken. Yesterday's run included many good heavies and, considering the size of the .pin. the market opened very en- c6|ir*ging to the shipper. First sales were strong to Se per cwt higher. Lat^ er packers made a on heavies and prices were considered a dime higher In most cases. Llghta slumped. Pad^ f>rs nor shfppars seataed to want them and the market <m iU stuff nnder 200 pounds closed week to lower. The extreipe range of sales was made from t3.60«4.46 per cwt and the bulk of I sales from 14.3094.40 per cwt Horses and Mules—Receipts, none; wadt aso, 74: year ago, 180. Abont SM^MdxtC Ifootey** bigmn Hoover his , Mr. .\rihur Larson and family vis- ^ [ ite;l at Peter Woedln's Sunday. I I .Mrs. Chas. Norrls and daughter. . jf, Dorothy, who have been visiting at Kerr of loia, was In our ther parents, returned to their home In "lola Thursda.v. Knima Thompson accompanied them home. Mrs. Wm. Roberts and son. Cecil, were shopping In Channte Rriday. Miss .Marie .Moore visited her brother in Savonburg a part of last week. .Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Lake visited the latter's parents Saturday night Mrs. Mony Walqulst visited her mother last Suuday. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Boman visited at It. 1). l.ake's Friday. StTUATMUHS WAKTEb Advetrlsemeats this head wfll be Inserted three tlaw» irithoat charge. WANTED^ -MIm WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inqnire 105 South Second stret WANT GAS CITY PROPERTY in exchange for 200 acres fine timber land In Uiirleson county, Texas. Price yifiha. Must lie in good location and clear. Quick deal. See us at once. iOL.\ U\ND CO. community last week and gave neighbors a friendly call. Ike Brooks lust a horse Monday. John-Boekeii bought tour hundred bushels of C. lJoiiinser"s corn at forty- two cents a bushel. Howard Moore visited Victor Sloan Sunday after Sunday .< chool. While going to Harpe last week .J. W. Gullett a green woollen twaddle blanket with a red star In each corner. It was a present to him. The | TJ,!. ,,|g social at Odense last Wed- flnder please leave at Mr. "rown's! nesdav night was well attended, store in L.a Harpe and oblige J. W. ^jr. and Mrs. Fred Woodln visited In Gullett. lola last week. Mr. Roy Baker sold a team of mules to Dwigljt Smock for three hundred dollars .Monday. Howard Moore haS gone to Leroy with his brother who was visiting him ; ' ^^^^ ^^^^ p^^^^^^ Sunday to visit his parents and wife and baby who are visiting here. Mr. Weans are going to have a sale. Mr. Howard McKinney of Kansas City, visited his cousin, Mac Heed, and family Sunday. Mr. Myhew Stewart's nieces from Colorado Springs visited him last week. Mr. Johnson's young folks attended a party at Gene Johnsons at Harmony. Friday night. A Sunday school was organized at Cottage Grove Sunday. The following officers were elected. D. W. Matsler. superintendent; Fred Day, assistant; Myrtle Johnson, secretary and treas- .urer; Lilian Johnson, librarian; Mrs. Stewart, organist; Laura Day, assistant; Wm. Uooe. chorister. Every one is cordially Invited to attend and help make a success of it. A letter from lr\a Henderson who recently moved to Collins^ille, Okla., .says they like the country very much. •Miss Anna Hogan spent Sunday with her parents. Mr. Myhem Stewart received some fine apples fro- mhis son, L. A. Stewart, at Frtiita, Colorado.' Mrs. Mattie Stewart and daughters visited Mr. and Mrs. Noyes Sunday. Edna Myrtle and Charley Johnson. ^ x,.. visited at Mr. .Matsler's Sunday even-tfy- practically new, with good set of I $33.00 harness, for sale at Howard's WANTEID—Salesmen wanted In every town of 2,000 or more in Kansas and Oklahoma, to sell our goods to retail trade. Good salesmen can make from $20.00 to $35.00 per week. Credit extended to responsible par- tias who can give bond and good references. V.'i-ite or apply to Union Pacific Tea Company, lola, Kansas. FOR COTT.VGE GROVE. Keep a package on a low shelf. Let the children help themselyes. Uneeda Biscuit are the most nutritioas food made from floor. Always fresh, crisp, dean. Wgk In moisture and dust proof paekaies. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY FOR' SALE OR TRADED—An esUb- llshed real estate and fire Insurance business. Box 532 Independence, Kas. FOR SALEJ—Household goods, house plants, phonograph. 204 North Second. Phone 1181M. FOR SALE—Good Studebaker hug- ing. Cieo and Myrtle Krouse attended Sunday school here Sunday. Alma and Gladys Burghart have the whooping cough. Mrs. Harry Jones who has been visiting her ])arents, Mr. and Mrs. ira Noyos. returned to her home In Oklahoma Saturday. Her sister. Mrs. Helle, accompanied her for a visit. Hazel Noyes did not return to Nebraska but is attending high school in Humboldt. barn if taken in the next few days at $80.00. FOR SALE—A driving mareVand buggy. Horse dty broke, safe for lady to drive. Inqolre 832 North street FOR S.\LE—Good milch cow. Inquire 404 North Elm. FOR SALE—$1800 stock of grocw- le» and store flxtureit 402 South Kentucky street Whitaker k DonneU's Rent List. 320 acres, 4^ miles. 160 acres. 4% miles. 80 acres, 2 miles. Two room house. $.''i.0O. Six room house, $S.OO. Five Toam house, $7.00. Five room honse, $8.00. rOR REtn^ mimomUmmmon9 FOR RENT—One five room/house on South Second and one 6 room house on South Fourth. Inquire 215 South Buckeye. J. H. Bpck. EXCITED OVER LOSS OF TROOPS. Hopes Leolslature Wilt be Civen a Chance to Act First Goldfield. Nev., .Tan. 15.—Considerable excitement was caused here today by the report that the President has formally • notified Govsmor Sparks that the troops will be withdrawn In a few days and has censured the governor for calling upon the federal government for aid. in view of the fiact that no serious trouble existed In the district at the time. Just what the President wrote the governor Is not known here, but the belief exists that the troops will not be withdrawn un^ll the legislature has had an opportunity to provide other means for the protection of life and property in the Goldfield dis- itrict. "The representatives of the Go'dfield Mine Operators' association are apparently not disturbed by the report that the troops are to be withdrawn summarily. DE CASTELLANES IN COURT. The *Qet Busy^ Sale is On j| aST OU» FfftOE^ BEFORE BUYMB \ Phones 308-301 ,FRYER BROS. E. Side Square FOR RENT—Seven room modern house on paved street 5 blocks from square; newly remodeled. Inquire J. n. Kirk, 621 North Washington. FOR RENT—Five room house: good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Eight room house. 208 North Walnut Apply at 204 North Walnut LOSTmmdFOUKD LOST—Lady's gold watch between 405 and 619 South Buckeye. Finder leave at this office. LOST—Lady's bracelet with three pink amethyst sets. Finder return to Gas City Bank. Reward. FOUND—In I. O. O. F. hall, a purse, containing a sum of money. Owner may have same by calling at 215 North Jefferson, proving property and paying for this notice. "• Count Bonl Admits He Spat, in Prince De Sagan's Face. Paris, Jan. 15.—Count Boni de Castellans, the divorced husband of Anna-Gould, and Count Jean de Castellane, his brother, appeared in court today to answer to the charge of assault brought by Prince Helie De Sa- .gan, their cousin. Count Boni admit ted that he had spat in his cousin's face, bnt only after provocation. Owine to the absence o^ the coimt's attorney, farther hearing was post- Iioned unUl February 4. Aliu DeMe mt the Graad Theater t«a%M la «A BcMkce is Irdu«.» LOST—Lady's gold watch, Huntington case. Return to No. 7 East Douglas. PhlHlps residence. Reward. Its Economy To have ycmr Carpets and Sugs cleaned by TheiohRosFactoiT VNOMt SI*. One of the callings of a newspaper is to do good. The Register believes that if it can assist those who are oat o< work to find positions that it will be doing a great deal, so commencing at once. The Register will hereafter until due notice is given, publish situation wanted ads three times free of charge. Deserving are invited to take advantace of this opportnnltr.

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