The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 15, 1944 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1944
Page 7
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Workers, Employers Share Insurance Cost EDITOR'S NOTE—This In the m-ven- te^nth in a Brrif;s of nrtit-lrn explain- In^ fndeial old-age and survivors in- mrnnce laws. "What Docs It Cost? Who Fays for It?" Workers and their employers share the cost of old-age and survivors Insurance. The worker pays a tax on wages he receives. The employer pays a tax on his pay roil. At present the tax rate for the \vodter is one cent on each dollar of his wages. The worker's tax Is taken out of his pay by his employer who sends It to the government at the end of thef calendar quarter. If he has more than one employer, It may be found, at the end of the year, that the worker has paid taxes on more than a total of $3000. He may, in that case obtain from -the Bureau of Internal Revenue a refund of taxes paid on any amount over $3000. For further information call or write the Bakersfield office of the Social Security Board located at 'J09 Professional building, Bakcrsfield. Miss Letty Brown, the famous Banker, Whose HomS among the nations swanker, Drinks REGAL PALE to calm her mind And make her feel both good and kind. W TWiOXO -CttlMMA Gardner Officer Tells of Escaping Nazis in Europe TAFT, Sept. 13.—Undergoing experience that would make a movie scenario based on them seem unreal, First Lieutenant Frank J. Kirkland, a veteran of the European air war now attending the instructor's school at Gardner Field, a pilot school (basic) in the A. A. F, Training Command, near Taft, lived an exciting adventure in the few weeks he spent in German-held Yugoslavia. Lieutenant Klrklund was with the Second Bomb Group based in Italy when his Flying Fortress, "She Husta," was shot down over Yugoslavia by a rocket-carrying ME-109. Prior to that flight, he and his squadron had been the first ones over the Anzio beachhead, and the first to drop their eggs on the famous Monte Casslno abbey. He wears the Air Medal with two Oak Loaf Clusters, the Purple Heart and the Caterpillar Club pin. Just before he balled out, Lieutenant Kirkland asked his ball turret gunner, a happy kid who hadn't begun to shave yet, how long it would take him to get out of the turret.. "I'm already out," answered the boy, adding, "If I don't get back to camp, draw my pay and pay off all my poker debts." • Lieutenant Kirkland remembered that boy and his cheerful rejoinder because they later found him dead, and it was clear that he had been hit and mortally wounded while still In the plane. He could have called for help before balling out, but that would have slowed the rest of the crew, Lieutenant Kirkland said. "That's the kind of guy who gets It over there," says Lieutenant Kirkland. Suffers Broken Leg All tho rest of the crew landed all right, although three of them, in- cluding Kirkland, suffered broken legs in the process. Questioned When Kirkland hit the ground, in hilly country, he dragged himself to a nearby, stone wall and was Immediately confronted by a rugged character who questioned him. "Germanic?" "Xo," answered Kirkland. "Englishca?" "Americana'" Kirkland's affirmative answer won the friendship of his questioner who was one of General Tito's Partisans. The Partisan helped him to a farmhouse where the rest of xhe crew had already found refuge.' In the meantime, a German squad which had witnessed the crash of the B-17 appeared on the scene, apparently intent upon capturing the survivors, but tho Partisans drove them off with machinegun fire. Then the Partisans and their American guests retired farther Into the hills. For two weeks Lieutenant Kirkland and his crew stayed in the hills and fought, as well as they could with their Injuries, alongside the Partisans. The Yanks further cemented Yugoslav-Yank friendship by giving them their shoes and warm sweaters. Then they left the Partisans in their successful attempt to get back to Allied-held territory. The finishing touch royale to his experience came to Lieutenant Kirkland after he had returned to the United States and had left an army hospital at Atlantic City bound for his wife and home at Dennison, Texas. The Greyhound bus driver was a good guy and he thought Kirkland's Etory was great, too, so when the bus reached Dennison, the driver ma.dc a slight detour, coming to a stup in front of the Kirkland home. Boy Scout Court of Honor Held at Delano Church DELANO, Sept. 15—At a Boy Scout Court of Honor held recently in the social hall of the Community Methodist Church, William G. (Billy) Smith was awarded the highest Boy Scout badge, that of Eagle Scout. David Ramsey, Eagle Scout of Bakersfield, gave the ceremony, while Clayton Herbert, also of Bakersfield and an Eagle Scout, who was master of ceremonies at the Court of Honor, presided. Mrs. L. S. Chambers of Alhambra, mother of the honored scout, pinned his award on him. Merit badges received by him In attaining his Eagle Scout objective were for gardening, athletics, conservation, life saving, reading, flre- manship, bird study, personal health, public health, safety, cooking, physical_ development, scholarship, hiking, 'handicraft, pathflndlng, animal industry, bee keeping, first aid, camping, pioneering, swimming, and civics. Several of the badges were awarded at the court of honor. George Cazaly received his life Scout pin, with his mother, Mrs. Charles A. Cazaly, pinning his new award on him. He also received merit badges during the evening for athletics, life saving, personal health, public health, and first aid. Laurence Abbey was made & Star Scout, with his father, Laurahce E. Abbey, pinning his decoration on him. He received merit badges In life saving and metal work. Boys who were made first class scouts were Price Holland, Donald POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Vote for NOEL 8. Q. Misemcr Dillashaw Renldent of district 1* 5 years Instructor Standard School •hop*. 10 Tears Instructor Kern County Union Hiih School ghopa. 6 irrara onerutinr my own shop at 117 Arvin street in Highland Fark. • year* deputy assessor, city of Bakersfield. 11 yeare aaniMant nunerintendent Man Joaquin CompreM and Warehouse Company, Beardsley. - DIRECTORS North of the River Sanitary District Election September 18 DR. DAYMAN'S SMALL ANIMAL HOSPITAL Bakersfield's Newest Small Animal Hospital Medical and Surgical Treatment Kind, Individual Attention 2007 Niles Street Phone 2-0675 West's Largest Jewelers • 17 Stores to Serve Youl uiiunn Sells more DIAMONDS than any firm in the West 1434 Nineteenth Street. Baker*fteld STOMACH Upset, Acid Indigestion, Qee, Heartburn, due to Excess Acid. For Faster Rottof Try the Now .... Unconditionally ausrsnteed te •atlafy you or your money back. Mail orders filled. 4-es, Powder «r 40 T.HI.U ,,-„ - ............. »1.2» TEBSIN T*Mn OMrlMtar la •aktn ,»» KIMSALL i> STONE. HOI Chester Avenue Ramsey, Jim Herren, Donald Dyar, Stanley Martinez, Alex Morris, and George Kolb, with either their mothers of fathers assisting In the honors. Merit badges given in this group were to Price Holland for handicraft, metal work, safety, and bookbinding; Donald Ramsey for bookbinding, handicraft, swimming, safety, athletics and public health; Donald Dyar for animal industry and public health and Jim Herren for public health. Boys who were made second-class Scouts were Roy Brown, Benny i Thompson, Jerry Smith, Kenneth Rufert, Bill Renfro and Donald Chuck with • their parents pinning on their badges. Donald Chuck received his merit badge in animal Industry. Philip Maerzke, one of the group of advanced Scouts, received merit badges in woodwork and handicraft. Darrell Bassett receive his tenderfoot badge. The Court of Honor opened with the bugle call by Jim Herren, the color guard Ceremony and the invocation of the Reverend Ronald White, pastor of the church. Following the awards a reel of sound pictures of sailing vessels, a Castle film, and two one-reel still pictures, one on fishing In Alaska, and a cartoon were shown by Laurence E. Abbey. The evening closed with retiring of the colors, benediction by the Reverend Father Patrick Leddy of St. Mary's Catholic Church, and refreshments served by mothers of the Scouts. William Gilchrist, master of the troop; Robert H. Hiett, Jr. Scout commissioner; Messrs. Marion Smith, Raymond Ramsey, Frank J. Coddington and the Reverend Ronald White, members of the Scout committee of Methodist Men which sponsors the troop, assisted. During the evening the troop received its sixth consecutive charter, having first been chartered in 1939. Toft V. F. W. Post Asks Names of West Siders TAFT, Sept. 15.—Black. Gold Post No. 1998, Veterans of Foreign Wars, is asking for the names and addresses of all West Side men and women In foreign service. The names will be used for a mailing list for Christmas cards. Addresses may be sent to the commander oC the post, E. G. Sewell, of 305 B street; to A. F. Lemunyon of 206 Monroe street, or to Charles V. Spangle of 414 Lincoln street. One way to make up a young glrl'a •treet or aohool frock and bav* It different from all the other «lrla' dreaaea la to plan an Interesting yoke treatment which will enhance it* attractlveneaa. Pattern No. 8115 la In alaea C, I, 10. 13 and 14 yeara. Site S require* ZH yarda of 35'Inch material. The amart new laau. of the mldaummer atyle book—Paahton—baa 33 page* of cool- lookinc. crlap new aportawear and eumtner day frocka and acceaaorlea. Order your copy now. Price IB centi. For thin attractive pattern, aend 20 cent* In cpini. wltb your name, addrea*. pattern number and alse to Thi HakwiXeld Catiforninn Today'* Pattern Service. 109 liittton «(>«•!, Ban Franviico I. —Air Corps riinlo ESCAPES GERMANS—First Lieutenant Frank J. Kirkland Is showing Sergeant Evelyn Savlk where he was shot down in his B-17 over Yugoslavia. Lieutenant Kirkland, who is now attending instructor's school at Gardner Field, avoided capture by the Germans and escaped bank to Allied lines with the help of the Partisans, General Tito's famed Yugoslav patriots. Sergeant Savlk Is the WAG mess sergeant and the map hangs in Gardner Field's War Room. gftc gahrrgfielb Calttornten Friday, Sgptember 15, 1944 7 PERSONAL MENTION MRS. JUAXITA BROOKS has TO- tunird to her Iwlano homo after a three-clay visit ni Bakersfteld. whore she \vaa registered at Hotel El Tejon, in company with her dailRhter-in-l.-nv, Mrs. Clifford Miller. Slip ,-iNo visitod another daiiKhtc.r-in-liivv. Mrs. \Vfnnic Miller. MRS.'RAYMOND RIXCKHOFF hns returned to the Delano home of her mother, Mrs. Ida Blank, after a visit of three months at Minneapolis, Minn., where her husband, Corporal Rinckhoff. was stationed. She also visited with relatives at Redbank, Minn. MR. AXD MRS. ROBERT II. JIIETT, JR., and their daughters, Marynlice and Delane, and sons. Robert and Edward, have returned to their country home northwest of Delano from a week's vacation at their cottnge at Pisrno Beach. MRS. !•:. C. Rl.NKFELDT of Camp Roberts i.s visiting with her par- outs, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Keimtzcl, of Delano, prior to leaving for Fort I^ewis. Wash., where she will join Mr. Rlnefeldt, who is in the service. DEAN 1-1. BAXTER, JR., has returned to the Delano home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dean H. Baxter, Sr., after a two weeks vacation with his grandmother, Mrs. T. E. Redding of Merced. Mrs. Baxter and son, Teddy, went to Merced to accompany him to Delano. MESSRS. AXD MESDAMES ROBERT IJVINGSTOXE AND JAY BROWN of Delano are spending several days at Reno, Nev. , MRS. L,. S. CHAMBERS returned to i her Alhambra home recently after a visit in Delano with her mother, Mrs. William II. Smith, and Mr. Smith, and her sons, William G. and Kay Smith, who have made their home \vith th< ir grandparents during the past year. William will enter the Brown Military Academy at San Diego and Kay will enter high school at Alhambra. MR. AXD MRS. CARTER JAMISON of 4 OH D street are welcoming their second child, a 7-pound, 11. ounce daughter born September 3 at Taft Community Hospital. Mr. Jamison is employed by Richfield Oil Company. MR. AXD MRS. STEVE COMI and Peter Aritista have returned to Olendale after a recent brief visit in Delano as guests of Mrs. Comi's mother, Mrs. Elise Jones, and her daughters. MRS. CHARLES CHICHESTER, who spent the summer at Morro bay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Schlltz, has arrived in Delano to beghl duties as a member of the Delano Union grammar schools faculty. MR. AXD MRS. JOHN S. TAYLOR of Delano have aa their house guests for an extended visit of several months, their daughter-in-law, Mrs. John S. Taylor, Jr., and sons, Barry Allen and Dennis Taylor, of Santa Rosa, while Mr. Taylor Is located at Camp Roberts. MRS. GEORGE CL.AUDINO of Delano has been called to San Diego by the serious Illness of her grandmother, Mrs. E. L.. Smith. 58 YEARS MARS MAC THE TOOLS! *I«MT LOCK 119 pared drop forged atael HAND DRILL 3-jaw dwofc take* a>il*s to 1-liu Eaey r • a a I a o 24-IN. LEVEL A I u m I a um, with 9 du st p roof glasees — 2 levels, 4 plumbs. SCREWDRIVER 49c Transparent amber color handles . . , Unbreakable vanadium aquare blades; highly |w»l- ishcd bits: 1?2-in«'li size. BLOCK PLANE 69c Steel cutter Is honed and ground. Patented lever and screw adjustment. 30-INCH 1AR Wrecking bar forged f r o as o-a • p4eee oeta- goa eteel, heat-treated. Dunlap Square 98c Combination square combining a try and miter square; flinch steel blade etched with markings in eighths and sixteenths. WRENCH SET 2.79 Sevan apto- ttto wrenchea of hardened ataeL S/tt «a 1« WRENCH SET 1.39 Eight midget wrenchee for Ig • Itioa work. Carefully pered. Punch Mid Chisel Set 1.25 Set oonahrts of 2 ehieele, 2 solid punches, 1 oentar puneh. 'DUNLAP 1 AXE 2.79 Double - bit axe, forged from 'Super* Tuff steel. H I e k ory handle. SINGLE III AXE 2.39 •it and dead forged from 'Super - Tuff* steal. Hickory aaadte. RsderforeMI lioMor of -— ^f SM_ J afc_T- a% • — ,_^ HMVV Ribbed Hack Cow for Loag Wear Durabla Flattie and Ma+al ConfMcftons CLEARANCE! Reg. $3.29 Garden Hose. SO ft Look at the construction of this quality hose—-then you'll realize what this low price means. Tough reclaimed rubber, afl 3 layers vulcanized into one inseparable, leaJtpjroof unit |-inoh diameter. SO Feet Synthetic Robber Note Triple-Jayer coariruction, vulcan'md into one imeparable, iaribla, non- ' kinking unit. 25-ft. Leagik tar 2M 4.98 50 Feet . lASYTMM*—i I ON FUKHASES I I TOTAUNO «H> 0« MOM J SEARS FOR SHOVELS 50-ft. Steel Tape, in steel case 3.19 Rubber Force Cup. threaded wooden handle. 23c Push Bottom Steel OH Can. ¥2 pint 15c 'Craftsman 9 Combination Stone. 5x2x^4-In... 85c 1317 Nineteenth •treet SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO PHONE $-6501

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