Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 15, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1908
Page 3
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NEWS OF GASCItY DR. C. W. BESMCK TBADES FOB STOBE IX COLONY. CARL MOVES TO COLORADO I DR. C. W. BE>MCK IS DOIJiG WELL IX >E>V LOCATION. Endlcott Hotel Changed Hands Agrnin —0. T. CnlTer of Plqna, Kas^ Trades Farm for Hote). i Trades for Store. A deal was closed :i iVw day? a^o ' where In Dr. C. W. Kciitiick. of liar- tlesville, but formerly of this city, tv-ades a rarm in Missouri for a stock (>r merchandise In Colony. Kas. John Ilayl. ot this city, will s<i to Colony in a few daj-s to invoice the stock. It has not been decided what to do with the merchandise stock. The Endirott ChanctsI Hands. A deal wu.s closed jrsferdny afternoon whereby W. \Vll»:ns dis|>o .<:i>.-; of the hotel to O. T. Culver, of Piqua, Kas. .Mr. Culver traded an elRhty- acre farm near Hronsou. Kas.. lor ilie "hotel. Mrs. RcUl who has oharee of the hotel at the iiroscnt will remain. .Mores Ills Ston« to Colorado. Isaac Carl be.uan yeslerdax itiovini; his store to Colorado SiMinss. Colo, where he will open an up-to-date (urni ture store. Mr. Carl has been in l>«::i nss here for a number of .voars ami has been one of the foremost busitiess men of the city. Dr. Kenniek Is Doinir Well. Word was received in ihc yesterday that Dr. C. \V. Keiinick who r.- centl.v nipved to Hanle.sville. tl -ir .u well. Ur. Hennlck had an ampiil.iMon the first day after openln.u: an oi!i< and since then has done a trrmd uisl- ness. Personals. L. K-. De:k left Tuesday for Porl- land, Oregon, where he will make hi;; future home. J. W. Eastwood left yesterday foi Eureka on a business visit. lie r.s called there by the death of his brother. E. D. -AlLstol was in Kansas Ciiv yesterday altendin.c; the meetini; of the Union Portland stockholders. W. .7. Kempy, formerly connected with the King Gas Engine company (^f this city but now of Kansas, was in Gas City .vesterday visit ins friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ceor.iie V. Hill .-.ime in yesterday from .Memphis. Tenn.. for a short visit with Dr. and Mrs. Witty. F; E. Ricke.ot St. U)uis. was in the city yesterday,on business. .,E. L. O'nrion. the clothier, was in Kansas City yesterday on business. .1. R. Tempest was in Gas City ye.<- terday. DuriuR the long. dreary winter months mothers become tired, worn out, can't eat, sleep or work, llol- llsfer's Rocky .Mountain Tea is tlie greatest blessing for mothers. .Makes them happy and well. S.")c. Tea or Tablets. Burrell's Drug Store. V.VNDEKBILT WEDDIMJ DETAILS. Miss Gladys Will Be Snpiiortod b.v Two Bridesmaids. New York, Jan. H.—It is announred that Miss Gladys Vanderbilt when she marries Count Laszlos Szechenyi will be assisted by two bridesmaids. Miss Ruth Vanderbilt Twombly. dau.chter of Mr. and Mrs. H. McK. Twombly. and Miss Dorothy WTiiiney. dauchtcr of the late William C. Whitney and sister ot Harry Payne A\'hitney. who married Miss Gertrude Vanderbilt, sister of Miss Gladys. Miss Flora Whitney, the little daugh ter of Mr. and .Mrs. Harry Payne Whitney, will act as flower girl. Details of the costumes of the attendants have not yet been decided upon. HE BOBBED EXPRESS OFFICES. Joplln Man Fined *2.>fl and Will Stay in Jail Four .Hontbs. Joplln, Mo.. Jan. H.—Walter Harrington was fined two hundred and fifty dollars and sentenced to four months imprisonment in the federal court today. He pleaded gniiiy yesterday to robbing numerous dei)o; express ofiices. Weak Utde Boys may become fine strong men. Some of the strong men of today were sidiiy boys years ago. Many of them received Scott's Emulsion at their mother's knee. This had a po%vcr in it tlut changed them from weak, delicate boys into strong, robust boys. H hat the tame pow^ to-day. Boys and.giris who art pale and weA get food and energy out of SCpjTS EMULSION, jtt makes cjiMcn grow, t i i AO Onnilt*! SOc mmd $1.00. The Eutke Store CoBtfiblii to the Greatest of Clearapce A sale that stands without precedent in the history of this store. Prices on every piece, parcel and yard are cut to an ebb that means quick sales. We invite you to come in the morning, avoiding the crowds that are here every afternoon. L Slaughtering the Lmdies' CoaiSm $iJtO Fine Kersey, comes in brown and redt clearance price $4.75 flOM Black Kersey lined thronph- ont mitli tiatin, trimmed nllh prett) braid and t el vet. (leuniurc prim 80.50 Fine Kenejr Cloth romen la castor and black, elecanlljr trimmed In pretty silk bmld and veUet and coats that NVII In Many stores (or 11^.00. Cleaninc* price *liM Five ChitTon Broadcloth Coat, lined with lin<; Dutchess Venetfain Satin, rlemintly trimmed. Cleamnee price S9.00 .VII of our best $211.00, (25.00 and S-W.Ofl Coats will he sold regardless of cost in (Ills great Clearance Stile. Just II «r>nl iilioHt our rojit.s: This .«i(ock is ail hriirlit. chic and .'.triclly iip-lo- dale: till bought this year and from one of the best houses that «c know to lie authority for style. Wo Iinve no old out-of.dnle stult' as you see in many stores. ft Warm Furs IN THIS CLE.VB.VM E S.VLE. #1.2.'. Furs at this sale I'SC irUO Furs at this sale iKl.lO !f:UO Furs at this sale »2,'i~i *.V«0 Black Martin S:J.7.'> $<J.:.« isalK 'lla Fo.x SS4.7.'> i?:jiO Sable JK5.(K) tjlO.OO Mink, elegantly lined.. .i|;7..'><) *l.-i.t>0 Isaliella Fos .S^ 10.00 - WONDEHFIL V.VLIES IX WAiSTS IX THIS CLE.VK.VXCE S.VLE. (i.'»c Waists, clearance price 4.16 Itilj*; Waists, clearance price ...83<! «!l->0 Waists., clearance price.$i.10 ly.OtI Waists, clearance price.SI.I .l Waists up to i'JM all go in this Creat Clearance Sale at proportionate low prices. SLICING THE PBICES OX SKIRTS .SklrtK, clearance price.. .JKJ.T.l t6M) Skirts, clearance price. .SS-l.*.! f-Ji» Skirts, clearance price..S.l.OO ij :|^iH) Voile Skirts clearance. .$,S..'iO Do not ask to bare Skirts aHered at Clearance prices. DKIVIXU OCT THE Dress Qoods lie Doable Fold Snitiair Clearance price 90 25c Ml W«M>I Dress (ioods Clearance price 19* ,35c Double Fold Pretty PlaMs for / ..children. Clearance price 216 C5c New Ijindsdonn I'lalds Clearance pi ice 416 S5c All Wool Ijinsdonn IMaids Clearance price <J06 $1*5 Fine ChiiYon Broadcloth Clearance price S.lO $1.75 Onr Hot French Voile Clearance price Jj?l.tJ."» Henienii.-er I hese prices are jnst for the Two Weeks* Clearance Sale. SL.VSIIIXCJ IXTO THE SILKS CLE.Vn.VNCE PRICE 2 WEEKS OXLY 5lic Rest China and Jap Silks Clearance price 8.'>6 5t»c ChiiYon TiiiYetas Clearance price .s-'ic Silks in iM'UuttiuI patterns ( Icarancc price 036 $l.(m reirulnr i)l.25 Silk: this includes all our pretty Fancy Silks. Clearance price ..,,...886 $1.25 black Silks, guarante4 -d the l»est in tbe land. Clearance price...836 CNDEIJ PRICED V.VLIES iX Underwear CLE.VR.VXCE PRICES. 25c Misses and Children's I'nlon Suits 196 «>c Misses Cnion Snits .'SSC 75e Ladies .Suits 496 i|!l.tW Ladies' all nool Vests ^and . .Pants 7."if tiil.25 Ladies* sill nnol Vests and Pants 8.">6 5t»c Men's Heavy Fleece Under Shirts and Draners 37^6 PIXt HIXO THE PROFITS «X KaH Uad'skirts 35e Knit Skirl.s, clearance price 216 50r knit Skirt.s, clearance price CtS^ T5r Knit Skirts, clearance price ."JtlO $1.00 .VII Wool Knit Skirts, price 756 .V L.VXDSLIDE IX Tabie Unens 25c Linen, nide qaallty In red or >»hlte 196 ft5c Linen, splendid qnallty 436 vv Linen G.16 $1.00 Linen, tiie liest qnality that can l>e boncht 7.1c These Prices Only for Two Weiis. HITXDBEDS OF BARG.VIXS IX Hosiery BtediCMBnuM CMai«o-KaaMU ttoitry Cawpaay. lOc and Chndren 's Hasc .St 15c Black Cat brand Vit 25e Hbick Cat brand 316 50e Black Cat brand 406 MH H-A-DO IX MILUMERT All of this ele^nt line of pretty Trimmed .Millinery iifty cents on tbe dollar. $1.00 Hats, clearance price 506 11.50 Eats, clearance price 756 92.00 Hats, clearance price $1.00 $3..>0 Hats, clearance price ...$1.75 t\M Hats, clearance price.. .$2.00 $.').00 Hats, clearance price .. .Hfi'A^ We urge yon to come early as the •„Miod things nill go fast at these prices Staple Dep 'tm All liest Prints, Standard brands. ,"»<* (iood Hea^y Blenched Towellnif. ..It lOe lleary Linen Tom-line... 81-36 (;ood Bleached Mnslin (>?46 I2«ic Hope Muslin 10« THc OntiuK Flannel ,l6 10c Heavy ttntinir Flannel ....7^6 12Uc Heavy Fleeced Lined Goods for KImonns 9^6 20c Heavy FU-ece Lined tJoods for Kimonas i'iVit CLEABAXCE OX Blankets A (iood Heavy Double Blanket. ..4,')6 Onr $\JMi Blanket 756 Our $1.25 Blanket 986 Everything In Blankets most go and will go at tbese prices. Remenilier tbe qaotations are for ^ the two weeks of thb Clearance Sale Only, after which everything will be put back to regular price. We have gone thronirh oar stock and selected all short lengthii. We have h sale price. RCniOflntS^ hundreds of remnants that will go less than whole- ^ js^ COTV^e EKRL-Y MMO TKKE KD^KNTKGE OF= THESE RRICES. ^ 113 East Mmdiaon Avenue. 2 doorm HWemi Thomp" aouHeieL NOT AGAINST TAR An Oi'iicial of Locomotive Enirineers Speaks for His Organization. SI. .loseiib. Mo.. .Tan. 1.".—"So iw as he HiDiberhood of i-oconiolive En- j ;iiu'frs is concerned there is no feel- ini; iieainst .Mr. Tafi in lii.-; candidac.v )rr iir,»si(ient. 1 bnv.> seen in the Mt -u s|iai»(>rs liia; there is a disposiiion tn the iiart of organized labor in ^nnie luaricrs to r^ard Mr. Taft as un- friendl.v. iMtt ihat is not liuf of our rotlierhood." \ . 't W The foreijoinK statement -was made last niRhi by \V. E. Prenler of C:eve- •aiiil. Ohio, llrsi of the luernational lirotherhood of Loconio- •.ive Knpineers. Ho and W. S. Stone )r ("Icveland. grand chief of the order. Acie the princijia] speakers at a meet ing in Tiinicr hall last night. Visiting .delegations are here from .'(rookfioki.; Jlorton. To|ieka, I.^aveu- v\-orih. .\tchisoti. Trenton, Hannibal. W.vniore, .\"i'b.. and other cities to lupet ihe grand officers of the order! The meeting at Turner hall last night was ojten. Craiid Cliief Stone siwke on business and tactful (lolicies of the order, iovalt.v to both employers and the or- licr. i STANDARD HAS 99 PER CENT. How the Oil Business of Several States is Divided. XPW Yorlc. .Tan. !.">.—More than !'!• per cent of the oil business in Colorado. \\'Noming. T'tali. Montana and New .Mexico is controlled liy the Standard Oil company, according to tes timony at the hearing of the govern- nienf .i suit to disso'vp the c>r|)ora- t'on today. Christi.m Dredgei- of the statistical d.-pa'tmenr of ihe Standard Oil company identified staK -ments certifying to the aljovc per ci -ntago. BACK TO NORMAL CHICAGO CAN SEAT ONLY 11.250. All Evidence of Panic Has Disappeared in Kansas City. PILES J IKED IX 0 TO U DAYS. P.\ZO OI.NT.ME.VT is gtiaranteed to cure any case of Jtching. HUnd. Illeed- Ing or Protruding Pilc! in G to 14 days lor money refunded. SOc. TAFT WONT LEAVE CABINET. I Taft Would Like to be Quoted as Sayi ing He will Not Resign. GUARDIlilG KENTUCKY CITIES NV.ishincton. .Ian. 1.". — Srcr .iary i Taft today indicated th.if he would like to be quoted as saying that tiiere is absolutely no foundation for the rumors that he Is to resign from the ccbinet. The printed story was to the effect that Secretary Taft would resign and devote bis attention to his campaign for nomination for '|)r^.si- dent. Armed IVIen Will Try to Prevent Night Raids. Fleniington. K.v.. Jan. H.—Armed men are guarding xhvs town and the turnpikes leading here to prevent a fheatened attack by nieht raiders. How to Avoid Pneumonia. You can aviild pneumonia ntid other serious results from a cold by taking Foley's. Honey and Tar. It stops the cough and expels the cold from tbe system as It is mildly laxative. Refuse any but the genuine in the yellow package. Burreil's drug store. Kansas City. .Ian. LI.—I^cal bank conditions have become absolutely normal. The Clparing House associ atlon has removed all restrictions on the banks and checks will no longer have to bear the stamp of the C'ear- ing Honse association and bo apjirov- ed by that body in advance as her. - tofore. • All .the local banks arc doing a large business. Ti:e committee of stockholder.-; which axaniined and approved the assets of the suspended National Bank of Tommerce and recommended the bank l>e reorganized, will meet with Mr. Ridaley. comptroller of the currency !n St. I /5uis today, wh ^n the re- IKDrt of the committee will be submit ted to the comptroller and that oflie la' will consider the plan to reor ganize the bank. Plans for Arranging the Coliseum for the Republicans Completed. { Chicago. Jan. 15.—The s|>eakers' ji-tnnd at the Republican convention} I next June wi'I be located in the south ' end of the Coliseum. The delegates will sit immediately in front of this stand; behind them will come the a'- tt-rnates, and the spectators will be allowed to occupy ihe sp.ico remaining. This plan was agr?ed upon today. .-Vceording to the architect, this will give the building a seating ca- l>acity of 11.2.50 persons. There was a maiden young and gay. She'd laugh and sing the whole long day. For I am so happy and woU. said she. Now that I take Hollister's Rcxky Mountain Tea. Burreil's Drug Store. ST.\TE Representative J. T. Trei- way is In the city today making preparations to leave tomorrow evening to attend the special session of the legislature. MRS. C. E. LOW of 333 South Ohio street, is reported as being very ill.i She Is suffering, from ma'aria fever.' •SaniaFe A SAFETY POWDER FOR MINES. The Officers of a West Virginia Company to Guard Against Accidents. Baltimore. Jan. 15.—Powder which I requires a dynamite cap to ignite and • gives no flame, will be in'-'d hereaf-: ter in the Mononpahela mines in the' Fairmoiint Coal compan.v. where more' than :!'"' men !ost tlieir lives early in ! D?ceinber. THe new powder will also, be used in all the mines of the com- [ pany in that region. Black i)owiIer was tis?d in the jrines when the explosion occurred, but whether the powder had anything to do with the accident, even the experts have not bsen able to determine. AX IXSIDlOrS DAXGER. One of the worst features of kidney (rouble is that it is an insidious disease and before the victim realizes his ilanger he may haye a fatal malady. Take Foley 's Kidney Cure at the first sign of trouble as it corrects irregularities and prevents Brigbt's disease and diabetes. Burreil's drug store. WINTER TOURIST TICKETS via tb • S.\.\T.\ FE on sael daily until .\:iril "I 'lh with final return limit June l.-r. l'«)S. at very low rates to Austin, el'.auir.cnt. El Paso, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Galveston. San Antonio and Waco. Tctas; Carlsbad and Deming, N. .M. and :nany other i>oiuts. . Kindly see IIS wo may bo aide to interest you. W. E. RAL.STOX, Agent. Sairiri 1 BANQUET FOREVANS American Ambassador at Braxll Gare .Snperb Entertainment for OJicert. Rio de Janiero. Jan. V >.—.K banquet .o\\ .Mount Corcoavdo by the minister 'of marine. Rear Admiral .\lencar, and a recei)fion at the ]>alace of President Peana are the princi{iai features of to- da.\-s' entertainment of Admiral Evans and the chief officers under him. Aiimiral Evans was received by ^'resident Pemia yesterday, and tbe llri.zilian executive made a spech of congratulation which was responded to by the admiral. From the residence of Pre.sident Penna the guests were driven to tbe home of Amliassador Dudley, where a superb banquet was served. The entire ohuse and grounds were i Inmiaated by Venetian lamps and colored electric lights. AVlthin the salons wer ablaze with graceful ilinmia- ations and colored flowers. The tables were laid in two of the salons and were; united by an arc of flowery. They were decorated with cut glass, beautiful silverware and more flowers. .Among those present were all tbe admirals, the commanding ofBcers of. each battle ship, the Brazilian minister of marine, the Brazilian minister of war. the chlet of the naval staff, an: oQiciai representing the minister of. foreign affairs. Baron De Rio Branco and a number of deputies and senators. Not ail the show was where Admiral- Evans was being entertained, hdwever. The harbor presented a t>eantital spec tacle in tbe evening. All the warships were illnmlnated and fi'reworMs were displayed oni the shore. The enthusiasm ovec tbe fleet shows noi- sign of abating.

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