The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on August 30, 1871 · Page 1
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 1

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1871
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$3 AaH OL. IX SO, 5324 NEW ORLEANS, WEDNESDAY AUGUST :1J. 1871 DOUBLE SHEET. PRICE, TEN CENTS. FOREIGN NEWS. Mill, tke freewearte . e f a rntouMtea af Tatars' Tr. ef rr-Mimuttf tke Mla-uirr r lefci; Marks laA-e-e Ea-la-va-flea rt-aai auraskeara:, I'lEm, August 29. Lea Journa'ti Peba!t de- fn rrfourre amendment expressing onti-Mr id Thiers. The Sifc'i ays Thiers w opposed to the wording ef tbe bill prolonging hia power, and will oppose it. Tbe depntiee or (be extreme left iih and left ceo tie held a meeting to determine their fu;are OOnTSe. Lercy, Minuter of Public W, irks, baa rehrned. inoe tbe annexation of Stnsbonrg 26.000 in-kabitect have lea for Franoe and America. , M. Tbiera baa promised the Ntionil Gawds ef Bordeaux, that a a token f hia appreciation of their services to tbe eoenlry, tLey a ball be the laH of tbe army disbanded. It m raid Count Chambord baa disappeared. MtBKID. A Weet laalae Viml QiarMliap Jf aj.biii, A Q post '-9. A West Indian vessel has e-eea quarant.ned to prevent the introdaotion of the yellow fever. HtKLIW. BliUK, August 29 There were 329 death in Kooigeburg for the week ending tbe 25th, including 127 children. So death have occurred at Dantdo for the last two day. Amu Ztitvng at to-day saya, besides the com-bag visit of the Emperor of Austria and Ger. many to Ralabury, tbe Kaiser and Francis Joseph sueet Emperor W lUiam in November at aome UDt on the Bhine. The Aaiional Zxtung Count Walzr-rbein hit' been recalled, and that Eamn Arnim replace him ae Charge d'ACau-es of Germany at Ver-ailles. Tina, aay tbe above named journal, indicate, that securer relatione with Frn. fortunately trader it possible for Germany t dupcnee with a tnilitary wuteber in tbat country, ivesa mt Amaine aarou. Hr. lJv.aete aj.fe.lwa Hie War Heese. Lokiox, August 2j.-Adv.oes from Znih.r tale tbat Jjr. Livingston i irloaiv making h,.r WASHINGTON. A4rliattcwKiM rm fraaa'alewt (teeae Tke fmawef tieaeral AentlbN ta. Keatee arklefc (.urMt.r kave IT. k ef HwtM t's Year EKtaf M air. 170. WixmscroH, Ant-nit 23. Adroit aUempU to par two check ra:ad from one hundred to a tbooaand doliar fa.lsd by the can kb of the hanker. The fraudulent paper in one ina'aoca waa certificate of deport on the baDkinghoose Of John J. Cic A grin, Sew York, in favor of L. B Cora 11, to the raloe of til Ood. Thia iu id-dorted as follow : ' Pay to tbe order of Taoma K.Casdy. S'jrned, J. B. CornelL Tbe aignatores and endorsement are oorreet, fcat the amount ib for fTOO only. Ho entomhonee appoiaimeuta will be made until Hocretanr liootweil return, September 15. The Puetmaawr General advertise the following ron'ea, in which contracture have defaulted : AU1 ama, 81 route ; Texas, 46 rout? ; Arkansas, SO roo' : Loniaiana, 12 roate ; and sever il in Virginia, Went irg.cia, North Carolina, Georgia Florida and &Iin6ippi, from Jaoaary li h to June 15th. Bidfiers are reinird to forwrd a eerttSed cberk with Uu bid, for five per cent, of tlie bid on all amount over fire thousand dollar. The certificate of tbe pcetmater will be required in thirty-nine of the m re impoitant ronte to in-sore consideration. Postmaster dsregardinaj the inrtniciion of the Department regarding eertincates, will be subject to tmniediale rt-moval. Washisgtok, Ang. 29 The cenis office for. niobea the follow n? atatisiic of hLmtcidet for the Tear ending May, 1B70 : MEMPHIS. Ca. ilui Oka y Mr. Blrawa-Allr4 rawae. ftHwttlM t nar af Mr. Bmi'i Baacatcra. ibeaoal at Tdatraiik wta.N O. Tlaam.) MmpHis, Acgoet 29. ("apt. J. 8. Adama, a eh-rk ia a d y ood store, iu shot and Barta'ly wounded to-day by 1. W. 8. Brown, gas fitter and plnmbtr, wbe at one time (a year ago) waa part owner of the Cincinnati OommercuU. The alleged ranee of the shooting ia tbat Adam bad seduced one of Brown' daughters and after repeated interviews re.'a ed to m trry her. Brown walked into the store this moraine with a double-barre led sho'gno, and fired at Adam, the load enterinc and ahattermg bis left eg at the tnee. Brown then snrrendered himself, and will have a hearing to-morrow. S'-i'. Barley flow at 7: 77e. Bve doll at 57(g Wlnif Kit Pork firm; mtm Hi. Baton brm srt a,d.r6' iS.; r,b 7J e.; sides (sc. Ham, en' rsx-rsred, lufcilke. ljd brm: kettie T.c. ilog su ady at H&i 25. Cattle nachanged. raeiiDEStx The Yatrk. Mae. Pmivmiaiar, R. L, Angnit The Sappho won tie yacht me. The contestsnU were Tid1 Uave. Ahirm, Iteadnniht, Palmer. Midrie and Columbia. Time, 1 hours, J5 minute and 385 seconds. The dtGcrenee m time made by the yachts was only eigbteen nunntea. Tfee Katrir-a tar taa Eflut S aba toga, Angnrt 29 There are a xteen entries fnr the foor-oared and ten for the single scullers, for tbe Saratoga Imernationa. B tatta nay homeward. riii. W hea the Farta M ill He Rvateaaiea-ate-rt t tke Caiaiiiteee aa tbe fralaasa- at Talen rawer. Paris. Augnst 2:1. Tbe I'ruesianswill 4-vacnate the torts near Pns on llie 5m of Sep-aenibtr. Ibe report of the conimittee tc eooiririer tbe piokogton of liners' towers give h tu the title of Prendent, wnh power to promulgate and rxecute the decree of tbe Ansemljly ; to pa.rt.i-pate in tbe Aswnibly delilratioiit ; to appoint and diimiiss nunwtern. wbo aliail bereponu,le to he Aemlly for Ihier' acts. A'tbama 102 Arkm:- It Arizoi, 44 ( i hifcrn a 45 C iloi A(ti 47 C cnccticut S Itlawire 4 Iakouh 4 I itr ct Columbia. .. 13 Flirida 44 (eotKia lid M nnorota 5 Mis )"ipi 89 Mil. oun 94 Montana i,7 Noorsi-ka : evsda 19 .New Pamrjehirs. 1 New Mexico 51 New Jersey 6 New Jork 70 West Virginia. 9 Wyoming...... 13 Idaho Illinois. ImliAua Iowa hanta Kentucky Loa e'na , Maine Mryland Matwicbu-eits-. . Slicoigan Nmta iiolinv- Obo t)reson l e jusvivtn a.. . . . l:bo to l-la' d i-outh Carjhna... Te inei,-ee 'leias Lt.h ermant Virginia Wi'onsm. ... 2 ... r, ... S2 24 ...42 ... 7J ..12H .. 7 ... 23 ... 2i .. 11 .. .. CI .. 5 . . 55 . . 5 .. f!7 .110 . .323 .. 1 none .. 73 13 KCELLmotf. Basih, Me., An;,-. 29 Eidridge Reed wa convicted of murder in the first dwgree. Bostok, Aug. 29 John Kilday kno.ked an antagonist in a tub of boiiio-; fat. br. Loris, Ang. 29 John Irwm ha been ar-tet-ted for murdering his it.n-iaw, Samuel Van Oldtn. Chabli ktos, Augnt 29. -A few new eases of ytlfcw fever reported. Three old eases fatal iD e yesterday. Hjny nnacclimated persons leaving. Opinion ia divided a to whether the direan w:ll areume an epidemic form or not. lm.!AAron August 29 Ur. A. G. Thoma. late of Georgia, baa been elected Professor of l.rttk of the North Chris tun Cnivenity here. trfEft SEVS. .BWal Twaxraafe k tha N. (X Tibni Caio, Aogunt 2S.rhe James Howard, City of .niney and Indiana arrived trom Newurle-ma. The hubiotn cleared at 9 p. a.: ene added here SOU barrels Hoar, 1(0 roils tiagsing, 75 tons far-nitnre and sundries for Nw Orleans. The Gleo- one cleared at n P. B.t aaded 1M0 barrel Bojr, 1-0 packtge bacon, lm bale hav. 2itl sack oau, 23 p teet raa pipe, 127 piece iron, 70 package butter. 70 barrel whiskey, 191 meii, 14) applet, i.u FuMea. :-a a lot or nonaries for kew ir-k-sp. The Mary Alice u in port addia1;. Tne ltid ica w.a load here for New Orleao. The Andy Johnson e'emrvd this w .rt,ia.i kr i , boxes rheeve, 2S ke? butler, 34 bale bay, and a kit siiDdnet for New Orleans. iraa tba Aannuad fnm. Mkhphib, Aug 29. Weather e'esr and tileaa- ant. river failing. Co Co-oraoo and Henry Amee. Down 1 dy Lee and H. 8. Tarner. Lori-TiLLi, Aog. 29 liiver tatioojrv, thir-tetn inches in ibe cbute and five feet on tne Portland tar. V father clear and pleasant. Arrived Mdyvilie from Cairo. Tbe Louisville wharf is tnug put in r lendid orler. Tbe towboat iiobin m r-in) remuoeieti nd leugtbend. Pi-nsrrKit, August 2! The tain ha eon-tinned all Car ; clear in the eveniusr. M juona-heia tbree teet fenr, and falling siowiv. Cim'In.xat., Augnst i Paver three feel sine ana falling. M eainer windy and clear. St. Lot is, Augnst a9. Arrived Argonaut from Tennessee liiver, Grand Tower from Memphis, fcelligg from Cairo, departed City of Vics-borg tor icki-burg. Tbe nver ia about atat.ou-ary. W eatber clejr and cooL ViCKMci.0, August Pasied down Wm. S. Pile. 6 km. Taseed np Jula, 9 a. . Warm and clear. Elver tailing. j Prvm oar bwaiasr edition 'wra at tke Caaareaa rraai lif. l ranan r Caat. UaU's Exe4lltla. Wishiwtoi, August 29 The Uni'ed State steamer Coniries bas returned fr jra (irenlAoa, having made tbe run of 2oi,i0 mile in less tuau ibireeu days. Uerorhceis report tbat tbe -teatner in returniug passed a hundred icebergs, but nr pacHtu cw. in reason bas been verv mild, not ntihke llsy in Newiork. i;ay became perpe.ual a the steamer advanced north. Tbe Polaris, Capt. Hale a vessel, sailed northward trom Greenland on the 17th, with threo rr tin ? cheeia from the crew of the Conrea. Tbe Cnntress is tbe largest ship ever aaea m I'laco Lav. AUT CCSAR, AUX NUL.LUS. tub TCKnfX OEtKCTAKT arsrBKB or STATIC THE LIVELY ST INK. GLN. HEB1N IN 31 ALL LD. Tetter day afternotn, about S o'clock. Gov. Warmoth offieiaUy eommiaaiotted Geo. Frank J. Herron Ac hog Secrttary of State ;n place of George H. Eovee, i.uspeodrd for the alleged fraudulecry in pronu'gitlng a law while atil m the hands of the Executive : appoinung Su Penntecdent Badge and Capt. hVlgvjrth to place him in charge of the oilica. bow rr caste orr. The causes which ltd to this nummary and te rlded a-tion upon tfwi part of Governor Warmoth maybe br efly detai'ed a follw. Al the last etmon of the Legislature, anion? its other en- onmttes, an act was pas ed aeitug the Crescent C.ty ater Work ( omptny, w,th power to tiko the control of tbat rostitutton out of the btoJi of tbe city, berdea embodying many other obj -t-ionabla provisions. The bill wa passed neir the cke of the cron and left at Governor War-moth's res 'd: ace file dy before adjournment. He did not, how;ver, re-eive it o a ly te i dav subsequent, wv.n he tauojjtd h t latea-tkn of keepipg it until the mi: sesniun of the 'sliitare, to be returned velced. ioihts ON,.::xrr. On Muy 2, the Se rety of 8ute, Mr. B-ivee addretyrd the foCowing letter to t.'ie G3vstncr ia regard to the bill, ahicn explain lUeir: aiA lorLithtiKt, Ofk ltklS.tiil,,Vsn, S On, . i.,Hi; , ,u..L Ts KlsIUdct H. C. Warouitb, U iv. -ar ( Lti jt-aoa : The above iocludet 160 kil;d by the Indi.n. scareis. Fatal Mfcaatlaa Alnr. MrnrHis, August 29. Capt. J. T. Alama, a well known dry good e'erk, was ibot and fatally wounded to-dy. in the dry goods store of A. See-el A hon, Ma n irett, by J. W. 8. Brown, a well kttewn pressman, who wa one of the founders of tbe Ctucinnati CvrnmnrciaL The cause was the eeduction of Brown's daughter. Adamc lived about three hours. He waa cptam in a Korth Carolina n giment dnricg tbe war, aad lost a leg at Petersburg. Brown surrendered. Ee asked Adams yesterday to marry his daughter, which waa refused, with the rtwult as given a!ve. XOSILE. Tae Kxatte at tke Ore a a Wave Far tber fartlralar a( tke Dlaawrr Twcaiv-Mae aviiiesl aa W.utr. aa Itr aa Hearst Freat-ataar Mara MlaUaa. Moi-iLE, Augiwt 29 Twenty-five di od';e, have been recovered. It is feared mauy more are under tbe wreck. Willi Mernwether ie among the dead. The excursionists were ruontly working people, with their Umilies, Laiib A subnuirine diver thoroughly ex-ammed the wreck of the Octaa Wave, and tailed ,o discover any bodies. He report the steamer terribly shattered. Ihe force or the explosirn Wa tiemendou. . Tbe community is atiil excited, and aa ioretri-gahon will be had a to the cane of the cipk'sin. Bo far, ih casualties are lifty-Sve, cf whii h twenty-nine were killed and twenty-six: wounded. Hany more niieing. Bodiea will come to the aurlace in a day or to. Three more vt tbe wounded died this alter-noon. Ihe reporttd death of Willis Merriwether is incorrect. mwuix. I.raehlaa awe Maaal., . Heaiaek r. tvAsswu-t, l.M)., AuKOct 29 A wUite man Bd a black man. charged with rape, were taken 'iom the Ilorgatineld iKeniu-kyi jai and hanged VUTBUt tETOKT. Wan DarX Omca Owirr Biaxu. i irrwii ) '' W M. U I . I Awsn . t -Jb v. m.. IsTl. svsorr pot nrriTT-rcra norm. The jr has -continued to fall on the Caifvrnia coust, westerly winds and hajy eatber. The area of lowest pressare, which was Monday afternoon central in Soathern W eonein, hat been drawn northward to Ijike Superior, bat is now stretching eatwari beyond lake Horoc, anl iu influence has csubnaed to extend te th GuX and Atlantic eoeat. Sduth-wreeterly winds, however, prevailed from Illinois to New York and to tbe Gulf coast, ai l have tn-rt arfd in seventy cn the lower lakes s;aoe this TOonrmg. Lrvk westerly winds are now reports! frton Lake Michigan, aJ local rains aad short aquaUr ma;n fre-jueoton tbe Mid i'e AUantio toast Earn ha fallen very generally since Monoay afternoon Irom Ue Miiippi eastward to tbe Atlantic Partially cloudy and clearing weather now prevails from MlnncjoU to .ortn larr-ltna and westward. FwOaAaiUTTjM. The storm centre on Lake Superior an." Huron wai probat-ly, ou Wednesday, have expended rjorthearitward far into CanaJa. with souths ast-cr!y wind and rain to-n;.ht on the N, w F.ogUnd coat and soc thwetertv wind, with local tortus trctn KaryUnd and Sew Jersey orthwarda. Brisk wmdo from tbe southwest and west from Lake t'ntario to lake Kiftigan. Theetmditiom will mcain favorable for abort ram on Wed&eo lay rn the comI f the Southern ax J Cnif Staw. SEW lOtft. A Baeeeatl.l ,-arrery-Tke taaiaiutee te Ci. Be'1tr aa t'aaatr Aeraaata-A romer' Jar Flaw antral Maaatae. tarers at Kereerae Oil KBaa.ble far krratb C'aaara fcv Laaia LilMUu-Ua 'ark Llaaa-The liallaa Caavea-'- atatefe ar t rlaiea-t aata'.a Mall's Kiaeal;laa. Kw Yoaa, Aug. 29. F. H. Smith, of No. 23 Broad street, pa d a forged check to one A. B. Van hann for $50,000 gold. Van Saon and the money have disappeared. Vetsela from Charleston, (lower bay,) South Carolina, are detained there. If mo canes occurred on the veel, she will be allowed to eome np aa noon aa the F.eallh Ofiioer is satisfied there i no fever on board. It is said the girl in tbe trunk from Boston gave the name of fcuth Billings. recorder Hackett is Chairman of the Commit tee of Aldermen to examine city and county as counts. Each committeeman selects citizen to assist the committee. A coroner's jury in Brooklyn round a verdict tbat several manufacturer of kerosene od were reiponsitie for death caused by lamp explosions, "their oil being dawerous and unlit for use. Tbe eteamer .wilmingion, irom Galveston, picked np on tbe 2th inst. a boat containing Irancii Marte, fret mate, Hinard Bimmons, second male, and Lewis Schlader, eeameu belonging to tbe bark Linda, of Philadelphia, from New York bound for New Orleans, whUth found-ered in the hctrricane of the 2Cth, in latitude 25:54, longttnde 79 32. A boat containing Capt Smith, tbe steward and four seamen left the boat and was in cocij an? with tbe boat c ott:ii;u tbe mate until tbe uight of tbe 25. h, when tbev got separated. Both boats were to steer northward for the Florida roast. After taking on board the mate's boat and crew, the W ilmirgton searched in different direc tions for tbe boat containing Capt. Smith and crew. The same day, in latitude 222, Jon,-itule 79:'.5, spoke to bng Dolpbece, i:h the loss or main-top mast snd yards, and jaare sale bkiwn away from yards forward, in the hurricane of tbe 25th. She was from the coast of Africa, for New Orleins. The commander or the steamer Congrees reports that sooe trouble had arisen between Capt, Hall and his scientific associates as to the special object oT the etpedition, which threatened to be tenons, but by judicious and firm interposition of Capt. I a ven port, who laid down the naval law, aud stated that the paramount object waa getting the to N'o;-th Pole, harmony waa a?tin real; r. d. Ihe Po'an eai'ed Aug-ist 17, in the afternoon, amid three cheers fro tbe Cong re its. Captain Hall, it-Uad of g irjg via Jose' S mnd, will keep the west side of auiith Sound, a there i.tioe drift southwesterly which embargoad Kane a advance. A the season n open, he hope to get throcgh this year. A pregnant woman who was kicked in the stomach in a fight win die. A husband threw aa axe at hi wife, killing a child which happened to be in tbe room. The evidence against Dr. Eoeenburg. the abortionist, thicken. ' Tbe vadertaker, whom he tried to persuade fo bary the woman without a eertifcate, recognise binv. The police think they have a certain cine to the woman who brought tbe trunk to tbe depot.. A ne convention ot tne native Of Italy, whicto ha beck in session since the celebration, ha adjourned to-dy, having pmnotitly adopted a con stituuon Kre liberal in its scope than tbe one by "hick thev have hitherto been governed. The next cooieation will be heid in hu Loam. Henry Edith, who lost hia family in the recent Jeraj Ciry fire, is nii sing. He is tn ppesd to be deranged., " afeCee, who was apected of firing th bm 14-jcg and supposed to have been burned, hat hea arreted. Fiirred politenr icwhif o e mm Ue ,.-.- H1E11E SI M?. Xlw Yoke, Augnst 2C. Arrived Washington i nd Montgomery. Arrived out City or Lond3:i ( bio, Oceanic and Aasyr'a. 1 Lojiios, Arguat 29 Petroleum exolodedun a vessel, burning her and killing two persons. The tug Ofprey wa loot oB DuDdee, Six persons were drowned. The Prut aa, from Quebec, ran down the steamr Goer in the Channel. It is believed all were saved, thoogh the Ober sunk in a few minares. BUkaTS. Losin, Augnst 29 tvenimr Cohhi.I bj'' Bondstat;. ' r t BASkroKT, August 29 Evening. Bonds 957,. fABi, August rvenmg Kentes 5.if. tfoc Livikpool. August 29 iiverung UotVm market strong. I pianos 9', :t-4d., Orleans 9 WtK Sales to-uay Imahi bales, of which wt) w-re tor exiort and speculation. Common roam 7a. ;d. New o, An,ul 29 ( otton qaitt aud steady: sales of ist bales middling l'J-,, Orleans 19.; flour easier, common to fair extra $" so'ti 6 f j; wheat heavy, i'tjic lower, redWestein II Ser.1 44: com heatv, i'-47; Dork lower, 113 3.ftl3 N); lard, bea'vy kei tie 9',; Ullow active, 9 to 9 sc.; freight tirrar. New Yoks, Auguet 29 ilooev eay. S'erling nominal at 9'. Gold 112- ,(4lli Goveru-ments very dull and eteady. rive-twenties of P6J 11 1 ,. State bond dull. Tenneweet 75, new 75, irgiuias 3, new 69, Louisiana t5, new o, levee S t. ) s.t, Alaoamas liu, 5 i, Gnorgus m, ir -v, ionn Carolina , B?w 3j. Soutn Caro-hnas 7u, new 571,. New oks, August 29. of lssi, US1': 5-20s or 162, 114'; ; lit-; ; 65S lll'I; nee 11 J-.; 67, UX , ; , 113 , ; 1U-40H, 114-4. Ni.w Iuri, AngTiiit 29. Corlee nrm. Sa'es lOitO bae Kio H V17'. Sugar steadv iioiaet, be. f and plain mess uncuanirea. 1 n ights, per flail wheat .d.; per teuie-wt'at ll''4d. M mi his, Augtii-t 2S TotV-n scarce and firm middling lse. KeceipU Hi baiea. ExporuilS L a efc'Ti'x, August 29 Cotton strong; gx4 ord.Dsrv lh ,c. Net re-eiot to-day 3A baiea. .-a.oit fioca ti.ira pale. Viciai.r, Amut z. Luiiun unsettled. M i- mugs ie;.'ii' ,c et leceipts to-day 'M bAies. r xporrs coatwte i, t.ales. ale 2ji) M. t 20.913 l aies. Savamhh, August 29. Cotton qoiet and firm. uj miuujiug lie. ei rvceipi to-aay bl baiei, iies iaie. cioca .Ka Dies. C ham rjfT 7i, Aug. 29. f otton oniet. Mid- ouctr ei reoripte xn-ar ti bales. Expert wbiiw -1 . fives aa.i oaiea. NoaroLA. Anaust 29 Cotton stead ; nm m-A &.icft 17c Net receiptu to-lay 4u bales, iixporu iwi.iw oj, rwci oi- OBien. r.Aj.T-noKF. Angmit 29 Cotton oniet: mid d.ingl.c Net receipt to-day 39 bale. Gross J. i-xporxs oa, raies M. stock Bto?s, Angtut 2U. t'otton strong: middling . ie receipis to-nay t.sjee. Oroa rt'i ipwi ii. faies oini. fctooi nao" baJeg, i'mi Afuj-aiA, August 29 Cotton firmer; mid-, August 29. Cotton quiet; mid u.uiK i i . -c caiw . p iocs am Daiea. Lh iMiLi-r, Anxtst 29. tiagging unchangel ; tiemiua i voi; neavy train ana nn r cash. Cution trorg ; middling l'te. Flour in better oeniAOd ; extra family la 5o. Wneit in Ii-bt d n.and. fl ! '-.-I 1 25, ri)Bll tiles. Kr Cvrn delivered, Oata Jj'ic v. Kye 6-vi7ic-, an on arnvai. j mviaions airoag, witti an np ward tendency. Mesa Pork heid at 112 75. ha con fairty active Sboadrs6l4c: nb 7'4e.; (ilea i-.c X4ira in uercee ',c; tejrs lie Maims lS'ciltc for p'sm and sasarured. nb stv dull, s c- Lef Tob-K-ro firm sod a -live. H .h- to-day il hbds. at fi for lug, i 2V19 iot low xo gooa u ax. C'?h"Iwiatt, Augut 29. Cotton firm; d-?mn i fair: low middltng 17J.CJ17i;c. Flour demand good; fttni.y . 60'5 T5. beat live and brm; red 1 20; No No. 1 in the market. Corn dam nd god at Sic. Oat firm at . 3sr. lartcy ateadv at Hf'J Oc Kye steady ai :v. lr'gs an -eat 14. Butter scarce at l-'f -2c. Chee da'l at 9c Pork quiet and weak; men 41 J 50. Lard quiet at a B i'k meats demaad good .-boulder a le qait aoa wiBa. nacxiB in ugtit cmtrii. but Urm; slioiiiaers fc'.c.; nb 7 tc: ai lee J7;; uuiel and weak. Whtsky buoyant, bat aQett.e l. sa e at Kc, now aHkiiig mc. C ikaoo, August xi. Floor demand hi;ht aul enctarged. Wbet exited ani bigtier; rf-.'Stc: . j. a apnog. f 1 if S' 1 2 seller Au gust. Corn nnn and demand fair ; So. 2 mixed ' -c-, caa or scuer September. Oats No. 2 active and steady ; tiyii". fivw firm and demaad fair: .Vm Banevac.' Hibwine eic. - Pr su-f ncer atd a abade higher. Lard and rui meau Errn and i.adv. H g dnX and deri:iie'i J.j tl IWfl WJ. Cafce quiet and weaA;l2 37',4i5 25. Br. I-octm, Aan 91 Flour diH aad aa-ebaBrd: fail ti 4 ad. Wtteat fij-m- Vo. 3 red fall 11 l,gl it Com diui: nxed oa track Jc.; wet! sa. t-l fjX Cat tna iBdlaa Traable rAeeaailaa; Nertaaa S'.? Fr.AN(T o, Augnst 29. Indian trouble in South California are becoming serious. A geu-ersl npnsing of Indians in thai quarter is appre-b) uded. Aaether Baas. B.tkrrr-A Mratertaas Ar. rair. Kaw Yohk. All". 29 The National tt.r.t Newark, N. J-, was robbed this morning of I D0t) 1 fractional currency by a colored woman wna eeps me othce. The ti nnk containing a corpse-discovered so ne ly go, his been traced. lr came from tae nt.totious establishment of Dr. Koi.enberg, all Aster. 1. center bM been arrested. The people attempted to lynch him on his way to tne jail, aesraes BSerwae) Aaiattlaaee ta tke Vraad Mllliary aad tlvle Stall. U mi Eratt' h, N. J Angn't 2"). Major Gon'd BBd Capt. Mat. on, of -the Second battalijn ol Maatachuai tts Col. inl "Sfolanieers, toiibt, but were re.uswi admittanje t. the grand military and civk ball given betUst nivht. There were 4ol whites present. The Xinth Begiment band 100 instruments -furnished tbe music. riearlaa Mills Baraea. Petboit, August 29 Bennet, Knickerbocker Co.'s tlonnn mill at Jackso.', Mu-hiitan, were destroyed by hre last ni;bt. loss ll'W.ooU HlikSrsaal mt tke ran Crew. Hti.irya, K. 8., Aogus 29 The Paris crew have dei."atelv withdiawn from the f'iur oar race, but will challenge the winner for a race in smooth water. A Hurt Dlatarbaaee la Daavllle. LorisviLi e. August 29. Several hundred no-grce collected around the Danville ju to protect a pneoner, charged with arson, from being lynched by the hukiux. Turing ihe meht. the negroes becoming panic tnckeu, ruh d into the streets and bred about one hundred ahota, wormcLiig several of their own par iv. LfVEBPooL, August 29 Evening Cotton mr-ket hrdeoing; uplands tfd.; Ork-an 9 id. LreadsturU quiet, LivturiL, August 29 Evening Cotton elored a shade brmer: upland BVi'.d., Or-iean V ,L Sales V)-day, 18.0OJ bales, J00 or wbith were for expert and speculation. New Yorb, Aogn-t 29 Noon stock steady and dull. Governments dull aud heavv. State bonds dull. Gold 12;,. sterling, long 9."g. stiort &j New okk, Angnut 29. Soon Flonr dull and price declining. Wheat quiet and nominally &rZ am tbis dav in re. elpt of a commUD'ca- ticn from tbe iiirorporaim or the C.escent C;iv Waierworta t'ompi.uv, reouea'in; tbe publication of House bill No. a70, entitkd an act to in oc-porate the Cre-cent Ciiv Wsterw irts. etc., el Mining thit said bill b is become a law by "conitrj-iional limitation," and should be officially nr-nmlgated. I hve a!o in tifl davit md bv the Minnte Clerk of tiie H use of i'enreeptatives, a ''-ibat cn the -T.ih dy of Februtty tioue bill .,Z 22 nd 271'. commonly - known aa the iiavou liar-tbotcniew and I r.-tvnt Citv Water fto-ks bids werelcliveted and receipted feral theie-ideni 01 jour cxcencnfT :a the e:tv. SmretleAi-ir ui ijujenl of tne General Acinbly J.i3e Pill No. 'i-i bas ben allowea t-i bo:in9 a law bv c,Uftit::iionl iiitutation "and is now ku.iu '. act .No. -15 of lr 71. Initresttd parties urge that if tbe House b 11 No. 21 is now a law, th; Kouhe b.U No. 27j must of necessity te a Uw alto. there must be some good and ia S-cent reason ft r jou: act on in reforun-e to this bid. 1 would res;.ectfuliy re ,uest snou luformati u npon the lubjccr is jour txcellencv may be willing to impart, that I n ay Leenat.l.'d 10- give me lucotpnratort a prorer ain.wer to their iminirtcs. eiy rtsreitiiihy, fiii. tl. B.-rt. , m Sc.t ta.'T of State. To this letter Gov. Wartno h two day after sect ti e follow. 03 reply : Bic'gtr tnd Ctpt. EJgeworth, of tha poiije, to be installed in ofSce, npoa which mission they immediately left in com pa ly mtctaI friendn 1 nil fprctator. As Mr. Bovee'a effice, at the M chan cs'Ijst . tute, immediately adjoins the Governor e, only a ball way dividing the two, the important party on conquest bent, had but a short distance to travel- ZTMin arrival, Mr. Bjvee waa f und to be aba at, and the party, tome faaif do-en in all, immediately took np its post-ion aroaud the dark, awaitins his arrival, Gen. Herron, tn the meanwhile, takii g pOKetsion of the seals. Ia about fifteoo minute Mr. Bovee appeared, and seated himself al bis detk, evidently a little excited at the onusoal ap ( perance of affair. Thereupon Gen. Herron, in hi nuai bland and placid manner, stated tbe object of hia visit, placing his credentials in the Secretary's hand. Said document running to the fol'ow.u r eJect : BrATior LorisT. Txrn ttve DinarwrtTr, New t rlearta, August 2t, 1. 1. t Wberea. Geo, K. Bovte. Secretary of State, baa, in violation of the constitution and It vs f thir Ma'e, canned to be promtiUjteil as tunii' become a law, an act of tbe Gen ral Aseemo-y u Hied "Aa act to mcorporute the Cresceat City Wa'er"Wotk, to dbue iu rtkht and done, tu rtiDixn ofleocts rommittcd against the francbiaes cf the lt d ccmpanv, md the pii. rte fceai h. with hi official certificate that "lee fnregaiii? act, having ben presented to the Governor of tbe State of Loniaians for hi approval, aud not r avicg I eeo returned bv him to the House of tne C.neial Aarembiy, in which it ongmtted. wii!iin toe time preacr.bed by the con-muti a of the State of I.oniwiaLa. bas oecome a law witoont bis approval.' lb sii-1 certificate having been made bv tbe said Bovee with the knowle i;. eomtno-nicated he fte Governor of tbe Stale on the 4th oay of May, 171, that said till wonlJ not become a law, or be ac'ed upon, uutd th lir-t dav of tbe next session of the general Assemtil. And wberea tbe saw P.ovee his knowioglv, wilfully, nnlawfully. and with tbe purpose of :;o-posing upon tbe people of the Stale, as law, tbat u iwiwi nas not oecome a uw. Now, therefore. I, H. C. Warmolh, itovfrnor or the Mte of Louisiana, churned with tbe taitbtul execution or tbe taw under the constitution of the Stale, do issue this my order u-- endiiiir the aid G. t. Lovee from theomceof Swretarvof Stafe; ard do hereby appoint P. J. Herron ta ill.-charge the dutie of t.i l o:tico until the legislature shall act upon the atiject in aecoriance witfa tne ronstitutKn. Given under mi bjoJ seal, th: 2:th dT of Aoiru 1, A. 1)., 1; 71, of tbe iiid.'odLn.-e of the I cited state, the nmetj-sixtb. H. C. Warhotii, Governor of Loamiana. Attest, u. l. Bat. Secretiry to tiovernor. Stats or Loci. ua. Ksectttive DiFAarvaxr t llo-( m t Bom. S-etUrJ.)! t : . .r ioiT communication relative to Houho bills No. 22 and 20, commonly knowa as the liayon Bartholomew and Crescent City Water Work bills, l duly received. In replv I would respectfully tat that the aaove mea'ibned bills were not received at the executive offlee until the 27th dav or Febniarv of thi year, at whicb time tbty were receipte-i for by mt Secretary in the usual form, as shouid appetriu the receipt book of the Clern of tbe House of l:eireenatives. Ihe Bayou l artb ilotrew bill was nbsequently ent te your office without my approval, with luatrua-tiont tbat the act should become a law bv liav.a-ticn ; wbi the Crescent Citv Water Work lull i still in my poaeraton, awaiting eiiher my signature or disapproval. Article eiMt-s x or the Corn unchanged. Pork qniet ; 11.3 75-gl3 S71 ' Lard dull. "r larpentine str ng at 5.V rA. Rosin firm at 13 10 for i rained, rrcgbti very firm. Cotton quiet, bnt flrm. Sales 300 balei. Orli-naiy 154c. (rood ordinary 17l,o. Low midMri.i? l-,c. i!id.l!ioir nmand" Mid.lim., .. lil'.c Jiuldling Orleana 19'. a. M.ii.-i lute Teas iic n.'v'TJ AnS'-i 29 Barometer 3d. wind W.N.W., light. Arrived, at 12 ltt night, steam-hip Austin, Frahm, master, from, via Galveston to C. A. W hltney A Co. Ao departures. Kotiicts to Texas Shii-pem The steamer Clinton wiU be nbstatulej tor tbe team or Austin, and sail on Thnrsday, August 31st, at 8 a v bhippers will pieaxe change their biil of la ding accordingly. " eonstit.i.inn tt it,;. oiaie provict tuat ir anv bill shall not be returned, by the Governor witb.n five dava after it hall have been presented to b-m, it shad be a law in like maarer aa if he had Mgued it. uules the (o nenl Ana-mbly, by adiouroment. Drevent it return, in wh-ch case tbe naid bui naU be returned on the Jirst dav of ta meeting of tbe General Assembly after the expiration, or said five dsyn, or be a law." As it ts essentially necessary that the five dav fhail base exp red before be act- can become a law by ecnrtitut.onai liuiitttion, I fail to perceive how cither of these acts can oe said to have become a law by suck limitation, when ibe five dav' limit does not expire untd tbe nrst day of tue next session of the General Assembly; consts-quently, vour statement thai, iinee the adjournment of the General Assembly, Hoote bill .No. " . baa been ailowd to become' a ltw bv cons ," tional limitation, and that it is now known mfll No. 5, of 171. eviaeows tbat the act '.j.. L. improperly prortmljiated a havtn- bea, , n bv such bmttation. I am at a loss to nnder-daiid -ow ,ha im(r0wr promulgation of House bill ,,. 22 or as it, ts commonly known, tbe Batou Bartholoniew bill rsn t e made us-e of a an argument to prove t'j tnetre-ent City Waterworks hi I, which was ,u. ,lUi ume, 3a whicn is still be- V, v , um, 1 ' '-iii a taw. Oue error should not sursly be nd a ao ar-gmnenl in favor of the commission of anotbsr 1 rusting that my reply will allord voa such information as will enable yen to submit sat:,' ". T .1 " "'uh'hiiw ot tueuicorporat. of the Crescent City Wte-work, I have , wvuva w i,uiiu, ivtj respectful! v, tl. 1-. W lBWOTH, Governor of Ljui.iana. Here the -ratter rested nutil last week, when the friends of the schema caused a duplicate of inw Dm to be nrrnared Jlr. Eove e merely glance I at the above ecder, without reading it, aud pereoiptoril dea ed Gov. Warma b s power to act in the mal?r, rti'.B-r 'bat he bad been e'ected by the pep!e, and waa only responsible ta Item. Gen. Hereon then announced bimielf in posae-miou, aswl calmly eated himself, aa if prep, red to stay aau take is eacy. A few tromeot of awkward embarrassment then ensued, durng which everybody present did their betto look unconcerned, and whit I'tUe conversation occurred diifted o? into commonplace topic. This interval or rep we, like the calm which alway precede the storm, wai finally dispelled by a remit k from tbe invrding Secretary, to tbe erect that he was sorry to disturb the gentlemen present, but being about to dote his office he woa'd beg them to retire. This was the feather that broke the camel's back. The outgoing Secretary replied elatedly that nobody need trouble themselves about clo-ing hi office, and thereupon made a frantio dive for tbe State teal, which then rested en a deck near by, under lupervisioa of Gen. Herron, who interposed to protect it. A short struggle ensued, during which the seal fell upon the foor, and a neat war dance over it was joined in by tbe two policeman, VBO seized Mr. Bovee and bodily ejected IV m fru, the t uilding. He resisted to tbe ct hi ability but being a .tnal! m.n, n ehM in the hand, of hi, .tal-art cr ho bQrnrf him into the .treet rt ef or. fu lJa DQ, UM pauae ,n transit, when h t fc .t - the oSiee ra'hng, bu , . ' , , , . . It wat only for a mom-tut. oemg qtitckiy ru the eatrr into the street and s dist4nc, al..D? tb- s..isV4ik ore is atmggling arms nd leg were allowed '"jme the perpeudicour. Mr. ikrvee then, ""rted by the two o.b era, procceJad quietly and unresistingly toward the First Cttrlct po. lice Bti.ion. Tbe wfcole af!'r wts over .ra the Messrs. Voorbies. Aadler A auction. r,- " " " hy Messrs. No. 36 Cld Levee street, advert in .noiC !i"Ma Lar.ter' "-.Whr, Speakers of the .v. a IU II i-olnn n that they will soil, Wednesday next, at 10 o'clock a. ., at their salesrooms, a general assortsitnt of gentlemen', ladies', miste'. bov' youth' and children custom-made boots, thoes rd brogans, re.-eived direct from first- el as manufacturers in New York, Philadelphia and New F.nKtand. Terms liberal, and ma,u known at sak. Eirc'tT E4B(.tcBT,BrooiiM, nc The aah. of extra floe "phuton barouches, ton bus. lockawawa, stc, will potutively take plaas this day, at 11 o'clock, at Sean, Lsoaard 4 Max. well s stables, Baroane Htreet. Thoee of n. readers intereeted should not fail to atu-od this te, as tbe work are A No. 1, and will ani,! withonl limit or reserve. Messrs. il intgfmerv ara the auctoreer. Mesjra. Bost ck A Se rmour, Nos. 45 a d 17 30 and S2 t root street, near Poydras, have a large stock of hardware, metal. L-cn. n nes and immo. teambeat, railr.d, and mach.nista' aaDnhea. oila. white lead, etc., wha h they offer at a low price, at can be octaird in anv market. JI-w- chants and piantrs wi,1 Co we l to their adve rtsement, and get tbeir price hit. leart in br.ngv an experience ia valuable, not only to the mtr-bant bat to the ectUrter. Mr. 1. Paaer, No. 54 .nai atreet, u that enabled to oSer great bargain to all wo favw hiin with a call. He hts a complete sto'k of trunk, hegv, ribbs-T and etl r ith cV.thiti? ckJIdrtB s carr.Ai-eji. tneo's and tallies' hart, ti-J fatrv gtxxi, wb.-h he sj rail at wht, 0 cr rt'a.., tl very low pr re. two Houses of Asst c.bly. During tbe Governor's absence from the city, on Saturday last, this lifl was fB.-iaiiy promul-gated by th BotTCtary of State, in a supp etuen to a mall ie-oed at Carrollton. As might be supposed, och a ooolemnt of eted authority excited the ire of hi Excellency-who, upon his return, and after a day deliberation, derided on the coor of action carried out yesterday, wh en w De let than thV summary decapiUt.on of fLe offeoding oSeial. rRrxiwiKAt.iia. About noon, Secretary Borse waa acssrdtng 'J sumoiooea 10 me txecuiive presence and ... a-ked what suthorityhesctedupon in prooiul-gaurg a bill which w.s not a law, but wa st.ll ia Executive custody. Mr. tovce r. pii. d, that he did it upon hi ow0 reponsib hty, being forSi'ied by an opinion from th e A .ortey Central, confirming his course. Governor Wartrsotfc thn tkti bo if he wM prertri a to tane 'he oonseqtiences. Mr. P. tee answered in th.s affii -miliv., Inj ,., m ierv ;ew terminate! sbrapily. Ab ap; licatioo, made by Mr. fcovae to the Governor, tl a lattr honr, for sixty day b,av0- ,b-wncw w re; a-id, ae every thing vu ln Wbkh rr-:ifitated a teens of soue mteret, and no v'utenMBt, At aU it throe o'clock in the afterBO-m. Gen. f not Fern n, benz preiKDt in the Governor -r:v. .?., artr-el with tbe eommiMno of Ac'iog f -retaryof M:a'. in p!c ef Geo. E. Pf v.., sperd rrctii tse a at aaoetiag of th Th'tU f;o U : b- ' .a. in a very few min. c'e. whtn the room being cleared. Gen. Herron i d up the offi.e, taking ptemotion to artt uansfer tbe seal to a p;ace of greater cority, thi order once more re gned in Warsaw. Mr. Bovee trr vaJ at the stitioo-boase, G. a. Herron preferred char.' a-piilttad' battery against him, and for 4 iwrt fitne he re- aAatdincoaijneaient,but wa fiaaiiy 'tl? on bond. At might be n posed, the atfair crente-1 excitement -a both Radical fa- ti in. The Doon-Carterwaig being intensely indignant al whst they consider ao nnwtrrantel anl oJ-.w-0i .tretch of authority. While Governor Warmoth justifies bmierlf upon the wore of nor.,., r hiscffitUI obs gttioDs ; holding the to be u .amecaiegory with WKkitlfe, against whom he adopted similar summary measure with -, ct and hatpy effect. Citizen, not in party .trite, seemed to regard it wi-boutenrpnsw and in th light of a political episode, more entertaining than exciting. - II is presumed the end i not yet, and that thia morning th decapitated Secretary of Ftatw wiU move upon the works so lately occupied by hia now foccesafa! rival, 7 ' Cotton at auction this day, ty .Kash A Hod,-. See adv.rtitemtnt. reh-xno the wi'e of Chi. Ot ,a haruig left b.rn, be w. taseo bv I rVn Henry ibis. I mrl tor- wen, , BM. on .e7tk- roe. have tutl.yud-d wives, while beore there was bo harmony in either boneeboi.!, 11 is said both fare. 1. now in poarear.iy. Wa did not W arn bow thev arranged mJmt the chii Irea i be region of rwrntrv bor.;ng tae sea thorn verv thickly poprtiated, a.ortg Uie water eore, ar d cpon ite iitrn!, and aa no tnt rr jm-'ire of the ptce is wtttim coovemont diotance. we ar ir. oraied bv a plsoter f toe regwiu that it ha 1 often 'fwml that marr sirts hav- bswn eonautn-mted by ro'ply aasem- unt tbe fneuds of t-Mti fit'M. r.d tt- brvle ard groom would dVitra t.-ent-eh,. busbted and w... This wasospar,. airy tl rase on i..-oi tle, of thai parish, but tie cturebe. onlutt Calion. aad l,w.rT-rra-one, rsceri-iv went among lie peo- ie, and av sitei te kr -tha, the'c,h.l '.i:: tr 1 ""'I I lium eoivlaet .a th m nd :be fcrah'y ,wTr j .oiao nine wtioonoe mbfrted ,, ' ; 1 a v.,.;jpr . t;.7 tiro tbArWHf,!y i,jr

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