The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on August 29, 1871 · Page 4
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 4

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1871
Page 4
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b&i gm chus, trrstf, cutffci 33, 13 ii-grail The Circulation of ths TIKES is OVER DOUBLE Thai of Any Other Journal in the South. r. 1.WHB r-Hkr. M.MISKIT W U1KI tJ..Jt(... OII0E-lf. fGAMP BTBBBT. 16; bl-frt. : rlJ- w-r a-. hja,-'art'- ,"!W''" ii. al nucb.r ia.,.., wUl b adafa-.t ,inr ao aawwaat aeeontina-t. QBLEAMa, T t LM)Ai. Alula 1.1. 1871 FB lOMBEICIlt ITITEM E3TT. Aa nsnal, we shall publish on the 1st of h, ptembcr, a commercial review for the season of 1870-71, which having been prepared with great care, aid be one of the most complete and elaborate documents ever published. Copies of the par; in wrappers, realy for the niaiU with names and auldrcas on the margin, can be procured by leaving orders in advance at our office. The TiasiS for the first cf September, La., in yean past, been received with the greatest tavor, and it will be our aiai tiii year t j ruestnt rnch a varied and interesting paper will n.ore than ever before cou u md the ft'tiition and secure the approval of cU.e ot readers. all To business men taw aid oner an excellent opportunity to advertise. We request ocr friends to bond in the f aor- as early as possible. Our ltud and Levee. " ! .....;. Icms a KeDublu-aa papr, is . ih cted to r e t, if not r'spt-ct, republican fc -t.iitiit. It has, however, inconvenient ik-.s ot independence, and fails to work as i,titL:u!!v in harness as Gen. Grant, Bt-n i.-..:li?r and other lights of despotic Radicalism tit-ire. In almost every issue it asks ques t-.ous and makes observations which it con- bidera pertinent, but which the great hgiits aforesaid regard aa exceedingly lmpertincn and disorganizing in their tendency. Sometimes the Saturn takes up Louisiana matters, and when it does so we find in it remarks a healthiness of tone and freshness of elucidation which go far to redeem it Irom the charge of partisan unfairness, so common against other political journals. Some carpet. lag representative of our good sugar-bow. State recently endeavored to convince thaj paper that Louisiana owed to its carpet-bag government an amount of prosperity which JLas never yet been fully estimated or appreciated, and a debt of gratitude which she can never fully pay! " We went," virtually exclaims this wordy champion of the carpet-bag fraternity, "and finding the people divide j and ready to cut each other's throats on an absurd question of color, we forced them into qnietnde and gave them peace. Tbeir land were overrun with weeds, and we encouraged the laborers who had tilled the:j before to do so again, in order that bj;n nJ e, as the lriends, and protectors of loth, might be benefited. We found them Tith their levees broken and themselves driven from their homes by the encroaching Hoods, and we mercifully deviaed ways and means ft."t their protection. We found tra Is stagnated foT lack of railway communications, nd with our virophet rods we touched the ,ock, and both capi'dl and enterprise sprang lorth. To break down .' J proiu uiee of caste we aimed the negro, in:?;d h:m into the Lulls of legislation, called hi:t 'aim and Lso'.Ler,'- and marched his children with fi:e sud drum and flying colors into the puljiic M-l ooU. I- the white children went out, so ilucU tte worse for the white children. If at fcaiui is done them, they an 1 thur parents are a, countable. In short, we hate recon-t-trwied, rtJeemed and rt-hairf'-ttatel Louin-i,i s. vhe asked a sword and we gave her iaee ; tie ked a stone aid we gve her I rnd : she asked for selfish isolation, and we f, !er prosperity. Tree, some debts have be.t incurred. Lut'tuey are altogether inoon" .;e:..b'e ia tmonnt fs compared with the tr ut waS'i we tavs coni.-rrtd, and the jr.csdu; ".pi. fr still greutor we have laid .Ml tht e Bk is . be julged as a tree 1 tru.ts or ns reapers by our harvest." -Ml j:s and gauimi-n, slyly in-unnates the i '1. It is siniply absurd to scy that the tati-rhd pofwiv f Louis:an is greater to an it was in 1S'. With the value of tie f'.ave prcjx rty at thnt date we need not tuc;n ouifelves. -We may confine our at-t tr:on to the fact that the actual Talue of the f a! ebtate of Louisiana was in 1C0 newly twice if great aa it is to-day, an3 after five yeMS cf .iee and of basiness activity. As i tLe levees, the State has since the war atd repaired miles of levees. The t eetion is trait she has built them and re-1 a:red them at aa expec 'if eight millions of dollars, of ahieh sum costpetent persons ruinate that about two and two-third millions l.ave gone into the levees, and about five i. i.i 'U's more or less. Lave gone else-ale re. Fruitless labor on tee levees, :;h lrge profits for those who did lAa ot the work. A mad waste tf put 'lie nd privitc property. An increase ol io.lett dnet and of Uvation without a I araiU'l in the history of any State or -ople. 'ih of the public office; the martin; Oj- I ; "Native votes: the bnU.Unj rp ol enormous jLOte at the price of per. ury, these are s .n.e of the features which tl true h el m II u-.t avi:ch to the annals of carr-t4.g rile in l.o',iNlt!U! . ad unt.l they a-e duly eonider-L. t. J or v'ar verd ft can neve be fairly wa.le l - T. ,r -;:' 1 1 b'th of .,jiv.u ; "',. . ., - a. o' u t ar.d of 1 lege to others has been 1 tf s and Sahss al filthy lucre to "the hungry bojs." Who then will dare to y that Louisiana has b en benefited by the carpet-bagger, and the era of greed and corruption he in jugr; rated ? He mad legislation among na a disgn-ting and oppressive farce; be Las scwn the seeds of dissension and discontent be! ween the two race now living on our soil ; he has filled his carjet-bag with the fruits of bribery and dishonest speculation, and has so demoralized the negro, whose guide, philosopher and friend he pretended to be, that emancittion brings him none of its better and nobler fruit. Thus we Lave an opportunity of viewing the carpet-bagger as drawn by himself, and as drawn by friend with a critic's crayon in his Land. "An act to incorporate the Crescent City Water Works, to define its right and duties, to punish offences committed against the franchises of said company and the public health," has obtained an apparent or real official publicity through an extra fly-leaf of the btaft Ergislrr. Curiously enough, however, the promulgation, though bearing the name of Sir. Bovee, Secretary of State, is without date or number. The legend runs thus : " The foregoing act having )en presented o the Governor of the State of Louisiana for Lis approval, and not having been returned by him to the Bouse of the General Assembly, in which it oiiginated, within the time pre" scribed by the constitution of the State of Louisiana, has tecome a law without his approval. " Herein lies the very kernel of the nit Did the act become a law without the approval o tie Governor? Accoidicg to the Governor's repeated averment, the act waa not presented to L:iu cntil "the time prescribe! by the C n.-utution of the State " had already been eiieroaebcd upon, and that it therefois could tot teeoce a law through la( re of tiui?. Tha i: ,t o. incorporators presents a strange medley, reuiinthng u ot the strange bedft iiows alien travel makes one acquainted with. There is also (orutthing strange in the ta tLat the initial promulgation was not mle M n usl in the ;7Ji.-&tirt. I'm F-utler Musters bitterly. Almae from t ae I eiiiOcibtic papers he expecU ami a'pre rates-, veil knowing tliut the part he t.aitorously ployed in bringing about tne utftat of that party, and in plungm the ct uatry into war, left him open to altacki fioni Dt niocnitic quarters. But to think that i.e. one ot the very str.dghtest sect of Repal-l.cans one a ho followed Hadicaiisut i'lto it moi-t corrupt and e-ctravagant extremes should be assailed by th Eepublican press, is regarded by h'm as an outrage of the grossest character. " Is it," he asks. " because I handled the traitors at Xew Orleans, or because I refused to swing round the circle with Andy Jchnson, and managed his impeachment, that a few mulignxnt R?publican editors would read meont of the Ilepublican party?" Without pausing for a reply, the Great L'ncoiked went on to declare himself he exponent and embodiment of true Be-publicanism in its most progressive form, while Gen. Haaley and all others who opjosed Line weie humbugs and pretenders ! I'oor Een ; he is now reaping the u-ual re, ward ot all evil doers. Endeavoring to foicj i 111, st It upen the Radical jarty ol llassa. chnst tts as their catchdate for governor, he Las aroused the ire ot its better disposed n. embers, and lo tnd behold, his IS'ew C;rlears record is being delved into and heid up in testimony against him. Thu time invariably achieves its revenge . t The very people whocrowned him with dowers and glorified his harsh measures against a conquered comniuaity, are now eager in his denunciation. W ith disgust and abhor nee, they tell how tehung Mam ford, mhose inuoctnee they assort ; how he insulted all won-aiikii.d aith an in!iions order ; how he jobbed, outiaged and oppressed an unarmed end conquered foe. Lis detractors hold in their hands records vhieh brand him deep dyed with iniaaiy. td the vinehctiveneHs which lives beneaih the robe of rurituuim fashes out with teu-re!d u.aiignity. Ko'v, arraigned by his own eojle, aho take rp the weiipoa long ao cast aside by his victims he bids fiiir to reach his proper level in public estimation. Tiins asttry often works its own vindication, liuirarity is at heart nearly always corre"t. uc 1 ahiit it palliates or excuses in t&e heat of cos: " ict. it is not &lc-w to couuema a hen rea-r sod peace reas.-x:rt their strsy. 2o doubt I utler t jotiL-htali his old odrn is L cried in the glory of the war. and con 1- uel iu .1 e wreath ot kurel a ith hi. h Lis own people publicly crtwned hiru. He is not the u;; nan wh'. hng nis ?e iroch JuiStake, c r :.l he be the k st. -rry t!r n covers a ? f-er wiieh. in the time of cr-atet secnrity, springs upon its ' jrtim. Ewo assbilos filow the declin rg sua, o loes atonemeat wait upon the stepti of the evd do r, and his-tt ric vin Ikation io'Joaa historic crimes. The n x. hcmlmi in the wotld of yaackery. to be msde way for is " Koumiss." Koumk-s is a Tartar dnnk, prepared from fermeute J mare's milk a sweet, p quant and fragrant liqnor. When ned as food, troni a teaspoon-iull i p to galion d: i'.y. it is sad to possess remarkable fatteui g and health-giving quli-ties. U is stmn-l;r recommendel for dyspeptic, consumptives and a'l invalids generally, possessed cf more money than brains. Ons thing is certain, ai long as any patient tik it, be ought to be in good animal spiriU. 'lhe P.uTitfin his resumed its old blanket t-beet propcrtion-t, and again appears as a morning paper. Ia typographical and jour. suditic circles, howerer. some iit'J of wonder is expressed that a journal which had rent wed its youth with m msoy proniiwa i LiL aiorality t-nt enlightened enterprise? should aait for its tle---rpt;c news" till the eopi'S of the Mon Isy Tivrs were on the s;re-t lhe entrf-ris wlii' a anj.pli-a tt so ,e p a rte the wstt r,f commercial reader j n-t ea.-t: "f k.nd cie'a the cm . - '- .. j I".- ' 21 910 advanced, and co.Tepondingly fiery j Br.tish republicans aie now terribly exer- cisedoser tie (rest teerage problem. The aboLtiou of tie H ue of Lrds they have j alrea ly determ ned apoa as an ej ay matter, ! In t'ie ' olit.'oi of the p-n-rage itself ttie I grea si ne i'y i something more I difficult If the privileged classes will still continue to exclusively intermarry and preserve their geneoloerical line unnvxed with baser matter, the reiu'Lc ns ackxow'elge the impo'- bility of conmtr mating their ideas of social equality. Though law dery the titles, custom a ill accord them; though Government deny the privilege, society will yield them; and how to cut this tangled knot is now the problem which presents itssif. One enthusiast announces in the PaU M ill Cku&tt that he has found a tree solution of the problem, t nd a cheerful one it is for the nobility. He proposes "extinction," or enforced celibacy. No male peer is to be allowed to marry, and he choice of females of noble blood, in case he proh.bitioa is waived in their case, most mate with " persons in trade," or followers of "some lowly calling," in every case " without dower." He does not think this would be a very sad deprivation upon the score of affection, a their unions Lava heretofore been for tha most part contracted for the purpose of per petuating an oppressive evil and from no enUmental nature. This is a nice ending, trulv. for the race of Battle Ablxy ; yet where there are found zealots to propose, plenty will be found to in dorse, and by the very absurelity of the propo sition, nobility into contempt. If the worst should come to the worst. however, the Britiih peerage wfll always find a reirge in this country, where they can wear their s'rawlerry leaves as publiely as they please, and have no one to dispute their order of precedence when they po down to dinner. They can belord each oil r. and hang up crests and hatchments to thevr heart's con tent, a ith nothing to combat but the Ameri can grin and the republican cbal all such tom-iooltry would beget. It seems to us however, that the English republican are more theoretieal than prac tical, and sadly lack that faith in the prople, iey ought, as their champions to have. Education tan accomplish what laws dare riot ato, and if, instead of playing the ' ouoclast. by pulling down the privileged -lasses, they would undert-ike the more i.. iioiu o:k of building them up to the peerage level, the wished for end would be achieved far more speedily. A- step by step the social chasm which separates the two classes is bridged aith culture and character eo will the peerage's prestigj fade, until a last it will scarcely be worth the rotip de ijrtrt which finishes it Thf se agitators with their crazy tcormes are the curses of all countries in which they live and breathe, and richly de- Terve to be strangled witli their own follies. Advice to seedy people "Prepare to dye." Commercial bagmen, traveling through the South in ' the Interest of rival cities are still actively engaged in circulating reports prejudicial to the health of New Orleans. We have nly to say to our country friends that such reports are entirely false. Not a single well attested case of malarial fever has occurred, ocr ia there a shadow of fear existing in regard thereto. Nothwithstan ding the exceedingly warm weather, the city has been unusually healthy. Families are already re turning irom the watering places in the vicinity, and business already exhibits unmistakable signs of re vi pi. If future seasons only prove as healthy as the one just passed through. New Oileans will have nothing to ask on the score of salubrity. Coltax, in withdrawing from public life, is like a tortoise. He i'ciiuently withd-aws his head into his shell, but he don't move much. The New lrk thus cyphers out the political situation to a satisfactory conclusion: If Uie Republican are so weak and unpatriotic a to nominate Grant, the Democrat will nomi nate Kanoock.and be mil be elected. He will rn tt Grant in l"eriDylviiia by 50,o0 majority, it Grant is not ran. the Democrats will r minite a civilian tat w uuam . UnwimS of (otiio aiid there wul be no military candidate. We hold it to be one of the good signs of tLe tim s that scvetal of the leading journals ot New Eugland are poking na little amount of quiet fun at iht JDiixbnryeunsi. for ttieir re- ut 51 lies Sundish celtl ration. Ignoring the old Puritan ecthusiasm a hieh has wedded such a Fl a'baieal and baleful result over the lestines of this country, they dive into the ecords. and by recalling the tii. ts. cruelly iplode tunny of the old tnaitions on which the glory of Puri'an memories were undeiL Ev. n n s of the speakers at the eitbratioa, ridiculed the Momrfr, and all oke in such patronizing terms of Mih-sas to actually "d mn him with f"int praise. " The Press ge Dually tdn'its h'm to Lave been a good . tmdy Indian fighter, noi over intelligent ar.d exceedingly worldly mnn of ao grett celebrity in con parison with many of hi con- Uirporarief. Tue dedication of a nrmu-ment s Ux ked upe n as a piece of senility. which, when the bthts were out and the p'audits had died away, le-tt a quizzical impression of Lnmbng in the misds o all participators. The latest iL?ever bit of American slang. accom .ng to - Lrgiu anuionry, w bunched." When you present a lady with a bououtt, you " bunch " her. When she re. ceives Several. he fcas been liberally " bunched-'" Delightlully novl, only we doubt its nativit t. A poor prospect Potter's a-i L Baton Bonge is to have a "SUte Imbi-tria Convention,' to comment oa the o O-eteibtr next, ard continue for a wek or . e wish it all possible u. ee-w. S'.t-isra. Tccrhie. Aadier 4 Co., aacoonr So. iti t 'd levee tret, 1 J'eruoe ia another 'u n that they will scd, Weduenday next, at 10 o s.ock a. a at their ulesr oi a n.-ral aetsieat of fceotlemen , ladies', ne,'. Uo.n', voutha' and ehiiirena v-jf.-m-n.alo boot, sboea ..d bif rs, re!- & direct frrmi iiv c'- mtaufewr ua w Vers. PhUal-slphia -. i'o.;is3'I Tnti.i U'j'ttal. mad uitj : x it ?ai-. kakiatsrt Clab Flrtk Eatrrt ilBatrat. For fir years tne gent'emen of the Shakspe&ra Club hav annaally presented to thser friend i a ur s cf fcrnmer entertainments which hare always been accepted as marked evidences of taste' ability and refinement, frhey hv labored en. ergetically to occupy tba present pro id position which they hold n the e imation f the public and it must be to them a rource of continued pleasure to know that ibe people cf New Orleans point with pride to an organization which in ever? respect ia perhaps second to n .na of its kind in ; m erica. The summer by thij Club ar tlways locked forward to anticipv iom of pleasure, not only becaa of ttieir merit, but that they seiv to break tne monotony of aa otherwise tediooi part of the year. It is there- tore gratifying to refer to tbe artistic success which they hive achieved, and to record tba popularity which they so well deserve. Laat night tha Su Charles Theatre was re-rplendent with a brilliant audience a real Shakspeare assembly such aa on as always graces their performances ; to look upon whica 1 ev-tr a iren nine pleasure. The occasion was tha fifth entertainment of th fifth annual eriei- tb attraction offered being "Don Caar Baz-ao," and "Bobert Macaire." The Jon Catar of Mr. C. H. Brangbn was perhaps the best periormanoi which that gentle man has this season presented befor his friends. Tbe careless, rollicking adventurer found in Mr. Erangbn a representative who, feeling a sym pathy for th part, dashed into it wt h a vigor, and evinced natural portrayal, which captivated bis listener and waked frequent and prolonged applaofe. which is tne beat eacommm that can be passed upon anv actor. The remembranc o such a iHyu tr is a pleasure, and Mr. Braughn baa good cause to feel prood of his success. Tbe 7o Jt.ft of Mr. Coven was a capilal per formance, the character being one quite suited to tbe gentleman a artistic aluhtie, and to which be did comcleta justice. Of tne balance of th cast, tbe Marquin de Rohtmlo of Mr.Stampf, was a choice bit 01 acting, tbowing an excellent eon- cepuoD cl the character, although lfr. 3 uuipf labori under the d ffienltr of not being ahl to speak verj loudly, which, by the way, is no fault of li s, as he dee a veil as natura w.ll permit him. Mies O'Connor, as Hari'aim, looked and acted tu a minner w hich gained her deferred applause In th after-piece, the f.Aerf Vamirt of Mr, D. C. Johnston, aud Jarruti S'rcp of iir. Jjbo tstumpf, sie rbaracteti which these gentleman btv acted together before, and it ia no exais'jera nca to eay that tbeir rendu ton or tnose two vei j iBdiirtin pcrscnaiics are artistic gems, which cnid do no discredit to profentionals. Al'hsagh 'be fiftn shakenpeare porforaiaace of the year is now tinmuersd with tbe things of tie pout, it bis, Jke its preaecesisors, left behind a remembrance hich will be a pleasure to those who attended it, and a credit to the ( rob We are iudebted to J. H. Barger.JSecretary, for an invitation to attend the second ann-itl Fair of the Agricultural and Mechanical Association of West Alabama, to be held at Entaw, Ala., com menciDg October 17'b, aud hoUrjir fire d. The premiufns offered sre quite liber il, and tha ?pirit of enterprise manifes-ted by the manigera ouht to meet with an ample reward. One of tbe most attrictiv features of tbe Fair w.ll be gteam plow machine, which from Its novelty ought to attract a large share of attention. The dramatic and musical entertainment by the St. George Yoong Men's Association, given last night, at the hall of St. Mary's School, on Constance street, was attended by a large gath ering of the friends of the organization. The exercises of the evening, which conaijted of musical selections by Prof. Kepplemsn's Mont Hartz Band, and dramatic performances by tbe yoong gentlemen of the society, were highly interesting, and reflected infinite credit npon those who took part. Gb:d AvI atic Bachkloks' B.ti.u We are in debted to th gentlemen of the arrangements committee for an invitation to the Grand Aquatic Bachelors' ball, to be given this evening at Bill Smith's " Hole in the Wall," In Biloxi. From a glance at the hit of superintendents and manager, we feel no hesitation in predicting that tbe entertainment will not only prove most recherche but very enjoyable. It may be stated that the invitation are strictly personal, and that o tkkets can be purchased. A satisfactory remedy tor dioeaea of the Madder, kidneys and urinary organs will be round in Helmboid's Bnchn. This piepsratlou has been in nse for over twenty-rive years, and ia con-itantly being prescribed for travel, dropyi organic weaknssi, and female irregu'antics, wbieh complaints read ir fiiccuiub to its genial nil ut nee a. Csr I r.sTTT or Loi ishsa. In another column hts morning, wui be fonud the advertisement of t!ie Jleaual Lepar'nient 01 tie L aiver'ity 01 LonisiaDa. This department has gained a well ef rved repnta'ioo, ad is presided over by a f iciutv voi:d to none in the uth. ihe annnai oorse of mstmcticn will commence Mondiy nl-er 13. therefore students should lose no i:.e in n.aking tbeir arrar-tments. IriSftdly garat n, and markl with one e. '( the dnek and th- ovster were iiario2 a pie ; 'Abite tue dee! and tne notto. tie It ar 1 ami c'. tre saimmirg inmiik round tae bnoiotahat Tbe abo e is an evidence of what ettra'agan- ctes will lie perpetrated by overjoyed poeple who ilraw prizes in tbe L miriaca State Ll.tery. The FrvvfalUa mf Veltww Fwr. To tit tiU'nr of the .er Or'etnu) St leain from the papyri that yellow fever baa H peared iu I buleskn. We are living here nn-der precisely the same climatn ia'l'H neei as Cbariestcn, and there is share pen.i'.inty that w may austr from the sum scourge. It there f re tecomt car duty to u.-e any means Ly ahkh nch a calamity may be averted. Forto- ni'tly we hav in earb;lie acid an agent which effectually prevent th growth and propagation of those contagions germ on which the existence of zymotic dis depends. It i not necessary to entr into aDV argument to prove what Uw experienc of F:;npe and th exp of chemist and hyitiemst ha di mt penmen ta moatrat"d t be a ri. woum iu the next two month ern tret in tha city be dailT watrrel bv ttK ins of tue nrl'oary water- caiu. with water coutaiuing owe r two per cent. a e-rbolic and. and luat a fumuar or stronirar aoiuUoD be thrown Jo or icr itoi a weea into all tbe gutters ana iijtnant cans a. 1 -traci tiora one of my noe b . a paragraa the power n thia asent. Dr. 6ctinu.n. wnung rrom icara- goa, in 12. y: " la a severe ew mmie of A.i- a K" C lK lera. orrniu i iir aruirr, ur c ix-nnced the n I of caibeuc acid, wa.hing tne ttixrs and psraM ot bis bonne da lv wita a Intion. mde bj ad l.r g a rnmbler fnll to a pad of a tor. Ibe aiiie p.u a ) oiJ m 'he collates and garden .i-uiteU iy vo fecpi.-. Tt.eep aijra c ,t)i:p. 1? aft Ei'ii-I- iva- I. atd e.sie a a w p''' rr-rtrm or 'rtrrt-:rn 'fTr wnich had aiiEort ccsstan'lv inf-ie-t the Snrai'tv. N'i, craoe cartoiie acid, wuuii may tie ru-i f"r t poriow, 1 -e l.i v . Ltii, and evttn wre it ttafc.u n.or np'ftve. th 001a? woc'i eer- t n.y bm j'!tft:ti"d in : of -!.e '.-trio! na- art aoJ ctiT iia.e t.ra w-tut re.ait rroin tr -e w wt w ot 1 a t ;ie -a -,-r: l vf t. L Cj - -. M i. ti JT '. MHwriat riea. A cure for aalka ailka Ju ly. A bad ptdicy ons that ha run oat. Jvbj. A book full of title pages A Peerage. fwiy, To the qiestior, "Wat good fcas th Kuklux law done? ' echo answer "Dunn." .Boston Po4 Two De roi' ou g L die attracted attention by calmly am king 00 a ferryboat. In a Georgia court the witnee were sworn on Patent Offi -e Et port. At a recent masque. ad aV. gUua ladyter. onated a Br- xihan bng. Tae New York H rad ventures o use th word " cycle uology.' How on eax h is it tba, at a partv, he gnesta grow thin after inppe-? J'tdy. Senventj-seven dff rent kinds of roe ar cul tivated in India. An African g'ant eight feet high is on his wv to America. The first teas of th naw season arrived at Lon don from China by steamer, July 29. Counterfeit twenties on the Merchant' Na tional Bank of New York ire in circulation. The Piince Boval of Italy is about to visit suc cessively Austria German v, England and Spain. Lots of young laches don't know the name of their best friends ; som do not even know what tbeir own name may be a year hence. Boston Advertiser. "Abytsinian stripes is tbe nam of a new pattern for ladies' dresses. It bears about It a reminder of Uncle Tom's Cabin and th overseer's whip. Eechtfort describes his pedigree aa older and better than anv of th pretenders to the French throne, a female ancestor of his having been joined to the son of Louis YI. The Comtek de 3$onujo, the mother of the ex-Empress Engenie, who was very ill in Pari, is now entirely recovered, and ha left that city for the Eanx Bonnes, in tbe Pyrenees. In the t lamination into th cause of the Wast-fkid explosion, a professedly learned wimesa ha given Tt as hi opinion that the cause was that " the be ill r ma unalie to stand tbe prepare." Tbe sttan ship City of Brooklyn. Inman Line. mrde her last pasge from (.neenstown to New York In eigtt days and sixteen hoars. Tin doe sb p is noted for Lcr uniformly quick passages. The euitonf tbe Loaisville Coitier-JourMU tbere is but one man in Kentucky who does eel want to go to the United States Seuat. and tl:e editor of tfcat tive'y sneet confesses that be !.- Lot the man. I D'ler a new State law, the coal cart (n inspected and marked with a t: nip denoung the ir capacity. Tbe lw pnh!hit tie delivery of coal in unstamped carta after the lt of November nexi. Tbe University of Tul iugen number six hun dred and lorty-seven matriculated atmlent during tt ptettnt maimer term. Ihe wi.!o of the German poet Lu.lwig Uhland lately presented his htraty to this nniversity. B. A. Butcafce, cashier of a Dubuque ilnd.) rational tank, does a little farming by way of an iu-emtnt. Hi reeretan grouiid comprise 11(0 acre ol cultivated ground, besides much that is not, and he has surrounded the whole with thirteen nitles of toard fence. The rre arations for tbe manufacture 00 a large teale cf the Martini-Henry ritle and ammunition are bow tar advanced at the English Gov ernment factories, and about 10.tH.iU rides aud 2.000,000 rounds of ammunition will be supplied dnrin g tfce present year. 'Diagonals, for men' sail are much in vogrt this summer. The New York World says : "A gentleman who got home a night or two sine in an elevated condition tried to persoad hi wife that his desultory gait was owing to the fact of hi being dreased in diagonal clothes. Mr. John Smith has arranged with Mr. Robert Heller for one hundred and fifty performance in the East, ci mprising India, the Straits, Java and China. The trip will occupy fifteen mon'h, for inch pericd Mr. Heller will receiv six thousand ponnds cterliB?, cr about four hnndred rupee or each performance. Edixatiox. Practical education for th boy and young men of the South i the great and vital necetsity of the times. Why rear boys to spend thtir time in idleness or with som) uel studv that will never enable thern to support themselves, instead of giving everyone, whatever hi future bosmea is to be, that useful and practical knowledge which will make him aa inde pendent and useful member of society, depenl. icg on other for bis support.? Idlene ia th curse of tbe land. It is aaid that of all the grad. nates of Dolbear Commercial Co.lege, Xo. hA and 1(6 Canal street, in tbirty-oine years not on hat become a pauper or criminal, bnt a I are naeful member cf soeiety. Tbe college has an it faculty devoted to teaching. Read the advr tistment. A word to tba wise is tu&cieut. Th man who "owed for a lodge in some vait w ildernesn" tbculd boy one oi Carre' Porta tile Cabioa. They are ccmfortahle and convenient and no comfortabl that he could aff.-rd to pay up. Call a. Delord atieet and see them. A grand festival w.ll l given at the Fa r ronnds, Sunday, hcpteuibr lltb. by Louisiana Lodge No. 2, Kmgbu of i'ythia. forth bnira of the V mh fund. Th entertainment will coo f-.t, amorg other huias, of a trotting race. t race, boe crr;e ra"e. and ateam aad and engine race", lhe booth will b -id at auction, at li x. Saudty. S 'pt- luber 3d. W b (ak ior . oi:euir.a L.dga No 1 a iia'ta! su ipirj )U the pait uf our citj.:o. A -I pro bit T v for ': l,iaa-i T i:niB"u rvtt Fr'tival (rial) Prti t '.pi: f' VJt. V . f rs hrs' f r..?li-.:d in u -'T era 01 !'l IHi'HhUtV t Vt !., u .." . a tviiw Bipttlt.' oa fruf ih t awarl ln Kttunucii bm mi W bm ltoKittt. N. T rfie firOlROS: tlEHeirWd; EH H M LisgEr. T. BIgLV. W. J. I.RADV. (,1-ilKOK sCLBV. aaiJ SUo PAf UAHt. liatrnon fiUMlo. 41 ( fcrtt-ra airaal . ltl ( -rj-t rs-. Bjpsr. ..- tV,-n ia PtHFit HtSMIi.t tXjW sHtffs. Km IJ.IVi, pt. Tt KEs. tSf.K A V I St.. WIKIHiW 11. t Is. DKAsS Al.P l Kbi V-i A3IU VI-hkk.s. n;. os-ia' attoaHoa aiaaa u Caar-il fmm aavl Pap-r Hasainar ai ia itistate or the Eye and Eur. DB. C. BE A BO, (Valla. ORLEA94 ismmti , It C awatl atrara- H .sr 'roaa I 5i- SI ard i trew, A TLE uf ANTS ELL' K T!W?i, v rr i:5t:jwt's Tt-i axaa: : a tii ar-ra-taxt m-h av ttia and oiat.a c.otsst t'.na ta -!- a tt M&romt tVar aa4 '-ataxic otMafta, wi I afir i tsai-t m l.t mrm. Pro rrl ".t.tTit. Utrt .ae-eat t ta 34. I. ?. NlATV, P;b.iiaw. a.- tarf lit '.') taas, at. &lARBIETr lii;OorCK-CAPOKV:iLK a i !. A, Ji. irTl. at taw pastda ml Vsl-'a tuoar, h taa Kr. Tx.mrr DmSa. '1 kwdon V. Bsdd '. ai.w afiv Marie ?trca. xcaul dijwr of a. L- , Bk ul f ih citv. a itaij Itopalilkaa. and Witlnrta4 Pnt. S'. Lmit, Cues Tiibaa. Cbmvjrr. ad .womnttacjearaafciarMiaa-oat thm Wmt. lw cT. Ift.i ; LYONS Oa nmm icb. --s T. Xr. at It liortnf ars KmM&t .irtr f ftr, m st etiin, i, a , a..M rwL.Mm w .at civ to mm tt i ,. eait ot B. at. Lre.a. Til trmd of t. Lou aia4 L(B.-a fanult an rs-avctfallr rani in itini hr fuasfm!, waiott anil lilac oa Tawda Mar wis, tba H tf roai bar ia rwfaoc C'oataow aart. commr Laaa. ati wrarit Puna. M T.. Ham t'taaciw aoJ. .an tail paiaa capf. Gl BAM !,!, Wai-rtr Avrw0 l-I. a' " '' W. A-iwia Sn.fl. i.l-ao. wife ol P i-mmm. a "t Count i Hamaiaiia. Ir-lasat mi m r- am irmw aa tat UBBIfy, an I w af aWT aiaa ! .mw. 5. A. Wifctoa. ar napoettulrr istltni to atiaa4 kr f maantl. ahick laAaa plmcm Thai iTwadw Imtaf. at a V o'clock, fram tar lat rmtamnm, H. i TsrfMioaJt' w i my. ociwvpai DDaKaatrv ana Aaaaajtat9a 4tra: P.TKIVK a !. Aitatt 17. ln ia -h. pmi a Pit i:ourw. at toa a ot X fmtm. aia m aa 4 rtttKL a I tM ft! turn t. whack will aki plae troaa Uta iat raaa-dana. ttI Koaaa aad Btasail; trasta. atta'caarfc Ttua iTaswlaal Attaravaa. HRI M-Ow Mfindar. laiml X l- at In -' I Jotia Nat a Halm, law Altai CuaVf. Mi a., .a ta lata rr mi aua . Mi. frisaJa aad am'iaitltam. aa ttnmm of Ma tear. Cbarlas B. Rati?, an rwjaaatxt a ttimnd hm rw natwt Taw i ra.U?i l'Taiat at 'jlock. fraa ai iaa raaKlBG. nmf of Eight a aa Cbratnat atrti - Alaiaadrta, La.. aat Na; utt at e. apr aiaaaa a.iii(B sKwiJia tt at a i a. Bat ti'lt a4 aa a arfot ariar. Aytwr at aei n .& I0ASAL ;iTf MatHtrr. UnsHiuHtrrd P AISTEKS. .lavaraar ji H Pa.mErr. aranTaat. All amat prafrvsl A . To B IP H A B T th Ptuy.a hir. a-- ' t:p 'wm-tr-rj P -. 71 Citft street, A I K t. L A tf C I T -1 viot dsai. tmt aifrM'tt. iinativ aajwaaT 9 fttta lS. a3t U'-iil Wrat, aiil Bt w ahia raaa a dul" It; patatmc ia sra on ,a.4 11. ifaiDataal ' t .a l.iial tact, aaatiu brought ta bnai Cat ;iaa mm I bi t'itas 1 .,km4 w leuaa- tai tb aoti ' ir ua tainiBi ri:e e'aestu9 ! be b -.J Jtt 71 I ana afreet, o "m f J.M ti.i Ilia ana.H-ti.x juaa.-in. W a tbaI ts aoenma'sd tVr t! Prsaaiiro r-. ia taia Wai.-ai n mta ot mf OatfiAT SH1BT. iraraHl tiiKa- li. U. 'X -k p'BF4 oa" at 1 1 tmmmm -V. C. Fo'.ijtit. To Mr. .Iit Vnm .rt'V., -f K fit lrfk-. ftmfl tt'ttmim ( t&ii.titr ptMtat?tl uf t-ui Bitmm ti: tMp-mf GmiX'.mw Vof rfJm-Tiit'vi. rtnmrm 24, IB It-af.rv;.a t r -1 at: it I ' b-tt 1 -1 f !- f i, r -1 in n- wr rwt, r t'i! i Li.. n. f-m ta- m IKOTTlXi R-Atlu OF life, wui ,tr itm "Lion axit juj'jr h r-Mi uf H.h, '.n mum iparttQ null w . n yoa m'tr f r ' tump ' i . a3 w-r f tt tu r-rk woon "a ft Kr - til tOli H40':Itf Z. VW wnr ari i.m,r A. ' r o-it ' i . i ft far .1-Th Hortt' (Bctu'4- la (rnr ftpat tv-TtfrxmaT b ".-. b tl 1 aw:itfti to h turn I r tm J-tJ ". .. mm tn9" vt Lour- vf -T t "-i- , r. lag i.t ti !. irift virsti in ti iTtMMt te'iiTif int bnnr il da. "I ft onsJ't , i tli I r. L hi-wV"-r. tm tmx t 1 An aorti tik'i mil th t i-o ! t a. 1 i:nif bwo x-m C'-ntvtintt 'mdjn, T .. Ki in its i'wrm ti frn f '"is J trv-im ii er a f-Toi. A a fir t- tor iwrf j. rtiritfi:i -i'ii'tJ rfma t llf fTOIB vf aaipt si f If CriftHUn rt' ; tit4af tu. t-r li.Mviuiuwi ui b wttuffi tf a . I hi ui.lriio,1 Cim !, ha fi!l jo-r t aHt rva f m V iiaat j, wui b rv'.v n ra?. taw tmiiiniin te atire i u;i " L'ita ; svt i'.a H f"to ill KM. j aM Tw1 lterar Mia 1 (3ri bj t b C il I E D A M I I i 1 HOLLAND, A T r varnti44 par irt irt, aol trm trwm ai '4rtw" azm. Il aA a? mi$ ta oi Irw-if, Caaara t?t-ijr, lTtrp' ata (rra1. wnt, K fl ialaa, fwaa 1 aid Arx. aa-lpr m t tha Lrnmrj ' "r an. 1 tliii'dft. pan Hat tar-tta a t vmii'f. a i 1 4 f optiiar arttr! of t KtaJ. ( nnl9 tn hm 9cwair r Lvrtvat tit mf)ih$. ft w Ifwit Barf 3 a- ttf'M uatT. ana U aftaattc J jbiw darrf t l mruvm t turn nit m twrmw, :d w 51 tra tS;t ittr 1-4 s. . '.V'lr mid tii. .t rt,. 1 tft 3 Jf- aA 1 w h ? r r KILL ll .Pr i tT3a. j Mt H UrWOLf'K a-. t- r "f l'?tniirti I - '; T H il . at' Ba aa. 1 ciipta -m aaaa ( ' :., t lit.- tlHtW lnM rt-f A' yrv"tv-V ; '-.trtMi "H h LW All irtxi f hii, wml, f 1-. .t'..Bj i Hi "Ttio". i ': 'a ii. : la) na W-iijm , Twi " r r'-nti&' mm t -.:'Lm mf I'StC rm, m a ew W i-if i r- r 'ai-iB fr -oa iaaa 'f ni A tk mo ; fe t As"--! $prw Ai", s & it rmiTifu, 1 ft, m.cs a PaiijP,'. 8-"' a - c r.: a at v 5 J Si-t it. W a iitttE-',i'til Mw-wn J t-w am aaa J mm -5"aa. -tu l a I y T r-ttWtiW WtUlf. !haw fV tim 'M I'trimc loo, mvfKVTn ftra ti-Ivfs,,vaM m wmum f i prw ai4 raf as , n, W ti w a f-? .ir :sm f . t ! :rTt 1 -.i B ttia ia mu m a.t iMt & awii-i i ;mmai '.- .ajr aappat i arn3t af (y-j.Li m i 9 mm t am a-r. aaa1j l -t a aat f! 1 C mm; a - aauMa atiMa'ra A., kit w i'.t-i afca a 9eaM - ar &tr w '! tv .nui m 1-rt' - - - aoj y- t $ it I H : l(f i' I. ' '- f " 'I ' !- Jt - i- t-fJ a r . f ,t.i f -a- f i s 1 ,(Vf fi - A-vjt "va n 1 at.K. MrLLFDY-O M.TOar Amtiat Wth. at t! ' o. M.. Fain fc Mull. d. aaait it j-ars. a Bmtt'O oi ! aa Vemrj L- n trr Irataa4. aud a rat.ja.t ot tia tr far la past ibirtf-fiv ftat - i .1 I 1 i 1 J

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