Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 15, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 15, 1908
Page 2
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0mm Mt'^<- M MMIIUIIIAIHCI. maie Club. iYeaterday afternoon at the honipj of .lliB. A. V. JLebustere the; Indies' Mtelc dob. had a meeting to render the-. fortnightly program, poattions were selected ! riKht in the street, and dragging him off to th«? snya«(5gue"8 shade, this baclielor winning and sweet? Yet fu The com-jt'lo his efforts and vain are his hopes, from the for long ere the year mnltes Its slide. 'J' - 1 5 «ka-«t HanSel and the ro 'li ca'l waajh^.,] f,nd himsslf tied with the long- ftieeediwty well rendered and delight-'''5<'e blushing bride.—Walt Mason in - «4- » Tferjp apprecatlve audience of 'Kniporia Gazette. ijAstlra-sad'associa te members. Kir;;.; ' Dewe^ • read a verj interesting piper cni tbe Jifeof Hjandel and Mrs. C, M OU0 gave -a concise history of j the BMAkb f^Mvals at Undsborg,, ]1 lastrating lb *r remarks with sei-jeral tfliOtoii^itf [the chorus which Dr. Swen- abB' dirscjg each year and of :th> ItandlAe n which the recital take.s p^ee.^ • Mi J. • W. T. Watson. Mrs. 1 1.^ nustors, i nd Mrs. C. M. Cole san? Mia'ntitul Vocal cumbers 'ai ^d Mrs. Malcolm liugfaes. Mrs. Frank Martin. Mi>s.[-Clalb6rhe and Mrs. P. E. ^S^iugh <»ntrlbitted .piano solos. . -*Fni. Huih^ who is president of tbef eltA fa leaving in a short time fnr fiffeatt 'ej Wiwhington. and the social Itour v (a8, taken up by the recital of UL^Ats I In th« history of the club, y^di' k., very gracious presentation SMefihj.Mis. C. L. Evans gave Mrs. Hngh«* a handsomely engraved sal. ad apooil a» a token of tbe esteem of the menLberk 'and Mra. Hughes in her . usual ^hanolng manner acknowiedg .ed. the! gift! by expressing her pleas ui» at 'liaving been able to servo the - c!«b, . I' •. •. ' _ Mra. i Huijfaea organlied the club fWe year* «ao and since that time .liM< workedllUBeeoatDgly to maks It tkettr to the education of musicians : KBA matto /iOT«re. She has alwa.v^ bctti: pmident because at each elec- ttai ttm^ there teemed to be no one ;44M who conM flU. the office so well tt>the i»«sM«>ttthen In power. Each i year .the eiub baa • madcj some steps itonraid. tjwitll BOW the members are (tUe to.:e|ijoy hearing ^me exceed- itU^ «M<lr reeltals. Mra. Hughes will ! talM the iriahes' of many friends for a JhCppy. future In her new home and Qtji-'Udlea .(tflthe club from which she has. resigned will be among those ta estfe&d .the. most sincere. During the attemoon refreshments were seired; the following guests l>eing preeeBt Mrs. C. M. Cole, Mrs. W. F,l Oem^.Urs. P. E, Wlaugh, Mrs. J?^ W. tfoltoh,-Mra.. O. T. LaGrange. IftBi; A.-y, Lemaateis. Mrs. F. H. MkrUn, l«rB. C. B. Crick, Mrs. S. S. ffilscHer, JCrs. Vfin. Hanklns, Mrs. A, D. ^Terrll', Mrs. Ross Claiborne. MbB. W. T. Wjitson. Mrs. C. L. Ev- teu,' Hlv.-Malcolm Hughes, Mrs. W. Sr'Ooodwln, lOss Rosalia Charles. Ojpw -Alice Headrlcks, Miss Grace iMson; iflSB-Alberta Munson. Miss 0^«e - HanKlns, Miss Bmma Newton aad-Vn.jEi R. Miller. Mrs. E. W: -.^Lemaaters was a ftUeat of the club. ~ - ^ Leap Year. bachelor covers his head with Viae hair, wears goggles of green %).bls eyes, and digs up o'd clothing -^lA Jjecktles to wear, for he feels v.tSn ^e needs a disguise. For it he •Aet forth tn .his own pit)per rig. goes forth iiTthe broad ll^ht of day. -then jwhat is to hinder some g-\l. ilftOii^ abd btg, froita bearing the. poor • cttB#^i^ir< O what Is to hinder sonip ~ frantlo'old midd, from nailing him A New Desert Serve in one of those love'y glass baskets thai have tall handles a Philadelphia icp cream, which is cream sweetened, flavored, frozen and made into balls by the ball scoop, which b used so much at tbe soda water fountains. If the cream be frozsn ^ufflciently hard a perfect ball can l;e made a-s with the potato ball ciii- ter. A red ribbon bow may be tied to the hand'.e of the basket, for this I.^ the exception to the rule thai r.b bons and furbelows are not a beconi- jng garnish. A rich red strawberry or .•^d ra.spberry preserve or syrup could '•)c pourrd around each ball as it Is •served, and thns add to the artistic as well as the culinary effect of the dfsert.—From .Tanuary Oood Housekeeping. Ex-Teachers Club. The Ex-Tonohors club will meet on Krlday, .lanuary sevenleenlh at the resid.=»nce of Mrs. A. H. Campbell, lOOG North Jeffer.son. The affair will bo in the nature of a house picnic to entertain Mrs. loa Colborn. • • • Aid Society Meetinrj. The Aid society of the First Me'.h ;^!st ehurch met in a called session yesterday afternoon to elect the fo! lowing officers: Mrs. I.. H. Wsh ird. president; Mrg. John Foust. vice president: Mrs. A. L.. Brumbaugh, secretary; Mrs. Rlgley, treasurer. * * * Afternoon Tea. At the residence of Mrs. John Koust. 502 South ^\•^shington avenue, the Aid society of the First M. E. church will give a tea on Tuesday afternoon. January 21. * • • Mrs. Colborn to Leave. Sfrs. lola Colborn. who has spent the past two months with Mrs. Mary K. Northrup. will leave next Tuesday for her home in Spokane, Washing ton. • • • JuU* McCure and Mhs AlberU Mjuh son, sang. There WM a yerr humorous selection by the^ Tuneless qna^ tette. Mr. R. S. Asplaan. Mr. Adial Bwing, Mr. Vernon Lemastera and Mr. Sncher, aad «)«0 a .duett by Mr. and Mrs. Wj. S. Burdick. The guests mingled informally after the music and enjoyed p. very happy evening. • • • Whitt Party. Miss Ix>uise Kurtx. of Columbia, Ma, was introduced to a small group of friends last evenlup at a very charming party given by Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Hlndo. Duplicate whist afford «<d amusement for (he guests and a luncheon was served at small tables with boquets and buttonleres of violets as favors. The hospiUllty of the host and hostess was extended to .Miss Elizabeth Geult. Miss Josephine ttlddle. Miss Bertha Hodi, Miss KnrtK. .Mr. Ned Hale. Mr. C. A. Smith. *nr. F. W. Brewster and -Mr. Thos. Bowlus. * • • Euclira Party. Dr. and Mrs. David W. Reld gave a card party last evening to entertain the Six Handed Euchre club. The prizes went to Mrs. Harmon Hobart and Mr. Millard Teats. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Ooodin, Mr. and Mrs. Wi. C. Teats, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Teats.. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McClaIn, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Hobart, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Fronk, and Mr. and -Mrs. B. F. Robinson. HAD HEART TliitEnraE tATE DEmiiS Mrs. Chaa. Rothenbeek Died tudden- . ly at Country Home Thia Morning. .Mrs. Chas. Ruth»nbeck died >-ery riiddenly at her home on the old Grove farm one and one halt miles w>r«h of Gas City about 8:30 o'clock f:on> what la bell»»viHl to be an attack of heart trouble. Althoush Mrs. Roth­ enbeek has not biH>n well for the past several wenks »hi» was able to IHJ up this niornlug apparently feeling n« wer as iti>unl. The attack came very siidJenly and she lived but a few min- Ule!5. Mr«. Rothenbeek is the eldest da lighter of Mr. and Mrs. David Nnchl.scliott of Gas City and was well linown over the county. The funeral arrangements will not be made until tomorrow or after all of the relatives of the family reach herej^hey have been notified of Mrs Rothenbeck's sudden death. .Mrs. Rothenbeek leaves a husband father and mother and two sisters. FI!IDIK«S OF KANSAS SfPREXE COrRT IX RECE?(T CASES. (IntaafatalJeaa Have HHrht te Kxpel— Stm>t Ratlways and Mram Net In .Saair CUMS reneerNlng Dawaites. ASK FOR WHAT YOD WANT and ask emphatically. Do BO through the Register's want columns. If yoo want an employer or an employee yon can find him in a hurry If you takf this course. The Register will tell your wants to many thousands of people as quickly as you can tell tbem personally to a dozen people. You can't afford the slow way. We Pat New Life iffhr Otd Wstcbes If your watch is out of order and refuses to keep accuiate time bring it in and we will diagna'C the We are watch experts; wi know all about 'em and know tbe mission of every one of the many little screws and springs that a watch contaics We can tell you at once whether any of these are broken or oni of order, and our charge for repaiting the same is moderate. Brotherhood Dinner. The Brotherhood of the First Presbyterian jchurch entertained ladies of the congregation last night with six o'clock dinner. The tables were set in the baspni?nt of the church, and during the evening two hundred and fifty guests were served. The de(;orations were prettily arranged boquets of carnations and the fav ors were carnations. The Sunday school room was used for the reception of guests and for the enterta'n nient which closed the evenlnp. Rev. Van Ordi n of Fori Scott and Dr. HII schi-r (Save brief addresses and a quartette of ladles. .Mrs. W. S. Burdick. .Mrs. O. T. LaGrange. Miss Silverware, Cut Glass io(l China. Fine Stock. Fine Fixtiires. Everything goes. Re- iiyrJ^I; from business—leaving thi^ country. N(Nrth of PoiiothcB, Mo. Pae., Saata Fe aai M. K. t T. Watch laspeetors. Birthday Dinner. -Mr. and Mrs. George Killlan enter- ained at six o'clock dinner last ev ining for Mr. Fred Klllian. The occasion was tbe birthday of the guest 3f honor. The fable was lighted by red candles held by a handsome can dlabre and the places were marksd by individual birthday cakes. Covers were placed for Mr. and Mrs. Killlan. Mr. Fred Killlan, Mr. WTll Fague. Mr. Otis Hestwood, Mr. Edward Bussing and Mr. Cbas. Russell. * • • Dinner Party Tonight Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Northrup will have a dinner party at seven o'clock tonight for the Original Wbist club. * + .J. 4. C. W. B. M. . Rev. and Mrs. E. H. Ellet entertain^ the C. W. B. M. of the Chris tiaa church yesterday afternoon. There was a program of papers and music. About twenty guests were present. + * • Working Society. The business and social meeting of the Presbyterian Wbrking society was held In the church parlors yesterday afternoon from two until touf o'clock. * 4 * Informal Afternoon. Mrs. I .Anra Barton will ehtertaln the Lady Maccabees at her home on South Kentucky street. Thursday afternoon. * 4- • Paraonals. Mr. Cecil Kelley has returned to his home In New Mexico after a two weeks' visit with relatives and friends. Mrs. William Boltwood and daughter Bltzabetb, of Chicago, are visit ing Mrs. Boltwood's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. D. Smeltzer. Mrs. Lucy Nye Is also here. Miss Ruth Kelley has returned to Kansas City after a visit with relatives. Mrs. H. A. Richardson is a guest of 'Savonburg relatives. Miss Frances Cole of Fort Scott II a guest of Mrs. C. M. Cole. It Is also renorted that one of the younger social lions who waa snppot- ed to have aallmtted caplUl behind him. and over whom a great splurge was > made, has nothing but hia salary, and it is a small salary at that Mita. J. W. Carpenter of iHttalmrg relatlTes. la a guest T« get BeraHiK-BevMar Waat IS SOLD FOR $13,000 A Big Land Deal is Pulled Off Near Gas City. Deeds were fi ed In the register of ceed 's office today showing the transfer of 74 acres of land between Melrose and Gas City, by Mercer C. •^lalker of Washington county, to Paul C. Swan, of Washington county for a couElderation of |13,000. If the cjnsideration named is not mislead ing the land brought a good price. BRADFORD PLEADS CiriLTY. Yonug Man Gets Thirty Days for Stealing Junk. Harry Bradford pleaded guilty to l>etty larceny today In district court and was sentenced to thirty days in the.cqunty jail. Bradford was arrested for stealing Junk from one of the local plants and admitted the offense to the officers. He claimed that his wife and child were in destitute circumstances and that he was out of empolyment and that he stole the junk to get provisions for them. His wife has since died. His child is In the Orphan's Mom". His attorneys asked leniency froni the court, which Judge l-'rust said be was disposed to extend to him under the circumstances, at the same time urging the young man K; leform. Bradford has been breakm{( for the Frisco. "PEEPER" HAS >0T GONE, Is Now TIsItIng the Homes of the Police. 'Jack, the Peeper" is reported to have visited the home of Merchant Policeman Col. C. E. BIrdsaii, at 210 South State street, last evening about nine thirty o'clock. Mr. Blrdsall is away at the 8|>ring8 for bis health and Mrs. Birdsall was alone at the house at the time. She heard some one scratching at the window and saw the form of a man pressed against the pane. She turned out the lights immediately. Her son came home shortly afterward to find her almost overcome from fright. She was unable to see the features of the man or give any description of him. THE GRAND Stock company will, beginning Thursday night, produce the three-act farce . comedy, "That GirL" Th^ U a bill wbldi never has been produced In this city. Lowney *s The Kansas Supreme Cotirt has of !ale made rulings on a vnitt number )f iiuestlons that are oMniitortance to he people of this vicinity. Among (be iuml>er of decisltms handed down the lollowing shows a irnrt list: 1. A voluntary association not in:or|)orated nor organised for proDt, such us the Traders' Live Stock Exchange, and the Elks and the Eagles lodges, or associations of a similar .<lnd may, upon notice, and for cause after bearing, expel any member that Heretofore belonged to such association. ti. Where a will is presented to he prolmte court for probate, it is he duty of the probate court upon a ,jrima "fade showing, and without retard to what other evidence may be ntroduced, to admit the will to pro­ late and if any person Interested desires to set it aside, bis remedy is to •ring suit in the district court for hat purpose. 3. In a suitj)y a person for injury 0 a carriage, which waa run into by 1 street car, the street car company IS liable If the motorman did not ex- •rcise due care to prevent the colli- jlon. The rule that applied to steam ailroads. that tbe person on its track J a trespasser, does not apply in the •ase of u street car fur the reason Hat the public have the same right 0 use the street that the street car las and it is tbe duty of he motor- uan to watch and look, and use all .uasoiiablo precaution to prevent oliision or to prevent Injury to per.;on or property! 4. Where a real estate agent sells 1 farm for 14.000, but falsely repre- lents to the owner that he has only received |3,900 for it, the owner may ixie for the difference, being $100. and the real estate agent by reason of his >raud. forfeits all right to commission. ."i. Where a public road is laid out on a township line, and Is fenced and improved and used for many years upon a supposed location such actual location will be presumed to be correct, and the proof of such facts is iuffldeut to show the existence of a tlgbway alone the route so fenced, ised and improved until the company s shown, and one who erects a wire once in the center of such road, main- alning such fence and may be requir- ••1 to remove IL 6. In a suit against a lailroad company for damages to an orchard :nd hedges injured by fire set out )y a locomotive, proof that said fire vas thus set out is prima facie evl- Icnce of negligence on the part of he railroad company and the land iwner may prove the value of such rees and hedges as well as the diffev­ ince in the value of the farm before and after the fire, in establishing his damages. 7. The law which requires the appointment of veterans who are applicants for office Is valid, and where 1 veteran makes application for anj ippointment, the apolntlng officer .oust api>oint him if he possesses the ^qualities which are essential to a prompt, efficient and hOnest performance of the duties pertaining' to tbe office for which he has made application. 8. Where a telephone pole is erect- id in front of a residence so as to tamper the owner in the use of his iroperty and Inconvenience him'in tala .'gress and Ingriess to and from the property, it becomes a nuisance and he owner becomes justified in cutting it down if the telej)hone' company ifter request refuses to change it to «ome iHjint in jfhe street where It .vould not be a nuisance. a. A hostler 's;, helper in a railroad yard who Is li^Jured by being run against and over by a switch engine, cannot recover fcuch Injury where It appears that he failed to see the en- ;lne. but had he looked and paid any ittentlon to It bel could have seen It. 10. The law |creating a board of railroad commiskloners In Kansas Is not In violation with the constitutional requirement that the legislative, exe- -wtlve of judicial departments of gov- jrnment shall be kept separate, for the legislature having the power to regulate railroads may delegate that power to a board of railroad commls- doners, and where tbe railroad board ifter Investigation and a hearing, or- lers a railroad company to operate a special passenger train between certain points on such railroad within the <tate, such order is valid and binding upon the railroad company and may be enforced by an action In the supreme court to compel tbe railroad company to operate such passenger train, and this also notwithstanding the earnings of such passenger train may not pay for the costs and ex- peases of operating It, where the evidence falls to show that the earnings of such railroad from passengers and freight are less than the costs and expenses of operating the railroad. WANTED—Middle aged woman to take charge of house and two children. Inquire from 2 p. m. at 50.5 North Washington. , MRS. MARY E. LitUck, state commander of the L. O. T. M., will be here January 23rd to Install the officers for the year. L. C. MtTNOER has gone to Kansas (City for a few days, trjr • Wait Ai. la the Bcfbter. TII.W ARU PRKSH. A choice auortmest ol tbiajpoim> Ur biand at CRABB'S. When yon bay l.ownt7's Chdco> lAte<t bete, our perfoual pledge of Ab«lr freshQCsa >oca wilk them. Gel your next candy at Crabb's and ac« bow well It please.s you. CRAEB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Wasbingtoo and West Sb. Lodge Direciofy SXIGH'TS OF MACCABEES.— KnIghU of Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights in each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. W. O. Camp No. 101 meeU b K. of P. Hall every Friday nli3it tl T. Steele, C. C: A-H-D**^ Clert Ylaltora cordially invited. KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS^.)» oik Lodge No. 43 meets every i» nda night at K. of P. Hall. VlaiU w bra then intlted. W. S. Thompoon. i;.C.: Chrla Rltter, K. of R. and B. W. A.—Tbe M. W. A. Lodg* meeta every Friday night In M. W. A halL VlalUng broQierfl Invited. W. H Anderson, V.C: W. A. Cowan. Clerv BOTAL HEICnBOBS.— lola Caio^ No. S66. Royal Neighbors, meets 8«iv ond and fourth Tuesdays of easi month. Mra. F. A. Wagner, oracle.' Mra. Mary Hntton. 413 W-* 8:r«ei. Recorder. FBATEBNAL BBOTHEBHOOIKr- Fratemal Brotherhood Na 380 meeta second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O .n .W. Hall. VIslUng members cordlaly Invited. W.H.AU' deraon, president; Golda Blam. lecre* tary. Jaator Order Ualtei Amerleaa V* ehaaJea^Meeta every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock In K. P. Hall. AU visiting members invited. R. A Wldlck, Councelor; C B. Black. Rec Secretary. Nitfltel filer One hundred pounds of Crys. tal Ice will make 12 gallons <A distilled water siutable foe family use. Try it . Iilalce&CoidSUnfeCi FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. STEYER'S 6R0CERY Headquarters for Good Things to E«L Tele |ihoo6 139 Business ISiitcMf. DB. Me»n .LBTT, Special attedtlon given to tho treatment of all Chronic PiaiM ea and Diaeaaea of (%ildren. . Telephones: Office 32, Rea. SSS. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg, West Madison. Phone 187. taa. 7«1. • Kye. Ear. Nose and ipaetaelaa Properly Fitted. Offlce A. O. U. W. Bids. • ."DB. 0. L. COX, • Kye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Offlce Phone 108S. Night Phone 40<. DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAir. Phyalelaa aai Sargeea. Rooms 7 and t. Brana Bldg. • • a • • • • • * R-a.TeL198. OlBoaTeLlSI. • DB. J. B. PBPPBB. • * Dnitiat * * - Is paraanently located orar * * B. C. McClaln 'a Clothing Store, * * and is prepared to do all Uada * * of up-to-date dental work. * * Evening work by a^polatmaat. * • • • • F. H. MARTCr, • Surgery and Diseases of * Women. • Offlce and Residence Phone 576 * Offlce 7 North Jefferson. • DB. w. Bi nnjnjv. * Pkniekn B'lwgcaB. • Offlce N. B. Comer of Bqnar*, * Over K. a Plnmbtaig Ca'a Stores * Rea. Tel 38. Offlea TeL 60S. • P. Lu Lathrop, Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHTSICIAira. SpecUl attention given to Dte- eases of Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Offlce Thone, Main 468. • • • Thc«OarWdy»> RefttaurAnt Hverythiog In Season. SHORT ORDERS oi- ALL KINDS FABMS, la Howen Coaaty, MlssoarL To Sbcchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritpion and price of what you have. J. T. GILMOUB. Peinona. Mo. lawa Store Bij Special Cut on on all kinds o\ Merchandise until things chanje. A. e. HDItHAa Vt $f. W. H. AIDBBSOB, Attan«7-«i-l4iw. Notary and Stenographar la * Offlca. • Phono 46S. * JEWELERS. B. F. Paaeoast. old rellabla leweler. 110 East streeL LivinqfttoD ^ Co AH klada ol wort a apaeUlty t Saath gyetMnb PhaM IBM riagatona aad Camaat SMowalka aai Cnrhteg a Bpwdalty. Ftnmemiuo Office and Storagie Wiim; Boom at #5 West Street Pbone 356 a/. 0. THom mtt ffipBr Hmagmr Estimates cheerfully given on all work Phove 6161 Rea. M» S. Buckeye. Aa an aleconadatioa. the Reglstet recelvss ada-for fta waat oolamna over the telephooa. bat axpfcU the advertiser to call at ^ offlce and settle M soon Aa aiMmiiMit, U tba Mils are ta9«aaU tftwuopai tka ^maase of a CQl|aetor. : Tdartpw your iraftt ad to

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