The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 29, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1936
Page 6
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THK DAKBRSFIKLD CALIFORNIA*, SATURDAY. AUGUST 29, 193fi NEW ROMANTIC TEAM AT NILE Pioneer in Science Returns to Scene of Triumphs to Find Modern Station (i'nitrtl J'rrm kfflcrrf H'lrr ) DETROIT, AUK. ~9. —Sixteen yearn upo (his week, l>r. Vx-o dt 1 Korunt, eminent radio wlentlst, Installed In Die office* of tin; Detroit Now* what 11': called n rmllophono. This event marked the- opmlng of AmorlcA'H first brondoiistliiR station and many people thought the venture foolish. Doctor do Korent hris returned to Detroit to see, ns he explained It, "what type of tree hn« grown from my ncorn." He found. InMead of the table full of ncnttered apparatus he hod left, a new $1,000.000 home for the Detroit News station, \V\VJ, and a now 6000 watt trnnnmlttlng station declared by engineers to be among the most modern In the country. Tho new station, erected directly ACCOM the itrcet from the News building, will be dedicated late In Hcptember. The transmitting station hits been in operation for two month*. In 1920, da Forest's radio could have been placed conveniently on anyone's kitchen table and there would liavo remained enough room to prepare a cake or pie. The three men who operated the station had little Work to do. Their microphone looked liko an ordinary telephone. Whenever It won desired to broadcast phonograph records—tlm "friend In aeed" of early broadcoMIng days — the phonograph was shoved up close to thli "mike." An old-fashioned vramophone horn, held against the ".mike," bridged almost all of the Intervening distance. Thus was the music from the phonograph fed Into the transmitter. Power wiui derived from a ISO watt, 600 volt direct current generator driven by a motor of only one-quarter hornepower. *»• San Joaquin County Budget Is Approved (United I'rrn Leaut Wire) SACRAMENTO, Aug. 28.—San Joaquin countys' budget of $1,083,360, an excess of J:07,168 over the 6 per cent Increase limitation, was approved today by the State Board of Equalisation. The increase woa granted principally because San Joaquin is ono of the fow counties providing a lower tax rate for the next period. Ann Nothrrn iitul Ocno Raymond TTAVINO mot with outstanding •*••*• success as a romantic team that solved its problems to the tune of the melodies In "Hooray for Love," Ann Bothern and Cleno Raymond are again romping through a sophisticated romantic keyed to popular music In "Walk- Ing on Air," tho companion feature opening tomorrow at tho Nile theater with "State Fair," a revival hit of greatest caliber co-starring Will FtoRers and Janet Uaynor. As Iliiyinotid'H recent triumph in "Txivo on a Hot" and MIsH Hoth- ern's smooth performances In "The Girl Friend" and Nlmllar vehicles testify, both Blurs arc at their best In gay and unusual comedy fare. Ami their current film drawn from Francis C. Conkrell'H Cosmopolitan Magazine story, "Count Pcto," BlvoH them plenty of novelty and gaiety. Uncle Sam "Tags" Film Celebrities lAftoclatrd I're.n LtastA Wirt) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29.— Uncle Sam "tagged" a number of Hollywood celebrities today for alleged unpaid Income taxes. Those named in Hens filed In Federal Court Include Lylo Talbot. $1267.41 on 1H35 earnings; Alan Mowbray, $640.42 for 1936; Reginald Denny, $485. 8G for 1935 and Howard C. Hawks, $10.500.10 for 1935. nANGKItODSI.Y LOW OALV138TON, Texan, Aug. 2«.— (A. P.) — In his parachute-jumping days, William C. Baker, C6, plunged thousands of feet time and again and never was Injured. ll« was In a hospital today. MM log broken In two places. A ---.'out fall did It. Greta Garbo Owes $10,500, Alleged HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 29.—Tho assignee of a former Gorman film producer claimed In n suit on file today that Clrctu Garbo. Swedish screen star, owes $10,500 on a loan made. In Berlin 12 years ago. II. Flupatrlck, assignee of D. Sell ratter, iiHtwrted the latter advanced tho actress $10,600 In Swedish kronen and German marks on her assurance sho would repay him when sho became more prosperous. Sehratter later lost his fortune and como to the United Stains, Iho plaintiff stated. A similar suit was dismissed hero several months ago on a technical point. IN AIR DRAMA Gay Comedy at Granada Sunday With his Inimitable tnnglc touch, Frank Capra, Columbia director, has brought forth another "It Happened Ono Night," In tho gay. charming Cinderella story called "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," which comes to tho Clranada (heater Sunday for three days, with Clary Coopor and Jean Arthur In the loading rolns. Liberty gave It four stars and all critics have acclaimed It one of tho year's great films. "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" tells the story of Longfellow Deeds, a rustic young man who suddenly falls heir to $20,000.000 and goes to Now York City against his will to claim his money. The adventures that befall him make for some of tho choicest hilarity the screen has seen In years. Clary Cooper gives a performance thnt will make fans sit tip and take notice. In this film he emerges an entirely fresh personality, full of charm and good-humor. Jean Arthur, who plays tho feminine lead opposite Cooper, continues to fulfill every expectation of her admirers. On tho same bill Is an M-C1-M feature, "Tho Unguarded Hour," with Franchot Tone and Loretta Young. JAMBOREE OF MELODY AT FOX PABST ON TAP VIRGINIA MACS Mlstrets of Ceremonies PRESENTING •l|for •**• Btttfir Niw Flier Shtw THREE SOCIETY STEPPERS Patty DalaM, Mary Bill, Mary Ltt LAURIE FOSTER and HI* Mandarin Rhythm Boyt Delicious Menus, Especially Famous for Chiiktn, Sink, Chtf Dinners SiMlalliinf in Ckiniti Diiku Cover Charge, 2&c per Pereon, Saturday Only 3 Fl««r Shews W»k NliMi 1C-ll:JO. I Siturdty Nlihti 10-13 *nd 2 •. •. CONMTIONED Kuri'ii Morlcy and Kicliunl l)lx D EVIL'S SQUADRON," Columbia's exciting drama of the tost pilots, opens Sunday at tho Hex theater with Hichard Dlx In the starring role. Karon Morley ploys tho leading feminine part, while Lloyd Nolan, Shirley Rose, Hilly Hurrud, Gone Morgan, Henry Molllson, Thurston Hall, Gordon JonoH and Cora Sue Collins aro featured. ICdward Kverott Horton, who Isn't so dumb as he looks and acts, plays with Glonda Farrell In "Nobody's Fool," second picture on the double feature- billing. Cartoon and news complete tho program. MHiniiiiiiiiiiniiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: I Tonight—Another Big Night = | BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION 1 1 "Where They AU Go for Fun" § — Dance (o the ever-popular = | WILSON'S HARMONY BAND | 2 on the smootli-as-glnss floor. = 1 Cash Door Prize and Special Spot Dance Prize = = Three Miles North on Old Krrsno Highway. I'hono 2H4(i-\V = HlHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIr? WHERE THEY ALL GO FOR COOL COMFORT TONIGHT Dance to the Music of Bill Fleck and His Orchestra AT THE UNION AVENUE DANCE PAVILION Admission 40c On llir air ovrr Station WfiXAI fvery Tlmrgduy anil Saturday Ermine, 9:15 to 9:45 STEAKS AND SALADS Try Our Mind Drinks Open Dally From 0 a. m. FREE DANCING LANTERN Oak and Brundage Lane Q. Welchelt and A. B. Upward On the Air KOO-KPO —NitUntl Bnidciitlni Com- ••ny—Supplltl •rod'«l«l to: KFI. KECA, KFSD. K3W. KtX, KOMO. KHO, KJR, KGA. KOA. KOHL. KDYL. KOIR, KTAR. KFRC-CB8— Don L« tnd ColumbU—»»•• • Mil grotnmi to: KHJ, KG8. KOS, KMJ. KOW, KFBK. KERN, KOL, KVI, K8L, KOIN. KEPV, 5:00 to 5:30 p, m. KFIRN and network—Larry Kent Orchestra. NBC network—Jamboree. WfiXAI — r.cconllngs; E:16, Mac irimsplf. KNX—Maurice's Orchestra. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KKRN and network—Col. Grant; &:«, Musical Interlude. NHC network—Chateau. W6XAI—Recordings. KNX—-Buddy and Ginger; DM6, Children's Program. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKUN and network—Tour Hit Parade and Sweepstakes. NHC network—Chateau. WGXAI—News Klaxhos; 0:15, Col. O. S. Grant to 0:46. KNX—World Dances; 0:15, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KERN and network—Your Hit Panicle and Sweepstakes. NI3C network—RtrltiBtlmc. WfiXAI—0:4,1. Col. O. S. Grant. KNX—Souvenirs of Kong; 0:45, Cahnon lAibovlskl to 7:15. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KKRN and network—Sol Brlght's llnllywlans; 7:16, Bob Crosby Orchestra. Kite network — National Barn Ha nee. WfiXAl—I5b and Zeb; 7:15, World Dances. KNX—7:15, Betty Borden, Peter Kent. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KERN and network—NlRlH Court. NBC network — National Barn Dance, WflXAI—Let's Dance; 7:16, Cecil and Rally. KNX—Kclioes of Stage and Screen. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KKRN and network—Jan Garber Orchestra. NBC network—Hotel Ambassador Orchestra. WfiXAI — Hollywood on Parade; R:15, Top Tunes to 8:45. KNX—Hollywood Barn Dance. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KKRN and network—Dick Stabile Orchestra. NBC network—L,otus Gardens Orchestra. W6XAI—8:45, Vic Frasor. KNX—Hollywood Barn Dance. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KERN and network—Harry Lewis Orchestra. NBC network—Grand Terrace Cafe Orchestra. WCXAI—News Flashes; 9:16, Pop Concert to 0:45. KNX—News; 8:16, Barn Dance. 9:30 to 10:00 p, m. KKRN and network—Jan Garber Orchestra. NBC network—Oriental Gardens Orchestra. W6XAI—9:46, Rhythm and Romance. KNX—Barn Dance. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN and network — Everett Hoaglaml Orchestra. NBC network—Hotel St. Francis Orchestra. WfiXAI—All Request Program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. KKRN and network—Colo MoEl-- roy's orchestra. NBC tint work—Bui Tabarln Orchestra. WGXAI—All Request Program. 11:00 to 11:30 a. m. KKRN and network—Dick Jurgens' Orchestra. N1IC network—JuL-k Meakln's Orchestra. 11:30 to 12:00 a. m. KKRN and network—Larry Kent Orchestra. REGULAR DANCE TONIGHT at the Barn STINli IIOAD Music by the Southern Stars (irnllrnirn, 10<: l^iilirx. I'rrr Ambassador Club East Bakersfleld ib Kuted for refreshing mixed drinks, comfortable air-cooled halls and delicious STEAK AND CHICKEN DINNERS FRANK LUCAS. Manager DANCE : Saturday and Sunday •• Music by Hoyal Texans J 1'Yee Spaghetti Saturday • i Old-Time Dunce Tuesday • . Fresh Air Inn • TERESA ACTIS. Proprlitnu J Ctrnir WIIMni anti Auguill btrvtt. Thro • Blockt Ellt of Union on Brundag* Lant • • nd Or. Block North. Look lor High Light • WHITE ANGEL ••••••••••••.•••I Sun Kong H«rb Co. CONSULTATIONS FREE Wu:n|prful l«Tb» for ailments of kiUiieyn. llvi-r, olo. ICMiteclally t>f- fi'otlvr fur nil kltirts of voiii'rcal diKCHSfn. HiTliM offi-r Inimcillato r.-li.-f. ."^30 K Street, corner Twenty-third Adolph Menjou and Alice Fuyc O PENING at tho Fox Sunday for four days Is "Sing Baby Sing," whooping with laughs, tingling with tunes, sizzling with swing and ablaze with stars, some of whom are Adolph Men- JON-, Alice Kayo, Patsy Kelly, Ted Healey, Gregory Ratoff, Michael Whalen and the clowning Rltz Brothers. Tho second feature showing is "Second Wife," with Gertrude Michael, Waller Abel and 13ric Rhodes in a matrimonial drama. ' Showing for the last time today Is Pat O'Brien and Beverly Roberts In "China Clipper" and Charles "Chic" Sale, Eddlo Qull- lan and Chnrlotto Henry In "Tho Gentleman from Louisiana," Astaire, Rogers Team at Virginia San Francisco, melting pot of world romance and magflet for the ships of tho seven seas, Is caught at Its most colorful and romantic moment—when tho United States fleftt Is In—as background for tho singing :ind dancing of Fred Astaire and Singer Rogers in their musical, "Follow the Fleet," opening a three- day run Sunday at the Virginia, theater. When the old town sees the bulldogs of the fleet steaming through tho Golden Gate excitement electrifies the air. Love Is around every corner; old lies are retold and new promises made to bo broken. It Is all In "Follow the Fleet," with the big ships bringing in Astaire and Randolph Scott UH sailors with different Ideas on love and Miss Rogers and Harriet Hllllurd waiting for them. The battle greyhounds carry a cargo of seven Irving Berlin melodies too, and their decks and the gay spots of the bay city are the jceno for five novel dance numbers by the co-starring masters of rhythm. Completing the bill Is "Lonely Trail," a stirring western with John Wayne. • « » KKV. S1IUL.KR FINKD LOS ANGELES, Aug. 29. (A. P.)— The Reverend Robert P. Shujer, Los Angeles minister-politician, today paid a ?C traffic fine fur passing an arterial stop at Mission Road arid Main street. The Reverend Shuler appeared personally to protest the position of tho sign, saying It was difficult for motorists to wee it. K AY K11ANCIS, who portrays Florence NlKhtliiKiilo In "Tho AVhltc Ansel." one of the two Breal features HtiirtinR tomorrow ut the Fox e'allt'ornlii theater. "Tho White AiiK'l" Is the heroic story of a social butterfly who bocuinn mankind's immortal angel of mercy. Ian Hunter, Donald Woods, .N'lfjel Bruce, Donald Crisp and Henry O'Neill are. In the supporting nmt of thousands. The second feature is "The Hrlde Walks Out." a love-laugh drama of love-un-a-bud«et. Barbara Stan- wyck Is the star and tho supporting; cast Includes Hobert Young, Gene Kaymond. Ned Sparks and Helen Hrodorlck. I'losiiiK today at the California are four attractions: "Hot Money." with Hoss Alexander iind Beverly Kohorts; "We Went to College," with llnch Herbert. Charles Hut- terwurlh iind t'na Merkol: uluipter ihri f "Custer's l.nst Stand"; a cuj'tuun uud nuub rcol. Portuguese Celebration The I-ndies of tlir I". l>. r. K. C, Aro '.living u U-Dity Celebration Saturday and Sunday AiiKUNt 3!), 111! DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT Admission, ^,"ic BAKBECUB SUNDAY, PLATE 2Sc DANCE SUNDAY AFTERNOON AND NIUIIT RAINBOW GARDENS Everybody Welcome RADIO CLUB CAFE at Oildil* JOHN J. LEVI, Proprietor DANCE Saturday Night Starting at 8 p. m. to 1 a. m. Jot Liriti' Orhctstn Everyone Welcome—Eat, Drink, Dance and Be Happy. Remember: Dancing Every Wednesday and Saturday Nights Here Hirschy Buffet on East Side Reopens Reopening today of tho Hirschy Buffet launch was announced by F. B. Hirschy, proprietor. He will feature his same well known meals. This popular Enst Bakersfleld eating; place has been closed for a month due to tho ill health of Mrs. Hirschy who Is still under a doctor's care in Los Angeles. 40-FOOT PLUNGE HARMLESS OTTAWA, Out., Aug. 29. (U, P.) Mrs. Isabella^ Hannay, 48, plunged 40 feet from a cliff here and escaped with a scratched nose. She was fined $10 for drunkenness. Kaufman Breach, if Any, Mended (United Prcts Uaicit Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 20.—Any Inference of a breach between George S. Kaufman, who figured In Mary Aster's diary, and his wife, Mrs. Beatrice Kaufman, which may have been read Into the somewhat cool greeting between them when she returned from Europe yesterday, was dispelled today by their counsel. Howard Relnhelmer, the attorney, summoned the press to his office to say that the Kaufmans regarded the Mary Astor Incident as definitely closed and Issued the following statement In behalf of Mrs. Kaufman: "Mr. Kaufman and I are pursuing the usual routine of our lives. We have no Intentions of changing Its order. Naturally we both regret that an Incident, which must have occurred In thu. lives of many adults, was made the focus of public interest. We earnestly wish to bo permitted again the peace and privacy of ordinary Individuals." Neither Kaufman nor his wife WM present at the conference. «•• • WILL APPEAL CONVICTION 1,08 ANGELES, Aug. 29. (A. P.>— Attorneys^'for August. Nardoni, ball bond broker, announced today they •.vould appeal his conviction on a charge of soliciting a ball bond In the Hall of Justice. The attorneys obtained a stay of execution on a $20 fine Imposed yesterday. SMASH 3 DAYS | Starting ONLY I TOMORROW Your • Friendly Theatre TOMORROW AFTER 2 P. M. MATINEE C**"* ENDS TODAY H "" H HERBERT _; 'UNA MERKEL "WE WENT TO COLLEGE" SERIAL—NEWS CARTOON BENEFIT DANCE By Italian Catholic Federation TONIGHT St. Joseph's School Hall Open to (he I'ulillc (icittli'incii, OOr Ladles Krco RETURN ENGAGEMENT 6 Big Days and Nights Starting Tuesday, Sept. 1 SHOW GROUNDS Ninctiinth and Union California's Greatest Midway Attractions FUN FOR ALL ALL FOR FUN CLUBOASIS Dance Nightly Except Monday to the Merry Music of the OASIS TRIO Hear them everyiweek over W6XAI TOWN PRICES JACK CONLEY, Proprietor Rosedale Highway at Frultvale DANCE TONIGHT To Old-Time Music AT THK HUOHCS Good Floor—Best in Mixed Drinks CURLY HUGHES GRANADA Sunday, Monday, Tuesday TWO BIG FEATURES GARY COOPER in a 4.Star Smash Hit "MR. DEEDS. GOES TO TOWN" FRANCHOT TONE LORETTA YOUNG "THE UNGUARDED HOUR" Comedy, News and- Cartoon LAST DAY—WILL ROGERS "A CONNECTICUT YANKEE" and WILLIAM BOYO In "CALL OF THE PHAIKIE" Also Newi and Short Subjects MATINECS SAT. AND SUN. STARTS TOMORROW •t a P.M. M«ra Cm Ihiki Y«ur Hlbs it AND CLOSING OF OLYMPIC GAMES ALSO WAS HfR OWN W OR S 1 RlVfll Second, WIFE' ? \ (.1 KIHlim MlfHAIl (ENDS TONIGHT PAT O'BRIEN ROSS ALEXANDER BEVERLY ROBERTS "CHINA CLIPPER" AND—, Eddie QuHUn "Ohio" Silt "Thi Contlomm 'From Louisiana" CARTOON—NEWS "W«'i«test pilots. Well ttjr »»y- •fclyy MM*) . . . • * twie«-lf HD EVI LSI ?#•«•-4•"<••-••••• .->•:.: 7 .•,.:'•:, >•••..*•>:*<' K 5QUADRDN w& : "--~^ - f :, .. R I C H A R D ' •* DIX ' KAREN MORLL^ LLOYD NOLAt- —AND— Small Town Boy Meets Big City Girl EDWARD E. HORTON GL.ENDA FARRELL In "Nobody's Fool" CARTOON—COMEDY—NEWS Last Diy—Two Big Attraetim JOE E. BROWN JOAN BLONDELL In "SONS O' GUNS" and ROSS ALEXANDER, PATRICIA ELLIS In "BOULDER DAM" CARTOON—ACT—NEWS VIRGINIA Open 12-11 p, m.—20c and 10o Sunday, Monday, Tuesday TWO BIO FEATURES Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers In the Super-Dreadnaught of Dance-Musical Shows "Follow the Fleer JOHN WAYNE in a Rip-Roaring Western "Lonely Trail" Comedy, News and Cartoon TODAY, K. HEPBURN in "SYLVIA SCARLETT" . and HOOT GIBSON In "SWIFTY" Comedy, News and Cartoon

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