The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 20, 1996 · Page 39
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 39

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 20, 1996
Page 39
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ITHE SALINA JOURNAL JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate Inc. HOROSCOPES . ARIES (March 21-April 19). Notice what others I do, not what they say. A new Scorpio or Libra love interest is coming on too strong. Reunions go extremely well. A new money-making idea needs ftore fleshing out. Reserve quiet time just for you TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You reach a I compromise that should unburden you from debts or obligations. Joining community groups brings new I romance. In a small group of people, you can try out a new creative Idea. • GEMINI (May 21-June 21). A deteriorating friendship deserves one more chance at reconciliation. A home- improvement project will turn out to be an excellent investment. Concern for a brother or sister is right on the money. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). You need to pull back a little with your current love. Space will ease the tension. Purchase an expensive decorative or fashion item. You deserve it. Let a child or pet break the rules a little bit. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Business colleagues fall In love with you. Set a good example for a child. Teens deserve reasons for your actions. Stabilize a romance by making a stronger commitment. Visit a friend and receive a surprise. TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (October 20). Surprises frqm family in November include an inheritance or a gift of cash. You're a powerhouse of money-making talent in December. Join forces with others who think like you do to further your firm goals in January. After February, relocation may occur due to a career advancement. In March, love blooms and could include marriage, especially with an Aries or Capricorn. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Give your lover time to make his or her own decision. Fears in business or love are imaginary. Telephone calls bring excellent results, answers and unusual news about an old friend. • LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22). Appear calm and others will sense your personal power. Aggressive action must be done subtly or you lose face. Pay a social visit on a former employee. Relax and let others do the cleaning up. • SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21). Forego security to gain true independence. A financial windfall has strings attached. Luck comes through creative matters. Teens need your advice but have trouble asking for it.• SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). Powerful friends lead you into dynamic business ventures. A close relative helps with a domestic problem. Allow plenty of time for preparation, as others will delay you. Headway is made when you practice. • CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). A love relationship improves when you stop listening to know-it-all neighbors. Do not equate niceness with weakness. Distant cousins or in-laws will rescue you from a financial jam if you ask. • AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Your point of view changes with further research and investigation. Rewards from civic duties impress youngsters or a rie~w love. Review your budget and you may find that you have been overspending a bit. • PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Be selective, as there is not time to devote yourself to all who want to see you. Business colleagues have excellent advice regarding a personal legal issue. Your sweetheart is seeking a sign of approval. HOROSCOPES • Call COMMUNITY line il Category 7827 if Bad ** Fair *** Good **** Excellent Children & Seniors $3.50 •Prlmetlmo AdulU S3.75 OtherTlmei 55.50 That Thing You Do • *** ('1:20-'4:20)-7:10 Central • 1 hour'48 mln. The Chamber R ** Central M hour 50 min. Sleepers R *** ' C1:00-'4:00)-7:00 n Central -2 hours 29 min •First Wives Club PG ** (•1:30-'4:30)-7:15 •---Central • 1 hour 43 mln. Ghost And The Darkness R 'A (•2:15-'4:45)-7:00 Mid-Stale M hour 44 min. The Glimmer Man R ** (•2:20- - 4:50)-7:05 Mid-State • 1 hour 30 min. Long Kiss Goodnight R **% ('2:00-'4:30)-7:00 Sunset • 2 hours Mighty Ducks 3 PG * ('2:05-'4:35)-7:05 Sunset • 1 hour 44 mln. Almanac SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20, 1996 D7 Salna today WEATHER i- -.- •••••: «n ,-;• ; ; Kansas today PEOPLE ^ 43 LOW Today, mostly sunny, breezy and mild. High 71. South wind 15 to 25 mph and gusty. Tonight, cloudy, cooler and breezy. Low 43. 7:45 p.m. 7:45 am Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended forecast . • TODAY: A chance for showers, a few thunderstorms are possible south. Mostly cloudy. Highs from the mid-50s northwest to the 70s east. • TONIGHT: A chance for light snow northwest with a chance for showers and a few thunderstorms elsewhere. Lows 25 to 30 northwest to the mid-50s southeast. » MONDAY: Cloudy west with a chance for rain east. Highs in 40s west and the 50s east. •TUESDAY: A warming trend with no rain expected. , Lows in the Upper 20s and 30s. Highs in the lower to mid-50s. ijBKhftfrftlifeV .3'aV' i f'*f'-g,. Jrf / ""??* ' >W ' .; rrrr; <$&¥*! \t- Ralina 71° !• K TnnaUa [5° " itf; • /Wichta77° I, SASL * "-^ : ,; *•••r*"* 1 """" 11 ' Pittsburg | 76° | Salina yesterday TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record / Year High 72 70 88/1894 Low 47 44 22/1925 • High and low to 6 p.m ' 30s 50s COLD WARM STATIONARY © 1996 AccuWeathe Pressure .*^ HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY PT. CLOUDY CLOUDY PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 6 p.m. October to date Average October Year to date Average year through October Average year 'None '0.06 2.41 29.45 26.94 28.95 Kansas yesterday U.S. today DAILY WEATHER • Call COMMUNITY line if . Category 9494 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-8OO-585-7623 Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol Bel'avllle Belolt Coffeyville Concordla • Dodge City Emporia Garden City ' Qoodland Hutchinson Lawrence Manhattan Pittsburg Russell • . Topeka . Wichita HI 69 70 6770 79 69 84 76 72 69 72 69 72 69 73 LO PREC 41 42 42 43 45 40 . 43 34 45 44 45 39 46 39 47 Anchorage Atlanta Boston Chicago Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City Las Vegas Los Angeles New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Phoenix •;•,•; San Francisco HI 25 67 50 61 79 40 68 65 72 59,,,. 75 71 75 77 68 LO 8 38 49 ' 33 , 62 37 51 56 57 .-..52. 55 49 51 61 SO OTLK Clr Clr Rain Cldy Clr Snow Cldy Clr Clr Rain Cldy Cldy Clr Cldy Clr The Associated Press John F. Kennedy Jr. said Friday at a luncheon in Portland, Ore., that a Nike ad inspired him to marry. Nike made John-John do it PORTLAND, Ore. — Newlywed John F. Kennedy Jr. joked at an advertising luncheon that Nike's famous slogan convinced him to take the wedding plunge. "One evening not so long ago, I was staring out my window, wondering whether I should make a major life decision," Kennedy said Friday. "And my eyes focused on a billboard that said: 'Just Do It.' " An adoring crowd jammed a hotel ballroom for a glimpse of the celebrity editor of the year-old political magazine, George. "I realize that politics and magazines may not be the only reason you're here," Kennedy said, delighting the crowd with personal quips such as new wife Carolyn "let me keep my maiden name." 'Attendance at Portland Advertising Federation luncheons usually tops out at a couple of hundred. Kennedy drew 928 people at up to $65 a ticket. "There is one other wedding dress in the world like my wife Carolyn's," Kennedy said to rolling laughter. "I believe it's owned by Dennis Rodman." Court pulls plug on Revival LOS ANGELES — A federal court pulled the plug on a couple of ex-band members trying to revive Creedence Clearwater Revival. An injunction barring former members of the band from using a similar name for their group was granted, according to documents entered Friday in U.S. District Court. Singer-songwriter John Fogerty sought the injunction against his ex-colleagues over their use of the name "Creedence Clearwater Revisited." From Wire Service Reports • I VI • I • W II W «* Wl W I WW I I W|*V T ADVICE Hormone-crazed teen-agers need to keep it safe Dear Ann Landers: May I respond to were sexually active, a whopping 81 per- Dear Sac: Thanks for a solid message, weddings cost a small fortune, what w fha tpon-napr frnm TWinflv W .T wVin wno rpnt said fhpv wprp snrrv thpv hart "Hnnp Anrl nnw T'H HUp to aHri a wnrri tn mv tf>en- thf> flnwprs mnsirv nVintnarnnhpr Dear Ann Landers: May I respond to the teen-ager from Tenafly, N.J., who was not impressed by the sex-ed videos she saw in school? She said $ they were "stupid." I am an educator for Planned Parenthood and teach pregnancy and HIV- AIDS prevention in public schools. In my classes, I quote a study commissioned by Seventeen magazine and the Ms. Foundation that is most revealing. While the teen from Tenafly is correct when she says girls can be extremely aggressive, here is what the study found: After interviewing 500 males and 500 females nationwide, ages 13 to 21,73 percent of the girls said they would have sex but only because their boyfriends pressure them. Of the 67 percent of the girls who ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. were sexually active, a whopping 81 percent said they were sorry they had "done it." The study revealed that many young girls behave aggressively because they want to get asked out, but when it comes to sex, it is the boys who are pushing for it. Meanwhile, the girls complain that they get the bad reputation and the boys are considered studs. The study also showed that boys are pressured by their peers to have sex and are considered wimps if they don't score. Another startling statistic: One in five people will get a sexually transmitted disease by age 21.1 find this scary in light of the fact that teens are now one of the at-risk groups for getting HIV-AIDS. Please, Ann, tell every teen-ager who reads your column to keep those sexual impulses in check. They have many years ahead during which they can be appropriately sexually engaged. For now, they should cool it and just enjoy being kids. — L.W., Sacramento TV TONIGHT Dear Sac: Thanks for a solid message. And now I'd like to add a word to my teenage readers who are sexually active. Please be aware that protection, which is of the utmost importance, is not always totally reliable. Condoms, the most convenient and most often used method, are not 100 percent fail-safe. They can break or come off. The failure rate is about 17 percent. So, dear teen-age readers, keep these figures in mind when you find yourself going into hormonal overdrive. It's better to be safe than sorry. Dear Ann Landers: My husband has been a pastor for more than 15 years and has officiated at dozens of weddings. He has no.set fee for his services and simply tells the couple that whatever they wish to give him will be appreciated. "Richard" spends a great deal of time preparing his remarks, not to mention the time spent at the rehearsal and the actual wedding. It is obvious that many weddings cost a small fortune, what with the flowers, music, photographer, refreshments, champagne and five-tier wedding cake. When the wedding is over, more often than not, my husband is not paid for his services. In some cases, he doesn't even get a thank-you note from the bride and groom. They simply assume officiating at weddings is part of his job. Without a clergyman or justice of the peace, these couples could not get married. Please tell your readers, Ann, that it would be nice for the clergymen if they were compensated. — Pastor's Wife in Coalinga, Calif. Dear Pastor's Wife: I can't imagine such thoughtlessness. I hope your letter helps educate the people in Coalinga as well as other places where it is assumed that officiating at weddings and funerals, etc., is "part of the job." You have spoken for many who, because of their dignity, choose to remain silent. Best bets )• 8 p.m. — "Talk to Me," ABC, Salina cable channels 9 & 10. Yasmine Bleeth, Veronica Hamel. A r ruthless talk show executive manipulates a conscience-stricken underling into delivering a juicy program. •,-8 p.m. — "Blue Rodeo," CBS, Salina cable channels 5 & 12. Ann- Margret, Kris Kristofferson. A woman falls in love with a charming cowboy as she strives to heal the rift between her and her hearing- impaired son. • 9 p.m. — "Masterpiece Theatre," PBS, Salina cable channels 2 & 8. "Broken Glass" Arthur Miller's play, set in 1938 Brooklyn, dramatizes the story of a middle-aged Jewish housewife who inexplicably loses the use of her legs. • 8 p,m. — "CNN Presents," CNN, Salina cable channel 23. An analysis of Bob Dole's past legislative decisions, his role as a Washington "insider," his health and what kind of president he will make if elected. 10/20/W n H 0 n n n •*• n in m IFl ffil IF) IB M m 83 fB BfJ m ID 7:00 Nature 44575 3rd Rock 7049 7:30 Boston 575 8:00 Wild Am. 9943 8:30 Singles 9440 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 Masterpiece Theatre 56310 Movie "The Ring" (1996) Nastassja Kinski, Linda Lavin. 2827 World Series: Game 2 - Braves or Cardinals at Yankees 523643 Touched by an Angel 80391 Kansas Wesleyan U. 23961 Simpsons Movie "Blue Rodeo" (1996) Ann-Margret. (CC) 77827 News 7013136 Seinfeld Extra 92778 News 7274310 |Cape 2757488 Languages of Life 22339 |Community Bulletin Board 803310 World Series: Game 2 •• Braves or Cardinals at Yankees 528223 Classical Music 23989 Lois & Clark-Superman 82339 Lois & Clark-Superman 42117 Touched by an Angel 37285 3rd Rock-Sun Boston Com. Movie "Karate Kid II" Cont'd Disney Hallwn Movie ** "De Inside Out TBA 29933 News 6772759 Sports Served 7827 | Keep Up 9662 | Masterpiece Theatre 10594 • Movie "Talk to Me" (1996) Yasmine Bleeth. (CC) 62575 Movie "Talk to Me" (1996) Yasmine Bleeth. (CC) 55681 Movie "Blue Rodeo" (1996) Ann-Margret. (CC) 57049 Movie "The Ring" (1996) Nastassja Kinski. (CC) 414681 Movie "White Sands" (1992) (CC) 9141136 Avonlea 1066643 sperado" (1995) Antonio Banderas. 283933 Movie * * "Class Act" (1992) Christopher Reid. 9192372 Movie "Driving Miss Daisy" (1989) 4871846 Movie "The Pathfinder" (1996) 4156204 News 941265 Prlmetlme News 71 01 198 News 6666469 News 6684865 News 8930407 Roseanne Deep Space 9 Inside Edition Home Imp. "Dr. Strangelove" 5552198 Movie "Road to Zanzibar" (1941) 1876952 Movie "Cyborg Cop III" (1996) 391391 Movie "Double Dragon" (1994) 1119204 Art Garfunkel 555223 18182865 Movie ** "Assassins" (1995) Sylvester Stallone. (CC) 30834117 Clip Notes (R) Sports Sunday|CNN Presents (CC) 371335 Movie ** "Mannequin" (1987), Kim Cattrall 3820372 Heroes of the Heart 97921 98 Movie "Breathing" Cont'd Movie **** Common Sense 9701846 . Movie **** Perot 320778 Color 7163827 Insplr. Please! "The Silence of the Lambs" (1991) 321830 World 862339 Color 7950730 Triumphs Movie ** "Columbo; Undercover" (1994) 622551 "All About Eve" (1950) Bette Davis. Cont'd Sports Tonight (CC) 721056 Miami Vice 2111198 Family Series 9791469 Remington Steele 977448 Movie *** "The Prince and the Showgirl" (1957) 653556 §g m EB ED ED QD ED GB 03 EQ H3 Q3 ED f fcB few G9 7:00 Go Fishl Road Rules 7:30 Outdoors Road Rules 8:00 Roland Martin 8:30 Fishln' 789488 Unplugged 527987 Movie * * x "The Woman In Red" (1 984) 2482759 Pro Beach Soccer 856759 Cheerleading 870223 RPM 1091556 Strongest Man Pacific Blue 628653 Movie ***»' 9:00 Raceday Real World Dr. Katz Pro. 9:30 10:00 Championship Rodeo 108285 Style 486933 Critic 6754469 Women's College Volleyball Texas A&M at Nebraska. 869223 Cheerleading Strongest Man Fitness America Pageant (R) 495894 Klckboxlng ISKA. 4886865 Buzzklll Politically Inc. 10:30 j Road 950049 Ren & Stlmpy Daily 34601 98 World Team Tennis 131 952 Sportscenter (CC) 879594 Superbouts 9274952 Arm Wrestling Silk Stalkings 771551 | Big Easy 676907 | Silk Stalkings 426484 Coal Miner's Daughter" (1980) Sissy SpaceK. 72023865 National Geo. 321010 {Power of Ange Monica Seles vs. Jennifer Capriati 3241914 Parent 315827 Harvey 849551 Unhappily Movie *** "The River" (1984) 24948038 s (CC) 171317 With Roger Movie "The Forget-Me-Not Murders" (1994) 281575 Steals and Deals 881 6223 Ray Bradbury 61 35339 Wild Discovery 41 8407 How'd They Do That? 880681 Wubbulous Nick News Rivera Live 8892643 Golf 7417391 News 6839420 Golf 2366865 instant Replay Intimate Portrait 727925 Charles Grodln 881 2407 Movie *** "Quadrophenia" (1979) Phil Daniels. 8115575 Immortality on Ice 494827 A Dog's World 866001 Happy 982407 Munsters Great Irish Famine (R) 773399 World Vision Paid 682001 Complices en Familial 1865 Movie "The Deceivers" Cont'd Scooby Doo Jabberjaw Spies Above (R) 407391 A Cat's World 886865 Odd 777662 {Taxi 219223 America's Castles 409759 Lead Story | Bobby Jones Gospel 61 1 469 Feed Children Nuestra Belleza de Mexico 96: Final 91001 Inside NYPD Blue 190597 Rocky-Bullwln {Roger Ramjet Talk Soup 590353 Fllntstones {Jetsons National Geo. 308556 Sports Edge Night Court Innerview Sinbad 134469 Barbara Walters 577402 Scan 9370778 Behind Tim Russert PPV 3851310 Justice Files 417778 How'd They Do That? 889952 Dick Van Dyke Straight Dope Paid 555643 Bob Newhart Straight Dope Paid 564391 TitularesDeportlvos10136 Gossip 340830 ASIFA-East {Father-Home | PBS, Bunker Hill | NBC, Wichita I Fox, Wlchlta-Sallna I CBS, Topeka Access 6, Salina I Fox, Kansas City PBS, Wichita ! ABC, Kansas City ABC, Wichita I Prevue ! CBS, Wichita | NBC, Kansas City I Encore I Disney Weather Channel Clnemax Stan Education Access Government Access HBO Showtime CNN Headline New* C-Span Home Shopping Network QVC f/X Faith & Values Family Channel fB Prime Sports Network W WGN, Chicago American Movie Classics BD ESPN EB Cable Health Club Nashville Network Country Music TV MTV VH1 Comedy Central 69 ESPN2 ED USA Network ED TNT EB WTBS, Atlanta SB Prime Sports Showcase Lifetime EB C-Span 2 QDCNBC ED Court TV E5) MSNBC HJTVI QQ Discovery 3) The Learning Channel EQ Mind Extension SB Nickelodeon @B Arts & Entertainment ED BET EE) Unlvlslon GBKTOSalina Marketplace QB El 3D Cartoon Network 8 Food Channel Newsport O-B9 Request

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