Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 4, 1909 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 4, 1909
Page 2
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Thompson Qoe> Hom«. Judge W. H. Thompson and family, after a several daj-s' visit here, left this morning for their home in Garden City. + • * For Visiting Girls. . Mrs. Grant Miller and Mrs. Ciias. Punk very charmingly entertained the members of MTS . Miller's Sunday school class at the home of Mrs. Chas. Punk, 80V ESwt Jackson street. The entertainment was a reception for a few of the class members who were spending the holidays, berei Miss Grace Bixler, of Emporia: E^ae Parke of OtUwa, and Zpe Atchison of W«U- ingtoh.. tt was also corapllmentarj- to Mlsa Gt^ce Pitzgerald, whose coming wedding has already been' announced. * * + Pretty new styles In Talorocl Linen Waists from $1.25 to 1^.00. Richurd- son's.- + + * Visiting in Elsmbre. Mi8t» Bessie Blllbe is in Rlsmorc this week the guest of Miss Burdetta Wood. •> + * - . * D«ne Biilbe Returned. Mr. Dene Blllbe hai #MflllHI' flU^ Bmporia where he has been the gue.*t of hiB uncle for the past few days. • • • The Progressive Club. The- Progressive Club will meet Wednesday, January sixth, with Mre. W. N. Lee per as hostess., The pM- gram to as follows: ••'^^f""' f Roll Call—W<hat I would do if I coiild. History—Page 454 to 468, .Mrs. Shuford,. Leader. Paper-^SYederick the Great. Mrs. S R. Swan. V Sorosls Club'^i liWita >_ii ^i The Sorosis Club wU- boM their regular m^tin? Wiednesday afternoon at t&e home of Mrs. O. L. Garllng- house 309 East Madison. All members are requested to be. t^ifiv ^Tat 2:30 •clock this being "Anifrta^ Way fer OV.w^.v - ^ _ the Club when the election or neiv officers will take place * + * Chas. Rosenberg Re^M.<Home. : Mr. Charles Rosenberg returned ^lo his home in SL Louis i'^sterday-even­ ing after spending a fSw'weeks visiting this city . Mr. Rosenljerg former- ally resided in lola aa 'd'^iias many F-4 Ever notice the trees tong about the time iroutbful fane/ lightly ^ turns to thoughts of love t -. :i But first let us Ull you thh in V a talk on the new lusltb -Ray eyu • gUst—lt^''«koti|(t;tatiN«t you, for you 'll a|ld gittses iSkM ^jme-all Now to the tretMi .-^e bow' tbelr tops fimt tuajpnlea. wliil»' uaderneaili .the winKiilst. clinK* still. Yet the light m'^i ri'uch the undi ^r M well ss tlit topino^i Whjr Is itr SlmplJl'.becsuKi' ilw upper leaves snd Hranrhc* imtRb' ana absorb these hesilh and llfu giving ray* we are talkiuK nlMiut— the ray* that go through tin* new . Health-Ray Vnn into thr ••yi>, and' that will nut go through nny other kind of len*. When the upper leave* get tbelr- fill, the lower ones gel what'* Irft.. IJke the lower leavpji. your eye geti heat and ligfat ,^«ij« the present glass that yoU aAi -tbouiiMtde of others wear, takes the cream. . Is It any wonder .eye troubles an inmasing, with half the eyes of the rising generation behind this eye -handicap liglit^eKelud- CARNIVAL WEEK! .\I,L THI .S WEKK. Somethlnf; doin»r everj nicht, Sunielhlnt; different evi-ry nlRhl. TojilRbt—Orange ratv. Night— (iiMcefui cou- p'es. Wednesday .Nigbi—.Ma?i|UKr- nde. Tliiir.sday .N'iKlit—('<'H)>1'- Hyre. I'riday NlKhi—.Merry Wl.low Skate. Sa tuid:i y .\ 1 .«ht—R .'i re. THE AUDITORIUM OK conisE. ing material? The new Health-Ray Lens vhicJi we cttfT. you has just been pelted. We know its all right, but we'll have to actoitfwledge we 4t^;i; IfftOff .what the.other-lenses iVI ^.^I4g and nobody else knew «^ thb dnp sprang hia Health- friends here who hope that he will pay theiu another visit before Ions. •i" >!' *!• Mrs. Ressler to Colorado. Mrs. Laura Ilessler e.xpects to leave soon for Boulder. Colorado, where she wil l)e the of her uncle, Mr. B. C. .Vic\ViIliani:i. •> •:• Back to Wichita. Miss Merle Schwartz and .Miss Florine Dimbaugli have letiirnod to WIcli- ita after a few weelis visit witli friend.s anil relatives in this i-ity. •:• •> • To Kansas City. .Mr. .-Nrtliiir D<;C!ute lias KI>II«> to Kansas City on business. •!• • IVIr. May Returned. .Mr. ("has May has retuiiieil from Ft. Scott where he has been spendiiis; a few of tlie holidaya. Mrs. .M'-.iy will spend tlie r<*niainiler iif llif wt-fk there. • • • Miss Varner Home. Miss Lueia Varenr returnt-d Saturday from Richmond. Kansas, where she ha.s been visiting her sisti-r. -Mrs. Shulenberger. •!• • •:• Have you seeti the |itetly iifw ihiiiKS in Dress (ioods, Silks ami Sutiiix at Richardson's? • • • Back to Baker. Misses Tn'an l ..oudi!riulll<, .Mae D«!n- nls, Ketilah l ..uo<'y, Clara Laiiiy and Garnet Benham returned tr) Baldwin this morning to reHiiiiie their studies at Halter University. 4. 4> A May-Buckiey Wedding. On November ISlh nt Hedeloiid, Nebraska, .Miss Rdith .May was uiiilel in uiurriaKe to .Mr. Win. C. Buckley. Mrs, Buckley Iti a HlHtiT of .Mrs. Arclile ih'owii. Hlie liuH visited in luiu several liiiieH iiiid ha* many frlend:i hen- Willi Join ill good wiMhi'H for her. .J. .;. * At the Reformed Church. The Wuiiiati's Allssloiiary Hocli'ly of lite KefiiMiii -il cliurrli will nieet on Thursday afternooti wilh Mis. Kilier- Ion. of 111] North Third street. This meet ing will be for the regular aiiiiit al elect lull of oltlCers. • • • How to Preoare a Husband. A go <i(l many iiusbands are utterly spoiled In the cookitig. Some women set them constantly in hot water; others let them freeze by carelessness anil Indifference. Some k»ep them In a pickle all their lives. It is not reasonable to suppose that any husband can be tender and appetizing treated In this way, but they are really delicious when properly prepared. In selecting your husband yon should not be guided by the silvery appearance, as in buying mackerel, nor by the golden tint, as' in picking salmon. Be sure to select him yourself, as tastes differ. Do not go to market for him. The best are always brought to your door. But it is far better to have none unless you will patiently learn how to cook him. A preserving kettle of the finest porcelain is best; but if you have nothing but an earthen pipkin, it will do, with care. See that the linen In which you wrap him is nicely washed and mended, with the required number of buttons and strings securely sewed on. Tie him in the kettle by a strong comfort cord. The duty cord is breakabljB and apt to let him fly out of the kettle and become burnt and crusty on the edge. Of course you kflow. that ike a crali or lobster, you have to cook him alivi-. Set liim near a fire, steady fire of love, neatness and If he sputters and fizzles do noi tie anxious. Some do this until they are quite done. .\dd a little sugar in the form of what confectioners call kisses, but nu.vinegar or pepper on any account. .\ little spice will improve him. but it must be used witli jiidgnient. Oo not stici: jaiiy sharp instruments into him to see I if he Is bepoiniiig tender. Stir gently, watching the while lest he lie ton flat and loo close to the kellie, and so ^become flabby. If thus treated you iwlll find him digestible, ujrreeint; nicely with you anil the children. Me will keep as long as you like, iiiili-ss you become careless and set liitn in too eo'd a place. • Important Events in 1909. January 7.*).—One hundredth anniversary of the birth of ICUsar Allan Poe. February 12.—One hundredth anni- ver.sary of the birth of Alirahain Lincoln. February 22.—Arrival of the American fleet on the Atlantic Coast after its trip around the world. .March t.—Inauguration of aft. March fi.—One hundredth aiiuivei- .^aiy of the birth of Blizabetli Barrett Browning. March 13.—Departure of Roosevelt for -Africa. March IS.—Grover Cleveland" Memorial day. March l.S.—Probably date of besin- ning of the sjiecial session of the new Congress. June 1.—Opening of the .A'aska-Yu- Uon-Pacific Exnosition at Seattle. .\ugust C.—One hundredth anniversary of the birth of Alfred Tennyson. August 29.—One hundredth anniversary of the birth of Ollv.-r Wendell Holmes. Novemlier 2.—rElection of Mavor of New York city. December 2y.—One hundredth aiini versary of the liirtii of William Kw- a:t Gladstone.—Colliers. • •!• • The i-lesant line of .Millinery. .".l» cents (ui tlie dollur. Ricliardson's. • * * Mrs. Chas. Ward Entertains. Mrs. Chas. Ward of 2uit South Third street entertained nt si.x o'clock dinner last evening. The dining room was very tastefully decorated with cut flowers and ferns. Mrs. Ward's guests were .Messrs. and Mesdames John Ward, J. M. Ricli of LeRoy. A. N. Baer, Misses E<lith M<irgan of (Jlranl. Dolly Baer of K. C. .M"'H.SIH. AIIXTI Baer. Otta Baer of K. ('.. Denzil W'nid and i.ove Ward. • •:• • Ray PIckeli Entertains. Ray Pickeil entertained a nuiiilier of young people at his hoiue Tiiurs- ila.v evening at a .New Year's piirly. Those present, were .Inlin Tliolen. Iliir- vi'y l^chinaii, Florence Kills. Nillle Buntar Mark Pickeil, Rdnu Iturns. Ollie ilinkle. I,4i|u Kelfer. Ketia \V'<MidK. OusHie Phiiiips, Amelia Tliolen iiliil Adnliue Hepler.—Ilutubolill News. -•!••> MIsi Copeland Returned. Miss Liieile Co|N<laiid who has iieeu Kjienilliig the holidavK with her pur- eiits in .NaHlivllle, Olduhoiuii. IIUH ii- turned III tola to riHiime |i>-r IIIKII school wiiik. • • • 8. 8. Class Party. The party given by Mrs., Plelt.-ll'* Sunday HCIIOOI class of llie .M. K. church at J. If. Gardner's lust niglit, was a jiieasant affair. The following were prerent: Messrs. J. O'Hrl- en. Will Porter. Benedict St.rebie. Philips, Newton,'Ed and Chas. Siiiith. Harvey Stewart: Misses Eva O'Connor, Grace and Pearl O 'Brien, Pearl Fisher, Josephine Redfleld, Elsie Cope, Miss Stewart and the .Misses Barrackman.—Humboldt News. • • <• The Richardson Dry Goods store Boctor Diamond Dick, on The Liver" How to Recognize Liver Disease •lute Viiu .\ .sour stoiiKteir;' .•\ coated. i-'Wolleii loii-JlUf'.' A inal assimiliilioii of fiH.U? .•\ tatty enverinir on liie < ball? A bitter or oily t;ist<- in tliif nioiilli? A partial io.>;s of llie SI-UM- ut hearing'/ A ri-ady suseepilt)llity to olilll and feveiX .A ireqiieut t'ronial lieadaclu- ov»-r tiie eyes? .\ cuu.siant ache midway duwii llie backlione? .\ disposition to diarrliiK-a during hot weather? A Kreat depression of spirit without known cause? A yellow spotted ('oiii|ile.\ion. e.-;pe- cially of the loiviiead? .V special iciiili-rin'ss aiiii pulliiies-^ under tlie risiit Iiiiij;? .\ burning seiisuiloii in ili.e palms and bottom of the feet? A rapid freiiueiit pulse ami li-.-iiueiit palpitation of the heart? .A constant tendency to lo'oud over .vour pliysical eondiiion" Uliirriiig of till- vision as ll >-tn-c-l\s were float lug liel'oie you? .\ change ot' disposition rroiii aiiii- ahilily to e.xireme ii rilaliiliiy ? A rilisiied face, iliowsilli ss i':peciai- ly .-ifter uieajs. and lniriiiiiK i-ais? .•\ prostrated, lln-d leellii;;. cspe.-ial- ly ill the siirlii.i--,. siiiiiiin.| ami lall? .\ c•oldIle^•s of cxi rt'iiiil ies caused by iliiperl'ect circiilalioii ol llie liiiod? .\ constipated coiidilioii i:t lli>> liow- els, the execrel.s lidim Very liiirli tol- ored? A coiislaiil dispiisitioii l" t;ick iiead- achi-. with sour slmiiacli ln-roii- or after it? A iiliysical pmstration, whlcli i.-i called. I^or want of a heller iiaii!!.. "•.Mala ria'.'"'. A iiiaikcd Irriialiilily of ili.' skin, with pimple.-* I'riipi ions. Imils and car- liillicles? .\ iii'Vir eiidimc dr^-ail nf M.riino. caused liy pcriodir .iliacl^s of aJariii- iiig dizziness. A ••splendid" I'eellii;; today and distressing one lonioriiiv.- wjihinii known cause? A disjMjsilIon to lie awake ili^- iailer liart of the niijlit. toriiiented wiih terrible dreams? .A languid feeiitiLr. .sootliiii!4 pain in tlie Jefi breast and dull pain under the rislit shiailder? .A disinciin.'Uion lo iina!-ciiiint- alile fatigue, esperi.-illy in ilu- s|)riii and iiot weailiei? .A di.siressiiit;ly dyspeptic catnlitioit. Willi no appetite one day and a ravenous one tiie next? TIII-:.\ V»u Ha^e .Some Liver nisonier. iiidicalcd li.v .-my of ilie syin|i- toms. wiiiiii. if pi I milled in inn. will become clirotiic. in wliicl.i even! your kitltieys are liable lo l><- inviilved It' serious niischiff. .Many cases of livi-r coiniilaini -such as enlarftenifiii. iaiindi.c. cic. are caused liy some kidie-y irre.unlarily. and it is tiic ciineni opiiii if physicians tiial success can be bad in llie treatnieiil of lliese ilisi asi-., ii;ily by the iisi' of a ci)ni|iciiiiiil x\liiili lia- power over bolh organ.s at the same time, and drives ilie discisi. eiiilii.|\ mil of the system tlirnni'li llie natural ehaii- neis. Dr, MoCMIan, \0« AT GmtmrBoi Hotel PHI lor I'luiir liumtis I iiiul .s. I'lincoMHl, It. (' llrawii, I) v.. Iliatvn .MIsH Kreilii I'aiii'oaHi ami l.aVi-riie llrawti. •:• •:• •:• Entertnlnnd tlio Qui Vive. MlHh Dorolhv l '"ollMl elllel lailO '.l Hie memlieni of llie (Jul Vive I 'lllb In a very ile||(.;liilitl iiiatiiier Siitiinliiy IIIKIII III li"i' liomi'. t,n'i Hoiiih Wnsh- lligloti iiveiiin-. Tile KII''!> all caiiio in "fiiiicy dress." Ot f the mii^i iileiis- Ing dlveraloiis of tlie eveiilim wa.s a mock contest between the DItMWa high sclioo and llio lola high sclinnl, the crowd being ilivlded Into two sides, one represeutitig lola ami tile other Ottawa. H. S. peuaiits wore given as favors. Late in tiie ev- eiiinc a two eourse luncheon was served, covers being laid fo- the following euests: .Misses Viola Delparno, Irma Thompson. Riitli Morton. Ha/.cl Be- 1 IIP .v..fu.v..^.. ,..,„„., Shears Jean Delgaruo. Mary Crouch. nlaces on sale their entire line of Edna Klein. Ciace Tlinuitisoii. Hilila Ladles', Misses' and Children 's Coats Nigh. Elizaiieih Aiit and Marguerite in a big bargain sale for this week. Prices being reduced to their very lowest ebb. * * * Or, Reid to Kansas City. Dr. James T. Reid. will leave for Kansas City this evenlnr where he will again take up his medical studies. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Brawn Entertain. Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Brown very charmingly entertained a few of their friends at one o'clock dinner yesterday. The dining room was decorated with carnations and ferns. Covers Wolfe. •:• •> P. E. O. Chapter to^Meet. The P. B. O. cliaiiler wi'l meet tomorrow afternoon with Mr?. C. A. Burck of South Colliorn street. • <- • Back to Lincoln. Mr. Jay Hunt and Mr. Eugene Roticker returned to-their homes in l.lncnln. Nebraska, after spending the hoiidavB wilh friends in lola. • •:• • • ? Line Party. last. Saturday nlfibf a number of were laid for t^ese guests: Messrs. girls formed a line party at the Grand, and Mesdames R. H. Brawn, H. Those in the parly were: Miss Flor- In^v- '.Dupbaugh #nd Miss Scbwarta of Wichita. Miss Kate kelth of Chanute, Miss . Ruth Massengate, Miss Gladys Brumbaugh, Miss MaiS ion Lois Talbert and Miss Madge Joyce. * **• * Mrs. Davis Returns. Mrs. W. C. Davis and daughter. Miss Wanda, of 911 North Walnut, have returned from Kansas City, Mo., where they have been spending the Christmas holidays. • • • Miss Brackenrldge Home. Miss i'.raco Barckeuridge. of 714 South Wastiingtou has returned from a visit with friends in Chanute. + • • Afternoon Whist Club. Mrs. V. A. Northrup and Mrs. C. B. Sf/eiicer will entertain tiie members of tin- .Afternoon Whist Club at the home of Mrs. P. .A. Northrup, :'M2 Kast Kiieet. Thursday evening at eight o'clock. '. The ladie.s will have their iiu.sbaiids as guests. •? •;• •:• • Miss Northrup to St. Louis. Miss Mary Northrup lias returned to St. I.oiiis. after spending the holidays witii iter parents. .Mr. and Mrs. F. A. .Northrup. •:• • • Celebrated 20th Anniversary. Mr. and .Mis. Miinden of South Col­ liorn street entertained a number of their friends Saturday evening in celebration of llieir Twentieth wedding anniversary. The rooms were beautifully decorateiV throughout with Christ mas decorations. The guests presented Mrs. Miinden with a beautiful set of Havlin china. .Mr.s. Miinden was assisted in servin.g an elesant two course liiticlieon by Misses Oual Mitn- deii. Maude Campbell and Nina Potter. Tliose )>reseht were Messrs. and .Mesdames Hariioiir. A. R. Smith. W. K. ISlack. Stuart. .Morrow. Minsey. Raysiiiger. Farmer. Frank Servey, .Mrs. Ituyd an.l Mrs. Shepl.-y of Burlington. • • • Miss Shea Here. .Miss l.eta Shea of• .AikaMsa.<5 CItv. Is visiting friends this week. .Miss Shea fornierlv lesided in tliis city. .% .;. At the U. B. Church. The :\lissioiiary Society of the Huit- e.l Br.'thr<-ii chiircli will meet Tiiiirs- day afternoon witli .Mrs. R. .M. Frei man as leader. There will iii.<o be a meet ing of tile voillli; people^s society tomorrow afternoon. 4- •!• Miss Hufihes Here. ' Miss Tessie Mugiies of Morau. Kas.. is in tola this week, visiting friends. •:• •> G. W. Adams'n Move. fi. W. Adams and family have moved from .'iii2 North CheKliiiit street to 2"2 West .lacksoii street. •:• •:• • Back to K. U. Miss.'s F'hel Rennett. Florence and Grace IJedell. .Miidrefl Maule.v. Veliua Siiellev and Messrs. Georso W'ith. Fred Asiiinall. Claude Wright. Roscoe Poiisler. Fred Apt. Prentiss Donalil and Lewis Burford returned to K. V. this morning after spr»ndin.g the holidays with friends and relatives iiere. • • • Aid Society to Meet. The T,adi<'S' Aid society of the Christian c-hurch will meet at the church on Thiir.sday afternoon. Jt. A W. R. C. Installation. Last night at the installation of the W. R. C. the following officer."; were e'ecied: Mis Heigele. installing officer: Mrs. W. .Anderson, president: .Mrs. H. (i. Holliuser. sr. vice president: .Mrs. A. H. Ritter junior vice president: Mrs. .Adams, ciiaplain: siiard. Mrs. Croft: assistant guard, Mrs. .Mtiry Tliompson: conductor. .Mrs. 1-'. i .aiiili; color bearers. Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Reno. .Mrs. Coffield, Mrs. Clark: liress correspondent. .Mrs. Newman: seitretary. .Mrs. H. .M. Miller. •5» Miss Van Note to Entertain. Miss .Anna Van Note will enti-rtain a few of her lady friends iie.vt Tliiir-;- day eveiiiii!; ,T| tlie home of her aunt. Mrs. ('. V. l>.'tiiiis, of 014 .S^iiltli Wal- iiiil. • + • Unity Club to Meet. The Itiiitv Club will meet with Mi-s. A. I'. Harris. 4i)2 East slreet this iif- (eriiooii The (irogratn is as follows: Roil call—iiilblle liappeiiings. Lesson Cliiipter Keveii. leader. Mrs. O. T. Uitijiaugo. Roiiiiil Table •Woiiii'ii of Austria." ni;igll/.ilie iil'llcle, Ifeadlim, "Till. •Count /if llaiiHliuri!;" HliUler- Mi;-i. <;ienn Kintiey. Crii's nipori .MVK. W. 11. Ainler t on. .V * Emnorln Qlee Club, i.iicl night nienibeia of the I'reHliy (crlaii cliurch utnl their friends had Ihe pieiihiire of ilsletlltig to one of tile IMNI muxieui proKraiuH iliat has been KIVIII In lulu for a long lime. All lllimbeiH were iieiiiitlflllly rendered. Hhowlng Ihe ability and talents of Ihi- HliigeiH. The following IK tlie program. Hymn—li 'Jl. Solo ami choriis--"TritHt in the Uud" Alee Culbertsoti and Glee Club. "The Homeland." Johnson—Charles Nicholas. f "^thm Male chorus—"Come Ye Disconsolate." C4f| "The Earth is the Lord's" Lynes— Clayton Patterson. Chorls "For God So Ixjved the World" (Holy City) CauL Euphonium Solo, '•.Nocturne." Chopin, —i -'red Bowman. Hymn 533. The <lood Shepherd" Van de Water —Arthur SawhiU. Male Quartette, "Rock of Ages' Ix)|>lady. Parks—Blaine, Adam.s. Edward Yoemans, Clayton Patter- sou. Roy Masters. .Aeolian Brass Quartette, "Sextette"' from Lucia, Donizette—Charles Nicholas, Lawrence Engle, Pedro Held, Fred Bowman. O, Gracious l.«rd," (Ruth) Gaul- Gladys Riggs. Chorus. "Unfold Ye Portals," (Redemption) Gounod. WA M TSf WA.\TED—Desk room with phone privilege. W. O. Lenliart. W.ANTEU—^Two yoiiUK men not going lo school, ages l."> to Is. to work on huckster wagon. .Must lie hustler.'^ S. .M. Rigus fruit stand. WA.N'l'KD--Three saiesnien, iminire room 2:: Cataract liotel tietweeu 7 and !i p. UI. WANTED—All kinds of second haiiil houEeliold furniture.—The tola- Furniture E-vchange. A. W. i^eck", I'roii. Phone 25. WAN'rEU—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. fORRElh- miBOBllmmmous TOR RENT— SO acre farm in Osaire towushii). imjuire .Atdiisoirs office, or 4:V South Second. FOR SALE'UnsomUi us FOR SALE—lUO acre bottom farm, miie and half from city: lioiise. outbuildings, orciiard: all under ciiiiiva- tioii. .Must settle estate. Docloi Woodiii. lola. . FOR SALE OR TRADE—First class $8.1100 stock of shoes in .nood town of .'i.OOU in Central Iowa, for .Allen <onn- ty land; store doiiis: JlU.nOil to $IS.iliiit a Vfar Iitisiiifss. WiJI sell fur cash, but would ratlier trade for .Allen (oiiii- ly land. Come (|iiick; soliietiody will get it. K. S. Carpetiler. 2iii; .N'ortli Taylor. Gas. Kansas. i'X)R S.ALE—HI acre lji;tioni farm. 4 liiiie.'i of tola. go(«l small improvements, :;u bearing trees, \ouug or- chtird. excellent water, dieap if taken at once. .Address C. Register office. FOR SALi-}—.Mules. <dd enough to work. S. L. Reiiisberg. one mile .sonlli of Gas City. \ I'.VKTV OKi <n ,'ATIO.>i (MMtrnor lliich I 'rges I 'uNsJige «f Hiii 'U (iuuruuty Law. •|'oin-ka. Kas.. ,Iau. 4.—Governor liodi is still ui.i;iii.t; the Republicans of the coming legislature to enact a bank guaranty law along the iiiie.^ of his u> the special session last year. ••'l"he jiai i ...:'.i suaran ty law in .i;,- receft cam!>ai- :i and is |)oIilic:illy and iiiotally lN:ii:id to enact tlie law," says the governor. ".Noih- ing short of a bona fide law will do or will satisfy the people of the STST.-. And tlie frietiil.i of the law should force every opjiouent at the law out into the oiien. They should insist tiiat the figliiing be aliove board wliere peo pie will know where all concerned' stand in the matter, if a nijiu is against tlie law let him say so and fight it fairly and squarely. .And if he is tor it let him sa.v so and fi^hi for it fairly and squarely. It is t'oiiig III lie an ititeresliug scraii and the [leoiiie of tiie stale ar>' .uoimi to watcii il and are goin.g to jiisi about know wliere to locate the praise or the blame for whatever is dc.n<-. ••Everyone is in favor of good road.-> The Book trade just gets a good start by the end of the old' y>ar. you will have time to read now, the real good ones that sold out are in store again, the good old ones we try to keep all the time. Many'compliments were paid our book-store by out of town buyers. We try to merit it, no place in this part of Kansas beat us on stock or prices. It don't cost much to get a Library nov», let us help you. Buy your Books and Stationery of EVANS BI<OS., lola Business Dttectory. * « « « • JOHN G. WOODIN, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Oter BurreU'.s. Phone }l& DR. McMlLLliJr, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children, 'lelephones: Office 32„ Res. 232 Oilice over Biirrell'.'? Drug Store F. H. MARTUr, , • - Snrgery and Diseases of ' Women. • onice and Residence Phono 576 • Ofiica 7 North Jetterson, Phone 6S7. Res. 701. • DR. 0. L. COX, • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. " Siiectacles Properly Fitted. • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • Lodse Dtte^oty KMGllTS OF PTTHlA)&r-^eo«lio Lodge No. 43 meets every MondM nigiit at K. o.f P. Hall. Visiting bt*> thers invited. W. S. Thompson, E. dU cniris Bitten, ot R. and S. KXieB*¥ OP JfJttCJtBEElfc^ Knights of Maccabees of the Wocif meets in K. P. Hall second and fo«t» Saturday nights of each montlK i W. Postwait, commander; R. B. ter. record keeper. Register Want Ads Hriiig Ri'siilts. Flour Facts One iiolitiil of flour costing 2'i. to :! cents a pouuil wil: Ko us far as two pounds of meat costing I'l to 2iic il iioiind Polar Bear Flour is always i-oml .md alw.ays tlie same. .\sU your itmci'r. W, M. OBERDORFF lOI.A. KANSAS • The Sunflower club met at the home of .MlBs Iva Michael, 415 Sinith Elm. I Saturday afternoon. Easy Money The easiest way to makt a dollar is to save one you have already made. By trading with us you can save se%'eral dollars each mouth on your grocery bill. We can sell you goods on two weeks' or thirty days' time at strictly cash prices. The People's Co-Operative Mercsotild issoc'i W. 0. W.—Camp No. 101 meet* » T; Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis, CUaik. Visitors cordially invited. M. W. A^The M. Vf. A.'LOJST meets every Friday night In M. U ITaii. Visiting brothers invited. »i > ColUeld. V. C. W. A. Cowan. CUi^ UOYAL NEIOHBOKS.—lola cifS- No. ac.'.. Royal Neighbor9,yineet9 Olid lind fourth Tuesdays ol «^ ' in^iith. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, .MIS . .Mary Hutton, 413 West Itecorder. 4 FRATERNAL BK0TH£RRO0Ilr<-. • Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 maaltl second and fourth Thursday of tmmx. mouth in A. O. V. W. Hall. Vlslti*» incnihers cordially invited. W. H. Astr dersou. [iresident; Colda Elam sntt9^ tafy. JEWELERS, il 1'. i 'ancoast, old reliable Jeweler, llu Ea::t Street. ooooooooooooooooo !0 AIUTIU.MKKK.^ O O - Ani now booking safes for Jan- O O iiai} ami Fibruary. Claim your O OHIIIIC early. 'I'ho lowest turnia; O, iO :;;iii: r:iciioii guaranteed. Write O or pbiiiii- at luy exiien«0. . O O E K. VICKERS. O Oi:'cii N'. .lefferHou. lola, KaB. O O Phuna^:ir^^^^| p oooooooooo 1. OUR ULEPHONE l-A cniisiaiitly ringing tbeso days.Now is.ilic lime, you know, to have all, the iuninier dust cleaned out of your carpets. We are bu.<»y. but your order will receive iironipt and careful attention. I'luuie II ; today. . lOLA RUG FACTORY Phone 510. J. O. THOM PalniBr mm Estimates cheerfully given on all wort Phoue 31». R «j. iW S, Bnskityi. The constant dropping water wears away the harilest stone, , The constant gnaw of Towaer mutf* ' cates the toughest bpn«^' The constant wooing lover eyrlefl: away the bluahine maiS. And the Constant Advertiser hj^ tte man who gats the trade., Fer the best and qafckeii^iilfil A . ,1

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