Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1908
Page 5
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WBDHS^IT^ liAir. UTH. la HIB New Rnnaatla Play «A BOMAKCE IS IBSLAXD.'* ooodoeoooOoeoooo o o 0 lOLi tMBBIHAHT H08PIT1L O O • O O ' Fnik 8. Bwttk^ T. &. O O XU^MlSH Prep. O 0000 00 0000<l>000000 EAT Qunther's Candies! Complete Line at SPENCER'S SH. J. F. JAMESOV^ lie SneranM ^M- BMr, TMerlaarlan. Kami mlttoT FcdiKrecdstock uln made anywhere. Vetcr tnary calli annwcrcd day or' iil(ht. Office with Doagl«!M 8ro«. Phcne ly rvnidcnce Jio IOI.A. KANSAS. Take our Watches, Clocks : and Jewelry to Q. A. LEFFLER, and get them repaired. Satisfaction Guaranteed. The Greatest SelUag Book for the jtmt 1807 was ''The Lmdy of ihm Deoormtlon" By Francis Little. It was in the six liest sellers {leven times, and at the head of the list three times—few boolcs in^e such a record. TThe publishers are far behind on orders, are running two binderies night and day' to catch np on this little book. Have yon read itT Evmnm Bnsm THE BOOKSELLERS. ETerybody Knows Wberew BEAT AtllMMifMTiM Xh»-i rt-'otictt M mat illwionlrkacwlM«tM)p ii it •» ucn ham raeoi M moa -trnt bnr aMch cMtiT CHiltn rou c*a PEREECnbN OOfleiter r: - , Iiml •«» mnt M mraneaMioH. eeMMirr. TELBPHOirB TOVB IrAHT IBS. TO THE BEeiSTEE OFFICE. ^ Aa i^. aeoomodatlon, theResister ^ recelreS ada for.its want eolnnms over the telepbont, bvt expects the advertiser to call at. the office and settle as soon as eonvanlent, as the bills are too suall to warrut the expense of a collector. Ttlephona yonr want ad to either phone. No. 18 ^r 222, and It will receive careful attaotion. . To Trade for tfie Stock. One 4 room bpuse in lola. One S roomed house In La Harpe. No agents. Inquire at Register office. Richardaon'a .Great Claerance Sale brings many shoppers. 9r. Vltckcta, OAM ud mldcMei 'A who knew his inclination to remain as long aa possible and feared that he might vlp- late the ordlaance^reoently paaaed by the police prohibiting anyone from remaining out after twelve o'clock without what they, the police, regard aa a good excuse, called up iM^adduar- ters before, starting to .aee Dia lady love last evening and asked tb aecurc a permit card or at least aj apedal dispensation. The desk sergeant freely admitted that he was jnot the father of the naw ordinance and could not give the information de- slrea. Powell, the real eatate mmn. luu a few thousand dollars to loan un tarms at a reasonable rata. THS COXBdSSIOXratS yesterday appointed J. R. Cline trustee for Genera township to fill a va<»ncy caused by the resignation of Mr. KcAnulty who moved to another township. F. Colslaziar and S. W. Harris were the other candidates. Slaughtering the Ladies' Coats at Richardson's. Last night of up-to-date vaoderlllc tonlKht at the Grand. RBV. JOHN Maclean, of Fort Scott, formerly pastor of the M. E. chupch In this city, is today laying the comer stone for a church in Joplin. Dr. L. H. Murlln. president of Baker unlver sity and well known here, is assisting him. E. J. Davis MovinR Van. Phone 909. ing the past several months. H. H. .VcCORraCK, a hardware dealer of Yates Center, was in thi' city yesterday on business. Slicing the prices on Ladies Dress Skirts. Richardson's. MRS. . H. KTORR nf Grave. Ark.. Is vIsitInK hor son. Jailor Hoor«r Korr. Mrs. Hattio Chadd. sister of .Mrt Korr, lii also visiting htMP. rp *to<dale TaudPTllle tonight at the Grand. MliH. M. COMN anil Mrs. ICIvu l .iiw (<nHtoln n»tiirn «>(l to' ('11111 !>niii. T<'x.. ypHtPfilny nfttT n nlmrt vlnlt with Mrs (1 (VilMclii'tiMky nii4 Mrs. 1). Sflioiii' onii. Edvnr's New Ford Store ti'lpphono "r,. llcst ft'od. Quick di'll'cry. .Meet all ctiinpctltlon, .MR. AND MRS. Morrison Qrishani of North Slate street, arc the parents of a girl. Driving out the Dress Goods In the Great Clearance Sale. Richardson's. HENRY Sanders and wife, of North Colborn street are the parents of a IKIV born Sunday. rp -to-date TaudfTlIIe tonight at the Grand. MRS. CI^BNCE Low of South Ohio street. Is dangerously ill with typhoid fever. Dr. 0. L. Garllaghoase. Office *phone S3S. Residence 476. THE DEAL for the 50-foot lot on the east side of liie square by Krcs.s & Company has been closed, the papers having bsen signed up yesterday. A landslide In Table Linens In the Great Clearance Sale. Richardson's. MANAGER Dud Risley. of the Sprlngfic'd team of the Western Association, yesterday accepted the trade of First Baseman Tom Reed for Pitcher George and Catcher Tony Vanderhlll of the Joplin team. Riuley has been anxious to acquire Vander­ hlll, while Manager Flllman has wanted Reed to play first for the locals. The managers, thcrafbre. did not disagree about the terms of the trade. —Joplin Globe. Good Agents niak4 fS.OO and more per day selling new Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition because repeat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook & Eye Co.. Hoboken, N. J. . IT IS understood that Judge Foust Is to pardon Bin Bailey on practtcall.v the same terms of the first request that Bailey made, that he quit the restaurant business. Bailey's wife is to p'ead guilty also. Bailey probably means to quit now, but there was a well defined suspicion among a great many that he did not Intend to at first, and investigation seemed to uphold this theor>'. Life In JBII is not very rosy to Bill, howeyer. and he has decided that it Is better to obey the law and ke?p free. Bailey Is a flrst- ciass poultry man. and could make a good living at that business if he wou'd follow It.—Humboldt Herald. Wonderful values In Waists In the Great Clearance Sale. Rlchardsons. MILLER OiliT ON BOND. Former LaHarpe Man to be Tried This Terw. E. C. Miller, who was brought i >ack from Kansas City Sunday by Under- iBherlff A. L. Boatrlght, to answer to the charge of removlhig niortgaged property, gave bond yesterday and his case will come np during the regu'ar term. Mr. Miller is charged with removing', a piano on which F. E. Smith bad a mortgage of |131. fha*« M«riaaMf<»« oUer >o.<allo4 JammliM •MwltlMat aralTaad I SB.I mat Cuenrot* nlU** Moij^ta i^il^Uiaa all lha aaban 1 hara ukaa MM la balk. Tha caaalna tablavataaipwl GoS BaanatoaJ M cara »r yuar Baaar back. • iMrUac Ramadr -C*.. Cbteafo «r M.T. Jai imULSILE, TCI MUni lOKS scons NEW ROOMS Second District Cbagressnian Has Finest Quarters in »w Repre< sentathe Building. Washington Jan. 14.—ICansas members are now located In the new house of representatives office building. Mr. Scott has the finest quarters—three large rooms on the fourth floor, south ern and eastern exposure. One is a very large room for committee purposes. Mr. Scott's committee holding frei|uent meetings; one room fcr his secretary Mr. Ciilley. and one for his private otllcc. Mr. Miller has the next i)est suite, two nmms on the liner below .Mr. Scott. There Is likewise for Mr. Miller a large committee room, claims. Mr. .Miller's committee, meeting very often. Mr. Reeder also has a good suite for his committee. Irrigation. The other members have one room each, with a desk for the meni- l)er and one for the secretary, and a large table In the center of the room. The (ifflce building is new, bright, sunny, clean and makes a fine place for the nirniber.s to do their work and receive their cullers from the state and elsewhere. I'KtlSK FOR STIM.WKM- Supri'ine Court Compllmenis U'HI Knwnn Judirc. 'llie siipreliie eiiiirt nf IIIIM uliHe re- ceillly iinflriued the derlnlDii of .luilgi' I.. Killlwi'll In (lie easii of Kalrlmnks, MnrHi' A Cii, iiKiiliiHi Witlkcr and nili- ern, M raxe lliitl nrluliiiiled In Cliiinuie IIIMI Involved. In ilic IIIDIII. (lie i|Ui-Miliin of till* e\a ('ltii<NN iir Mil (til tiiiik whirh hnd liec'ii UMIII by ilie pliiliil IITK IO de- fpniliuiiH. Ill (he CIUKIIK: piirf of the "jiliildH, wiiileii Iiy Jiisllee Griives. the' court spoke of .ludge Sllllwell as fol- I<IWK: "Kiir more than twenty years this court has been roviewinK the decls- olns of the eminent Judge before whom this was tried, and It has noticed with sallsfacfion the vlpilanl care and iiatlent industry given by him to the discharge of his oinciai duties. His thorough knowledge of leeal principles and clear perceptions of natural Justice made hini. peculiarly fitted for Judicial service, and contributed In a large measure to the success which gave him prominence as a jurist and caused him to be generally recognized as an able and impartial Judge. In view of his recent voluntary retirement from the bench by resignation, thereby severing his long and continued official: reunions with this court, we deem It proper to make this reference thereto." IS OLSON TO QUIT? Furs In every new styles selling regardless of cost. Bidurdson's. Savonburg Ball Player's Vision Affected by Injury. (Joplyi Herald.*) Sylvester Olson, commonly known as "Oloy," th2 star shortstop of the Miners of 1907, has gone to his home in Kans.-is after a brief visit in .Top- lln. He did not sign a contract with the Miners for lOOS. but it Is quite probable that he wiM be on the firing Ifne again during the coming season. Since h.-* was struck on the head with % pitched ball last summer Olson has experienced some inconven- lence with his eyesight, but he does not iK 'Heve that the defect in his vision will be permanent. During the fell series of games In Arizona Olson played with one of the western tenms, but owing to a defect In his eyesight he took part in on'y a few contests. H'.nce being struck his eyes have had a tendency to bi>conie crossed, but he believes he Is gradually outgrowing his affliction. During the aeries of games In Arizona he offlclated a number of times as umpire. Western Kansas TTheat land In tracts from 160 to .1000 acres. In most any county desired, to exchange for Eastern Kansas farms. Kow Is the time to trade for chean land. We know we can suit you. We have several oartles coming from the west, so write us what you have, that we can show them your land. lOLA LAND CO. Last night of np<t«-date TandeTille toniffht at the Grand. GhUdren'm OifBrdoaim At Your Own Pri9e. We MoBt Sell Them. CAeBattlaylSHfelda Clothmj Cpj THE SIOBS ^CHAI SAIISnSS. Assessor MsBker'WrStM Letter to Cwutjr Taxpayers. Chaa. Schattner, the new county as? sessor. was up' from Humboldt yester-, day and conferred with the board of i commissioners relative to the duties of his offlce. Mr. Schaffner has issued the following letter to the taxlMiyers ul the county: \ am desirous of giving as much information as possible and getting all taxpayers acquainted with the require ments of the new tax law which will be put in operation March 1st. £very one should familiarise themselves with the new law in order to be in a position to give the assessors every opportunity to make the assessment in as short a time as imsslbie. In a good many wajs the new law- does not differ with the one that has been In use. It provides for an assessment of property at its actual cash value in money and the asscsscrs will be relieved of many misunderstandings and trouble if ever}- one wUl take the law in a serious light and fol low its meaning. The ta.v question has been a question that has caused much dissatisfaction and as this is the first attempt for a good many years to enforce a law that will no doubt bring a more equable taxation, every one shonid co-operate and give the law a good fair test. The percentage take of the cash valuation as made in former years has differed considerably in counties throughout the state, some being as •ow as ten jjcr cent and it isj reasonable to suppose that when all counties are brought to the same baijis, .some reduction can be exiiected In ?talc and county tax. The levy will be made in accordance with the valuation and the higher the valuation, the less the levy. Just so much money is needed to conduct the business! of the state, county, township, school' districts and cities and the levy will be made in accordance with these demands. All assessors are placed under bond to make proper returns ;ind the law lielng very severe on lioth the taxpayer ,and assessor for not; complying with the sanio. It 'rcnialns for the a.s- sessors and taxpayers to get toKciher and give a fair and Just vuhiaiiou on the proi'eriy to bo assessed. I shall be iileased to give any lii- fiirmnlloii that I cuii to lirliig about a cleiirer undcrtitundlng of tho law. If thero are any i|uemloiis iliiii are not rlwir, wrile or call at niy ollb i< In llniulioldl. WIH'IV I will be unill .Miinli Ul. TlmnkluK .von tor ilie lonibleiien placed III nie and eiiriiii>ily iinklii". for support of the liiNpaylng people In ilic efforts tif iii.vseir and deputy arseiiMors to secure Jlisl liixalloii. I am. Yours truly, ? CI IAS. II. SCIIAI'I-'NEU, County AsseKsor. Who Likes Lemon Plel Evciybody, but tbc.v are expensive and hard to make In the old way. You should try at once "OlIR-IMK" Preparation for delicious Lemon ]tlcs. It Is made from the choicest InRredients, absolutely pure. Sure to please you. as it has thousands of others. A lady says: "I will never again try to make L«mon pie In the old way while I can get 'OUR-PIE' Preparation." ICach package enough for two large pies. 10c. ZI\C PRICES .IRE HIGHER. Didn't Reach Exitrrtatlon. IlowcTer— Prospects (lood. (Joplin Globe.) It was expected that the hi.:;h i)rice of the week would reach $40 per ton. with the assay base price at $37. but the highest price reported paid was $39 per ton. the base i)rice ran^sing from $.-.4 to $37 per ton of 60 per cent zinc. About three smelting companies secured the greater proiKirtion of the .ore and left thin picking for the others, as the oiilpiit is still very low. The mills restarting during the week raised the output approxiniutely' ,".00 tons, but It is still under 4 .0U0 tons per week, and with the heavy snow storm of yesterday and last night an average of at least one day was lost to the eek. Numerous rumors were afloat of offers of $49 per ton for lead, but each purchasing agent an .swerefl that It must have been the "other fellow") that j>ald It. From Webb City comes ! a re |H )rt that $4S was declined by one producer, and one producer in Joplin asserts that he refused $49. I.«.id sold freely at $46 to $47 per ton. The price Is now near where It shonid be. jic-, cording to the pig lead market. I MILS. CREED TO BI^LINGTON. Will .\Hpnd the Funeral of Grandmo.' Ihrr. .Mrs. S. H. Balky. j Mrs. Jo^in J. Crped, wife of as'slst- \ ant chief of i»ollce. received a tele-1 gram this afternoon tellinu <>f the death of her grandmother. Mrs. S. M. Haltey. of Burlington. Kansas. Mrs. 1 Bailey was eighty .vears old and was one of the oldest Kansas scttler.s. Mrs. j Creed left last evening for Burllng- otn whei'e she will attend the funeral which ykill be held tomorrow. TO CUBE A COLD LI ONE DAY Take LAXATIVE BROMO Quinine TableU. Drngglsts refund money if It falls to curs. E. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. SSe. FINAL SAY IS THE POPE'S. The Lesson of the Eajg and the Weasel The {ioniliar story goes that ooce, vHtwn an eagle pounced upon a weasel and soared with it -high into the « air, the weasd fastened its fimgs deep into the«agle'a^breast and commenced to draw its life-blood. The eagle tried to shake the weasel off, but fiie weasel hung on until the eagle feU lifeless to the grotmd. There is a moral in this for every sufferer from coughs Qr colds. "Don't let your cough hang on —for every day it weakens your limgs and gradually wears down your system until serious lung troubles develop, DR. D. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT is the oldest and most reliable cough remedy known. For 77 ' years it has been successful in relieving and curing Coughs, Ccdds, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Inflammation of the Lungs.; Croup and Whooping Cough. It is sold by all drt^ists in $1.00, SOcand 2S& bottles. Get it for your cough todays Jayao's Toalc Veradfti^ is a gentle «nd effective tonie foe adnits and children A sale Worm Cure. m A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in! the Bush. Use Winchester, Leagcie or t. M. C. Sheila .\nd the Bird is Yours. IMIU Jim: of Giif.s, Revolvers and AtnmutJiiiion. Two Big Storam Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies Mr. Business Man ^H ^MaMMMnanMMaHMMHMl^HHHn^BM ^MHM ^HHMi^BiMMIM Nothing adds to your business prestige (ikr ncaf. aitractive printing. The REGISTER is equipped to furnish your Commercial Printing, Blank Books and Stationery—the ntat, attractive kind. Phone 18. — 30,000 COPIES PRINTED— AND MORE POPULAR tHAN EVER t * BETH NORVEI^L. . 3jr RANDALL PARRISH , The tatcrcat Isi IIUs vlfloroos. clcaB-cal. Is coollacd BO sccttmt. bat Is sprca< cowBtry Iroa sea to sea. There sm'g lor this, tor It has Ulc. color, rayitf iaicuc sltutlons. and brcatklcas Jnst the dcaacsils that make a novel Obstacles to Annulment of Maloney Marriage Loom Up. Rome. Jan. 14. —TTi« news that Miss Helen E. Staloney has begun suit for the annulment of her niarrlaee to Arthur H. Osborn is cainlng comment at tlte Vatican. Hsr marriage with Osborn Is considered ralid, so that an- nnlment before the ecclesiastical authorities could only be i>ossible If Osborn was proved not to be a Christian -^^^^^^^^---i^— ^by the special grace of the pope, j — "^^^"^"""^^^^^^^^^ bad not-been constunmated. ""^ i 0 llfUlif ^ifa At #AO HSIfi9i9i* EVERY BOOKSELLER HAS IT A. C McCUttG A CO.. PVBUSBSS, CBKAfiO

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