Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1908
Page 4
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'I ' r.86«it B«pottW9* Boom BMtBNI;]OfflC* ..18 Attend at Ifrii^ iKkuM. FM^M^ U 8«o(»d-«l«n Ibtter. r ^ ^ Ap^leatioaJ vSOBSCBIPndV BATES. Bf Gvirhir bi UU, 6M tfkj, LUTM- Tllle or La Harp«, Ont W«ck 10 centa On* Month 44 centa On« Tear f5.00 B7 Ban. One year fauMe eaanty 12.00 One year ontslda eanatr $*M TbrM MonUis, In advance 11.00 One Month, in advance 44 Oovernor ^rtcs V i. Nevada ia KeeR- Ins 8iibjec |t of Hta Meaaege a « Saerat. OmCIlL PAPEB, CITT OF BA8- V SET. BEBBEB OF A9S0CUTED FBE8B. The lola paOj BegMer la a nember ef the Anoeiatea Fnaa aad Becelvet tte dajr report If that great aeifii or* gaaliatiea for Exclaalve Afternoon Pablieattoa in lola. • • • • ON SECOND iHocenT. stories "on" Men. One of the dlsadvantuKeB about being a man is tbatyuu are pretty suro to bo talked about. There are siorloH "on" every nmn. In every community there art fat walsted, ancient hens and , b^ragKlcd old rooaolrs whose Intellectual pursuits conslat chletly'^ln Inventing vile stories on other men and women. Some women escape the tonffue ot slander. Few men succeed In dolnR BO. These stories would have little effect If men did not foolishly attempt to deny them. A denial always Btarts a controversy and 'whenever there is a controversy wise folk wag their heads and say, "where there is so much smoke there must be a little flre." As a result a good many people "who would not otherwise have heard it accept the story as truth. If I have ever learned anything it is to pay no attention to stories told with the intent to injure me. I have always been'talked about and probably always will be, for the reason that not being a soft spoekn gent, 1 arouse a good many Antagonisms. The talk began as far back as I can remember— when I was a boy seven or eight years old. I declined to attend Sunday school because Sunday school bored me. It was a cause Canon,'Ney .,.Jaii. 14<—Many members of tile siate ' leKlalatnre. which hae been, ca'led by Governor ! Sparks to meet In special session nexjt Tuesday for the pnrpose . of providing means to preserve order at Goldfleld, have already arrived^Govemor Sparks stated , today that he hoped that the legislature would finish its business In two! weeks. There will be a can ens of the members tomorrow on or- ganlzatW. It Is believed the old attaches will occupy the positions he!d at the session of last iwinter. Lieutenant Governor IMckerson said today that he Is In favor' of atfy legislation that will piiomote the In terests.of the state. As he has been opposing Governor Sparks' policies, this statement has produced a better feel In,?". Congressman TTartlett. who Is in accord with Governor Sparks, has arrived and will remain throughout the Kswion. The Ooldfle'd' miner's im- lon and the mine owners' association will both be represented by prominent members. Governor Sparks was unwilling tonight to outline his message in advance of its transmittal to the legislature Tuesday. A lively sosBlon Is looked for. as there are many radl cal labor sympathizers among the members whoh will fight any measure Buthorlz 'nK the orgnnizailon of state militia or the constabulary sIm liar to tho Ponnsylvanla constabulary force. It Is said by (hos.o ^vho are worklnr for n militia or constabulary force that If tho plan is b'ocked tho legislature will be asked to memor- Inllxo congross to enact a law cs' tnblixhtng a permanent military or ganliiatlon in Nevada. Hi GOMM IMieal Dia«inrery« iBBOrt- <wa iwMartad ter e«» o> MaMatlaport- ank ufTaluMa li«redi«itt—~ " \Y'liltakpr J(: nonnrllN Rent list. 320 acres, 4% miles. 160 acres. 4% miles. SO acres, 2 miles. Two room house, $5.00. house, SS.OO. Five room house, 17.00. Five room hoube, $8.00. IS A 25-YEAR HISTORY. Wonderful Comnilation of Facts and Figures In the 1908 World Almanac. Tho AMorlil Almanac and Eycyclo- podia for IflftR. the 2nth Anniversary Numbffr of that well-known reference J , i bonk, liai? just been issued. This year I very religious town and 1)6 -1,^ ,5 jarger. more ;^mplote and of my dismclination to seek thisU ,„,„re„enslve than ever before, corn- means of grace I was held up as a ^ ^ and giving about horrible example to other boys In 15,000 facts and flgtires which ^ •M "J''f^^'•^^'^' that I bp rt.^pended upon as being .ibsoluto'y would be in the penitenUary before I accurate and r ght up to the last mlii- ?l^l2Lll*'"!..°l ^:.^J °e?-'^°Z/*°':'^"' me of 1907. It Is a veritable library of universal knowledge between two covers. The World Almanac Is in have been circulated about me since then, but as I refuse to worry or become indignant, and as I never take the trouble to deny any of them, they all del, alone and nnattended in their last hours. Not aply do I refilse to worry or enterj^enial, but I find as I grow older that" many of the vicious stories circulated about me amuse me very much. I think sometimes if people stopped talking I would find life so dull and uneventful I might Invent and put into circulation a line of stories about myself ihat would make everybody in town take notice.—Dodd Gaston. ir.=e in the public schools of Great.=^r Now York, has been adopted' by most all the Normal Schools and hundreds of Pub'ic, High and Grammar Schools throiichout the country. It is ct^rtain- ly a book that should bo in every library and in every home. Death of It. J. MInter. Leavenworth. Kas.. Jan. 14.—R. .1. MInter. a prominent farmer who was sit up and [shot by his brother-in-law, died last night. 'XfiftifB Seal RKt. . Nearly fart7 yeAt agot Dr. Pterce dlt- (ewrefad thaiba oooM. hy the oae of pue^ trip)e4«ea«^ gIyeeria^ aided br a car- talB aegtee of eooatantly nuntalned hwt and with the aid of apparatna and appHances designed for that purpose, ex> tract from our most Taluable nattvo medicinal tooto their caratlve propertlea much batter than by the use of alcohol, •0 generallr employed. So the now world, tamed •GoMcn Medical Discovery.' for the enroot weak stomach, indigestion, or dynepida. torpid lirer, orbillonsness ibd kinwed dvapgeo ^tt was first made, as withoataparticla ..of IttlngredK bottle-wrapper,' t from the moai DISCUSS Mmm lied by Dr. B. V., Pierce, ot T., and wiU be mailed free to any one asking same by postal card, or letter addressed to the Doctor as abovst From, these endorsements, copied from standard medical books of all the differ- tnt schMls of practice, it will be found only for tho cure _ , ., — diseases, but aim for tho core of ail catarrhal, bronchial and throat alTMtlons, accompainod with catarrhal discharges, hoarseness, soro throat, lingering, or hang^on-conghs, and all those wasting atFoctlons which, if not promptly and properly treatM are liable to terminate In consnmptton. Take Dr. Pierce's Dl*. covery In time and nemovero In its uso until you give It a fair trial and It is not likely to disappoint. Too much must nut be expoctcd of It. It will not iK-rform mlnfles. It will not cure coii.siimptlnn In Its advanced stagifi. No medlrlne wilL It irilt cure tho alfit-tluiis that lead up to ^oasomption. if taken in time IlamboMt Bettem Land Owacn WU Beet Satarday. Humboldt Herald.) The owners of bottom land along the Neosho river have been asked by the committee interested to meet at Fussman's Hall in Humboldt next Saturday afternoon for the purpose of informing themselves regarding the law unSer which it is expected to push the building of dikes along the Neosho river according to the plans presented last fall by Engineer Wright of Washington. All who are interested 1^ the movement are Invited to this me()ting. but it is primarily for those who own land that will be affected and who will have to pay the bills. The meeting is not for the purpose l -of opposing the work, but is for the purpose of gaining information regarding the law and for ascertaining whether the plans of Mr. Wright are the ones needed. It was impossible for everyone to understand the plans as shown by Mr. Wright in his address last fall. Those vOio are affected have a good many questions to ask and do not want to go ahead blindfolded, lly having these meetings and discuss ing the (juestlon everyone can become with the matter and when It does forward, there will he less opitosition. SMITH TO SUPPORT 8TUBB8. But His Attitude No Longer Occasions Surprise Among Politicians. A.. — 3fOK,\X. 1 . <. The school house basiMiu iil rok.-<n Into a fi'W days ti^o lui. IIDIISint: of value was taken except one i-acher's clock. Access was had by tho oast basement dcor. .1. H. Ho'nies. president of tho Eastern Kansas Oil company arrived Thursday morning from his homo in Hioomington. 111. Union meetings wore held at the various churches in town tliis week. No: ice was served on the Taylor- lioleman Gas company Thursday by the city council the supply of gas was not up to tho stHudanl. It Is not known yet whether they liavo fresh well or so up their slo've or not. Anollier consignment of nuit-rini for tho now Katy depot has arrived, consists of some stool lattice work. Thirteen street lamps have b.M-n equipped with gas burners and fixtures. They make (|"ite an improve ment in the appearance of ihe town at night. Miss nolle Wright, wno has been visiting her parents at tho Enslo hotel U'ft'the first of the week for Denver, Colorado. Topeka. .Ian. 14.—Senator Frod Dii- niQul Smith, of Edwards and elghieen olhor counlies. has joined the Stubbs ftirces. The Stubbs headiiuart;'rs today r.celvod from him an advance copy of an open letter which ho wrote to tlio Kinsley .Mercury, a paper wlijeh ho formerly owned. In that b? ctmipllments the Mercury for espousing Stubbs. says that Ilalloy bolougs to Ihe old school, never had any reform iioloK in any of his nuvsasos to the loglslature and in g.-^neral that Stnhlis should l>e supported. Smith's stand is not a surprise. After the last session of tho legis'aluro ho camo out In an article of tlie same fUipplng nature. • CATARRH YIELDS Ladies'. Misses' and f'hiidren's Coats all jio in the slaughiering sale. Ilich- ardson's. One of the Important Duties of Physicians and the Well-informed of the World is lo learn a.s to the relative standing and rciiahility cf tho leadini; manufacturers: of inedicinal aRont.';, as the most eminent phy<, .s arc the most carc-ful as to the uniform quality and ptrfcrt purity of nmcdies prescribed by tl;< ni, and it is well known to physicians and the Well-informed ffeiierally t'lKit the Calii'orni.i F'l^ Synip Co., bj' reason of its correct methods and perf'Ct equipment and the etiiical character o( its product has attained to the hiRh str.nding in scientific and commercial circle3»v.hich is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and. therefore, that the name of the Company has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy. TRUTH AND QUALITY appeal to the WelMnformed in every walk of life and are essential to p<-rmanent success and creditable standinp, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact tliat it involves the question of right living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each hour of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation.and of effort may l)e made to contribute to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with generally to great advantage, but as in many instances a simple, wholesome^ remedy may be invaluable if taken at the proper time, the California Fig Syrup Co.'feels that it is alike important to present truthfully: the subject and to. supply the one perfect laxative remedy which has won the appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the Well-informed because of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the original method of manufac- tore, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. only. • This valuable remedy has been long and favorably knoTvn under the name of— Syrup of Figs—and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of family laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well known to physicians and the Well-informed of the world to be the best of natural laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of ^ Senna—as more fulh* descriptive of tHe remedy, but doubtlfss it will always be called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs—and lo get its beucficial effects always note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company-—California Fig Syrup Co.— plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for — Syrup of F«gs—or by the full name—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna—as—Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna — is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. and the same heretofore known by the name—Syrup of Figs—which has given satisfaction to millions. The genuine -is for sale by all leading druggisfe throughout the United States in ori^nal packages ol one size only, the regular price of which is fifty cents per bottle. fivery bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the Secretary' of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C, that the remedy is not adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, Jime 30th, 1906. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Louisville, Ky. San Francisco, Cal. U S. A. . London, England. New York, N. Y, To Healing Air of Hyomei. .Sold Under Guarantee by Cbas. B. Spencer. Catarrh is (he most prevalent disease known to humanity. Probably nini'ty por cent of the pt-opio of this country suffer at one tiin.^ or another with this common disease. It Is a germ disease and bono:> ran bo cured only by some method Ihat wi'l reach and destroy the Rornis. This is best found In Hyomei. -whieli may b? called tho direct niothrd of treating catarrh, as its modieation talion In with the air you breathe, goes directly to every air coM in thr no.";e, throat and Itinss: kills all cat arrhal foniis: heals the irritated mucous membrane and vitali7.3s the ti.s sues ."^o as to render catarrh no longer possible. Tho unique way In which Hyomei is sold should dispel a!l doubt as to its curative properties, for Chas. li. Spencer gives his absolute guarantc to refund the price to any catarrh sufferer that Hyomei fails to benefit. You do not risk a cent in testing its healing powers . ^\^lat offer could bo more fair to you than this, whore a leading druggist takes all the risk of Hyomei giving satisfaction and leaves you to be the judpe. TmkmYmurHi TMBt THE KANSAS CITY STAR AND TIMES Tke Star and Times, reporting the fall twenty-four hoots' news each day in thirteen issaes of the paper each weeek, ate furnished to regular subscriber^ at the rate of loc a week. As newspapers, The Star and The Times have no rivals. No other publisher furnishes his readers with, the full day and night Associated Press reports, as does the Star and the Times. This should recommend the pap?rs especially to the progressive merchant and farmer. We deliver both the Star and Times to the subscriber's door promptly on arrival of trains. Give us a. trial. Hmmderson A laihyer, DIsMbuioram WA N TSr WI.XTKU TOrillST TICKKTS via llic SA.N'TA i"K on satd daiiy until SirUATMMS WAHTED AdTctrLxcments andrr tbl* head will bff Innertrd thrre times withont rharice. WANTED—Second hand Wincb«8ter pop gun. Inquire lOu Somh Second strcL \V.\.\"rKI>—Two unfurnished rooms or small Hat <n) or near tb(>*siiuarc. .\ddress. X-IJa.v. care llegislcr. April r.Dth with final ri'inrn 1st. ItO"?. at very low rates to .\ustin, e!l ;MiniOiit. Kl I'aso. Ft. Wni-tii. Dallas, G::Ivrs'<t!i. San .Antonio and Waco, WA.\T CAS CITY PROPIORTy in xchango for I'UO acres fine timber iiiiit .lune ; !;ind in ibirie.son county. Texas. Price ! i'i.uM. .Must be In good location and tiear. tjiiick <ieal. See us at once. I OLA I..\NiJ CO. Toxir; and Itii.iii:- an.I .vaiiy <;:!ior point KiiiiHy Kee MS. we may 1 )C aide to in^e ^c ^"t you. ^V. K. i:VL.STO.\. Ai:i!it. WANTED—Salesmen wanted In every town of 2,000 or more in Kan- V. II.' ''^••5 """J Oklahoma, to sell our goods I to retail trade. Good salesmen can ! make from 120.00 to $35.00 per week. I Credit extended to responsible par! fi s wh'j can give Iwnd and good ref- j (rone s. Writ',' or apply to Union Pacific Tea Company. lola, Kansas. A>XI()IS TO DEl'O.SIT. Thou^'ands of Persons Besiege Sarlni^ Banks. .Vow York. Jan. II.—Convincing evidence of the public confidence In the .«avin^',s banks was furnished yesterday w hen thousands «if depositors besieged various institutions, anxious to deposit mruiey to get thQ benefit of interest from .lanuary 1. This was tlu« last day. according to notices ixistcd by all savings banks, on which deposits of money will draw- lercst as from the first of the year. Thousands of persons not only canceled yesterday's notices of withdrawal which they sent in last October and .November, but they put additional mone.v in the banks. It is expected that, counting from January^1. more than 5:2.000.000 will have been deposited with the thirty-seven savings banks in this city by the time the windows of the receiving fellers close this afternoon. -Most picturesque were the lines of depositors that formed in the large savings banks. The rush became so great that In some cases four and five windows Were reciuired to take care of the depositors. Majority of Depositors Women. The majority of the depositors were women, carrying their bank books in their hands, with the greenbacks and yellow backs sticking out. Many of the depostiors were foreigners, and iii the East Side banks interpreters were on hand to aid the depositors., , Officers of the German Savings Rank said that that institution had received 12.000 deposits, amounting to $1,500.000, since January 1, and had opened 1.4.i0 new accounts. The bank received $400,000 in deposits yesterday, which was alxiut $200,000 more than It paid out. The crowd of depositors became so great that three special policemen could not handle the throng. President Charles E. Sprague of the Union Dime Savings Bank said: "Last year we paid ont in the first ten days in January $250,000 more than, we received. This year, we n^ve received $100,000 more than we p^id ont" One of the callings of a newspaper Is to do «ood. The Regtster belieres that it It can assist those who are oat cf work to find positions that itiwill he doing a great deal, so commenbtng at once. The Register wfir hereafter untn due notice-Is gives, publish sit- oatioii wanted ads three; times free of charge. Deserrinig are invited to take adrantage ot this opportunity. L. C. HORVILLF, Proa. U. H. OtkiaPBELL, V»mh. lOLA STATE BANK CAPITAL Si2,BOO lOlA, KANSAS, A. W. Beck, L. E. Horville, J.,A. Robinson, H. L. Henderson, J. a. Campbell, Geo. B. Nicholson, Frank Riddle. FOIl SALE OR TRADE—An established real estaie and fire insurance I»u.-.ine.-:s. Itox G.';2 Independence, Kas. I'OU SALE—Household igoods. house i iants. jihonograph. 20! North Second. I'hono 11.S1.M. rOR SALF:—Good Studebaker bug- .gy, practically new, with good set of $3 ."i .00 har:ie?s, for sale at Howard's barn if taken In the next few days at JSO.OO. FOR SALE—A driving, mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street FOR SALE—Good milch cow. (juire lOI North Elm. In- FOR SALE—$1800 Stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street fOti REsa^ mBsomUi POLAK BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Because its tlie Best Acce|it No Other Wm. OfcetdotiP, Agt FOR RENT—One five room house on South Second and one 6 room houso on South Fourth. Inquire 215 Soiith Huckeyc. J. H. Bock. FOU RENT—Seven room modem house on paved street 5 blocks from square; newly remodeled. Inquire J. D. Kirk. 621 North Washington. FOR RE.\T—Five room house; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Eight room house. 208 North Walnut Apply at 204 North Walnut LOSTarndfOUm LOST—Toady's gold watch between 403 and CI9 South Buckeye. Finder leave at this office. : lyOST—I.ady's bracelet with three pink amethyst sets. Finder return to Gas City Bank. Reward. FOLND—In I. O. O. F. hall, a purse containing a sum of money. Owner" may have same by calling *t 215 North Jefferson, proving property and paying for this notice. T.IFT GETS BISY. Has A»kr<! Roosevelt to Orilrr Cbanec ' in Width of Locks In Ble Ditch. Washington. Jan. 14.— Secretary Taft has written a letter to President Roosevelt recommending an increase of width of the Panama .canal locks from one hundred feet as It ir at present planned., to one hundred and ten feet. The change will cost about five million dollars more, but it meets the naval view as to the likelihood of! larger battleships in the future. Its Economy To have .your Carpets ai!d Rugs cleaned by The tola Rog Factor; Telephone Toor Waat Ads. to the Brsfetcir OSce. As an accommodation, the Register receives ads for its want column over the telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense ot a collector. Telephone ^onr want ad to either phone. No. 18 or Na 822, and i it will receive carefal attention.

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