Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1908
Page 3
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STITEMEKTS FBOM FOLLOITEBS OF COOPER OBT^ilHED RSGEHTLT IK TABIOUS.CITIES. I A number of statements from prominent people located In Tarloas cities where .the widespread discussion over It. T. Cooper's new theory regardtne the human stomach has recently waged, give an idea of the Intense interest the young man lias aroused during the past year. The statements are as follows: Mr. C. D. Mitchell, of 2412 Avenue C. Birmingham, Altu, has this to say with regard to his belief in Cooper's medicine: "I have been troubled with Indigestion and stomach trouble for the past year. I had heartburn, bloating after eating, gas on stomach and bowels, palpitation of the heart, pain , in the lower part of by back, and various other 8 }-mptoms, and was a victim of much distress. I tried many remedies, but received little or no benefit from them. I wiis adivscd to try the Cooper preparations, and did so. ,In one week's time 1 was improved Wonderfully— the first relief I had been able to obtain. Mr. Cooper 's medicine does all he cl.-«liiis for it." Mr. J. O. Spradling, of "Ofi Smilh Teojn street, Colorado SprlnRs. Colo., says: "1 was I'roulbed with IndliieKlion for two years.' It canspd nie a preat deal of sufTerluK and misery. I did not dare to eat meat at all. and everything I did eat soured on ihy Ktnmocb. I tried various remedies, but found no relief. Three months ago I started taking Ctibper's New Discovenr, and after using the contents of three bottles I was entirely cured. I can now eat and relish anything that my appetite craves. The New Discbvery Is truly a great stomach medicine." Mr. Wm. Codler, of 408: Graves street, Syracuse, N. T.. Is very strong in his expression of belief in the new medicine, and has the following to say on the subject: "I have suffered from catarrh of the nose and throat for for years. It must have l>een com niunicated to my stomach, for all this time my stomach has given me a great deal of trouble, and caused me much pain and suffering. My stomach was often sour, and my food did not di- Rcst. 1 was bothered by a continual desire to spit, and there was a con- slant dropping of mucus Into the throat. "The flrsl relief I have been able to obtain l.s from Cooper's New Discovery which I have been taking frtr about a week. My catarrhal condition has boon Kreatly Improved and my stomach Is almost well. Mr. Cooper's medicines has benefitted nlc more than anythInK I have ever used." These statements are from reliable riilrens in various conimnnitles who have tried these celhrated medicines. sell them and will gladly explain their nature to any tnie interested.— S. R. UurreM. VAB8HAL DOXALD TH0U6HT HE HEABD BANK BOBBEBS SClfVAT^ THE iio 'Dsyc wooi>imr OF AHSB HE PREPARJED FOR ACTION BUT FOUND THAT HE HAD TAKEX THE WBOSG CUE. ^ Tke Gas CItr Basket BaU T«w Wfll Xcet the Ma T. JL C. A. Team Two La Harpe Boj-g Beeelve Aaony. mons Letters—Knights and Ladles Will Hold InstalUtloB. ALLEN DOONE COMING Irish Comedian Will Appear at Grand THeatre Tomorrow Night. There wil' iloubelcss bo a "trmher- Ing of the Clans" nt tb;- (rrand tomorrow nlRht when the favorilp young Irish sinRlnK comedian. Allen Doone, will appear iji his now and successful conied.v-dr.iiiia. A nonia'ioe In Ireland. The reason of this may be found In the fact that Mr. tloone made such a pronounced hit by bis ertistic porformanee of the parts tnade famous by .Tosoph .Murpliy. that much Is expected of him in MR nr-v.- menture and from the favorable reports which have preceded fh.« youns star. It may ho inferred that his admirers will not be disappointed. In A •Romance in Ireland^ Mr. Dooni- will "jisblni: Cnii- be seen as "I^rr>-^ onaH-." a i! voung Irishman of the sort I ha cicault used to rev.M in. with .I sons or a dance or a flash of wit fot- each passer by. and a stronK arr.i. and SELLS THE JOURNAL Editor Roberts of LaHarpe Disposes of Plant to Wm. Dane and Cloyce Hamilton. \ (leal was cio.sed yesterday where- bV .1. Q. Roberts, editor and owner <if the ljiHar|)i' .lounial. disposed of bis plant ito Will Dano aud Cloyce \V. Haniilion, two vonnR men of that city. -Mr. Rolierts has successfu'ly coaduct- eii the .lournal for the past several >ears. it bciiiK one of the foremost weekly pai>ers in tlio county. Mr. Rob :Mls will devote all of his time in the fuliiie to the duties of postmaster. .Mr. Il.^millon and Mr. Dano are well I ;n<iwn newspaper men. Mr. Hamilton has bern connected with the .lournal for the past several years and has had full charga as leasee within the past four months. He wi'l be paaa ^i " „ ready flsst for his enemies. The i.Ia>-, ih.. editor .nnd will have cliarKo of Iff '^.Strth"'UV;r ;^ln ""trei''- --""^ the new .,a„County Mayo. Ireland; when the wand-, "Senient. Defore contlnR to LaHarpe ering minstrel was a ^i cherished Instl- iie worked on th? Cherryvale Repub- tntion and one had not to looli fur to' ijenn and other proniiiirnt newspaper"' flrul an adventure. The play is hand-;,,,- ^.j^^j^ somelv costumed and provi «I/iI wUhj ' ' an elaborate scenic settinji. and Mun-I "-""i" have complete ager Georpre AV. Kenney. proni'ses ajcbarire of the inside work of runnlnc thoroughhly competent, the . paper. He is a printer with a company. Mr Doone will render sev-j ^^^^i^^^^,^ exi>erience. He leaves a eral n?w and catchy mu.<;ica' num-; bers in his own characteristic way. j I'osUion as linotype operator on the I Kansas City .lournal to go Into busl- Tho Grsind theatre stook comnany tonight repeats for the last time the vaudeville performance. The vaude-, ville was put on for the first tim3 ness at I.«THarpe. LEAD ORE IS ADVANCING. viiie Will, I'ui, vFii iv^i • ' [ Sunday night and drew an immense, ^^^p p ^j^.^ j„ Missouri-Kansas District 1 T nip-Tit -a-hnt few weak. p^,. -yon. house. I^st ni;rht what few weak places were In the prosram w .-re strengthened and Ihc show afforded much enjoyment to a big house. Galena. Kas.. Jan. H.—The favor- I able increase in price of zinc ore th( *-U lilU».ii — I rtiin- -— . The company which the manaeement! p.^^.^ r.^sulted in a resumption of the Grand has notion toeether is. „p,,raiions bv enough mininK com a very stronsr one and deserves a big house tonight. Iianies to Increase the output .">')n tons but the weekly outpnt Is still below l.f'Oii tons. The highest price paid durin;; the week was $no per ton for !ths be!?t grades, with-the basis pric< IS CANDID>|kTE FOR TREASURER. . • „. ,.!of CO per cent ore varjinv" from »"l Harry Bragg Announces Himself asi^^ j,^' a Candidate for That Office. j ^.j^'p' ,,riee of lead ore is gradually (Herald.) In this paper Harry Rragg announo- J .Tdvancing to a more favorable figure , , , I and during the week the highest price ^s himself as a candidate for the of- Believing an- flce of county treasurer. siibje<t to ^^^..^ advance is due. some'prortticers the decision of the Republ.oan pn- ^^^^ as high as US and maries and convention. Ij4g Harry Bragp 'is one of the best k-nown business men in Allen ermnty. BROWN MAY ENTER RACE. For thirty-five years he has been iiij . the hardware business at Humboldt, j ^^w Candidate for Clerk of Court growing from a little one room estah- Announce lishment to what Is now considered Attorney Wm. Brown is said to be one of the hajid«>mest buildings for | ,hi„i^i„j; strongly of enferinK the race the hardware business in the state. | ^[..^^ of the district court. Mr. He has not paid much att4 .-ntion to Brown is now conferring with frends pollOcs. giving all of his time to the tj,^ advisability of makin .T a boBlncss which has been worked up canvass and will perhaps decid- in by his energj-. Utit his wld? acquaint-' the next few daj-s as to what he will ance over the county will be of help do. He is in the law firm of Taylor & to him in his canvass and his abilKy Brown. C E. Adams, E. G. Hough and integrity will bring him > . . votes. is ability: Brown. C E. Adams, E. G. Hough m many! and John Wtakefleld, of Humboldt, are <)^!the avowed candidates for this office. Wbman's 'mare No woman's hsppl> ness can be complet* without children; it is her nature to IOT* and want tliea asmnchsoasitia to love the bean* I i tifui and par*. The critical ordeal throafrh .which the expectant another must pasa, howeTcr, is so fraught yrith (Eread, pain, suffering and danger, that tha very thought of it fills her with apprehension and horror. There is no necessity for the reproduction of life to be either painful or dangerous. The use of Mother's Frietad so prepares the system forthe anningevent that it is safely passed without any danger. This great and wonderful remedy is always ap- pUed externally, and has carried tfaousaada of women through the trying crisis-without suffering. JlBJiV^ . |- -JV:r.~:; laad fcT ine booS coDtahiiac iafiDimMiM U fftaawvahM to all upactaai motbcn. rka Br ^f •]£ R<!cul «tar C*., AUaata, Sa. IaTHi>d Orders of Adjolalnir Towns. The Knights and Ladles of this city have extended an invitation to the orders in Moran and Gas City to attend their installation 8er\'ices Wednesday night Arrangements for a big meeting are being made. A general sui)per will I)e served. neard Bank Roiitiers. In the small hours of the night Just as he was about to leave the .<treefs and retire, thinking that all was well. City Marshal W. T. Donald noticed that a horae was hitched to the telephone pole at the entrance of the La ilarjie State bank. Knowing that there was no regular hitching post mar the bank he Instantly llioiiKhl of bank robbers. Thry nilKht have imlled up ctose to the d <Mjr In order to make a quick 'get-a-way. thought the big policeman as he took an extra hitch lu his belt and prepared himself for the action which surely would follow. U|>oii nearing the bank he heard no grinding noise of robljers boring ho!es In safe doors, and he cie|>t closer, all llie time keeping his "big talker" well In hand. After mak liig all the iirelinilnary examinations necessary be took a hold step forward and walkeil to the bank dtwir. There was no one on the inside. "How did this horse gel here?" thought the big ofhcer of the law. He then noticed the animal more closely and saw that It was th eone he saw a .voung man driving south of town earlier in the cvenlug. It later develoiwd that th( young man who drove the horse had in his antlciiiation to set seated In the l)arIor "liy the lire' forgotten to hitcn his horse and she very thought- >.ssly returned to town without w drivel, where she was caught by some pasberby and tied in front of the bank llecoived Annnyomns Letters. Two young men of this city have received letters within the past two ^\ceks which were unsigned. Although if i- not known, it is believed that the 'Otters' were written by the 3 .ame pe.-- Ecn. They, however, did not contain anything of threatening nature or of- feiu*ing to the recipients and conse- luently there will be no investigation ('. K. .Social Tonight. The Christian Endeavor of the Presbyterian church will hold their monthly social and business meeting at the home of .MKss .Minnie Ohlfest this ev- •ning. After the business is transacted the evening will be spent In a social way. Personals. JuUp,e Mercer visite<i relatives in Fulton Kas., yesterday. He returned yes'orday evening. Dr. G. \V. Stapleton came home with Ills Fon yesterday from Albany, Mo. .^Irs. J. W. L,awrcnce who has been very ill is thought to be a great deal better today. Georce I'etiit returned yesterday from Denver. Coio. L. K. Tanner, of Pittsburg. Kas.. was here yesterday on a business visit. R. T. Ilalner, of Pittsburg, was here >osterday on-a business visit. ASK FOB WHAT TOU WANT ind ask emphatically. Do so through the Regi.ster '8 war., columns. If you want an employer or an ^an find him in a hurry if you take •his course. The Register will tell vour wants to many thousands of people as quickly as you can tell them personally to a dozen people. You tan't afford the slow way. TO MAKE BETROTHALS BINDING. Catholic Church Proposes New Regulation Touching Engagements. Philadelphra. .Ian. 14.—New regiila lions affecting marriages and engagements to marry 'among Catholics will be promuUrated by the Roman Catholic church In the near future, to go into effect before Easter. .According to the new ruling church aiathoritles hereafter wi'l not recognize a promise to marry as a binding engagement unless the contracting parties shall have made and signed 8 written contract, which must be witnessed by a priest, or at least by two trustworthy witnesses. The object of this precaution is to protect young persons from rash, do- ceptiv3 and forced engagements to marry. .\ signed engagement will not be a necessary step to marriage, but no engagement will be sustained In an ecclesiastical tribunal when an apppal of a breach of promise Is lodged or when there is a question of an- niiling impediment or actual marriage with another party, unless li/can be shown that the engagement was ser iously intended and was placed In writing. APPOINT ROAD VIEWERS. Commlsaienertt Take Action on South Jefferson Roa«L The commissioners yesterday appointed road viewers for the. propoc ?d road from South Jefferson to Wheeler Heights la Has sett over which the Kansas Southern expects tr m. Viewers for the First street road were also appointed. The fol lowing compose the viewers for both roads. J. J. Ladlum, J. D.- Remsberg and E. P. Brlgbam. j ICA nrSTALCED OFFICEBS. F. W. Frerert Haaud Assessar. F. W. Frevert of this dty was named assessor for Gas City by Ooontjr Assessor Chas. H. Schaftner. Mr. Frevert understands the business having done the work a nnmber of times. He will iMBgtn the work some time in the near future. Held laslaUatlea Last N%iit The local order of Modem Woodman of America installed officers last evenmg. State Deputy O. W. Apple was present and gave a short address on the work of the order. Refreshments were served and the evening was spent In a social way. The new uOlcers are: John Shea, V. C; Will Merrifleld, W. A.; A. L. Foster, bank^; S. R. Swan, clerk; Wilbur Denney, watch-1 man: William Rodgers and P. W. I-Ye^' vert, managers (.'as City TK. lola Wednesday. The Gas City liasket ball team will play the lola Y. .M. C. A. team on Wednesday evening of this week. The members of the Gas City team have been practicing for a number of weeks and are now in the best of condition for the gam^. The team which will meet the loljt "Iiuuch" will be chosen from both the clerks and high school teams. In this way they will get together an exceptionally good team. The game will be played in the Y. M. C. A. gymnasium. Still Objects to Cemetery Sale. The Cas City citizens will i>robahIy take legal actions to annul the pur- <rha .sc of a cemetery made by the coun cil several days ago. Two mass meetings have been held and the kickers have organized. A full account will be Aen in other part of the paper. Personals. .Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thfmipson. of Nevada. Mo., arc the guests of re'a- tlves In this cit}-. J. R. of Wilson county, was here yesterday. He Is looking for a location. L. R. Walker, of Vincent, Iowa, was the guest of relatives here yesterday. He left this morning for Wichita where he will visit before returning home. F. W. Evers. of Kansas City, was here yesterday on a business visit. K. T. lliff, of Chanute. was here yesterday on a business visit. MAY PROVE FATAL. 11%. C: CUcago. WILL SHUT OFF 75 Orlinqacnis In «a» Have >o .More Time Extruded. There arc about seventy-five patrons of the city gas de|>artment whose gas will lie shut off If they do not pay up. Seventy-five names were placed on the delinquent list today and handed to-the Ins))ector with the instructions to shut off the gas. The orders are to shut off the gas if the patrons do not pay ui) promptly. W. A. DAWSON IS IN TOWN. Man Who Shot Younq Lindsay at the Court Houce. OPEN CLIPPING FACTORY. R. C. Brown Has Established a Clipping Factory. R. C. Brown of the Brown Cigar store has opened up the first clipping factory ever located In this county. The laws In regard to clipping fac- tori?s are so stringent as to make it almost impossible to run a clippin,? factor}- in the smaller towns. A fac- . tory of this kind must' be in a room {..M ^re no other tOliaceo is handled and the proprietor of raid fa^rtbrr must bsve a permit specifying the nQniber Df pounds of cllppiagj^ transferred from the cigar factory tp the clip factor j-. The new factory will be known a.o factory number one, district ot Kansas. When Will lola People Learn the importance of It? Backache is only a simple thing at first: But when you know 'tis from the kidneys: That serious kidney troubles follow: That diabetes. Bright's disease may be the fatal end. You will gladly profit by the forow^ Ine experience. "TIs the statement of an lola citizen. Mrs. Josophlne Cole, of 204 NoHh Buckeye street lola. Kans.. says: "Mr. Cole has a very high opinion of n-oan's Kidney Pills. For a good many years he had trouble with his back and kidneys. The rwin across the loins was at times acute and every spring he was required to take medicine for it. Kidney tit>uble is hereditary with him for it la common among his peop'c, his father having died with Bright's disease. He learned about Doan's Kidney Pills and procured a box at Charles B. Spencer Sc. Co.'s dnur stortt Their use benefited him so much tjiat he continued faking them. Our daughter also used the remedy and cannot speak too hlghhly of It. We take pleasure In recommending this reliable medicine." For sale by all dealers. Price 30 cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Bnffa'o. N .Y.. sole agent? for the United States. Hemember the name—Doan's—and take no^ othe. W. -A. Dawsrm. who servsd a jail .•;« ntenco last year for the shooting of young Lindsay at Humboldt whom ho believed to have been Intimate with Ills wife, came In today to attend the opening day of court. Dawson was parol?d before he had served the full six months. The case was w.-itched closely as the defense fought the case largely on the unwritten law. Dawson was very popular at Humboldt and the sympathy of the community was strongly for him. He Is an employee of the Standard Oil company and is now stationed at Peru. LECTURED TO TEACHERS. Prof. DeCamp Gave Discussion of Physio<inomy Last Night. Prof. D«>Camp, of Paris, began a series of lectures to the teachers of the lola HIf:b schno! last evening with an address on physiognomy. He will give the series to those of the teachers who care to hear him. The purpose is to teach the teachers how to know their pupils by their features. X .tTRLVOMAL AGEXCY FAILS. Chief Gates Complains of Poor BasI- ness In Xew Venture. Chief of Police Wm. Gates says that his matrimonial agency which he established yesterday has not so far given iiromisc of great success. He received a letter yesterday from a Dennis, Kas., jnan asking the chief to assist in getting him a wife. Mr. Gates has been making an honest effort to helji the wife-seeker, but has not made any headway. Installs Kew.XaeUne. Ben Rallove, the shoemaker at 217 South Washington, has installed a machine for sewing on shoe, soles. This is the only machine of its kind In the city and means a "great deal in the saving of time aiid money. You can now get your shoe soles sewed on in a very few moments while With the hand sewing an hour's time was required to do the work. The best sewed soles for men which formerly, cost $1.00, can now be had for 85 cents: ladies' Ijest. which were formerly 7a cents arc now 60 cents. He wll nail on men's soles for 65 cents and ladies' for 35 cents. Men 's mt)- ber heels 10 cents, and ladles' 35 cents. Ben says if you wish to save money, always buy a welt shoe. SANTA FE AFTEK SPITTEBS. Agent Italston Makes Complaint to the Police. Do not spit on.: the platform surrounding the Santa Fe depot. Mr. Ralston, the agent, has asked that the police enforce the spitting ordinance there as well as up town. There are many loafers who sit on the baggage and spit on the platform until it is hardly fordable. Mr. Ralston wants the practice stopped. Millinery .",0 cents on the dollar. Richardson's. , THE DIRECTORS of the Orphans Home desire to than kthe friends who so kindly sent a supply of fresh meats to the home today. .MRS. JOHN M. BRO^VN of Golden Valley "neighborhood, has gone to Los Angele-s, California, for a six weeks visit with relatives. mPKESSIONS Are often permanently formed from a single purchase a new customer makes in your store and new customers are invariably made during a special sale. We advocate special sales, but onlf the sterling kind that cannot fall to make a good Impression. A dlsap* pointed crowd hurts more In dollars and cents, in the end, than if you had not advertised. It Is Not Debatable! T. L. Banett, the rhM steekbeMer fa the Pcar*s Soap eeMm, wkleb has withia the last few years speat flS,MMM la adeTrffsiair, expresses ;kls eoarlrtlea tfea tpriaters* ink is the best kind ef coBamrial lavestaieat, ta the folio whig laagaa;e: "I caaaet aaderstaod hew the qaestloa eaa be debated," be said. "Why the faet that advrrUshiS pays b as clearly deaieastrated every day as that the saa rises. Selert the proper BKdiaa^ adrertise iatell^eatly aad year . fertaae Is aade. '*TeB aiBitt lure new Ideas for the ebaaies e ffashiea. I speat t6M,M8 la advertislaf la one year aad it paid welL «'«eed swMs, feed adrertlslar aad plenty of it is my advice to aa- bltieas eeawerehl aiea.* The lela DaOy Keglster frees farte ubiety per ceat ef the heaes fa the elty, aad reaches aiaest the eatire pepalatiea in the eeaatry distrieta. Then can be ae qaestiea abeat K beiag the proper aedlaik

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