Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1909 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1909
Page 6
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i^ilt^r >Boy« Too Fast Wt^^^^ SSL for the Ai"U«ortum team 'ti.y -5night ^-«nd M i«n tf.e Baker aty,teain. Not a bad Bcofo and St^1i<ft a bad,game. The first i ^tinjddcy for lioth teams, the tog J3 to 13. The interest l.e- j--J ;,game began was high, hut :^:«b|ifClo8a of the first session d^ba>evea break In the s«>rhiK --Jw^^eaaid closely marched, then Si;ferowd-waa v«ry enthusiastic. In i^Mt ^sart of the second Iialf Haker t ^wyeral field goaln, largely :^^;t^»e Clever -nork of Fied .,y ,.dBd-gained a KOfjd Itad. The g;!i^^?I>SWB?JB6yB put up a Raiiie fiiOit unti ^•i ^:tte.j5itta^ Bounded -'Uu- stuff is ..ff. ;j,'.l'j :1Eto^A^41torium team wa.s lianiii^ap "'^eaJi ^.lialrtng.two of itK rcfruJur iiJav SJ ^IW "Sk^t" Ellis and I'iiil Stov.-r. «u ^^jC^^O. game, hut Mike Pulton iiml K). |fEflpigw;6as City wlio filled iln-ir plaf '"y «|B -'^!^{«iit(led themselves v.-ry in-dital. VljTj'^itere••was a big cro.vil in ait'-ml V. I'll til li'MIllS (.•;mi ID ;|.^e.-flfth BflUie nl 111.- iilv >j: 1^11 to'nniaint'nt. p !it\i-ii on liM J;'v .C."-A. court last tmniuj; II.-I'.M ;-i<AmhtbrlUm aim Miuh .Svium; ./*?V /!WgB. the best oxhiliiHon nf till ''^^Kglven. by any of ili<- tf.-iiiis sinn' tin "^^iiieavi^vmfinl an:iii^"ii iVir. Niiif *L4'l«t'»ttie HlBh S'-liijol iiiir ilji' An.III..I *'- liiin. tpam hail II.-.MI .I. | sin.-.. , :'l|)iBgt(Utlng of til" liiiirti;im<-ii( ii| ijlarricd off iln' IIOUOIK I).\ iin- cii .ii.' 5C to ;!:!. 'i'lic Aiiillloiliiiir luUliO|]lp0d OWiuK to thi' iii' t)M regtalar jpluycra to li<K^^Subi ^^^tei with whom th>' bdrBlbnt-lib practice were imi in to fin the'Vacanclea. The HIKII School team Knincd a BOOII U-nd In tlio i'lrBt half till! score bciiiK 17 lo 7. In the; Inst half the Auditoiiuiu t"uiii tgaitied Rteadllv. throwliif,- I.;i;.l<. t-: a|)- jiarenily :it will. Thoic wlio uiiticss- .^d flie K«ei"' nay tliat witii iivi-«nilii- lltes moro ).lay the .'ViidltiiriiMii ti'tiiu would umluubtfdly liav.- won tlic game. The HiifUi. of tl.c Iannis wa.s as followK: Slover, Ro'nrts. Ili'l'j^,', Allen and KpliiiK. for tin; .•Xu .litoritmu AVth'teler, OKbo-ne, Fiilton. .^I-M l..- ami Ttoot for. the HiKh School. "The Buraomasfer"—l.arcicli. ""he ret.:n! if Ruth Wlilfe and llai- - St. I.^juis in that inosf • ; mint of iniiHicul ronio- ; . .• n^nstt-r." at tli" (!ar- <!i.siilaye<l two thin.w: • 1 no way le^-sened piib- (loincs of ohi Peter I''u-lffrped Covernor M and that Miss Litnisen are still fa- • •• • Mical Thoater-.iroiii^ • • i, i audience tittend- ;.i'i iNrniance. pt'opje .; : • • i;. and who apiieared >.f and judge .Mr. Harni- Pi % ~rx Her:- jiopuipr ;• dlen, • ri. • rick S.; . That tin-, -lie Inter. Stuvv- • f '-.-v • a:' "itps ' J -itXiz. > «=fl the vho knev, arrKicns it sen's intfrpr.-'tatiijn. Th.ey found h'n-. liarmsen jiiayinii a BarpripJ«f:!y uniotie Peier, his easy acting aud renl "Dntch " accept riii.?- iug the k'.viKiire upon which the success oT this piice hanss. It is no doubt a fact that no oth<'r actor h ::s idayed the part of IVtcr Stuyvesant hetter than Mr. Ilernisen did yesterday. Addi-d tn this was the suni)f)rt of an excel'-c:.; n inpuny. with lierhajis .'the e.vcepiio:i '\ oii'' or two minors, •••the- Harlem t?pidi-r" tn-in;r weakly acted b.v \y. AUirJclit. The clinriis was good and well traitieii. Miss Untli White. leading vaiimis popular s .,ni.'s •in the chaiact.'r of Willi.- Van .Astt'i- blU, "a midnight son " J«S9 "VMilte's jierfe;! I'u^y v\ iiiairs clothes wa.s one of the wiiinin:;, f.-al- ures of the lila.v. ••How .AIaM.^• Ha\e You Told That To.^' tb<- son:-' -..lii"]! •yi'On .such widespread r.-'\or ':<: •in- early perforniatnes of •'i'!:!' n.r' master" some time ai-'o. i"(i-j..'il m-ciy encores last ;ii---)ii. l;.-.-iiIis n;:il.l!r.' -i decidedly chi'.k ami wliininu ai.,.' i' OJice'. SIlss While's voiei- .11 tin..-. Ii-lil die spectators wonrierini' m i:. «i.P- latitude..—tit. Lt.iiis Si.:r • The "Hiiriroiiiastfr" al ih.' iliaii.' 3Rr «dhpsciny nljxht. M'oinanV M i<rl<l. - TllOSe who would l". ili .u ih.' V\u.M':- progress iDust read wi;ai ii> wurl. ; f(aj'. Tlu' Woiiien'.s WVMI.I .iinini' :!ie .;liresent year wii: p;i-eni e\i i|.'ii>!i ii opp'ortunitle? for I'.niii;; M. II will ;jiUliOl >lB yon to read what tin- PMIIII:;: "';'W'prl£Prs of the (•(•in>-rv i^m .-.i 'I :!r,- S-3.«trIVliig lo acconipiil- I'lnin the . ,!^ *? Of Bucb master-v.-riieis .IS ^•'fT-5RSjbrel!e.'Re.^ Bcaeli JMW;M VV. Sim::. iii 'V'l^y -Korton. C'liau;i<e\ (t!e<.M Cviii-. V -;j _:^PbwnsBnd Urady. fJeo A.I.-. Kiia :^.^»,?Jra»0Ser .^"^ilcox, .VaiKan-i Sat)':>t. r. fiii^'^/Bira . Ijpulfie Buhdiam ami others, .you win rjecelve a broader <-(iiici'pi:on CH'jetltte,world and Its work, and of it•'^ 'Ifetft fiction. 5Iany new features an- -f,-xTi^SUr this year, amonu them beiim the ,V jaiiwlcal and out-of-do<)rs (Jepaniinfiii S^i '-t," Special representatives of the C'lr- ;553ito Publishing Co. who pu'.li^h this 't;)l^t!fSi^xA journal, will call at JsoB»«iB at an early date with a ll.n;' jfi »*-.':3ff (tH ?OBitlon. It is to he hoi.ed ijiat atl aT$il themselves of this oppur- ^§-?;ilJ»?''. - abd add this splendid manazine T^;^^i> tj^eir library tables. ^fv .For Mii. Bass. ^•^y'lJUtK. Pr. Bass was cuest of honor at party given f<r her last .5 -^>;-1?nlhg at her home. r>,lli,North st. •'J%e^ evening was spent with jiame.s and social conversation until a late }<<to*>'hea a dainty luncheon was serv- 3j»-\. «i«l7 "Tboiie present were Messrs. ami 1|-'3!l «%«Jaa»eB C. W. Bels, s. II. Hanley. ."'L Pif"BcaJ»r J. Woods, M. Walls. C. B. ^^•••'--mMxT^ W. M. Eupker, E. O. Fipins. C. yfirmeSksy. W. Woodin. C. W. Hlck- ^t0m.'§- A. Dale and F. D. Jackson, .Ai Xewman, Mrs. P. Beatty, Mrs. *»rnttsC'". Mrs. N. Gordon, Mrs. H. 0. i^V .*>8srs. O, P. Flipins. P. V. rr/W.N.'Backer and Rev. H. Shep- p.- IT r 1 ' Groatost January Clearing and Sacrifice Sale BEGINS MONDA Y, JANUARY 4 These sales have come to be famous in this territory as the .i>:reatest bargain giving eVents of the season, and we are determined this year to beat all previous records. The backward weather, that has been prevalent this season, has left us with an unusually largeamount of winter goods on hand, which we could not possibly afford to carry over, but which wc offer you now right in the season when you need these goods, at prices that are but a semblance of their real values. Dig down in yo^V pocketbooks and get out your little savings and come to this sale. The amount saved here on purchase will more than overbalance the interest your money could possibly earn in the next year. Don't wait until all the plums are picked, but come as soon as you can and do some picking yourself. Many cheerful faces will greet you and wait on you. and Determined Clearing Sale of Women's Winter Garments Womens' Coats Que lot of ;))-iUfli Coats, all wool Cliev- iotr, ?(J.OO values for $2,95 ?8.50 all wool Kersey Coats, .')0-incb long nicely trimmed, semi-fitted, clearing sale price . S3.00 $12.00 all wool Kersey C-iats iv black, blue, brown aud Castor, full 52 in length, clearing sale price SGm93 IJ6.50 all wool BrDadcloth Coats, satin linec throughout, in black, blue, red and green, b^^tifully tritnmed, semi-fitted, clearing sale rnt -e S9M8S All our $20.00 Cost-, ill colors, all styles inclndfng the celebrated' Yankee Printzess"at oae price of S12t93 All o -T $25 00 Coats in fine Chiffon Broadcloth.s and fine Kerseys, sacriilce price sts.oo All oar 135.00 Coats in finest of Kroad- clothB and Kerseys lined with Skinners Satin, sacrifice price | S18*TS Sacrifice Sole of Misses and Chrildren*s Coats Children's Bearskin Coats in all colors' sizes 2 to 6, the regular $2..''i0 kind, sacrifice price - St»30 Children's Bearskin Coats in all colors, sizes 2 t~/ r», worth |3.50, clearance sale price S2.28 Children's |3.50 Cloth Coats for St.93 Children's $5.00 Cloth Coats for $2,93 Children's ?(;.50 Cloth Coats for S3mOO Children's $8.50 Cloth Coats for ... $4:93 Children's Bearskin Coats in sizes, ages S to 11 worth I .S.50, for S3.0O Chiklreu'.s iflOOO Cloth CoatP for . . .SG.30 Chlldrcu's $12.00 Cloth Coats in best ([uslit}' Kersey, for SSm30 ocsrmcnoNMOMcss - eoFT«iG»n iwor Mr nt Moirri-iicoriiH*!. COMMUT S\( IMKH K S.M.K OF UltS AM) FIR COATS. I'm- S« MI Is I'M- ..... Jl Till l'"iir S.aii'.-; fur ... $j .'.11 I' tn ."^carls lur I"N]- .Scurf.s rm- iHi I'ltr Seal fs fi>i' .... 'f.\ l-'iir Siaifs for I'm- Snul's fur .. I'lir Searl'rt fur .. jL 'ii nil I'lir Si'ai I':; for ... ii't I'm- Sc.ii f;-. lor .. SA( UIFK K J'j:. III! I'lir <'i>:iis for . . . ., ii'i I'lir ('o.iis fur ..., $ III IMI I'm- ('(lals for $.'.11 IMI Tiir Cuats lor .... $i;ii.iiii liir (.'oai.'; for .... JT'i "'I i'lir ('oals for ... JliMMHi l''iir f.'oat.s for ... SALK FIH rOATS. .... H .ltf- »!.».•> ( I.EAKIXJ SALK OF HOMAS'S WAIST.S. ?l.:.ii Waists. Saerifice priee .?'J..'i| Waists. Saeririce jirlee ?:; .".il Wal.sls. .^acrlfiee prlee $1.1111 Waists. .Saeriflce |iri<'e $."i.iiii WaiHis. SarrifU-e price $.1111 Waist v.. .Saci ifice |iri('e SACFilFinX; SAI.i; OF SKIUT.S. 'rill' lailirs of lola iiiid vicinity will have the opportunity III liii.v aii.v Skirl in llie lioiise al. ti special reiliictioii of PKK CFN'r from tin- refiitlar niarUoil prlceH. Alteratlous not Inrluded. 25 Per Cent Off On any Lace Curtaing and Portieres in the house during this sale. CLKARIXG SALE DRESS (300DS. ."•Oc Wool Dress Gooils. Clearing Sale price 25* "fic Wool Dress Coods In fancy arid plain. Clearing sale price - iiQtt: Wool Dress (Joods In fancy strirtes and oheckfi. A'> inches wide. Clearing .sale price T/ift $1.00 Uroadclotlis tor 69* %X.2', Hroudcloilis for 796' ('LKAKIN(J SALK SILKS. fiDc Fancy Silks for :J8* Tr.c Fancy Silks for .10* $1..'>|) Black Taffeta Silk 3G inches wide. Clearing sale jtfl .OO Black Satin Duchess ?.« inches wide. Clearing sale price JM.OO Clearmg and Sacrifice Sale of Blankets and Comforts 25 per cent discount from Regular Prices. Buy them now, You will never buy them so cheap again. lOc IHJESS (a .NOlIA.US. Just reeeiv.'d al! new patterns: •tt'hlle they last in this i-ale, only Tlie AI'RO.V GINGHAMS FOR •> Thirty pieces in the lot in blue, brown and Breeii cLeckfi, whilu they last in this siale, only i)* :i»c KMT CSiOERn'EAR FOR Ten dozen I-idles' Bleached, Fleeced Knit Vests and Pants, regular :19c (juality. Clearing sale price "Zr*^ l.'>c FINE DKE8S GMGHAMS. New spring patterns, as niany as vou want while they last in this sale only 10* .V)c BEll SHEETS FOB 39c. Bed Sheets made of good quality niiisin 7i'x9rt. regular .'.Oc kind In this sale ;t9* .-»0c KMT I .M)EU\VEAK FOR a»c. l."ii) I.,udie8' Vests and Pants heavy fleezed, the regular .">0c (|iiality. Clear- iuK sale price 39* lUc KLEACnkD .VrSLIN. Full yard wide, sofe finish, while it lasts, only limited quantity in his sale. Only 6?i* l.'ic PILLOW CA.SES FOR 9c :.'iio Pillow Cases made of nice quality muslin, size 3f.x42. Clearing sale price 9* *l.00 LADIES rXIOX SI'ITS FOR .'.Oc One lot I^dle.s' I'nion Suits, extra lieaVy fleeced, worth $1.00. Clearing sale price 5()* lOc FA>X'V OITI.NGS. Light or darks only about 2000 yards of these pretty Outings, the regular 10c quality in this sale only 7J«* .500 Yard.s Toweling in this sale at yard 2* 3.5c Bleached Table Linen, clearing sale ijrlce . 19* r.Oc Bleached and Half-Bleaclied Table Linens in this sale 35* 7ac Bleached and Half-Bleadied Table Linens fn this sale at 50* $1.25 Fine Bleached Table Linen, 72 Inches wide, in this sale at... 95* HEW YORK STORE MEW YORK StORE

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