Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 14, 1908
Page 2
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m aosing Out Sate! Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass and China. Fine Stock. Fine Fixtures. Everything goes. Retiring from business—leaving the Country. The Jeweler, First Door North of Postoffice. in Hundreds of barpalns Richardson's. • • •> Eveninq at Card*. Dr. and Mrs Daviil \V. R.-ld will on- tcrtoin the Six Handed Kiichro club tonlKht. .^ For Miss Cain. Ono of tlio most ohaniiinK iiartU-s uo<i\i. of tho weok was Riven at iho n-sl-' <l«'nco of Mr. and Mrs. r.rnnf .Milltr last evenInK whon Mrs. Miller c-ntor tainsd a niinil)pr of .cirl friends fo her Bister. Miss Edith C^iii. wlm i leaylnp soon for Pes Moines Iowa Early in the eveninR the ciipsis fo! lowed twine strings which "wen wound around fasteninRs in Severn rooms to find souvenirs, small rand.\ hearts tied with rlblKins. Several im promptu selections of music we-e ren dered and the eve»Snji was close with a chocolate luncheon served a small fables. . AmonR those pres.^n were Miss Edith Cain. Miss Rosalia Charles, Miss Clara- Cranple. Mis.^ He'en Pollock. Miss Rose Marr. .Miss Grace Marr. Miss Tressa I ^e. Mis.. lEtamia Newton. .\lberta Mun.son - Mrs. Ro}- Sleeper and Mrs. .Miller • * * , Guild Meetinn. T^e usual meetinR of the Guild of St. Timothy's Episcopal church win meet tomorrow afternoon at the residence of Mrs. George DeClutt>. TiOn South Washinpton avenue. + •^ * Much-A-Do in Millinery, .")0 cents'on the dollar. Richardson's. • •> •> 500 Club. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn I>. Finney cave a card party Inst eveninr for members -of the five hundr.-»d club. Fourteen guests were entertained. • •> • Current Event Club. The resi'.lencp of Mrs. R. B. Siev enson was conifortabLv ' flU-d wi 'h Ruests yesterday aftepoon when thi-. Current I =^ent club meetinR was hcM The propram was opened by roll call answere'd by women 'si Inventions and Mrs. Paul Kl.^in read a ver>' inter' pttlnK paper on "MIchlRan's Gn at In dustries." The members who were to papers oil several of th'> most Intercstlnp places in Michigan were absent, so that the topics w<Te di!!cussed informally by the ladies. Some interestinp descriptions of Lake Ida, Ann Arbor, and a prospective trip to MJchlpan were siven. The club meets apain on .Tanuary 27 to have a program^ on Kansas. Slashinp Into the. Silks. Clearance prices. RichardEon 'B. • • * Baptist Aid Society. Mrs. H. Denning wl]l be hostess of the I>adies" Aid society of the Bap ttet church on Thursday afternoon. The members wi 'l make preliminary plane for the Easter bazaar. • * • Recital at Unlontown. MI BS Lora' Leach gave a racital at Unlohtown on Friday eveninR of last week, for members of the Modern Woodmen lode«. This is the second of a Berleg there this'fall. Miss Leach will assist Royal Neighbor Camp 1281 with a play which they will arrange for at th^ meeting on Ftlday evening• • • W. R. C. Meetliv. At the session of the Wloinan's Relief Corps on the approaching FMday the newly elected corps of olBcers will take their places and the presl- Uosiory. ' dent. Mrs. l.oRun, will apl>oInt com niittees who will besiu work in dlf ferout departinouls of the corps Im n>edlat?ly, + * + Mothers' Club. T.ho .MothiTS ("lull will meet in IJt lie Hvilldors' Chapel tomorrow after <• •^ I'litler priced v;ilue.s in I'nderv.ear Clearance prices. llicliMnlsiurs. • • • Mrs. Bartles Improved, The many friends of .Mr. and -Mrs T. L. Biirtlcs will be e.xcvdinRly .rrlad t-> know that Mrs. liarlles is very much improved todoy and ':er alt'nd ants are liophiR that she will lie con valetcent in a short time. * V * Miss Cain to Leave. Ji;ss Edith Cain, who has spent the past three years with her sis ter. Mrs. Grant Miller, will leave in a short time for Des Moines, Iowa where she will remain for an Indefln Ite lenpth of time. Miss Cain has Ir.rpe number of intimate frlend.s here who will be sorry to know that she is to leave the city. The Great Remnant sale now eoing on. Richardson's. Watches Have been a specialty of our.- since the beginning of onr business —and so it is that the great balk of watches carripd in this locality have come from this store. If yon want a good watch at the right price,'you bare only to come hert :or it.i A ';Bo's" C-se. handsomely engraved, hunting, guaranteed for twenty years, with 15 jeweled Eigin or Wallham, nickel, our price, $16.50 Compare our price with your mail order catalogue prices on the same watch. So. Pac, Santa Fe aod X. K. * T. MiM K«|th Coming. Hits XMna Keith, of Chahutc, is ex pected to arrive in lola on Thursday to accept a itoaltlon as pianist at the Bachelor. Miss Keith spent several months in lola- as pianist for the Crescent « IM| haa many friends who will extend ? cordial greeting tipon her return here. • • • Dinner Party. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Bush entertain crt a number of gentlemen at six o' clock dinner last evening; in honor of the birthday of the host. After din ncr the guests enjoyed an hour with cards. • • • Rev. Van Orden Here. Mr. and Mrs, H.^ G. Gates, 413 S, \\'iB5hlngton ave.. are cntertalnin Rev. A. E. Van Orden, of Ft. Scott. + + * Personals. The Misses Adams are at home after a week end visit with their bro thers. B. F. and J. \V, Adams, of Cha nute. SIB Beales, of the Famous, is In Kansas City on business. Mrs. F. A. WaRner is a guest of her father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. M Parrlsh, of Yates Center. Miss Clara Fouat Is In Kansav, City for a week. DEAL MAY STAND Gas City Cltlxcns Will Proliablj Not Take Steps to .\nnnl Ceraplerj' Tranimction. That no action will be taken by the Gas City citizens to annul the pur chase of a cemetery which was made by the city council at their last meet ing, is now assured. There was no one present at the mass meetinR of citizens which was held last evening for the purpose of further considering the matter, who would atke the respon sibllity of i)U8hlng the matter and see that the necessary legal action was taken. At a private mass meeting con mittccs were api>oInted to consul with attorneys. F. J. Oylen and Ewing, Card & Card, the attorneys who were con suited, advised them, so the committee reiioried, that the acti6n would have t be taken on the grounds that the deal was an illegal transaction. This charRe wou'.d have to be made because two of the councilmen and the mayor were owners In the company of which the city purchased the cem etery. A year ago a cemetery association was organized by a number of the business men of this city. A tract oi land north of town was purchased b> this association of E. K. Taylor and a charter was secured of the state. Ini- jrrovcments were made making the cemetery one of the best In this part of the state. Two weeks ago the counc(J took ui the matter of buying this icemetor.> from this,association and the!deal was completed. The members of the council put ui as a defense for their actions as ac cused, that the city needed a cemcter> and they knew of no better opportunity than • what was offered them by he association. The fact, they say. hat two members of the council were stockholders, bears no significance whatever since the motion to put the cemetery passed with six members voting for It. Last night when the committee reported they had gotten no farther ban whea they started. Floyd Elliott who pre >Ided over the meeting last evening said that if they had been quick enough and had taken action before the moiiey had passed sonie- hing could have been done without a long drawn out legal action. FINSTOX WILL LOSE AGAIN. Ciiarlrs B. ,IIalI Boosted for Tacanc> hi flnde of Xajor GeneraL WashlDgton, Jan. 14.—There is to be nother vacancy next month* In (he grade of major genral of the army when General Greely retires. Although Brigadier General Funston is next In line for promotion. It is certain that some older general will be Jumped over him again for about the fourth time. Kansans in congress realize that there is no show for Funston's promo- ion, and have lined up behind Brigadier General Charles B. Hall, who Is now in command of the staff war college at Fort Leavenworth. General Hall Is a civil war veteran and will retire next fall on account of age. Batlotinn for Senator. Frankfort' Ky", Jan. 14.—Balloting for United States Senator begun today. The.flrst ballot left former Governor Beclcham three votes short of TO OPPOSE MING Politicians Think Qovemor Hoch WJII Go AgalnstI Long for Senator. ^^'bshlngton. Jan. 14,—Senator Long's declaration in favor of a primary election law which would submit the question of the nomination of I'nited States senators to the voters of the two parties direct did not comn a? a surprise to the members of the Kansas delegation. It is the impression here that Governor Hoch will oppose Long for the senate. It was noted by members of the Kansas del ?ga t!on that the call for'an extra sess- on followed closely on the announcement that Stubbs would be a candl (fate for Kovemor. If there Is' to be a primary election law (he nomina tion of state officers and senators. Mr. Stulibs cou'd not very we 'l run before the primary for both offices. If he has senatorial ambitions he would have to wait until Curtis's term expires. Stubbs. therefore, if succnssful In his Rubematoriai candidacy Is regarded here as havinR taken the first .step in his candidacy apainst Curtis while lX )nR will have to contest with Governor Hoch. LEAVITTS TO REMAIN LINKED. Rumor of a Separation fronrj Ruth Bryan Absurd, Says Art'st. Paris. Jan. 14.— Vf. H. I.«avitt. son inlaw of \Milliam J. Bnan, today char •'Cterlzed as absurd the rcpor^ that llvorce proceedings by his wife were 'n contemplation. Mr. I.eavitt received a lett,->r frnm his wife. who. with the children, accompanied by Mrs. Bryan, are polng to Cairo to spend the winter for the benefit of the children's health. Th?y wll' return to Paris and join Mr I.eav­ itt in April. Notice >V. O. W. and W. ('. There will he a Joint Installation to be held at the K. P. hall Tuesday, Jan. 14. Ail members arc re/|ucstcd to be present. LOVE GETS JOB. Governor Serve Hoch Names Sheriff In Montgomery County. to Topeka. Jan. 14.—Governor Hoch "Saturday appointed Ed. Ix)ve as sher ilf of Montgomery county to succeed C. .M. Paxson. who resigned Frhlay. 1. R." Charlton, county attorney, has ilso reslfnied, and If will be neces sary to select a successor to him. These resUnatlons are due to the failure of the officials to enforce the nrohlbitorj- law. Paxson and Charlton were sent to the Eldrldge hotel Independence to ral(l a Joint. They returned empty hand?'d and reiMjrte;! that they were unable to find anything except a "crap" game. Other officials were sent to the same place immediately aft2rward and they found a wagon load of wet goods and Joint fixtures. Chariton come to Topeka and pleaded with the attorney general to prevent the filing of ouster i>ro- cfedinps. He apparently had little success and resigned. The sheriffs resignation followed. THAY ARE FRESH. A choice assortment of this popular brandiat CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get your next candy at Crabb's a"nd see how well . It pleases you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE. Corner Washingtoo and West Sts. Lodj:e Directory KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES.— Knights of Maccabees of the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth Saturday nights In each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; R, B. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. W«—Camp No. 101 meeU t- K. of P. Hall every Friday night. \( 1*. Steele, C. C; A H. D»-*t. cien Wsltors cordially-Jnvlted. KXIGHT8 OF PTTnUd.-> OTT Lodge No. 43 meets every ¥ 6da aight at K. of P. Hall. Viaiti 1^ bro thera Invited. W. S. Thompson. -l.C: Chrt's ratftr. K. of R. and S. W. A^The M. W. A. L«dg» meet! every Friday night in H. W. A balL Visiting brothers lurited. W. H Anderson, V.C.; W. A. Cowan. Clert ~S 6 TAL KEIOUBORS.—lola Cam Na MB, Royal Neighbors, mee'a s«iv ond and (onrtb Tuesdsya of ear montli. Mra. F. A. Wagner, oracle* Mr^ Mary Hotton. 418 W«-» Sr .«ei, Recorder. FKATERlfAL BBOTHERHOOD^ Pratenial Brotherhood Na 3^ meeta second and fourth Thursday of each month In A.O .n .W. Hall. Visiting members cordlaly Invited. W.H.Aii* deraon. prealdent; Golda Elam, aecr*- t»ry. Jaator Order Ualted Aaerkaa V» ekanlea*—Meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock m It. P. Hall. All vlalUng members Invited. R. A WldIel|..Goa&celor; C. B. Blacli. Rec Secrttary. Bosfoess Directory. BE. MeMILLEH. Special attention gives to tlie treatment of all Chronic Dlaea*- es and Diseaaea of Children. Telepliones: Office 32, Bea. 2S1 Office in Mrs. Tnmar's Bldg^ West Mwllacm. • Phone 6S7. Bm. 70L .DB. 0. L. COX, • Bye, Ear. Nose and Throet • IpMUelea Properly Fitted. \ Office A. O. V. W. Bids. e 9fflce Phone 108S. Night Phone 406. OB. K U. CHHISTIAir. Pkyelclae aiii Setgeem. Rooma T end k. Dvua BldgJ Rna. Tel. 198. Office TeL MS. DB. i. B. PEPPKB. Deatlst. Is permanently located over B. C. MoCIaln's Clothiag Store, and is prepared to do all kinds of lip-io-date dental work... Evening work by appointment. • ••••••••••••••••a Mfflei liter One hundred iKJunds of Crystal Ice will make 12 gallons of distilled water siutable for family use. Try IL liblce&CftldStenifeCo FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. 1: F. If. MABTOr, Surgery and Diseases of Women. Office and Residence Phone 576 Office 7 North Jefferson. GEORGE AMOS and L. V. Orton ore here from Humboldt today attending court. GETS AXOMMOrS LETTER. Truancy OfUrer Lema»tters Is Told of lacorrigibic ttoju. Truancy Officer Isaac Lcmastcrs esterday received an anonymous let- er stating that there were two incorrigible boys living In the south jiart of the city. The letter did not tell the boys names or what they had been doing. Mr. Lemasters says that he Is willing to do anything within th^ power of a truancy officer toward In- estlpating If his Informant will make an oi»en formal complaint. GAME FRIDAY NIGHT ¥. 3f. C. A. and Chanate fo Ptay Basket Ball Here. A Ijasket ball game has been arranged between the Y. M. C. A. and he Chanute athletics for next Friday evening, the game to be played in the Y. M. C. A. gym. This to be one of the best" games this year. Two weelcs ago the local team went to Chanute where they were defeated by team chosen from Baker and Ottawa universities masquerading under the name of Chanute Athletics. AMiile will be necessary to go up against such a game Friday night, the locals are quite confident of victory. They have been working hard and are in good condition for the game. IVY BAYLESS of this city has reigned as teacher of Prairie Center school west of Humboldt, and Miss Mae McWilllama has accepted the position. She began ner cutles yesterday. StCYER'S GROCERY Headqaarters for Good Things to Eat. Teie |>hoDe IS9 DS. W. S. HXTLMOH. PhysfcIsD M Sargcea. Office N. B. Comer of Square. Over K. C. Plnmblng Go.'s Store. Res. Tel 38. Office TeL 602. P. L. Lathrop. Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHI8ICIAH8. Special attention given to Diseases of Women and Ghlldrea. Over East Side Hardware. Office 'Phone. Main 468. The "Oar Waij'» Restaurant Mmrohamlm'limeh 25o Everything in Season. SHOKT ORDKRS OF ALL KINDS FABX8, In Howell Cosaty, XissoarL To Exchange for City Property or Merchandise. Write for list. Give full descritpion and price of what you have. « J. T. eiLXOUB. Pomona, Xo. W. F. AUBBSSOir, AtUrsey-at-I«w. Notary and Stenograpber ta Office. • Phone 46S. * H.A.BwIng. S.A.Gard. O.R.Oard • EWnie, GABD * GASlk. • • Lawyers. ^ * Practice In all Ooarti, ^ • %yk W. Madison. PhoM m. * JEWELERS, a F. Pancoast. old reliable Jeweler, no East street LivifiQfttop Co Veetraeters aad All kinds of work a spe^Uf • Seatk Syeaaerh Bi^ Special Cut on on all kinds ol Merchandise until thinjs change. ie 6. MUJIMAe Prop. 17. S, BtLnUM, 6eMi«I Geatnclati Flagstone and Cement Sidewalks aad Garbing a Speeialty. lU Best JaekMB mzmERMLD Office atnd Ston^e Ware Soom at 15 West Afreet Phone 358 J, D. THOm Estimates cheerfully given on all work PheM^Clt. Bes. 4M S. Backeyr. Per best »U 4«kkcst nmats ase tlie Bcfftatcr Ifwt Cslunfc

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