Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 14, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Tuesday, January 14, 1908
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ibm TOL, K. No. 484. Wh»le N«. 68M. SIX F16B8. 10L.V, KAKSA8, JAIftABY H, IWS^TIESDAY EVESnfO. fas. PAGES. FBics TWO cma. BIG CASE GOES OVER W WHITLOW CASE COMIXIPD TO XArTEBM. CAUGHT IN THE ACT N.ARSHAL FREDERICK80N AR­ RESTS TWO MEN AT COM­ PANY STORE. BY CONSENT OF BOTH SIDES DEFElfDAirT GITEJi TEX DAYS TO dET SEW BOXD. Men. Said to Have Been Returning to complete Job of Robbery.— • Refute to Talk. Whitlow Was in thit Court Room Bat He Was Xot Con- splcnons. * The Wlhltlow case will not be tried tbift term. This afternoon when Judge Foust was going over the docket and called the case pf the State rs. Sania«l P.'. WJiltlow. G. R. Gard arose and stated that it was his understanding Ithat by the consent of both sides the lease would go over until the May ; term. The attorneys for Whitlow ithen entered a pica of not guilt y, th? court asking that a plea be made. Mr. Wbitlow was in the room sittinc among the spectators. Wlien In an •wer to a question by the court as to whether or not the .defendant was In the room, one of. the^ attorneys poln: ed to the rear of | the room, the eyes of everyone In tl^e court room turn ed In jthat direction. Mr. Whitlow aid not make himself conspicuous however, and many did not see him. . The attorneys for both state and defense intimate that the other side suggested the continuance. It would seem, however, that the state first suggested it. One of the attorneys for Mr. Whitlow Is known to have stood cut against a continuance at the time the agreement was reached for the case to go over. This would indicate that the state had not secured some valuable information advantageous to Its side as has been repotted. The amount of Mr. Whitlow's bond will remain the same, $10,000 but a new one will be required. The defense was given ten days in which to pet the new bond. Meanwhile Mr. Whitlow will have his freedom under the old bond. .The state filed an application some time ago to add a list of perhaps fiO witnesses to those filed on the information. The attorneys for the state when they fllsd the information found that there was not enough space left thereon to write the names of the witnesses. Marshal Jim Frederickson of Bassett last nlcht arrested twrf men who, it Is believed, had broken a window light in the conipany store at Bassett |.for the purpose of %bbeo'. The men gave their names as James and Hardy Jones. One was brought to the county jail and the oth^r left in the Bassett calaboose. Mr. Frederickson first met the men while he was on his' way home early in the evening. They were in the vicinity of the store at that time. Mr. Frederickson noticing the roughly dressed men thought they would bear &n investigation. He ascertained that they had iio guns on them and allowed them'to go. A short time after he came back toward the store and noticed that the pane in the door had been broken out and so bosnn an , investigation. A short distance from the store he met the men returning. It is believed that thc^ had s'tarted to break in the store and then saw the officer api>roach and ran'away. They were probably coming back to complete the job when taken into custody by Mr. Frederickson. They had little to say for themselves. They were between 21 and 30 years of age and do not have a good-appearance. Their stories as to Tfhen they came Into town are very contradictory which lends cr()dence to the belief that they should be held. Early yesterday mohting Officer John Creed saw the men loafing about the Missouri Pacific depot and came near arresting them. One of tlie men wore three suits of clothes. They will be arraigned either this evening or tomorrow. MEDICAL SOCIETY TO MEET. Physicians Will Soon Begin to Prepare for Convention. At the meeting of the Medical Society tomorrow evening the subject of the state meeting will be borught up and committees appointed to do the preliminary work. Dr. S. S. Hilschcr, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, will read a paper on "The Physician's Relation to Mental Heal ing Systems and Methods." Dr. O. L. Cox will read a paper on 'Nasal Trouble." HUBER TRIAL OX 17TH. Charged With Placing Dynamite Under Railroad Bridge. The trial of Harry Huber. formerly of Bassett, and a man named Barrett who are charged with placing dynamite under a Missouri Pacific bridge near wachlta, will be held in Wichita on January 17. The men are charged with placing the dynamite under a bridge and then notif.ving the railroad authorities Vith the idea of getting a reward. Huber formerly worked at the lola Portlan4 The following men from%ere .are summoned to appear as witnesses: Messrs. Kent. Shearhorn, Tavls and Lang. CELEBRATED 65TH BIRTHDAY .^ome pf the Old Boys Met With D. I BiMh Last N:ght Last^ evetiing at the family home on Soitb 'VSIashington, little Dannie Bosh entertained a number of his lit tl^ frl^ids who are members of the ^ Post of this city. The lit JBW8 enjoyed themselves with various games which delight the heart of the young. At 10:30 o'clock « two eouTS9 luncheon was ser \-ed to thoM iv«BenL The occasion was In hoiDOr /otj Master Dannie Push's slxty- iU^,Urt|day. and all were dee-Il«hted V'wptti W*! .nanner In vhteb they 'ned. Tfeoce pr ^i^ ware Hour ilp^r, wui^^ THEATRE A TRAP OXE in XDRED SIXTY LIVES LOST IX PHILADELPHIA FIRE. VICTIMS WEPE ROASTED ALIVE .SCORES IXJIRED WHILE TE.MPTIXO TO ESCAPE. Floor (Jaie Way—The Rodiex of the Dead Were Beneath Tons of Debris. TO CARE FOR POOLE Fircnds Xotify OiTicers tp Look After Demented Man. Friends of Chas. Poole, the unfortunate man who was found wandering about early yesterday morning north of Carlyle in a dei|iented ' condition, have sent word from Kiowa, Okla., no- ifylng the ofllccrs hero to take care if ilie ninii until thoy further advise hem as to what to do. Poole's con- erwitlon yesterday was hardly Intel- ligilile, but he mangod to say that he as a member of the 1. O. O. F. at Kiowa. The local order telephoned theer last evening and found that Poole had to!d them correctly. The man is some lictter today. Whether he was struck on the head or is sutfer- Ing from some mental trouble is not known. TO'DISCCSS FIXAXtE L.VTER. .Secretary Cortelyon's Statement Will First Be Received by the Senate. V.'ashington, Jan. ll'—The senate agreed today to iwstjwne detailed dis^ cussion of the financial question until coinjtlete statement can be received from the Secretary of the Treasury, In resiKinse to the senate resolution passed before the holidays. Before this result was reached there was some dis- ussion of the financial situation, in which Senator Tillman charged that the treasury department had refused bids for Panama bonds which were at much higher figure than some of those accepted. A FALSE ARREST. , AT- TAFT SETS THE flME HEARING THORSDAY THlXkS C. S. CAX WITHDRAW FROM Cl'BA IX 1909. ISLAND ELECTION DECEMBER .IDMIXISTR.VTIOX WILL BE IX- STALLED FOLLOWIXC YEAR. .Irraignrd in Lawrence Court Ves< tcrday—Plead Not Guilty. (ioirrnur .Mnguon Has Jast Sulimittcd SatiKfaciory Rr|iort for the Past Year. Gas City Man Charged With Stealing Two Guns. Jim Christy was arrested in Gas City yesterday on a warrant charging him with stealing two guns from a furniture dealer In Pittsburg, Kans. Ho was taken to Pittsburg yesterday evening where he proved his Inno- nrc. It was learned today that the man who took the guns gave Christy's name as his. Jim has the following statement showing that he was innocent: -This Is to certify that Jim Christy arrested in Gas CUy Is the wrong man apd has never acted any way only aa gentlonan. It was all, a mistake la Identity.. i J. C: 'Vowel, fumitare daaldr, Xfitchid). eonatydi." ' Boyertown. Pa.. J.nn. H.—When day light dawnod today the full extent of lust night's fire when the lUioades opera house burned wore fully a\y\ arent. The list of dead today wa.-? placed at one hundred .•=lxly. and the injurej seventy flv:^. Ex:ietly how many were killed may never be known, it Is estimated that four hundred people were In the playhouse. Panic seized nhnost eve.-yone. Bvnn the men seemed to lose control of themselves and fought with women and children who conipo.sed a gre.nter part of the audience to p.i:n tlu^ ctr?et. Ill this ni .Tiiiirr iiia:iy'^u and children who might o'lirrwis-r have escaped the fl.Tinrs were forced back. The wenkt r ones were brushetl aside and many w .Te trampled to death. Scores on ihe Fecond floor jumped from windor.s. Several were badly injured and rii<'d before reaching hospitals. The work of removing: bodies is tedious and hazardous. Many victims are buried deep beneath tons of debris. Lamps Exploded. "The Scottish Reformation" was balr^r, produced in Rhodcs's Opera Homic by .Mrs. Jfonroe of Washington, and a tank used in a moving picture scene exploded. Men of mature years, endeavored to still the panic, but their voices could not be heard abov3#the shrieks and screams of the terrified women and children who comiwsed the greater part of the audience. In their attempt to quiet the groat crowd those persons who were on fhn stage accidentally upset the coal oil l:\mps used at the foot lights. The burning oil scattered In all directions and the lamps which were used to light the opera housa e.xi)loded. throwing the blazing oil over the terror stricken, people, who were fiehting frantically to gain the exit.s. In the mad rush a section of the floor gave way. vreclpitating scores of persons to the basement. It was scarcely five minutos from he time of the explosion of the tanks until the entire heart of the structure srenied a roaring furnace. Building a Death Trap. Tho survivors and spectators unite •1 saying that the • attending scenes were the most horrible that can be Imagined. People threw themselves from the balcony into the l)ody of the theatre, hoping to Knd some means of escape: others jumped from win flows of the biiildliiff and were either maimed or killed. Meanwhile the flames which had broken out on the stage were spreading rapidly through out the building, seemingly eager for tlrelr prey. Those who had fa'bn in the rush and who were .so badly maimed, be.vond all i>owpr to stru .ciple. wailed in anguish, their cries adding to the horror of the situation. They could do nothinc but wait helplessly for their fat?, to be roasted to death in a roaring furnace. There were many heroes, some not alive to tell of their deeds, who gave up their lives for others; fathers and mothers who might have been saved, lingered to Ra\e their children and perished in th? flames. Brothers who might have gotten out In safety, hesitated to make sure that the'r ststen? were safe. And they too are numbrrcl among the dead. Swerthearts with little thought for then-.selves, bent all their energies in an erfort to rescue their companions rnd thoT Hves also added to the great harvest of death. AVa.<hinRt<m. Jan. H.— .\s far as he can. Secretary Taft committed the government to a promise to withdraw completely from Cuba in tli« beginning (if the spring of 1903. This pledge is contained iu a letter from the war secretary lo the president, transmitting Ihe reiHirt of Governor Magoon .'or the past year. .\fter directing that he report from the governor shows the conditions In i.'uba to lie encouraging. Secretary Taft says: "ii wa.s hoped by some that the cen- ;u ; iuij;hl be completed in Sejitemlier tis\. I did not think so. and I am not It ni. >urprised to learn that the census has not yet been completed and •ndiably will not be until April or .\la.v. "Thiii will iHjstpone the local elec- 'ions until June, the presidential elec- liua until December, and the installation of the president and congress :ind Ihe turning over the Island until abftut March or April of 1009. This is iu compliance with our jiromise when we assumed temporary control of Cuba, and it seems to me that we ought to allow nothing to interfere with carrying out that promise. "There are imjwrtant interests that would he glad to delay our stay there for years. Both good faith and good judgment require us to leave at the time appointed." The report of Governor Magoon con stiiutes an exhaustive history of the .\nierlcan Intervention in Cuba and of (be iias.sage of the island under American control. The preliminary hearing of E. Van-^ cil of Uiwrence. Kas., but formerly of this city, will be heid before Justice Brooks in Lawrence Thursday morning January 16th, at 9 o'clock. Vincil is charged with the murder of- his wife by administering poison. He was arraigned yesterday morning and pleaded not guilty. lie was held without ball. .According to the Lawrence pai)ers 1* is not likely that much evidence will lie introduced at the preliminary hear ing. only enough to have the prisoner bound over. Vancil continues lo be cheerful. This is why some lielievo that he has somc'.hing "ui» bis sleeve" whicli he feels will clear him «f the charge. Vanrll. it is said, was ill at the Douglas county jail yesterday. He suf fered a slight attack of the laj;rlppe. The county idiysician attended him. His condition is thought to be' a great •leal better today. SCPERIXTEXDEXT MASSEXGALE IX DOIBT ABOUT LEAGCE BALL. Thinks Local Interest Is Discourag­ ing—Decide Definitely Tonight. SENDS OOT LEHERS Taxpayer*' League is Acquainting the public With Plans for Or- fjanization. WAS MEDICINE POISON? The ofilcers this afternoon went to the home of Miiford Stevens, at 308 North Elm street, in respon-^e to a telephone call stating that the woman was giving her daughter some medicine which. It was feared, thay have been poison. The officers had not returned to varify this report when the Register went to press. .Mrs.~ Miiford attempted suicide yesterda.v. LOST—"Latfy'fl p»ld watch. Huntington case. Return' to No. 7 East IWoslaa. PUlUp «:reiideace. Reward. The officers of the taxpayers league are sending out letters to nil parties who are eligible and whom they ibink might be interested in such an organlzalloft. In oriler that the s?ne"nl public may become acquaint- id with the purpose of the organization a part of the letter whi^h is being sent out is herewith printed: "The purix)se of .said organizatibn la to carefully inquire Into and look after all matters relatiae to the question of taxation concerning Indh-ld- ual interests or the collective inter fsts of the members of the league, and to perform and take up such othar matters as the league may deem necessary and wise. It Is understood that there will bo no membership fee of any kind attaching to said mem Iiership, that should occasion arise wherein funds .should be needed for expenses of. counsel we agree to stand our just proportion, of such costs. The constitution and by-laws for the government of this league Is in preparation, and wi'l be presented for discussion and ratification at the next call meeting when the temporary or- gani/atlon now in charge of this league will be supercede*''by a permanent organization. Any tax payer in Allen county is eligible for member- f.h P in this league, and Is earnestly requested to join." WHEATON CASE ON Bi'r Crowd Listens to Habeas Corpns Proceedlnirs. The C. H. Wheaton habeas corpus proceedings began this afternoon at three o'clock. Mr. W'heaton is asking for his release on the grounds that there is insufficient evidence upon which to hold him. .\ big crowd is attending the case. / jir,--;<"*.%: :iJ. YOrXG MAX' IS DEXEXTED. Arthur Jeffries, a young man Uving south of La Harpe, was taken Into custody by Under Sheriff A. U Boatright this afternoon while be was wan dering about in what appeared to be a demented cdndltlon. He waa found on the Boath aide of the sqoare.—Hla frifmdaiim bNii notUM.- JAPS GEHING BUSY AXCIL CASE WILL CO.ME BEFORE COURT J.VXCARY 16. AMERICAN ENGINEERS BARRED Artificial Islands Are Being Bnilt In Harlwrs and Gnns WiU Be Kept There. . OLA MAY NOT BE IN lola may not be represented at the meeting of the magnates of the O. A. K. league which will be held in Cof- fej-ville, Kas., tomorrow. Superintendent Lee Massengale of the lola Electric Railway company, stated this morning that he would not know definitely whether he would send a representative as he had originally planned or not. While he did not make a positive statement that he would not follOH- out his original plans, his talk was not enouraging to the local fan.s. He said that there was not enough interest displa.ved on the part of the lola citizens. 1 will make a thorough investigation," said .Mr. .Massengale, "I)efore I will decide lo send a representative to the meeting." The decision of Mr. Massengale will practically decide whether or not lola 111 have league ball next summer. .Mr. Massengale had planned to put in team here, the games to be played at Electric park. A NATION OF PIPE SMOKERS. More Than Half of America's Tobacco Consumed in This Way N'ew York, Jan. 14.—Pipe smokers consume more than half of the tobacco grown in the United States, according to a statement made today by the vice president or tiie American Tobacco company, Mr. Harris, while testlf.ving in the government's suit against the company. Mr. Harris said the .American Tobacco company never Interests now in control of that mar ket appeared to be too solidly entrenched. THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Generally I fair tonight and Wednesday; warm- Ff tonight. Data recorded at local office, U. S. Weather Bureau, yesterday, today, and a year ago. January 13. Tesfdy JT. ago 38 41 i ..3e i ..32 28 ARE CRE.VTIXG X.1VAL BASE Olf THE ISLAXD OF FORMOSA. DEVELOPED COAL MIXES MAKES J LOCATIOX ADYAXTAGEOCS. Washington. Jan. 14.—Japan is creating a great naval base at the island of Formosa. Guns are being mounted, ammunition magazines of enormous, capacity filled, thousands of tons of coal are being stored with the requisite ll.uhters for handling it alongside Aarshipa. Commissary stores are being accumulated there and a garrison of unusual size Is being assembled, rbls news has been known to the War i.'id .\:ivy dejiartments for ten days. In addition to this It is known that in -several harbors in Ja)>an artlcfltal Islands are being created and big guns mounted u |Hm them. Formosa Is with in forty-eight hours of the Philippines. I'orniosa. In case of war, would be an ideal base for Japan. It would afford 1 harbor for transports, a base for coal and supplies and a point from which tp throw troops into the Philippines. The comment here is especially significant, owing to the fact that for the last four years, acting upon orders from the Toklo government, no foreign engineers or army officers have lieen knowingly admitted to Formosa. Formosa is the one possession of Jalan that can be self supjiorting in the way of coal; it has large coal mines md these h'ave been developed and at he port of'Keelung. nearest to the •nines, there are now many thousands )f tons of coal. TRAVIS'S PUTFORM Candidate for State Senator Telia Where He "Is At." Fr.-ink L. Travis, who will very ikely be a candidate for state senator, recently sent out 500 letters to leading men in the county stating what his platform would be in case e did run. and asking for an expression upon his candfdacy. He is now r .-M ^eiving replies to these let- era which, he says, are very gratlfy- in.g tn him. Ho states in his letter than he is in favor of the following measures: The" election of United States Senators by direct vote; A state-wide primary taw; A flat two-cent railroad fare; A liank depository guarantee law; A law for a fair and equitable regulation of railroad freight rates, and. such amendments as .will strengthen the new tax law. He also states in his letter that his (?andidacy will not be in the interest of an.v candidate for U. S. Senator nor will he be pledged to anyone as to how he should vote on U. S. sen- tor. CABIXET MEMBERS RESIGX. has tried to obtain a foothold in the ^ ugTobacco trade in Canada, as the Japan Is r ^^Jn -c* Crisis In State Departments. Tokio. Jan. 14.—Japan is facing a caliinet crisis. The minister offfinance and the minister of commsnicatlons resigned and the resignations were ac- epted. Prime Minister Saienjl also reigned but the resignation was not accepted. It is understood that the differences are over the budget cause. 2 p. m. p. m. p. m. p. m. p. m. _ midnight ......26 Maximum temperature L..41 Minimum temperature .L..26 Precipitation, 7 n. m. L.. 0 January 14. Today Yr. ago EVELYN MAYTESTIFY But Attorney Jerome WSII Try to Keep Testimony Off the Court Recorda. 2 a. m .- ...25 40 4 a. m - ...23 33 6 a. m ...23 36 8 a. m ...24 34 10 a. m •• ...35 34 X2 noon ...42 S3 Pr«dpl^ittoa-7 1. m. . ..: 0 New York. Jan. 14.— The direct case of the people against Harry K. 1'haw is finished and today the. de- fanse began its effort to show that Thaw was not mentally responaible when be shot White. Evelyn Kesbit Thaw will, without a doubt, be call* ed to the stand, but Attorney Jerome will make a fight to keep her story out of the record of the caae. \John T. Deamer. the Thaw phyalciaa. was th» Ont witmeta todtjr.- _

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