Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1909 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1909
Page 5
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THB lOLA PAILY BEeiSTEg. SATCBDAY ETEIi|Xe, JXSVAXf 2. HO. YOUR INTEREST IS READY Ail DEPOSITORS in our Savings DEPARTMENT who had to 00 or more on deposit January 1st, 1009 will plears present their Pass Books at the Bank, to have their INT iREST CREDITED. You can either draw this inter- terest in CASH, or we will credit it the same as if you made a deposit of that niucli cash. If credited to your account, it will draw interest juet the same as any other deposit. YOUR. INTEREST 15 READY State Savings Bank Capltml $25,000 lola, Kanmaa Open frfini 7 to 8 p. ui. Saturdays and Pay Nights Fine Hand Painted China Short Stories o r I Ida Happenings —Frank Jt. Ueattie, V. S., Phone 13&. at <\;u'll> nXLt PRICE This is a M-ry line liiii- of MIINA and ton can not aiYiird to miss tlic liurirniiis wi' oiTcr. Sie Window at SPENCER»S liank Foolisltiicss. •Wiifii Milackfil by u ci)iii;h or u (••.ill. 1 r ulieii your tliioar is soro. it ix ir;i;ik li .i .ii.<liiu-.<.s Hi takt- any oilier iijvdiciiie lliau Dr: Kind's New I )!sc<jv- i -i;. .• says (_'. O. K!ilri(ii:e. of Knni ;re. (;a. "I liavi^ ii>eil New Di-xovevy s<-v- eii ye;'is aial I kni.x It is the lieit j reiii":!y on earth for coui;!!;? and colds. i'"ro'i |p. :iiul all tliioai a:;d 'UIIA irou- 'h'.f:. My children are siihjVct to tfii iiat N.;w Uisrovcry iiuirkly cures every attaclv." Known the world over as ilie Kins of t'lroat and Urn? r.'niedies. Soid under .miaraniee at a:i iljiiu: stores, .'."r and Trial ;..-;-;le flee. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STORAGE CO, Manufacturers, >yboles <i ]e •nd RetoO Dealers CRYSTAL ICE And Distilled Water ir«w CaU §torag« Sc«4; Ur ••SlOf^MI. Phoir 111 FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. For tin- iM'st anil iiairkrst n'sun> iisi- tlx' Uc^istt-r's »:int coluinn.s. A Curt- lor Miscrj. • I liave found a for th" iiii>ery malaria [lol^cai jrodiiccs." siiys K. .\I .lanie.s (if I,oM.'l!e:i S. C. "It's c:il!=d Kleciric l;irt.-rs. and ci;iiie;i in r.n lioitli's. It lireaks lit) :! c.isc- i.f chi I.' ji liiiioii.s a'lack in :i!nio:-t no time. a^:il it [lilts yelN.w jiiniidice cl-'tin out I ( <-:iiiiii;.is.-iiiii." 'I'liis i;re;ii iwiur med iri:i" ,ind l.'ooil |piirif'"r -'ives i|iiick .1 i' f in ill! sioiii-i.h. livir :iird kidney f.midaints aiid ilie misery '.f l.inie liai-k. So!c| ii'ider vt'.nn aliif ai all ill UL' S!0!'e> — on biivinL' I'. .S. Flour. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans I>ow Rate. fntcrest. PayiiiMits rteeived at any time withuiit ni liie. and interest cc.ises i.:i .tmi.iint paid. Lontror Slmrt lime Loans. Cunningham & Arnett It Hoes till' Hiislni'os. .Ml'. K K rhaml.erlain. of Ciintun. .Maine, says of liiickien's Arnica Sa ve. It dues the liiisiinss; I li:r.i> used if r..r jiil'/s ;iik I I; cared ili <;ii. I'.ed It fir chaiiiied luinds and it f iiri'd theni. .\lilill''d it to ;in old .-ore :ini| i' he:iled if wiiliiiiil ie.ivini; a m-,m lieliind." -.'(• ;ii a!! i!rir..';;!sis. -Dr. V. K. ) V biii: I i. H i nllsl, I 'lioisi- 32 \\f Uaw on su]y m inter tour­ ist (icLets tu ttiaiij ftoiuls iu >iMT Mexico aiij Texas, nilli final return limit Jane UU li'O'.l. I'lease see for parlirulars, W. K. I!.\I.ST()N. A sent A IliL'lier lleallh!. "I have reaciied a hivlier liealih !ev- I-: sine.. 1 l;er;;!n usiiiu' l)r Kiir.;s .New l .'ef Pills." write.. .I;;c:,l) Snriir.'er. of We-; .'•'rank ill. .Maine ''rii.i keep •iiy si<itii;'< h. liver and howels v.orkinc I.ias: rii;lit." If these |pi!s di .-ai'iMiinI >y>>i on irial. money will 1..- rernnded 1 1.-it a'! i!rHL-;:i.-is ::.'>(•. I - Hr.s. I.athrop. <>>(eo|.allis. I'lione Hi^ .Mrs. Hollint-Mr Hitter. I Wi'ey l;o!l ;n -er. who iias ln-en isiik fur !-everai ue, ks ; 1 the home of i hi'!' daii-litir. a; .\riadi.i. is lejmr^ed l:;rea! > imi'i i.v.-i! Mr-^. Itolliimer re- i.-iile> at the c(.i;-.. r of I'.;:ii an:i Scott '.•ivnae. in i!;is ei v. and ;:ike:i ill j while vi-itiau a: tie- hoiie i;f her : dail~:i'er - I"; >::,;• l;..;.;;;il:eaa !—.Alway.-- time '.o ea' at the Our Way Ifial Indi ])eiijenc|.. H.iki-r iir.iv. rsiiy won the ha.-ket jSail uame fiol:i ill.- inde| .'iidenro Citv t" ati! la--' ';i ;;h;. ijje sei .re li-i::L' '.:>) J'.'. The llaker team had ri. • iiica' '.•.-.1111 (,:>. lii|i diirina lie- first half liu; til'- .-^efi .iid half .-howi-d the Inie- i l.eadeaf e t-aiii thrre wiili ail of the i Sell. I.f ihe ^aiiie —Indej'end .-tiie i Siar JJAtJAZINFS AM> I'KUIODICALS <'an l.P secured of J. E. llF.M)i:i{.SO,\, who deals with th>- imhll.sjiers and furnishes theui at the lowest price IHJSsi 'iIe. Trial subscription to Van Norden's. " months 'I'tc. I'biii.e 111 N. IJuckeye Estimates theerfuUy j;iven anoll ' —The only Cafe that p.eives thi- neniiine Seal Shi(it Ov.sler. Our Way l.tMIK AT or It Nickel Plated Wore Wh< 11 Chiis'iiius i -h -ipi'ltiK. Cliatin'.: iJishes. I'ei (•i.ia 'ers. f;o d-llneJ Tea Sets. Cake Tra.v.-. I'.akins Dishes, afc many other iis.fiil and fan<^y articles. Al .so a line line of Aliiniinniii Ware. —dign palnUng. Fred Rowden, next year. Howerer, it te too early now to say whether- there will be a full fruit crop. A. H. Grieaa of Law rence, gave, a paper on ••Originating New Frtilts for Kansas." George C- Ricbardaon, president 'and manager of the JUssourl Valley Orchard company of Tougaroxle, told how to plant and manage an orchard. "The Family Orchard" was the subject of a paper read by Representative J. f. Tredway of LaHarpe. Last night there were two good papers. Mrs. Mary Pierce Van Zlle, professor of doines- tic science at. the State Agricultural CoHege, told how to select and pre pare foods. Dr. C. F. Mennlnger, of Topeha. jirofessor of dietectlcs In the Wa.shhiirn Meilical college, told of the food value of fruits. Thiu paper wu^ illustrated with lantern slides, and was more In the nature of a leetiire. —(Tood Things to Kat "Our-Way." A New riiinl. .\ cafiialist fn in .Ve '^raska was in town lie has liitie soii:!i lli' Is c'''".- -:<;<.rin;.' wj:h I".-.iiik ;i>si ilie or'-'aul- '.atinii of a food cement ci.mi'aii.r He feared an over |.roi!i;»iii ..'i of ceni'tit In coiiiln;.' years hut Trank made him 'mppy '.II ihl.^» i.oint by maklni: clear III hlni a 111 w till-mens footiif.; thai "VI iild make ilie comiiinv operative • v.:i i!a.>. alu a,'s. Miili;l.iili!i mav liot •,-. r ilie p .-mi if ihe niaj'.rliv of ihe '..•:rlin i;; live onisMe of ll:iinboldt. Il •.-eiiir- lew III II Oklahoma will -••i It -.' Iiin;l.old! .S'i» s - ('unuln;;luim Arnett, (' |M-r rent, moupy. Tredway Was There. Tii sneakine of the jirogram' of the State Horticultural sccleiy. the Ca|)Ital says: The sessions yesterday were devoted largely, to Reports from the officers and trustees. They report the fruit to he good at the present time and with no bad luick the promise of a good big crop of fruit C. Krause at Kincaid. |{ KraiiH'- anil wife and Kon;i. (if lola, are Hpfiidliu L. .M. .Mitchell and of the city - Kliicald Kill iiiid Connie the week Willi wife, niillhweHt nitpalch. filad We'n'llerc. a new one nni! h flavor Ke'dom lasled. Crabli's i''oiir- lain. Buy An Auto. II. (',. .Mi-nedlct. .Monroe WrUihl. I' .1. .Melneke aiiit .loliii p. Peiir;<on drove from Wl-lilia In the new aiiloino. b'le 1 )1 lot i'll .: In the .Monarch Portland (.'eiiieni eomp.'iliy. They kliirtid TiieHilav tnoriilnu' and drove to rinrekii where (liey s tipped for the iilKhl. The roads are vc -y bad and ilin-e ilinen tliey had to jackM to ^'et the car out of the inul. Vesterday they came on to Iliimholdt liv the way of Yates Center and iola They made the last seven miles from Pioiia to Iola at the rate of forty-live miles per hour, ar rivinc in Hii The car was nholdt late last evenlne. inrcha.sed in Wichitti and will he used' liere by the oflicers. of the company. P is a five pas^emrer tonriii:: car ca'led iho Ueliable .lack- son.—HumboMt News. Cvt the Flko. the iM 'st ."»<• riirar, at •^raldis. .A liome titiar. None From Here. .Mien county Democrats, so far a.s cnuld he 'earned, were not represented at the ineetinir of Democratic leaders held at Topeka yestrday. The meeting wa.s called hy Henderson Martin, chairman of the Democratic state central committee, a month aeo. The purpose of the meetine was tn lay out the program for the Democratic members of the lesislatnro dnrins the coining session. The conference was made up of n;enih»r.'^ of the state and congressional committees, state :y.\i\ eon.irressional candidates, the Representatives and Senators and the party workers from each county .\lo!it 100 were in attendance. New Bakery IIUKAH. lAKFS AM» IMKS Fwr)llilni; In the Mm- of I'lislry Delivered Free Walker Bros. I'lioiie sl2 S. WuNhliiiftoM Death of Emma Pearl Freeman. .Mrs. I^mma Pearl Freeman, wife of Walter Kreenian. dh'd at tlieir home in-this city about .I o'clock Sunday morning. The linni" liate cause of li"r death was typhoid fever, alihoush sle- was a sufferer from tonsilifia and la- •-'rippe for several days. The birth of a baby eifrlit days before her ibvith found he- in a weakened condition, and her strength was not siiflicient to hold out against the ravages of the fever. Rmma Pearl .Teiinin.^s was born in Hutchinson. February 2:;rd. isss. She went with her parents to Illinois when oiiite yoiinsr. where they lived a few years, retnrnin.? to Kansas, living; for a short time at Iola. and later removinc; tn Kansas City. .Mo. She was married to Wtilter Freeman. May 2:'.rd. Uu'd. The youns con- lie came to this city last .Iiine. where hey have resided ever since. .\ short time after their arrival here they siif- 'ereil the loss of their little baby •Aliich was a verv sore (Hal indeed for Ihe yoiinj: couple. The funeral ser. ilces were held at the home on Monlay. December 21st. at '2:'M p. m.. conducted by Rev. A. E. Kirk, and tli-> body was placed in the Stafford c> in- tiry—Stafford Conrh'r. To and From SincaM. H. E. Lombard and wife went to Iola lo spend New Veara with two oT their daughters who reside there. • • * .Miss Flossie Leffler of Iola Is visiting Misses Hattie and Flossie Woods and other friends. • • * .Mrs. pilie Lockwood and daughter of Iola. visited relatives and friends here this week.—Kincaid Dlsjiatch. IF yor ARE A TRIFLE StWSITlYE .\bout the size of'your shoes it's some satisfaction to know that many people can wear shoes a size smaller by sprinkling Allen's Foot-Kase into them, .fust the thing for dancing parties, patent leather shoes, and for bre-aklnK in new shoes. Wlien ruli- bers or .overshoes become neceu.^tiry and your shoes pinch, Aien's Foot- l^ase gives Instant relief, old every- *liere, L'.'ic. Sample FitKK. Addrens \lleii S. Ilmstead. i.e Hoy, .\. V. Don't iccejit any siili/iiiiiie. .Slorkiioldorn .Mn-ting. The annual iiieeiliig of hiockliolders f till- Iluiuboldf I'ortland Cement Co Is to lie held in the near fiiiiin. at the dflces of the conipany 111 the Amo> /iil'dlni;. Il l.-i «.ild thai ai ihla iiieei- !iii: plans will bu conipleied by whi h e colifll 111 llol'. work will be pll-hed Cnlllpletli.N - lllimboldl .Se-...-. .Nolii-e, Tim aiilnial meeting of ilie slork- lioi'de/s of 'J'he lol.i Ire jind Cold ,4lor- i;e company will be held at ilie office of the comiiaiiv af Iola, Kim . .Mon- l;iy. .laiiutiiy II. innii, •_' u, :, p, m. for the eleiiloii of diii<-tor/< and anv bu.-.l- Ili's.-I ie(|li|red. I'KANK ItlDDI.I-;. Sec'y. Dec. 1;L ', 'iiV Are MriiiuiiiLT Tlirie-incli Pipe. A nnmbi-r of ii-anis are lianlini; and .-iri.'iu'im; ihi-'-i--i;ieli pipe on the road nasi .Itinius IJeyiioIds south (;f Ill' wli'-iiier i' Is for j^as or oil and ' contpany js doin^' it. diliu:eiii inquiry fai's to discover the ownership. The pipe is beinuT hauled from City where it has been for over three months. Willi it was shii>re.l to Hush City a line wa- .-.rrveyi.-l in that I'lwn with the llia; it was an line. It seeyis. however. !i;.;t they .ire i\{A now ^'oinv throi;i:;i I'.ii.-h City coniinu' by the way of (Uirnett. Some think it is the Cncle Sam Oil ci^mp.'iny while others say that it is the .Standard Oil ctunpany and they are laying the :!-i:ich pipe to hold t!ie contract and will eventualiy put down an .s i.r li>-inch pipe.—Carnett News. The (;re:ite>t Har^'aiiis in I^iiid to- dav is in ihc CuK Coast Country. Co wi;h us next Tuesday to see these lands. Will exchanuo for lo!a prop- rr,. Wliitaker »t Difluiel'. i:iks to Hulld $IO.MM) Home. l;;iri!e.-ville. Oka . .Ian. "2—The F.Iks li.d--e wi.l beuiii work immediateiy on a new 1,1 nie to cosi abo-.n *!').itiM). The i,:s wile piinhas-d today and the plans for th- i.iiiidini: wili be fin'slied thi .4 week. For .lohii Collins. I.riwi, a -e .loiirnal say.'-: The friends of .lohii Collins in Topika are tircu- atlnj? peiiiioiis askinu' (Joveinor Moih to grant him an absolnie pardon. This a mere fonnaliiy, as li Is alri-ady known iliai the itovrrnor <vi;! .i;ive liini the desired Ji .lper if n Is ),|i- sented. b'li his friends .ire an.vioiis to :,'i.t, as inauy siiuiers as possible. The Collins petiiion Is beiiii; sl'..'ned by hiindri'ds of Topektl people every day. and as sfK.n a.- ilie rush subsides there, it Is s:iid :i paper will he bioUtfhi to-l.-iv. rence so that the people here can rbow llieir confidence In Collins and fnin In askliifr the j.'over- nor to ;.lv.^ hi/.I .-i full p.irdon MR. XURTIS RESIGNS Well Known Cement Man Leaves Service of the Ida Portland.—Fred Wood His Successor. The resignation of James E. Curtis, superintendent of the Iola Portland cement plant In Bassett. became effective today and Fred Wood, who re-j ceiitly resigned his position at night superintendent at^the Kansas Port-' land plant In Concreto has been named as his successor. \V. H. Kline succeeds Mr. Wood as superintendent at the Kansas Portland plant .lames E. Curtiii, who leaves the service of ^he loia Portland haa been with the plaat since It was estahllshed and l« one of the best known cement men in the eonnk."y. "I have not decided upon my plan.s for the fiiriire," he said today. LOANS! lUWSl LOANS! On farm land or lola proptrty; long or dhort ilme: lowest ralex; iiest terms. .Money today If title Is gooil. See lis af Otice. fOLA LAND COMPANY. Sickneit THE TENPIN GAME OFF. Between Pottponei Game Chanute and loa. 'i'he match i.'linie of tenplnn between the Chaniile anil Iola teainn which wiiM nelii 'iiiiled for yesterday afternoon failed to nia'erlallze owing to sickness among the memberH of the Chaiinie team. ,\ phone mesKage lo •Manaker Peak of the Uoyal «lley ..H stated that one member, of the team was very ill and that Harry iMIlJer. captain of the team was unable to ome. owing to sickness of lil.-i father- in-law. .lack Trevarrow. The first :.'ame of the series arranged for between the two teams will probably !'e played some time next week on the local alleys. SPECIAL SERMONS Books" to be Subject of Four Sermons by Rev. W. H. Garfield of Baptist Church. Rooms for men. Y. M C. A. building ?feam h»af In each rnom. Rafhi free Alirj- <>a!lai5lirr Hurt. Vester lav nu.rnins al out ten o'c'eck while .\Uep nalia.icher w-as d.-scetid'ne the stairs at the reir if ilie roiniis she -ic.-iMiies. over Wttak's hir?ies.s shon. she fr-il hurting herself Severely. S'le •.v:;s lie'ir the ttoltntll ef ihe st ilr.whet: Ihe accident oocnre.l a-id I'lls •icrh-i'.s HCC!>ii!ii.< for ihe '•el th r MO Ix.nes wer- bnke-i. \s It ii s'le WIS only b;idly briil.s*-1—Hiiniboldt News. —fir. J. W. T »eni»er. n^.-flgf. I'hnnc IfiS If Viiin* Huhlnes*. A U-rallfvllu' evidence of relieved till diie«« acMvltv following the exiirc- iloil of confidence at the pi Is Iiofe -l • f lohi. where an iii-eni of nro-'i-vity Is advert fi > •• •iil bov - lo l:-:ip kunk.-' —^)iiawa Hi i.i'.d. —Marl Sh<»" Crab. Lobsters. P'lie I'oltits Our Wav. y..v I'e J. O. V. Mr. S A. D Cov. who h-'<s stir^--1 •> pew dai'v at Hun'boldt ho-es i'l I'ime *n worlc oyer hf« titit'-^r r>"- nroaehes into .1. 6. V —Oi'awa Herild itahip for hor«M. *Pf T?pi "»t Tl FSraVe Phone lOL 212 Kbrtb Jefferson. ".100 .>IF\ WANTi:n." To Trap All Kinds of Ituw Furs. I am now pa.\iir,' for No. prime large e:ich: lilack skunk, JI.T.'i: mink, i'.'.'ii) to $1.00; opossum, C.'.c to 40c: house cats. IT.c to ::.-,i-: civil cats 4fln to .MV: racioon Jl.oit to $\:>',: musk rats. 2.'c to "nc. .Medium, small and lower crades full relative value Come III headiii;:irlers for a si|iiare deal and lii;;hest full market prices. 15. .S. HARNAllD. Horse and Heef Hides, .lunk. Poultry. Furs. etc. etc.. .No. :'.24-::2H North street, lola. Kans:is. Wl re at Center. F. A. Wm-iier and family were over from Iiila to spend Christmas with the Parish iVmily souilurisl of town.— Va'"S C.:!!!-!- .\'i v.s Rev. W. H. Garfield, pastor of the Baiitist church, announces a series of four's|)e>-ial sermons to be delivered in the evening of the next four Sundays. The jiastor's talks will be on •Books." chosini; some of the best lit- ratnre froiu which to gather mess- a:.'. s for his congregation. Tlie first of special sermons, which will be delivered tomorrow- ni--ht. will be on "The Stor.v of My -ife." by Helen Kellar. or '•Overcoming; Personal Limitations.' ' The second a week from Sunday ni.:;Iit will be Hawthorne's ".Scarlet Letter.-" or "Tiie [{etributive .Agency of Conscience.*' Two Weeks froiii tomorrow )r-.:ht the third sermon will be ileliv- er .-l with the subject. ".My Mamie Hose." by Owen Kildare, or "The l{e- demptive Power of I.ove."' The fourth and last sermon will occur three Weeks from tomorrow night on ".lean Va '.lean.'- from Victor Hugo's masterpiece, or "The Siege of the City of a .Man's Soul." The special sermons will no doubt be v> ry liiterestlii".; and the public is cordially invited to attend. THE WOODMEN DANCED. The W. O. W. had Pleasant Time Last NighL Last eveiiiiii: In the local lodge room the \V. O. \V. of this city and a number of invited guests enjoyed a, social evening and oyster supper. .\f the condu.^ion of the supper dancing was en:.aged in until a late hour. .•\ piano and vio'in furnished tniisic fortlie dancers. .About laO Woodmen and friends of Woodmen were present. THEATk QUE meRRt MUStGML Wednesday, Jan IVni. P. rnUen Offers the PIxIejr »Bd Lnden ^Dabtajr DlfTeiM^ Comfc Opera Soeeess ; The Burgqmastof ITMh the Idps—Ix it PMMlMe—Wltk Hwrj HenueB.Batti WUto^ And oviT bair a boadred ottaerx, Ineludlaf that 'pUik, ^M, ' t >aiif), l)«*witfblnff rborn* of KANGAROO CRLS .NOTK—I liave jiersonally gimranteed that The Bargomuter'K share of the receipts iihall not be lesa than |S00, and I tUAnuit««| I I I I h uiiraciliiii to be tlio tniiNicitI event of tho Heaaon,—H. B. LeVtO^-^ Local Mftoacer. . PRICES 250,600,76c, $1.00 and $1.50 Scats Ready Monday at Merchants Jewelerjr Store MAKE A RICH FIND Lead is Found on Farm Owned Mrs. R. Shireman in Missouri. by Mrs. R. Shireman. of Jfountain Grove. Mo., who is visiting relatives and friends In the city, brought The Register a sample of lead ore, an abundance of -which has been^ found, on her farm near. Mountain Grove, j The specimen brought to.this office is, for the most part lead but ; has E j small percentage of iron and Jack running through it. At a depth of about eight or nine feet a vein of lead was found on this farm which is almost pure. Leases for mineral rights are being taken on a number of f^ms In that section. The owner of the farm adjoining the Shireman farm has refused an offer of $20,000 for the mineral rights. Mrs. Shireman w^as formerly .Mrs. John Richardson of' this city. THEV .NEVER FAIL. That Is What They Say Aliont Them in Iola, and It Is Therefore, Reliable. WORK FOR 50 MEN An Additional Furnace Started at the United Zinc and Chemical Company's Plant. .\n additional furnac was fired at the plant of the Cnit'-l Ziiu- am! Clieiiiieal Company's plant, in l -Iast lo'a. Thursday .•venin.i;. The re;uiii|>t- ion of operation.^ in tie' idle furnace gives employment to men. SPECIAL! 12 Days Sale of Suits aod Overcoats / Sale will start Tuesday morning, January 6th and last until Monday night, January 18th. Watch this paper Monday evening for Special Prices. You will buy an overcoat cheaper than you ever did in your life. Barotay^ShieMs Clothing Co« .•\iiother proof, more evidence. Iola testimony to swell the long list of local people who" endorse the old Quaker remedy. Doan's Kidney Pills, iiead thi.s convincing endorsement of that remarkable preparation: Mrs. Ida Smiili, of 507 North St.. Iola, Ka.s., says: "I can voiich. for Doan's Kidney Pills beiug a genuine remedy for kidney complaint. My daughter. !"> years of age, has suffered a great deal from that comi>lalnt, whicli came on her during her infancy. As lime went on her condition urew worse. There were sharp [Kilns- over her eyes and across the abdomen in the region of her kldnto^a. At times the jiarts around her eyes were so swollen and the pain was-so intense that she has come Irito the house from school screaming apd crying. During the night she had terrible dreams and was very restless. A physician treated her and although there was some improvement, it only lasted for a short time. We tried different remedies, but in no case were thp-re- sulis satisfactory. I finally saw'Doan's Kidney Pills highly recommended by peojile in Iola and I went to Chas. B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store and got a box. The benefit received wais altogether satisfactory. My daughter has not had the least sign of pain over her eyes since taking this remedy and there has been a general improvement iu her condition in every ^way. I most heartily endorse Doan's Kidney Pills." !-*iir s.-Tle by all dealers. Prfce 50c. I-'oster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo,- New York, sole agents for the I'nited Stares. Uemember the name—Doan's—and ta'ke no other. Rl.\(l TO MISS BOWEll.S, Presentution Made Last Mcht at Close of Conte.sf. Tlie ring contest at Tlie .\uditorium closed night and a count of the votes showed Miss Claudia Bowers as winner with .Miss Drusie Davis a close second. The presentation was made before a good sized crowd of friends of all the girls and Miss Bowers received many congratulations. The ring is a three-eighths karat set in Tiffany mounting and a prize that Miss Ikjwers can well be proud of. GEORGETTES IN A CONCERT. A Musical Entertainment Under the Auspices of the Christian' Church. T.'nder the auspices of the choir of the Christian church, the musical Georgettes, a trio of performera upon a variety of mu.^ical Instruments, "will give an entertainment In the Church on the evenlnir of January 20, . The Georgettes are reputed to be artists of rare merit and a treat awaita thoae who hear the concert. . Ooerated Upon. Mra. T. B. OUv»r. of 418 South ' Washington underwent a minor operation this morning at St. John's hospital. The operation wa» successful and no serious resulta are anticipated. ; Visitins Old Friends. .' ' Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Lowder. of Wchlta. came in yesterday for a-short visit with xelatlves and frlendsln the city. Mr. Ijowder Is at present em- oloyed as traveling salesman for the 3. .\. Rider Jewelry company.iof 8L Louis and will leave tomorrow for that city to picb ont his spring line, of samples. - - Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves Iola 7:15 p. m.. rlvea St Lools 8:35 Through sleeping carat' train connects with the'< bonnd trains at St. For.farther partlenlaraL < and see ns. C p. Hale, lEOAUm (First Published January 3,1 PCBLICATION KOnCl. In the District Court of Allaa ty. Kansas. Citizens National Bank, ed. Plaintiff, vs. J. E. Good. State of Kansas to J. B. Qo6^ fendant above named. Greeting: Said defendant J: Good will take notice that h»^ been sued in the above «ititled by the plaintiff above namk Citizens National Bank of Ibrt _^ Kansas, and that he must, on Of fore the 15th day of Febnu|rjr, ' answer the petition of the\ which was filed in the otflea clerk of said court on the 31>t December, 1908, or said petition be taken as true and Judgment wtit rendered against you In aooor with the prayer of said petltl<n, Wl petition demands judgment ft)^,. sum of $700.00 with interest thflraoBLi the rate of ten per cent per from the 14th day of August, IWTf , for costs in this case. •i-'?: Said deefndant will also tak»' that writs of atachment have heeB sued in .said cause and levied n; the undivided half interest timntA the defendant in Lot Six (S). Four (4) in the City of I A Kupa AKen County. Kansas, and XJI^ (5) and Six (6) and the Noctll (hi) of Lot Seven (7) in Bkfck (4) in the City of Walnnt inOrv County. Kansas.' " That said attachment Hea;WllI<: preserved and the propertr fl^A tfl.f cordance with law and the daCTM^ this court and the proceeds M^^U^d; the payment of the costs In .ws^ and to debt and Judgment sued' in this action. t' Witness my band and the seal said court this Slsfday oC Decsml 1909. • . (Seal). C. E. ADAJ^S, Clerk District Court Allen Count .lOH.V H. GRAIN. Atty, for Plaintiff. 1-2-9-16 ' (AK.MVAL KKXT WEEK. I * . . yiwV% FroRram of Faa for at The Aadltfriiafa Next week wil! be camiTal wesl^^ The Skating Rink .and there ' something extra each night; shipment of decorations were i this morning and the hall wfll. trated in Japanese effeetSi,.:T 'owfng Is the program arr ~ Monday night—Orange "i Tuesday night—Most 1_ .nle skate. ' -glj Wednesday. night -T -iifiH«i' ^ Thursday PHday nlght-^Miwi^KT Satarday night-

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