Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1908
Page 6
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is " You}|}rove yourl int^igence Vfheh you pick Arbuddes' Ariosa G>ffee instead of the misbranded, misnamed *'Mocha& Java," as ^e cheapest good coffee in the world. AltBUCKT.T) mtOS., New York City. 494 VOTES FOR TAFT POLITICIANS IV WASHIXJTON AIIK .«AKI\(J KSTIMATKS. HOW THE STATES LINE UP imi HAM i'iii:i'Aitr:i> A TAIIM: OK I 'OSMini .K liKMl I.TH. J(o Kffort I* Mndc 1" Tniii'tirrr^^ on thp Trrrllorj- of the SfFinorKo Wr««hlngt<in, Jnn. 3^.—IVcsldoiil Uooscvclt would iicltlipr conflrm nor deny today that lio Iiad i)rodlcfcd tlin . nonilnatlon of Socrctary Taft on tlu> first "ballot. All tho ronifnrt tlios^ "could get who wont to tho AVliito house for the purpose of honrinR t'iio PIrcBldent repudiate tlie nowRpapcr BtorlPB was tho assertion that the President had authorized no puldica- dlslricl, where the leet sugar industry has already conitnltlod Itscll to Cannon. Tp offset this arc a lar^o inimbrr of Ktates which are rxpcciod ! to BWIDB Into lino for Taff. It IH alio- , K.'ihor prolmhlo Boer, tary Titit ! will receive more vo!is In New fciij;- liiiid limn any other ciiiidld.ile. WiHo N'cw York iri coneedi'd lo llimheii in di" I 'htlinrile, every report hrought fioiii llmt «l(il<» liiillealr* f.rcntir tin- (i-rinliily nt« to lti)Khi,''irH riindldnry. Modcftt Claims In the Houtn. Only linlf of ilin dolegnlen from North Cnrolhin. half from Tennei«i<ee nnd half from (irnrKln. nro claimed lieeatiFe of fncllonnl differences nnd only Hlxleen <iut of twonlyslx deU t,';ili.s nre elnlmid In Kentucky. Any nnalysln which can be made of the cahipaljm of lf»"S Indicates Rroater proRross for Tnft than McKinley showed at a corresponding period of lO.Sfi. Tho turning point In the McKinley campaign that year did not come until the Jllinois convention surprised tlio country by refusing to indorse Cnliom and instrncted its de'egato?: at-larce for McKinley. .Vn iffort will be made to opo-'se in any district dirhu-itions for Cannon iu lilinoi.-:. If there should be hos RNO DEMENTED MAN CHAS. POOLE IS UNABLE TO GITE tJOOD ACCOrXT OF HIMSELF. Sajs He Was Put Off Train Enst of lola—Had a TIrket to McAllister. tion. Secretary Ix)eb smiled and o!) served that tho estimate sounded | to 'i'^ csn'idncy it would br about right as he had figured it. but I "'•''''"'-'^-^ "f '"fa' R --ntiment. T\u the President ooidd speak for him- s .ii'ie p;dicy will pursued by the self as to the authenticity of thcl Tan mana!r.-ment in a': the other newspaper publications. After the president had made it known to ca'lors who "loakDri" that orite s(Mi states. K;it anyiiiini: you want, don't starve „ .yoursolf fe;uiiiL' it won'r ;mree. for he regarded Secretary Taft s nomin-j, ,„„|^,,,,.-., ,.,„.,;,. M .>III.I:UU Tea Moans ntion on the first ballot as practienlly | H)(> lu)\v< Is ami sfoniarh. :-'i<l i;i:ikc< dii.'!':tic.n (Msy. :'..".(-. Tea nv Talilci:-.. I!inri 'i!"s Drim Sime. assured the ))()Iiticians everywhere fot busy with tablet and pencil. The first impression was that withiuit any of the favorite son states and New | England, which is conceded to no one j Aliernev and claimed by all, it was inii)ossilili' tc reckon the number of tho Taft votna claimed by tho President. There Will be 980 Delegates. F. V. liOZKI.I.i: IM.. fur l.nmlierniarrs I'ortland riant lla> Vppendicilis. 1". I-'. II (i7 (>l !e. aMiiriiov fur the I.uin- i til rnian's I'drllatiil riMiienl eompan*' I wiiir\i is li\ii!diir; a Cfiiient iihinl north 1 • ~" — " '"f tins ciiy. is (|iiit" erilically il' In There will bo in -the nepubllrnn; K :iii ;:is Cily. T!ic Kansas City Star national SSrt delegates with IIU neces- says: sary to a choice. It was the Presi- 1 •'"!"' "!";'an..n f..r appendieitis wa. , ^1 ^ rr. "eili 'iincd Oil I-. I. I{>izi>tle. former denfs prediction Taft wonl.i enr-• ,,„.„„.,„, .„„; ,,„„,.,> ,.„„„„i,..|„n- ryairtho states west of the Mi.<;Kiss-; at Sduib Si .!e h'>si>llal bv Mrs. ippt. There are conditions In two • Ayres. llnwnrd lim and .larob states. TTtah and Nevada, which mnv j j''"'''^- :'t m.nn yrslerday. The disease ^ _ , . • Iliad re;icli.-d ilie aeaJe str.^re. .TUd an deteat Taft. hut eliminating these ,^ f,,„,„, ,„.,..,;...;,,.,.. Mr. stales from the Taft column and eUni- 1 H -i'i/e'''^ lias h>—\\ iil nfi" and en f'n- ntlng tTio District of Columbia withl''"' 'a^^i ib.-.e montlis. and three days two deloEates l)ocaus-" of the une-r- ' ^'l'idev.l..r.-,l. Saturday two aeiogaies oocaus. oi ine une-r- ^..^^ < ,n.-!ii(I.-! by bis physi- taln'ty. more than enough votes in!,.;;^,,.states which are c'almed by Secretarv , s(i:i lo Si-uib Si:' • hospilal. Pl II 1) IM :'.1'> iin iiiiii. and he was Taffs supporters can bo counted to give him a first ballot nomination KANSAS LAW SAFE U. S. Sunreme Court Affirms Decision of Kansas Court in Liquor Cases. \\'asii;nston. .Tan. 1".—Tho s'.i;.reme c<inrt of the I'nit.d States today upheld the anti-liquor !av,- of Kansas by amrming the decisions of th? supreme conn of jthat state in a n'.inibiT of cases including that of Fr'.tz Durion of Shawnee county who was convicted ot violating tho law. • r.M. liii/zr'le's cnndiiiiui is very seri.iis." sai'I Or. .\yri 'S iast nitriit. "I ',stil! liavo :i<)t given up hopes for h!i even though Now York instruct for i j-(.f.ovp,v." Hughes and solid deleirations be sent for Cannon. Knox, Fairlianks and LaPollette ffom their own states. The Probable Taft Strength, Following is a table of tho probable Taft strength, eliminating New England and tho favorite son states: Alabama 22 Arkansas l"? California 20 Co'.orado 10 Florida in Georgia 10 Idaho 6 Iowa 2G Kansas 20 Kentucky Ifi Louisiana IS Michigan 2S Minnesota 22 Mississippi 20 Missouri nr, Montana 6 Nebraska 11 North Carolina 12 North Dakota S Ohio 4(5 Oklahoma II Oregon S South Carolina IS South Dakota S Tennessee 12 Texas Washington 10 Wyoming G Alaska 2 Hawaii 2 New Mexico 2 ' Philippines 2 Porto Rico 2 Arizona 2 Constable Caldwell, of Carlyle, this morning brought a ninn answering to the name of Chas. Poolo. into tho ••ounty ntlorney 'H ofllce to have un invest Igutlon made of his mental condition. The man was f(Mind wandering about a farm one niilu north and one mile east of Carlyle in u deineniml condition, lie had lieen rnn off of ihu farm once bnl liiler eamu buck ami the coiiHiable waM xeni for. Alr.'Cald- VV4 -II llr^)n^•ln lilm lo lowii at once. The nijin itave lila niime iliU nnirn- Inr, lo (he (iiniiiy onictTi* IIN CIIHM, oole. lie ill not vliilelll lior iliieH he net very peciilliirly i \eepl lliiil IIIH IIIII vei'Miilliiii IN diMioiinei 'ted nnd lie eiin mil iirileiiliiie veiy plainly. In IIIH pocket wan found ii lleket IMIIIKIII at KaiihaN City for .MeAlllNier on the hih of IIIIK iiioniti. What appeared to be itn iiplnm label wa.s 'alNo found on his perKini. lie had no inoni-y or no lei- terH to Idenllfy hini. A jiocket knife, n Htout pipe, a sack of lobticeo and xev- ural tobacco Hacks were articles found on him. Ills nose was bruised which might indicate that he had been involved in a light. Wlien closely (inestioned a fairly iiile 'ligible story was at last obtained from liim. He said that lie was IMit off the train at some st.iiioii ea:;! of hi -re but could not recall the name if the jilace. He said wlien lie li-lt Kansas City be had $S. Two brothers Horace and Will, and his mother iivf in Saline connly, .Mo. lie eiaiined to lie a etiai ditii^er and thai be liad worl. c'd snnie time a;:o at .McAllisii-r. lie could give no aceount of the (>|>ii!m label in his pocket, deelariiii; ih.-ii he did not use any ding nor drink li(|iior. He could not roi-aii lii-in'-' in ;•. light so thai the iiirK-ers havi' I'diiiid no cause lor his eoiiditii<n. Tlu' cdic • r.; w ill send word to Saline county, iMo.. ill an efroi'i to loeati" his people. I'oole is a iarue man tiiid has wliiie iiair. Sivcial of' the fnijrirs on tin!• ft liand ere nii.ssiiig. He said llii> wi'-i- lorn off in niacliiiieiy. lie ijavi- ills aue ;'s forly-tiiie. iiai looks \oiinu- cr. While be made no ciiiiiplaiiil. I 'liiije lias cvideiiiiV liii'ti sulferiiiL; lidiii cold. He hail no overcoai ami bis <-'ii:iiiiig ">va.'. not tiie besl. He lia.. very likely been waiil'iinw alpoiit U<v ;i (lay iir ivi>. lie \va ; ia':i-ii Ici jaj' iliis iiiiiriitiiK \vlii'i-c ill' will Pi> Will laii'd r<ir until his ] pl;. C-MI l..- iii'aid friuii. Ill" said lie lielo;:md id :lio I. 1). (). i". lEe "Get Busy" Sale is On! To make things lively darbig January we oftw tiM loHowing remwicably low prices: Gallon Peaches, per can 50c Gallon Apples, per can 35c No. 3 Apples, per can lie No.*3 Tomatoes, per can lie No, 2 Tomatoes, per can 9c Pick Wick Corn, per can 1 Ic Pure Cream Corn, a cans for 15e V. C. Hominy, 3 coiis fur 25c Red K Dcanit, 3 cflnH for 35c I,ima Bciuw, 3 cans lor .25e 1'. .W. Succotash, a cam* lor 25c Large Sour Picklas, per gallon 35c Mtdinm Sour Pickles, per gallon. 35c Small Sweet Pickles, per gallon. 60c K>aut, per gallon 35c 3 lbs. Prunes for. 2Sc 2 lbs. Dried Apples for 25c Currants, per package lOc 3 Crown Raisins, {icr pound lOc Soap-O-Lyr, per cnn 6e Good White Vincgur, per ^ttUon 30o Just received a c:ir of No, 7 I'loul, per s.ick, S I 30; ptr cwt. $3.5^. The above priecs are for cash only. All prices are low prices. We want to add new recruits to our army of customers. Call at our store and get a Needlebook Free Fryer Bros. Grocery and Meat Market PHONES 308 and 301. SPINK IS PRESIDENT HERING FUNERAL YESTERDAY. Services Were Held Under Auspices of Masonic Order. And John Tyler Bcccmes Principal of the lola Buriiiccs College, (;(>ES FORFEITED IM»D, llall riajcr Didn't Show Iji at Topekn .Stitiirday. . iTojieka ("apital.) i Kddie does, the belliu'erenl ball ' idayer who stiiiek riiipire (iiitlirii Mavnard Pi.::iU has been oleete.'.!"i'-' " l>:'>' -"'"e at I.ea.ijue park on , , . ,, , i Aiiu'iis: J. failed to be pre.s;'iii in the presui.nt of the lo-a Ilus.ness ( "!•, ,1,,,, y,.^,,..,,,;,,. ,,ml bis l>ond le;,'c to sueeeed .h'l'.n T. Tyler. Mr. ,,r j.-.nii, si:.'ned by lleriiian Crow, .liidse It is reported today that Jlrs. Milford Stevens of :".fiS .Vorth Elm street altenipto.l suicide y?sterday hy drink- S ...0..1 as vieepresident and urineipal.^.'- UKI . H-wever. if Goes niakes hisMni. an antiseptic whieh J^" . „ . , .•'.ppea ranee loiiniirow the forfeiture of | the i)h>T!ician for her hnsbanrt to use T.vie". however, will remain with tli»^'declared 10 be forfeited by •!. Mr. Maynaid Spink, tb- newly ui;:r\;:,;;C^{^'\^'-^^^^. iiliiii. brings to the instilu-j TI„. jis.saull whieb w tMiii a ripe- expi-rii lie,-- in ednealiona! 1 uiipr'ivuked. eeeiiireil on .\ii::iist AHEMPTS^ SUICIDE Mrs. Milford Stevens Reported to Have Made an Attempt at Self- Destruction. . .... . in iiisinfection. Mrs. Stevens has been vii picsiiliiii. binus to the instilu-| TI„. ;,s.sau!l whieb was altr.Kelher: .. .Unhihorfa Tt -. .„ ' under quarantine for diphtnerJa. it , Mr. Spink has been iii P M I,-'.:' between Oki-^innia Cily s.nd! i-. s , , I ill' White .•^•i-;. Coes. whr. w.'s sittv;; 1 her lie aii.l privale sehnol work for tiie^^^^ 1,^^, pl,.,y, rs' ben eh.-took e.vcepUou 1 )'. said that she. also attempted to cut throat with a razor but was dls- ;-.n y.-ar.-. iiaviuK served as siii--,,, ,„„, „j- (;„,|„.i,,-,, .leeisi.n,.^ and'was j '^""^ Pre.sent hcr from erind iiileet of sehools In Wayne "i iiiii-d out of th.> >:niiiiids by tli" iini-( •^'"''"^ herself. The jihysician -who <-oni\ty. >;ielii;;aii. In l.vSii he nioved I''"'"- ln.-lea<l (if eoniplyiii^ with the; was called says that her condition («. Ca.-s .•oiiniv. .V-bi-aska. and in I.S.S.'; "^'''^''d in;.. i !.i- iiiiddl- of „„( serinii.s nnd her recovery was , . , • . , (!i;.i>ioiid and ;ani(k (iiillirii- in till'; , ^ „ , v.-^s ..le<-t-d supenntendenl of;,.,,., fhief Katnn wh.. wa:; a speeia-r'"""'^ assured. s(h(<nls in eoiinty in whieh ca-:lor at the >;aiiii-. ain-.^i.-d C.o.s ;ind j Dr. f). L. Garlinirhoasr. OiTicc "plionc m Residence 475. Arrival fxlraordinary Of the World's Greatest Clairvoyant Palmist Madam True Tli.> funeral services ovr lli" remains nf .lacob Mei-ini; w 'r.' In-M at tie family r<'s;d. nee mi Suniii I'.IK k- eye street yesterday afternntin at :; e'elDrk. The ecrenioii-es wiTe roii- ihieti 'd iiiiiK-r ilie :insp:rrs of the .Masonic lia'ijo. Tlie sernur.i was pri"ae;i- ed bv Kev. Curfield of the • liaiitist church. Burial was made in the new i'-'a ei 'ineteiy. .Mr. Herins was one ri'. tlie prominent liusin-"ss men of this city nnd had a host of friends wlio extend their sympathies to tlie relatives In their bereavement. It is also rumored that Mrs. Stev- tie wife of tho man T »ith that an ar- the time plaver jileaded KUiliy anil was 1 . , „„ enced to thirty da.vshhc ReRi.ster Koes to press nothing ine^tv he ..erved two terms. He m-.v.;t""l< I''"' ''''le ea.-..- came 1 .-ns is not the wife of tho r , • , „ . V- . . • icn,>l'" "•iai before .Indue Simon in the I „.hom she Is Ii\i'ln!r. and ths .J to HaM cM .nlv. Nebraska, .n ls;iO. f,.^^. .he!'"'"'".,, ,„,t „„ to...I- lal-r vei-ved three t..nns .is conn-!,.„,i pla.ver ,deaded Kuiliy and was !r -:ii;ii rii'ic-iid.iit of schools in Hail i lined $1 IM ) and sentenced to Thirty da.vs Mhe ReRister K I'eoiiniv. In is:-, he W.-IS elected as | i" '!>'"•"">>'>• j^'i'- The heavy sentence ; eou'd bj done. , ... , „, , 'c.inie as a surprise to C.oes. who did; ITes:,:en. of tl;e Nebraska y,.r-..h ihc ^vx^\,-wv. .Altera! . |S GOSH- **.sTr\(;,'' s.vv.s DETWILEK. Vnlcle in Indejiendenro Taner fiivrx HIni a "Hum Steer." Total 494 Necessary to a choice 491 In this table of probable first ballot strength the vote by states is giv^-n. In some instances, one or two districts in a state may be carried by the opposition to Taft. In Michigan, for example, Taft Is accredited with a solid delegation, but there is a fl^ht against l^im" in what is known as the Upper Peninsular district, where the copper interests have dominated po'i- tics, and In Representative Forney's I. Call you by name and what you came for. Third time in cit.v. Most wonderful clairvo.v- anl can be consulted on all affairs in life, business, law suits, journeys, changes, investment, mining, love affairs, causes marriages (iiiirk. and controls the one you love, make your loved ones at a distanec think of you. Hurled treasures and absent friends located, evil habits cured. Her advice is always reliable and highly recommended by all. Bring this ad. Hours 9 to S daily, and Sundays. Office at 309 South Sycamore. Fee Mc, 91.00, |2jM. '•rm Slung." said .1. S. Iietwiler Inday as he walked into (he Register nfncfl. 'I just returned from Bells. Tea.vs, w-hf^re \ went several days ago to iirosncet for oil, but found f had I'een f.noled." Mr l\v-!'er w.".p induced to make this long t-i;i ly a story In the Iiide- ';e 'T;ei ;,-c. Kas. Rejiortcr. stating that a 1iii)-barrel oil well had been found ne'r Bells. Texas. Wien .Mr. Dct- •.'iier 'anded in Bells. Texas, he learned that there was no truth in the report. The following is what the Bells, Texas. ItiiHetin savs about Mr. Detwiler's visit: '^'HS» Ceo. \V. .Mrork and .1. S. n.--;v.-!ler of lola. Kansas, two oil operator.- who are looking for a place to drill for oil and ga-;. came into Bell? Sunday iiinht m see a "ino barrel well" which the Independence (Kan.) Reporter published as having been drilled here recently. Both these gentlemen looked ehairrined when they learned that now-eil hjd been drilled herrfbiit took it good natnredly. after talking it over with our business men and finding that a number of leases "had been taken nnd prosi.erts for drilling in the near future v.-Te fairly r/od. These men may decide lo return next Mar/li vlth their drilling tooia and take some leases and drill. AVc hope they will. •j'. ac!: rs' .Vssoeiation. At the close ,.,„ir,.,.,.,,(.,> „iib bis lawyer. .Iiidu-e Si- j 11 his Ibinl term as coiintv superin- mon allowed C.nes to withdraw Ihe' l.ndent of seboo's at Grand Island.' I""" "f i , . , ., » , plea. <if iioi •-,iiill\. lie received liie NelM-.-.>ka. he was eleete.l President of No-t!n\estern Business College, at; (;,,(.;; appealed to the district ee/rt. GOSHORN THE ONE? Rumor Says That lola Man Will Help to Defend Vancil. Ill B.'.itriee. N'eiiraika. Last spring Mr.; where Ihe rase called yesterday. I iMiink .-^obl this college to his part- wintering ::i SpiingHeld ' , , , „ . I Mo., and Ihe recent edition of tli' i,er and purchased the lola n"s."^-ss ' snorting .Vew.. slated that Coes intend College, believing that lola which is j (,,] t„ i,e in Topeka yesterday to ap- S:o favorably located in the heart of | pear in court. ('.e natura' gas belt v>-ottId enable him' , .,, , . ... ^, , I During the long. dreary winter to build un a larger institution wh.-«rej„„„„j,^ stuilents graduating woiiui ho in close.,„it. ran-t eat. sleep or work. Hol- proxiinlty lo large manufaclurlns con-i li:^ier's Rorkv Mountain Tea is the f.,.,.,,,; (greatest blessing for mothers. .Makes jtheni happy and well. .I.'ic. Tea or Tablets. Biirrcll's Drug Store. FOI-.\n-In I. O. O. F. hall, a imrse I ; e.mtainiiig a sum of money. "Owner StnOOI. OKFICEUS' .IS.SCM'I.VTIDX. may have same by calling at l'ir> North .lelTerson. proving property and paying for this notice. VAUDEVILLE DREW WELL. Dnninlznlloii Wns Formed Saturday ETeninir. The .Mien County School Board Officers' .Association was formed Saturday evening at the high school biiiid- Big Houre Saw SunCay NlQht Show 1'"^ ''.""•>" ^'f^^ 1""^^!: / -J jrtcnt and a vice president from each 3\i the Grand. jtow-nshii) in the county was name^One of the best vaiidevilla shows'Mrs. Lina Reiily is secretary and A. f ev .T presented at the C.rand was piv-j'"-irker i.s treasurer. The first ineot- en last night bv the pc-rmanent stock«^ "'^ common school I graduating exercises in .June. The compan.v. In the past few days the ,,„ri .oKe of the organization is to bet- C.raiid has added several new play- Iter the schools of the county, ers to the company who are artisis in their lines and strengthen whatever w.->ak places there were in the company. For over two hours the lar'-e audience laughed at genuine comedy and catchy JoTiijs. .\ new feature of the show wer? the moving; r .\lMEH H.\S LEFT TOWX. \\. \y. Ilcslop Reported to the Oiliccrs a.s Ml:<siiiir. It was reported to the officers today that \V. W. Ileslop. a painter and papi-r hanger, had left the city, much piei'ires at tho close of the perform- j 'o the displeasure of several citizens, nnce. together with illustrated songs., S^"-'"!'^ ^- Hollinger is taking a DIUEtTORS' MEETING TOMfiHT. Star Tiillev Oil rnmpnnr OiTiriuIs to Consider Business. The direnors of the Star Valley Oil and Has Company of this city will hold a meeting in the offices of the lo!-^ Fiiruiiiire store this evening. This is one of the few gas and oil companies which were organized ' several years r.'.'o that prosiiers now. There will be several matters of importance to come nil for consideration at the mocling tills ovcnin.c. The Grand company is now very slronir and some especially fine bills are l>eiiig rehearsed to "je presented in tlie near future. CITIZENS PREVENTED ROBBERY. Robbers Dynamited a Bank But Did Not Open Vault. . . Madelta, Minn., .Tan. in.—An at-; tfnipt to rob the hank of I^Salle was; made early yesterday • and resulted in breaking of doors to the building and the destnictlon by some explosive of the outer door rauit. Mrs. C. .1. Sanderson, living four blocks dis-. tant. heard the exp'osion and saw thcj flash. She awakened h?r husband} who seized his rifle and rushed to the bank where be exchanged shots with the robbers. Other citizens were I great deal of interest In the case, not jonly because he wants to do • good turn for the citizens here who are mourning .Mr. Heslop's departure, but becaiu;e he wants about $"0 worth of ;ialnting completed on his new house. CHIEF of Police W5!liam Gat?s has issued orders for over>-one to be off tho streets at 12 o'clock at night. He refers to the city ordinance which i niakes it nocsssary for every one who i.-: out after 12 o'clock to give a good ; excuse. D.tDDY KOSE P.VYS f OSTS. "Daddy" Rose . who was arrested .some tinfe ago on'characs made by his wife and daughter who asked that he be placed under a peace bond, today • aroused and joined Sanderson and settled his case by naylng the cosst of they poured a heavy Are into the the proceedings. "Daddy" says that' he does not remember making the • threats which he is accnsed of. making. bank. The robbers fled. So far as is known no one was Injtired. POLAR BEAR FLOUR Has Stood the Test Bccatfse its tiie Best Acce|)t No Other Wm.Obefdocf, Agt Western Kansas Wheat Land in tracts from 160 to 3000 acres. In most any county desired, to exchange for Eastern Kansas farms. Now ia the time to trade for cheap land. We know we can salt you. have sereral parties coming from die west, so write ns what yon hjiT^ that we can diow them year land. lOlA LAND CO. It is rumor ?d In Lawrence, Kas., that John F. Goshorn of this city has been em(>loyed to defend E. Vancil, who is charged with murdering his wife by administering poison. Mr. CHishom was our. of the city today and enild not be seen but Mr. Campbell, his partner, stated that it Mr. Goshorn had b ;cn emplojfd henknew nothing of it. From a 'l indications Mr. Vancil in- , tends to make a fight. Ho has already i hired attorneys who will take up the i case at once. The I .Awrencc World ' said that an attorney of lola may be hire<l to assist Mr. Riling of that city I in the case. i The I.awr?nce •VS 'orld says. ! It has been said that Vancil is as- ; ex-convict, and that he learned his trade of shoe-maker while serving a term in the penitentiary. This story, ' his acquaintances say. has been in cir-.. dilation here among those who knew him for a year or more past, and it appears to be pretty generally believed, Tho World this morning called up .lohn F. Goshorn of lola, a prominent attorney who has lived at Ida for a great many years, and has been familiar with Vanclt's record there ever since Vancil was a little boy. He ienied the report, and declared that as long as Vancil was at lola he bore ii good reputation. Mr. Goshorn identified the Vancil he had in mind with the Vancil who is in prison here charged with murdering his wife, by saying that some years ago the young man had hi .s foot shot off while hunting. Vancil met with such a mishap, and now wears a cork foot. Vancil is a man perhaps 30 years of ace and he was raised at lola. Ho came directly from lola to Lawrence and all o.f his career thai is not familiar to Mr. Goshorn is familiar to his acquaintances here. So; it Is pretty conclusively settled that he has never been in the penitentiary, and that this charge of murder is the first seriJus charge ev?r brought against him by the officers of the law.

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