The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 17
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THK BAKERSFIEF.D CALIFORNIA^, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1936 17 Only Seven Issues Drop on Big Board and These Losses Small (A noddled PITHS Leaned Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28.— Tho market was strong on the stock exchange herfe today, with six new highs and only seven Issues off for small losses. The new highs were Yellow Cat up % at 0(5%; 1, Magnln, up M. at 21; Oahu Sugar, up % at 10; Hchlesslngcr A, up Vi at 8U; Union Sugar preferred, up % at 30, and North American Investment 8s, up 1 at 91. General Motors common was up l~/i, £>e Glorfflo Fruit common 1, Crown Zellerbach A. and other Issues showed smaller gains. The oils also advanced, Honolulu rising %, Universal Consolidated V4 and Standard ot California %. SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS (Altoclated Prmii LcatcA Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28.— Stock— High Close Crown Zell. pfd. A 105 105 Crown Zoll. pfd. B I04W 104.Vi Dl Giorgio Fruit com 12H 12H General Paint com 1,1 13 1* A. O. & B. pfd 107°, 107?4 Magnavox Ltd 2% 2% Mngnln com al 21 Marctmnt Cal. com 22H 22% P. ti. A 13. com Pac. Pb. Srv. (new) com.. Pac, Pb. Svc. first pfd Pac. T. &, T. pfd ."150 " 150 Schleslnger pfd g',i 8>4 Sou. Pac. Golden Gate A.. 3 3 Standard Oil of Calif 35% 35>.i Transnmerlca Wfc 13% Western Pipe Cal. com.... 87 37 TREASURY REPORT (A«*nc,(<ited Prets Lcatrd Wire) WASHINGTON, Aug. 28.—The position of tho Treasury on August 26: Receipts $67,430,832.38; expenditures, $67,568,282.74; balance, $1,948,500,964.90: customs receipts for the month, $20,172,635.17. Receipts for the fiscal year since July 1), $600,518,439.30; expenditures, $910.755,382.84, Including $285,236,371.86 of emergency expenditures; excess of expenditures. $310,236,943.54; gross debt, $33,889,831,818.98, a decrease of $1,919,037,25 under tho previous day; gold assets, $10,694,047,- ?,9S.88. L«I>I Notictt (United Prttt Leated Wire) '• Railroads ,Stock— Close Atchlson 81 % Baltimore & Ohio - - - - 40% 27% 2J4 4i 1 « 27 Chesapeake- & Ohio Brio Great Northern pfd Illinois Central MlSBourl Pacific New York Central Northern Pacific Pennsylvania 38',t Southern Pacific 42'A' Industries American Can 121 American Tel. & Tel ....174M Bordons 29% Caterpillar Tractor 74<£ Cities Service 4 Columbia Gas 21% MARKET AT N.Y. Rails Lend Advance; Gains Up to Two or More Points; Close. Is Finn Consolidated Gag 42% Corn Products 6!»V4 Curtlss-Wrlght 6% Fox Film "A". 30% General Electric 47 General Foods 38% Gold Dust 14 Goodyear Tire 6 HubbCr 24 H International Harvester 7!) International Tel. & Tel 12V4 Johns-Manvllle 115 Montgomery Ward 46% North American 32% Pacific Gas Electric 38H Radio Corporation 10% Safeway Stores 20vS Hears-Roebuck 84',4 U. S. Rubber 29% Union Carbide & Carbon 88U United Aircraft 25$ Warner nrothers 13H Western Union 88 Westlnghonse Bleotrlc 139V4 Woolwoi-th 64!i J. C. Penney 89 Trnnsamcrlcti 13% Metsli American Smelting 83>i Anaconda 36 Vi Bethlehem Steel 00 Vj International Nickel D3% Kennecott Copper 47',i Republic Steel 22", U. S, Steel 70 Vanadium Steel 13H Tobacco nnd Sugar American Sugar 61 American Tobacco "B" 102',i Cuban American Sugar 11 Great W&tern Sugar 3BM, 11. J. Reynolds "B" 66\i on* Atlantic Refining 27H Consolidated 12V4 Mexican Seaboard 32U Philips Pete 41 ?J ISVi SLf Shell Union Standard of California 86V* Standard of New Jersey 63'H Soeony Vacuum l.V/4 Texas Company 379k Tidewater Asa'n, new lG',i Motors Auburn Motors 31U Chrysler 114 General Motors 6(i Hudson IB'.'. Packard Motors ll'i, Studebaker 13Vi Timken Holler Bearing C3T 8 Equipments American Car Foundry 43H • • - •' 30% 3'/i 6ll>,4 Stewart Warner 18V4 Amerletin l,ocomotlvc Unldw'ln Locomotive General Tank NOTICE OF SALE OF RIO BRAVO SCHOOL DISTRICT BONOS, KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Notice Is hereby «Iven that pursuant to an 'order of the Boa.rU of Bupervla- oru of tho County of Kern, State of California, made August 10, 1036, sealed bids will be received at the office of tho Clerk of tho Beard of ; SU- •pervlsors of said- County at the Court House in the City of Bakersfleld. until II o'clock A. M., Tuesday, September 8, 1036, for the purchase of seventeen bonds of Rio Bravo School District, Kern County, California, of the denomination of 11000.00 each. Said bonds were Issued by the xald y t er Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the State of California, and In conformity with tho order of said Board of Supervisors, passed on tho 30th day of August, 1936, and bear Interest at the rate of five Per cent per annum. Interest payable annually for the first year the bonds have to run and seml-annually thereafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of the United States of America, on the 10th days of August and February of each * and every year out of the Interest and .ulnklnc fund of said Rio. Bravo School * District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of the Interest coupons attached to said bonds; snld bonds to be numbered consecutively from 1 to 17, Inclusive, as follows: JBonds Nos. 1 and 3, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; Bonds Nos. 3 and 4, $1000.00 each, to run 2 years; Bonds Nos. C and 6, $1000.00 each, to run 3 years; Bonds No*. 7 and 8, $1000.00 each, to run 4 years; Bonds NOR. 9 and 10, $1000.00 each, to run 5 years; Bonds Nos. 11 and 12, $1000.00 each, to run 6 years; Bonds NOB. IS and 14, $1000.00 each, to run 7 years; Bonds Nos. 15 and 16, $1000.00 each, to run 8 years; Bond No. 17, $1000.00, to run 9 • years. The Rio Bravo School District has been acting as a School District, under tho laws of the State of California, continuously since 1898; the assessed valuation of the taxable property In said Rio Bravo School District was glx Hundred Forty-two Thousand Five Hundred Fifty-five Dollars ($642,55ti.OO) and has now an outstanding Indebtedness of nothing. Th* bonds herein referred to were voted for the purpose of raining money for: 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings: 3. The making of alterations or additions to the Bcliool building or buildings other than such as may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; [i. The supplying of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 6. The permanent improvement of the school grounds. Bids will bo received for one, or any number of said bonds. All bids must be equal In amount to tho par value of said honda and accrued Interest to date of delivery and each bid must bo accompanied with a certified check payable to F. 13. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of said County, or a cash deposit for the sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. The oheck or cash deposit will be returned to the bidder In ease of the rejection of the bid nnd the samu will bo forfeited to nio Brnvo School District If tho bidder neglects or refuses to pay the amount hid for the said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of the acceptance of the bid. Upon opening of the bids for said f bonds as aforesaid, said bonds will be sold to the highest and best bidder for cash, lawful money of the United States of America, subject to the said conditions and provisions. Bids for the bonds at a lower rate of Interest will also be considered. The said Board of Supervisors, however, reserving the right to reject any and all bids for said bonds. All bids must be enclosed In sealed envelopes addressed to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PHOPOSAI-S RIO BRAVO SC-HOOI, DISTRICT BONDS," By order of tho Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 10, 103(i. (Seal) F. E. SMITH, County Clerk and Clerk of said Board. Aue. 18 to Sept. 1, Inc. L, A. PRODUCE MARKET (United Prctt Leated Wlrcl IMS ANGELES, Aug. 28.—Beans Local Kentucky Wonders 3H@3M:C r>e«t 4@'4',4c lb., ordinary 2J(i2',io, poof l%H4c; brown aoed Kentucky Wonders 1@l'^c for poor, best 2@2^c; ocal und Orange county wax 2@2Vfec, poorer IHc; Alamoda county Kali- lucky Wonders 8(0 3Vie; local Talmas, slightly wormy, 2Vi®i3c, best 3V4©4c, looi-er IHc lb.; Carplntcrla Llmas (1.50 per 85-lb. crate. Cabbage: Local Cannonball and pointed type 7UiS 1 tiOe erate, poorer 60 <8>05u; red fair |1.25®1.GO, best $1.75 crate. Cantaloupes: Local H-Bs, standard 18-27s 60^1 OOe, poorer 30^40c, 30s 36® 40o, poorer 25c, 45s 25iQ)35c; San Fernando valley Moloffolds, standard 10- 16s G0lfl>60c, 23-278 40ij)50o; Moreno valley Melogolds, standard 10-16s 60® 75c, ordinary local Tip Tops, standard 8-12s BOSfCOe. Grapes: San Jonquln valley Rlhlers, 2(S!i',4e, poorer IMjC lb., HeetlleM l%c, best 2c; Muscats 2@2V4c, best 2%o; Red Malagas 2?f2Ho, poorer Ic; local Tokays, 2>^j}i3c, Malagas 30@35o lug, Concords and Isabellas 24T2V40 II). Corn.: Chlno Kvergreen 35@40c, west 4Dc, poorer 25iff30o lug; local Evergreen 26l6i35c, field Corn 25(i}>30c lug. Onions: Local whlto Globes 05<g>75c per GO-lb. sack, late typo Spanish 40 ©50c, Tulare county Reds 453500 per 00-lb. sack; local Spanish I8®20c lug. Peas: Oceano. Guadalupe, I.ompoc and Arroyo Grande polo 6(jJ>6Vjc lb., fair 4Hffi)6c, poorer 3Ho; Hnnta Clara county Go lb. Potatoes: Santa Maria Russets, U. S. No. 1 $2.20(fC2.26 cwt., ordinary Stocktons $1.50, good $2.20 cwt.; Hau- gus field run AVhlte Rose $1.7002.00; Chlno White RoSe $2.0002.25; U. S. No. 1, $2.36. Sweet potatoes: Kern county Jerseys 70«?SOc lug, best 3c lb., No. 2« 3f ©40o lug; Nancy Halls 2V«{j!3c lb.; fall local Nftncy Halls 60(g>75c lug: goiii Orange county Porto Rlcans 3©3',i° pound. Watermelons; Bent Riverside 22 to 24-lh. stripes $13 ton, fair local am northern, 18 to 20-lb. stripes and Klondlkes $8®10 ton. (Attuclatcd Pre»t Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. 28.—Stocks steamed ahead under leadership of tho rails In today's market and gains of fractions to 2 or more joints were registered by selected ssues. Profit taking stemmed tho advance for some groups, but favored .it littles, alcohols, farm Implements and specialties were resistant ihroughout'. The close was firm. Transfers approximated 1,400,000 shares. Carrier Issues led a resumption of he climb In early dealings and wore 'allowed at a rather leisurely pace by some of the smaller steels, utlll- les, oils, motors, alcohols, atrcrafts and farm Implements. Realizing ns r l° ds were accompanied by a slackening of tho trad- ng pace. While morning gains were shaded or cancelled In a nunv tier of Instances, near tho fourth tiour many of the leaders ware up fractions to a point or oo. Strength of economic trends con' Untied to provide the main sustain' Ing Influence for tho list. Among: the better performers were Santa I"'e, N. Y. Central, Delaware & Hudson, U. S. Pipe & Foundry, Youngstown Sheet & Tube, Chrysler, Montgomery Ward, Sears Roebuck, Douglas Aircraft, U. I. Case, Deere, American Telephone, Consolidated Edison, American Water Works, Electric Power & Light, American Power & Light, Anaconda, Plymouth Oil, Barnsdall, Du Pont, Sohenley, Hiram Walker, Commercial Credit, Mesta Machine, Loew's, American Sugar Refining and Philip Morris. U. S. Stoel, Bothlehcm, General Motors and Goodyear were Inclined to mark time. U. S. Industrial Alcohol came back after Its drop yesterday. POULTRY. BUTTER, EGOS fl. nffcrt rrmt Looted Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28.— Butter Kxtras, 3"V4c. Prime firsts, 35c. Standards, 34V4c. Under grades, illtfec. Egos (Candled) Large—Clean extras, 3Ic; light dirty extras, 30c; clean standards, 27c; light dirty standards, 2Gc; chocks, 27c. Mediums—Clean extras, 25Vio; light dirty extras, 24V4c; clean standards, IMc; light dirty standards, 22c; checks 1o. Small—Clean extras, 19o; light dirty extras, 17c. Case counts, 22c. Poultry Prtoti Hens, Leghorns, 2>4 to 3Vi pounds 12c. Hens, Leghorns, over 3Vi and up to 4 pounds, 13c. Hens, Leghorns, over 4 pounds, 15c Hens, colored, 3 to 4 pounds, 20c. Hons, colored, 4 pounds and up, 32c. Broilers, over 1 and up to 1V4 pounds, 20c. Hrollors, over Hi and up to 2Vi pounds, 18c. Fryers, Leghorns, over 2U and up to S pounds, 15c. Fryers, colored, 2 Mi and up to 3Vi pounds, 18c, Fryers, nolored. over 3',i and up to 4 pounds, 19c. Roasters, soft bono, Barred Rocks, over 4 pounds and up, 19c. Roasters, soft bone, other than Barred Rocks, over 4 pounds and up, 19c. Stags, 12c. Old roosters, 9c. Ducklings, 4Mi pounds and up. 14c. Ducklings, under 4Mi pounds, 12c. Old ducks, lie. Geese. 16c. Young torn turkeys. 13 pounds and up to 18 pounds, lOc. Young torn turkeys, over 18 pounds, 20c. Hen turkeys, 9 pounds and up, 10c. Old torn turkeys, 14c. Old hen turkeys, He. 24c. FINANCIAL LETTER P5 J. A. HOQLE A CO. Members New York Stock Exchange One would almost always have come off better In the past If one hud pliicecl onn's beta on steel Ingot production rather than on carloadliiRR, valuable as loud I URN tiro BH a guide to current business movements. Therefore, wlillo ho rarloaillngs Index scorns Homewhat erratic from week to week of lute, irobably lieriumo of the drouth, as tulloatod by a breakdown of th6 flff- ireB, slcel mill activity has been well sustained. Fabricated steel bookings n July wore the largest slncn Hop- omber, 1931, and with tho peak of he demand from motor manufacturers mill ahead, there Is general expectation of a further rise In stool operating rates. The fact tho structural Hlecl book- ngs have taken such an Important wsltloi! spenkn for the current ftetlv^- ty In the building lines. New construction figures have moved rapidly ahqavi of those figures for the same time one year and two years ago. Prices of scrap Hteol aro being steadily advanced. Copper holds well at the 0.75 figure, furniture prices wholesale, wore advanced 6 per cont two months ago and manufacturers state that no resistance was apparent therefrom and another boost of B per cent Is being discussed for September. Tiro prices have been boosted twice during tho last five, months. Prices of platinum have skyrocketed, as havo molybdenum and tungsten. Consumption commodities will ROO their peak advances In the coming winter, drains currently are ruling lower duo to marketing factors and technicalities of the market, but wheat and rye can hardly help but find higher values than we have neon In three years. The same holds for but- tor, CKKH and other consumption commodities. L. A. CASH GRAIN (A Moatated Prett Lotted Wire) I.OS ANQEI.KS, Aug. 28.—Current local grain quotations were reported by tho Federal-State Market News Service as follows; (Prices quoted are cwt., field run, In carloads only): No. 2 yellow corn, hulk, prompt delivery, rail, $2.G1<S>2.62. Argentine corn, quick delivery, bulk, $2.20l£T2.2o. California wheat, sacked, No. 1 soft or No. 1 hard white. $1.70. California barley, sacked, 44 Ibs., No. 2, bright western, $l.G2Vfc; No. 1, 46 Ibs., $1.65. California yellow mllo, socked, No 2, $1.60. COTTON FUTURES (Asuonlntcd Prem Leaned irirc.) NBW YORK, Aug. 28.—Cotton was lower today under Increased hedging and scattered selling promoted by reports of better prospects for a break In the western bolt drought. Dncnm- her was selling nround 11.43 In the mldaflernocm market, with active months generally showing net losses of II to 11 points. Futures closed steady, 10011 lower Oct., 11.38; Dec., 11.43(3111.44; Jan. 11.40; March 11.62; May, 11.66; July 11.58. Spot quiet, middling 11.78. CHICAGO GRAIN (Antoclatcd Prcn Leaned Wive) CHICAGO, Aug. 28.— Grains closed Wheat: September $1.0SU®l.08?i December $1.07^0)1.07%; May $1.06% «?1.06!i. Corn: September $1.00Vi; Decembc: !)2%&82'»ic; May SS'jiii'SSTic. Oats: September 42c; ncccmbei 42%c; May 45Mic. tember 81»ic; Dccembei Ryo: 79>,4c; May 77V4c. Barley: September 77c; Decembo 72c. Sep ay ins, Frail, Exhausted, Arises al Dawn lo Carry on Work (Annorlalrd Prem Leaned Wire) CASTEL OANDOLFU, Italy, Aug. 28.—Popo Plus XI, so frail and ex- iiiustpd ho moves with difficulty, invertheless arose noon after dawn oday to renew his study ot tho Span- nil situation. Hut briefly ho turned from tho discouraging world to lake comfort In ihllOHophical contemplation of tho loavens. He received Father Giovanni Stein, llrector of tho Vatican observatory, who presented to his holiness photographs of the heavens and a comet which Father Stein recently discovered. Heavens The pope observed sadly: "If things on tho earth go badly, at least those In the heavens must necessarily continue well." He eschewed his dally automobile rldn for the first time In a long while. Vatican sources said he found It loo much exertion even though he had been napping In tho car. Today he slept In the villa Instead. Persons who saw him today said lie spoke In a very low voice. Shortly after the audience with father Stein, six nuns from Barcc lona wore presented to him by the abbess of the convent of tho Sisters of St. Clalr, who said they'left 20 of their number with relatives In Spain because the convent was occupied by troops. Extremely Weak The pope's extreme weakness brought ;ittlo halt In his study of the situation In Spain whero Vatican reports tell of hundreds of churches burned, desecrated or sacked and of killing and persecution of priests and nuns. Ills anguish at tho church's plight was said by prelates to have accontu ated the frail health of tho pontiff, who Is 79. 26c. Snuabs, under 11 pounds, per dozen, c. Squabs, 11 pounds per dozen and up, LOS ANGELES STOCKS (United Prrtt Leatfd Wire) LOS ANGKLES, Augr. 28.— Induttrlali Stock— . Dirt Asked Chrysler 114'» Claude Noon CilolKi Milling Aircraft 7% Taylor Milling Lockced Banks 73 18 9 Citizens National 2S',i, fieourlty-Flrst National Transamorlca 52 Miscellaneous L. A. Investment Pacific Pinanee L. A. Gns & JSIeotrle pfd.. Pacific Oas & Klectrlc... . Pacific Gas & Klcctrlc A.. Pacific Llgtlng com So, Oal. ICdlwon com So. Cal. ICrtlson 6 pfd So. Cal. Hdlson B'/J Ko. Cal. Ga. 6 pfil So. Pacific R. Bolsa Chlca ., Paclfc Western 14Vi Standard Oil of Cal 35'i Union Oil of Calif 21',i U Oil* 28% 53 Ill 28 Vj 27=» 31 42 114'fe 11 19 OVi 30 54 28 <,» 108 38% .'12 Mi 54 31'Xj 28?; 26 35', LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK (AiHOOlatei Prcnn Leased Wire.) LOS ANGBLKS, Aug. 28.—Hogs, 50; 16c to 2Do higher; tup $12. Cattle, 400; quality plain; market about steady; short fed uteers held above I7.BO; choice fed quoted to around (9.25; Meicaiis $ti.lO; grusH heifers $6 down; few cows $4.75^5.60', Capons, under 7 pounds, 20c. Capons, 7 pounds and up, 28c. Uiibhlts, No. 1 while, !hi to 4Vi pounds, each lie. liabblt.s, No. 1 mixed colors, 3Vi to 4V4 pounds, each 9c. Rabbits, No. 1, old, 5c. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Automated I'rctt Leaned Wire) NKW YORK. AUK. 28.—Closing U. S. government Jionds: Treasury 4'is. 47-52, 1ID.1. 3V4B, 48-45, 108.17. 4n, 44-54, 111. .'l%s, 4G-5(i, 112.Ij. SHs, -tn-fl, .June, 10S.10. Svis, 43-47, 109.2. H"i«, 41-4S. March 109.4. n>,js, 41. 109.2. Il'/is. 44-46. lOS.n. 3'is, 46-49, I06.2S. :i», 46-48, 106.1. 3R, Gi-r>r>, 105,8. 27is, 65-60, 103.11. 2'Us, 45-47, 10J.9. 2^.1, 48-51, 102.22. 2'i.s, r.l-B4, 1ft!.. 1 !!. Federal Farm Mortgage Mis, 42-47, 102.30. IK 47, 104.12. 3s, 49, 103.28. Home Owners Lo«n :IN A-52. 103.18. 2»i», 40, 102. 2Vis, 42-44, 102^ S. F. LIVESTOCK (Antnflatcd I'rttt Leaned Wire) SOUTH SAN FIIANC1SCO, Aug. 28. Hotf» 2.)U; bulrlifll'H about htmiily; bulk 180@223-lh. weights, $11.75-1111.90; latter tup; few surl-outH, $11.65; oilier weights absent; pucklng sown weak to 25<; lower; medium to good sows, $7.75 «f8.7B. Cattle 125; nil cluhHi.-b in light supply, nominally steady; load medium 438-lb. shortfeil steet'H, «i.75; Kliocl loud medium grass moors unsold; good under 1100-lb. foil ulcers absent, quoted nround $S'(iS..")U; helforx iimi ranee cows practically ulment, odd head good range COWN, Iu.25(i}u.£i0: METALS MARKET (Attodatrd I'rcin Leaned Wire) NEW YORK, Aug. quiet; electrolytic, spot 38.—Copper and future $9.75; export $9.75. Tin steadier; spot and n<?arl>y $42.»0{J 43.00; futuro $42.37',ifH2.GO. Lend steady; spot New York $4.60(^4.65; ICast Kt. Louis $4.40. /.Inc. dull: liast St. Louis spot and future $4.80. Iron, aluminum, antimony, ciulrkBllver. platinum and wolframite unchanged. 12,000 on Strike; Kickback Racket (A ntoclated Pratt Lcated Wire) NEW YOKIC, Aug. 28.—Hyman Marcal, president of district councl 9 of the Brotherhood of Painters Decorators and Paporhangers, an nounced today about 12,000 union members had gone on strike In an effort to end the "kickback racket." At Issue Is tho question of con tractors hiring at least BO per cent of their labor through tho union. The "kickback racket" has to do with tho custom of some foremen on jobs demanding that painters, decor ators and paperhangcrs they hire give back a part of their wages commission for employing them. German Catholics Strike at Hitler (Copyright, 109(1. by Amacltttil Prttt) BERLIN, Aug. 28.—A solemn warning that Germany "may go th< way of Bpaln" will be read from al Homan Catholic pulpits In the Naz Flelch Sunday, It was learned to night. The warning will be In the fonr of a pastoral letter adopted by Oer man bishop at their conference In Fulda last week end. Thl* letter will condemn the Na« Weltanschauung (world outlook based on blood, soil and race. The bishops, recently report* concerned over what they conslde n tendency toward paganism an what they fenr may be rigid restrle tlons against Catholic education o tho young, will make' clear, hov> ever, they are anxious for peaco be tween Catholicism and Nazllsm, BAR SILVER (AnHorlnlrd Preit Leafed Wire) N1CW YORK, Aug. 28.—Bur silvor steady and unchanged at 44%c. Norway to Intern Trotzkj^and Wife (.\ssaclaleit rrett Lcated Win' OSLO, Norway, Aug. 28.—Tho Norwegian ministry of Justice tonight was 1-eporUiU to hnvo ordnmi Leon Trotzky and his wife Interned and two of hjs socretarlus expollcd from this country. Tho Trotzkys, the report stated, will bo confined in their house ut Hocnefoss until a now domicile can bo found for thorn. It was understood the reason for tho action was Trotzky's refusal to accept conditions which tin; government sought to Impose for bin continued stay In Norway, ulthough It was announced earlier In the week ho hnd affixed his signature to a pledge to ab.statn from liny typo of revolutionary activity. «.» .$1,800,000 UK AN CItOI' SANTA ANA, Aug. 28. (A. P.)— Threshing of what may be a bettor than a $1,800,000 crop of lima and bluckoyo bouiiH has started In Or- ango county. Baptists Adopting: Stricter Standards Msnorlflfcrl Prett Leaned Wire) LKAKRSVTLLE. N. C., Aug. 28.- Membcrs of the King Memorial Bai list Church hero, adopting a "no testament standard of church men bernhlp" prepared by the pastor, th Reverend Hrsklno X. Hoatherly, hav voted to expel any member who: ir«e» profanity. Drinks Intoxicants. Kwlms In mixed company. ("Iambics. Stays away from ohurch for st months without li reasonably goo excuse. SAFETY COUNCIL ISSUES WARNING OMPROMISE SOUGHT IN WATERFRONT WAR ft'nllfrf Prent Leaned Wlrr) AN FRANCI8OO, Aug. 2ft.—Hop- resentatlves of shipowners and 10 International Longshoremen's As- Delation today sought a conipromlan negotiations for a new waterfront •orklng contract which would re- lace tho 1ft!M agreement drawn up ftr>r tho general strike. The negotiating committees began burgnlnltiK" uftor their session \vns Rod down by refusal of each Bide n aeoept the other's dnmnnds. The inngHhnrn committee, headed by larry Urldges, district president, an- ounced It would not agree to employ- rs' seven stipulations. The employ- rs nald they could not accept tho ongHhoremen's five-point program. "Tho employers positively want to e-establlsh conditions as they existed before tho 1IU4 strike," n. statement Issued by the 1. I.,. A. publicity committee said. "A ruroful analysis of their proposals will the fact that they wlhh to make the conditions under which tho longshoremen work even wome than they were prior to IfllM." Thn employers risked for neutral control of the hlrliiK hull, n sliding wiige Hcnle hiiseil on efficiency, removal of tlie transportation anil traveling time allmvancn for longshoremen, limitation of a longshoreman's four-week work to 120 bourn mid other changes In tho present contract, Each (Icmnnrl, It WHS Indicated today, will be tnkon up Indlvldunlly on both sides uml will be fllsc.UHXed from the compromise standpoint. JUSTIFIES ITSELF f. Philip Drinker Points Out Many Advantages of Such Rooms By HOWARD W. HL/\KHSI,EE (Antedated Preat Leaned Wire) CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Aug. 28.— Ton can do better work in an air-eon- dltloned room In hot weather. You can not count on such a room to reduce colds at any season. Those aro "applications of air con- lltlonlnK to normal life" presented oday at tho Harvard tercentenary celebration In a symposium on environment by Philip Drinker, professor of Industrial hygiene at the Harvard School of Public Health. Advantages Shown "Will we have fewer colds," Professor Drinker asked, "If w« control :he humidity In our homos, If wo Ion- 7.0 tho air, or If wo sterilize U with jltra-vlolet light? It would be pleasant to answer these questions posl- Ively, but at tho present time there aro no data from any source which we havo seen, which Justify affirmative answers. "Air conditioning: more than Ju»tl- les Itself In simply making tho atmosphere more comfortable than It otherwise would be. Bettor work Is done In moderate, pleasant titmos- pheres than under extremes of any sort. Tho success of many Indus' trial processes depends on environment control." Iteinoveft Odors For smells, he said, air condition- UK effectively remove human body odors. But It docs not kill the smell of tobacco In a smoking room "at least to the non-Hmokor." "Total or partial removal of air- jorne bacteria by air conditioning," he said," has boon claimed by various manufacturers, but the Just If lea. tlon for these claims Is not at al! Impressive." But, ho added, those who sell air- conditioning, "have every right to make much of the fact" that air filtration will reduce pollens to the point where the person susceptible to hay fever "can usually obtain relief." "It may be In the future that germ-free air will become as nucos sary as germ-free water or milk," he asserted. BAFFLEiFFICIALS Chinese Pirates Impersonate Passengers; Kill Three; Rob 100; Seize 32 (Attoclated Prent Leated Wire) TIENTSIN. Aug. 28.—Authorities vero balked by a watery trail today n their Investigation of tho latest daring coup of sna brigands who ittvo plundered the China seas for centuries. The pirates, employing a time- vorn but effective ruso, Imperso- mted passengers -vhjn they boarded .ho ferry steamer l,lho before It sailed yesterday from Tangku. While tho ship wn« on Its wny nrroHS tlin Bay of Chlhli they held up HIM! robbed 100 Chine** Itern, selied 32 of them nit ~ Married Couple EndsJJves, Gas /United Preni Lcated Wire) HUNTINC1TON PARK Aug. 28.— Firemen protected by gas masks to day entered tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Durand V. Clevongor and ru covered tho bodies of the young cou pie who "executed" themselves In a replica of the lethal chambers usec by Heverul HtutcM for official oxccu tlons. A note warning of. the deadly na ture of tho gas with which tlin cou pie Intended to fill their homo h the suicide pact was mailed to tlu sheriff's office by Mr. and Mrs. Olev engur. Kncluscd wax the house koy They advised authorities to weir gas masks In c-nterlng the house n; to "please consult a churnlst" for In formation about the gas. Loss of cievonger's Job apparently prompted (he act. BIRTHS ly S5.GO down, ootl to choice ImllH Huurco, iiuoleil mostly falveB none, nominal; guc_ .. vealerH iiuoted around $0'it9.r,0. Sheep 1825; lumhs slow; later trade fairly active, mostly steady: IGOO1>I3I.L—To Mr. and Mrs. Jullai ANUUKW—To Mr. iind Mrs. Paul William Andrew, 1025 Lincoln xtreet, liakiiinrichl, a daimhter, August 2S, at Muruy hoiipltul. FI8HKR—To Mr. ami .Mrs. Clyde Milton I«"lHhor, Tafl, a son, August 24, ut .Merry hospital. four decks medium to mostly KT.-lb. Idaho woolud lambs, $8.50, with 25 lieud out of four |O:I<!H ill $7.dU; miu good quoted to $li; cutler grades fil<U> |'deck medium ID u'>"'l 74-lb. shorn 4.50; bulls $4.50i8>li. litmb«, »S.2J, Kortc-il ii per rent; uui'k- C alvrs, 00; quotable uliout steady. iige »9-lb. Mhorn ycurlliiKK, $7; few Sheep, none; quoted to |9. good wooled lambs 13'8ft 198-lh. welherH, $'t.5Ui( 5;" (.-hoice cwc:S aliKunl, quoted t" $3.75. I'VancU Gofidcll, Taft, a son. Phillip I'ounoll. AugUKt 24, at Mercy IIOH- pllal. JONICH—To .Mr. und Mm. Leltov Jolui Jtjnt-H, 1515 Slxtcunlh street, liukers- field, u son. Leltoy Mlchucl. August 24, ut Mercy hoK|iuul. (Anturlated Prett Ltated Wire! pHICAQO Aug. 28—The N«- ^tlonal Safety Council today warned the nation's all-time high traffic death total—37,000 In 1936—might be turpamd thlt year If the current "alarming trend" continued. It reported 31SO peraoni lost their lives In motor vehicle accldenti In July, 3 per cent mor« than In July, 1935, and the third coniecutlve month in which fatalities exceeded those of corresponding months last year. The total for the first ssven months of 1936 was set at 18,660. This was 2 per cent under the aggregate for the same 1935 period but Managing Director W. H. Cameron asserted: "The trtnd Is alarming because we have yet to pass through those months which In former years produced the larg- eet number of traffic accident deaths. If the upward trend during the three months prior to August Is not curbed sharply In the remainder of the year, we can prepare ourselves to read another all-time record of slaughter on our streets and highways." OX WRONG KM) OK MMB HAMMOND. Ind., Aug. 28. (U. P. Joo Cross, fireman, nursed scrntclie and bruited loduy and told this on on himself: lie shinned up u poplu tree nnd straddled u limb needing amputullon. The, Job was finished I In record time but too lalo lie learnoc lie was sitting on tho wrong end n the limb. Ha crashed with H lo th ground. mid escaped to sen In a wnltuiK Junk. Three passengers were slain and tho brigands made off with all possessions of those aboard tho steamer, ncludlng tholr clothes. Fnnlc Knmies Panic broke out among: the vie Urns, tho ship's officers said, and the pirates throw two overboard and shot ft third. Tho terrorized pnHsongors, officers said, were searched with great precision. Intimation that tho evor-presont menace to Chinese coastal shipping would strike agnln came Aug-ujt M with word from Hong Konff to Shanghai that a band of 18 notorious plratus had been seen. Those outlaws, It was believed, were members of tho band that at acked the luxurious British steamer Tungohow February 3, 108B, with 75 school children aboard. Tho Amerl can, British and Scandlvanlaii children—most of them under 12 years of age—experienced one ut tho most fantastic adventures In tho fantastic history of Chinese piracy, A Russian guard, part of tho per mancnt patrol ships maintained In tho China seas and a member of the crew were' killed In tho fighting as the brigands looted the ship. Pirates Hscape They escaped off Honghal bay In tho pirate-Infested area Just north 01 tho notorious Ulan bay with tholi booty after compelling tho ship's off! cors to tako them them. For three days tho Bhlp and pas songors—members of the China In land mission—were held Incomunl cado while the pirates systematically gathered their loot. * » » Alfonso Is Taking No Partm Strife (CoujTljIU, 1039, tif Unlttd Prwt) DEIjLACH, Austria, Aug. 28.— Former King Alfonso has taken no part In tho Spanish civil war, will take none, and would consider returning to Hpaln only ut tho ox- pressed wish of the Spanish pooplo after all the Issues have been decided, he said today In u statement to tho United Press. "His majesty wishes It to bo mode known once for all that he has taken no part whatever In tho revolt," said, tho statement. "I In boa written no letter or other communication to any of the opposing parties. He holds that this Is not a fight between republicans and monarchists. U Is a grim struggle —the most terrlblo Hpaln has over experienced—between forces of law and order and forces of disorder. "When the civil war ends, the country will require a period during which a military dictatorship must govern the country to restore tran- nulllty. That Is the plan of General Francisco Franco and his supporters. It Is a plan fully approved by his majesty." Guns, Ammunition at Local Cyclery With the opening date of dove sea- riilenee and support t,f my many I „„„ Hel r or Keptember I. Vincent's loyal frlonds In thn recent campaign and election. HAIWY O. KMITII. Would Force Reforms Compelling Penalties at Once in Wars (Attoelatett Prett Leaned Wire) t! 13NEVA, Aug. 28.—Soviet Russia tonight proposed a bold scheme of KeiiRun of Nations reform which would forcn alumni Immediate military sanctions against any nation mulling war. Kiixsltt, In making tho proposal, opposed amendment of the leagun covenant ns Impractical, but recommended adoption by tho assembly of a special protocol by which In tho oven! of war, the league council would bo summoned within throe ilnys. Within another throe days, tho council, by three-quarters vote, would docldo whether circumstances oxlsted calling for tho application of punitive measures. Tho wallent feature of tho Tltmslan chomo was a provision under which military sanctions could be taken, tutonmtlcally and Immediately, by states having a mutual assistance agreement—even If th.i league council failed to agree on who was responsible for tho war. League members would agree that, such sanctions against a warring state could not bo deemed acts of aggression. Should the council decree economic and financial sanctions under the Soviet proposal, all league members would bo bound to contribute. • » » Dr. Schacht Seeks to Compose Gauls (Coprrlnht, 1030. by A«iocl»t«<l PrtMl PATHS, Aug. 28.—Dr. HJalmar Schacht, Gorman minister of economics, has delivered what was described as assurance from Chancellor Hitler that France had nothing to fear from tho Ketch's Increase of tho length of military service. "Politics is not my, game," Doctor Schacht was quoted by sources close to the Franco-German conference now being held In Paris. "If I happened to make a declaration to my hearers yesterday which had any political character. It was as a. spokesman," he was reported as saying. This declaration. Informed circles said, was given to Premier Leon Blum and Foreign Minister Yvon Dolbos during a luncheon at .the Bank of France and was a personal message from Chancellor Hitler to the French government Indicating the Gorman prolongation of army service was undertaken only because of the recently announced Increase In tho nusslan army. »» • Lettuce Growers, Men in Deadlock (Unittil Pratt Leated Wire) SALINAS, Aug. 28.— Lettuce growers and workers, deadlocked In negotiations for a new labor agreement, ranowcd their efforts today to avert a strjko In one of the world's greatest lettuce producing areas before existing: agreements expire, September 1. Apparently the main obstacle to settlement of tho controversy centered In a stipulation proposed by the Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Union, which provided that whenever obtainable all workers employed In and around packing sheds should ha members In good standing: of the union. Tho unionists, headed by Michael Khevlln, havo declined to arbitrate this demand, and tho employers, headed by Charles Brooks, have refused to grant the demand. ' Electors Thanked PUBLIC THANKED "The officers and members of the Brotherhood of Hallway Carmon of America, Bakcrsflcld Local No. 740. wish to take this opportunity and great pleasure In thanking you all for the splendid spirit of co-operation that you have shown In making the benefit ball of August 26 at the Beardsley pavilion a huge success." W. K. a ROW, President. T. G. TOMPSON, Secretary. I wish to express my slncoro i tlmnJis and appreciation foi- tho con- I Cyclery has prepared accordingly by enlarging thu xtorn to Include guns | and a complete Urn- of ammunition. | This new department with tho previously Installed fishing equipment makes It a complete sporting goods store, Vincent I'lerou, proprietor, said. KlHhliiR and hunting licenses, deer HALPHirxiK—Double funeral services j tngH and rampflre penults may be for Jack /ialdrldffo, .IS. of Arvln, umJ obtained there. hl» 2-year-old son, Freddie, will be conducted at Payne & Son chupul at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. In FUNERALS THE WEATHER San Joaqutn valley: Pair tonight and Saturday; slightly cooler In south portion Saturday; northwest winds, San Francisco bay region: F"alr and cool tonight nnd Saturday; overcast night and morning; moderate west and southwest winds. Northern California: Fair tonight anil Saturday but overcast on the 1 coast; slightly cooler Saturday In northern and southern portions und tho great valley, moderate north* west wind off tho coast. Hloria Nevada: Fair tonight and Saturday; no chaniio in tempera-, turn; gentle southerly winds. Siici'ttiiii-nto valley: Fair tonight and Saturday, slightly cooler In north portion Saturday; southerly winds. Santa Clurn, valley: Fair tonight ninl Saturday but imrly morning clouds; normal temperature; northwest winds. Salinas valley: Fair tonight and Saturday but tng in north portion; normal t»inp«rnturoii; northwest winds. Southern California: Fair tonight and Siilurdiiy hut overcast Saturday morning m>ar coast; no change In temporalunv, gtuitlu to moderate northwest winds off tho coast. terment will be In Union cemetery. I TIMON—The body or James Henry Tlnuiri, 53, of 121.1 Afln«t«atith street, W»H taken to Sun Frunclsco yi-Hti-rduy afternoon for funural MorvlcuH iiQti intennunt. rjoughty- t'ulhpun-O'Meara vhupol was In chargu i.f arrangements. Union Cemetery FURNISHES MONUMENTS GRAVE MAHKKR8 FLOWER CONTAINERS •fltis lew In ks*eln| with tit limit Offlte •! GMitery. Ttlspkens 21)1 OFFICES: Bivtrly llilli Lot Angtltt B*/it,ifitlJ .V<m Diego Salt Laki Financial News quot;id'oni anil important limHcijI nru-l from Iruling fiiuntijl cctitfri are wired direct to our oflicei and immediately potted for your inlormation. Our board room is maintained lor your convenience and uir it all tinirl. J. A. HOGLE & CO. MEMBI.M N»AV ^'URV STOCK I-.ACIIANGK KtlaUiiM 1915 H08 .SrventPmith Street J'lionu -240

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