Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1908
Page 5
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TO-NIGHT. Yandeville jM^n Fleor 20c Balcony 10c 00000000004-000000 o o O lOLA YETERIXART HOSPITAL O O O O , Frank S. BeatUe, T. O O Telephone 139. Prop. O O O O O O O O 00000 4-00 O.O O O EAT Qunther's Candies! Complete Line at i SPENCER'S CHIEF GATES HAS A liETTEB FKOX A WIDOWEK. ! DenniM, Kaous, Man l>'a»to • Hoise* Keeper— SollcitM AM of Police to Get Life Partoer. liJJiL ..Ail DB. J. F. JAMESON, The Sneeessfal Ane- lUoneer, Teterlnarlan. Farm mlrs nr PciiiRrcol slock Mlc« mndc niiywhrrc. VotiT Innry cnllj* nnswiTt -d itay or liiKht. Office with I >nii ):1iis-< Bioa. Pliciic i\, rcMilfiu -e .-lo lOI.A. KANSAS. Chief of Police wnillam Gates boa established a niatrinionial agency and Is now a comiicllfor of Cupid. Today he received hia tint aiiplication for a wlte. When the imstnmn orrived at thi; jKjllce court this morning a letter postmarked "Dennis. Kansas" was lying oil the chief of (Mllce's desk. The ctunninniratiou ran along something like this: •1 saw an account some days ago .if a woman deserting her child In a neighboring town because she had no Iionie. 1 was unfortunate enough to my wife some time ago and now need a housekeeper. If you think that she Is deserving I would like her address." That the author was sincere is shown by the fact that he enclosed stamps for a reply. .Mr. Gates says that he is willing lo recommend any other lady whom lie knows Is deserving. CITY NEWS. Hrothcrhood Supper at Presbyterian thurch, Tuesday, January Hth, tj p. m. MRS. KVEUKTT Kankin and bab.v lit Inla eame up yesterday for a visit at the home of her uncle, W. K. Hempstead. .Mrs. It;inkin will lie remembei-- od as .Miss Vija Searls—Garnelt News. Or. Mitchell, oilicc and residence, 'phone -10. Till-: Oll.WGK .ludd Farmer of .lanuary 11 runs a jiicture of Confress man Scolf iuid u brief biographical sketch. II says the farm Interests will have a linn friend In Scott as chairman of the commllteo on agriculture. The Improved. .InllKcptle Foot Powder. For Tender. lilKlered.'Snre and Pe^^pl^ing Fret, Chilblains, Chufinir. etc. S .*t Cents a Ilex. BnrrelFs Drag Store The Resall Store. WEST SIDE SQIAUE. Powell, the real estate man, has a Ifew thousand dollar* to loan on farms iat a reasonable rate. IT IS somellmos thought that corn when grown in one lorallty for years runs out, but that this may be a mist,;ken notion is shown by a sample •xliibiletl by Frank Fussinan In Humboldt some time lyio. The stn'ks of this corn were 21 feet liigli an<l each sialk had two good ears on it. The seed from which these stalks were grown was first broiiglu to Allen county by Mr. Fussmans father fil years ago. Not niurh "ni i mit" In this case, is there?—Toji Ka Capital. Take our Watches, Clocks and Jewelry to Q A. LEFFLER, and get them repaired. Satisfaction Guaranteed. ^Th^G^tes^enin^^ooWo^^ the yrar 1907 vias "The Lady of the Deoormtion" By Francis Little. It was In the six best sellers seven times, and at the head of the list three times—few books make such a record. The publishers arc far behind on orders, are running two binderies night and day to catch up on this little book. Have you read It? Evans Brosm THE BOOKSELLERS. ETerybody Knows Where. K. .T. Davis .Moving Van. Phone 909. iiig the past several months. THK .V.\N Vancll. who Is in jail at l.Kiwronce, cJiarg.^d with the murder of his wife, is a shoemaker with a cork lep. and a. pasty complexion, and the descrii)tions of him do not indicate that he Is fascinating. Yet his pipularity with women Ms at the bottom of the trouble ho finds himself in. .-\s a mnrdorer his work is coarst and It will probably be easy to convict him. — Emporia Gazette. Will pay good price for a dog. .\p- ply first house south of .11 East Irvin. ndng dog. University of Kanso SCHOOL OF MEDICINE MEDICIXE. Canditl.-iles for the profession of medicine slmiild study the advantages offeied by Die University of Kansas. This scliiiol is peer of llie older and belter known universities in the east. For ciitiaiice some preliminary college work is required, i-'or two years' work in college and four years in the sehiKil of .Medicine, the I'nlvcrsity giants boili tlw .\. II. and M. D. .Vddress the Registrar at Lawrence. M itsix;. Young wiinieii wlm wisli ii> prepare for nursing should wiii" till' principal of Ibe 'rialiiing Scbiuil for nurses of ihe I'lil- versliy of Kansas at Ito .-i 'dale. Tills sdiool gives a three years' course and excels In the li'cture work and Ihe variety of material liresented lo the piipil.-i. The pupils are alloweil $.S.IMI a iiioiith iirst year for expenses. $10 .or> second year, and $iri .00 the third year. Candidates innsi be healthy and high school graduates. i)N THE IliTH CongroMloiial CommlttM Caliod To. gothor on That Data. Mr. L. L. Northrup. chairman of the Second District Congressional Committee has called the nie?tlng for 11 o'clock on the 16th. at the Hotel OInthe. In Olathe, Kansas. The call sent out by Mr. Northrup reads as follows: "A meeting of the Congresslona! Committee for the Second Congressional District of Kansas is hereby called to meet at Hotel Olathe. Olathe, Kansas, at ll:no o'clock a. m., Thursday, January 16th.. for the pur- IKjse of considering the time and i.ianner of nomlnatinp a candidate for Congress from said district, and for the sslection of a presidential elector, delegates and alternates to the National convention, and such other hnsincRS as may properly come before said meeting. We trust that evi»ry member of the committee wt'l arran?To to bo present. GEO. \j. DAVTS. Secretary. L. I.. NORTHUCP. Chairman. OF DiSEASE AHD SOFFEfflM No truth is more forcibly manifested in physical life than theoldsayinff *• tike begets like;" for jiist as the offspring of healthy antesttr an blcsscu with pure, rich blood, insuring health and strength, so the children of blooa tiintcd parentage inherit a polluted circulation to burden their otistcnce with disease and sufTering. Swollen glands about the neck, brittle bones, wc;ik eyes, pale, wa.xy complexions, running sores and ulcers and oeneral poor health, are the usual ways in which Scrofula is manifested. In some cases the blood is so tilled with the scrofulous germs and tubercular natter tliat from birth life is made miserable with suffering. Others who Inherit the disease succeed in holding the trouble in «3ieck during jroung, vigorous life, but when the system has begun to weaken and lose its natural vitality, an<l especially after a spell of sickness, the ravages of the disease will fSntH- mencc, and in a gfreat many cases terminate in Consumption^ S. S. S.,ls tb« very best treatment for Scrofula. It renovates the entire circnlatio^ Mid drives ont the scrofulous and tnbercnlar deposits. S.S.S. is the greatest of all blood purifiers, and it not only goes to the vtry bottom of the trouble and removes the cause and cures the disease, but it supplies the blibci 'tfrcrraoi c a«aemic blood with the healthful rUlfCLT VbaClAiSLb properties it is in need of. S. S. S. ismade entirely of healing, cleansing roots, herbs and barkis, and is an absolutely safe remedy for young or old. Book'dn the blood and any medical advice about Scrofula ^iven free of charge. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., AILAHTA, GA. THE K. C. MARKETS Two and One-half Million Paid to Farmers Last Week at Kansas Citv. WILLNOT WITHDRAW Report That Stubbs Minht Withdraw Branded as False. BERT Dunham, of lola. who Is'inl the fiirnitiiro business, and .lames N. Dunham, of Chaflin. Kans.. were here last week visiting their mother. Jfrs. Dunham, widow of the late 'Squire Dunham, of Miami township. Mrs. Dunham moved to P.iola last fall. .Tim is general western distributor of stock ffxxl and stock remedies, with head- qiiarlers at Claflin. Barton county. Edgar Dunham lives on his farm northwest of town.—Paola Western Spirit. Edgar's New Feed Store, telephone T .'i. Best feed. Quick deliver.v, .Meet all competition. SUPREME COURT PASSED ON 2. TELE^HOXE TOUi WAXT ADS. TO 1!HE BEGISTEB OFFICE. AB lin accomodation, the Register recelres ads for its want columns over the telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or 222, and It will receive careful attention. ; To Trade for Live Stock. Qne 4 room house in lola. One i roomed house In La Harpe. KO; scents. Itiqulre at Register office. George Harper Case Will be Tried Anain in District Court. The case of George Harper vs the I<.la Portland Ceni?nt company, a suit broRcht to recover personal injuries several years ago, will be tried again in district court. The case went up to the supreme court or: an error for rehearing but the petition was denied •Saturday. Another case pa.ssed the supreme court Saturday was that cf school district number id vs. Harry Boekman. the proceeClng In error being disiAissed. T1M> Sunday papers coiitaiiiei! a story to the effect that .Mr. Stubbs nili;ht wlthilr.iw from the giibi iiiat- (.rial race in the event that a primary law was p.-ussed. This statcni.-'nt caused considerable concern among .Mr. Sliibbs's friends here as ihey feel that Mr. Stubbs should stay in the race to the last and the fol'owlug ilatement issued from Stiiblis's h.^^d- ((iKuters will doubtless be good news ic fheni: "The report tliat lias b<\on circulated around Topeka and printed in some of tlie papers to the effect th,lt .Mr. Stubbs would wiiTii^raw from the •;;ce fur Governor is without foundation. Mr. Stubbs is out making s|)ei-cbes ev.Tv niplit. and we .are pusliin:: the work t:<'ri- at beadnuar- ti rs. We are highly pleased with the eiitlnok. It ciiu'd nut be better, and we trust our friends will |iay no atlr-n- tioii to any unaiilborj/.eii reports tha' may be circulated in the future." GET NORTHRUP COUNTRY HOME C- D. Trenary Disposes of Town Property Today. Good Agents .make $5 .00 and more per day selling new'Automatic Fastener for either skirts or trousers. Unrivaled agency proposition becaiise repeat sales are guaranteed. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer to represent us. Automatic Hook ft Eye Co.. Hoboken. N. J. January Sale of Odd Pant5 Save $1.50 to tiM on the Pah-. Che BaftlaylSHields Clothing Cor THE STOpiB THAI SATISFIES. .\ dial wav; closed this morning whereby G. D. Trenary of this city cf)mes into possession of the former cuiiitry luuue owned by I.. I.,, .\orth- nip of this city. .Mr. Tr-nary traded two residence properties. one on North Wasbiiigion and the otlier on .North Walnut street to Mrs. Alice Springs for .nil eighty acre farm seven Uilles north of this city, known as the -Vorthrup country home. .Mr. Trenary' move into ihe country a's soon as he can get possession. The deal was made through the lola I-and company. Kansas City. .lau. 1'.—Kansas Cit r.aekers paid more than IVi mil'ion dollars for the hoes that they pur- chasi d last week. The total reo»ipt v.ere by far the largest In the liistor of the mark't. amounting to ;ibnul l.'.u.iioil. ..\t the stock yards the oflic ial count was i:'.:!.".?:^ and aboMt IT. Iiiiit niiue wen- reeived at the Fowlei yards. The week's n-ceipts w^>re Jiw ••ilifnit douli'e thos,' of the coir.-espond ii.g week last year. Packers took alMiiif I,':.':.Oiin and about IT.t'OO wen shipped ICost "on the nrxif." The movement was large to every oth»r market also. Chicago had ".no ft >n and the five )iriiic.ipal packing cen lers. City. (I.lcago. Sr. .Tos rph. Omaha and St. I.ouls. received if .ln.i ;ni» hogs. K year aco for th< siMue week the five markets received .•;:iL '.ml(l. Didn't Lower the Price, Either. The extraordinary large, supplied v.ere marketed without causing any important chance in prices. Packer showed a desire to bny ail they coub .uet at the |)revaillng prices, whic! are about $2 lower on We hundred I'oiinds than a year ago and the low est in about eight years. Packers say the big receipts of hogs n(,w arc due to the fact that many fi eders who onllnarily would have shipped in November and December held back liecause of the unsettlet financial condition • in tnose months nnd are now eagre to let po. rather than feed any more high price corn and take chances of severely cold weather. The hogs kilb-d in City last week made a total of IS .million lbs. •'l.roduct." Including a'l the various forms in which the ftog is marketed. This Packers Have Confidence. About 114 million dollars was paid for the week's supply of cattle, so lb;it ilurlng the week the stockmen of the Soiii Invest received no less I ban LMi million dollars from Kansas City, after deducting the freii -'ht bills. The n'adln;>ss of the packers to tirke such large supplies is evidenci that Ihey have confidence In the future demaiiil for meats, and It is an indication, also, that money is now plentiful for packing operotions. Pack.-'rs felt the pinch of the recent linaneial sirincency about as acutely as any other business men. They v,ere forced to reduce operations, sell large quantities of the reserve prodiici ill tlii'ir and pay j>art of the money they owed to the banlcs. But the financial strain evidently has been rcdievcd now, with them. MISS .Minnie Bowcn. of the Garfield school, is reported as lie- ing very ill today. She was not alile to work. SI'RVEY stakes were placed today on South Wnlnut strset so that the Horton Concrete company may proceed with the laying of the curbing. CECII.. Ke'lpy who has been visiting with friends and relatives in the city for the past three wseks will return to .Vcw Mexico tomorrow morning Mr. jKelley went to New Mexico about two .vears ago ago In the hO|)cs of benefitting his health, and liked the cllmat? so well that he engaged la the mercantile business and has made that state his home since that time. Owing to our leaving for Barfles- ville we -have placed our account*: with A. I. Rayle for collection. All those knowing themselves Indebted to us will call and settle same at once. —P. H. O'Connor, Dr. C. W. Rennick. Installs New Machine. Ben Railove. the shoemaker at 21" South Washington, has Installed a machine for sewing on .shoo soles. This is the only machine of its kind in the city and means a great deal in the saving of time and money. You can now g?t your shoe soles sewed on in a very few moments while with the hand sewing an hour's time was required to do the work. The best .oewed soles for men which formerly cost Sinn can now be had for cents: !adi>s' best which were formerly 75 cents are now Cf cents, f^e will nail on men's soles for 6."> cents an<l ladles' for 3;"> cents. Men's rubber heels 40 cents .and ladles* ZXi cents. Ben says If you wish to save money always \ny a welt ahoe. J tin lor I>er>airtnxent Store Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies NIrm Business Man Nothing adds to your business prestige like n««t. attractive printing. The REGISTER is equipped to I furnish your Commercial Printing, Blank Books and Stationery—the neat, attractive kind. Phone 18. KELLY PREACHED YESTERDAY. Large Nuirber Took Part in Communion Services. Thai the affairs of the (•::i>t lola church are in good coinTIiion now is evid.^nci d by tbe followiim r- pori which was sent to the Re^istiT this niorninz. It 'V. BiTiianl Keliy. pri' cider of ihe Ottawa district of tlu-i South Kansas conic-cnce, prt';«-lnil an able scri'.mii at tbe K i ^t lnl.i Trinity <-!.iircb .\'.'-tcri!ay inortiin;; and at the close <.f tii.- ser \ici- over one hnndred communicants parlixik of the sacraim III of tti.- l.oid's siiprii-r. Tl '.e lar.ut-st iiiiiiib«r tliat at any re.ic- ular communio service has ever t .ikeii jiart. The r.'-porls at the quarterly c'liiftifiire Satin day even- iliir showed the rhiiicli to be in th.- best coiii'.ition of its ctitire history. The Ijidics" .\id soci-'ty rejiorl sliow- •d t;:at In Ii'ss th :iii five nioii'hs ihey hail cleared by their eft'orts ovi -r ?l '2.'>. The Sunday school iiiLT -r the efncieiit ir.anagement of Dr. .1. I!. .Mauley liad a splendid report. Th Te was not a di.'iSentiii.c: voice nor ev <n a note of an.xieiy sounded during tiii- !ove feast that preceded the hiisiriess .-ies .'-ioii. I'or at any time during tli.' entire services. .\r tile evi 'ii'iig .••ervi 'ci- cKiidiicted by the i):ihtor there \vas a crowih'd lioti^e and four new nieinliers were rec-iveil into ti:e chiinli. D. T. Siuitli. Pres. 'i!oard of Trusie«s. Public Sale I will sell at Public Sale on the 11'ickel farm miles west of La Haipo 'on . Monday, Jan. 13. j (•'inmiiiiciii.:; at 10 o'clock a. m. th* following described property: Live Stock—Twenty-five head of dairy cows, some are fresh and some will he fresh soon. I-^ve calves; on« team brood mares; one team ponies. One milk wagon; one cow barn Terms of Sale—All sums of 110.00 and under cash. All sums over 110.00 Mine months time will be given with nilerest at fi jier cent Interest from daci. t; per cent off for cash. W. E.riurphey Col. C. S. Bishop. Auctioneer. One of the callings of a newspaper is to do good. The Register belieives that if it can those who ara'out of work to find iiositions that it will be doing a great deal, so commeneias at fince. The Register' will hereattar until due notice is given, publish alt- ii.-ition wantefl ads three times free of charge. Deserving are invited to taka adv.-uitage of this opportunity. — 30,000 COPIES PRINTED-? AND MORE POPULAR THAN EVER BETH NORVELL Bjr RANDALL PARRISH ThK interest ta this vigorous, clean-cat. new atmy Is confined to no section, but is spread over Ike conntry front sea to sea. There arc good for this, for it has Hie. color, rapid Intense sttnaUons. and breathlesa elimazcs— Inst tlie Clements that malie a novel EVERY BOOKSELLER HAS IT A. C McCUniG « CO.. POBUSBEBS. OnCAGO

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