Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1909 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1909
Page 3
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^JVbf Sisters Now aad aida -raa ae* two' imt dowa tb* aCMt wiio look Uko riatan. Y«n «e •rt—wtuB to iMra ttet Omr «• •wtter aod daa^tor, and yo« rtaliM that • womao at forty or fbrty-iv* oolbt to bo at bar iooit aad luroat. Wby IMI ^ it ao?- Tbe faiMnl bM^th «i wooMa k ao nk* timatdy aMoeiatad widt tha loeal haalth of tba Maaatiailr imiaiM (irgna Oat tbcra can bo no red ehwiu and roood form wbcra thera i* femalo waalmaai. wfao bavo •ufforod from troabio havo found prooijpt ralUf aad. oaro ia tha nao of Ur, Florea'a Farorito PraMr^tion^ It gfirm TJ ^or aad vitality to tbo orfaaa of woaaaabood. It claara tbo oooiplazioB. briftteaaa tbo ayaa and roddaaa tba ohackt. No aloohol, or babit<foniun| dni|a U contained ia Favorite Preaeription.** Ally lick woBMO aiay eooault Dr. Pieroe by letter, free. Every letter la held ai taeradFy oonfidaotial, and anawercd in a plain envelope. Addteaa: Worid't OUpenaary Medical AsaocUtioa, Dr. R.V. Pieroe, Pre*.. Buflalo, N.Y. Woi NEWS OF GAS CITY R. A. JOHNSON RESIGNS MANAflE- MENT OF SHANNON STORE. E. STANLEY HIS SUCCESSOR CONDITION OF PORTED AS SERIOrS. The official boards of the Christian and Presbyterian churches. United Presbyterian Church. The regular services will be held in the Presbyterian church on the coming Sabbath as usual. The church is now centrally located and any who may not have a church home are cordially invited to worship with us. The Bible school at 9:4S; we have a place for alt who do not attend the Sabbath school elsewhere. Preaching service at 11:0(» o-'clock n r vit\- K w I i^i'lJJect: "The law of the Harvest.'" U. I. nil i> «*••.Junior meeting at r: o'clock, and Senior prayer meeting at 7 o'clock. Ev- I'Hing serviof at 7:4S. W. X. I>eeper, pastor. kged .Van Iiijiireil in an Arcidcnt- Herivul .Meetlnp* Are to Beein Soon—Personals. R. A. Johiison Resigns. R. A. Johnson, who has lu'en th< manager of the filiaiinon Uaniwan sioro since it was established in this! ciiy, ha.s tendered his re.'^ignatioii to take effect January m. E. T. Stanley, formerly manager of the Shannon store at l.aHarpe will take cha:-g'' of the Gas City store. Mr. Johnson FirenM'n's Ball. The .N'ew Year's eve ball given by I he members of 111* Gas City fire department in the Gas City oi>era honse night before last was a success. There was a good attendance and everybody spont an enjoyable evening. The Els, .more orchestra furnished the music. , I Hurl t'o.w Klmer Uindquist and Chas nraden were the members- of the orchestra. They were assisted by .Miss lone Taylor at the piano. Firemen Gave Parade. The meniber.s of the fire deimrtmeni "',„""' u^u,igave-^ a parade ye.sterday afternoon, will probably return to Tola to his tor-,,,,,^^, J^^^^ ^..^^ j,^,,^^ ^ mer hom^. ' Her Mother III. Mrs. W. H. Monniger has beon summoned to Rantoul, Kas., by a telegram conveying the news of the serious ill- ,aess of her mother. he participants were dressed in com- is costumes. In Serious Condition. The condition of O. C. Fry. an elderly gentleman of this city, who accidentally fell and suffered a dislocated hij) several days ago. is reported as serious. Mr. Fry has suffered a stroke of paralysis prior to his accident and has been in poor health. To Wichita. Roy Bear, who has been visitin? relatives in this city for several days will leave todav for his home in Wichita. Kas. Home From Longton. William Perry has returned from Ivongton, Kas.. where he has been on a business visit. To Hold Revival Servhies. -Announcement is made that the official iJoards of the Christian and the Presbyterian churches have arranged for a series of revival meetings to com mence January ?. and continuing for a period of four weeks. January 3rd to 10th inclusive, is the week of prayer, ob.«erved ever.v- where as such, and will be observed here, by prayer,Services in the bonnes of those Interested in an evangelistic movement. .. The. prayer meetings will begin on Wiext Monday evening, and three meet- ines for prayer will be held eeach ev- Wng of next week, excepting Saturday venlng. On Monday evening, the llth of January will begin the preaching service. The first week's service will be held in the Presbyterian church au'l th<' second week's service will be held In th. Christian church. The third week's service In the Presbyterian church and the fourth week In the Chri :Ui .in. The preachei^ and evangelist will be the Hev. Dr. Kllett, pastor of the Christian church of tola. Annoimcements will be. made from Hme to time of these services as they progress. Attend Nordica foncert. A party of Gas City jieople will attend the Nordica concert, to be given in Oitawa on the evening of January IS. ICdwiii H\inier. famed locally as H VDcjiisi. will be among the number. Miss Lleuranre Entertains. Miss Ix'oti Lieu ranee was hostess to a party of young friends at her home in this city last evening. The evening was pleasantly spent in social dl- vertisements. A Slump In t»re Prices. The Kansas City Journal says: Tlie week's zinc ore market in the Kansas Missouri mining district opened today at $40 and $40..iii. a slump of |1 and $1.50 under last week's prices Is represented, due largely to recent heavy purchases by smelting com- panie.s. The demand for lead ore is firm, but last week's .high price of $."iO per ton is unchanged. RartiesTille Man Here. G. R. McKinley. a BartlesviHe business man. is spending a few days visiting in Gas City. He is a brother of .Mrs. l^ttie Kiuman. Ifonie From Rjrh Hill. Miss Zella Page has returned home from a visit with relatives in Rich Hill. PenionaLs. Miss Hattle Adams Is visiting in Colony. Miss Gladys Bedwell. of lola. is visiting at the home of Mrs. J. W. Dunbar. Guy Taylor has secured a iwsltlon with a drilling company at .N'eodesha vieorge McKinley. of BartlesviHe. is in the city on .Miss Matilda Koll. of Eureka, is a gtiesi at the home of relatives In this citv. A number of young friends were giie.sts at a watch jiarty at the home of .Mi.-is I.ieurance on New Year's eve. —Try Sea Food If you feel bad Fresh from Ocean.—"Our Way." Ballet Church. W. H. Garileld, pastor. Sunday, school at 9:46 a. m. Momins service at 11. ^ Bennon. "How We Got Our Blbls."i , B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Srening service at 7:80. . Sermon, The First of a Series from Books." "The Story of My Life," by Helen Kellsr, or "Overcoming Person al Limitations." St TImotliy'K Episcopal Chureb. There will be service and sermon to morrow morning at 11 o'clock. Sub- lect of sermon. "Taking Accour- of Time." Special music for the offertory. Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. All are cordially invited. REV. J. D. KRinHM. D. D. Flnt Methodht Cbnreh. Sunday school at 9:45 with the new offlieers In charge. Bro. Dennis hopes to see a fine attendance in the be^n- nlng of the year. Why would it not be a good time to start to Sunday school? The pastor, J. M. Mason, will preach at II on one of the elen^enfs of strength and baptise candidates and open the doors of the church. Jimior and Epworth League at the jsual time and the pastor will preach ind conduct a revival service at 7:30. The subject of this Service is "How I .May Know I Am Saved." This very interesting subject will be handled ind an opportunity for knowing for tny who may be in doubt on the subject, will be given. Special music and everyl)ody is invited to attend. Remember this is the first Sunday jf the new year. What a golden op- [>ortunity it is to get right with Ood. First Chnrch of Chrlxt, .Scientist. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject. •God." Testimonial nieeting Wednesday at S p. m. Services held .In Christian Science 'lall at 110 lOast Jackson. The hall la ised as a reading room from 2 to 4 >. ni. each week da v. .MRS. LIZZIE S. DEWATE^RS. F^^st Reader. ntTERESTniG SFMMABT OF t»HE PRODUCTION AND PBI(!E. 1%: ^ ^ ihftftACIE .PRICE LOWEH DECRKA-SE IX TOMPARLSOX TFITH LAST TEAR. rndtrsherlff Attaches Land—LaHarpe Tracbem Thlt-.-?f<»ws Notes and Penonals. AtUched Land. A. L. Boatrlght. undersherlff, waa in LaHarpe Thursday evening serving processes from the district conrt. Among the official procedures was the attachment of some land near La­ Harpe pending the adjustment of some litigation now pending In court Prf-ftliyteriaii Church. First Thorth, The pastor. Rev. S. S. Hllscher, will preach in the morning on "Praying in the Holy Ghost." ind wl;l discuss the mater of the Im- inuel movement and its posslbllltlies. Don't fall t%;hear this sermon. In the evening the Emporia College Glee club will give a sacred concert, " •'•hlch everv one. Is cordially Invited. /" Sabbath school at 9:4.'i a. m. and C. at 6:30 p. m. Little Baildrr.« Chapel. .Mrs. E. N. I ones, Supt. iioys' School at 2 p. m. Regular school at 2 p. m. There will be no evening meeting, jwing to the sacred concert at the First Church. BtaMttett CbapeL William Davis. Superintendent. Sabbath school at 3 p. m. The Emporia College Glee club will sing tonight at the Presbyterian church. Everj'body is Invited. There tre twenty-five in this club and they wi!l give some fine musid The ad- -nlsslon is free to all. and the church ihonld be packed to the door. Come ind bring all you can with you. They Ail! also give a Sacred Concert Sab- lath evening. Hear them this even- ng and you will want to hear them Sabbath evening. This club has been naking a tour of the towns of south- astern Kansas during the vacation md met witii the greatest success. Lotheran Service. The regular Lutheran service with nreachlng In German will be he'd in the G. A. R. hall Sunday. Jan. 3, at J-30 p. m. Everybody welcome. J. W. WERLING. Pastor. Remarkable Story The story of Mrs. Matilda Warwick, of Kokomo, IncL, as told below, proves the curative properties of that well-known female remedy, Wine of Cardui Mrs. Warwick says: It Wfll Help Y4 "I suffered from pains in my head, shoulderSi' limbs, side, stomach low down, dizziness, chills, nervousness, fainting spells and other female troubles. I was almost dead. Three doctors did not help me. At last, I took Cardui, and with the first bottle obtained relief. Now I am cured. But for Oardni, I would have been dead." Try Oardui. AT ALL Dm a STOBES Refonned Charck. Sunday school at 9:45. the newly elected officeris taking charge. Preaching at 11 and 7:30? Woman's .Missionary meeting Thurs- lay at 2 p. m. at Mrs. Joseph Esther- oil's in Third street. Subject, "The ^^'orld's Greatest Need." The congregation will unite with 'he other churches next week in observing the "Week of Prayer." St John's Church. Masses at 8 and 10 a. m. Sunday school at 2:30 p. m. Vespers 7:30. Sermon. 10:30. The Trials of F^lth. Collection at all services for relief of earthquake sufferers in Italy. 11 Second Baptist. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Praise and Covenant meeting B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. Preaching at 8. Sermon, "The World's Tndebtedner.a to God.*' You are cordially invited to worship with us. At each of these services visitors are welcome. J. W. GORDON. Pastor. Ore Production. The Joplin Gtobe gives the following summary of ore production and price in the Joplin district: The camp totals for the ore production In the Joplin district for the year 1808 have Just been carefuly compiled and the results show that some sur- nrislng and more hopeful features for the district in the wonderful gains made by a large number of the camps even under the prevailing low prices for both ores during the past year. No less than eight cam|>s showed great gains In tonnage ranging from .350 to G.500 tons. Other camps showed decreases ranging from a small tonnage up to 10.000 tons. The gains lacked but 27.000 tons of evenly balancing accounts. Of the camps showing gains, Miami took the lead, showing an-Increase of 6..'iOO tons, and producing It all the last three-quarters of the year. The camp also Increased Its lead tonnage more than any other camp, adding a total of l.liriO tons more than It did last year. Webb Clty-CartervlUe came next in increase of production, increas ini: Its oiitDut over its 1907 record 2000 ton. Carthage came a close second, having almost doubled its outpnt. Spring City also heaviy increased Its production, which was close'y followed by Snrcoxle. Carl Junct'on. Quapaw and Zincite-Sherwood. The camps "ufferins- most in decrease were Galena. Alba, >TopIIn and Duenwek. There was an Increased lead production from Spring City and Miami, while Seneca appeared this year with almost 200 tons to its credit. A notable feature of the increase In production has been that it has been principally in log grade ore. The Miami ores that have been marketed for the greater part of the y^ar ran from 45 to 56 per cent zinc with heavy iron content. The later sales have been of mu3h higher grade owing to better concentration, and the outook for the camp in 1909 is very bright. The increase of ore in Spring City has also been divided between high grade blends and lower grade silicates. The ores from Sarcoxie have also contained a considerable tonnage of silicate. The Carthage ores have been high grade for the most part throughout the year, while the increased production from Carl Junction has also been made up of high grade concentrates. The average price of zinc, all grades, was $34.40 per ton. which, as compared with the 1907 price, is »9.28 less. The average price of all grades of lead was $55.03, which Is $13.86 less than the 1907 price. From this It ap- penrs that zinc ore nrices have fallen off 21 per cent while lead has fallen off 20 per cent from the nrices that prevailed during 1907. During the asme period the zinc production only fell off 9:4 per cent*, while the lead pro/lnctlon suffered only 6.7 per cent de.-llne. Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Roberts, a days this week.Elsmore Leader. I^Harp* TsacherS' Vacation. Misses Grace Woods. Esther Un- qulst and Josie Nicholson, all of whom are teaching In I.AHarpe schools, spent the holidays at home.^Elsmore Leader. May Locate Here. R. S. Johnson, who for some time has been manager of the T. B. Shannon hardware store in Gas City, has resigned his position and may conclude to locate In LaHarpe. Old Maids Return. The ladies of the Second Baptist church will entertain the public at Booker's hall on Thursday night, Januar}- 7th, with Old Idafds Return from the Klondike after a Stay of One Year. You cannot afford to miss this play. Admission will be announced later. Hall north side square. Makes Fine Racord. Miss Pearl Groomer, an lola cotorf ed giri. who ia making an unaaually fine record at the State Normal school at Emporia, where she graduates this year, has been offered several good positions as instructor for neoet year. She has not yet decided which to accept. Miss Groomer irill return to the normal tomorrow mfter liaving spent the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Groomer. Sues on a Nott. The Citizens' NaUonal Bank of Fort Scott brought suit in district conrt today againat J. B. Good to recover 1700 alleted to be dae on a promki- •ory note given Kay 14, 1907. Tbe° rote wNs tRidaallv for IBM but M<hl» 1250 jraa paM. 4.. .^^ , Still Hopeful. Though there has not been, as yet. any additional resumption of work In the smelters, the people are hopeful that with the coming of the ribw year, new blocks will be started. The blocks In the east works have been repaired and are said by workmen to l>e In fine condition for operation. Visited in Elsmrre. Misses Pearl and Ethel Huff of Savonburg. and Mr. Justice Roberts, of LaHarpe, visited their aunt and uncle. Habitual of tlttog tniV > jvhtrK enables piwiojforiR rtpatf txAWt, aoUy 5o that asti^ance 10 M- Mwn no ungnr nMaed ASuie WStsf lfcine(bes,»4ieii -rc^tnedt oreta aaaM noine and Mat ts MpfkiMt^ ttstian. •tactions, >»KicK mu^depciHi uHi* Mottafy QpoH proMf uoutiiKweht, CAumm MEET THE GREATEST REDUCTIONS In LADIES, MISSES aad O^ILBBENS CLOAKS of the season. 206i Handscmie Cdats for you to seieet irom. Every Qarinent win fi:o reipardless of Cost Price. We wilJ give yon more than the proiit. niLLINERY EVERY HAT A BEAUTY. 67 Hats for you to select from at 60e on the dollar. Nothing Reserved—Everything goes. We ask you to come while the assortment IS good as they will not last long at these prices. HANDSOHE DRESS GOODS AND SILKS to please at the lowest possible price, for bright new goods. RICHARDSON'S 113 EAST MADISON few Bank Soes J. E. Goede. Undersherlff A. L. Boatright yesterday attached the undivided one-half Interest of J. E. Goode, in lot 6 block 4. In the city of La Harpe. The pro-' cess was Issued from the district court in the case of the Citizens National bank of Port Scott vs. J. E. Goode. Ylslthig fai La Harpe. Night OfHcer Frank Reese, of Moran, spent yesterday in La Harpe visiting at the home of his brother-in- law. Albert Waters. Occnpy Mnnen Residence. Mr. and Mrs. L. Hottewltz have moved from their former home on McKinley street to the residence formerly occupied by C. D. Mullen and family. 08TE0FATHT- DB. ft Ji. ALnnnmn. Registered Ostaopatbic FtaysicMA. State Bank Dldg. Phone 146 Only Osteopath is La Harps i>r. McGHI Gmms Better. Dr. J. F. McOill, who has been very ill for sotne time Is reported much injproved. Hold EraBfclhtle .Weetlngs. Rev. Mrs. Hnbbard, pastor of the FVIends church, will leave soon for Jewell county where she will hold revival meetings. To Bear Kordka. •Mrs. C. L. Evans and Mrs. Ed* Danforth will be members of a La Harpe party which will go to Ottawa January 18 to hear Nordica In concert. L. L. Jackson Improvhig. The condition of L. L. Jackson, who sustained severe injuries in a run-away some time ago. Is reported as much improved. TH08. H. B0WLU8, Praaldant. J. F. SCOTT, Caahlsr. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,OOOU>0 - DIRBCTORS A. W. BMk. L. C Bsatty. A. J. Fultan. W. J. Bvsns. J. O. W. L. Bartlea, Thos. H. Bowlus. wetssue our owm oRMenom mu. ttmoPEMM potmrt SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM |2 TO|6 PER YEAR.: INTEREST FAIO ON TIME OEFOSITS. NOT A HOLIDAY CELEBRANT. lola Police Court Record Blank For Festal Season. Not a Christmas or New Tear's day drunk. Not a single case arising f rma an undue celebration of the holiday season. That's the record for the lola police court. And comparing this record with that of other cities. It places this city in a tnost favorable even if it is bielated." Mr. Rawlin^s is as bnsy as can-he now getting his entire system' together. .He was in Kansas City, yesterday and merely dropped down to Law;- rence for a short conference with the electric line men here. He la most op- tiinisttc over the sltuatlos and says everything could not be more satis- iactory- January I2th. the time llmK for the local company to accept Its franchise and post its |5.000 guarantee expl |e8. Considerable comment has been made light Ail of the towns of any consequence in this section of the state have shown a splendid holiday busi-. upon whether the company wonld poet ness in police court and In Kansas the money or not The World has been City, the Christmas. season was one assored by members of the local com- of riot, revelry and casualty. So bad. <puij that the franchise will be' ac^ In fact, that the newspapers of that-eepted and the guarantee placed in city declare the celebration of Christ- the hands of the city treasnrer. mas worse In effect than the usual "carnage" on the Fourth of July. dm Bargain Conater If SoM Before Jairaary I, IMt. A >200 lot for 1130.00 A six room house and barn.. .ftSO.OO A nice smooth lot, high $80.00 An eastern Oklahoma ranch. $3.00 per acre. WHITAKER & DONNELL. RAWLINQS PLEASED. Some changes will be asked fn the present franchise ifrhich the company holds from the city. These will proV ably come up at the January meeting of the council and it is thought that there will be no doubt but what they will be granted. On a Visit. .Frank Nlmerlck went to Kansas City yesterday for a few days' visit I Says Electric Line Situation is Very •Satisfactory. • Lawrence, Kas., Jan. 1.—R. C. Rawlings, electric line promoter, was in Lawrence today for a few hours, on business. Mr. Rawlings said he had nothing to give out except that everything was moving along nicely and Jlr. Carpenter Here. Ezra Carpenter, formerly .of this city, but now living in New Hantpton, the line was an assured success. Iowa. Is here for a brief visit. He is a "i can say nothing now." said Raw- guest of James Eternell and family lings, "but you can tell the people of who moved here recently from Iowa, j Lawrence that inside of two weeks we ^ wilt give them a bit of news that win. Gnests of J. W. Lawrence. ! be a most welcome New Year's gift. Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, of Toronto, are, 9LCEPEIISI : Vndeftikktrs and v Funeral Directon i CaH« AiMwered Prompdy D«y or Nlgiit Phone I77X. Iola ,K8. guests at the home of J. W. Lawrence j — and family. Moved to La Harpe. E. E. Oschel and family of Fredonia, have moved to La Harpe. Retvms le Mlfwoarl. George Smith has returned home in Moberij-. Mo., after visit with friends In this city. to his, a brief Hold Special Meeting. The La Harpe W. C. T. U. will hold a special meeting Tuesday in honor of the birthday anniversary of Frances Wlllard. PenwHOs. Oscar Bacon, of Geneva. Is the guest of La Harpe relatives. Miss Fannie Benn, of PitUbnrg, i< a gneat at the home of itfiss Dora AI len. E. E. Gates add family are visiting in Lone Bim. INSURANCE! Is a aeceaalty, not a laArr. It la not an ezpenae but aa' In- •estment It la aometliias^Tov must hare hot souethinE yon must be earefal of. as It Is rery Important that the riglit eom- panles are selectsd. I represent the leading eompiialea at the world and would like to SHOW YOU. J. B. rowiu. ITMH BlMl, Mm WHY PAY RENT? r When yon can bay a home with the same money? I have 'some mighty nice properties on rhand right now which I will aell yira (or the aame money that- yon are payiag ont rent for. nel- propertiea ar» well located a^ are a good InTestment All \. want Is a chane^ to SHOW YOO: j.s.rowiu< Braai BM lata.

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