Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 13, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1908
Page 4
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lOLiDilLTltelSTEl GlUBI.B8F .StOn TdepkMM. Reporters' Room ..; 223 Bnilneii Office 18 Entered at lola. Kansma, Postofficei, as Second-class liatter. Idrertialns Rates Hade Known on Application. TWO CONVENTIONS (Continued from page 1.) SUBSCBIFTIOK BiTES. Bj Carrier In lola. Gas CUj, Lanyen TQIe or La Harpep One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cenU One Tear 16 .00 By TUU. One year Inside county .$2M One year ontslde eonnty $1.00 Tturee Mont&s, In advance $1.00 One Month, in advance 44 OmCUL FAFEB, CITI SET. OF BIS- •EMBEB OF ASSOCIATED FBESSj. The lola Daily Befister Is a menber of the Associated Press and Beeelres the day report If that great news er> Raalsatlon for Exclnslre , Afteraeon PnbUcation In lola. 1 i TROOPS TO LEAVE ^'erada M ill Be WiUiont .Militia After Extra ^!te.ssioB BrgluMu WashlnRfon. Jan. 13. —President Roosevelt has decided to withdraw all the federal troojis from Goldneld, Xev.. soon after the legislature IWRins its special session touiorrow. This intention was made known at the WTjite bouse yesterday when the report of the special investigating commission was made public, together with a letter from the president to Governor Sparks, dated January 4. The president says he shall be governed by the recommendations in the report unless the governor can show that the statements of the report are not in accordance with the facts. The report says: "The conditions did not sujiport the general allegations in the governors request for troops to secure the performance by the United Stales of the ordinary i)oIice duties which should, as a matter of course, be performed by Nevada. "The signers of the rei>ort expres-s their conviction that the troops should remain in Nevada until the asseml^ ling of the legislature, so as to prc- sftrve the status quo in order that the legislature may deal with the situation as it exists, but that shortly there after the troops should be removed." The President's Letter to Sparks. In his letter to Governor Sparks the president said in part: "I agree with the recommendations of this report, of which 1 inclose a copy, and shall act accordingjy. t 'n- less it can be shown that the statements of the rei>ort are not in accordance with the facts, it will be incumbent upon the legislature of .Nevada, •when It convenes, itself to provide for the Enforcement of the laws of the state. The state of Nevada must itself make a resolute effort In good faith to perform the police duties incident to the existence of a state.' Reviewing the conditions leading up to the present strike and since the strike began, November 27, 1!«07, the report draws this conclusion: "The action of the mine operators warrants the MM that they had determined upon a reduction in wages and the refusal nf employment to members of the Western Federation of Miners, but that they feared to take this course of action unless they had the protection of federal troops, and that they accordingly laid a plan to secure such jtroops and vul their programme into [effect." ">"e Reauson for Calllnfr Xroop.s." Conditions in Goldfield. the report asserts, did not justify calling for the troops. Thfe single case of the unlawful use of dymanite, which failed to accomplish any damage. TvaS surround ed by such circumstances, the reiwrt says, as to raise a reasonable doubt as to the genuineness of the charge that members of the union were responsible. The great, bulk of the testimony of the oi)eraiors tended to show, according to the report, not the existence of j)ast or iiresent disorder, but the pospibilty of future diaturbanccs should Uie troops be withdrawn. MADE A BIG HAUL Robbers Assaulted Kansas Merchant And Robbed Mim of $18,000. Fairbury, Nebr., Jan. 11.—Jack Lynch, a merchant of PbiUipsburg. Kah., was assaulted at Belleville, Kan. this morning and robbed Of eight thousand dollars In cash and ten thousand dollars in notes. There is no c'ue to the robbers. He was waiting for a Train when the robbcrj* was committed. A. H. T. A. MEETS TOMORROW. County Delegates Consider Purchase of Bloo<f Hounds. The A. H. T. A. met in regular session Saturday aftemosn. Several applications were balloted upon and a number of new candidates wore Initiated Into the order. The county delegates win meet in LA 'iarpe tomorrow afternoon and the representa- tiTea of the several orders of this, cdonty I will talk over the proposition of purchasing a pair of bkiod hotinds for the use of the A. H. t. A. in this eonnty. •- • finished the business and the meet- ins adjourned. "WatUe a great deal of time was consumed in the transaction of the committee business. The Register believes that no committeeman present begrudges It. Chairman Nortbrup gave a free rein and all bad a chance to present their different ideas. The discussions were helpful to a certain extent to all present The committeemen who attended the meeting were: . F. S. McKelvey, Gas; E. G. Hough, second ward, Io!a; G. R. Gard. second waKl. lola; J. C. Mercer, first ward, LaHarpe; J. H. Hamilton, West Cottage Grove; S. F. Hanson. lola township; George L. Jones, S. Geneva; C. A. Fronk, third ward, lola; B. E. Cliffo4, fourth ward, lola"; Wbn. Hubar, Deer Creek; John Aber, Marmaton; N. L: .Ard, N. Elsmore; M. M. Cubblson, Osajie; J. M. Samuels, N. EHsmore; A. P. Harris, first ward, lola; L. U Northrup, first ward, lola; R. E. Cullison. first waM. lola; Carl Reynolds. S. Elsmore; W'm. Turner, fourth ward, iJiHarpc; Thos. Cation, E. Cottage Grove; C. C. Thomas. Marmiaton; A. M. Dunlap. Carlyle;,Jim Pavis. Di-er Crook; E. B. Glover, Humboldt township; J. C. I'tornberg. Humboldt township; John \Vakefl?I(l, second ward, Humboldt: 'E. .\. Wert, fourth ward. Humboldt; .r. H. Osbom. fourth ward. Humboldt; W. T. -McElroy, third ward, Hum- l?oliU; J. H. Hamlin, first ward, Huin- bo:dt. D^'sColdNQse noK meant Sid dof. Oodon {udfe a do^ by his nose and a man by hit hands. foBu with cold hands need Scotfs Emulsion Cold hands often mean thin blood, low vMalHy and poor feeding. SCOTTS ENUtSION hat warmth and vitality and feeding power in it In con* sumption and otiter wattin|{ diseates it feeds the biood and ^Nts the power ti> produce flesh, n n It it It tt ti All Dpwirtsi SOc aad 91-00. SERMON TO WOMEN BET. HILSCHEB GATE IXTEBEST- ISG TALK OX XODEBX CIS- TOMS LAST SIGHT. Says Business Life Is Causing Harked Change In View of llome Life by Gentler Sex. On the Side Lines. The meeting Saturday brought out tl;e candidates In full force and while it is probable that more will show up later on It seems hardly likely, Capt. H. A. Ewing. who will entrr the race for county attorney was present ana entertained the committeemen with short talk during a discussion as to - whether one oi' two conventions would bo held. R. E. Cullison and Wallace .Anderson, also aspirants for ths nomination, wore on the ground (ioing the hand shaking act. E. G. Hough and .Tohn Wakefield who will enter the race against C. E. Adams for clerk of the court wore fairly active. Hough is an lola man and WakpfieUl is a Kiimboldt man. lloth are well known and the race for this nomination will be an interesting one. Mr. .\dams who is not overlooking any bets was also pr<?sent spreading Information that lie will ;ain be a candidate. ' Frank Travis and W. T. Watson, who are looking for senatorial honors arrived early and -Mr. Travis, by permission of the committeemen made a short talk in which he stated that ho desired his name to go before every voter In the best way possible. The friends of M. M. Cubblson from Marmaton township say that he will bo a candidate for comml.ssionor to succeed Mr. Anderson. Marmaton township has not had the commission- or for some time and "s rs/!-fs.»nta- fives at the meeting said that th-y felt that they wore entitled to the honor this time. Mr. Cubbison Is ;n businrss at both Bayard and Mildred and is a progressive young man. He has been identified with the active workers of the party all of his life and the Marmaton people say that they feel in presenting his candiilacy that they are offering a candidate qualified in every way. ,H. Klaumann of lola and J. M. Samuels of Elsniorc. have signified their willingness to pay entrance fees for the troasureship race. Mr. Klaumann and .Mr. Samuels are both wel! nc- qua'nted over the county, having lived In their respective neighborhoods for a gr ?at number of years. R. E. Cox. of El^^nioro, who is being urged by his friends to bocnmo a cantlid.ito for n-prt'sontative was mix iiLc- among the committo<^men. He has not definitely docidr.i whether to make a try for it or not. The reiiort in The Kansas City Stnr of yo.storday that the candidates for covcrnor would be a.skcd to coiifrib:ilc S2."."0 each !•< .grossly incorrfot. .\ mr>tion to that effect was mad.™ and strongly voted down. It requires cut little figuring to show that if each county in the state asked f<-r ihi.s amount the governor would h.ivo very litt'iO left and the Allen county com- mitte.»mon do not care to go on record as beiiig desirous of a.'.king a governor to contribute his services to the state. It Is to be hoped that the various randiilates will not take the Star if-jKirt seriously. The meotin .ir Saturday might o.ts- ily have been taken for nn .Mien ciiup- ty Editorial Association. Every lUr in the cn\inty was ropre.soiit< d oiMier by the editor or th.> "hirod help." OLD rniPI .E OF IOL.\ >KKn VIXH, U StreneihrBs and Vitalfaff. With old ago comes feebleness and o.-s of power: the organs act more :;lowly and less effectually; Die blood if ihin. sluggish and watery; digestion is weak and fond is not assiiuiiatod as it used to be. Vinal repair.=i worn tissues ai\d rhecks the natural decline. It tout'.'; up the digo.-'tive or ^.Tiis. aids assimilation. n):ike:; rich, red bliKv*. :i!id strcnsthons every orsau in the l-odv. In this ni.nnner Viuol riplr .ce-- wenkt'oss with strength. Viiidl is not n p .Tt "ni medicine but :i deli'idtis cod !ivor preparation which contains all the me<licinal body building elements of cod liver oil in a ron- ceatrated form, t.iken from fresh cods' livers, the useless oil eliminated and :o:iic ircm added. It is because we know so well of w hat Vinol is made that we offer to return monov if it fails to benef,!. S. R. iturrell. Oruggisf. lola, Kan.'-as. Try. a Want Ad. In the Rci;Ister. J, D. THOM Palmier aad PaftQr Hawger All work neatly and promptly done. IMioue CIO. Ite!<. 409 .S. Buckeye. At the Presuyterian church last night Kev. Dr. Hilscber took the question, "Can a Girl Be Popular and Be a Christian," as the subject of his sermon. During the course of his remarks Dr. Hllscher spoke of the pres ent time as the woman's' age, and cited the work done by women iu educational, reform and business circles as an illustration. Dr. Hiischer said: "In the great reform movement .'.gainst prison conditions, child labor and other worthy causes one finds women among tue foremost, iu the .^reat colleges a majority of the gradu- aijng students are women and it Is to liie leuiiniue representatives of those institutions ihai many of the scohlar- sliiiiri y". iu the schools there are .score.-) I. oomiieteut women teachers employed uud one can had feminine emidoyes in .my of tne business places of the country. Hut how does the women thus jinmiinent measure up with the women described in the proverbs as to cuaracter and habits'/ The positions to i>c found in the business world are causing women to leave their homes and the different life is pro<iueiiig a marked change in their view:^ of matrimony and the making of homes. The incepeuaencc which <:(mic3 from the knowledge of capability makes women prefer a single life rather than a life with some one who is not abie to care for them as ihiy desire to live. 11 is this attitude which is causiiig the divorce situation, a nieiKU -e to society. Women imcon- .sriousiy assume the principles of the l)usiness world as their own and it is ill the iniiniui-y of the business relation that immodtsty begin.s. .Men are loosing Ihejr chivalry and women are less ready to delect llie first word whicli would one time liave caused them to liJush. "Iteaiity is lur skin deep." and a lieautiful woman without discretion is not pleasing. A v.oman should be virti;i :iis and scorn ail things which tend toward impurity. '.\ gi'od di .s|io.siiioii loo. .should be cultivated. An occasi <Mial ll ;:sh of spirii is not objeetionabie but a continual coiiteiiiiou and na .i:.-iiig is iiii- liear ;il)!e. It is perfectly proin-r lor a woman to study ;i fashion plate and 1 ,1' able to make a neat, pleti .saiit ap- ;:i-,!rani-e. but a woman 's ideal .•should lit" ail ima;;e ivitli a kind dispositiiui ami ui 'iule U!u;ier as well as ciolbcd wi :li tine raiiiieiii. .\ gi;oil woman is industriou:-— sh is not afraid io work aiiil she di;es not show a small natiiie by a di.-ii!clina- lioii to do iMiiigs with her own hands, riiert" are luatiy wdi.ieii now wljo an .iliiO to hire .iTvants to care foi- their homes am! thus re'ieve them i>f many cires. If a woman is in a position to do this, how shall she spend her lime, ill liitiiiig ;;''oiit at social functions to ihe exclusion of all other tilings'.* Ihere are i>leiity of opiioriuniiies for (•h ::rity in lola today and scores of hollies where the woman of leisiiri may \i .sii the sick and assist hard working mothers to take .lirighler views of life. ".\-gloat iiiaii.v women do not take u;i religious work beraiisi- ut an idea !hat they will lit;<-onie less popular •.'.mong their friends. The personality ol" an individual will rule—a confession of religion may influence a life so that a degree of popularity will be lost, but what does po|iulartty amount lo'.' One should yield themselves to ( hiis! and trust Mim to bestow the gn<.d things of life." At the close of the sermon Rev. Ililfcher extended an invilali<m lo all who wished to unite with the church. Tlie ctmgregaiion wa.'i unusually large and Dr. Hilschers remarks were heard with rapt attention. For best and qnlrkest results use the Begistcr IVant Colomnti. Tmkm Tour Home Pmpor Ftroi * mem SUB80RIBC FOR THE KANSAS CITY STAR AND TIMES The Star and Times, reporting the fall twenty-foor honrs' news each day in thirteen i.ssaes of the paper each weeek, are furnished to regular subscribers at the rate of loc n week. A§ newspapers, The Star and The Times have no rivals. 'So Other publisher furnishes his readers with the full day and night Associated Press reports, as does the Star and the Times. This should recommend the papers especially to the progressive merchant and farmer. ' We deliver both the Star and Times to the subscriber's door promptly on arrival of trains. Give us a trial. Henderson A lavyyer, DIstributoram WA M Tsr LOST anaFOUHO 1X)ST—Friday iiieht in Ivisl lola: silver and lower set «if I 'alse leelh. I.«'ave at this oltice. I.O.'^T—1-idy's gold watch and tint South I'.iiekiye. Finder leave at this oTice. IX)ST—I.,;idy's bracelet with three pink aniethy.4 sets. I'iiider return to (Jas City f'.ank. Reward. 3aniaFe. SITUAT/OMS WANTED Advrtrlsements under this head will be inserted three times withoat charge. WA.NTICD—Girl wants work in pri- '.ate family. Address :.'iy -North Third. WA.XTKD—Girl wants giKwl place to work at house work. 610 South Fourth. WANTED' ~MlaoeUanaoua WANTED -i ^econd hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second stret. WINTER TOIIMST TiCKCTS via WANT <;AS CITY PROPERTY in exciiair-e for '^'i) acres fine timber land in Haiieson county. Texas. Price $l'.(iitii. .Must be in good location and dear. Quick deal. See us at once. I U)l^.\ I..\M> fO. ! WANTED—Detectives; we want ! good men. GJdest secret service in jl'nitcd Stairs. -No experience needed. ; We ^-ive full insiruclious. Write today. the SANTA Fi: en :uel eaily April i .\!.ieriean Deieeiivc "iUil: ;;'.i.)apo!is. Ind. Absociation, In- Eat for contentment. Eat for good nature. Both are the result of physical health. The most nutritious food made from flour is Uneedd Biscuit Every bite a mouthful of energy. In dust and VP moistun proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY nth with final le'-ini li:n;l .liiriei WA.NTED—Salesmen wanted in 1 every town of 2,000 or more in Kan- I^t. J'M.s. at very low rat .s to Aii.stin, l^...^ ok 'aiioma, to sel! our goods I to retail trade. Good• salesmen can i make from $20.o0 to |:55.00 per week. W:irt), j creHt extended to responsible par- 1 ti s wlio can give bond and good ref- j : rei ;c '-.=i. Write or apply to Union Pa- er.iiii' oMi. i:i I'aso. Vi. Worth. Dalla.'s, (;;;;vesti'.i!. Sail .\uiotiio and Ti-x.i:'; Car'siiad airl Diiiiiiig. N. M. and .-;iany other imiiiis. Kindly see 'V v.e may iic ab '.e to i !iieie .-,t you. W, E. l.'AI.STON. Agent. cific Tea Company, lola, Kansas. POR SALE'Mlaoallameoua A CNANCE FOR K.N.G. Captain McClain Lookinn fcr Co. M. Member Who Can Pass Examination for Second Lieutenant. Captain B. D. MeClain. of Company JI ha.s ail exce'ient opportsinity for imc member of the company who is single, is between :;i and 27 years of ag.-', has been a nuinber of the comjiany for two years and has fl'.e necosMary mental and physical qualifications to pass the required e.\aiuin- {.t'on. The only thing that is puzzling Captain .MeCIain. however, is to finil anyone who has boon a member of the (fimpaiiy for the two years an<l is single, srany of tht; members have the other yualilica- tions. The opportunity is this: I'nder an f;rder of the War Department the .state aiithorififs have aiitlioriz-'d the caiitaiii of each company of the K. N'. O. to recommend some member of the company lo try for the commission of second lieutenant. Captain -McClain has received a telephone message from the adjutant general's office asking him to suggest some m.'>m- ber who can meet the quallflcatlons. Captain McC'aln wiH jit once make an effort to find what members. If any. of- the local comiiany, can meet the requirements. von SAI.K Sporting goods store, ;.uii. bieyrle rejiair shop; good estab- business. Inquire Otto Ohlfeat. I.a llarpe, Kas. Other business cause for seililig. FOR SALE OR TRADE—An estab- li.'^hed real estate and fire insurance l!usine.-:s. Box Indejiendence, Kas. FOR S.ALE—Household goods, house plants, phonograph. "04 North Second. Phone IISIAI. FOR SALE—Twelve White Rock, chickens and hen house 11x28. Address XYZ this olTice. FOR SALP:—Good Studebaker bug- .gy, practically new, with good Bet of $35.00 harness, for sale at Howard 's barn if taken In the next few days at $S(M >a. FOR SALE:—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 833 North street. FOR SALE—Good milch cow. Inquire -104 North Elm. ^ FOR SALE— J1800 Stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 SOuth Kentucky street. ^ FOR RENT—One five room house on South Second and one 6 room house on South Fourth. Inquire 213 .Sf>uth Buckeye. J. H. Bock. FOR RENT— Seven room modern house on paved street, 5 blocks from square; newly remodeled. Inquire J. B. Kirk, 621 North Washington. IMPRESSIONS Are often permanently formed from a single purchase a new customer makes In yonr store and new customers are Invarlabb' made during a special sale. We adrocaCe special sales, but only the sterling kind that cannot fail to make a good impression. A disappointed crowd hurts more In dollars and cents, in the end, than if yon had not advertljed. Try a Wut Ad. la tte Bcfbter, .sr. FOR RE.\'T—Five room house; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Eight room house. 208 North Walnut. Apply at 204 North Walnut. W.V.NTED TO BCY-Five or six room house, not over four blocks from either corner of sijuare. JlOO cash; balance monthly payments. D. B. D. SmeUzer & Co. OfHce phone 399. Its Economy To have yonr Carpets and Kags cleaned by

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