The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 16, 1944 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1944
Page 4
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4 Soturdoy, September 16, 1944 gphe gafetrflftelfr Caltfornton ACTIVITIES The mother's nnmi:il ton in HIP kindergarten bungalow of Williams School opened fall netiviiies oi' tlie AVillianis l\ T. A. WofljifMl.-iv. .Mr«. K. I,. Wilson. presifleri!. \M - niiiril the mothers and invitocl th'-iu t" jinrtieiputi; in activities of tin- or- p.inizat inn and int n»l'i>••."! Mrs. Henry Snydfr, m<'inln-i>!;il> diaii- limn, ami All's 1'hillip I'rnrr, room mothers chnirman. JIi'v. I'rnfr asked Hint nnyonr intonvneil .f-sist Iho t'nb Scouts us .-i den ni"tlir>r. MI-F. Dallas Sfo.ilp." «:>s inlrodiu-n] in behalf of the Camp Fire .HI i Ultio }'ini frirls. Arlii'lps to lip P.-id r/t tlin 71al- lo\V(»on baxaar nnd jiine-. .linnrr wore displayed bv .M''••-•• ' I''- Hatch. ' She nlso tirgpd that each mpmber should inako it her bazaar by con| tributiriff in .SOIIIP way to its success. The tiVK-hprs v ere prpsentpd with ( irrs.iRi's by thp hospitality committee, who also arranged bouquets of flowers throughout the room. Kach ' mother received a nosegay corsage and identification card made hy the thuil grade under the supervision i>f .Mrs. Lonnice Eyraud. Bowls of flo\v<?r« \\ere arranged by Harbar:i Hall, Maurice l>espois. Donald Stroud, Joyce Daniels, .1 imasena .Paddock of the sixth Krade, and Jane Koliinson of the iifth prade. Mrs. K. I,. Wilson poured. She -,vas assisted by Mrs. C. W. Berg. Bible School Class Opening September 29 How to sl'Kly ihn P.iblc i.= fiivon in the noii-.-rt, nnn-intoi pre- tative Bil'lo :-:u.!y c-la^os in he hold in Ihis city at H»lcl I'adre "n Fridays. The cntirsi', \vliich \\ill he- pin on Si-pt>'!"'"'r - r ' mirl continue till Divoihi" r 1'. "'ill ho taught hy Mrs. <"''ti" ]-• U'irkiiian, I' 0 - Angelc.-. < ",'i^in.itor of tho Yisihle Bilile Study c! ^-M-;- is Han is L. Tho fir-'t f-o.irff-. which is the study ff tho foundation of the Bihle. viil ho h'-i'l at 3 p. in., and wiil repeal at 7:.'tt p. in. wiih tlie adv.ineoi study. "I.lie of Jess us and Paul" at >• •'•" !'• »'• | Those courses are arranged upon i a university curriculum basis of logical sequence, and consistency. j All military personnel are welcome I to attend free, ('.nests are welcome to one lesson. lOnrollment may be arranged by calling Mrs. Beulah Hudson, 2-07-iS. XfRSE WIFE P.mOHA.M, I'tah — Lieutenant Stlllman Harding of Willard, Utah, \Younded in a plane raid over Germany, was returned to Bushnell General Hospital here for treatment. A cadet nurse walked into his ' room. Harding blinked. It was his i wife. Bethany-Marythas Honor Mrs. Karpe Combining n birthday party for Mrs. A. K. Karpe and a business mprting-, mpmbors of the Bethnny- Marytha cluss of the First Haptist Churrh mot recently in the chnrrh. A (akp was presented to Mrs. Karpp, and parries were played, with pri7es being won by the honoree and Mrs. Myra Eldericigp. Highlighting the meeting: was the presentation of a poem written by Mrs. K. P. Allen and dedicated to Mrs. Knrpe, followed by a comical life history narrated by Mrs. Gertrude Fit/gerald. Mrs. Arinda Gash presided over the meeting, and Mrs. Ida Gill was social chairman, assisted by the hostesses, Mesdames Helen Burroughs. Pearl Furry, Myra Elderidge, Sadie Mills. Flora Moynier, and Elix- alielh Loster. There were approximately 30 persons present. Belden Circle to Resume Meetings "Peace in my heart." will be the theme when Belden Circle of First Baptist Church holds its first meeting of the new year Monday night at the home of Mrs. M. K. Jenkins, 2024 Monterey street. Mrs. Buster Reed is chairman of the program for the evening. Mrs. Hugh Nester will present accordion solos. Mrs. Dick Abbott will preside. FIRST METHODIST Truxtun Avenue nnrt H Slrprt T)r. N. A. ChriflfHRpn. Pnntor T*»v. Wlllnrd J. Rnnd. Awm-iate FumJiiy m-honl, 0:15 a. m., Mrs. T, K. Toi (mi, f'lHTM 1 Hii[MM-intPtvtenf. Mornintf pi-rvifi*. 11 o'clock, Sermon subject, "Snip ! thi- <*hn riot." the Uevereml Mr. Hand { prrar hjritf. Hornnnit ion Sunday for the fhur'-h school workers. Kvcning 1 tor vice. 1 o'rlnr-k, ('hap»M HPT vim, the !tever*»nd Mr. Hand proai-hine. Nursery for bn hi**s during Sundfi y whool mid cluirfh. J lieh i Hrhool T-VUfWphip nnrj ? tmtiK people's mppt- \ iriK. 6:30 r»- ni. Sin^spiration. 1* p. m., Urrhsli hnll, ppotusorofl by the United Christ inn V out It «.'oiim-il. Wesley Class pirrilc, 4 :"0 oYlork. .1 astro T'n rk. <"hurrh board of ndiif n tinn. 1 ::<0 o'clnrk. Wednesday ownintf in the cliurdi parlor. Choir rehparaul Thursday <-\'oiiinB, 7 :!»0 o'clock in tho flnrv Ui;u-y. with Honald Clark, di- rertnr, itnd Mrs. A. K. lloiHingtun, organist. FIRST rillRC II OF CHRIST. SCIENTIST Kirfhipciith and «.: Strcrts A brniH-h of "J'lir* Mother Church, The First Church of I'hrLM, Scipntixt. in Rowton. MUSK. Sunday Hchool, t» :tO and 11 M . in for pupils up to -0 yea ra of ape. Morn ink' arrvi'-e. 11 n'r-lock. LpHson-st-r- nion Kiibj^i't fnr tomorrow is "Mailer." Kvrnintf sorvice. 8 o'rlork. The \VodiiPS- fln y pvr-niin; mnM ins at 8 o'rlork includes teslimnnk'M of Christ ian St ience healing. The frr" public reading room maintained by the rh'irrh at No. &. Arcade. Jlaberfnldp bin Id ink'. Sevetit eonth and t,'he«ter, is m>mi daily. pxee»n iim Sunday »nd hnlnlays. fi-nm 10 to Ei. evenings 7 to It, closiiiK Wednesday at &. SOUTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD !»:tO I. Street. Paul F. Cook. Pastor Punrtar «rhnol, 0:-1." a. m. Mrs. Mnmie Shoopman. super In tendon t. Morning nerv- Irp, ] 1 o'-loi k. Seiunon. "Faith, a NOCPH- siiy in Pr;>ypr," b" the Heverend Pnul F. Conk. KvoninT service. 8 o'clock. C. A. spi-viro fr:Hi p, m. Tuesday, 8 p. m.. Hiblc wiudy. Frlduy. 8 p. m., young people's service. seni 1ft ladi COUNTY-WIDE MESSIAH CHORUS TO BEGIN REHEARSALS TUESDAY Bakcrsfield's Messiah Chorus of more than 100 voices is holding the first rehearsal of its 1944 or twelfth season at 7:30 Tuesday evening, September 19, at First Baptist Church. New members will be welcome at this rehearsal . . * -•' • • 11 . .1 _ .• J M^l_ _ -1 _ » _ _J* J1 __» ___l».l.lj-k_ •!« f, ^.t- J*^-KBB C«i'n^-1(-t«r Tl*-»^»f»*>^ l^/lft* ill Uf\ _ _ _ _ J I MJ(A IJ 1 JO I VJ1 I lil. V-II* Jk.^V> »T M.M •*_ HMMJ ^, A t7 " • ^ » MJ^' •• ^.-^--fc-.--*^ ».»» »,.-., — —.and a larger tenor section is especially desired. The date of the presentation is set for Sunday, December 10, so as to be over before the Christmas vacation. Minter Field singers will be especially welcome. TIIK SALVATION ARMY T\v«-ntietti Rnd K Streets < 'a plain John Kitrliie y school, !l:45 a. m.. leader Rarn . I.'-sson: "s.-iniH'm'H Kelly." Mninirn,' porvii* 1 . 11 n. in., holiness serv- K' 1 . "sjeimon subject: "Conditions of Victory." "He Klronp and ( "ouraKeous." J rinnn. :i;:7.S. ^:30 p. in.. Outnost Pun- (iavV'hnol. ti p. in.. Young People's I.I-R- if,n, Ifadi'r. tiiive Cunther. Ijefl^on topic: "K;i!l,\ ind Our l''ori'es." 7 ji. m.. (street service at Nineteenth and L atreels. 7:30 p. m.. evangelistic service. "Christ. Our Teacher." Text "L"-»rn of Me." Matt !t.^9. TuesiliO'. 7::'0 p. m., Company (luard preparation class. All seniors nnd yuunK people invited. Wednesday. rn., l.ridif^s' Hotne r.eaKtte for al 1 at 4L'!t Kast Twenty-first street. Thursday, 7:.';0 p. in., street service. 8 p. in.. Bilile study and prayer service. Kriday, :.':!", p. m.. radio broadcast over station KI'MC. 7:.TO p. m., Corps Cadet UriKade will meet. Stiturday. 7::{0 p. in., open air /service. 8 p. m., Free and Glory service. _ riKST CIH'RCII OF THE NAZARENE Chester Avenue and Fourth Street F. Arthur Anderson, Pastor Sunday school. !):'iO a. in. Wlllnrd Howard. superintendent. .Morning service. 11 o'i'lork, tha pastor preachins on "lie- sources of .Spiritual Tower." Junior church lit 11 n. m . service for children under 14 years. Youns people's service at !I:'10 ". in.. Milton Dtirhy, president. Kvenun: servue. 7:;!0 o'clock, the pastor prcarliinir on "The Way of the TranHKres- sni." Midweek pra.\"er meeting on Wednes- H;tv at 7::!0 p. in. The younaf people of the ihurcli offer the radio program. "The .N.ixaicne, YounK People's Ilour," oin.'li Sun- clay alternoon from iJ to 6:;{0 o'clock. FIRST SOtiTHKRN BAPTIST River Uoulevard and Water Street Heverend G. V. Loving. Pastor Sunday Btho'd. 9:45 a. in. Classes for all ;IK«S. MurnillB . rrvice, 11 o'clock.. Audrey Hefner, inimical director. Sermon suhi.'i'l, "The Purpose anil i'lan of C.od." Tiiunine I'nioiis, 7.00 o'clock. I'nlnns for nl! aK'-s. l^\'i'iiinp s'.TViie. S o'clock. Spe- ii.'il music. Sei nion suhjci t, "The Presence and Power of (Mil " Tuesday, 8 P. m.. Brothel hood meet HIE. All men ace invited. \Ve<tnes<l;f V, V p. m.. Bihle s'udy and prayer service. Friday, 8 p. m., Uiuir f-hearsal. FII.I, (JOSI'KL TAnKHNAf'LE SevonlK-nlh and O Si reels W. ]•:. l.cms. I'nst'ir \j. L. Oavn-s. AaHOLiiitc Siiivliiy »i-li»"l. !):l r i a. in MorninB sfiviti'. 11 n'llmk. Sermon subjort, "The Li-iiniiiK PilBinn. Tli'vomid W. K. Lonif. l-]\'t j ntiiK .sfi^'ici'. K (I'thx-k. S'-i mon suh- ii-rt. "C.nil> \'a hifit inn." The evE-nillg si'i-viie will b» tiold on iho I'liurrli Inwn. Christ's AinliassiKlnr.". li::ii> p. m.. .Mrs. tir.-HC Slinff"!-, iMomiciit. Uiiilio riogr;,llis over KKKX: "Tho rlni of llie lloaij," i» I), in. 10 11. ni. eh I!y the Side Tliu Victory Hour, CIUKCII OF TIIK BRETHREN 3I'll A Street K. J. Glover, Pastor Sunday nchool, 10 a. m. Paul Teter. superintendent. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Message hy the pastor. Sermon subject. "One l.oid. One Faith. One Baptism." I.arry Teler will play a trumpet solo. Kve- niiiB servce. 0:4.1 o'clock. Uihle study with Calen Sliihl. leader. Sludies from the Parables. Tie church will hold its quarterly eouiu-il meeting Thursday night. This will he the tinvs of election of both Sunday school an: church officers. CALVARY BAPTIST Mies Street at Kern Henry J. l^orenz. Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Ben Herndon, general "surti inlendent. Mornmc service. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject. "Tares and Wheat." At 7 p. m.. Junior Hish nnd Senior B. Y. F. Searchers find Adult Bible Class. KveninK service, 8 o'clock. Sermon subject. "The Pearl of Great Price." Monday evenlns, ~ o'clock. Calvary Men's Brotherhood, colored pictures of Grand Canyon. Wednesday evening. 7:30 "o'clock, Bible study and prayer service; 8:30, choir rehearsal. ST. PAfl.'S KI'ISrOPAt, Seventeenth and 1 Streets The Heverend Ralph H. Cox. Rector At S a. in., holy communion ^and_ corporate communion Breakfast CIIVRCII OF CHRIST K. of P. Hall. Kern and Lake Streets W. C. Harrison, Minister Sunday school, 10 a. in. Classes for all ages. .Morning service. 11 o'clock. Communion. 11:45. Sermon subject, "The Call of Matthew." YounB people's train- IIIK class, B:4."i p. m. KvaliBeliatic service. 7:4.1 o'clock. Radio programs. KPMC. U:30, Jean Valentine; 4:30. W. C. Harrison. FIRST PRESnYTKRIAN CHCRCH Corner Seventeenth and H Streets The Reverend John Murdoch, Puator Sunday school. !l:4ii a. m. Iceland OoM.sworthy, superintendent. Morniniff serv- ic n, 11 n'vluck. Theme. "For .Such u Time »a This." Nursery for small children, (i years and under, during morning worship, under competent care. Westminster .Senior Fellowship, 7 p. m., meeting at the home of Alary Jo Kelly. 2330 Dmcena. Topir. "Where Tensions Tend to Orow— the Negroes." The general topic is "Christianity Is Tower"; leader, Alene Jensen. Tuesday, 6.45 p. m., Mariner's dub Span- sh dinner ill the church. Thursday. 1:30 p. m.. \Vomen's Missionary dessert luncheon at the church. Speaker, Chaplain Miller of Minter Field. Topic, "Christian liesponsibiliry In the New World Order of Brotherhood." Thursday, 7:30 p. m., choir rehearsal. Friday, 7 p. m., Boy Scouts. FIRST CHRISTIAN Sixteenth and I Streets Ilollister B Miller. Minister Bible school. 9:4"> a. m., James Carter, supei intcnilcnt. Men's Bible Clast, at U::lO, .1 II. Allen, teacher. Morning worship, lOiTjO a. m. Mrs. O. J. Coulter, ot' 13ev- erlv Hills, will speak. She is a missionary of the Christian Church to China. Nursery for small children during the worship hour. Heven Christian Endeavor so- ictii's at 7 p. m. Kvenins worship at 8 P. in. with Mr. Miller bringing the message upon tile theme, "A Good Deal in a Had Time." Youth chorus under the direction of John Diierkson. "Alertitatlon and Melody Hour" for youth on Wednesday. 7 to !• p. in., and recreatior. night on Monday, at 7. o'clock. FIRST COMiKF.GATlONAT. CHURCH Seventeenth and G Streets Thomas Fenwick Lund, Pastor Church school, !l:J5 a. m., with classes for all* ages. Adult class under Mark XVileox. Morning worship. 11 o'clock. The pasli r wlli speak on the theme. "The Story of the Creek That Dried Up." a study of a man getting a lire education. The churc'i of youth ine'ts at «:30 p. m. In the parsonage garden. Discussion for young folks who want to do some lite thinking. High si' ag> invited. Tliurs.lay. meeting of the Ladies' Aid to commence work Tor the season. Thursday. 7:110 p. in., uhuir rcheaisal. New members welcome. ST. JOHN'S LI;THERAN (The Church of the Lulheran Hour) Twentieth and C Streets U. .1. JaKcl.s, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Two morn- Ing services. X-15 and 11 o'clock. Sermon Mlhjuct. "The Lite of Trilht." Matt, il. Jl-34. Sundays. 11:30 a. m.. Ihe Lutheran Ilour over KI'MC. Tuesday. 7:30 li. m.. Boy Scouts. WedneMlay, S p. in.. Martha Society. Thursday. S p. m., Sunday school teachers. Saturday, 9:30 a. m., children's confirmation class. THE Clll'KCII OF CHRIST (130 California Avenue Curl is W, Poscy, Minister Sunday school. 10 a. in. Classes for all a^es. .Morning servi'e. 11 o'clock. Communion follows .ireachinic services, levelling service, 8 o'clock. Kvaneeliwt ic. Wednesday evening, 7:311, SOIIB drill and Bible study. Thursday, ladies' Bihle classes. Friday evening, yonnff folks' Bihle classes. Radio programs of the Church, Sunday 3 p. m. and 4 p. m. Station KPMC. TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH Niles and -Iin» Streets Dillon Wesley Throckmorlon. Minister Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.. H. M. Pasch, general superintendent. .Morninn scrviie. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject. "Christians Are Different." hy the minister. 6: III) p. m.. Youht Fellowship service*. Evening service. 7:30 o'clock. Youth Choir sinning. Sermon subject, "A Tale ot Six Cities." by the minister. ST. MARK'S METHODIST Buildin, Site, Hurrle Avenue. Between Norris Road anrP Second Street The Reverend Willard J. Hand, Jr., Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 n. m. .Morning service, II o'eloi k Kvening service 7:30 o'clock. Services held at the First Methodist Church. Methodist Yonlh Fellowship will meet Monday evening. 7:30 o'clock, a'- the home of Brent Laird, 1604 Hurrle avenue. CIH'RCII OF JESTS CHRIST OF I.ATTKR-DAY' SAINTS Eighteenth and B Streets William K. Davies. Branch President Sunday school. 10:25 a. m. William Croft. Sunday school superintendent. Evening service. 7:30 o'clock. Priesthood meeting, 7:30 n. m.. Monday. Relief Society, 1.' p. m., Tuesday. Primary Saturday from 2 to 3 p. m. Mutual Improvement Association. 7:30 p. m.. Tuesday. ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC 1515 Baker Street Father Thomas .1. Earley, Pastor Father Ignatius Louchran. Assistant Sunday masses. 7, 9, 10-30 a. m. and 12 noon. Weekday masses. 7:30 a. m. Tuesday. Mothe.- of Perpetual Help Novena, 7:30 p. i i. FIRST BAPTIST Truxtun Avenue. Between L and M Streets Dr. Burton C. Tlarrett, Pastor Assistant. Reverend Sam Kleinsaseer Sunday school, 9:30 a. m.. F. Pat Kd- mondson. general superintendent. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sermon subject: "The Fleshpots of Egypt!" Nursery care is provided for children under elx years of age during the morning worship service. Evening service. 7:30 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Decadent Religion'." Sunday, (i:30 p. m., Baptist Youth Fellowship with groups for all ages. 7:30 p. m., Ordinance of Haptism, evening 'singtime under the direction of Mr. Ira Needham. The Chancel Choir, under the direction of Mr. Oates will sing at the morning service and the Youth Choir, under the direction of Mr. Klelnsa*»ser, at the evening service. Tuesday, 10 a. m.. Kern River Baptist Women's Association meeting In the Chapel of the Chimes. Wednesday. 7:30 p. m.. midweek congregational assembly. Sunday, 9 p. m., city-wide singsplration. miitm or CHRIST 11 F.ast Eighteenth Street C. R. Worsham, Minister Morning service, 10:30 o'clock. T.esson study. Hebrews, sixth chapter. Evening service, S o'clock. Tolley Davis, minister and elder, of Tularr. will preach al both services. Wednesday services. 8 p. m. Lesson study. Judges, chapters 20 and 21. PENTECOSTAL TABERNACLE 3701 L, Street The Reverend B. H. Townley Pastor Sunday school, 9:15 a. m. MorninB service, 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Ac- conntab'IHy.'' Evening service. .8 o'clock. Sermon Hiir.iect. "Accursed." Prayer meetings lor servicemen, Monday, 8 p. m.; Friday. 10:30 a. m. P. Y. P. A. service, Wedn.-sday, S p. m. Jubilee service, Saturday, 8 p. m. GOSPEL GLEANERS—ASSEMBLIES OF GOD 1701 Nile* Street C. D. Spencer, Pastor L. D. Krause, Assistant Sunday school. 9:4B a. m.. Mrs. Esther Young, superintendent. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sermon subject. "Let U» Fear." (Heb. 4:1) This Is an hour -,v heu God's people seek the fellowship one with the other. Many have been healed from chronic ailments during tho morning services. Evening service, 7:39 o'clock. A Philippine chaplain and captain from Minter Field will bring the eve- nlng message. Please note the change in the radio program of the Gospel Gleaners. Tuesday evening. Bible study. Thursday evening. Young People's meeting. Lt'THERAN CHURCH OF THE MESSIAH (American Lutheran Conference) Eighteenth and D Streets. Woman's Club John Bruneer, Student Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m\ and adult Bible class, Mrs. Albert Woltmann. superintendent. Morning service. 11 a, m. Sermon subject. "Listening to the Master." Immediately following Ihe morning set-vie* the Sunday school picnic will he held at Jastro Park. Thursday, 2 p. m.. Dorcas Guild will meet at the Oberg home, 1001 T street. __^__ NORTH PARK CIH'RCII OF THE NAZARKNE Wistaria and Warren C. M. Swatzell, Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m., Margaret Abbott, superintendent. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Sermon by pastor. Evening; service. 8 o'clock, by pastor. Evangelis- tical. Mid-week prayer meeting at 8 p. m. Sunday school brings our Junior Choir, is". Y. P. S. at 7 p. m.. JJonald Snell leading. CHI RCII OF CHRIST "Woman's Club Building. Shafter W. .1. Lynch, Jr., Minister Morning service, 10:30 o'clock. Sermon stih.iect. "The Parable of the Talents." lOvenin^ seivice. S o'clock. Sermon suh- j. t. "The Sei-ond Coining of Christ." C. It. AVorshani. minister, of Bakerufield, will speak at both services. CIH'RCII OF GOO Oildale Drive nnd El Tejon, Oildale The Reverend H. R. Green, Pastor Sunda'' school. D:4r> a. m. Classes for all ages. .Morning service. 10:45 o'clock. Sermon subject. "The Need of Evangelism." FvenmT service. 7:45 o'clock. Sermon subject "Salvation." Young people's service. 7 o'clock. Prayer meeting Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. ^______ CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY Kernvillo A branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. Mass. Sunday school, 11 a. m., for pupils up to -t' years of age. Morning service, j! o'clock. Lesson-sermon subject for tomorrow is "Matter." Wednesday evening meeting the first Wednesday of each month at 8 o'clock. Clll'RCH OF THE BRETHREN 505 Second Street, McFarland John I. Coffman, Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 a. m.; Roy L. Taylor, supei intendcnl. Morning service. 11 o'clock, sermon by the pastor: evening service. 7:30 o'clock. Special song service, followed by sermon at 8:15. Subject, "The Jerusalem Hoad." CIH'RCII OF CHRIST Boy Scout Building, Bultnnwillow K. ir. Taylor. Minister Sunday school. 10 a. m. Classes for fill ages. Morning service. H o'clock. Communion follows preaching services. Sermon subject. "Why 1 Am a Christian." Radio programs of the church. Sunday, 3 p. in. and 4 p. m., KPMC. OILOALK COMMUNITY California at Lincoln Charles Wesley Opie. Pastor Sunday school, 9:45; classes for all ages. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Ladies' Aid meets every Thursday. PANAMA CONGREGATIONAL John S. Buns, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "The Listening Soul." LUTHERAN SUNDAY SCHOOL ' Bertha P. Elliott Hull. Oildale R. J. .la gels, Pastor Sunday school. 11:30 a. m. FAITH TABERNACLE Height and Nelson Sirs. E. B. Smith, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.; R. M. Cherry. superintendent. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Christ's Ambassadors at 6 :.'!<) p. m. under leadership of Loy Saffle. Evening service. 8 o'clock. Sermon t*ubjeci. "Temporal versus Eternal," hy Evangelist John Jennison. Evangelistic services ever/ night this week al 8 o'clock, with Evan-* fccliMts Delhert Turner and John Jennmon.i Each meeting is preceded by a musical, program of vocal and Instrumental music. CHURCH OF CHRIST Fourth and Harlow Streets. McFarlanit E. SI. Borden. Jr., and E. M. Borden, Sr., Ministers Bible classes at 10 a. m.: preaching at 11 a. m. Subject, "All Things Are Become New." Preaching at 8 p. m. Subject. "The Lord's Will." Bible drill, Thursday, 8, p. m. E. M. Borden. Sr., will deliver the morning address and E. M, Borden, Jr.. the evening address. PENTECOSTAL ASSEMBLY OF THE WORLD, "ONENESS" Kearner and San Diego Avenuea Elder Paul Winter. Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.; evening serv» Ice, 8 o'clock. Bible debates at Lamont, "Oneness" Church, between Pat Broartdu*. "Church of Christ. Minister," and Elder Paul Winter, "Pentecostal Oneness Minister." Sunday, September 18, 19, 20. 21. at 8 p. m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY Sixth and E Streets. Wasco • A branch of The Mother Church, Th» First Church of Christ. Scientist, in Boston. Mass. Sunday school, 10 a. m.. for pupils up to 20 years of age. Mornimf service, 11 o'clock. Lesson-sermon subject for tomorrow is "Matter.' Wednesday evening meeting, the first Wednesday of each month at 8 o'clock. CHURCH OF CHRIST 667 Santa Fe Highway, Shafter E SI. Borden, Slinister Bible classes at 10 a. m.; -preaching nt 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Subject of sermons, "Evidence of Salvation." James Galbraith will preach at the morning hour, and E. M. Borden will deliver the evening address. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST Eleventh and Kensington. Delano A branch of The Mother Church, Th« First Church of Christ, Scientist in Bos- tor. Mass, Sunday school, 9:45 a. m., for pupils up to 20 years of age. Slorning service, 11 o'clock-. Lesson-sermon «ub- ject for tomorrow is "Matter." Wednesday evening meeting at 8 o'clock. Th« reading room is open on Monday, AVedneg- day and Friday from 3 to 5:3.1 p. m. COME TO CHURCH TOMORROW for Those in the Armed Forces Who Have Served and Are Serving in the Pursuit of an Enduring Peace on Earth— Tomorrow, Bakersfield Churches Will Unite in a Common Prayer for Those Pictured Below and Their Families Here at Home 'There Are No Atheists in the Foxholes" • Let There Be None on the Home Front— L In the Face of Danger Let Us Profess Our Faith in God — • Attend the Church ? of Your Faith Tomorrow r ' GLESNER D. LESLIE, WAVE AV1LLIASI BACA, ARMY ROBERT W. DUNBECK, MARINE LT. MART JANE NICKEL, NAVY Eternal Father, without whom no victory is possll>l« nnd with whom even tragedy and defeat may become a new beginning to a Sieatcr life, we come as humble children to Thee. In this hour we need to lie assured that Thou art ever giving »l length for each day's anxieties. We are glad that we- can reiall no single day when Thou didst leave us alone. Amid our shaken and changing world we know Thou art sure. Our faith is victorious lluitiiih there are (cars within and without. \Vo come to Thee, lifting tip our Nation, and all who now- serve lu the Armed FOKCS. Our peace and security Is found in Thy love for all Thy children. Humbled hy the fact that life is being poured <mt this hour tor us wo seek to Know the way beyond our self-prida nnd arrogance. We confess that too often u-e havo accepted the patterns of cMI. I'so us to lullow Theo that wo may aid in tho creating ol" a new earth. Tt it Is possible, shield our loved ones from harm and restore them to those who watch with longing hearts for their return. Hasten the day when wars bhall cease. Grant that we may pit mind, body and spirit against those powers of darkness which do battle against the coming of the New Day. Amen. DILLON WESLEY THROCKSIORTON, Minister. Trinity Methodist Church. Niles and King streets, Bakersfield. CAPTAIN RAYMOND E. DALY WICKERBHAM'S JEWELERS TOWER BEAUTY SALON HOTEL PADRE HOTEL EL TEJON J. C. PENNEY & CO. MONTGOMERY WARD & CO. ACME FINANCE COMPANY SANITEX CLEANERS MB. AND MRS. LAWSON'S JEWELERS THE BOOK SHOP NATHAN STRAUSS & SON THE LITTLE FOLKS SHOP HARRISON'S, MEN'S WEAR THE HUNT FURNITURE CO. JACK'S SHOE STORE VACGHAN'S OF RADIO TAME EASTERN DRUG COMPANY WEILL'S SEARS ROEBUCK & COMPANY BROCK'S VALLEY'S FINER FOODS ROSS HARDWARE AND RESTAURANT SUPPLY NATIONAL DOLLAB STORE RUBIN BROTHERS GINGRAS & NEELY, FURNITURE SEILERS, THE MAN'S SHOP LEO'S FUR SHOP EASTON'S BASKET DRUG STORE FRANK MEAT COMPANY STYLE SHOPPB EL ADOBE MOTEL HOWARD J. CALL, NAVY • * The Above Merchants Graciously Contribute This Weekly Space, and Ask That You Attend the Church ( of Your FaitH Tomorrow

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