The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 15
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THE BAKKRSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 1!)S6 15 ONE SURE WAY TO INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS IS TO SPEND MORE MONEY FOR CLASSIFIED ADS F«r Salt—AutomtbiUt $585 1935 Ford two-door sedan, original tiros 1929 DA Dodge sedan, recon dltloned $246 1930 Chevrolet four-door sedan, reconditioned $295 1930 Chrysler 66 four-door sedan, motor overhauled, good rubber, good paint Lato 1930 Model A de luxe coupe, rumble seat, V8 wheels 1929 Model A pickup, runs good 1929 Chevrolet coach, good rubber, motor In fine condition . $165 $235 $275 $165 1101 BAICBU ST. PHONE 262 31 1933 PtiTMOUTH Do Luxe Coupe, air wheels, new paint. Motor A-l, original osvner. Only $415. 1928 model A Ford, S86. ASK FOR. BODE, Moore Motor, 2621 Chester avenue. SALE—1935 Graham sedan, privately owned, low mileage, perfect condition, terms. Also house trailer. Call Mrs. Layton. Phone 2694. 24 1934 FORD Tudor In good condition, J450, Will take car In trade and Blve terms. 1300 Gage street. 25 POU SALE—1930 deluxe DO Soto coupe; clean, good condition; J176. Cull at 2401 Nfies street. 15 BUICK light 6 coupe, extra good J43 Lato 1934 Willys sedan $315 1926 Chevrolet sedan, price $23 C. C. DOUGLASS, 2QTH and L FOR SALE—1932 model 1%-ton Chevrolet truck, street. Call at 905 Thirty-third 25 Ligal Notion NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN THE CLOSING OP PORTION OF MERTON AVENUE, ETC., IN THE THIRD ROAD DIS TRICT. Notice Is hereby Riven that a petition has been received and filed August 16, 1036, by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, petitioning the Bo.ird to close, vacate, discontinue, abandon, and abolish certain portions of road« In the Third Road District described as follows, to-wlt: Parcel 1. Beginning at the Intersection of the South boundary of Knotts Street with the west boundary of Merlon Avenue and running thenoe south and along the went boundary of Merton Avenue to the north boundary of the alley In Block No. 37 or the Keith Addition, thenco west and along nald north boundary to the east boundary of A Street, thence «outh and along east boundary of A Street, 20 feet, to the south boundary of said alley, thence east and along south boundary of said , alley to west boundary of Merton 1 Avenue, thence south and along west boundary of Merton Avenue to" north boundary of Bernard Street, thence east and along north boundary of Bernard Street to east boundary of Merton Avenue, thence north along east boundary of Merton Avenue to south boundary extended of Washington street, thenoe northwest and along the south boundary extended of Washington Street to the west boundary of Section 21, T. 29 8., R. 28 E., M. D. M., thence north and along west boundary of said Section 21, to south boundary extended cf Orange Street, thence easterly and along the south • boundary of Orange Street to a ,• point, which point lies at a distance of 40.09 feet, measured said south boundary of Orange Street, from the westerly boundary of Belle Avenua, a* said Benle Avenue now exists, thence southeas- erly and along a circular curve of (0 ft. radius, concave to the southwest, to a point on the westerly boundary of said Beale Avenue, which point lies 40.09 feet, mea|- ured along said westerly boundary extended from the Intersection of the westerly boundary of Beale Avenue extended with the •butherly boundary of Orange Street, thence northeasterly and •long the westerly boundary of Beale Avenue extended, to a point, which point lies southerly a distance of 100.00 feet, measured at right-angles, from the southerly bdundary of Lot No. 3B, of , Tract No. 1029, thence northwesterly In a direct line to a point, which point lies southerly a distance of 80.00 feet, measured at right angles, from the southerly boundary of said Lot No. 35, and which point lies N. 77* 05' W. a distance of 20.00 feet from the west boundary of *ald Beale Avenue, thenoe N. 77* 05' W. and parallel to the southerly boundary of dald Lot. No. .IS to Intersect the south boundary extended of Knotts Street, thence west and along the south boundary extended of Knotts Street to the plae$ of beginning. Parcel 2. Beginning at a point on tb« center-line of Orange Street which point lies westerly a distance of 147.88 feet frnm the cen- ter-lino of Arlington Street, measured along said center-lino of Orange Street, thenoe southerly and at right-angles to center-line of Orange Street, a dlxtanco of 30.00 feet to a point on the south boundary of said Orange Street, the point of beginning of this description; anil running thence westerly and along thn south boundary of Ornnga Stront to the northwest corner of Lot No. 21 of thn Mean Tract, a point on the easterly boundary of Bottle Avenue, as said Beule Avenue now exists, thenco northeasterly and along the easterly boundary of Bealu Avenue extended, tb a point, which point lies at a distance of 60.00 feet, measured alons a ra- dlnl line, from the circular portion of the south boundary of Lot No. 1 of Tract No. 1029, thence * easterly and parallel to said circular portion of the south boundary of said Lot No. 1 to the place of beginning. Both Parcel No. 1 and Parcel No. !i lie within the boundaries of Sections 20 and 21, T. 29 S., R. 58 K, M. D. M. and the hearing of nald petition has been set for 11:00 o'clock A. M., Monday, August 31, )93B, at the rooms of 'he Board of Supervisors, In the Court ' House, City of Ba):er«fleld, o«l« ' County and State, at which time anrl I place all persons Interested In th» closing of Enid roads nmy appear and be heard. By order of the Board of Supervisors made Augu«t 10. 1M6. F. K. PMIT1I. Clerk of the Boavri. Autr. 17 to 91, inc. For Salo—Automobllis 936 Bulclc touring sedan, 61 model, $400 dls., only $1095 936 Pontiuc touring sedan / $895 936 Dodge touring sedan $845 985 Dodge 2-clr. tg. sed. radio $695 936 Plymouth 2-dr. tour. sed. $725 936 Plymouth coupe $695 934 Ford de luxe sedan, radio $445 932 Dodge de luxe sed., 6 ww $395 929 Bulck coupe $145 929 Ford tudor $99 LOU HARRISON 1110 Eighteenth Street 23 IN niVKHVIKW 2x4s, No. 2. per 1000 2x68, No. 2, per 1000 Vertical No. 3, per 1000 Rdwd. Siding, B, better, per 1000 $35 "'edar shingles, No. 2, bundle 90c Lath, No. 2, bundle 75c Mill work, finish lumber, 1000, $60 Roofing, Nails, Screen i, Specialty Many Other Bargains PHONE 1873 for Free Delivery Anywhere SELLING FOR LESS THAN $100 All good transportation. If you want a good used car for less money, see our selection. BAKERSFIELD USED CAR TWENTIETH AND M Phone 263 26 For Silo—Mfieollanoous iVOODEN bed and springs, chiffonier, library table, small table, chalra, pressure system. Phono 1517-W, Local Notloos NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals, addressed to the Board of Supervisors of tho County of Kern, State of California, and en- lorsed, "Proposal for Construction of Timber Bridge across Beardsley Ca- ial on Snow Road," will be received yy the undersigned until the hour of 11:00 o'clock A. M. on tho 14th day of September. 1936, at tho office of the undersigned In the Court House, Bak- ersfleld, California, at which time and ilace they will be publicly opened and read, for construction In accordance with the specifications therefor, to which spoclal reference is hereby jiade, of tho following work and Improvement In the County of Kern, to-wlt: Item la. Excavation. Item Ib. Embankment. Item 2a. 40.844 Thousand Feet B. M. Redwood Timber, in place. Item 2b. 26.214 Thousand Feet B. M. Douglas Fir Timber, In place. Item 3. Three Fire Barrels, in place, completo. The foregoing quantities are appr..r Imate only, being Riven as a basis for the comparison of bids, and the Board if Supervisors does not, expressly or by Implication ngrpo that the actual amount of work will correspond there- For Silo—Mltoollanoous IS. J. JENKINS $32 $45 For Silo—Mloeollanoous S FOR SALE—34 feot of 1%-tuch shaft- Ing with shaft coupling, two bearings and mid-Inch pulley. V. W. Green, Route 1, Box 34, Delano. 25 1x4 PER 1000 FEET Low Grade Mlsinllled 1x8 and 2x4 SIB REDWOOD SIDING AT $20 1x4 to 1x10, S4S Finish, $42 1x4 FLOORING, J20 E" Kiln Dried T & G $19.00 1.2B 91.0 180 Mouse Paint, all colors, gal. 2-0x3-0 Sash, 1 It., glazed Redwood Posts, 8x4, 8 ft., ea. SHINGLES. BUNDLES, 7Bo LESS B% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot. Stock 101 Bargains 101 LOS ANGELES 2100 E. 38th St. ADams B171 FOR BALI 1 ;—Model D John Doero tractor, In first-class condition: with extension rims. Full prlco 1450. Hoc this lit Cousins Tractor Co., 1414 Chester avenue. HO 25 pressure system, Falrbanks- Morse; excellent condition. No longer needed account city water. 937 East Brundttgo Lane. 2fi Local Notioos NOTICE OF SALE OF 8EMI-TROPIC SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Kern County, California with but reserves the right to Increase or decrease the amount of nny class or portion of tho work as may be deemed necessary or expedient by the said Board. Plans may be seon, and forms ol proposals, bonds, contract and specifications may be seen at the office ol the undersigned and they may be obtained at tho office* of the Countj Surveyor, situated at Bakersfleld California. Bidders on this work arc hereby notified that the Board of Supervisors will Insist that tho work bo completed within the time limit. A penalty clause relating thereto Is contained In Article IV of tho form of contract above referred to. A bid may be rejected unless tho bidder has Indicated on the outside of the scaled envelope, In which his bid is filed, the number of his State Con- traotor's License. No bid will be considered unless It Is made upon a blank form furnished by the undersigned and accompanied by cash or a chock, made payable to the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and certified by a responsible bank, in an amount equal to at least ten per cent (10%) of the aggregate of the proposal, or by a corporate surety bond for the said amount, payable as aforesaid. The Board of Supervisors of Kern County, California, has, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 397, Statutes of 1931, ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages for each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute tho contract, and It shall be mandatory upon the Contractor to whom the contract Is awarded, .and upon any sub-contractor under him, to pay not less than the specified rates, viz: Craft Rate per hour Bridge foreman $1.1J5 Bridge carpenter 1.125 Painter 1.00 Teamster 75 Truck driver 75 Laborer (skilled) 7B Laborer (common) C25 Shovel operator (power) 1.375 Caterpillar operator 75 Blacksmith 1.00 Blacksmith helper 7? Watchman 6Z5 Any craft not herein named, not less than $0.625. Time and one-half to be allowed for over-time and for work on Sundays, and on the seven holidays, viz: New Year's Day, Decoration Day. July 4th, Labor Day, Armistice Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. The Contractor shall forfeit as a penalty to said County, ten dollars for each laborer, workman or mechanic employed, for each calendar day, or portion thereof, such laborer, workman or mechanic Is paid less than the abovo stipulated rates for any work done under this contract, by him or by any sub-contractor under him. The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to reject anv or all bids or to accept tho bid deemed for the best Interests of tho County. Dated ut Bakersfleld. California, thla 19th day of August, Ifl36. V. K. SMITH. County Clerk and ex-offlcio Clerk of tho Board of Supervisors. Aug. 21 to Sept. 1, inc. Notice Is hereby given that pursuant to an order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern, State of California, made August 17, 1936, sealed bids will bo received at the office of the Clerk of the Board of .Supervisors of said County at tho Court House In tho City of Bakersfield until 11 o'clock a. m., Monday, September H, !938, for the purchase of eighteen bonds of Seml-Troplo School District, Korn County, California, of tho denomination of $1000.00 each. Said bonds were Issued by the said Board of Supervisors under and In accordance with the provisions of tho Constitution and Laws of tho State of California, and In conformity with the order of said Board of Supervisors, passed on tho 17th day of August. 19SB, and bear interest at tho rate of 5 per cent per annum, interest payable annually for tho first year the bonds havo to run and seml-annually thereafter, both principal and Interest payable In lawful money of tho United States of America, on the 17th days of August and February of each and every year out of the Interest and sinking fund of said Semi-Tropic School District, upon presentation and surrender to the Treasurer of Kern County, California, of tho Interes coupons attached to said bonds: sale bonds to be numbered consecutive!} from 1 to IS, Inclusive, us follows: Bonds Nos. 1 to 4, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run 1 year; • Bonds Nos. 6 to 8, Inclusive, $1000.00 eai'h, to run 2 years; Bonds Nos. 9 to 12. Inclusive, $1000.on earh. to run " years: Bonds Nos. IS to 18, Inclusive, $1000,000 each, to run 4 years; Bonds Nos. 17 to 18, Inclusive, $1000.00 each, to run B yenrs. The Semi-Tropic School District has been acting as a School District, under the laws of the State of California, continuously since IfiSC; tho assessed valuation of the taxable property in said Semi-Tropic School Dls- FOU HALE—One 2S "Caterpillar" tractor, two "Caterpillar" 20 tractors, beliiR rebuilt, good buy. Only ] year old, oxrellent condition. Ono 40 Clotrac tractor. Two 75 Monarch tractors. Om- Holt land lovelor. Ono Brenner's chisel. Ono used disc, $50.00. COUSINS TRACTOR CO. 1414 Chester avonuc. 25 JUST received a full lino of used plumbing fixtures, bath tulm, tolletH, basins, Minks, Got our prices bn- fore you buy. San Joaciuln Plpo & Salvage Co., 4000 Chester avonuo, poslto Fair Grounds. 20 TWO-PIECE mohair overstuffed, $17.50. Slightly dnmngofl Inmir- Rprlng mattreBH, $9.75. Five-piece enamel breakfast sot, $S.50. DAVIS FURNITURE EXCHANGE 2105 Clinstnr Avnmio M ONE bed with link springs and miit- tresH, $B. Round tamo anil 4 rhali'H, $7.50. Beevfto sweeper ami attachments, $7.50. Table radio, $B. Largo gas hentor llko new, $15. Flat top phonograph, Rood for malting a buf- _8ING out paint. Whlto, Ivory, cream and green, $1.00 a gallon. Puro botleil Unseed oil $1.00 a Knl- lon. Also closing out nil enamels at a special Raving. San Joaquln Plpo and SalviiRo Co., 4000 Chester avenue, opposite Fair Grounds. 26 RECONDITIONED washing machines, Maytags and several good makes; ifttHolliio and electric motors. Also parts and Borvlco on all makes of washing machines. Call Bill Pflcf- for, phone 1027, at McMahan's. 24 THREE Pumps, threo tanks, throo oil drums, comproBsor, electric grease gun, greaso gun with gauge for compound, high-pressure hand gun. M. Compton, fourth house west Norrls road. 24 FOR SALE—Ono Winchester model 12 12-gaugc pump gun. Glado Wat- tcnberger, 2521 East California avenue. 25 FRUIT JARS—Quarts, 24c; pints, 19c. Wo alsoj buy rags, bottles, junk of , all kinds. Phono 1788 for pick-up wagon. 132 East Twenty-first Btreet. 6-9-tf FOR RENT — One-Back concreto mixer. Wears Lumber Co. Phonn 3810. 44 FOR SALE—Pulverized dairy and sheep fertilizer for lawns and gar- dena. Also general trucking, long or short hauls. H. J. Iloeppel. Phono 2762. 24 FOR SALE—Farm Implement, rabbits, hutches, bees. Ous Cribble, Fruitvale. West of Frultvale School on north side of highway, Route 4, Box 124. 25 FEED prices advancing rapidly. Buy now. Our prk'eB aro low, consistent with quality. San Joaquln Grain Company. Fourteenth and D. Phono 885. 7-14-tf FKUIT Jars, while they last, washed quarts 2-lc and 34c dozen; plnta 19o and 29u dozen; glasses, lOc dozen 717 Sumner Btreet. C-12-tf For Salo—Miseollanoous KUHS—Factory miniplcn. Fur unatv, jaVkotH, foxps, I'ollnrn. Ilugu stock. Furs remodeled. "Thn llniiHn of 3000 Fur Bargains." How's \Vhnlo- Kdlo Ktirs. 133 Kearney, Bun Fnin- i;lsoo. S-IO-tf Radios, Musloal Initrununts MALIC—48 ba«H piano aft'ordlnnj reasonable. 2300 Mast California avenun, Phono 6662-J. For Salo—Furnlturo fat, 12.50. dale. 308 Wilson avenue, Oll- 25 USED FURNITURE SPECIALS S-pc. mahogany Bedroom Sot $29.95 l!-pc. tapestry Living Rm. Sot $16.75 Student's Desk $6.00 Mahog., walnut Bods, 2.75 to $4.50 Coll Springs Cigar dine, 5 foet 8.3x10.6 Velvet Hug $3.25 $4.50 $4.25 HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 Eighteenth Street, at N Phono 341 26 USED FURNITURE! SPECIALS Simmons Twin Beds, a pair Innersprlng Mattress 6-ploce Karpon Dinette Bet 2-pc. Spanish Living Jtoom Set 0x12 Wilton UUK Club Chair and Ottoman, high grade 111.95 Many other big bargains POPEL FURN1TUHK, KXCHANaB Ardlz»l-Oleeso llldg. 023 Huninor Ht. Just west of Baker, Phonn 1841 26 Radios, Musieal Instruments CLKAKANCK prices on all 1930 radios to make room for 1937 drunows. See our )>rlcp» today on all models. Open this evening. Huff'N, 1682 Chester avenue. FOR SALE — RADIOS. PH1LCO, BOSCH, G10NEHAL ELKCTUIO. ATWATKR KENT. SPARTAN AND OTHRR OO.V8OLK AND TA BLE MODEL RADIOS, 16, JIO AND 115. CALL EVENINGS OR HUN- DAYS. CLARENCE L. STEWART 231 FLOWER STREET. PHONE 4710. 20 PIANOS—All rights, vertical grands and also rebuilt practice pianos at low prices kinds. Grands, up- cine Special—a fine original Chlckerlng babv Brand, like new at low price Rental terms on all pianos. Vallej Music Store, 1B23 Nineteenth. PIANOS FOR SALE—Two good prao- (K'e pianos. Both have been reconditioned and are guaranteed. MB ant $00. Terms. Open Sunday after noon. Inquire Galhralth Van urn Storage Company, 2712 Chester avenue. YOUNG RULER trlct and was One Million Nine Hundred Soveiity-One Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Dollars ($1.971.520.00) and has now an outstanding Indebtedness of nothing. Th« bonds herein referred to were voted for tho purpose of raising monev for: 2. The building or purchasing of school buildings; 3, Tho making of alterations or additions to the school building or buildings other than such as may be necessary for current maintenance, operation, or repairs; D. The supplying; of school buildings with furniture or necessary apparatus of a permanent nature; 6. Tho permanent Improvement of the school grounds. Bids will be received for one or any number of said bonds, AH bids must be equal In amount to the par value of the said bonds and accrued Interest to date of delivery ami each bid must bo accompanied with a certified check payable to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of naid Countj, or a cash de- poBlt for tho sum of at least ten per cent of the amount of the bid. The check or cash deposit will be returned to the bidder In case of thd rejection Of the bid and the same will be forfeited tn Semi-Tropic School District if the bidder neglects or refuses to pay the amount bid for thq said bonds within fifteen days after being notified of th« acceptance of the blil. Upon oppnlne of the bids for tald bonds OH aforesaid, paid bonds will be sold to the highest and host bidder for caHh, lawful money of the United .States of America, subjprt to the said conditions and provisions. Bids for tho bonds at a lower rate of Interest will also be considered. Tho said Board of Supervisors, however, rpsorvlnif the rlflht to reject any and all bids for ?sld bonds. All bids must be cnclogod In sealed envelopes addressed to F. E. Smith, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, and endorsed "PROPOSALS SICMl-THOl'- 1C BCHOOL DISTRICT I3ONDS." By order of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Korn, State ot California, mado August 17, 1938. (Seal) V. K. SMITH. County Clerk and Clork of said Board, Aug. 22 to Sept. D, inc. HORIZONTAL 1'Boy monarch ot Yugoslavia. 9 Verb. • 10 Back. 11 Exists. 12 Father. 13 Capital ot his country. 15 At case. 16 Jar. 17 Sorts. 19 Trunk drawer. 20 Poem. 21 Den. 22 The cran. 26 Being. 27 Cows' cries. 28 Salt of olcic acid. 30 Like. 31 Impostor. 33 Shadowy. 34 To slumber. Answer to Previous Puitle 39 Afternoon VERTICAL meal. 1 Mattress 40 Senior. filling. 41 Bottom. 2 God of war. 42 Cleansing 3 Northeast, substance: 4 To iron. 43 Prophet. 9 Wriggling. 44 French 6 Label, measure.» 7 One who 45 Pockctbook. holds to 35 Before Christ. 46 Pendent flrror. 36 Hangmen's ornaments. 8 Toward Mi. halters. 47 rule in llLarily. 38 Bulk. his stead. 13 Proffered. 14 Axillary. 15 Finishes. 18 Electrified particles. 10'Yellowish brown color. 21 Awkward fellows. 22 Caste. 23 To lease. 24 Tree; 25 Point. 26 Solemn. 27 Opposite of winner. 28 Fat. 29 Deliverances. 31 Money lovers. 32 Rubber pencil end. '33 Fashions. 35 Animal. 37 Olive shrub. 38 Male. 39 Lacerated. 41 Public auto. 42 To woo. 44 Morlndln dye. 45 Portugal; Frultt and PRACHKS! I'KACHKS! 'rpsh yollow cling peaches from Tularo county for cnnnliiK, Tho noxt truck lontl Monday morntiiR, 0 a. ni. Jimmy Paddock, 111 I Nlloo Btroct. Phono 6452 for resorviUlonn. 25 NIC'W fat rabbit fryers; nliio ilf>o« anil hu_ckH, _ BM_Tlilrty-fojirtlij;troot. __ _ SIX cows for sale; two frosh soon and four milking poml; must bo sunn to lie apprpi'liilml. IMiiinn STJO-U-Jlj __ !G HATUHDAY Hl'KHlAL -Mo, Hod fry- i>rs. Wn Invltn ymi to HOO our lavgo stock of fryei'N and linnn. Herts and Jlnrks only, Free dressing and tlo- llvrry. Uradford's, llOil Korn Htr<>ct. Phono 3041 -U. 'OH SAWS—Friday, Kiiturday, Hun- ilay only, mountain Biii'tlott fanning pram, Last chanco. lOadeH Mountain Orchard, Tolmchapl. 25 NKW almonds (1!>.1(1 crop) for sale, from I pound to a Ion. 1100 Stock- toii slrcot, Hakemftold. 44 Logal Notloos NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS FOR SALE or trade, largo rabbltry. Now /cnliind whiten. Selected stook. Bradford's. 1108 Korn street. Pliono 3041-R. lEP) ami whlto linns; also Rnil fryers. H'lll tiro** and deliver. 1110 Fourth j^treot. I'honoJSlTNJ. 'HE Archibald llatchory, Hociunl, Calif. Through tho fall and win- tor months, mttchlng Whlto Leif- horim, Marred KtirlCH and Hhoile Islam! lleils, wonkly. Write for catalog. 20 brood Hhaf- 28 Trarto or Occupation Blackboard Setters Carpenters Cement Finishers 8.00 9.00 10.00 8.80 10.00 on 7.00 10.00 10.00 o.oo 0,00 s.oo 8.00 5.00 Wflgo T'oi Hour i.iar, LIZ! 1.2B 1.125 1.12 1.25 1.125 1.25 1.125 1.00 i.isr 1.25 1.10 1.23 1.12. 1.10 .H7 1.25 i.2r, 1.00 1.00 .02i 1.12 'OR HALl'V—One rcglsteri-d sow. Four gilts. Opal Fry, tor. Notion IH hereby given that tho Board of Trustees, Fairfax School District, Kern County, California, will ro- celva bids for thn furnishing of all abor, materials, transportation ami lervlces for tho construction of tho Classroom Aililltlon lo thn Fairfax School Building, Fairfax Hohool Dls- rlot, Kern (bounty, California, caoli bid lo bo In iicuordanco with plans and specifications now on flic with .ho Architect, Charles II. Blggnr, B5-I- 65B Haherfeldo Building. Bakcrnfleld, California, Bidders urn hereby notified that pursuant to tho statutes nf the Stato of California, or local law thereto applicable, (he Hoard of Trustees, Fairfax Hchool District, Kern County, California, IIHH used-tallied tho Bon- oral prevailing rain of per iliem wages nnd rates for legal holiday and overtime work In the locality In which thin work Is to bo performed, for each craft or typo of workman or mechanic needed to execute tho contract which will bo awarded the successful bidder. Tbo prevailing rates BO determined arc as follows: Wago Per Diem . 11.00 . 9.00 . 9.00 . 10.00 aiazliM-s 9.00 Hardwood Floor Workers 9,00 Laborers (common) 5.00 Laborers (concrete) 11.H7 Lathers 10.00 Linoleum Workers 8.00 MRSOIIH 10.00 Mason's Helpers 9.00 Mixer Man Painters T'lnnterors Plaster Tenders Plumbers Reinforcing Hied Workers HoofPVH Hoofer's Helpers Sheet Metal Workers Hteam Fitters Tractor Operators Truck Driver Teamster with Teams.... Hrrapor Man with Team.. Watchman Ail other trades not licro- Inahova mentioned to receive 9.00 Apprentices and helpers for nil trades, unless otherwise above list oil receive a minimum of.. 5.00 .*-•> All labor time nnd one-half for overtime; double time on holidays. Tho foregoing schedule of per diem wages fs based upon u working day of eight (8) hours. Tlio hourly waco rate prescribed h*ralnubovo Is thn per diem ratn divided by the aforementioned number of hours constituting a working day. It shall bo mandatory upon Ihe contractor to whom Iho contract Is awarded, ttml upon any (subcontractor under him. to pay not less than the i»nld specified rules to all laborers, workmen and mechanics employed by them In the execution of thn cnnlrarfr Notice Is nlso given that all bidders must submit with their bids, a stnte- ment of their subcontractors anil a complete estimate sheet and breakdown for the Job. Each bid shall be made out on a form to bo obtained nt tbo office of the Architect, Charles H. Blggur, and must be accompanied by a certified or cashier's check or bid bond for ten (!0?t) pur cent of the ariinunt of tho hid made payable to the order of tho Board of Trustees, Fairfax School District, Kern County, California; shall ho sealed and filed with the Clerk of the Board of Trustees, C. 8, Halo, Fairfax School District, on or before September 14, 1930, at 6:00 P. M., and will bo opened In public at or about 7:30 o'clock I'. M., of that day In tho office of tho Hoard of Trustees, fair- fax School Building, Kern County, California. Tb« above mentioned check or bond shall be given us u guarantee that tho bidder will enter into a contract If awarded the work, and will he declared forfeited if th« successful bidder refuses to enter into said contract after being requested to do so by the Board of Trustees, Fairfax School District. Tha successful bidder will ba required to furnish a labor and material bond In an amount equal to 60% of tho contract price, and a faithful performance bond In ail amount equal to 100% of the contract price, said bonds to he secured from a nurely company satisfactory to the Board of Trustees, Fairfax School District. A !l»t of such surety companies Is on file with tho I office of the Architect. ! Th" Hoard of Trustees, Fairfax School District, reserves the right to reject any or all bids and/or waive any Irregularity In a bid. unless otherwise required by law, no bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty (30) clays after tho ilnl* set for tbo opening thereof. Dated August 28, 1934, Bakersflold, California. Rourd of Trustees, Fairfax School District, Kuril County, California. C. S. HALM, Clerk. Publication dates: Aug. 28, Kept. 5, Sept. 14. FOR SALE—Largo Red fryoi-H, pound, 20c. Tom Brooks, 1830 Nllos street. I'lionn 1388. 24 FOR HALM—Fryorn, Hoils. Rucks— buttery mllk-fe<l, "Their f«ot never touch tho ground," Tniulor. Juicy. Di-BHHed, delivered. Phono_JI6B7;J_. 25 WANTED—To buy good milk cow, Riving not l«nn than 4 giillonB dally. Write Box 725, In caro of The Call- fornlau. . 25 Docs and Othojr Pots SEIjLINO out, podlKrood roller can- arlos, cages, cheap, or will swap for what havo you. tnOO 1C street. 24 Wantod to Buy-City Fro»orty WANTED—For cash, corner lot In or nnrir Alia VlHta. Call 1070-.1. 24 Wantod to Buy-Misoollanoous BEST prices paid for bottles, rags iron and other Junk, Phono 397 foi Pickup wagon. Prompt sorvlcu. 421 East Nineteenth. 7-(l-!lfl-tf WANTED—Old burlap nnd rags. Buying bottles and other Junk. Cal 2170 for pick-up wagon, 717 Sumner stroot. fl-15-tl Local Notloos NOTICE OF MEETING OF BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF KERN COUNTY, CALIFORNIA, TO CONSUMMATE PURCHASE OF REAL PROPERTY FOR PUBLIC PURPOSES. Notice Is hereby given that the Hoard of Supervisors of Korn County will meet at their rooms In thi County Court House, City of Bakers field, County of Kern, State of Call fornln, ut 11:00 o'clock a. m., Moiv day, September 14, 11)38, for tho pur pose nf consummating tho purcnasi from c. L. Taylor ami Ola R Taylor his wife, Raymond O. Taylor ant Dorii Louise Taylor, his wife, for thi sum of J1400.00, of the following here Inufter described roul property, to wit: The \vo»t half of Villa Lot 48 o Drury's Addition In tho County o Knrn, State of California, as per ma recorded March J8, 1807, In Book I Page 101 of Maps In the office of th County Recorder of said County, ex ceptlng therefrom tho south 75 feet and also excepting therefrom a strl 80 feet wide on the north and won sides thereof ron»rv<«i for public roadn Said property Is to be used for pub lie purposes, to-wlt: for Hospltu Grounds. Any and all per«on« Interested ( the matter may appear at the nbov mqntloncd tlmo anil place und b heard. Dated August 19, 193G. IT. K. SMITH, Clerk of tho Board. August 21 to September 11, Inc. MAY BE ENVOY Stato of California, Department of ublla Works, Division of Highways. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY A. D. Attackers Vanish Dv PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS TNSTAMTLY i DARTED UP THROUG THE HOLE, BUT- MOMENTLATER.TOKANAN JOINED ME- r RADIOED THE SHI P - NOBODV IN SIGHT/ THAT'S STRANGE.' WHERE COULD THEY RAVE GONE ? YEAH / BUT HOW DID THEY VANISH THE MARK OF ROPE /THAT'S ^\ HOW THEY GOT UP/ CALLING DID YOU SEE THING MOVING %T YES/ IT LOOKED DOWN HERE ?Jf LIKE A SMALL VZZ^* ANIMAL-OUT IT DISAPPEARED AN ANIMAL COULD VERIFY- i»>« JOHN r. VILUI co uo. u. • »AT. orr. Dr. C. T. Wang, above, formerly China's foreign minister and now a member of the nationalist Kuo- mintuiiK party's powerful executive committee, is reported to be the choice for Chinese ambassador to the United States. He would succeed Dr. Alfred S/c, whose resignation is expected. This picture of Wanv was made during his visit to America this year, lie is a graduate of Yale. SKALIBD PROPOSALS will ba relived at tha office of tha State Hlgb- ay Engineer, publlo Works Building, acramento, California, until i o'clock . m., on September 8, 1930, at which mn they wfll bo publicly opened and nod, for construction In accordance Ith the specification! therefor, to •hlch special reference ID made, of ortlons of Rtato Highway, a* fol- Kern County, between 10.B miles outh of Bakersfleld and Orove street i Tlakersflold (VI-Kor-4-C * Bkd). bout oleven and seven-tenths (11.7) nllcs In length to be graded and aved with asphalt concrete. In accordance with the provisions of liaptor 897. Statutes of 1931, the De- artmont of Public Works has nscer- alned tha general prevailing rate of ages applicable to tho work to tie one to ho as follows: Skilled Liber Classification Rato per hour "Yaelnr driver (CO h. p. and over) $1.00 toiler operator (finishing high type pavement, Including sub- trnirtit for same) 1.00 'lie driver holstman or operator l.BO 'Ho drlvnr man 1.J3U Carpenter 1.125 Operator of power shovel or oilier excavating cqulpmnnt, shovel typo controls (% cubic yard or morn) 1.60 Asphalt plant operator 1.10 ioncrotn pavement mixer operator 1,10 Master finisher, concrete pavement 1.00 [Vouching maohlnn operator.... 1.875 Blado grader operator (finish work) 1.00 Dragline oparator (except shovel type) 1.2n Structural stool worker 1.H75 loin forcing steel worker........ 1.125 lulstman , 1.376 fii Inter 1,00 electrical worker 1.2u 'lumber 1.25 Cement finisher (sidewalks, curbs and gutters) 1,10 ,'oncroto bridge dock finisher.. 1.26 tlason 1.00 r-lrloltlnyflr 1.876 :>rnamantal iron worker 1.126 Nozzlemian (gunlto work) 1.00 Asphalt mechanical finisher operator '• • 1.00 Concrete pavement mechanical finisher operator 1.00 Hodcurrior 1.00 Concrete vibrator operator 1.00 Intermediate Qrnde Labor Tractor driver (under 50 h. p.),. .48 Truck driver (less than 4 ctiblo yards water level capacity).. .88 Truck driver (4 cubic yards water lovel capacity or more) 76 Powdorman •• .75 Oiler (power shovels or cranes) .12 Grador operator (towing or motor, rough work) 75 Roller oparator 90 Driller 75 Blacksmith 82 Hubgi-adu finisher operator 81! Siopor 75 Asphalt plant Urycnnan or fireman 90 Headerbourd man .75 Flnatman 75 Bprayguii operator (concrete pavuincnt curing) 75 Mechanic (trouble shooter) 88 Housa mover 90 Concrete worker for structures (wet and dry) 77 Concrete mixer operator (except paving typo) 93 Cook OS Plpo layer (doeu not Include culverts) .82 Gunman (gunlto work) 75 Transit mix operator 92 Oil distributor bootman .75 Unskilled Labor Laborer (0 Tenmstar '. 80 laborer 89 Handyman (roustabout)..... 80 Watchman 60 (iuaril 80 Fliiffimi.ii , 80 I'oultlonx not Huted above will be allocated In accordance with the definitions which appear In the special provisions as Interpreted In tho light of this classification. The minimum wage paid to all skilled labor, for which rates are not shown above, shall be nut less than $1.00 per hour. Thn minimum wage paid to all Intermediate labor, for which rates are not shown above, shall be not lean than C8 cents per hour. The minimum wago paid to all unskilled labor, for which rates are not shown above, shall be not lean than CO fonts per bout-. Overtime—one and one-half (Hi) limes tbo abovo rates. Sundays nnd holidays (except watchtnmi, guards and flagmen) duublo tint ubuvu rates. Proposal forms will be issued only to those Contractors who havu furnished a verified statement of experience and financial condition In accordance wltli (li« provisions of tha State Contract Act, and whoso statements so furnished are .satisfactory to the Department of Public Works. No bid will bo accepted from u Contractor who has not been licensed In accordance with tho provisions of Chapter 791, Statutes of 1929, as amended, or to whom a proposal form has not been issued by the Department of Public Works. Tlio nttnnllon of bidders is directed to the fact that tho work herein proposed to bo done will be financed In whole or In part with Federal funds anil that therefore all of the applicable Federal statutes, rules, and regulations will apply to such work. The attention of bidders Is particularly directed to the provisions of Sec- don 7, article (a), subsection (5), of the Standard Specifications, regarding the use of domestic materials; and also to the provisions of Section S, articles (a) and (b), ot the Standard Specifications, regarding »yboon- tractlng nnd assignment of the contract, respectively. Plans may he seen, and forms of proposals, bonds, contract and specifications may bo obtained at the office of tho State Highway Engineer. Public Works Building, Sacramento, California, and they may bo seen at tho offices of the District Engineers at Los Angeles and San Francisco, at the office of tlio District Knglneer of the district In which the work Is situated, und at tbo office of the Asso- i clatod rjeiuTnl Contractors In Ban , Francisco and In Lou Angeles. The I District KnglnrurH' off icon ura located I at Kuruka, ittddlng. Marysvtlln. San | Francisco Han Luis Oblspo, Fresno, i Los AiiKel'iM, Kan Bernardino, Bishop, Stockton nnd San Diego. ! A representative from thn district > offIco will be available to accompany i prospective bidders for an Inspection of the work herein contemplated, and Contractors ura urged to Investigate the location, character and quantity of work to be done, with u representative of the Division of Highway*. It Is requested that arrangements for joint field inspection bo made us far In advance us possible. Detailed Information concerning the proposed work may be obtained from the district office. ! No bid will be received unless It Is I made on a blank form furnished by | the State Highway Engineer. Tha 1 special attention of prospective bidders Is called to tho "Proposal Re; qutrements. ami Conditions" annexed to tho blank form of proposal, for full I directions as to bidding, etc. The n«partmont of Public Works reserves the right to reject any or all 1 bids. nmi'ARTMKXT OF PUBLIC WORKS, DIVISION Or HIGHWAYS C. H. PURCELL State Highway Dated Aug. it. 1JS«. ! Aug. 21-11, Sept. i

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