The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 14
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THE BAKEKSFIELD CALIFOKNIAN, FIUDAY, AUGUST 28, 1936 ONE SURE WAY TO INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS IS TO SPEND MORE MONEY FOR CLASSIFIED ADS i FOR CONVENIENCE THE BAKERSFIELO CALIFOHNIAN •ttntt lltttd btlew will riotfv* tUfslfletf •dvtrtltlnf «nd nib- icrlplloni at (hi ritulir ritit. OILDALE OILDALt PHARM»Cv ARVIN BAT HNOWLtB. AdVIN PHARMACY IUTTONWILLOW TRACY BROS. TAFT MARIPOSA ClflAH AND NtW» CO MARICOPA (iATE CITY PHARMACY McKITTRIGK H. R. HARRIS FELLOWS WAGGONCR NEW* DEALER SHAFTED (HAFTCR ORUO COMPANY WASOO W. C. THOMAS NEWS STAND MeFARLAND C. E. RIPPEY IHt CALUORNIAN CARRIER DELANO UNITED ClflAR STORC EARLIMAflT MtLEN ADAMS NEWS STAND TEMACHAPI RAUMOAHT OflUO 8TOBE MOJAVE C. L. MOORE * SON STORE KENNVILLE DISTRICT ARDIS M. WALKER ORAKVINE McLARTY'S STORC LEIEO CEBEC COFFCC SHOP REWARD ft. 0. PALMER TUFMAN ILK HILLS MERCANTILE COMPANY Clltlrflt* ClIUMM CUt» 11 I, M. Tit* CilltwnlM will not k« nwndkte for •rrtn In Clutlfliif AtfnrtlMmtftti tik>n •w ttliptoni unlMi evrmtltn l« mtdt (•Ml4llttl> iftor lint TtltphtM If f»r City Strvlti Financial For Rent—Roams Vacation Fimrln Aviillnbtc MONBV AT ONCE NO IIKH TAPE NO KMIIARRASSINC INVESTIGATIONS Courteous and Confidential Foil KKN'T - Sli:i'pltiR room, closo to liiiih: hot iiinl cold water In room. «'nr space. '^IPII? Twentieth. I|'*<>H ItKNT - R.iom. connectlnn linth, • oiii;.|i|,. riitrancc; gentleman prn- I f'Tieil. (IlirnKP. ill 20 TWPIlly-NPCOnd. j KHo.N'T In ili'iioni for rent to Rcntle.- i man. llcfercnces. Cull at. 1912 i Verde Mreet. 25 KHON'T licdroom, comfortable, outside, i entrance, connectliiK linth, nice lo- 1 callon. |< slre«l._l'li<ino SB9i(-J. | ATTHAf'TIVr; room, It largo windows, | modern home, K'ir/tKO. Phono C3.1. j 20 For Sail—tmprovod Proporty I Ftr Sal»—AutemoblUt | F«r Silt—-Automobllot F§r Salt—Aiitomobiln For Ront—Rooms With Btiri FINANCE COMPANY 2800 CHESTER AVK. PHONE 2r,20 7-1fi-.1<!-tf iKiAUI* unil room for two m«n. Coot lnixMncMi room, tdonl for day Hlenper, I'lmne finxl, or call 924 Ok-andcr avc- IIIH-. _ t _ 24 ROOM rind bonrd" tit ~212913iKhtoenfh Htri'd. Don't forRnt (ha nlftcn. Hot lilM'iiltN, rorn bread, nomn-iruida plch. "Mrnln Hervcd from 4:30 a. m. until S:30 p. m. l.,utioho.i ns ordered. H iliiy. 24 IS to $5 J To Ralarlcd people on JuHt your Hlgnnturn. ArraiiRi'd ImniRdlatoly NO RM1IARRA8SINO INVESTIGATION Sioolil Anntuneomonti HAVE you any old nlothan or houne- . hold KoodB to donate (hat might bo repaired, cleaned, flxoil and pussod over (o worthy poor ut roHt? I'lenso 1 notify Tbe Goodwill SnlvaRj-, UOS Twentieth street. Telephone 760-M. 24 NOT1CK !«• hereby Klvon that I will not be roitponiiltilv for any hllli contracted by anyone other tbnn myself personally or on my written order. (Hlirned) Krrn Ilehfeld, 1R03 Chester avenue. 24 Prank Hornkohl Chemtral laboratory 1704 K 8TUHKT ASSAY! NO OF ORES Analygls of Olln, Water. Rolln « ARE! you nick of being nick? Do you want new health, ntrenKth and vlROr7 Then InvontlRato the beno- fltn of Internal Hathlng! Scientific, odorless, palnlemi, honelesii. All wante matter ran lie seen. A bona- flde dlnRnosli In made of your In- trBtlnal (ract. The I-BUBO of 90 per rent of all ailmentn lie In the larRo Intestines. })e clean Inside, an well OB outside. Ruoh conditions us constipation, homorhrolilfi, prontalo troublen, hlRh and low blood iiren- sure, colds, rhoutnatlsm, astlima, kidney dlHeaae and other allmentH respond with amiiiliiff rt-NUltn. lf> to 25 Kullona of pure warm water used. Investigate and learn wha( It IB to have n colonlo and an Internal massage. Eighteen yearn pracdce. Dr. Coloman. chiropractor, luf aeorge Hay building. I'hone T ..»18. 8-12-tt ALL.-AMKR1CAN Bus Lines. Free meal*. Dalian III, St. l.oulo |2C, Chlcarp I2d. For reservutloiiH phone Kern Fountain Lunch. 4848-W. H4 201 HuborfeldQ Building. Plionu 54G 7-23-tf HoAKI) and room at 2023 California avi-nue. jr, For Rent—Houses oil JIF.NT—• fi-room house, furnished, with five iicrOH of land, .lust across river l>rldK<) on Cheater avenue, rhmin n,'iT3. ^OIl KJ'J.NT—Two-bedroom house, fur- nlKhed, lotn of phadc. Telephone t'Sld-\V. A. K. Knrpe. KIVK-Iloo.M imfurnlHhecl house, 2616 Sunset avenue; two bedrooms and flli'<-l>|j;if porch, >40 monthly. Avall- nhle In iihotil two woeka. Phone Fdlt HICNT—Two noreH with good chicken bonne equipped for 2500 herin. Mnil(>rn IIOIIHO. ORB and I'lcctrlclty. Four miles west of liak. erxflelil. I'hone 7031. 25 J-COKI J'lnnl Why IMy More? Thene paymentR Inulnde M.I. rhuiKOH: You Receive You 1'ny Munthly 1100 no.M for 12,montliN 1200 J1«.S!> for If, iiinntliH 1900 i:O.Kl for IK monthH t'roporlionato riiti'H for nlhcr ammmtM. Quick! f'onfldentlnl! No co-dinners! NO HAUAHV AHHKI.VMHNT8 I^oann or oontraclH refinanced. Coistsiers Credit 1424 Seventeenth Street Phono 484 j Free Pnrktnu El Tcjon Oarage KOJl HKNT—Tent and trailer jrround. Jlol water all tho time, showers, toilet*, Ntittlonnry wash tubw. 3 inlleH muitli of lOlKhteenth utreet on !i« highway. Wiono 8733-U-l. Mother Hcott'n I'luco. 28 K()ll UKNT—4-room furnished cot- taKc. clean. Also nabltiH. ORB, water n ml IlKhtH paid. AdultH only, !)!<! Kern Htreet. 24 SALARY TWO rooms, contlmiouH hot water, UH.' of nhone. $17.50. 2321 Truxtun uvcnnc. Confidential service to nalarlod pooplo and hoiisnwlvou. NO COLLATERAL, OR ENDORSERS 816 Haborfoldo Bldg. Phono 2200 CH'l'M/V fnrnl.shpd four rooms; prl- vntc linth and private entrance; close In; J40. 1304 Twenty-fourth ntrect_. _I5 ••OR IIN.N'T—Modern npartment, 610 1'nlon avenue. "5 Wanted to Rent—Rooms TWO glrlH want to rent room together, with conncctlnic bath. I'lionn B417-W. Wanted to Rent—Houses A-14-lt i WANT to rent 4 ov 6-room furnished , lioiiMo. References. Write Box 664, j nakersflcld _Pimt Office 25 'WANTIOI>—Unfurnished 2 or 3-hed- room houso In Alta vista, Highland Park or southwest district, No children or pctB. Phono Padre Hotel, Room 427. 24 Schools—Instruction UNIVKHHITY womnn K/adn»li>, de- Klrcs private tiitoi 4 lnn:. Excellent opportunity to further your clill- dren'H educational advuntHKi-s. AduJtH_not luirri'il. I'hone_6427-J._ Help Wanted—Safesmen 'OUPIjH want Rniall houne near town; no children or peta. Phono between fi and B p. in. C7S2-J. 24 Wanted to Rent—Farm Land I MAN WANTKD for Ruwlelifh route 1 of SOU families. Write today. Itaw! lelKli'H, Depurtincnt CA1I-34-SA, I (laliliind, rullf. ~~Help Wanted—Female PACKAGE: TRANSFKU—i*iano«, furniture, bacgttKe, packagus. Open all the time. Phone f,::8. 820 Eighth utreet. A. I.. White, 30 HITCHCOCK'S GARAGE, rear" of 423 Flower street. Phono 5471. Best equipped snmll shop In Uakerxfleld. Trustworthy cvrvico. Kallmutcn cheerfully given. 30 Wanted—All-tlie-year pasturage for hor«o within radius of 10 or 12 miles of Bakprsllold. Write Box 181, caro of Tho Bukersflold California!). 24 Personals MIDDLK-AUKI) Indy to caro for .veiir-oltl baby. Room and board and $10 per month. Inquire 228 _Twonty-flrut Btroot. ISXPKUIKNCKIi waitress wanted; unit _at_imcp. 800 Halter street. WANTK11—lixperlencod shoo salp»- lady. Kumlly Shon Storo. 24 For Sale—Improved Property HlCiULANM') PARK SPECIAL — Real Kood modern five-room house; tllfl drain, hardwood floors throughout, automatic heater. Must bu sold this week. J300 down Klves ponaesalon. Prlcii Stanley, 1700 K street. HAVING sold my grocery and meal department, will not he responsible for any bills after September 5, IMrt. (algnea) Corcno B. Payne, Shatter, ] Calif. ! STOMACH Ulrer, lias Pains, Indigestion victims, why suffer? For unlcU relief Ret a free sample of IMHiA, » doctor's prescription at Klmbali « Stone. WILL not be responsible for any~MJls contracted by anyone other than myself after this date, August -«. 19S6. (Signed) I.awrenot< 11. Workman. Route 2, Uox 51d, Uukcrefleld. KKCHKTAIIY wanlml. Prefer oni- experienced In liiMirunr.- «Mili. Ulvo ftKe, «xperlencc and Milary ex- pectcd. lion 321. Th« C'_nllfori\lnii^_24 SJtuaJ,ion8~WantitJ—^ale~ WANTKI> -Ity yonnif man, work of any kind; fountain experience. Tel. JIBOO HtJYS 6-room home on one- fourth n^re; ^ood soil, edj?e of city limits. City water, Kas lights. About J2(i() down, small monthly payments. 1'rlci! Stanley, 1700 K street. Phono 1SIH. 2377-J._ Hey Davenport. ItKANIi-NKW 6-room stucco house on corner lot; nice location, close to good school; transportation. Price J-HMI; $400 down. This is a good buy. Vacant September 1. Price Stanley, 1700 K street. A-I CARPKNTKi:. painter und papcr- ImiiRvr, diiy or contract; exceptionally rviiNounhlo. Phono 4(!fi(!-\V RI-:i.lAItI.K yoiiiig man with Rood truck want-, haullnu of any kind or truck drhliiK or <'aterpl|lar u-nrk. i Phone TOSS. 2r, : | ' • •usiness Opportunities i Situations Wanted—Female liVNCH ROOM doing Rood hunlneH*. ' Ser\*ice ftutlon, grocery More, KA- r&Ke, UvliiK >|Uarters. An oppor- tunlty. S. Klwood. 1923 Kye street, j FOR SALE>—Cafe and beer parlor on main highway; dolns uioo buslncsh. Kt-lly & Hon. 1711' Chester uveuuv. Phone 303. 25 FOR SALE- Near traffic circle,! welding tthop on 50-foot lot. Con-! reuiently located. Kelly <t Sun,! 1712 Chester avenue. Phone 36:1.' Hifp Wanted—Malt WANTKU- CookinK Job. In or out of i town or housclu-eper In mothurle.sH lu>nii'. 1D-7 Twunly-firiit Klrcet. j Apt. 6. i HK1.IAHI.K colnrod ulrl wants work : l-y the hour or nuirnfiiK joli. \V1I1 ! '•onslder ituythlliK. ''"II ."'"I'll-J. 2Ti ! K HTRKKT Home ljuindry. Work ; called for and delivered Mending ; free. Prices reatonaMc. 2SIOS )C meet, around clrclo on \>9. Phono 414R. _„ _ _ ** Fci rR onit—Roo m s KOI! Hl'-.NT To lady, room at 411 Truxlun ji\enne. ?;, t47. r ,0.00 (re.duop.d from J5500.00); tt lieautlful homo In a restricted district. 1/arRc living room with fireplace, dlnliiK room, kltchnn, brrak- fast room, Horvlco porch; Iwo larffo liedrooniH and Hun room. House is miihoRany finish, nil hardwood flooiH. f,nrK« two-cur gnrnKc and laundry. Rprlnkllnn nyNlem In lawn, wonderful Harden. Vacant and opon j for InHpectlon Sunday from 10 a. m. | to 5 p. m. Drlvn nouth on Chester , nvonun to one block south of Brun- | daRp Lano and turn wont to 1824 Illchland iivenuo. Terms. Taylor & Taylor, 1660 Chester avenue, Phono 712. 25 ON ON 1C FINK ACRR—A wonderful new 0-rooin house, 4 bedrooms, hard- woo,] floors, tile finish. You will want It—$4500, $800 down. Other acres, Improved; wonderful Shady Cove homes and 3 acres, 2 In alfalfa, own water system, big house for big family. $.1500, half down. One- half acre silt loam, highly fertilized; 23 bearing fruit trqos, room for chickens, cow, garden. Now 6-room 3-bedroom house, $3600; one-half down; now paying 10 per cent on H200. Your money will get no better values. H will pay you tc reach hard for these. Phono 04-K-2 after 3 p. in. H. W. Bolen, 1109 Stockton street, city. PIVK-IlOOAf plastered housn In good condition, largo lot. $1750; $400 cash, $18 a month. Three-room houso, furnished, 11650; $200 down, balance easy terms. Also many nice lots, $150 to $200 a pair. F.asy terms. Warren-Reagan, 807 Baker. I'OR BALK by owner, 6-room houso, 3 bedrooms, and 4 apartment In rear. Income $95 per month. Price SSfiOO.OO. Down payment, $30 f '0. 1SSO Pacific street. 2C ONK-HALP ACRE (74H-foot frontage on Union avenue), SO highway. Borne Improvements. Close In. Will sacrl- flce for $600^ cagh._Pliono _8377-J. 25 FOR SALE—Near high school; good five-room houue—porches, nicely Improved 50-foot lot. $3000. Part cash; immediate possession. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phone 363. 25 EXTRA nice 3-bedroom house, large corner lot. About one blook new high school location. Prlco $4050.00. See Loyd fa'nnds, The Robinson Agency, 1025 Chester avenue. 25 SIX-ROOM homo In West Park, on Sunset avenue. N'ew tile bath, two floor furnaces, lovely yard. Now vacant for Immediate possession. Terms to responsible party. Elmer F. Kqrpe. 1517 Eighteenth . 8-27-tf MODERN G-room home In Highland 3'ark. Lot 100x150, fully developed Rhado, fruit, flowers and lawn. Double garage, basement, hardwood floors, tile drain, automatic beater. Immediate possession. For quick sain $4000; $500 down, $42.50 a month. Howard Nichols, Inc. 8-22-tf SMALL, neat houso on rear of lot In highly restricted district. Lot lOOx 260 feet. Owner has loft town, offers for $1400, $300 down, $25 a month. Howard Nichols, Inc. 8-l»-tf 11 ACRES, 7 miles from town, paved highway, email houso, good well anl pump, but no motor. $2500, half cash. Howard Nichols. Inc. 8-lD-tf 6-IIOOM newly modernized home, double garage, Ideal for ollworker with family. $3450 full price. Will trade for small ranch. Kendall Jonefl, Insurance, 1511 Eighteenth. Phono 89. 24 FIVE-ROOM houso on large lot In Oll- dalo, In excellent condition; big sleeping porch. Owner leaving, offers for $1675 cash. Howard Nichols, Inc. 8-18-tf For Sale—City Lots ACIIKAGK for sale. 2% acres, M, mllo from city limit. SouthweHt on Hell Terrace. Terms. Soo Mell Hay, 1524 Eighteenth. 25 DKSIRABL.K business corner, 57x135 feet. In center of oil well supply warehouse district. J1250; J350 down, J2f. per month. \V. V. Dray, 1414 Seventeenth street. Phono 157. $600 nnd up buys a 50-foot lot In Alta Vista, the most denlrablo residence district In Haket-Kfleld. IKmtricted as to race, building costs, locution of homos, etc. Wo rnako tho price, you make the terms. Taylor & Taylor, IfiCO Chester Ave. Phone 712. S-27-tf For Sale—Improved Farms FOR XAI,K—f>-room furnished IIOUHC on t'allfurnlu avenue, |2250. Cement basement. sidewalks and paved MrcetH. KaraKo and shade; terms. Si-c Mell Hay. H.24 KlBhtuenth. Phone .l:!7.'t. 25 i SIX-ROOM house on Washington Mreot, (Hldulc. J2100. Terms. Phone _M7.1. 2B ••CoI.ollKH 1'F.oPl.l-:!"—We havo a (4<»Kl little homo for Flile close to <-ur lino on lot (10x122 feet. House iii'i-ils SOIUB work but la priced cheap for <iulck wale. J1200, small payment down, J20 per month. W. F. Uniy, I IN ScVfiite t .nth atreet. Phoi.e U.7. '35 BUICK S. COUPIO $865 '35 OLDSMOBILE 8 COUPK $765 '35 STUDEUAKER SEDAN $985 •35 PLYM'TH DLX CPE., $645 •34 BUICK TR. SEDAN $745 '34 HUDSON SEDAN $625 •34 NASH TR. SEDAN $595 •32 BUICK SEDAN $495 '33 DE SOTO COUPE $446 •80 PACKARD SEDAN $445 '31 BUICK 6W COUPE $365. '31 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $285 •30 NASH SEDAN $185 L'SED CAR DEPT. '2112 Chester Avenue Phono 423 '35 CHEVROLET SEDAN $665 '35 PLYMOUTH SEDAN J835 '35 FORD V8 COUPE $565 '35 WILLYS 77 COUPE $375 '34 CHEVROLET SEDAN $595 '34 PLYMOUTH SEDAN $525 '34 STUDEBAKER SEDAN $545 '33 CHEVROLET COACH $395 '33 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $395 '32 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $295 '31 CHEVROLET COACH $295 '30 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $235 '30 FORD COUPE $195 USED CAR DEPT. 18th and N or 20th and M 1708 Phone 421 '34 OLDSMOBILE TR. SED. $G45 '34 CADILLAC SEDAN $1595 '35 FORD V8 SEDAN $CC5 '36 CHEVROLET TR. SED. $745 '30 CADILLAC SEDAN $495 '34 STUDEBAKER SED. $685 '31 PACKARD COUPE $465 '31 BUICK SEDAN $385 '30 CHRYSLER SEDAN $275 '29 OLDSMOBILE COUPE $196 '29 CHEVROLET COACH $175 '31 FORD TUDOR SEDAN $285 '29 OAKLAND SEDAN $185 USED CAR DEPT. Twenty-second and "Eye" Phono 420 OOUQHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEAR* Fmitril DlneUri mi AmbuUnct Scnrlot HDD Truxtun Av<nu», «t N Mrnt Phent !67 L.ifj Attondinl For Sale---lmproyoil[Farms ONE OR TWO ACRES In southwest district, good soil, $600 per aero. Two acres with three-room house, Immediate possession, $2200. Terms. Harry Hake, 1523 Twentieth street. 25 FOR SALE—Orange grove, full bearing; one of finest In Kern county. Near producing oil wells. Full rights go at $500 per acre. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Phone 363. 25 140-ACUE highly Improved Vaughn ranch, located on highway Just north of Famosa. Excellen' potato, cotton or vegetable soil. Good water wells completely piped with under- Kround cement irrigating pipe. Good dwelling. For price and terms write to R. K. Gilbert. lOt North Arden Boulevard, Los AnKeles. 24 For Sale—Unimproved Land FOR SALE or trade, 80 acres corn land, Bills County, Oklahoma. Has been core, drilled for oil. Box 826, The Callfornlan. 26 H ACRES, 7 minutes from town, gas, electricity, separate domcstlo and Irrigating -water system. J1100, $200 down, $20 a month. Howard Nichols, Inc. 8-17-tf Oil Lands OIL. land for lease, 40 or 80 acres, section 80, 28-29, Hound Mountain. Call 714 Flower street. 26 FOR SALE-—$11 per acre for 120 acres fee title, potential oil land, close to newly discovered gas field and past and present exploration. Kelly & Son, 1712 Chester avenue. Telephone 303. 29 For Exchange, Miscellaneous NEW 12-gauge shotgun. Would like to trado for pump sun. 219 Francis street, Highland Park. 24 For Sale—Automobiles UATIO POSSESSION!" Good .'i-ii'um huiiio, (•lu.iit to high ami Krainmar n-hool; newly decorated; lnrne l"t, fruit and .shade trees. A dandy buy for JI1000. Terms may bo iUTutiKcd W. F, Urity. 1414 Seventeenth street. Phono HiT. 1 TIIHl'.l'-IIHIHtODM homo. New two! lii'droom liiunc. '1'lirt-n - bedroom \ homo on ucro. linmedlato POBHCS- hlon. S. Khvood, 1923 Kyo street. Plume C..S37. 24 Exclusive aRonts for MILLER & LUX Special—115 acree rood level farm land. Irrigated by ditch rights and water well. t>5 acres in al- fall'a, GO acres in cotton. Price, $157 per ncro. Terms. 7 HAUERKELDE BUILDING PHONE 2500 24 KKU1T RAXi'lI, center of Holllster orchnrrt area. This will net you 12 p«r cunt or better. Kendall Jones, Insurance, 1BH .Eighteenth. Phono 99. lit 1930 Ford coupe $245 1930 Ford cabriolet $255 1930 Ford roadster $195 1931 Plymouth cabriolet ^295 1930 Chevrolet sport coupe $265 1929 Dodge DA coupe $185 1936 Ford de luxe sedan $745 1930 Dodge trunk sedan ?895 Wo Carry a Full Stock of Late Model, High Quality Cars at Low- Prices and Sell on Very Liberal Terms UAKERSF1KLD MOTOR CO. 20th and "Eye" Streets Phone 1724 OPKN EVENINGS AND ALL DAY SUNDAY 26 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles JUST WEST OF FOX THEATER DISTRIBUTERS FOR DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS See the great variety of real bargain used car values listed below— then come and look them over. All trade-Ins on the fast-selling Dodge and Plymouth cars—now ready for you. The low prices and terms are sure to please you. MANY FINE BUYS IN TRUCKS ALSO 1931 Do Soto sedan ?350 1930 Ford town sedan ?245 1932 Chevrolet sedan $350 1930 Bulck coupe $250 1931 Dodge 8 sedan $295 1929 Chrysler 65 sedan $225 1930 Ford coupe $235 1929 Oakland coach $195 1929 Pontlac coach $160 1929 Hudson coach $165 ,1930 Hupmobilo sedan , $150 1929 Ford coupe $150 1929 Dodgo pickup $165 1929 Chevrolet pickup $145 1931 Dodge 1%-ton truck $265 1930 Ford panel delivery $195 1927 Studebaker sedan $95 1926 Dodge sedan $65 1935 Douge trunk sedan 1935 Pontiac 6 trunk sedan 1935 Ford V8 tudor 1934 Ford V8 sedan 1934 Dodgo sedan 1933 Dodge 8 w sedau 1932 Chrysler 8 sedan 1932 Dodge 8 sedan 1934 Plymouth coupe 1933 Dodge coupe 1932 Plymouth PD coupo 1933 Plymouth PC coupe 1932 Plymouth PA coupe 1932 Plymouth PA sedan 1933 Chevrolet master sed. 1935 Dodgo panel delivery 1935 Ford V8 pickup $785 $596 $525 J625 $550 $435 $465 ?475 ?450 $350 $375 $325 $295 $450 $575 $525 1933 Chevrolet 1%-ton stake $465 BAKERSFIELD GARAGE USED CAR LOT Twentieth Street, Just West of Fox Theater 26 riONHKU HKALTY COMPANY lixcluslvc agents for—• .MIU,KK & l.UX LANDS For Sunday appointments nee or call If. M. Hlllhmise, who IH always on tlic tract at liiittonu-lllou', Phono 7B or— J. Kelly !tiis*ell. 7 Haber- feldn titiildliiK, IJakersfleld. Phono 2500. REO SALES AND SERVICE 1935 Chevrolet trunk sedan $685 1933 Dodge coupe $445 1931 Utilck S-«6 coupu $385 1930 Ford truck $195 Twenty-first and K Streets Phone 1034 26 FOR REAL VALUES 1936 Ply. tour, sedan, low mil. $785 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $095 1935 Plymouth de luxe coupe $645 1935 Ford sedan $395 1935 Ford do luxe coupe $585 1928 Chevrolet coach $95 1927 Chevrolet coach $65 1926 Bulck coach $37.50 1936 Chevrolet coach $32.50 Model T Ford coach 517.50 1409 EIGHTEENTH STREET Phone 831 26 House Trailers for sale or rent. BLUE RIBBON GARAGE 191C Nineteenth street, Bukersfield 26 1930 De Soto cpe., 6 ww. ex. good $175 11I2S Bulck coupe, real bargain $125 1925 Studebaker cpe., delivery back $45 DOUGLASS USED CARS Twenty-fourth and I. Phono 3377-J "I Handle My Own Paper" 26 FOR SALE—1930 Ford coupe. Good condition, 405 Sixth avenue. Phone 93, Taft. ' 24 BUT WHERE YOU HAVE A WIDE SELECTION OF LATE MODEL USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $68 1935 Chevrolet Master coach $625 1934 Ford Coupe ?485 1932 Buick 91 sedan $475 1932 B-4 Ford sedan ?3S5 1932 Chrysler 6 sedan $350 1931 Chevrolet cabriolet $300 1931 Chevrolet coach $295 1930 Oldsmoblle sedan $295 1929 Chevrolet sedan ?1S5 1934 Chevrolet pickup $425 Business Cards LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry 8lrvlc« Un««c«ll«<f—Th«t It Our SltlU T«n Different S«r»lc«« ind /orlc Odorltii Dry Glcinlng CITIZENS LAUNDRY Sl««»nth tnd 0 Strnti Plitnt aH JOHN W, CULLITON PUBLIC ACOOUNTANT INCOME TAX SERVICE, AUDITS, SYSTEMS JOS-6 profmlontl BulldlitU Phont 4561 PAYNE ft SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Nln«t««nth >n« I StrMto I. C. P«yn« J. BrilM Ptyn* FrM For Salt—AutomobiUt IN THE SHADE- IN OUR COOL, BUILDING NOT IN AN OPEN LOT CHEVROLET TOWN SEDANS CHEVROLET MASTER SEDANS DODGE TOURING SEDANS FORD DLX TOURING SEDANS FORD STANDARD TR. SEDAN » PLYMOUTH TOURING SEDANS TERRAPLANE SEDANS TERRAPLANE T'RING SEDAN WILLYS 77 DE LUXE SEDANS WILLYS 77 COUPE 1935 Chevrolet Master sedan $595 1935 Chov. Master trunk seel. ?695 1935 Dodgo trunk sedan $745 1935 Ford do luxe coupe . $585 1934 Ford delx cpo, am. whig ?486 1932 Ford sport coupe, rumble $335 1930 Ford stand, cpo, perfect $225 1930 Fd apt cpe, very rough $117.50 1935 Plymouth do luxe coupe $595 1934 Willys 77 coupe $295 1933 Bulck series 50 sedan $550 1933 lluick series GO sedan $600 1931 Btiick a. 50 sed. 6 ww $365 1931 Bulck series 50 coupe J295 1931 Bulck s. 90 cpe, 6 ww $295 1929 Auburn 6 sedan $185 1928 Cadillac pliaeton $135 1929 Essex sedan $110 1928 Oakland coupe $85 1929 Do Soto sedan $136 1931 Oakland coupe $165 1929 Chandler sedan $95 192S Chevrolet coupe $09.50 192S Chevrolet conch $85 1931 Hudson sedan $235 1929 Hudson sedan $185 1929 Hudson coupo $H9 1928 Dodge sedan $125 1930 Marquetto roadster $110 BAKER'S MOTOR MARKET Terms and Trades Open Evenings and Sundays TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phone 5S28 26 1936 1935 1934 1934 1934 1934 1934 1933 1932 1931 1932 1931 1931 1931 1931 1931 1930 1929 1929 1929 1929 PHONE 6822 WANTKP—Kxperlenec-d ^hol miles. - ^IIIPIK Kumll> Shot- Stfire- 24 ] TUf.N'ii iiicr, for cleunliiK route «'ur furnUhtd. Siilury and c.unmi.'-sion. Apply In prrsuii. Jerry's Dry Clean- ! WANT WORK? NKEIJ HELJ'T ' Maje or funale. I'nll UOSO. Class "A" I GASOLINE ALLEY High and Dry Financial WMO'O EVER GUESS IT* By KING ANY A MO I'NT LOANED ON YOUR HOUSEHOLD REPAY IN 8JCMI-MONTHLY OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS SEE UK 201 HABERKELDE BUILDING PHONE &i«; K.7-tf IN NEBRASKA LUCKV FOR ME.' I'D HAVE DUNKED A BALL IF IT WAONT BEElsJ. ./ j . " _K««. U.S. to. UH. ' ' / / i ~~~~Co»jrtlfhi. 1»3J, by WITH A REAL GUARANTEE FORD TOUR. SEDAJ* J696 FORD DE LUXE CPE. ?596 FORD DE LUXE TUDOR TRUNK, RADIO $496 FORD DE LUXE COUPE RADIO ! $495 FORD COUPE 4475 PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. ?645 TERRAPLANE COUPE $446 WILLYS 77 SEDAN $295 CHEVROLET COUPE $365 CHEV. SED. RENEWED J345 FORD CPE., RENEWED S^25 FORD VICTORIA RNAVD $295 FORD CPE., RENEWED $285 FORD, TUDOR, R'N'W'D $286 PLYMOUTH COACH $296 FORD TRUCK $295 FORD COUPE $235 FORD TOURING $105 FORD COUPE $16 6 DE SOTO SEDAN $195 FORD TUDOR 1 14 (MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP 16th and Shostor Opp. CourtJiouae Phone 701 Open Evenings 2$ IN SELECT USED CARS 1935 Hudson coupo 1223 down 1934 Terraplane coupo $165 down 1934 Willys Bedan $115 down 1934 Ford coach $155 down 1929 Chevrolet coupo $62 down 1932 Ford V8 sedan $123 dowD 1934 Hudson sedan $222 down 1932 Studobaker sedan J133 down 1931 Oakland sedan $95 down 1930 Hupmobilo sedan $76 down 192!) Hudson sedan $75 down 1929 Chrysler sedan $75 down HUDSON AND TERRAPLANB 2220 Chester Avenue Phone 395C USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent All Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNETT TRACTOR CO. 2130 Chester Avo. 7-30-tf FOR SAI-iE—By owner, 2 Ford V-8 pickups, 1933 and 1935 modelH. 1511 SevenlooiUh street. Phone 646 26

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