Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 2, 1909 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 2, 1909
Page 2
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TEN LITTLE nXBl^TA XTEN. Ten little debucanten standliiK In a Jlne. pae .got "cold fe<>t" and then iliere vere nine. NInelittie debntanies monkeying with - tbeir fate.' One got a god squeeze and (hen there - were eight. EHght Uttie debutantes sending pray" i ers to heaven. Heart disease took hold of uno and then there were seven. 8«ven'little debutantes playing girlish tricka.. One of them took a dare and ihen there were six. Six little-debutantes honeying roniid a hive. One i^t stung and tiien thero were five. Five little debutautfH dancing on the floor. OniQ got her hand caKed and Ihen there were four. Rmr little debutantes on a flirting tpree. One got cornered and then there were three. Three little debutantes formed a "pool" in glue. One of them got stuck and then there were two. Two little debutantes having lotii of fun. Somebody proposed and then there was one. One JlUle debutante in an auto car. Gone with her true love—so iefs "au revoir." —Exchange. * * + MiM Fetters Home. Misi Delia Fetters who has been mMndlng tite holidays with friendM In WJdJit*. canre home yesterday. * + • W. W. McClurt. Mr. W. W. McClure from CoffMyvlIIo wu a guest at the RIkR HBU Inst ntght. + + + •lek to Forttt Park. Mlu BlM Pepper and MIHH May Smith win return to St. I/HIIM nvxt we*k to resume their studloH nt For- Mt Park university. * * * Chttrfui Circle. Kn. A. V. Lemastera delightfully Mltertalned the members of the Cheerful .Circle with a watch party last lUgiit The rooms were beautifully decorated in keeping with the holiday sciaaon. At a late hour a dainty luncheon was served, covers being laid for the following guests: Miessrs. tipA Meadames E. W. Lemastera. of Pittaburg. C. E. Remsberg. 0. T. lA- Orange. Dan Brewer, C. E. Wendorf, C. M. Cole. Clyde Stewart, John Dev- Ihi, A. V. Lemasters and Miss Mary Remsberg. * • * At Cards. . -Sfr. and Mrs. H«r\-ey Patterson, of *iW North Wbshington. entertained a '*wil>er Of their friends at an euchre party at their borne last night. Music and Other diversions made the time left in the old year pass only too tpAcTk. TJte bouse was beautifully dec- onit«d throughout, carnations and ferns being used in the dining room. Al a late hour dinner was served' to thk following guests: Messrs. and Meidames Wilis Peatheringill. Frank Wioodwortfa. Pancoast. Earnest Brown. SUB Vanley. R. A. Graybill. John -Bnras. Ben Graham and J. Evans. * * • - For Mra. Longshore. Mfs. Florence Longshore, of lola. .•who is Yisiting Miss Bdna Giiy. was tke gnest of honor at an afternoon l^tttjr given by Miss Gny today, invi- 'tattaos to meet her including: Mr. tKfB.'jUlen. Miss Nell Allen^ Miss Ida Ttel(«r. mn Bthel Hadley. Miss Eiiz- >«bttfa OrefoiT. Miss Emma Gordonl. Sye Strain !l >|fr4t ever «ccnr to you tfaat those •a(M*'1ihgi (lir]ifi from which yoc •wlrilitjttmt from Eye Strain? idusMRdieve Fitzgerald Storm^B, Titmafeij amf Airto Uvmry Goods stored Iiy the month in large, dry rooms. .Auto livery by the mile or hour. liooal calls 2t> cents. (IffIce, 115 West St. Office phone 3^: Kes. phone (S Miss Theo Jewell. Mrs. Harold Cart- iidge. Mrs. Frank Eturgls. Miss flose JDavls, Mrs. Lawrence Banks, Miss Vera Benjamin. Miss Mable Poucht. .Miss l.,ugrace Whitmer. Miss Daisy Smith, -Miss .Mable Halloway. .Miss Bessie Smith. Mrs. Ralph Hinkson. Miss Alice Etnjer. .Mrs. Harry Hobson, Mrs. Ralph Rollman. Mrs. Walter Davis, .Mrs. Dave Veudrie. Mrs. John D. Heym. Mrs. Charles Moore. Mrs. Herbert Harris, Mrs. Jesse Fletcher, Mrs. Henry Herr. Mrs. Charles Ritschard. Mrs. Daniel Hagpart. Mrs. Ralph Konnedv, Mrs. A. B. Jeffrey, Mrs. Hinkle tJuy. .Miss Ella Bailey. Miss Florence Bailey. Miss May Bailey, Mrs. Wertie Holmes of Oswego, Mrs. Charles .los'in.—Topeka Slate Journal. <- -J- * Harlan Hamilton Returns. Harlan Hamilton has relumed from Kansas City, where he attended the wedding of his sister. Miss Bess Hnni- Uton. Home Saturday. Mrs. C. B. Spencer, of loin, who has been the guest of her HlHfcrH. MYB. Huiih Means and Mrx. L. N. Lewis for xeveral duyH. fxpoctn to return to her home on Snturdiiy—LHwreiiri' fin- ret te. • .;. For Mrs. Blain of Pittsburg. Mr8. Prank Kcllcy enterliiliu'1 nt six o'clock dinner yeHlenlny with .Mrn. Blain of Pittsburg, Kas., as giioHl of honor. •> •;• • For Charles Rorenherg of St. Louis. Mr. Leslie Campbell entertained a few of his friends at dinner Thursday evening at his beautiful home north of the city, complimentary to Mr. Charles Rosenberg of St. l^ut."i who has been a guest at the Campbell home during the holidays. The roomn were artistica'ly decorated with holly, mistletoe and Christraa.s bell.i. The dinin? room was especially beautiful, the most noticable feature being a small Christmas dreo lighted with long wax tapers which stoorl In the center of the table. Various kinds of whistles were given as favor.s which the boys used t© welcome In the New Year. After dlnnei- the boys went into the drawing room where they enjoyed a few hours telling of the times "When We Were Boys Together." The boys all wish that New Year's eve came at least once a week. Those who enjoyed Mr. Camnbell's hospitality were Mr. Harold Beck. Mr. Kenneth Foust. Mr. He/schel Cox. Mr. I>ewii; N'orthruD. Mr. Merl Spink. Mr. Ftay Coniey. Mr. Roscoe Richardson. Mr. Carl Campbell and Mr. A. . H. Campbell. • •:• • Y. P. C. U. Society. The members of the Y. P. C. U. society of the United Brethren church enjoyed a watch party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cain of 815 South street Thursday night. The evening was de- lightfuly spent with games and music and at a late hour light refreshments were .served to the following:* Mippsrs and Mesdames J. T. Reno. Joe Wolf. R. H. Bennett. N. E. Stone. J. Jeffer son and daughter. Chas. Cain. J. F. freeman. Misses lEthel Bennett. Lois Bennett. Edna Freeman. Myrtle Smith eren. of Kansas City. Opal and Hazel Kime. Ina Keptin of Westphalia. Don- "etta Donnell. [Esther Dingman. Mabel Hill Of Independence. Eunice MIssa- more, M'essrs. Emmett Wriehthali, Harve Bishop. Albert Young. Brooks, ^-nnv Wfllte. Chas Cockwsy. Arthur Bruhart, Joseph and Floyd Cain. • + • To Attend FItznerald Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Van Keuren and daughter Mfss Virnie nf Dighton, Kas. and Miss Eva Hail of I>awrenc«. are here to attend the wedding of Min Grace FiUgerald. • • * M|«g Smith Entertains. Miss Mae Smith enterUlned a few of her friends at her home in r <aH {^rpe vesterday evening, as she will retonvj In a few davs to St. 7.oul8 to resume her studies in Forest Park qnlversltyr Those who enjoyed the afternoon with .MIHS Smith were .Misses Bessie Beck, Veima Sleeper, Velniii Shelly, l.«ttiu Woodin, Lois Uennett. Alfu Duncan. Mildred .Manley, Elsa Pepper and Alice .Mct'all. * • Miss Wafful Returned Home. Miss Emma Wafful of Sapulpa. who has been spending the holl<lays with Mrs. Ed. Stanfleld. n'turm-d to her home Thursday afternoon. " • •:• • Elks Ball. .As time must come and time must go. s'- lias the greatest .social event of the season- come and gone. The say that the ^Iks ball was a success would seem to" be expressing it rather mildly. Never before in the history of the club have the preparations been more elaborate. The decorations were, more than beautiful. In the north room the walls and ceiling were hung with great festoons of green foliage whi'e the south room was dec; orated with' the lodge colors, lavender and white. To tr>- to describe the decorations further and to tell how beautiful the rooms looked would be like tr}-ing to do .something known to be impossible. The guests began arriving at about half past eight and at ten o'clock the grand march began. A repast, such as the "Our Way" only knows how to prepare, was served. The menu was as fol'ows: Oyster cocktail Ham and Turkey Sandwiches Olives Saratoga Chijis Sweet Pickles Blue Ribbon Celery Souc Picliles I/ong French Wafers California White Grapes Brick Ice cream Assorted Cakes Coffee Several out-of-town guexts were there. Those who ultended were;' MoHsrs. and .MesdameK B. D. ShlfhlH. .Mont Palmer. L. I-. Northrup, I/ulfor-I. P. J. Horton. (^ 11. AIM. Wm. if. Thompson, of (larden City. Dr. D. W. ilelil. Prnnk Wood. J. n. Arneft. Dr. H. A. Brown. Young, K. I). Alwtolt. S. A. nizh.v. S, H. Iliirrejl. Friiiil< Illd- die. J. P. }iiKh. P. A. Northrup. Ben Servey. J. Jenlzsch. (!. H. (iregg, ('. II. Shields, nr. P. S. Mitchell. W. P.. Dewey, J. M. Stewart. D. P. Northrup. Dr. Dresbach. l.elgh Hunt. H. K. HInde, Roy Funk. E. C. Champion. M. Schoenbru'n. Guy Roberts, W. S. Good- In, J. 0. Roberts, Sommers and Dr. Gerlacb: Mesdames W. T. Watson, J. W. Bolton, Beard. Kinsell. H. Funk, Brunner; Misses Alice Shields, 'Elizabeth Apt, Emma Sallee, Gertrude Holmes, Grace Alstott. Florlne Dunbaugh. of Wichita. I^ora Cooley, Flor­ lne Wheeler. Nettie Brigham. Rose Weith, Ida Kinman. Barbara Fry. Cora Klein. Elizabeth Gault, Mayuie Anderson. Florence Hobart. Blanche- Ponsler. Bertha Swigart, Lelia Griasby of LaHarpe, Tressa l.*e, Kate Guyer. Alma Bartlett, Ethel Horton, Mary Nbrthrup. Gerlach. Hagenbuch. Ruby Heller. Neva Funk, Josephine Rid'ile. Miss Webb of Ft. Scott. Oenevelve Taylor, of Gas City, Myrtle East. Gadys Northrup. Miss Swallows of Chicago, Eklith Sucher. Rosalia Charles, Messrs. Reinisch. Wilhife, Fred Apt. Wlm. Cain. Phil Stover. Bert Miller. Gunn. of Ft. Scott. J. W. Wheeler, Walt McNeil. H. C. Pleak, J. G. Stadler, O. E. Wasson, John I^v- oca, Smith, CjUy Pees, W. Loiigacre. Evans. Stone. Eagan of Sapuliia, F. R. Rucker. of I.iOuisviIle, Ky., Frank Scott, Guyer. J. A. Trowbride, James T. Reid. A. B. Stuart, of Ottawa. Waldo Coffman. McCormcIk. E. Gll'iatt. Roscoe Clark. O. R Christian. Roam Coffey. R. Coffman. Eugene Hapiilton. Harvey Howard. Otto Houeh. Floyd Robinson. Hinkev. Hale, P. W. Brewr,ter. W. W. McClure of Coffeyviiie * * * Art Club With Mra. Dtlap. The Art Club will meet Monday. January 4th with Mrs. J. P. Delap>at her homo. 806 North Second street. + * • For Misses Schwartz and Ounbaugh. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Coffman enter talned a few joung people at dinner Thursday evening for SOss Merle Schwnrtx and Miss Florlne Dunbaugh of Wichita. + * + Miss Day Here. Miss Ida Day is here from Colony to spend the rest of the holidays with Miss Iva Bayless. * + • New Year's Eve at McCarty's Shop. One of the Jolliest watch parties on the list was one given by Mr. Mc- Oarty at his .blacksmith shop on Sonth street The evening was spent in roasting apples, potatoes and nuts •in fires built on the forges. A flash light picture was taken of the group. Those who enjo/ed Mr. McCarty's hos- jPitality.were Misses Grace Fitzgerald, '^Stlfth McKinney; M&ry McKtaMiey; Ea- tejla Blxler. AUvi McGowan. Eva Hall of, Lawrence, Maude McKinney. Qrace Blxler, Easa Parks, of Ottawa, lEdith lifcGarty, Nellie Orr, Margaret Heigele, Messrs. George Knowlton, Bert Fitzgerald, Ballon Heigele,-Albee Hejgle, Mr. Street and .Air. and Mrs. Stratton. • • • At the M. E. Church. r The Watch party at the .M. E. cburpb Thursday night was a success. After a short business meeting a program was rendered. Misses Root and Coutant conducting the musical' numbers. IJght refreshments were served. * • * Epworth League of the Trinity. The members of the Epworth i.^ague of the Trinity church of East lola were very delightfully, entertained while watching for the New Year, at the home of Mr. D. T. Smith of No. 16 Ohio street. .Music anil >;:imc:i made the hours pass ijuickly.- .At a late hour n dnlnty luiirhcon was served to the tiillowlug: .Misses V-rnu Strode, \AKma Rirode, Hes.sle Hix'.'ii- lug. Mamie Hoiriilng. Oiin lliiiiiiltnii, Florence Hiigle, Haxle llaHtliiKf. .loslt! Preomnn. .Madge Wrlglit, Grure I 'at- lerKOii, VInlii Dn.v, lEosn Hiiiiiil, K 'Ktii Smith Hud Violet Sinlili: .Mi hsrrf. I.e- • Koy Wright, Hiiclui i. Uiiss lllll ! Knrl Smith, Pniiili Chase. I'mrl iloeriilnif. Cliesier Smltli, Knicm Cluy- ton and Dm .^niiili: Mr ami .Mrs. \ii>U- erlHon. Careiii iiiul .Mr. Oliver Holii-rt- son. <• • <• Miss Wlllett Expected. .Miss Etta Wlllett of f'liicnun. Is expected til arrive tomovrtiw for ;i f<'\v weeks' visit with her sister. .Mrs. .1. S. Taylor. Miss Vance Entertains. Crace Vance ol" .N'orlli Clicst- niit street. hiforinaUv eiiti'rtained a number of lu-r friend.s with a New Year's watch party. •!• •> •!• Y's Had Ojen House. Tliilr.silay evening at the ic.-ii r<ioiiis the Y society receivtMl guests lielween the lioiirs of seven-thirty ami liii. The rooms were beautifully deconinil with Christmas hells. Music was I'liriiisli- ed throii.ghmit the,evening hy a iiinii- dollti dull. <'iicoa :iinl wait rs wire served. •> •:• Miss Talbert Entertains. Miss Marlon Lois Talhert entertained a few guests at lier home Thursday evening complimentary to Mi.s.s Merle Schwnrtz and Miss Plorine Oun­ baugh. of Wichita. • <' Mrs. Gard Entertained at Dinner. Mrs. L. Card very charm in sly en­ tertained'a few friends at dinner on Thursday evenini;. Covers wen- laid for Miss Myrtle Knowlton. Miss Siford of Kansas City. Mr. Hevisit and Mr. Roscoe Ponsler. * • <' • Mrs. Fronk In Dallas. Mrs. .Melvin Pronk and little son are speiuliiig the Inilldays In Dallas. Texas. • • •> Olrls' Basket Bal Game. A basket ball giiiiie whicli nnmsed much interest .and enthusiasm ainoiiK the Y. W. C. A. girls was plave.l at the Y. W. (', A. rooms last nMii. The gUUie was U ilolllili' lieilder, the seiire being KM follows; Oriinge Hi. nil .s; while l.'i. blue LV Pollowliiu I* I 111' lineup of the leainii; Mallll' Hrewer ..I''.. .Iny l |ei':illhc'r'(;er Plorence Klelll ....[•' Clei) Sinn Thelii Hrewer ,...('.... I'llsii Hlldner Unlh McKltiMi'v ..(;.. Vi'imii .Sleeper Anna Dillon <J Kiliiii Kalilii - MIHH .Mable Hrewer ami Miss KIsa Milliner are captains nf llieir leiinis. Miss Brewer's team wcnriiiK;'' sashes and Miss Hlldner's reil. The other two teams, one with .Ml;-.s (inire Kinney captain, color blue. ;iiii| tin other .Miss Bernice Uooi a^ canlain. color white, have a line up as follows: Nellie Walters ...P... Liici 'e Varner Lida Dillon P Kntb H.irton Grace Kinney C Pe:i!i lltiley Verna Strode ....(!.... P.eriiice Knot Lily .Armstrong ...(', dace Cates It is quite uiiiisiial in a Ryninitsiuni as new as that of the lola a:-;iici:i|ioii that there should be enoiisrb iilils to play a double header for tliejf first match game after only two innntlir; of basket ball, but liki' the oilier parts of the- work, the splendid results al ready acliieved in ,the qyninai^iinii go to nrove tlie need in lola. Miiili credit is due the matrons. The vaine war. open to women and .nirls iiiily and there were probalilv more tliun one hundred present. There will he oilier games In the near future. •> • •:• Mr. H. Hixon There. Mrs. H. E. Tanner entertained n number of friends last evening in a very delightful manner when she entertained at cards In honor of her daughter. Miss Rdna Dart, wlio is Iier< from Osborne, Kas., for the holidays. There were guests for eluht tali'es and during the evening whist was played. Tlie rooms were prettil/ liecori^ted and red and Mretn were arranged together to make a very (ileasing ef '<!Ct. At the close of the evening .Mrs. Tanner served a two course luncluon. Miss Winulfreil Bveringham, of To- |)eka, and Mr. H. HlxOn of lola were out of town guests.—Lawrence Ga zette. • • • Visiting at Lawrence. Mr. H. G. Hixon of lola. Is the guest of Mr. Stan.sburv Thompiinii.— Lawrence Gazette. • •:• • Mrs. Edgar to Return. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Edear will ro turn to lola tomorrow after a visU with >lr8. Edgar's mother. Mrs. P. I. Treworgy.—I.,awrence Gazette. • • • Mrr. C. B. S.nencer a Guest. The Wednesday Afternoon Duidi- cate Wliist club was entertained ves­ terday afternoon by Mrs. C. R. Hal'. Mrs. C. B. Sbencer of lola. Mrs. F. H. Hodder and Mrs. E. B. Schall were guests.—Lawrence Gazette. 4> 4> ^ To Reid-Hoch Weddina. D«v before yesterday City Attorney B. H. Grigsby. Albert Leverenz, Jim Allen, Herbert Cavaness and Miss Ora' Allen JMuiied through Idla en- route f rodi -efittftnto to Toiwica to attend, the wedding of James W. Reid, a Chanute attorney, to Miss' Anna Hoch, daughteil^ "Of • Governor E. W. Hoch, which occurred last night at the executive mansion. Mr. Reid formerly attended Baker University and Is well known to ex-Baker students here.. He is also known to several local attorneys. :Of the wedding a dla- patcb says: ..• Topeka. Kas., Jan. 1 —The first wedding at the executive mansion took place at seven o'clock tonight when Miss Anna Hoch, .'daughter of Governor and Mrs. Hoch, was married to James Winfred Reid, a young lawyer of Chanute, and a graduate, like the bride, of Baker university. Many guests were present from over the state. Tiie ceremony was performed by Dr. Frank N. Lynch, pastor of the Pl.'st Methodist church, on an altar iiniier an arch in the big parior. Preceding the service there w:i.s a short musical programme. Miss Hortense Imboden of Wichita, played the wedding inarch. The bride, on the arm of her father, preceded by the flower girls ami bridesmahls, came down the massive stairway and went to thn nlinr where they were met by the groom and the minister. Iininedl- alely afier the ceremony the brhlal ciiiiple left for the East. + * + Misses Allison Returned to K. C. .Misses liiith and Gracia Allison liiive retiiiiHul to their home in Kansas CUv lifter Hpendlng the lioililays with lola friends. • • D^nce for Miss Swallows. i 'rohalily the moat elaborate affair whieli the peoiile of the younger set have had th- opportunity of attending lor a long time was the dance last night iiiven liy Miss Gladys Xortlirup coniidinientaiy to her guest. Miss Until Swallows of Chicago, at her beau tifnl home on East street. The already lieautifiil rooms were transformed into a regular fairyland of rib- lions, cut flowers and ferns. About eleven o'clock an elegant luncheon was served to the following: Misses iliith Swallows of Chicago. I.,uci!e Eagan and Mary Hilles Of Sapultm. Bertha :?wij ;art, Virginia Doggelt, Etliel Hor- Inn. Barbara Pry. Gertrude Holmes. l -<^lia Holmes. Elizabeth Boner. Geiie- veive Taylor. Mayme Ander.son, Florence Hoharf. Cora Klein. Ruth Stevenson of Westphalia; Messrs. Otto Ifough. Stanley Heyman. Stadier, AVal- Coffman. John T^ovoca. Marshall Howard. Harve Howard, Roam Coffey. Phil Stover. T-ewis Robinson. Lvnn Coffey. Cauda Wright ami O. E. Wasson. «. ^. .f. . Mrs. Stanfield to Entertain. Mrs. Ed. Stanfield will entertain at one o'clock dinner tomorrow afternoon for Charles Rosenberg who re- iiinis to liis home in St. Louis tomorrow evening and Miss Gertrude MiiUtr of Kansa:4 City. + •?• * A Watch Party. A crowd of young folks uathered at the home of .Mr. and Mr.-?. Bnvsinger to watili fur the .S'ow Year. The even- iiit w;is sDedt III playing games. .At • welve ri 'eloek .n dainty luncheon was -••erN.'d to the follow'ltie; Misses Peru Cniips, Rebecca Tlioni- •is. .Miulge Thomas, l.iicy Friend. Julia UiiysliiK 'T aii 'l Edith Bnyslnger: Messrs. Ciirvln .Morrison, Ray Manck. Tiiiiv Ciipiis, I''reddle Pnlweldi'r and l-'nil I'eres. At the Christian Church. N'eM Sunday evenlim there will lie a song service at the Christian church for which iiii excellent proKratn hmi beeti firrangeil. The prngfimi Is n« roliov . 1. llyinii. choir and congregation; l'ral.'<e the T.ord. 2. 1 )11. I, Mrs. l.enhart and Mr. Davl:-.: Walrhnian Tell Ua of the .\lghf. :!. Aiitlii-ni. choir and congregation; No S'hailows Yonder. I. Hymn, choir; There is a land of Pure Di 'light. Snio. Miss Snyder: Selection from Ruth. n. 'tvimi. choir and congresation: f)n JCion's Glorious Summit. 7. Solo. Mr. Earnest Davis: The Gate of Heaven. ladies' f^iinrtette. Misses Root. Howland. Dotr^.tt. Ball: Beautiful Isle of Somewhere. '.). >lvinn. choir and, congregation: There i.s a Habitation. I". So 'o. .Misfi Thompson; Calleat Thou. O. Master? II. .\»ithem. the choir; Prai.-;e Ye the Lord. 12. Solo. Miss Williams: Eve Hath Not Seen. i::. Quartette and solo. Misses Elam Williams. Thompson. Mr.s. .Allen and Mr. Boatright: List the Cherubic Host. • '> •:• Tliere will be a women's meeting at :: o'clock tomorrow afternoon at 111'- Y W. C. A. rooms. Mrs. W. H. Crafigle will speak. All women and ^ilrls are invited. r WXNTED—Experienced woman for housework. GOii East .Madison. W.ANTED—Two young men not going to school, ages ].') to 18. to work on huckster wa.gon. .Must be hustler?. S. M. Bigus fruit stand. WANTED—Three salesmen. Imiuire room 2:5 Cataract hotel between 7 and 9 p. m. W.A.NTED—Men to learn rijarber trade, few weeks renuired. heal paying work within the reach of poor man. can have shop with small ctipital, wages $12 to $21) weekly, wonderful demand for barbers, catalogiifc mulled free. Molcr llarber (lollege, Kansas City. .Mo. 1908 Calendar Pads DURIES BLANK BOOKS OFFICE SUPPLIES at EvansBros. WANTED—Ail kinds of second hand household furniture.—Tlie lola Piirui- ture ExchangM, A- W. Beck, I'ro|i. Phone 2G. Business Difcctofy. WANTED—Tola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. OlDce over Iowa Store. lola. Kas. CARNIVAL WEEK! ALL NEXT WEEK. Kuniethlug doing every night. Koniething different every night. .Monday Night—Orange Race. Tuesday Night—Graceful cou- p'es. Wednesday Night—Ma.sfjuer- adc. Thursday Night—Couple Race. Friday Night—Merry Widow. Skate. Saturday Ni.ght—Race. THE AUDITORIUM OF COURSE. , • • • • • • • • FOR REin- MlBomllMuow JOIIX G. WOODIN, M. 1). I'hyslchin and Surgeon Oyer Hurr<U '8. Phone 142. FOR RENT—SI) acre farm in Os:i'.;e township. Inquire Atcbisons office, or -122 South Second. ¥OR SAlE^mimomUmmmeus FOR SALE OR TRADE—First class |S ,l )00 stock of shoes in good town of ."i.OUU in Central Iowa, for .Allen county land: store doing $li;.Ot)0 to fl.S.OOi) a year business. Will sell for cash, but would rather trade for Alien county land. Come quick; somebmiy will .get it. E. S. Carpenter, 2ii(; .\orth Taylor* Gas. Kansas. FOR EXOHAHGE Six Clear La Harpe. residences $7000 and $3000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola, Kas. l-'OK SALE- 4t» acre bottom farm, 4 miles of lola. good small improvements, oO bearing trees, young orchard, excellent water, cheap if taken at once. .Address C. Register office. FOR SALE CHEAl'—Or will ex- pli:iii.:;e lor live stock; nearly new ii.oiii house, f'ne iDCirim: '• 1 Has City, (i.- T. Uolir' .., iOtu.Auitli i'liltiiii- wiiod street. POIt S.ALIC—.Mules, old enuiigli to work. S. L. Remsberg, one mile si.iiib of Gas City. Great WeBtern Land Co. During the holidays the Great Western Land Co. will litivo special bargains In lioth farm iind city projier- lles, vi'W itr trade. See us before ytiii have your insuring done. We have money loan on farm or city property. GiiDil loans from three to ten years for Six Per Cent. We want a good home, modern, close in. about 0 rooms, all on ground floor, for which we will trade an 8(7 of land in .Missouri, and i>ay the difference in cash. One of the best liomes in lola. close in, modern, paved street, sewer connections, for good land. Come to our office and make knowti whtit yoit want. We are in the office over the Palace Shoe Store. IIIL Mc^IILLEX, Special attention given to the . treatment of all Chronic Uiseaa- ^es and Diseases of GhUdren. Telephones; Office 32, Res. 232 Otlice over Burrell's Drug Store »•»»«»•» « « • « • » « • « F.H. M.\RTra, ' Surgery and Diseases of * • W^omen.. * • Office and Residence Phone 576 • • Office 7 North Jefferson. • * Phone 687. Res. 701. • DR.O.L.C0X, • * Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat • • Spectacles Properly Fitted. • • Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. ' Lodge Difectory jiMGlITS OF P¥TfllAS.r—Neosho Lodge No. 43 meets every Mon4»« nigfit at K. of P. Hall. Visiting bi». titers invited. W. S. Thompson, E. C* Chiis Ritter, K. ofR.amd S. ' K.M(Hrr.S OF MACCABEEM.- Knights of Maccabees of the Wai* niftota in K. P. Hall second and fo«it^ Satnrdiiy nights of each monl^. 1 W. T'osiwalt, commander; R. B. Hi tor, record keeper. Miss .Nellie Pears of A'inlaiid. Douglas county, is a guest of Miss Elva Mc- Cali, at402 South Sycamore. .E. P. Keiiley is expi-eted in from El Paso this evening for a visit witli his sistef, .Mrs. C. O. Bollinger. •> K' Miss Sutcliffe Back to Abilene. .Miss fjertruile Sutcliffe who has been siK-nding the holiday:,- with relatives in lola, will return to Abilene tomorrow where she will again take up her studies al St. Joseph's academy. W. 0. »'.—Camp No. 101 meet* ' r.; Steele, ('.<«.. A. H. Duvlg, CtSfc. Visitors corilially Invited. "i»lV A.—The M. W. A .lloS? meets every Friday night in M. W litill. Visiting brothors invited, n ) Cotlleld. V. C. W. A. Cowan. Cl«i^ HOYAL NKItiHHOKS .-lola .N'l). oli 'i. Royal Neighbors, meets ^ OIKI and fourth Tuesdays of «^ month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, .Mis. Mary Hutton, 413 West Recorder. FRATERNAL BROTHERBOOBu- Fraternal Brotherhood No. 389 ni«i^li second and fourth Thursday of month in A. O. U. W. Hall. VIsIttaBr members cordially Invited. W. H. A»- derson, president; Oolda Elam anexir- tary. JEWELERS. B. P. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, llD East Street. Order vour fioirr at Badgley's feed store. 117 West .Madison St. Phone 75. Easy Money The easiest way to make a dollar Is to save one you have .already made. By trading with us yon can oave several dollars each month , on your grocery bill. We can sell you goods on two weeks* or thirty days' time at strictly cash prices. The Peifle's Ct-Open- tive Mercaitile issec'i 00000000000000000 O. AUCTIONEER. O P * Am now booking sales for Jan- O O uary and February. Claim yonr O O date early. The lowest terms; O O satisfaction- guaranteed. Writo ^ O or phone at my expense. ' O O • E. E. VICKERS. O O 1204 N. Jefferson. lola. Kas. O O Phone 835. O o o o o o o o 0.0 0.0 0:0 o O-eo ip OUR TttEPHONE ' S Is constantly ringing thMO days.!. is the time, you know, to haTft|i^ tlie summer dust cleaned out of jnor carpets. :We are busy, but ynor order m|I receive prompt and careful atten^jik Phone us today. \ iOLA m% FACTORY & Pbone filO. J.JL THOm ^ Estimates cheerfully given on all •Phone 310. Bcu 409 S. Bneke^ 1 Oeneral'CoBtni«tor. Fjagstone and Cement 8Id«««l](a -isd- Curbing a Specialty. ' Office 115 East Jaeksoa AT*. Phone SSL For the b«»t and flalck iMe the Beglii^i '8 Jf9<rtb«

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