The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 13
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TII10 BAKEKSK1ELD CALIFORNtAN, FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 19110 Crack Ball Teams Battle in Series Game Here Unmasks Louie Miller in Weird Match Before Packed House TIANQMAN Cantonwine turned •*"*• detective In the local arena last night and exposed the Masked Marvel as Louie Miller. Before a large crowd, of mat fans Cantonwine Won two falls straight, tearing off the "Black Demon's" dU- «guise in the last session after .clamping his neck in the ring ropes. The 220-pounder from Lou Daro's murderers' row In Los Angeles won the first session in 9 minutes and 39 seconds with the famous nock twist In the ropes which gave him his nickname. Referee Mickey McMao- ters untangled the ex-demon who Jumped out of tho ring. Mick counted 20 and the Masked Marvel failed to appear. In fact, Announcer Bill Powers had to go to the basement and drag Louie from a secluded spot In the lavatory before tho fight could be continued. , Tears Off Mask During tho second fall, both wres tiers were In a tangle when they fell on Referee McMasters. Tho third man must have. been able to "take It" as he continued to stay In there and fight after tho dust settled. The Hangman, apparently be- coming bored with the rough stuff, twisted Miller's head once more In the ropes arid then proceeded to tear off tho mask piece by pleco. < . Strellch Is Victor Stove Strellch defeated Able Goldberg In tho semi-wind up when he settled the last fall with a step-over toe hold in less than four minutes. Tho first fall of the bout was Abie's In 7 minutes antt 55 seconds when he clamped on a Boston crab hold. Stove was tho winner of tho second full In 8 minutes and 85 seconds. He crushed tho Now Yorker with a pllo driver that nearly tore Able in two. The first bout on the card was a draw between Mays McLaln and "Black Leo" Paplano. This 20-mln- uto session was rough from the fttart. IIRADS THAPSHOOTKRS DAYTON, O., Aug. 28. (A. P.>— R. M. Jenkins of Orleans, Ind., was elected president of the Amateur Trapshooting Association for the coming year at a directors' meeting held hero last night. Sam Sharman of Salt Lake City, tho incumbent refused to seek re-election. Vice-presidents named were.- T Clarence Marshall, of Yorklyn, Del. Charles Tway, of Atlanta, and ,T. D. Clay of Houston, Tex. No Pacific zpno vice-president was named this yflar. Ray Loringr of Dayton was re- IJllncd as manager of tho assocla tlon's permanent home at Vandalla. Lawrence Craig of Newark, O., was named secretary and Dr. J. H. But ler of Bollofontalno treasurer. « « » "DIAMOND WEDDING" SAN DIKQO, Aug. 28. (A. P.)Ban Diego's biggest wedding was held last night, not to the classic strain* of Lohengrin, but the bark of refreshment vendors and thud of baseballs against mitts. . Nino thousand baseball fans were Pl^sent when George Myatt, San Diego shortstop, was married to Get>rgln. Smith in a ceremony at Lane Field. Tho ceremony preceded Hhe Padre-Oakland game. Myatt played brilliant ball an<J scored a run in the game, won by Son Diego S-2. IMMORTALITY Heading the Olympic honor roll, perpetuated In stone on the marathon portal of the Olympic stadium in Berlin, are the names of three American athletes who won their events in the 1936 games. Here is a German artisan at work chiseling in the names of Jesse Owens, 100 and 200-meter winner; Archie Williams, 400-meter victor; and Johnny Woodruff, 800- meter winner. The craftsman la just adding the name of Jack Lovelock, New Zealand's winner of the 1500-meter event. Delano Will See Donkey Baseball DELANO, Aug. 28.—Delano ball fans will enjoy the second annual donkey baseball game tonight on the high school diamond, beginning at 8 o'clock. It will be played by a locai girls' team and the business ihen's team, and promises the same hllarl ous fun as last year. On Saturday night, at the same time, In the same place, the second game In the playoff between the Filipino team and the winery team will bo played. Oh Sunday afternoon at the high school diamond, at 2 o'clock, the Portervllle Merchants' team wll meet the Delano town team In a baseball game. The Portervlllo Mer chants have Just concluded a sue cessful season In the Valley League and the newly organized home team made up ot graduates from tho loca high school, has won all tho games In which It has engaged. CHIEF ON WARPATH HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 28. (A. P.)— Chief Green Feather Paris, Chero keo Indian welterweight from Bar tlesvllle, Okla., goes on the warpath tonight In a 10-round California de but against Glen Lee, Edison, Neb While betting odds favored tin paleface, the red skinned chief said ho would add another scalp to hi? collection, which Includes Kid A.7. teca, Tracey Cox and Tony Herrera Gunning on his own account, Lei was promised a bonus of $50 fo every knockdown and $100 for a knockout, by his manager. MEN DONT MISS OUR FALL OPENING Have you seen our first showing of new Fall Suits? You have something to see if you haven't . . . Distinguished styles *for young men and styles for older men —Made by Fashion Park . . . Michaels Stern . . . and other known makers of quality clothes. Come in tomorrow and sec these fine suits, buy if you like, but you will not be urged to do so. All sizes, including regulars, shorts and slims. BROCK'S BOOKS CLOSED TD BlIV San Diego Is Now in Tie With Seattle for Second Place fAimoclatctl Pro* Lcatcf Wlrt) TJOME runs lifted Portland two games out in front in the Pa- ilfic Coast League's hot pennant •ace and boosted San Diego into a second place tie with Seattle. Manager Bill Sweeney's eleventh Inning homer gave the Portland Beavers a 6-3 win over San Fran- ilsco Seals. Chick Shiver's circuit drive with newly married George Myatt on baso In the seventh was responsible for San Diego's 8-2 victory over Oakland. A pair of ninth-Inning home runs started Los Angeles off to a five-run rally which set Seattle down, 8-4. Steve Messner and John Bottarlnl swung the powerful bats. San Francisco's Missions took undisputed possession of fourth place by defeating Sacramento, 7-4, for their sixth victory In a row. Umpire Trouble Umpire trouble, which has been frequent all season, and which Is more than ever likely as six clubs struggle to get into the Shaughnessy playoff, bounced two men out of the Los Angeles lineup and ran an Oakland coach out of San Diego's park. A wqddlng at home plate preceded the latter contest, uniting Myatt, of El Segundo, and Miss Georgia Smith of suburban National City. Myatt, lead-off man for San Diego, hit tho first ball pitched to him and turned In a sensational fielding game. The Results Portland, B; San Francisco, 3 (11 innings; night). Los Angeles, 8; Seattle, 4; night. San Diego, 3; Oakland, 2; night. Missions, 7; Sacramento, 4. • *** Favorites Should Win Net Battles CHESTNUT HILL, Mass., Aug 28. — Wilmer Allison of Austin, Texas, and John Van Ryn of Philadelphia, defending champions, and the Young Davis cup players, Don Budge and Gene Mako of California were favorites today to win their semi-final matches In tho men's n& tlonal doubles tennis championship Allison and Van Ryn meet Roberl RIggs and Wayne Sabln, Call fornlans, In one match. In the other Budge and Mako oppose Frank Parker and Gregory Mangln of New Jersey. Carolyn Babcock of Los Angeles and Mrs. John Van Ryn oppose Mmo. Sylvia Honrotln of Franco and Mrs. Dorothy Andrus of Now York In tho remaining match of tho women's semi-finals. Helen Jacobs of Berkeley, Calif, and Mrs. Sarah Palfrey Fabyan 01 Boston, defending champions reached tho finals yesterday, defeat ing Kay Stammers of England am Alice Marble of San Francisco, 6-2 21-59. Tho second set, longest on record In a major women's tourna ment, required minutes. 1 hour and S\ SESII-PIlo BASEBALL WICHITA, Kansas, Aug. 28 (A. P.)—The semi-final stage of the national semi-pro baseball tourna mcnt today found tho four contend ors on equal footing, each with flv victories and one defeat. Tho defending' champions from Bismarck, N. D., who gave Buford Ga. t its first defeat last night, 8 t( B, will play Duncan, Oltla., In to night's only game. Duncan ellmln ntod Hollywood last night, 7 to 3 Buford will meet Wichita tomorrow night. SOX SOCKER M A .355 batting average, coupled with long-distance hitting ability, has earned Harry Stcinbackcr, above, outfielder of the St. I'aul American Association club, a major league job next year. The youngster, a left-handed hitter, will report to the Chicago White Sox at Pasadena next spring. MEN'S SHOP Merchandise bought tomorrow goes on September bills, payable In October. 'OuBOUCHETT SIDE Gil HUB OF GIAKTS (Af> ?M$S lifiDTHF HAT/ONAL L€At3Ce TFOS /S Trie OKLAHOM COHS&CUTH/S SCASOU At A W/VA«/<? Or -20 OK M&R* GAMSS... Hf HA& PRWAILBDTfte HWD won MAX AMD LOST ey A CfJf WH BLAZING PLANE STEALS THE SHOW The script did not call for this scene, in which a $60,000 transport plane burned during filming of a picture at Glendalc airport. The plane had just been refueled and wns being warmed up when the fire started. Officials of American Airlines, which owned the plane, said it had been leased to a film company making a picture in which Pat O'Brien was starred. No one wns injured In the blaze. Vice Baron May Re-enter America (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28.— Albert Marco, former Los Angolcs vlco lord now In Italy on a deportation parole, may soon ro-ontor the United States on court order. It was revealed today. Superior Judge Frank T. Deosy has ruled that Marco, also known as Morco Alborl, should have served his sentences In Han Quontln prison concurrently. In accordance with tho wishes of the trial judge. Ho ordered tho State Board of Prison Terms and Paroles to declare ended the deportation term of Marco, thus giving him tho right to re-enter tho United States. Paroled to Italy In November, 1933, Marca now desires to return to California, his attorney told tho court. Tenants'Paradise Found at Chicago CHICAGO, Aug. 28.—For at leas 10 years that ho knew of, 81-year-ol William Ihdo told Judge Justin ]' McCarthy, none of tho tenants 1 tho six-flat building whoro ho live paid any rent—because nobody knev who owned It. But Mrs. Dolphlna Lance charge that Ihdo posed as tho owner an tried to h.avo her evicted for non payment of rent. When Ihdo admitted ho was no tho owner and didn't know wl WHS, Judge McCarthy fined him $10 and ordered an Investigation of th mystery building. SPURNS MOVIES GOAL KICKKHS' JOB KVANSTON, 111., Aug. 28. (U. P.>— Itarnio Hlernmn trotted out his field goal kickers today to offset tho scoring advantage gained by tho Detroit Lions when they succeeded In plant- | Ing tho goul poHln on tho gual lines | for tho third all-star game In Soldier ] Field Tuesday night. j It was tho one major rule rhiiiiKo i demanded by tho world profeufilonal champions. But for a minor variation of tho dead ball rulo, tho game will bo governed by tho intercollegiate football code. THROYYKIl m.SILLUSIONKU STUTTGART, Ark., Aug. 28. (U. P.) — Jeunno McCluskey disagrees with movies showing vases breaking over people's heads. Shn entered her home by herself one night, found a burglar, and "throw one of mother's prize vases at him," as ha fled. Next morning her parents returned homo, found tho vase unbroken. •»*» •«•» IUUK ( Cl. M. tVICltl, IlLlltll HOP CROP TO UK FA I LUKE BALEM, Ore., Aug. 28. (U. K>— This year's hop crop will bo the smallest the world has over known, growers here say. Tho Pacific count crop, moro than half of which IH grown In tho Wlllamotto I valley of Oregon, has been attacked j by downy mildew, caused by CXCCH- i slve wot weather. PIPEFULS sr ^Si'm Qay Boys' Squad Plays Girls in Novel Game Here at Fairgrounds "Ij PATIO pulled tho biggest up' sot seen this season In tho Senor League when It crushed tho Slngor A. 0., 10 to 4. Tho Winners lay-fid hoads-up ball to defeat tho eaderR of tho Senior loop. A ro- wrkahlo show of hitting ability ut tho I'Xtlo club in tho load and nsnlred fielding kept them thoro. lowovor, Hoard, Smith and Carter lammed out long hits which wore In aln since every one wont over tho ars and Scoreboard in left field but few foot out of line. Milton Long wan tho Blngor hit- Ing Htar, averaging throo out of hreo. Ho wan followed by Cantlony, vho (allied two out of throo. Nearly vory tlmo tho Clubmen lilt, tho ball lumped into tho mlttg of a waiting lelder. In a noval tilt between a girls' club anil n tenni from the Junior League, Mlcheiior'8 Service, a boys' team, knocked over Nowbcrry's Store TO to 1. Henry, Service pitcher, hurled three-lilt bull In trouncing the girls. Ills mates scored at leant one lilt every frame. Y. M. C. A. climbed another rung n the Open League ladder when it rampled on tho Anglo Bank 11 to 4. rloyd Wattenbarger was outstanding or tho Y when ho hit four for five. Precis and Coats wore also In fine hitting fottlo. Lloyd and Heffernan wore on tho Young Men's mound. V. M. C. A. ANOLO-IANK AD. II, II. E, All. n. H. B. 'orn. rf II 3 0 1 II.Mtmin.o ills Morrli.u-Sb 4110 Hlont, 2b 40*8 010 A YOUNO stink HWliiRnr named •**• Fllmorn loads bntHmen horn In tho National Opnn League nlfiht hnsolmll for nocoml half piny. In this natogory arn rated hatters facing pitchers 15 or more times during the necond half. Kllmorc, at hat 18 Union In 0 Raines hit for .444, Sturgll IH tho leading halter for plnyoi'H participating In more than half tho games during the entire schedule for tho open league, tils hatting average In thin division In .444 for 03 times at bat scoring 2S llltH. For batters having gone to the plate IB or moro times with Fll- inore loading, tho list Is as follows: Bturgll, .432; Champltn, .WU'nto'l.i) '.Wtt'nb'n.p Pf'n'n, Sb-p un, Ib Prralu, If or. 3b Wilih. ol 8231 8 1 1 140 111 000 000 003 100 Tot.U r.Mtrtnn.D 4 n<ir«m«n, 8b 4 0 1 0 lleeil, i( 1000 W»r». cf 3100 a i Cirlton. tb-o i o 0 (!orm»netl,lf 300 30 11 It 6 Totlll SI 4 I t EL PATIO All. It. n. T.. 'atmmn. o 3 A.i' a O.I'miloim.9l) 1 AlltPlRI, M ,1 .Inhtnor, ib 3 inmlM, 2b 3 n.T»t«uno,lf t IIMMII. rf 1 iU«rch«r. p S BINDER'S A. 0. All. 11. H. K. Unwr. Hi a 0 0 1 Contralto, Ib 3 0 0 0 Cnntrery, i llctrcl, or Cirlir, a lonf. p-rf Hrnllli. rf-D Onclr. 8h Drtwfm, 8b lUrrU, If II 10 T 8 ToUll 13 4 8 t STANDINGS COAST LEAGUE Won Lost Pet. Portland 83 71 .539 Seattle 82 72 .632 Ban Diego 81 73 .620 Mission 81 74 .523 Oakland HO 74 .619 Los Angeles 77 77 .500 San Francisco 73 81 .474 Sacramento 02 97 .440 Yesterdays Hc.sulU Mission, 7; Sacramento, 4. Portland, B; Han Francisco, 3 (11 innings). Los Angeles, 8; Seattle, 4. San Diego. 3; Oakland, 2. (fames Today Los Angeles at Seattle). San Francisco at Portland. Sacramento at Mission. Oakland at Bun Dlogo. NATIONAL, LI2AGIJE Won Lost. Pet. Now York 74 40 .817 St. Louis 73, BO .680 Chicago 72 50 .690 Pittsburgh 63 60 .512 Cincinnati 60 64 .467 Kobtun 67 G4 .471 Brooklyn 40 71 .408 Philadelphia 41 79 .842 Yesterday's Results Boston, 1; St. Louis, 0. Chicago, I; Philadelphia, 0. Pittsburgh, 6; Brooklyn, 8. Now York-Cincinnati, rain. Games Toduy Brooklyn at Pittsburgh. New York at Cincinnati. lioslon at St. Louis. Philadelphia at Chicago. AMKIUCAN LKAGUIS Won Lost Now York .......... 80 Cleveland ........... OS Detroit .............. C7 Chicago ............. 85 Washington ......... 84 HoHtnn .............. 61 St. Louis ........... 45 Philadelphia ......... 45 Yesterday's ItasulU Now York, 7; Ht. Louis, 1. Phlladi'lphla, 5; Chicago, 2. Cluveland, 10; Washington, Innings). Detroit, 4; Boston, 2. Today's tinmen Cleveland al Washington. Chicago at Philadelphia. St. I.ouls at New York. Detroit at Huston. 42 65 68 59 60 64 78 79 Pet. .050 .653 .630 .624 .616 .4M8 .366 .863 » (10 STKOLL ICXTliNDH 400 MILKS EDMONTON. Alberta, Aug. 28. (U. P.) — Mary liuwntt, 16, started out on a walk that ended 400 miles away. Tho girl told her parents that shn was "going for a stroll." Tho iif-xt tlmo they hoard from her, Him wus lu Medicine Hut. She nald nhe was "sli'U of staying around home." Lawrence T. (Buck) Shaw, University of Santa Clara football coach, who refused a chance to become a motion picture star. "I'd be as good before tho camera HH the Marx brothers would be in my backflcld," he explained. MOSQI'ITO HAITINT. COSTLY ALA.MKDA. Auj,', 28. (U. l'.)--MoS- iciulto baiting—and killing—IH hecvoin- i INK HonicthliiK of a municipal luxury. i Tho Alamodu County Mosquito Abatement authorities have uxkcd Tor un appropriation of $49,020 to contlnuo tho fight for tho fiscal year. .MOTORISTS IN "UN1TKI) FUONT" SAN KHANC1SCO, Aug. 28. (U. P.) A "united front" of 180,000 California itiitulHiH bus beun organized under tho auspices of tho California safety council with tho avowed object of a 60 per cent reduction In accldunU. 870; Ozanlch, .1180; Coatn, .351; C. Long, .833 Cullonward, .333; Cowing, .318; Mlor, 818; L. Watt, .810; Corn, .303; McCoy, .300; and Cunningham, .300. Leading hatters participating In more than halt the games throughout the season in the open league are: Sturgll, .444, a remarkable average for 63 times at bat; Mlor, .400; C. Long, .400; Coots, .880; Hollandsworth, .371; Flllmoro, 300; Lubberlng, .380; Maddux, .320; Hoffornan, .821; E. White, .314; Cunningham, .310; and H. Smith, .301. Those averages were computed by Warren Coats. DRILLER STAR IS NOW SUCCESS IN BUSINESS Verne Mlshler, a great football player hero as Coach Griffith will toll you, In his days with tho Drillers 10 or 12 yearn ago, caino In to BOO me this week with his father Sam Mlshler. Verne was plenty husky and anything hut dumb when ho wan playing ball here for the little general of Griffith field. The fact that ho had potential ncuinon at that tlmo Is attested now In his business success In Colorado. Verne was hero to visit his family and old friends. BEAR IS WILD ANIMAL AND NOT A PARK PET Do not food bears In national parks and keep your hands away from them and koep away from them yourself. This U the advice of tho park service boiled down to 20 words. Tho park service in a communication to this department says park visitors cannot divorce themselves from tho Idea that park bears are "tame." Park hears are wild animals! They would just UH soon crush a muu'a hand or log In their powerful Jaws as they would n ham bone. If Irritated a park bear may be a dangerous foe. In one national park there have been 17 hand injuries filnco August 1 due to feed ing bears. WIKVENT KIRKS Intense Rivalry Creates Widespread Interest in Games Locally ', OFTHALL fans of this city will he treated tonight to a couple f liaiiR-up tilts when Hogan Oil ingles with Toxaco at 7:30 o'clock id tho Y. M. C. A, meets Shell )ll. llolh of those Raines at the ilrgrounds will have Important earing upon tho outcome of the ndustrlal and Open circuits. A ocord crowd is expected. ._ r Hogan and Texaco are now one ' nine up In what Is slated to be it vc-tllt sorlus. Tho la«t contest ba- weon tho two clubs nearly ended i a players' brawl. This may be no of tho reasons John Public is xpectcd to fill tho fairgrounds leachcrs this evening. Y. M. C. A. and Shell Oil. both uvorltos with the owl ball follower*, hnuld stage a real battle of tho diamond. They will decide a great de&t-> if tho outcome of the Open League . \s both clubs have been on top of hn fast National branch of tho free- or-nll conference. Lloyd Wattonr bnrgcr and Hcffornan, both hot from heir victory over Anglo Bank lo«£ night will bo on tho mound for the Young Men while Champlln will probably go Into tho Shell box. Tafl and Norwalk Gas will meat . omorrow night to see which goes to • .ho Examiner tourney. Tho clubs ivlll tanglo at 9 o'clock on tho fair- BroundB. :. «»» ILLINOIS TENNIS CHICAGO, Aug. 28. (A. P.—Julus Heldnmn, Hollywood tennis star, and Oeorgn Pryor of Ohio meet in tho quarter finals of tho Illinois state championships today. Heldman rimmed Art Ohnosarge, Chicago, by 0-4, 8-1 yesterday. .•» JACOBS PLANS YOUK, Aug. .27. (A. P.)— Mike Jacobs, 20th Century Sporttn Club promoter, said today ho ha matched Henry Armstrong of Cal fornia, claimant of tho world' featherweight title, with Pedro Mon tanez, Puerto KIcan lightweight, fo a ten-round bout horo October 14. Armstrong recently defeated Bab Arlzmcndi and has boon recognize by the California Boxing Commls slon as tho featherweight champloi MAKE FRIENDS And Keep Friends IM ROPING .UNSAFE TIRKJ Get MEW, QVARANTEEI Goodrich Tiros at our blf * EASY TERMS Don't rlik trouble and dtUroa worn-out or Inferior quality llrei. Now you can get Good* rich Tire* and pay at you rida. WitK PACK OF JO DOMINO THE miLD CIGflnETTE GASOLINE NO RID TAP! • NO OIUTJ Juit Mlect what you nt«d and Cell ui how you can pay. No credit detail. No waiting. 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