Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 6
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7BIXAST CLiSS OF i. E. Ct^OBCB wm. COVE EHTE^TAnnDDrr. PICTURES BY PROJECTOSCOPi SiJTOlU. PECK HAS BEEN IIUSS. IrERED TO lOLl LAKTOK WOBKS. Fiaeral of So* of Mr. ni Mn. Bow •ri CarpoBter HeI4 lettoi toy VroB Pmbyterka Ckuth, BandaU Peck Traasfem^. : Randall Peck, manager of the La Harpe Lumber and Gas company, yesterday) began his duties at lola. He received a notice last Wednesday tliat he had been transferred to lola^frbm this city where he will continue ,in the employ of the Lanyon Zinc com- l>any. Thomas Leighty, the assistant maanscr, has been promoted to the position made vacant by Mr. Feck being traiisferre8. jimi Give Entertainment In ordei' to raise the $36 pledged on the church bond the primary class of the Methodist Episcopal church will give an ~ ci tertainment at the church this evenlhg. Moving pictures will afford the entertainment for the evening. The pictures will be different, however, from the ordinary pictures shown at the moving picture shows. A charge of fifteen cents for all school children and twenty-flve cents for adults will be made. Held Fanoal Yesterday. The funeral ef the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carpenter who Aleh in Dceriiig, Kas.i several daj's ago was held from the Presbyterian church yesterday. Rev. J. H. Bright, pastor of the church, officiated. Interment '^•as made in the La Harpe cemetery. Malcom^s Big Sale. Ill spite ut the bad weather Malcom's big ea e started off well this iiioriiiii!;. Ttie stolt was filled with rustoii '^r;: ii-- uion as the doors opened This big s :i e v-ill last for twenty daj's Presbyterian Church. The Quarterly communion service xrill be held next Sabbath morning. hVery member, if possible, should be present at this first communion service of the New Year. It's a good time to confess Christ by uniting with the Church. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Junior meeting at 3 p. m. Young'People's meeting at 6:30 p. m. You are invited to attend. The annual offering for Foreign missions will be taken next Sabbath. JOHN H. BRIGHT, Pastor. ^ ; Xethodlst Episcopal Church. -; Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Preach ing at 11 a. m. Class meeting at 12 m. Junior league at 3 p. m. Epworth league at 6:30 p. m. Preaching at •7:30 p. m. If you have been neglectful about attending Sunday school this is a good time to begin to be faithful again. Why should not every member of the church who is well and strong, be in Stmday^school? Should we need to urge our young people to attend Epworth League meet PISO'S Conquer That CoufUi Don't so around with a Dortnce on Tonrcbeit. Every dar that ron let it remaia, the titrlitrT its grip becomca. The congfa becomes more - Tiolrnt : and exbaniting: the de]I kate bronchial pauascs tfi inflamed nndrr tlie continual backing: tite Inngt beoome lacerated andertba conataatlir rt- ouring paroxruna. ' •With Plso'a Cure there ia a soothing and beating effect upon the entire lespiratory mn- cons membrane. It has stood the test tor nearly 'halt a centory as the one reliable remedy (or cot>- •amptiou. colds and all cheat aSectiona. Itgties Tight to the origin of the ' tronble. removes the cause and aids nature ia restoring healtUnl coa- ditioais. •• Fiso's Cure is absolotaly free from objectionable insredieots. Its perfect saiety. pleasr , not taste and nnequUed . eflkac^^afce it the ideal remedy lor man. sromag and child. If yon haves cough diSve it oat today Before t( Conquers Yon CURE van iattaiidad ud Ktvttil ^iQiatmt Toa 'ar* a lOMff^ If -yoa xolss-tlieta. Th* prayer meettHgr are rery wan attended, ao we need sot annonnce them aa did a certain mlnlater who an nonnoed: 'The lanltor and the pastor will hold the resttlar weddy prayer meetins on Wedneaday erenlng." IRAU. BBNHAM. Pastor. Friedds Chnrek. Bible adiool \ i 10 a. m. Preadilns at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Chrlatlan Endeavor at 6:30 p. ni. Mr. Burdett ot Oklahoma will preach morning and evening. Sverybody la Invited to attend th«M meetlBga. J. A. LAUGHUN. Pastor. 4 Peraenali. Mr. and Urn. Reed Shaw returned to their home in western Kansas yesterday after a few days visit h^ with friends. They also visited their parents in Blue Mound. . Miss E.'sa Felger is expected to return tomorrow from Bartlesville, Ok., whare she has been visiting for the past Eeverul daya. Mrs. .\nna Davis, ot Cinita, Okla., ia expected In soon lor a short visit with Mrs. E. H. Toby. Mrs. Bell Roush, of Joplln, is visiting at the home of J. E. White. Ed Hollem and wife went to La Harpe Thursday to visit his brother, Franz and wife. Ed returned Sunday evening, but his wife is still there and is taliiug a course of treatment of the same doctor which benefitted her sla­ ter so much.—Yates Center Advocate. A SIMPLE QUESTIOir. lola People Are Beqnested to Honestly Answer This. Is not the word of'a representative citizen of lola more convincing than the doubtful utterances pf people living everywhere else in the Union? Read this: S. E. Vaughan, retired fanner, living at 601 South street, lola, Kas., says; •'I first learned of Doan's Kidney Pills some ten years ago when I was living on my farm. I had been troubled for some time with kidney complaint and at once diabetes set in and my condition became serious. The kidney secretions were of a milky appearance, deposited a sediment like Ihne, were scanty at times while excessive at others. There were severe attacks of pain In my back and sharp catches vould take me so that I could hardly get to the houses. I suffered from back ache so that I could not rpst I was also so nervous that any unexpected noise almost distracted me. Dizziness so troubled me that by wife -has had to lead me for Xear that I should fall. I tried a number of remedies but only obtained slight relief until I learned of Doan's Kidney Pills. The benefit derived from their use was so great that after taking three boxes I was like different person. They absolutely cured me of diabetes, the nervousness and dizziness left, the pain in my back was relieved and my whole system toned up. I have used Doan's Kidney Pills on a number of occasions since then and they never failed to give most prompt and satisfactory relief. Mrs. Vaughan has also used them for backache and kidney trouble and she values them as highly as I do. We procured them, at Charles B. Spencer & Co.'s drug store." For sale by all dealers! Price 50 cents," Foster-MUbum Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Daon's—and take no other. SEPABATIOX FOB BUTE BBTA5! The Nebraskan's Daughter Reported to Have Left Her Hnsband. Omaha. Jan. 10.—That the separation between Ruth Bryan Leavltt and her husband is final is indicated in a letter Mrs. Leavltt is reported to have written to Miss Edith Locke, a reporter on an Omaha paper. Mrs. Lea­ vltt and Miss Locke were ex-classmates in an Eastern girls' school and have been friends for many years. At the Omaha horse show last fall Miss Locke entertained Mrs, Leavltt at the former's home for several days and Mrs. Leavltt told her friend on that occasion, Miss Locke asserts, that she did not expect to ever again live with her husband. Since going to Europe with her mother Mrs. Leavltt has written to Miss Locke, the latter says, confirming her former statements and saying she wUl not visit Mr. Leavltt. who at present is sa art student in Paris, althou^ firs. Bryan and her daughter will spend several days in that city. PILES CtTBED AT HOME BT KEW ABSORPTION METHOD. If you suffer from bleeding, itching, blind or protruding piles, send me your address, and I will tell you how to cure yourself at htmie by the new absorption treatment: and will also send some of this home treatment free for trial, wtlh references from your own locality if requested. Immediate relief and permanent cure assured. Send no money, but tell others of this offer. Write today to Mrs. IL Summers, Box P. South Bend, Ind. Owihg to our lea^hg for Bartlesville we have placed our accounts with A. L Rayle for collecUon. All those knowing thejmselves Indebted to us will call and settle same at once. -^P. H. O'Connor. I Dr. C W. BennldL All WMBT MerGhamllsm SaorlOoeil at 1^2 Off, 1-3 Off and #-4 Off 25 per cent Off On all wool and cotton blankets. Ladies Coats $6 coats for J2.98 7.98 coats for $4,98 10.00 coats for ... $5,98 15.00 coatafor ... $7,98 20.00 coats for... .$12.50 30.00 coats for.... $14.95 25 per cent Off On an; Lace Curtains and Portiers in the house lOc Dress Plaids As long as they last, lor 5C 20 per cent Off On any ladies' Wool Underwear. i-3 0ff On any Fnr Coats and Furs. Remnants 5emi-Annual Remnant Sale still on, all kinds of remnants at less than 1-2 actual price. Don't miss it Grand Clearing Sale Of all Ladies' Waists. \ off fft>m repnlar price I5c Ginghams As long as they las for .7I -2C Millinery at I 2 price and less Sacrificing Silks 75c silks for 39c Sacrificing Dress Goods All 59c fancy dross goods for 38c All 11.25 fancy dress goods for 79c Ladies' Skirts One lot Ladies* and Mis.«:es Skirts, worth up to $7 50, take your choice for. $2.98 One lot Ladies' and Misses' Skirts, worth up to$lO.OO,take your choice f-r $5.00 $7.50 Ladies' Tailored Suits for $3.50. Choice of ten Ladies' Tailored .S-.-.its worth up to $7.50, clearing sale price, $3.50 $10 Ladies' Taifored iuits for $5 Choicfof "2 L'd 'Cs' Tatlcr^d Suits' worth up t<' $is.oo. cltarinK sale price, $5.00 $20 Tailored Suits for $10. Choice of $15 Ladies' Tailored Suits, worth up to $20, clearing sale price, • $10.00 Clearing Sale of Ledies' Shoes. Choice of one lot cf latlies' eneShoe.-^, regular S3 50 qualit), Clearing sale price SI.85 Sacrificing Misses' and Childre .n 's !^hoes Choice o! one 'ot of M » es' an ' Chii- dten's Shoe--^, worth from 50 to $'.75, rleari'Jg sale price, 98c 25 per cent Off On any Dressing Saqiies and K*mo^ nas in the hoube. Second Floor. Mew York Store BETTER FOR HORSES. Under New Law Vettriniin'ans Must Have Diplomas. A new law which hecame effective on January 1, wl'l, it is believed, re salt in great good to the farmers and stockmen of the state as well as to the reputable veterinarians. It was passed by the last legislature and has the support of the State Veterinary Association. Under the workings of the new law anyone practicing veterinary surgery or veterinary dentistry, must have a certificate from the state board of veterinary registration and examination before he can practice in the state. To obtain this certificate it Is necessary for the petitioner to have graduated from some col- Ii'ge recognized by the state or if not holding such diploma to pai;s an ex* aminatlon which is to be given by the board. HUMBOLDT PUFFED UP. Has Two Citizens Mentioned as Dele, gaiies to National Convention. (Herald.) Humboldt has had two of its prominent citizens mentioned for the hon- TO EMPLOY A NEW TEACHER. 'School Board Forced to Enlarge 1 ^e Teaching Force of Lower Grades. CLAIM HOWARD IS INNOCENT. Prominent Kentuckians Will Ask Pardon for Goebel Case Convict. Lexington, Jan. 10.—A committee (Humboldt Herald.) '^^''y ^^^^Zi ^^rxrk^l^^^, '^'>f ^^^^'-'^M^tr""^ the school jeoi ^—dTfMiorR-A.-Wing^^^^^^^^ :ican national ^nvenuon OcS^^ nf Ihf ^'n ^^'J ^r.'°I ?*.hi *'^^^""^ and Captain S. J. Stewart were both °"f'„°iJ*f', P^^jf/°^°i the, horsemen; Charles Kerr and Samuel mentioned in the dispatches from ^r'tilin"- w^k of H^^^^^^ !y!^!?«l''°.i^«°l^>'-...Tii7 »»/..f .t:itrd fouSd Tt *e<^ssrr?tl bills the cide to become candidates. CapUin' ."C '.l -Ti!!^ t ^.J^T^^I^'I «1f= a>«.....> «_ tt.<_i,i.._ „» i> -» the teaching force of the school. Miss Stewart is not thinking of it at pres- ,-«.„f:.__ .„„ . _ , ^_ . _ <>_f K.,» M- T»,«f. »,« « iX^A\ "Cttle Chambers has had to care for da!; forS^/ho^' rstinds \To ^i -er eighty H.t.e folks all winter and chance to win. as the Second District is entitled to two delegates. AX IXSIDIOIS OAXGER. One of the worst features of kidney trouble is that it is an insidious disease and before the victim realises bis danger he may have a fatal malady. Take Foley's Kidney Cure at the first *ign of trouble as it correcu Irregu- 'aritles and prevents Bright's disease and diabetes. Burrell's drug store. T17 • Wut Ad. In the Reglater. many have been turned away because of the fact that there were no seals for tham. Only seventy-two seats can bo put in the room. It was decid€«d to care for the older pupils in this grade, and to employ a new teacher for the second grade. This will make it possible to do better work than a teacher should be forced to do. The grades are all crowded now. The change will make ,it necessary to ihove the sixth grade, up stairs and hear one or two classes of the high- school in the library. went to Frankfort today to appear before Governor unison and ask for a pardon for James Howard, now serving a life sentence on the charge of complicity in the assassination of WOT. Goebel. The appeal for pardon is based on the testimony brought out in the trial of Caleb Powers. Just closed, v-hich the committee, claims conclusively proves Howard' Innocent of the charge. Major Daln.!rprfleld Is a brother-in- law of James R. Keene, the New York millionaire. LINN Cummings left for lola Monday to attend the business college.— Neosho Falls Post Great suffering Is the lot of all women, who neglect the health of their womanly organs. No reason to do so, any more than to neglect a sore throat, colic, or any other disease, that the ri^t kind of medidne willScure. 1^ fpr an your womanly nis. It can never do harm, and is certain to do gck)d. i MixSaffieH. BItlr.orJoliiiaaodty.Teim ,.«itteK "lladn««nd 1^ teen nu>nths,uid had four docloni, but they could oot bellp ma. oitd 1 btcan to take WIno of CuduL Now I think I am about wen." At afl tdiabh dn«ilsla. in «1J OO bottka.. T ^tL ware us A xmGt^'^^,,^^^^^^^.^^. Uonn Herald! Intimates That Mr. Weast Will Sue Commlaaiohers' For Blood Hound BlU. (Moran Herald.) The county commissioners again refused to allow the bill ot A. Weast, for 125 which he paid to thej owner of the blood hound which wa^ broaght here at the time of the Sapp tragedy. This was dona at the meetins this week, this time Bitr. Weast had the O. K. of the county attorney on the bill in addition to that ot Sheriff BoL linger who authorized the sending for the dot; with the understanding that the county would pay the bill. Heretofore Mr. Peterson's O. K. has been all that Is necessary to get the commissioners to pay anything,: whether legal or not, but this time It proved to be no good, or at least that> Is the way the commissioners are trying to make it appear but whether it has been acted on in good faith is a question, with many people. Peterson also haf a bill for |15 for money he paid to the same man for the use of the same dog at the time of the Creviston-Stewart tragedy at Tola. The board refused to allow this bill. At least it so appears from their proceedings. Mr. Weast has been proffered the services of attorneys who have offered to take his case without any cost to him to begin proceedings against the commissioners compelling them to allow the bill but he has not decided yet what he will do. How to AveA Pneasoaia. You can avoid pneumonia and other ''erious results from a cold by taking Foley's Honey and Tar. It stops the cough and expels the cold from the <;y8tem as it is mildly laxative. Refuse tny but the genuine in the yellow package. Burrell's drug store. LOST CAR OF SCRAPERS HERE. 1 They Have Been on the Road for Over Three Months. (Herald.. A car of scrapers which was shipped to the Gainer Engineering Co. In October, was found at the Katy deiwt Saturday. The scrapers should hav.» been here by the last of October, land If they had arrived the work would have been far In advance of what it Is at present. The car was given up as lost and a lot of second hand scrapers bought. These come so late, however, that not much could be done because of the mud. The tost car was at the Katy for ten days before It was found. How to Avoid Appeadleltls. Most victims of appendicitis are hose who are habitually constipated. Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup cures hronic constipation bjr stimulating he liver and bowels and restores the natural action of the bowels. Orino ..axative Fmlt Syrup does not nauseate or gripe and is mild and pleasant o take. Refuse substitutes. Burrell's Irug store. HE TORE THE CANVASS. Van Dearing Perrine, Former Anderson County Man, With Art Exhibition. (Gamett News.) Van Dearing Perrine, an ex-Kansan artist, who was bom east of town in the Judy neighbor^iood about 39 years ago, suddenly snatched one of his pictures from the walls; of the National Arts club in New York yesterday. He was questioned about his actions but nothing was learned only he did not consider the picture typical of his work and resented its exhibition. W|ien he snatched the picture from the wall he gave it to a Mrs. Ford, who was accompanying him, and she ran away with it. Van Dearing is a Kansan and a self- taught genius^ He was born near this city alKiut thirty-nine years ago and he was inspired to paint while looking in at a window at a lot of cheap chromos. The rewards of art were srhall In Kansas and he drifted to New York. About nine years ago he .found- an abandoned shack on the Hudson river and there fitted him up a studio. "The Robbers" was considered by him on 3 of his finest works but the picture was rejected time and time again by American artists. Van Perrine then secured a galery and placed his paintings on view and by chance Andrew Carnegie saw "The Robbers" and as it ai>pealed to him with peculiar force he paid the painter $1,000 for It. Later the work was exhibited In the Carnegie Institute at Pittsburg. Van Dearing Perrine is a son of the Rev, Perrine, well known In this city, and win be remembered by many 6f ; the older residents of the county. • DIFKE88I0X8 Are often permanently formed from a single purchase a new enstomer makes In your store said new customers are Invariably made during a special sale. We advocate special sales, but oal/ the sterUng kind that caaaot fall to make a good Impression. A disap- libinted crowd hurts more in dollars and cents. Ia the end, than If yon'bad not adrei tiled.

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