Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on December 31, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1908
Page 6
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OHJriLLAN TURNS NATIONAL IIOAD OVER TO FT. «COTT., 97,000 Is ttill Due the Contractor, But It HWII bt Paid by Unci* Testerdar moniing Contractor R. S. CHUniaa of this ei^ tnmed over to ItoVclty Ft Scott theNaUonal ATWBe macadam irliich he has bad undOT eoutmctlon for tbe past six llie Ft Scott Tribune says: ; Feriiaps there hasn't been a public woi* imdertaken here in years wUcai attracted to much Interest-as this work. For years the city endear• ored to secure an appropriation from the'Federal Koremment whereby the roadway might be rebuilt .It was madadamtsed many years ago, but later became one of the worst roadways in the ooiporate limits of the city. Tbe annonnoement i^ut two years ago that TTndB SUn had come to the city's rescue iO: this matter was a welcome ]4eee of news. Tbe sum of |17,S00 was tdonated the city by the government "With the proviso that Fort Scott must take over the roadway and forever njdntain it After much dickering about plans and speciflcations, ' visits from government inspectors, the oi^ finally went through a long drawn out formula of awarding tbe contract There was more red tape about tbe government's entry Into a co-partner- tMp with the city in having this work done than any other measure the city administration ever consider ed and many remember the dreary hoars the-«oandI spent wrestling with this proposition. But tbe contract was awarded to It 8. Otlflllan, of lola. and on the 29th day ,ot last June, he began work. The government sped fled in Its donation that work must begin at the gates of the cemetery and be advanced to the terminal of the government road which is down near Seventh street This was com' plied with In deUll. Every few weeks some ibne or another of the govern ment Inspectors has visited Fort Scott to see how the work was progressing. 0ome time was taken out of the «lx months' stipulation because of In element weather, but everything con sidered the work was finished in quick order. City Engineer McElroy went over the road a^aln today and a eov- emment inspector has been notified that the contract has been completed and will probably be here tomorrow or Friday to make a final Insoectlon of the work. Hr. GllfiUan still has $7,000 due him for the work, but as this is a debt Uncle Sam owes It will be forthcoming in short order. The work on the roadway seems satisfactory in every detail. The macadam has been covered with the coat of ^tsrvla and the avenue, long the worst driveway in town. Is one of the hand somest in the state of Kansas. If not Inl the West Everyone residlne ^lottg the avenue appreciates greatly the finishing up of this public work. The street on the south extreme hax heen open for use for some time past though It has not been formaUy turned over to the dty. The council meets Tuesday night at which time the final consideration of the avenue will br taken up. After tjie years of effort to have this needed Improvement bronght tbe city may feel justly proud of the work that has been done. Thp avenue is to become a property of the dty hereafter, the Federal govern ment turning it over to Fort €kott REPORT 18 APFROTED. The Kaasas Teachers Commend It to the Legblatarew Topeka, Dec. 31.—Tbe report of the state educational commission on needed sdiool legislafion was approved in its entirety by the State Teachers' Association today and commended to the legialature for Its most favorable eoosideratlon. The motion was offered 'ay Dr. L. H. Ifurlln, president of Baker university, after the teachers had dlscossed the various propositions contained in the report for an hour or so under the tbree-mlnute rule. There were only two votes cast against the motion out of a thousai^d or more teachers voUng. One of them was cast by Mra Ella Burton, of To- ptha, recent candidate on the Democratic state ticket for state superintendent of schools. The other was by a school teacher from the Interior of the state who wanted action postponed nndl tomorrow. 8tertiacBeracdr.Co.,ChicacaorN .T. SW lUOALSALE. TEIMILUOI BOIES COLLEGE EKROLLStEKT. Students in lola Business College Since September 1, 1908. Harry Wagner, lola; Ina Butler, lola; Lulu Kinney, Mount Ida; Bese O'Brien, Grand Island, Neb.; F. K Blalr, Atlanta; Mary Calton, Bayard Minnie ButU, Humboldt; Pearl WIl son, lola; Joe Murphy, lola; J. Q, Arborgast. Fontanna; L. W. Bates lola; Verona TVllUams, Lebo; Ada Sullivan, Lebo; Mary North, Predonia; Belle Needles, Eureka; Flora E. Goff, Vernon; Blna Brubaker, Gas City; Marguerite Wolfe, lola; Grace Brackenrldge, lola; Margaret Miller, lola; Floyd Yoder, Madison; Eva Fow ler, lola; Raymond Warner, Iowa Mary McKeon, lola; Lorene McHenry Pleasanton; Laura Knoepfel, lola Harry Green, Unlontown; Jim Fowler, lola; Elsie Marple, Mont Idu: Ifugta Lamphear, Mont Ida; Homer IWirtlett La Hari>e; Jno. Holmes, Elsmore Adlal Walker, Madison; Harold Brick son, Savonburg; Clifton Quart, Ln Harpe; Ira A. Smith, lola; La Grande Cox. lola; Lelya l^yde, Geneva; E. A McFarland, lola; Majer Schoenbrum lola; Ray Bartlett, La Harpe; Wm Cross, Golden City. Mo.; Arville Hoi ford, Augusta; Lucy Arnold, Carlyle Roscoe King, Haskell; Clarence Drake Colony; Wm. Beaver, El Dorado; Jean Cooper, lola; Mae Lipscomb, Ricb Hill, Mo.; Anna Cristler, lola; Cbes ter Leach, Richards, Mo.; Tony Lipp lola; Mollie Briley, lantha, Mo.; E. B DawBon, Moline; R. E. Ward, Chanute Jno. Clayton, Ida; Wtai. Ofni, Augusta; Susie Beard, LeRoy; Huber Neil son, Cassaday; Virgil McGInniR, La fontaine; Lulu Donoho, Bayard; Frank Sheehy, Hume, Mc; •\MaUei Bates, lola; C. L. Gates, La Harpe: Bessie Nadler, La Harpe; Cloyce Skin ner, Ea Harpe; E. J. .^• :CulIey, Lr Harpe; Guy Proctor, T..: ato; Chas Parker. La Harpe; Roy E. Hazzard tola; Scott Reiber, Kincaid; Newe" Cox, Hiune, Mo.; Lola Brown, Elsmore; Phillip Strain, Welda; Louell2> Robertson, Holdenville, Okla.t Pear! Jordan, Savonburg; Laurence Aken Latham; Fred Long, Virgil; Erie Honeyman, Madison; Daly Jordan Savonburg; Gilbert Whltworth, Gaf City; Louise Joslin, Lincoln, Neb.: Clyde Fuller, Eureka; Fern McCarfy tola; Floyd Coleman, Cherryvale Frank A. ChaBe, lola; C. L. Torrance Yelton, Ok.; Luther Harris, lola; T A. Langon, Elgin; Ernest Lamb, lola- S. F. Henderson, Colony; S. P. Arnold Carivle; Mr. Zimmerman, PeshtlRo Wis.; Florence Anderson, Gas City; Jno. Pruitt, lola; Chas. Miller, Rosalia; R. E. Smith, La Harpe; Belle Knights, Louisville, Ky.; Harry Busley, La Harpe; Anna Means, Burlington; M. M. Mata&ney, lola. These are the names and ajddressei' of the pupils who have enrolled In; the lola Business College sjnce September A much larger enrollment Is expected the beginning of tbe new term January 4, 1909. Notice. The annual meeting of the stockholders of The loltt Ice and Cold Storage company will be held at the office of the company at lola, Kas., Monday, January 11, 1909, 2 to 5 p. m. for tbe election of directors and any business required. FRANK RIDDLE, Sec'y. Dec. 22, '08. fin ecT- JU due to Coiutipatlon; > naturaUy, oc^ trtUy as 8KIDOO FOR LAWRENCE. Former Allen County Man Released at Chanute. W. S. Lawrence, once sent up from Allen county for a petty crime, was released at Cbantue yesterday afternoon. The Tribune says: The case pending in Judge Oroome's court against Mrs. Belle Pruitt and W. S. Lawrence was dismissed by County Attorney Grigsby this afternoon without prejudice, upon-the con ditlon that tbe defendants leave Neosho county at once, abd give tbe authorities no further trouble. Lawrence and his lady friend were arrested last Sunday night between 10 and 11 o'clock at a bouse located at 601 North Washington. A charge of unlawl^i cohabitation yru placoil sralnst them. Their trial was set for 8 n'dock this afternoon. Tboy ennired Attorney T. F. Morrison to defend them. A Jury was de. manded by Mr, Morris and a Jury wss to hav« been summoned for the trial, bat before the hour arrived for the The seventh annual tournament of the Bransas Chess club ended latls last evening and Major A. M, llarvey of Toiteka for the fourth successive time landed the title of state champion chess player, says the State Journal. He had a close second In O. C: Brett, of Humboldt, to whom the silver cup will be awarded as champion. Major Harvey being disqualified from receiving the trophy on account of having held it In the past There were ten contestants In the match, each of whom played nine games, meeting each of the other nine players during one game. The deciding game between Major Harvey and Mr. Brett was played Tuesday afternoon and was won by Major.,Harvey after several hours' contest in which it appeared several times that the game would at least be played to a draw. Realizing that the loss of a game would mean bis defeat, even though the gome was played to a draw. Mr. Brett refused to play for a draw and In his eagerness to win, lost to- Major Harvey who played a defensive game until he had won a decided advanta^ during tbe latter stage of the game. The third highest score was mode by Prof. P. H. Lane of Washburn, who Is a recent acquisition to the ranks of the chess players of the state. The following are the final scores of the contestants: Won A. M. Harvey 7V6 O. C. Brett fi'/4 P. H. Lane 6 1. O, B. PInncy T, H. W. Moore r. Hnle Bills •« T. O. Waters 3 »I. W. Crolg .T C. W. Hoyt 3'4 Frank Jacques l '/6 l.o«t 2% 3 . 4 4 n r> 0 7'4 9nr Bargain Counter If Sold Before January 1, 1000. V 1200 lot for 11.30.00 V six room house and barn.. .$650.00 V nice smooth lot, high $80.00 \n eastern Oklahoma ranch, $3.00 per >cre. WHITAKER & DONNBLL. I Do Not Treat all Diseases, But Gore all I Treat I Otire to Stay Ctxrecl I Don't "Patcln up" A Snre Cnre CALL TODAY COLD STOPPED WRIGHT'S FLIGHT The Aeronaut Was In the Air Almost Two Hours in Lemans, France. Lemans, France. Dec. 31.—Wilbur Wright made another long flight to•lay, remaining In the air one hour, Ifty two minutes and forty seconds. He covered a distance of sixty miles. He was obliged to stop on account of he Intense cold. He and his machine were covered with ice and the oil in he motor was frozen. Dayton, C. Dec. 31^rvi11e Wright, 'be aeronaut is now practically re Covered from the effects of his acci ient at Port Myer last September. He has secured passage for himself and his sister. Miss Katherine Wri?ht on the North German liner Kalscrin Aug- iste, sailing from New York January 5. They -will leave Dayton Sun day night on the trip to Paris. pn,ES rrREi) rv e TO II BATS. PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to nre any case of Itching, blind, bleed IK or protrudln? piles in C to 14 days " money refunded. 60c. TO CURB DRUGGIST SELLERS. Attorney General of Kansas Would Have Liquor Permits Issued by State, Topeka, Dec. 31.—Fred S. Jackson, attorney general, will ask the legisla- iire to make a radical change In the present system of avowing druv tores to sell liquors in Kansas. In htg biennial report the attorney general will show that many druggists nerslstently violate the prohibitory aw. Ih many counties the probate 'idees are not careful enough In enforcing the law and do not exercise enouKh care to see that the proper nersons are given permits to sell liquors. The attorney general will recommend that the entire matter be placed n cliargo of the state hoard of health and that permits be granted only by It. DR. OeO. B. IVlcCLELLAN ON ClIROMC RHEUHATISn. Chronic rheumatism Is a peculiar chronic rheumatic inflammation; affecting most frequently the Jplnts, but which may occur In the fibrous, syno­ vial, muscular or in fact any tissue or organ ol the body. Chronic rheumatism is very generally the result of neglected or maltreated acute rheumatism, an active inflammatory fever being developed, and the local rheumatic Inflammation being a passive or chronic character. When chronic rheumatism is not consequence of acute diseases,' It arises from the same causes and is developed in the same manner as the acute variety only there Is frequently a distinct tenderness of the spine at the point where the nerves come off which supply the affected part. The neuralgic Irritation which Is set up is generally not so violent, and does not so readily develop the rheuma^c In flammatlon does arise it is of a Blow chronic or passive nature. very many persons who were suffering from chronic rheumatism who had been treated by the use of poison, uclds a long list of medicines usually given by the old school of doctors but have never seen one cure performed by these medicines. On the other hand I must truthfully say that the Indian mode of treatment In these coxes has never been known to fall. LOANS! LOANS! LOANS! On farm land or lola property: one or sfcort time: lowest rates; best erms. Money today if title Is good See us at onre. lOLA LAND COMPANY. LARNBD, KAS., MAN A SUICIDE. His Wife's III Health Made 8. L. Urn- berger Despondent T.,amed, Kas.. Dec. 31.—S. L. Um berger, commissioner-elect of Pawnee county, committed suicide by cnttinic bis throat with a razor this morning his home about eight miles south east of Teamed. Umberger was well to do and high respected and no cause can be assigned for his act excent that be was despondent over bis wife's continued health. He was 45 years old and was bom In Wythe '•ountv. Virginia. but was reared In Chariton county. Mo. He cume to Pawnen countv 20 years ago. He leaves a wife and three children. He was elected commissioner on the Democratic ticket last fall and was to have takei^'hls office In January. SYMPTOMS. At first there may be a dull, heavy feoMng at tbe heart, or along the spine, with slight drowsiness or lassitude) and a general feeling of cold ness and chilliness. Sooner or later slight febrile excitement may take place with a slight increase In the pulse; more or less thirst; a dry skin and perhaps scanty, high-colored urine. Soon the dull, heavy /feeling in the head, or along the spine, ap pears to be concentrated at some particular poiut In the brain or along tbe spine, becomes more or less tender, and immediately the darting neural RIC pains are felt in the limbs or parts which irritated part is supplied with nerves. After the neuralgic pain bas con tinned for a longer or shorter period the patient being more or less uneasy especially at night, a slight swelling tenderness, and perhaps redness appear In the Joints, limbs, parts in which the neuralgic pain had been set up, and this, if neglected, may con- HE CANT EVEN SELL MILK. The Pardon Cendltlont Imposed on a "Jolntlst" by a Kantaa Judffe. Salpa. Kas.. Dec. 31.—Alfred Mtolan rter. of Assaria, who was convicted of selling intoxicating Itouor. was na^ doned by Judge Rees In the dlntrlot court today snd will not serve three nonttai In jail or pay tbo..fine of $300 _ ... Imposed by the.court This la on cnn- hearing. Countv Attorney Orlrsby and dltlnn that ho does not engage In the .Attorney Morrlion came to an aaree. bnalneis of eelUng Hquld refresh- Iment wherebv Mr. Morrison'e dlenU menta of any kind whatever, Ineludlng 'AN to IMT* tha oonatr. |mllk. tinue for days, weeks, months or even years, being increased or lessened according to the exposure or Imprudence of tbe patient and also modified more or less by the dampness of electrical state of tbe atmosphere. It may continue to some particular part for a long time, with only a slight swelling and lameness of the part, or It sometimes assumes an erratic character, passing from one part of tbe system to another, and attended with much pain, and but little tenderness or swelling. I have noticed in cases where rheumatism had remained stationary for a long time there Is most generally a decided Irritation and often tenderness at the point of tbe spine supplying nerves to tbe affected parts; but In tbe erratic cases I have usaliy detected onlyatrapsIeBt Irritation, with slight pains, but little ten- dernesB of the spine to restrain the lb< cal Inflammation In one part, so that It shifts as the point of greatest Irritability In the cerebro-aplnal system pastes from one point A another. I have given you .the lymptomt of this dread disease aa I have found them to be, which Is the result of dole obaanratlon In the treatment of hun­ dreds'of these, oaasi, I have'eeen South Bend, Ind., 1-27, '93. Dr. G. B. McClellan, Diamond Dick: My Deor Sir—I was residing In Elkhart, Ind., last summer. Hearing of so many patients cured or benefited by your treatment, I brought my wife to see you. She took from your treatments three months. She has gained ten pounds of flesh. Her troubles were peculiar to her sex. She is enjoying the best of health and I am glad I called on you. I recommend you to all who are ailing as I know of many who have been cured by your remedies that were sick for years. MRS. NEW.MAN, E. NEW.A1AN, 124 La Porte Avenue. Constant streams of people from all walks of life; merchants, business men, farmers, tradesmen, rich and poor, alike, keep Dr. George B. McClellan busy from early morn until late nt night The office and hallways and reception rooms were tested to their capacity for tbe past few days necessary waiting until as late as 11 p. m. All have the same story the Indian Dr. McClellan, Is truly a wonder. For true, "Dr. Diamond Dick" three hearty cheers In Marion streets appears to heal the sick, he seldom fails of the worst troubles that prevail. Tbe truth of this is easily known, &Iany statements^ he has shown. There is many more that still remain. At any time he might explain. If you are sick please on him call, He'll tell you free. He'll tell you all. Just how you are and what he'll do, Without a word explained by you. With stomach troubles I was afflicted bad. And other troubles I also had. iV long time I did endure. Skillful doctors tried In vain to cure. When this long-haired Indian I did call. In him I had no faith at all. But when of his medicines 1 bad takeiu I found myself very much mistaken, found that he could quickly cure What I did thus so long endure. In three days' time and five days more was better than for months liefore To cleanse tbe blood be doth propose. And good success he had with those Whom his remedies hare taken. In him tbeir faith 'cannot be shaken. Unless a few that we do flpd Have really made up their mind That they are better they, will not own Thougbjn their face it's plainly shown Marlon, Ind., March 27,.1908. Dr. George B. McClellan, "Dr. Dla mond Dick": Dear Sir—This is to ceirtlfy that the little girl, my daughter, eleven .vears of age, took treatment from you for a tape worm last Tuesday evening and the following day pr evening ^be was relievtd of a monster tape worm that measured exactly 10 feet. With head stretched nock of the work was about one fool In length and tapered down us fine as a thread, then flatten ed out like the eye of a common needle. My home Is In Wferren, Ind Hearing from you through my rela lives and sister. Mrs. C. k. Williams 908 Third street, Marion, I brought my daughter to you. You said It would cost me nothing if you failed. Y'ou succeeded, but not as quick as you promised,-as my child is weak naturally from the existence of this monster. This worm was removed alive and squirmed on the floor and as we stretched it, it contracted and broke fn the center before it was measured You have our hearty approval to publish this testimonial and will gladly answer inquiries from those wbo are interested in your skill as a remedial agent of tbe vegetable kingdom. MRS. ALICE A. HEFNER, Warren, Ind Dr. George B. McClellan removes tape worms In less than three hours in fact all the worms that human man kind is heir to, and no charges made for small worms. Both children and grown people are subject to worris which cause no pain and present little evidence of their existence which will be located and removed by the Indian Doctor at the Cataract Hotel. REMOVED A TAPE WORM. Veedcrsburg, Ind., Jan. 14, 1907. Captured at last the monster that baffled many efforts to remove him. This is to certify that Dr. George B. McClellan, "Dr. Diamond Dick," the Indian doctor from Hot Springs, Ark.. now at tbe Central Hotel, Veedcrs­ burg, Ind., removed a tape worm fifty- four feet in length m less than four hours after taking the remedies, which did not make me sick at the time nor since, and am doing well. MR. HARRY FISHERO. Undertaker. Don't Delay! LITER, SIDNEY AND STOMACH DERANGEMENT'S. Marlon about two weeks after n7< father's death, or alxiut one montha, after I returned from the Springs. We s-;it old settlers remembered you and the . ; | great good you did In this county to' | the year of 1882. I immediately call- •' | ed on you at the Stubblns House. <' ^ scarcely able toinount the stairs witll ' out aHHlstanne. You gave me hope! 9 prescribed seven month* treatment . | I have but a few more words to say \ - "I and to a point I have completely re- | covered my health and loss of fleah. j Am seventy pounds heavier and have^ used but three months of my treat-' ment. I am well known In Orant county, as I was sheriff of this county four years. You should return here. You would do we'.l. Your medl- < cine has also cured my sister-in-law \ of nervous spasms. Was given up by '. al) physicians in Marion. She has not i had a spell in two months. I remain < velry respectfully, O. R. HOLMAN.^ \ Ex-Sheriff of Grant County. } 9 Toulon, 111., December 14.4j|0*.- Dr. G. B. McClellan: Dear Sir—Prompted by a deep fetl- iug of gratitude for the good yoa hare , , done for us, I feel bound to write you this testimonial, hoping that otheril, may thereby be Induced to try your y wcnderful medicine and receive rellet ' For ten long years my wife has ', • been a victim of the dreaded disease. of the kidneys, dropsy and tumors. • During all this time she had be^' taking treatment from two local doe- ( tors but to no effect Four mpatha aio < -ihe commenced takl^ig your treatment f \t-that time she was not able bo do hef work, but the change - has been marvelous. She lost ten poabds la, five weeks, and today does all her OWB| household duties. Then my little daugher, aged en years, has also taken treatment tlia^' sanie length of time for catarrh of tbeiil heaid, and also for ,kldney trouble. Bbe) Is now a changed girl. Prom a deei^| sallow color her complexion has been': changed to a fair and bright healthy color. She feels very much better—-i 1 Ulmbet entirely cured. Go seaRh tbrouRh the medical race, ^'hat one can cure in every ease? The cure la what I want to see, That's what McClellan did for me, To be.sure some will say he is a fraud Others, his dol/igi will applaud. All may apeak aa they may deem. . You'll find "Diamond Dick" of Oteem. A FORMBR PATIENT, Marion, Ind.. Jua4 to. itll. Marion, Ind., Oct. 24. 1892. Dr. O.B. McClellan: Dear Sir—1 take great pleasure In recommending your wonderful remedies to the publlo In Grant county. About three months ago I placed myself under your treatment Had been suffering with liver, kidney and stomach troubles for one year. I took medicine from all of tbe best doctors In this dty. . I grew worse. Went to the Springs last snmmar. Came baok worsa and was preparing (0 die. Was BO bad I eottid not attend my father's funeral. That took place last 8eptea> ber. You mad* your appearane* in Now our baby daughter about fivf years of age, has from tofancy paralyzed In her right side, h almost no use of either limbs, or lower. \v;ith the rest of oad^iAe commenced taking your medicine. Her improvement has been rapid aiid.^eoi^' tinual, having now almost complete use -of her whole right side. Hers has been a case wh^ch itself should wlii; xeputation for any physician. A3 for myself, I was almost a oom> ^ ete wreck for tbe past two years, though I Have been failing for the paai seveiT years. I, too. had catarrii aaifii kidney trouble. I could. naither^iMl^ nor sleep, and could do verr ttttter work. In August I comineace(f your treatment and in those pai months I have gained no twenty-four pounds, which compared to the change li ings.i Thousands of dolla purcbase one bottle of remedy. Trusting that poor'sufferers will r«d thl|^||iMI^ aa I did, try your in(|4icl I knov they will obtiun very «ral*fully jfojii». •i JDK

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