Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 5
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Qrand Theatre TO.KICIBT. "A Brm9xm from tb^ Wmmi" Tomorrow Mght, VandeTllIe Lower Floor 80c. Balcoar \%c 000 0 0 000004-000000 O O O lOLA TETERIXARY HOSPITAL O O O O Frank S. BeatUe, T. O O Telephone 139. Prop. O O O OOOOOOOOOO^-OOOOOO CRT KBW& . O. H. LAifB went to Topeka Tuesday on business connected with the Loan Committee of the A. O. U. W. The order in Kansas Is buUding up a reserve fund a^id fn less than a year has' accumulated over $200,000 which l!j being loaned out on improvement bonds of different cities In the state which brings in 5 per cent interest. Mr. Lamb is a member of the committee which investigates and authorizes the different loans and their securities.—Yates Center Advocate. Dr. Mitchel!, office and residence, 'phone iO. • AFTER ALU how fickle Is fan»e. Nothing at all is heard these days of Spec Hurlburt. tha baseball player, who married the Topeka society girl. —Salina Journal. B iir THE SMEITERS ^|)eDcer's Tar and Wild Cherrq For Coughs and Colds. Printed formula in window. Contains notbing injurioDS. 23c a Bottle SATISFACTION (JIAKANTEED. SPENCER'S UIL J. F. JAMESON. The SiccfssM Aie«. Uoaeer, TeterlnarlMi. K-tlr-* mntlr nnywhf -Tr. Vitrr tinry VMIN nxxwrictl iluy or luxlil. Offi .-c wi »h l >ouv :li«'>'« Hu^** irvitlrncr -Mo U)l,\. KANSAS. Take our Watches, Clocks and Jewelry to Q A. LEFFLER. and get Ihem repaired. Satisfaction 'Oua'-auteed. i ^^^in ^tes^riUnf^ool^o^^ the year 15W7 was "The LBdy of the Deooratton" By Francis LHIle. It was in the six best sellers seven times, and at the ihead of the list tliree times—few books make such a record. The imlilishors arc far behind on orders, are running two binderies night and day to catch tip on (Ms Unle Urak. Have you read if? Evans Browm THE "BOOKSELLERS. Everybody Knows Where. E:arly Morning Comfort A touch ol a maich and the wclcotnc heat a radrttinc- ' from the— , , PERFECnOPp OU Heater TTie Atrtomatic SmoltelcM Device ^rcventk all tmokr and unci] and tMket it impostiblf to luro the « wick too hifh or too low Gnarantced 1^1 1 A MIC li C« »^ li .li- wnu to ^ iKArni ac*<^I «ST*MS«IIO OIL CeMPaMV. TELEPHONE YOIR WAST ADS. XO THE KEQISTEB OFFICE. As an accomodation, the Register receives ads for its want columns over the telephone, but exi>ects the advertiser to c:il] at the office abd settle as soon as convenient, as the bills are too small to warrant the expense of a collector. Telephone your want ad to either; phone. No. 18 or 222, and It will receive careful attention. To Trade for Live Stock. One i room houses In lola. One 3 roomed house In La llar|>e. No agents. Inquire at Register office. Try a naut Jii. In the Keglstir. LARRY mLTON of Webb City on Monday of this week offered Cooley and Crow $n.000 Tor the Topeka club. Ho also offered tooley $1,500 for his interest. Both offers were rejected. —Topeka Capltalj. Powell, the rea^ estate man, has a few thousand dollars to loan on farms at a reasonable rate. w: T. WATSON, state bank examiner of Tola, wasj here Monday..and f xaminiHl our bank. Mr. \\%tson re- l>orts our bank in excellent condition, which siJeaks well of its management —Elsmore Leader. MRS. DR. T>ongnecker Is spending the week in Tola visiting her sister, —Elsmore Leader. BR. AND Mrs. Van Druff left Tuesday for Tucson, Ariz., where they wil' probably remain for awhile. Dr. Van Druff has enjoyed an excellent iiraclice in Humboldt and his wife, by her personality and talents, has won as many friends as the iU>ctor. TlK'lr friends wish them success and health In llieir new home.—HumboUli Herald. OIlAKl.l^ Evans, of Th.-inutp spent Monday nui^ Tuesdny In Caney with friends. Ho left Tuesday for lola.— Caney Chrotlcle, K. .T, D.nvls Moving Van. Phone 903. Ins the past' several months. V. E. STl'ROEON, blacksmith for the fJalner Bnplneerinc company, nr rived Tuesday from Independence and has moved his family into a house on South Ninth ptrset. This makes alKjut the sixth family that has moved lo Humboliit to work on the p'ant of the. Monarch Portland Cement Co. —Humbo'dt Herald. A COMPANY of lola capitalists are drillins for sas on the D. R. In^e farm, east of town. We hope they may strike a gusher.—Xeosho Falls Post. W. C. ALLSUP, of lola, was In town Thursday morning on business. — Burlington Republican. T)r. O. L. Garllnirhonse. Office 'phone 23.1. Residence 475. AT THE meeting of the directors of the Neosho Falls State Bank Tncs- <lay afternoon the folilowing officers WIT? elected: For pi'esident. Joseph Bishop; vice president, T. W. Gardner; Mr. F. B. Bailey was re-elected cashier. The directors are ,Toseph 6ishop. T. W. Gardner. A. L Brcmi- bau.u:h. 1. L. Northnip, A. W. Fox. D. \V. Finney and D. R. Inge. The pr.^.srnt condition of the bank was found to lie the best of any bank In tlie state. per cent of the deposits being in reserve.—Yates Center Advocate. EdCTr's New Feed Store, telephone 7.V, lUst feed. Quick delivery. .Meet all coiur-eiliion. T. F. McHUGH. of lola. wlio has been in town fh? past two days, left last eveuInB.--Fi. Scott Republican. E. D. PHILLIPS of Murrell. ^^1s. consin Is visiting Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Croudi. C B. HX'FF of Elsmore denies that he is a candidate for county trea4 urer. THF' FOCR year old daughter of .Mr. ami .Mrs. Brown, of .107 North Washington, is suffering from diphtheria. She is thoiuht to be In a very serious condition. The Brown home has been quarantined. MRS. OVERALL was up from lola Wednesday to attend lo business interests and visit friends. Mrs. Overall informed us that her son. Farre?has a position on the Vermont that is now in South .\merica. The younger s<in is in lola with his mother.— Colony Free Press. ALEC YOrNG. the colored Indlvid- 'lal. who was fired out of town two or three ye-irs ago. ir. company with •Muskogee Red." the printer who believes in Immersion, blew In again last week and drank too much hydrant water and then commenced to give past history of Humboldt, at a late hour of the night, but was Inter- nipteU by the marshal who put him In the ccxi'ir. Alec was assessed one dollar and trimmings the next day. and started away on another pilgrimage.—Humboldt Union. January Sal^ of Odd Pants SiTc MJO to 9SM m the Pair. Ote Bart/ay SAIe/(6 TU£ 8T0BB tBAT SATISFIES. The ImproTcd, Aatbeptie Foot Powder. for leader, blistered, sore mad perspiring feet, cUlblalns, chap* Inp, etc. SS CenU a Box. Barren 's Drag Store The Rexall Store. WEST SIDE SQUABE. THEY RE-ELECt STUBB8. Will be the Head of the Lawrence Y. M. C. A. for Another Year. l^wrehce, Kan.. Jan. 11.—The I.,aw- rei»ce Y. M. C. A. at its annual elec- t.on, has re-elected W, R. Stubbs, av president and director and has reelected the three other directors whos* term expired this year—Dr. James H Nalsmlth, physcal director of the university; W\ C. Simons proprietor of I he Wiirld and F. M. Perkins, president of the Alias Building and Loan avsoclation. Mr. Stubbs has lM >eii prominent 1\ identitUMl with the association here for many years, and It was largely through his generosity and energy that the present $10,1100 building \»a8 " r«>c;»d and «'<iuippe»l. He has bji'u preshkMit of the ai^soclntlon for several years and takes more Intrest In it than anything else, with the possl- Me exee|)tlon of the reform movement in politics. At the meeting of the board of directors, big meetings to be held in the near future, one to be addressed by William J. Bryan and one by Secrc- 'ary W.'lllam H. Taft, were discussed. The Bryan meeting, for the evenng of Sunday. February 22. Is a sure thing. The Taft date which will be February 9 if at all, is only prospective. For the Bryan meeting, and for the Taft meeting if held, Robinson gymnaium at K. U. will be used, and the City and University association will make the event a Joint affair. Brotherhood Supper at Presbyterian church, Tuesday, January 14th, 6 p. m VEP.L NELSON, the ten-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Nelson, west of town, was one of the winners In the corn contest and his award entitjed him to a trip to Manhattan and a ten days' visit at the folate Agricultural School. Verl'made the trip and arrived home Sunday to .'ive a glowing account of the many things that Interested and delighted him. Much credit Is due to this industrious little boy. It was his part ind good fortune to raise 14 bushels of corn on one-eighth of an acre of •ground, and a very fine quality of grain it was too.—Savonburg Record READ PAPER ON GOOD ROADS Webster Johnson. Rural Carrier, Tells How to Maintain Them. . The regular monthly meeting of the Allen County Horticultural society was held In .the G. .A. R. hall yesterday. The delegates to the meeting of the slate society at Topeka were unable to attend the meeting yesetrday and their report yill be given at the regular meeting' on February 14. The members were served with one of the dinners for which the society is noted ID this county. ; Webster Johnson read a very Interesting and Instructive paper on good roads and how to maintain them. Several short ta'ks were made on winter spraying and the selection of soils for tree planting. GARNETT WAS EASY MONEY. The lola Y. M. C. A. Wins by the score of 61 to 32. The basket ball game at the Y. M. C. A. last evening was a land slide for the lola boys. The Gamett team displayed no ability whatever in the line of team work and were at the mercy of the lola bnncfa from start to finish. The final score was 61 to 32. COLLINS TALKS TO-MORROW. Police Magistrate to AddreM Y. M. C. A. Meeting. Judge Collins who will Ulk at the men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow afternoon will use as his subject -Duty." His Ulk will be tm the temptation^ thrown In the way of the youitg men and the duty the young men owe to themselves and tfle public In overcoming these temptations. For beat a«l qaicfcc«t rcntUj ]ise the Batlstir fTaat Coiaau. Xews Briefs Tonchiiifr Upon Local Indnstries. (Pittsburg Htadllght.) Notice has been received by a number of. the workmen who were laid oft when the Cherokee-Lanyon plant at Gas City closed two months ago,' to prepare for work on tomorrow. The National Zinc company started the fires this week In block No. 2 at Bartlesvllle. Block No. 1 was put to work on December 19. This smelter Is to be a twelve block jconcem when It Is completed and running at full capacity. Four blocks^bve been built. The Altoona smelter men have had their wages reduced ten per cent on account of the prevailing low price and no demand for the smelter's produce. The employes held a meeting and Invited the merchants of the city to attend when the proposition was made to ihcm to reduce the prices of their merchandise. Nothing definite was accomplished at the meeting. The Bartlesvllle Enterprise has been having a dream regarding the building of a smelter there by the Prime U'esterii smelting company. From a source that Is considered reliable It has been learned that there Is absolutely no foundation for BartlesTille to believe a smelter from this company. If the comiiany builds other smellers, and this Is doubtful until spelter prices go up. it will be at ColIInsvllle, Okla, Through the aid of the Kansas Federation of Idtbor the Union men of lola. Gas and La Hariw. hope to form a smeltermen's union, and to extend It HI! through the smelter industry. If the plans now under consideration here are accomplished lola will Im the headquarfers of the smelter workers' union which will be spread frtun this smelting district nil over the I'niteil Stales, ctuuprislug many thousands of workers. DISTI'ltRED THE rO.NtlKKCIATION. The person who disturbed the con- uregation last Sunday by continually coughing Is requested, to buy a IHJIIIC of F«)ley's Honey and Tar. Iliirrell's dr\ig Store. SIEGLE WITH HUTCHINSON. Former tola Catcher Goes to Salt Packers. (Hutchinson News.) Catcher Sieglc. former'y with Wichita and Oklahoma City, has signed a Salt P,acker contract and will work for Doc Anilrews (he coming .season. Nearly all of thi* fans here ktiow who Siegle is. Two years ago he was as good a catcher as there was In the league. He Is a good catcher yet. for he is In as good shape as ever. Year before last he started with Wichita and In mid-sea.son was sold or traded to Oklahoma City. He was reserved by the ifets last year but he and McParland couldn't get a'ong together and the affair en'Vd by Sieele being released, a thing (hat the catcher had been working for. Siegle's name does not appear on the list of averages for last season, but It is there a plenty on the lists of the year before, .-is a catcher hr stood third on the list being but one- thousandth behind O'Leary of Wichita In second place. Edwards of Leavenworth was first. Ha performed as back stop In seventy-nine games and scored a per cent of .976. He was ahead of Cheek, V.Vnderhlll, Seabaugh, Henry and all the rest. At the bat he was one of the best in the laogtie. standing twenty-eighth Ol! a llstlpf 175, making an average of .270. Selgle wanted to come here and ap he was free to sign whare he i)leased Doc sent him a contract. Slegle will probably catch the majority of the games next siason, as It is unlikely that l.*wls will be back. Lewi,« wants to stay out on the coast, but Doc will not let him go unless he can trade him for some one as good or better than he Is. Hi ft To mtke tUnst livdy «nrlBg JMlipry wi oiftr the foOowiBg rMmlBikly km prices: Gallon Peacbes. per can. 50c Gallon Apples, per can 35c No. 3 Apples, per can 1 Ic No. 3 Tomatoes, per can llc No. 2 Tomatoes, per can ^ .9c Pick Wick Corn, per can I Ic Pure Cream Com, a cans fur 15c V. C. Hominy, 3 cans for 25c Red K Beans, 3 cans for 25c Irlma 6ean«, 3 cans for 25c P. W. Succotash, 2 cans for 25c Large Soar Picklas, per gallon..... 25e Medium Sour Pickles, pet gallon 35c Small Sweet Pickles, per gallon 60c Ktant, per gallon 25c 3 lbs. Prunes for 25c 2 lbs. Dried Apples for 25c Currants, per package. lOc 3 Crown Raisins, per pound lOc Soap-O-tye, per can 6c Good White Vinegar, per gallon 20c Just received a car of No. 7 Floui; per sack, $1 .30; per cwt. $2 .55. The above prices are for cosh only. AD prices are low prices. We want to 4|dd new recmits to oar army of customers. CaD at our store and get a Naedlebipok Flree Bros. and Meat PHOiaS 30a and 301. FAVORING FOOtBALL Kantaa State Normal RegenU Vote on Question of the Gridiron Sport. Bm|)orla. Kas., Jan. 11.— A motion to abolish football from the state normal school was voted down this afternoon at a meeting of the regents of that Institution. The vote stood two for and two against football and President Joseph Hill cast the deciding vote. A motion was brought before the regents at the . December meeting by F. H. Altswager. of Hutch irson and was laid over for a month. Mr. Altswager Is violently opposed to football in any form, asserting that it h? a detriment to the school. President Hill said that he former- Jy was opposed to the game. Wutj since learning more about It thought that with restrictions the game was beneficial. A de'egatlon consisting of; T. B. Sampson, physical director ol' the normal: D. A. Ellsworth, athlet-! ic manager, and W. A. Forbes, stud-j ent foott>all manager, appeared beforel the regents and pleaded for football.' The discussion lasted for three hours. • - • - - . tlO. A. lOWLUa. FruWMIt THOt. H. lOWLUa. CMklfrk ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRBCTORS A. W. BMlt. L. & laatty. A. J. Pulton, W. J. Kvan% ». O. Ra^fMk •M. A. aowluai Thoa. H. HowliMi vvr itsvc OUR owM oRjum on MU amoPEMKPomn SAPmr DEPOSIT BOXES PGR RENT PROM |2 to IB PER YEAR. FOl\\l>—In I. O. O. F. hall, a purse containing a sum of money. Owner may have same by calling at 215 North Jefferson, proving property and paying for this notice. GOT PITTSBURG FRANCHISE. Talked With Commissioner* On Opening Uo Jefferson Street to BassetL Do YoaTMnk For YoorooHr Or. da you open TOW aaoaib llln a sooaC Wrd aad cnlp dova wbsuver food or BMdl> kne offend yoa r i tvvrV « • • • U ^vwMLsa tnteUlcaat thlwlrtny wonaa, hi need OTIMW tmn weakaeMiBciTOBxtMM. paiB'and soUina; then It mewa mocfa to dm^m for the cure of wptnsn jjUt^ * * « • « Tin makem of Dr. Ploeel Psvotlte Pr»- tcrlotJco. for tbe cars of weak, aerrooii nm- dowB, over -worked, deliUltsted. pain-nckod woines, knowing thismedldne to be made op of lacredlents, ererr one of whldi has the •tioacest poasibia indonemeat of the lesdlnc •Dd •tsodud satlMtlties ot tbe M ^renl •dtoob ot pnctlca, an peiteetlT wOUnc. and in fact, are only too clad to print, as they dOb tfaefbranla. or list of iasTSdlents. of which (t is composed, in piitfii SnffUh, on ereir bottle-wrapper. * dr • « « . Tba fommla ot Dr. Pteree*i Pavorita Pr^ •eriptloo will bear tha most critical exaBlaar ttoo of medical experts, for It contains no alfteheli narcotics harmfa]. or bablt -fonalntf dnch and BO aaent eaten Into It that la not UcUr recoounended br the moat adranced and leadinv medical teacben and aatbor- at tbelr aayawl achoola of pnettce. ItSestecomniaad tlielncedlenta "a PtffclU IWft ot esactir ttie time ar' menta for • •dTtoad. Ho otheriBedlrtnn toe woman:* niahaa any each prafoaaloaal endocBcmeot as Dr. Piarce^ VavDrttePraaeription baa neatved. In the ua- vaaUfled ncomwendatlon ot each ot Ha MTeral tBgradlentabr aooR* of leadiaaniBdH. cat nan ot all tbe aebools of practice. la sach an endonement not warthr ot yonx floaaiderattant # * • • « a booklat of tntndlmta. with nnnwfona aathoiatlvn pnttiaaaal cndmententa br tba loadlna medical anlboritiaa ot thk conntrr. will be mailed/ TM to any one aendlny name aBdaddre«wlU>i «qnc3 ^foraam» Addnai Or. & V. PlwM Bnffalo. 8. T. The Kansas Southern Electric line was granted a franchise by the city council of Pittsburg Thursdai)' night to cro.<!s the streets In that city. F. V. Crouch of this city was present and told the council that he secured all the franchises between Pittsburg and Tola and had practically all of the right of way secured. Yesterday Mr. Crouch appeared he- fore the commissioners with reference to the opening of a right of way from South Jefferson avenue to Bassett. It was Mr. Crouch's understanding that several years ago the commissioners passed a resolution to contribute $2,000 toward opening np this road. yic. Crouch has asked the city to help In opening up a right of way and a committee Is now considering it. The commissioners wl'l consider the matter of the county helping In the opening of the road at this section. FREIGHT TRAINS COLLIDED. Seven Person* Were Killed and Many Injured in Accident Near Mobile. Mobile, A'a.. Jan. 11.— A rear end collision of freight trains occurred on the Alabama and Mississippi railroad near Vinegar bend, forty miles from here early yesterday morn'ng. A number of cars were damaged. One of the trains carried a passenger coach. Seven persons are reported kA'cd and a number are Injured. The disaster occurred on a bridge spanning a ravine at a very sharp curve. The force of the collision caused both en- elnes and part of one train to crash through the trestle to the bottom of the ravine twenty feet below. ARR.13IS TAKES HIS OFFICE. »w Poor Comnisslener Began DatJes Laat KIgfct' Al .Abrams. the new county poor commissioner, began his duties last eveiiing, Mr. Knapp turning over the affairs of the office to him. Mr. Abrams filed his $3000 bond several dayi ago. This morning one or two calls camp In and Mr. Abrams is giving them his attention. ED 8TANFIET.D returned home this morning after a few days Tisit In Kansas City and Topeka. Tolro Your Heme Pmper FIrei THEM SUBSORiBE FOR THE KANSAS CITY STAR AND TIMES The Star and Tintes, reporting the full twenty-four hours' news each day in thirteen i.s3ues of the paper each weeek, are furnished to regular subsctibers at the rate of loc a week. As newspapers, The Star and The Times have no rivals. No other publisher furnishes his readers with the full day and night Associated Press reports, as does the Star and the Times. This should recommend the papers especially to the progressive merchant and farmer. We deliver both the Star and Times to the subscriber's door promptly on arrival of trains. Give us a trial. Hmmdmrsaa A Lainymr, DMHbuiorm* BABY'S VOICE bthe joy .of this hout -h -t'o, tor v^ithoW it no happiness run t • .<mp!ete. How sweet the picture of oa liier and ttabef An<»cls smile at and cotr.mend the thoughts and nspiratiom- of the nrotliC? bending over the cradle. The ordeal throcj^ which the expectant mother must pass, how* ever, is so fuUof daitger and suTeringthat she looks for^rard to the honr when she shall fed the exquisite thrill of motherhood with indescribable dread and fear. Every woman should know thot tl e danger, pain and horror of childbirth entirely avoided by the use of Motlier*s Friend, a acientiSe liniment for external use only, which toi^hens and renders pliiable all the parts, and assists nature in its sublime work. By its aid thousands of women have passed this great crisis in per- ract safety and without pain. MOTHER'S \>1d at |i.oo per t>ottle by drnggiats. Onr of priceleaa value to all women seat free. Addieaa Headquarters for Gas Light Supplies m Nothing adds to your business prestige like licat, attractive printing. Tlie REGISTER b equipped to fumisii your Commercial Printing. Blank BooKs and Stationery—the neat, attractive kind. Phont 18.

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