The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1944 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 19
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Fruits and Vegetables KERX HAXCH MAHKBT 1331 Flower 4 Rlsquiek, 2uc. •Sugar, 10 lljs. ofle. Al! coffee, 1 Ih. 30c.: '2 His. r,f»c. All olcornarglne. 2f>o per lb. .Spam. Sue can. Oxyclol, regular fixe, 1Dc Hf.TitTissup. ". rolls l!'c AVatch our ad next week fur liig snip of tomatoes, string beans, corn, l>eas and spinach for the lowest, price by the case with nn points. _ ' 40 SEPTEMBER 18 Is last day you ran pick your own tomatoes. Xorth Chester avenue, through Olldnlo. joining Tank ^'T'Hrm. fiO cents per HIR. 4^ POTATOES BV THE SACK AA'e have Tehnchapi long while or Russet potatoes. These potatoes are commercial pack and are very Rood quality. Note this low price. Jit.49 per sack. Mooney's Market Spot, eighteenth and L'nion. Phone 3-UHHI. 41 Poultry and Livestock If On SAJ,B — Thoroughbred Hampshire boar nlK. 6 months old. Phone 2-4059. • 39 FOR 9AljB—Two mmi nl gun6 work mar*i. one brood mar* with colt. Mr. Groat. _.Phone t-70«6. 7-19-tf ATTENTION Blood-felted baby chlcki. brooder*, poultry •uppllta *nd feed. We buy your egg*. Chick* I1G hundred. 21111 Onlnn. or 8H Eighth. Phone 7-7028 or 1-9489 M-tf BABY CHICKS lit per hundred: New Hampshire Reda. Rhode lalend Rertn. Plymouth Rocki. Rev k an(, Red <;rns«: naw ihlpmftnt every Monday order early. Al»o plenty of metal feeders fountalna and poultry medicine*. Ward'i Farm Store. 2621 Chester. 4-11-tf OFFKR1NU n number cu nutstandlntj year- lln* ami S-year-nIrt registered Hereford bull:. 4. H. Korpe. Phone 1-8671 . 7-18-tt BAbY CHICKS atarted on order We have •colored broiler*, roasting hena. Rlver- Tlew Hatchery. 216 Roberta I,an*. Phone 2-9395. 7-lV-tr BUY. BKLL or trade all kinds of llveatnrk. Phone J-802! Roy .Inhnann. 1 mile north .Pumpkin Center. 200 vard* eait on Hoa_ king Road. <^ WILL EXCHANGE some good work homes fo r young cattle. A. H. Karpp. phone 0-9671. 39 ATTENTION. POUf/TRYMKN! Ou. MnrkPt In Open We Pny Tups for Frytrs and Rnnster*- One Block West of lOait Rakersfleld Po»t Office 1106 Kern Street Dial 2-2458 RRADFORD POULTRY MARKET 76 FOR SALE — SEVEXTY-FIVE GOATS, FINE MILK STOCK. FOUR THOROUGHBRED BILLIES. FOR INFORMATION WRITE, BOX 53, BODFISH. CALIF ._ _ ___ ___ 46 t'On SALE or trade, rash or terms, on<? 11-year-old. pu*l. I'Hlomino filly; two new heavy stumped saddles. One mile north of Pumpkin Onier. ___ ___ 39 FOR SALE — Brown Swiss Jersey cow. fresh by September 13. Call 2-6017 after 7 p. rn. _ _ 3!t VERY ATTRACTICK Pimo saddle iiclrllnE. saddle, bridle and blanket. ISun _ filler. _______ 39 I-'OI! SALE— One 7-year-nld Pinto mnip. well broke for ladies and children. Phone __fi-B73.1. ___ ____ _ __1U FOR SALE — Three grain-fed heifers, ready to butcher. Phone 2 -0 611. __ jifl FOIl SALHJ — One veal nnd porker, and n prewar Taylor Tot. __ ''hone 2-476:1. 40 FOR PALE — Riihh!l«. Forty-serom] street nt K, fnunh house from corner on K. _H._K. Swalley. _ ___ _ 40 O.NE CO\V. three unlvpH, hogs, chirkenn. 2 lt j mik'H south of Kilifon Highway on Fairfax. • Route 6. Box 551. Reasonable. _ _ ___ _ __ _____ 41 I-'OK SALE — Good Guernsey milk cow and Guernsey bull. Phone_7-733. r >^ 41 BIX. rahblt does, one buck. Excelleift stock, lull four hutches. $25 Call Saturday afternoon or Sunday. 2110 South _ ^Kye." _____ 41. ONE new Hituare skirted black saddle, double rigger], bridle and new blanket: one »liK-k trailer. Will sell or trade. D. M. _ Ullcy. 3551 L Blreet. _ ____ __1 1 FOlv SALE — Nine White LeBliorns. *1, __ take a\\. _ 22iS _Berger. Ea_f.t_ BnkersHelcK NAZI HRASS HATS <«ET IT—Their Xax.i ;irrosance forgotten, Germnn officers plod nlong n Paris sireet \vith linnds upratscil, lieriletl prison- ward by members of the Maquis foi'cos. Foil SALE— Holstein * 2221 .South O street. bull. 1 year old. Phone 4-4930. 41 BAHY FOIt euch. Phone B-531J!. KALI:: — Aliout ."," •.Hull dnnie and ile Island mixod tmllels. Hicht does. 2 liucU.s. Six lilnrk Minnrra pullets nnd roiuitrr. I'.l.'l.'i Koi-il V-S. 2-door Sedan. 1 117. Ml !I2 1. I1M) for car. 2:110 Koblnson. KM ft Hnkersfleld. Legal Notices NOTICE OF INTKXTION TO SKI.I. Notice Ts Hereby (liven pursuant to Hie provisions of Section JI440 of the Civil Code (if the Slate of California, thai A. H. Mnsick nnd Frank. Rowland, A'endors. of 7:tO South 1'nion Avenue. Bakersfield. California, intend to sell to Fred K. Oorln. A'endee. of V30 South Union Avenue, Baker«fieid. California, all that certain personal property consisting of all stock in trade, fixture?, equipment of n certain service station business . known as Hakern L'nion Servico, in the City of Hakersfielrl and Incaled at 7:1(1 .South Vnlon Avenue, nnd that the purchase price thereof will be paid at 10 "'dock n. m. on the 21st day of September. 1944. at 730 South 1'nion Avenue, in the City of Bakerst'leld. County of Kern. State of California. Dated September 14. 194-1. • FRED E. aOUI.N". 8epl. H. Vendee. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO E.NGAOK IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVKR- AGES.— Sppttmber 13. 1944. To Whom It May Concern: Notice ia hereby Klven that fifteen duy« after the date posted, the undersigned proposes to sell alcoholic bevel-apes at these premlBPS, described as follows: Jesse \. Polly's Place, 2401 Brundape Lane. Bakctpfield. Pursuant to auch Intention, the undersigned is applying to the Stale Benr! of Equalization for issuance of an alcoholic beverage license (or licenses) Cor these premises as follows: On Sale Beer and Wine. On Kale Distilled Spirits. Anyone desiring to protest the issuance of such license(s) may file a verified prote t wit'i tile State Board of Equal- isation at Sacramento, California, stating grounds f - • denial as provided by law. The premises arn no! now licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages. .IESSR C. RRIDOES, Sept. 144. POLLY BRIDGES. SO SHK REACHED FOK THE ROLL1NU TIN—Upon spotting photo nt left, above, in a newspaper, Mrs. Eleanor Uiy of (.'hie-ago promptly reached for the rolling pin. In the picture she recognized her husband, William R. Lay, being kissed by a French girl, grateful fur arrival of Yank liberator?. At right, rolling pin cocked, Mrs. Lay looks at the picture, her smile belying her militant pose. Couplu \vere wed in October, 1942, he enlisted Ihut December, and she. last saw her husband 19 months ago. SITREME INDIFFERENCE—Completely indifferent and apparently "out of this woiTd, 1 ' the German prisoner above gazes skyward while a French gendarme and a patriot fighter try, with energetic gestures, to herd him in direction they want tu go. German was captured in Brignoles, southern France. Poultry and Livestock TWKXTY IIPIIV.V i-o]or>'d hens. $1 etu-ll. also two ronMers. L'.'HM I* sli-rct. 41 HABHITS, anil him lies wilh auu.malir water"!'* anil feeders. Also "DO square feel of new 'j-inch rabbil pen \vire. L'.'liM P street. 41 Dogs and Other Pets SALIS—Singers, bird caKc.s nnd stands. 1124 Third street. Fowler Pet Shop. US SALE—Female Cliepherd puppies. Fowler Pet shop, 1124 Third. 118 WANT to buy, Boston Dull pup. Call 2-02')^. 38 FOP. SALE—Cocker Spaniel pup, 10 weeks old. tK>. Call 2-5SO:i. 3^8 GOOD HOAIIO tyr while Shepherd mule dog, r> months okl.^ Phon • 2-!*2t!4. FOR SALK — Purebred Knslish I'.ull imppiew. also 2->-ear-okl rcuistercd and pedigieed female, nine puppies, first _liller. 1SOO Mies. _ 41 T-WEKKH-OI.D bull pups. Pemalc, I.".; male. *10. I 71 7^ TJ[iirtecnth stieet. WANTIOD-—Home for cute playful kittens. Phone 2-. r iS."iS. WANT Baud home fur female puppy. Call 2-5842. For Exchange—Miscellaneous WANTRD TO Bl'Y—A hiiiidlnic that can be moved, .size abtnu !l»x.ji; I'ecl. ]'|H»M<- _2-:i04Jl. _ 4fl WANTBD— S-.MM rifle shells, any amount, or will trade .300 Savage for fcame. Phone 3-02rMl. 3il OBITUARY NOTICES KIKKTAIKKK. COKA KTHKI—Funeral N scrvk'i's will be conducted Friday, al 11 n. m. nl Hie First Buptint Church, for .Mr.", ('ora telhel Kirkpatricli, uG. who riied nt f>:4") n. m. Septemhcr 12. at n local hospilal. Mrs. Kirkputrick. whu hud been a ra-ildent. of California 43 years and of Kern county 7 years. W.IH born AuKU&t 'Jl, '888, at Alsen. Ore. „ She Is survived by her husband. Raymond F. Patrick of 607 A sireel. Taft: three sons. Doub'lus Mclvln Kirkpcttrick of Brawley. Calif.. Lleuirftant (J.B.I Virgil Raymond RTrkpalrick now stationed at the naval nir bane at .Socony. Okla.. and Sereeant Darrell T,ee Klrk- patrick wilh the urm.v air forces In Indln: three grandchildren: three brothers. Karl Chandler of Orando. Wash.. Earnest Chandler of Davis Creek. Calif.. Kvfiett Chandler of Whittler. Calif., seven sisters. Mrs. Kdna Hooker of Spokane, \Vash.. Mrs. Ora (loodtnnn of Or- ciitt. Mrs. Ona Dana of Nopomo. Mrs. Klsle Stephenson of Sacramento, Mrs. Manilla Vernon of Tule Luke. Mrs. Oriha 1'ord of Ventura. an<! Mm. Vera Johnnwn of Ventura. Th<- Reverend P. K. Flaming will conduct the services nnd Interment will follow In the Went Side Cemetery. The Taft Chapter of the^ Kasiern Slur, No. :!:!7. of which Mrs. K irkputrick \va« a rnemher, will Imvo rim rift "I" KHMVuidt' Hervh'CH. The Kru-k- son & T.lruwn Funeral Hume is in I'haruo of n rianei'iuelils. VHiNAl'T, Al'til'ST I'—Fum.rul services j fr.r Au«UHt I'. A'lgnaut. 71, \vlin dii'il | y(?ptpmbei- 12 nl hi» home. 1f,.'>;! 1)| slreel. Hakersfield. will l>p held in : Placcrville whei-t- iho l»oil> - \\'ill he srnt by Payne & Son Thapel. Surviving Mi. r VlRnaut arc his sisters. Mrs. Alice : Moore. JJukersfli'liI; Mrs. William i Vautilm, t'ieorneloivii; Airs. Rao Shrnp. | I^Iacerville; dauwhterf. Mrp. MIsio j Durant. Mrs. Selma A'lai-dl nnd Mrf. i Kleannr Souden. rill ol" (laklnnd; n '. brother. A. I.. Vienaut. JIadeiu; live: grandchildren. j YANK MAQl'IS—Twibi'l Townsend 1'fll. -IS-year-okl New York socialite, who for 4 V4'iirs lias ;r!(!od the Krciu.-h iniclcrt;rouii(-l, saved 10 Yank iinriirliuiists Ijy guidins thfin through Cii'niian linos In southern France to safety. .Miss IVII, Unown as thn "girl wilh Iho lilorjde lock of hair," has worked actively with the Maquis, .supplying fond and arnrmmiton to Allies. She lias had many narrow escapes from the Ciestapo, wns once Imprisoned by the Nazis. IN APPRECIATION M> wish ti> fxpit-ss our iipprpciatimi fur the kind DOSS timl «yinpalhy of our friends nnd for their hnnutiful flornl nfrcrinps Hur- Inu our recent bereavement. (SigndJ: U'he OU'rn family. UNION (RMtTERY Furniahea MONUMENTS FLOWER CONTAINERS GRAVE MARKERS AT LOWEST PRICES Office Within the Grounds Monumental Display at Cemetery Entrance Phone 7-7185 Flickinger-Digier CHAPEL Djstinrtive Funeral Service at , Moderate Cost Phon* 7-7881 Chtitcr Av«nu« at Thirteenth J. C. FBeklaiar Fraak Ol|iar AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY and NIGHT LEADS SMASH—Lieuteimnt-Gen- eral Omar N. Bradley reports Americans pcnctr.Hto German border at go 1 many points as to make the advance general. Moderate Turnover on N. Y. Market I)0\V-.JONKS AVI*:KA(iKS t'liising I *n\\-.Jones a \ era^i's: Industrial I 4L'.:tt>. off (I.US- railroads :'.S.T1. off O..!i: utilities J-I.7G, off 0.04: ti."i stocks 50.ST. off ".":!. Sales were T-T.iM.'i »:ompai-eii with Ssn.-IJIi yestenfiiy. I'nrli turnover was Jii.",.i»iii shares against L'1-1.-11 "i .vesterda.v. NEW YORK STOCK CLOSE XF.\V YOJtK. Sept. 14. (UP.) — Stocks opened Irregularly lower today nn moderately active turnover. Several issues opened at the previous close, including Bethlehem I eel. An.-ifonda. l>u I'mit. I'tlited States ntibher and Ohio Oil. r.iaham-l'aige had a intlO-shaie block at the previous close and blocks of that amount or larger appeared in Southern Pacific. Standard Oil of Indiana. Standard Oil of New Jersey iind I5enerjn Klectrie. all 'i point lower. On the curb, Klectrie Bond and Share had a 1L',- UUO-sbare block at 10, off la. Los Angeles Produce i.ns A.\I;KI.I-:S. SI-PI. H. (^P)—Trndine in units :ind \cuftables was fair with i (iol. mimy weather loday. I'abbaKe was ulrnllKer with n-miivnl of wholesale i-i-il- IIIK. |ii-nctl.'» Hteiuly t" firm on best: ian- talntip' 1 .". tomatoes and celery were wpjlUfr: .•urn. siinawli. in'iif'ados and pc.-is were t'trm tu sliKllll\ 1 slrontier, lettuce aliKhll.v :\caUfr ull ."l llOXI'M Calibapt': I.mal. t':i nnnnbn 11. irriles J'if i;- Siinnt M.-nia, -tn-MI lb. sinks S2'n2:.u: •i-d cahlKic.' local $4..'.11 per i-wl. 1'fiii'hi's- lii..-ii:m<inl-Vnciiipn Kin llso U'tns li»s nnd lafKor !>' 3 'nil.7r lb: \u\- . eimii Itin <>so ili-m.s. Oils and larper 9'...c lb Sun .loaiiuiu valley Curry Set-ill nm's. • ami laiBcr; Washiiiijlnn Hales, 4"s- '•a'nVa'loi'.p'-s Loral and SnnstlR . llajes Hcsl. lunibn .'tfis and IIIIKI-I J1. -',"> '<' 1 . •'. San .1".- in valley, .lunibn ::iis anil larcer J" i;o^i:l 2"'". Hnne.xdews. San Jitiifiuin val- le"y iumiio Gs-S.-i and standard !ls-12s $1 ' '< in'" -T.; I'leiishaws. San .loaciuin valley, iiiiiilin 4s-0s Jl.r.n»i-2: Persian*. San .Inn- nuin valley, fancy Jumbo 4s-«s Jl' .'ill'" 'JT.'i: C.-isab.-is. San .lo.-n]llin \allr-y. jumbo Ss Jl.."iO'M2: jnmbii laotaloupe nates $1 .Mill 1.7.1. Tomatoes: Loral. S.-in TJienn and \ en- Inia rniiniy IIIKS T,\:,s and r.xCs (2 2:'.(«' •-.- Sanui Hr.rhara. 2-layei' $24/2.2;>: Sanlii Maria, ax.'.s and fiv(in ?!.'iOlh'2.7S: Stems. San IHeKo coiinly, 3-laycr ."ix5s and «is *:i ft' :t. 2,'i l-elery: I.mal. Pnsral. 20-22 inch crates $2. r.lK'i :t: Stnrdee. crates, shed park $" ?"> .t: Sanla Maiia 20-22 inch crates and iniees *:;.7:,«i t Coin: Local. IUBS f.olden Cross ^-H'j in-/. SI.'-'.">: Washington, sacks :,-:,'•; do/., holdovers $1.7.11) 2.T.O: local field coin, lugs 2,'i'" I'tr. Siinasl : White summer, local. San Diocn coiinly and northern ?2»l2.MI: Italian, lues *-'ro"50i yellow crook neck J2C«2.r,l); banana, local nnd Hun PicKo 2',-..«':ic lb.: Hubliard ^'ic lb. Avocados: Ndbals ISc lb.: Anahcims 17<- Hi.; Dickinsons $1.."." * 2 ; ItzumnaB *2 <U " 21; AnJihciins 10s $2.75 Teas: Jlemloclnn county holdovurs 8?i 1", |h : Santa Clara county 1 I 9c 111 : WiishiiiBloc, bushel tubs, holdovers $.1.75 In 4. Lettuce: Dr.- pails. Santa Barbara collnlv and Han Luis llblslm county, crates I Am. $4 10: ."IB |:i.7,"i fti 4.10: Watsoin ille 4s-. r .s $4«4.H). Cotton Futures Futures i losed 3 cents a hale lower tn 40 rents hlnher. October J1..M. l)e- ceiiihcr 21.31!. March 21.1 S Hi 21.! B. May 2n.:ll, luly 20..15. Middling spot I'.MIS luiinmal. \f.\v VI:K A r lledu. linn Alaska .liinr.m All,i-il i •!!••:•., • i All'.,] St,,|,"A Hi.' • 'li:,il-.|. i - Ml* A >:i '' >, t n i '.i u A nit i n an t'li a n,l i-'-.fiti-lt . Am,-i 11 .111 in,! l-',,i- en Piiv Am. i i I.,,..,mni'M. An" r:. .in l'"'v. I .in.I l.iuh AMI, i i, .in ll.i.l ,r.,I Si,,, i s Ani.-i " -HI Hull,n- .Mill Am. : i, .i'i Sii', P." A !:••: AllliTu .111 Si. > I l-',,lin,|i ,'s Am.'i i. an T. I, pi .mil '|v Am, i : < an T"l,.n > ,, ° Am.'t n .in W:,|. i Wt.i '„Am, 1 :i .in '/. n, I..M.I :m,l S:l\Alia,',,11,la A rmnu i \- i ',.11111,111'. At,h's,,ii. Tt'p.'ka an,I S-inln !•', A \ i.ti i,,ii i '"i ]„,[ .1 ',,.11 Hall .IIHPI-I. .V ' Hi'" ll.ii nsdal! in: !S>'ndi\ A vi.M , i, n .. I!,'Ibl,'Ill-ill Si, . I llnrili'li i "inpanv HHI-B-W.u M, ' HriBus Maivit'a, nn 'I'M i 'liesap. :iUi- .v i Hi',, i 'lit > slei i 'm IM,I a i ',,11 . ... i 'oli:a!,'-Pa Ini'Hi vr-l ',',-1 l 'i.tmiv r, ia I I pv.'St in.-in Tin*! (•timin.'i.'ial Sulv.-nts <'umiiit.invr.i Illi A S,uilli,'in . . (•i.nsiilidaled l-alisiin ( Vmla in.-r t 'm pttrat 'nil i 'oi M I'ruiiii, Is Crnwn y.fll.'i'lia, h Cm liss-\V rifbi Dipt < 'orp -S. 1 ;,mam's OliPoiit l> \rmoiir ICiiHlinan KuilaK Klerl i-ii- Am,i . Klu-iri.' l',,«,'i and l.iKht Mrii- Hnilrnail (li'n.M-a I l''.!fi't i i,' I It-Hern I l-'(,(tits lio-Mrral .. Hoodn. Ii (I.iod > ea i Ti!.' ami Itnl.ttcl Croat Noill'.'in pl'l. Civyhnnnil , I Iti'lslim ( *>' HmlBi'ii .Miiim K Illhi,.is c Inslmal",.! 1-,'l.pei Inlerlalin Inn. liil,'rn!ii,,,n:il nvili-o'-KI.'!,. A.'!.'.".; 1 nlfflia i it,!, i. N i,'kel i 'a n 14S' in 7 . 43' . 4 •t'. •"'« ::.; -•, L'l !> 7 *t 14 ', l:. -Nali.' I'a 11'. N.II ,. M.I i l mi ]!.•! v ;; Sa : a: l',,v-., :in,I l.iuhl , .... Nal ,,.nnl . . 1 \.M'. p,,i' Imlnsii „•» N,-" Yi,il. i'.'1111.11 Nur I li \ni-i . a ;• A i ::t 1 it'll ,\tn i h A m-M . a n l't,mpan> \,,i ih.-i i p.,, It, i ih •• < i I P.ii l;a 1,1 Mi,i.,, I 'a i -i ip"Uli I 1 '.• i ill-. '• I'.n k I : tli i '"ii M-nini: l'"h',-\ 1\ .iM'.l III ,ll,,a,l I'M- IP* I >,,,!t.' I'll!,I , S. 1 V i .. ,,!' \, .V .1. : -..\ i I. I, I'nllniaii (v ', Pun- il,I 1 ", l{a,|i» I 't,l pmat inn n>' Arnet., .1 . '• : , I'.a.l,.. K"'ih-l irpli V \ H.' Kantl . r< '„ Kfpill,]', Si,',-! ' . 1 V ', !!.•> Ii"]'!.- T..I.: IS . :'. :. ", S.-h.-nl, > |)i-i, II.-i.\ ::.i '., S,.ai- llni'lni. U HI ' . Shfll I nitiii llil ... . :'t i. S i m m,"i s i 11 m pa m ... '! " ' t S n v \ a, nuiii .... . . 1 :' ' , S,iiiih"i M Pa, 'l ,, ".; •, S,.iilh-in llri'lwav .'I Spa i Us U'il h ii'^it.n ... i; \ Sp.M r\ 1'i.rpural ; ,tn ::ii SI Milliard Itrands •_".' Slamlaiil Oil m" i *.i h l',,i n ,a . . :M 7 ^ Sia n,la r,l (),1 i.f 1 mtiii na . . : 1 >4 Si ainla i it ilil HI N"\v .l.'is.'.v r. li,, Su>\va il - Wa' IHM . l;, - H Sunn. \- \V,.|,l,.'i l|-. 4 SI utl.'ha k. J i >'ni'i>(,r:u ion f Ti'\a<s I'tti pt'i .it Mill Ttd>. \\'al.>t Asst.t tai.'tl t hi 'I'llllken Helrtnl Axle Transameii' a T\\-enl i,'l h i '<nl ury-K<i\ rnniii i'ai!,i,)» I'll,"ii ilil ,,r ,'irl"!ina I'll'.Ml Pa.'ill, I'll'led All l.'ll.'S I'ml.',] Air. i al'l -jn I'nit" .1 I'tirpt.iai :,m . . . . l i , I'ml.'d ''.as Imp ] i; 1'niK'd Slates ftnlihcr *-••, Pll'l.-d S'lllrs Sle.-l r,-, ', \Yaliv.,rlh "" si, Wai n. r Ki,uh,'|-s p., t M ,...v ' ) | .-.^ W.'-leni I'm.m Tr'li'u'iaph A .... .| :! '* \\'esl indiums" l':!. 1 -!!!, an,I MM; 111',', Whn>, Mm,,r ""i, \viinhviinii .;' 41.; Y,mn-.slt.\\ n sh,-.| an-1 '1'nti" .... ::n r ' 4 28 Issues Down on^f S. F. Stock Market/'' SAX riiAX' 'isi •< i. si-pt. M. <jT>— C^ \\ , :i 1-: lu-s -i iti-fi>r--H the board fealiirr-il the sio'-k market today with -' •< l-M:rs inn-, itit; tluwn. T re- | fiia in i nc ' i ii,-li.i i.-'-i) .'tii.l 1 giiii^-. ( ('|nri.\ iiil ;, ni-i'. high at -.-''-.i. a j i:.i..i »f ^ ;. in ill*- inn;tiing .^rssion. M.-it.snii \.i\it: t,i.n .ils'i edged, higher 19 WEST COPS! FOR VICTORY BUY BONDS! b ni l':u-ific. Arulii > 'a I'l'fi I ,,' i '.-nil i.l Kinrl, , , 'i,,r,.\ Cl,>.|i... .1! 11..-. n>-i Poultry and Eggs ( t i.ns \\i;i:i.r:s. s-m n il'l'i -Wh.-'..-- A t:: 'i .",<,• ui i,i,. It ; 1 ti ,:4, nifd'nni. lira,I" A 4:; a t..i small. ,;i:ul>' A 1 !l'n I'll,-.. It-'lail m M "s i" ,,,!iMim-, I.a is-. Kr;\il* A\ iSL'iifil, Si i,IP A ',7 'n Hi'. . era.I- R! 4"''i i:'.r. ni",l 'im. L-: a.|>- A \ ;. 1 'n .4,-, : «ia,l,- A -P' '/ ',1, . sniiil'. cratlr- A J4H-. j ',, ".i,. " £ i'an,II,"l Ki-i.l,"! ,"^c^ n, i, in I, is: I .a re*, i UT.Ki.. AA :,i; l - : v; t ' • , Ki-ad« A 'i'l*vff .',.",'". Brad., li .S|li:;i,, . nviliuni, Blade A •« 'ii I ;• ; small A i:n 'a :7. . H'i'l.'i' and pm,!'i', ur.'hango,] »l > Los Angeles Livestock : f.OS ..».N'i'l-.:i.r.S. Sept. It. (UPl—Cuttle salable ]0'' f .' ictixe. *itead>' to stroll«: feu- 1 Kood :leer« $ 1 1 .Ml. common If medium Mexicans $ 1 0 L'.l 'n 1 2. Ml, few medium' feeders $li\.'ill. medium to Bond cows $11) f,(t ; fill.7.1, inttei in common JSjtiOfT in IM. I canners ."tid '-utters $11.2"»'(' S. 2y': common- to Kood bn'li JiiHi 10.,10. i Calves 7.1. fully steady- few me- j dinm to tout ,-al\-es and venlers" S12.r,t|C(i- 14..10. cull and common $71/11. Iloas sahible :100, active, steady; bulk ir.cdiim hoire 1SO-24I Ibs. $1.1.7:1. heavier weiuhls il 4. S.147 1,1; Rood to choice sows $14 2.1'1 14.7,1: stiiBH $1"W14: feeder liiKS $ I-I'll 1.1 Sheet) salable none, holdovers fitifl. medium to Kind tcedi'l- lambs weak ut J7.2i; Bood woolcd fecrto" ewes $n.5l) QL'IET V DAY URGED LOS AXC.ELES, Sept. H. UP)— Army, navy and civilian groups joined today in urging a quiet and sane observanc-e of V-Day, adopting the slogan "stay on the job and finish the Japs." .Military and civilian officials, meet ins: under the auspices of the city war council's advisory hoard. in-Red that no gatherings of any kind be held except at churches, j and that restaurants and places of \ MJtertainment should halt the sale of rmuor. Trading Slow on Los Angeles Mart T.OS A.VCKI.rOS, Sept. H. <>P> — Karly trading- was slow today with prices registering little change on the I<os Angeles Stock Exchange. l.os Angeles Investment. Standard Oil of California and Transamerica showed gains. Four issues were up. 2 down nnd 6 unchanged on an early turnover of .1503 shares. Slock — ileni'fal I'ainl L. A. Invesinieni Siandanl nil of California Trali«amei it a 1'nion Oil of Califonini (.'lose lO'i, 17'K Government Bonds M-:\V YORK, Sept. II. (JPi— The ( los- i iiiK prices bunds on the Ne\v York tiLock ICx'-hange: TroHKur.v : T .s. tin-.". 111.ic. ^ ' j f. i 11-8.".. HIM. 1:!. How to make your AS range last for the duration... You can improve the cooking economy and efficiency of your gas range and add years to its life if you give it regular, systematic care. How to Clean Enamel. Use t sod cloth to cl««o your gas range top after each meal. Never use a damp rag on t hot stove. For • thorough cleaning use mild soap and water, but only when (be dove is cold. Wash and dry the enamel surfaces M you would a china plate. How to Clean the trailer. Wash your broiUf pan each lime after using. It this is not done, your broiler will smoke and (he pan may become damaged beyond repair. Hew to Clean Top Burners. Usually no more than a vigorous scrubbing with • stiff brush once a week will keep top burners clean and open. Never boil aluminum or enamelled burners in a sod* solution. RIVER Last Times Tonight 'KNICKERBOCKER HOLIDAY" .. "THE GOOD FELLOWS" Startina Tomorrow "SWING FEVER" •TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS" ARVIN Last Times Tonight "TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR" "THE VOODOO MAN" Starting Tomorrow "MAN FROM FRISCO" "MY BEST GAL" Last Times Tonight "SCARFACE" "HELL'S ANGELS" Starting Tomorrow 'FOLLOW THE BOYS" "LUMBER JACK" LAST "GREENWICH VILLAGE" DAY i° Technicolor == MirMtfa, AiMche, Ittdlx Sherlock Holmes in "PEARL of DEATH" Tomorrow And ANDREWS SISTERS LEO CARRILLO in NILE IKE YOUNG Tenor Sax Man and His Swing Band \Vill Appear at Union Ave. Ballroom 2 Miles South on Highway 99 Sunday, September 17 Ike YDIIIIK. brilliant tenor sax man, will lead one of the best swing bands in Kern county into I'nion Avenue Ballroom Sunday evening for your dancing pleasure. Featured with (he band is Krnest Kelly, pianist, known us (he "Young Father Hint's." Dancing 9 to 1 Popular Prices •4* MNHALl. AtaCurtis EvdynAiilMn PLUS- .Quick . Careful . Convenient We specialize in fast service in (lie repair and rebuilding of slices. Complete Stocks of Leather and Rubber EXPERT CLEANING AM) DYEING VICTORY SHOE SHOP 1.V2U Twentieth Street Across From Pioneer Mercantile LAST DAY— "FOUR JILLS IN A JEEP" "CANDLELIGHT IN ALGERIA" Open* TOMORROW 'ROGER TOUKY GANGSTER" CO-HITI"MASK OF DIMITRIOS" Continuous Show From 12 Noon LAST DAY ' TOMORROW Janus Citn«y "FRISCO KID" Leslie Howard "MR, V" Tom Keena "LONE STAR LAWMAN" Humphrey Bof art "Across the Pacific" How to Clean the Oven. Allow oven to cool off before cleaning boil-overs. Spillage when tho'roughly dry is easily removed with a spatula, steel wool and cleansing powder. Keep oven sides and racks sweet and dean by occasional washing with soap and water. Reasonable care will keep the porcelain enamel on your gas range looking like new. Be careful about spilling vinegar, tomato juice and fruit juices on your range. Wipe such spillage up at once with a dry cloth or paper towel. These fruit acids cause rings or dull spots that can never be removed. With canned foods rationed, your Gas Range is being used for more cooking hours than ever before. Treat it well. PACIFIC OAS AND ELICTIIC COMPANY 2U-944 Open Dally at 12 Noon Starting Tomorrow East Side Kids in Million Dollar Kid 1 ' Don (Red) Barry in 'JESSE JAMES, JR." Last Times Today "BUFFALO BILL" x "Ohost That Walks Alone" Special Spanish Film "KONQA ROM" with Pedro Armendarlz Radios Radio and Fo« Theatr* BulleJinti Illl N Strati, Dial MM

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