Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 4
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Bapbrtml' Boom BatlBMs OBM BBtoraA St lola. Kanns. Postoflfei, ai ! Seeond-elus Matter. Jki^mtUtoK HatM Made Knomj OD Applleatton. r I ! SEBSCSIFnOH KAXKS. Bir Cafrier fai lelh Ou Cttrt I«a^ TlDe er £• Haipew One Week ..10 cuta One Month .44 <^ts One Tear By XaO. Omt year iuide cewtjr . One year ealslte coanty HM Three Montha, In adrance tLOO One Month, ^ ndranoe I .44 PAFEB, CUT OF BiS- SET. MBXBEB OF ASSOCUTED PBBS8. The leB BaOy Beffbter to • neaber •f Ike AiiMatet Preti and Beedvet the day repert If that great news er. gaatetlea ^er ExelnifTe Afterneen PnhlieatieB la lela. OK SECOND TBOUGBT. * • s Topeka gets Ipto It In this wise: a cousin of the Countess of Yarmouth and Harry, Thaw used to visit In Topeka and the writer once roomed with another reporter who was In love with her. In ^lamaba they are havlns a spirited argument as to whether Lee surrendered his sword to Grant It Is pleasing to notef that Alabama has at last discovered that the war is over. • Both Mr. Foraker and the sun seem to have suffered an eclipse. In referring to Bryan It will now be necessary to state whether you mean the senator or the conversationalist It is believed that the records of the Weather Bureau will show that this is the longest October in history. You doubtless think there is nothing new in tlie world. Well, a man named Jewstraw broke into the telegraph yesterday. Coiicerning Mr. Reuterdahl's attack, we venture the assertion that most anybody ^ould be willing to "roast" the navy for ten cents a word. It has been decided that alcohol Is both a food and a medicine. Hero iR a pointer for the man who has to sign up at the drug store. The latest quarrel is over the authorship of Mary Had a Little Lamb. Wa bojie no mistake will be made in apprehending and punishing the guilty party. The thins: that aggravate!: mo most Is that being In most respects a strict party man, I probably voted for the present Junior councl'man from the Third ward."—Dodd Gaston. We gather from the telegraph that Mabelle Oilman Corey's meal ticket b also likely to be cancelled. The older a man grows the less Decessity there is for baiting his read- tog matter with. love stories. ! Tjt is true, Harry Thaw doesn't ampnnt to much, unless you have com- palled him with the Bar] of Yarmouth. T have made up my mind to one thing: If when I marry anybody pokes rice down my neck there will be a fight"—Dodd Gaston. It Is our experience th^t no girl tares much for the men when ther? is a pickle dish handy. ADOPT NEOSHO'S PLAN. Commlasionert Make Change Handling County Poor Farm. The county commissioners have ad opted the Neosho county plan of handling the county poor farm. They havq^ired J. R. Percy to run' the farm at $50 per month, the- county to buy for the farm. Under the present arrangement the conn ty payis the superintendent of the tcnh for boanding the patients. {Mr. Percy comes from Blsmore and was well recommended. SUCCESSFUL TISIT TO JAPAX. OF Penpoal knovvledge is die winiung htitat m the rhlnwiating cooteits of dia compelilive age and \v)ien of ampic charactrf it places ib fortunate poaaetsor ID the front tanks of The Wed Informed of the Worid. A vast fund of petsonai knowledge is tealiy essential to the achievement of the highest exceOenoe in any fidd of human effort. A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge <^ Functiona and KnowU edge of Producta are all of ths utmost value and in questions of I2e and heakh when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it shouM be remembered that Syiup cf Figs and Elixir of Senna, roantiiactured by the Califoaua Fig Syrup Co.. is an ethkal product which has met with the approval of the most eminent physicians and Universal tadsfadion. because it is a temcdy of . Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component Phrts and has won the \-aluable patronage of millions of the Well Informed of the Yodd, who know of their own personal knowledge and from achial use thai it i: ihe first and best of family laxatives, for which no extravagant or unreosooablc claims ^'e nude. ' This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known' under the name of— Synip of Figs—and has ettainsd to wodd- wide acceptance as die most erceUcnt family laxative. As its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, ate well known to physdans and the Well Informed cf the world to be the best we have adopted tite more elaborate name of—S >-rup of Hgs and Elixir of Senna— as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it wiii always be called for by the shorter name of — Syrup of Figs—and to get its beneficial effects, always note, when purchasing the full name of ihc Co.xpany- -California Fig Syrup Co. — printed on the of every package, i whe.lieryou call for—Syrup of Figs — cr by the full name— SjTup of Figs and Elixir of Senna. a. m. U. B. Charch, Sabbath Sdiool at 9:45 Preachlns at 11 a. m. j !r. Y. P. C. U. at 2:30 p. m. Sr. Y. P. a U. at 6 :30 p. m. PreachInc at 7:30 p. m. Everybody welcome. ; O. G. MISAMORE, Pastor. St Timothy's Episeepal Chareh. There will be services and sermon tomorrow a) 11 a. m. Subject of sermon, "Varied Experience." Sunday school at 9:45 a .m. All are invited. REV. J. D. KRUM. D. D. The Christtaa Chareh. A sermon will be preached at H on John the Baptist and Jesus; at 7:30 on Heaven as a Life. Bible school at lU a. m. Attendance at Bible school will be an excellent preparation for the morning sermon. Junior Endeavor at 3 p. ni. y. P. S. C. E. at C:30 p. m. All Bible school teachers and officers are asked to meet the pastor at 9:45 a. m. Visitors are cordially welcomed in this church. It II. ELLETTT, Minister. LOUISVILLE, KY. SAN FRANCISCO,CAL.. LONDONfEKeLAND. NEW YORK.N.Y! FIntt M. E. Chnrrh. Sunday school at 9:45 and preach- I Ing at 11 a. m. At this morning service the pastor will address the teachers and at the close of the address install the officers elected for the ensuing year. A full attendance is desired. Junior League at 3 p. m. and Epworth League at 6:30. Preaching and revival ser\'lces in the evening opening with the batpism at candidates, followed by sermon and altar services. Souls are seeking the Lord at each evening service and there is a great revival spirit manifested. Let every member strive to gather some sheaves for the Master. . J. M. MASO.X. l?astor. CALL FOR CLOTHING BO.lItD OF CHARITIES >EED SO.ME CHILDREN'S APPAHEL. Cold Snap Results In Many Api»eals for Clothing—Beard Will Answer. The Hoard of Associated C:ihrHlos has asked the Register to call the attention of the public to the fact that many appeals have come in during today and yesterday for clothing, especially children's clothing. The calls have come in more rapidly since the cold weather set In. The board Is making an effort to fill these requests and is depending upon the public to help them in this work of charity. The work Is well systematized and all cases are investigated before any distribution is made. It devlpi»ed todaj- that there were CHURCH WILL PAY UP. East' lola M. E. Church Said to Have Ironed Out Troubles. It Is understood that arrangements were made at*a meeting of the church officers of the East lola church last n'ght to pay off the debt to Mr. Fot- tt'riy. who brought an action yeser- day in district court to recover tho amount. It Is also undorstood that tl|e differences among the trustees, oiit of which the suit, brought yesterday is said to have arisen, have bten ironed out. This will come as good news to the church and its friends. Dr. Kelly is expected in this evening to conduct the quarterly conference. He wi'l preach tomorrow morning anil have charge of the communion service Rev. Harkness. tho pastor, is ill to day. VAUDEVILLE TOMORROW NIGHT. Grand Theatre Adds Two New Players To Stock Company. ABOl T THE PRI.H.\RY IDE.l. Topeka Capital Has Editorial on tho Election Plan. Tho Topeka Capita! of today has the following editorial on primaries: Congressman Scott proves his s\Tn- qulte a f^w children in the ciiy need- P^^^y with the primary Idea by urging clothing. There is an unusual ^ °' * >"-'™^'->- '° number of requests for children's un- nominate a congressman derclothing and shoes. Anyone who delegates to the national can help supply the needs of the poor convention. Congressmen Reeder and children is asked to either send the Murdock are expected to do likewise, donations to the work room or call the " »''«>' "^^^e "'"a'Jy attention of the members of the board '•'^ a^""" ""^y '° ^^e who will see that the clothing is called , '""^''J*^'- Seventh Con- JQJ . jgressnian Madison is said to have left jthc qiiesliun to the judgment of the I committee, without advising either Will pay good price for a do;;. Ap- plan. This leaves Campbell and Calder ply first house south of 31 East Irvin. the only avowed convention con- Bring dog. gressmen in the deigation. Harry LeVan. assistant manager of the Grand theatre, has returned from a vi«It out of the city with the signed contracts "of two flrstKilass actors, who will join the Grand theatre stock company tomorrow night and take a part in the vaudeville performance. The playtTs weru secured from the Sharpley company, and are said to be exce'lent performers. Tho management of the Grand announces a first- class vaudeville show for Sunday nl£hL First Chnreh of Christ, .ScIenUsL Sunday school at 10 a. m. Church service at 11 a. m. Subject, Sacrament." Testimonial meeting Wednesday at S p. m. I Services held in Christian Science hall at 110 East Jackson. The hall Is used as a reading room from a to 4 p. m. each week day. The public Is cordially invited to the services and to visit the reading room. MRS. EmiJ>. n. ADAMS, First Reader. ORDER IN BERLIN. Suffragists Have NoV Repeated Riotous Demonstrations. Berlin. Jan. 11.—Order prevails throughout Berlin today and there has been no eerurrence of the demonstrations of yesterday for manhood suffrage In Pru.ssla. The polic?, however, are sllll disposed in force at strategis points of the city and are being held In reserve at station houses. TAKE OFf PARLOR CAR. Change Ha« Been Made in Make-up of Santa Fe Trains. Agent W. n. Itilston received word this morning that the parlor car which has been used on trains numbers 201 and 202, which runs between Kansas City and Independence, Kan., had been ordered off. The notice reached this city at 12:45 o'clock. LeaUeax of Caaada la Ceafereaee Abeat Jap iBadgratlon. Ottawa, Ont. Jan. 10.— Hon Rn. dolph Lemleax s^ld to the Associated Press that he was perfectly satisfied i that his mission I to Japan on tiehalf of the Canadian government had been an entire success. Lemleax went to Japan In an effort to regulate the .Japanese immigration to his country. • • y Special ABMaae^Bieat BetmrdbHt the HatloBal Fare F—i ami Dmr law. "We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, oolds and lung troubles la -aot affected by the National Pare Food and Drag law as it contains no opiates . or other hannfal dmgs, and we recommend it • ais a safe remedy for children - Sbd i.adulta. BnrnBll'a<Amc store. It Is Not Debatable! T. L. Bamrtt, the ehlet stochholder in the Pmi^ Soap concern, which has within the last few year* spent $liflMfiOO In adeTrtisIn^r, expresses his conrirUon tha printers' lak Is the best hind of eonmerclal lafestment, in the following laagoagei ••I cannot anderstand how the qaestioa ran be debated," he said. hy the fact that adrertlBlait pays is as eleariy demoastrated every day as that the sao rises. Select the proper Bledlaa^ advertise iDtelligeatly and yoar fortune is nude. "Von BiBst have new ideas for the changes o ffashion. I spent $880,000 la adrertising In one year and It paid welL I 'HSoed goods, good adrertising aad plenty of K Is my advice to am> bitloas eoramerclal men." : The Tola DaDy Register goes Into ninety per cent of the homes In the rlty, and reaches almost the eatire popnfaitlon la the eoantry districts. There can be aa qncstloB abeat it helag the proper aiedlBak I Baptist CKurcb. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morning service at 11 a. ni. Sermon, 'Christ's Picture of a Man Acceptable .to God." B. Y. P. U. at 6:30 p. m. E\-ening service at 7:30 p. ni. Sermon. "The Chief Reason Why Men Are Not Saved." W. H. GAIU-MELD. Pastor. Preshyterlaa Church. First Chnreh—Rev. S. S. Hilscher, the pastor, will ])reach at II a. m. on The Power of Love" and in the evening on "Hebrew Proverb and the Young Woman; Can She Be a Christian and Be Popular?" This sermon to young women Is the second in series from Ihe U«berw Proverbs. Sabtjath school at 10 a. m. Christian Endw.vor at 6:30 p. m. Lecture to the Altruistic club at 10 a. rii. The BrothoThood Banqiiet for the men I and women of the congregation wil! be held at the church next Tuesday evening. No printed invitations will ibe sent out. The banquet will be free. Little Bailders* ChapeL—Mr.^. E. N. Jones, superintendent. The boys Sabbath school at 2 p. m. The regular Sabbath school 3 p. m. The evening sei-\lce at 7:.''.0 will be conducted by Secretary Starkey. Hassctt Chapel—Wm. Davis, siiperin tendcnt. Sabbath school at 3 p. m. AbsolirtebrPure ne only bmUag powder mmdm whhRoiymiarmpo OrmmmofTmHmr No Muii No Lino Phosphah WAMTSi BR SnVAnOKSWAKTCD AdTetrisemeats aader this head wDI be iaserted three tines without charge. WA.\TED—Girl wants work in private family. Address 219 North Third. WANTED—Girl wants good pface to work at house work. 616 South Fourth. WAKTED' ^Imomllammous WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. Inquire 105 South Second streL WANTED—Detectives; we want good men. Oldest secret service in United States. No e.\perience needed. We give full instructions. Write today. American Detective Association, Indianapolis, Ind. ~ WIANTED—Salesmen wanted in every town of 2,000 or more in Kansas and Oklahoma, to sell our goods to retail trade. Good salesmen can make from 120.00 to $35.00 per week. Credit extended to • responsible parties who can give bond and good references. Wi-lte or apply to Union Pacific Tea Company, lola, Kansas. (First Published Jan. 4. 1908.) SHERIFF'S SALE. Tho Slate of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the District Court, Thirty-Seventh Judicial District, sitting in and for .Mien County. State of Kansas. lola State Bank, plaintiff, vs. J. E. Benjamin, et al., defendants. My virtue of an order of sale issued by the Clerk of the Thirty-seventh- Judicial District Court, in and for Allen Count}-. State of Kansas, in the above entitled cause, and to me directed and delivered, I will on the 4th day of February, A. D., 1908, at, one o'clock A. M.. of said day, at the south door of the court house in the City of lola. .Vllen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash in hand, the following described real estate, to-wit: Lot One (1), Block Six (6). Henderson & Powell's Addition to the City of lola. Allen County, Kansas. Said lauds and tenements wilt be srold without appraisement to satisfy said Order of Sale. C. O. BOiLLINGER. Sheriff of ".\llen County, ICansas. Ewing. Card & Gard, Attorney toi Plaintiffs. 1-4-11-1S-25-1 FOR SJUJE'MlmaoUammouB FOR SALE Sporting goods store, gun, bicycle repair shop; good estab- ished business. La Harpe, Kas. for selling.' Inquire Otto Ohlfest. Other business cause FOR SALE OR TRADE—An estal)- lished real estate and fire Insurance business. Box 5:!2 Independence, Kas. FOR SALE—Household goods, house plants, phonograph. 201 North Second. Phone IISIM. An np-to-date vandeTille at the Grand Sanday nigbt COLORED REVIVAL A SUCCESS. Meetings at Second Baptifit Church Well Attended. FOR SALE—Twelve White Rock chickens and hen house 14.x2S. Address XYZ this oflice. FOR'SiVLE—Good Studebaker buggy, practically new, with good set of $35.00 harness, for sale at Howard's barn if taken in the next few days at ISO.OO. FOR SALE!—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. Inquire 832 North street. FOR SALE—Good milch cow. quire 404 North Elm. _ In- FOR SALE—11800 stock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street rOR REMI' MImomUamaous - FOR RENT—One five room house on South Second and one 6 room lionse on South Fourth. Inquire 215 S(.>uth Buckeye. J. H. Bock. The revival meetings at the Second Baptist church are progrrssing with much success. The Interest and attendance is increasing w'ith each service. The regular servicf's will ot)tain at the ' church totiiorrc<w. Sunday school at 10 a. m. Praise servica at 10:45; preaching at 11 o'clock. The subject of the momliig sermon is, "I.Aunch Ont 'into the Deep," The B. Y. P. U. will meet at the usual hour. 0:30 p. m. The pastor. Rev. J, W. Gordon, will preach a special evangelistic sermon in the evening. FOR RENT—Seven room modern bouse on paved street, 5, blocks from square: newly remodeled, inquire J. B. Kivk, 621 North Washington. (First Pnb. January 4, 1908.) SHERIFF'S SALE. State of Kansas Allen County, ss: In the District Court, Thlrty-Sev- enih Judicial District, sitting In and for Allen County, State of Kansas: P. S. MITCHiEJLL, Plaintiff, vs. P. C. PADGETT, et al. Defendants. By virtue of an order of sale Issued by the clerk of the Thirty-Seventh Judicial District Court. In and for .Mien County, State of Kansas, In the above entitled cause, and to me di- rcctod and delivered, I will on the 4th day of February. A. D., 1808, at 1 o'clock A. yi.. of said day, kt iba south door of the court honse in the: city of Inla. Allen County, State of Kansas, offer for sale and sell to the highest bidder, for cash In hand, the follow- inir described real estate, towit: The one acr.'j tract. 1165 ft. North and South by 264 ft. East and West, in the South-east comer of Section Thirty-two (32), Township Twenty-four (24). Range Nineteen (19), Allen County. Kansas. Said lands and tenements will be sold without appraise-, nicnt to satisfy said order of sale. C. O. BOLLINGER, Sheriff, of Allen County, Kansas, Ewing. GarJ & Gard, Attys. for Pltff. 1-4-11-18-2.'.-l Xotioe of Appointment Executor. State of Kansas. Allen County, ss. In the matter of the estate of J. W. Coutant. late of Allen County, Kansas. >'otiee of Appointment. Notice is hereby given, that on the 4th day of January, A. D. 1908. the undersigned was by the Probate Court of Allen County. Kansas, duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the p.state of J. W. Coutant, late of Allen County, deceased. All parties interested' in said estate will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. B. M. COUTANT. Executor. l-ll-lS-25. FOR RENT—Five room house; good repair. Inquire 423 South Cottonwood. FOR RENT—Eight room house. 208 North WalnuL Apply al 204 North Walnut I Good Agents make $5.00 and more pec day selling new AntomaUc Fast' en«r for either aUrts or troysers. Unrivaled ageney propoelUon because repeat sales are gnaranteed. (Not sold in stores). Write for special offer to represent ns. Antomatie Hook is Eye Co.. Hoboken, N. J. THE HORTON .Concrete compi-Jiy, contractors .were Ibrced to quit work oo South Wja^ant street today on account of the ezticmdy cold weattaer. WANTED TO BUY—Five or six room house, not over four lilocks from either corner of s<juare. $100 cash: balance monthly payments. D. B. D. Smeltzer & Co. Office phone 399. Its Economy To haye yonr Carpets and Sags cleaned by TkeiolaRoj: Factory POLAR BEAR rtOliR Has Stood the test Beaune its the Best Acce|it No Other Wm. Oberdorf, Agt tfuuut 'm oHutte or rue "AHAmia" T 16.000 tons. fine, large unusually steady. 'W^ OTHE0RIEN|> /-•*MMrr • tm Jtmeti n. laoa. Scvt^ty day», coKtia|( only $(<x>.oo and up. in. clixlini; shore cxnirstons. SrECiAi. FE.\TC«E»I Madcna. Cadiz, Seville. Algiers, Malta, iq Davf in EK>pt and the Holy L.-ind. Constantinoprd Athens. Kome. the Riveria. etc. K. C. CJUaK. TimcBldK.. New York.

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