The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 14, 1944 · Page 18
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 18

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 18
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Thursday, September H, 1944 (gfte jtoherrtielfr Calitomton for «ale->-lmprpved Property | For Sale—Improved Property i!i £ntalh^T] ( (f i.W(.4iwi ALTA VISTA—Six-mom stinco bnn«e on J. < ~'choice corner lot on Aha V'sta I.'r'vp; jU^-tWo ]HTSI bedrooms with h!ir rioseis. d'-n «*W ndjiMns liviriir room. lovely I4xH ilitiTK t ronm. tile ,i- bsth and kiti hen. e!n«sed-'ii •„. service porch, house newly dr-ne over in*.-,. sine nnd out. Lawn «n^ shaile tires. *, ...sprinkler system, enclosed nanlm. riouh-p .- t s"s.raffe and laundrv roon' A io\<-lv ;., nn Ideal location. I.MIK k posf-o- •lon. Price SSSOf. «ubs'inlinl dn«n. LAKE STREET— L'ast Bakcrsfleld. n*n r Horace Man-. t?chonl: two-heiluioni M-i'->o ^.^house on lo. 50xir»<i: hardwood floors. ,. Venetian blinds, kitchen snn d:ri"--c tor-tn ,„. combined, service pop h. cpm-'i t hase- .'. ,/jnent: trees, garden SP.T-. t-h'i-ken p<i:i'i<- ',.,„ Jnent: $4250, JiOOO down, tin.'k IHISM--S- "J^TcRESTA—Immrrli!!" possession t,f th-s %ery modern two-i'-'itron'ii MC'<O lu, i«e wilh tile roof, iral fireplm e. d:nnii! room, breakfast loom nnd a'lrailne kitchen; 65-foot fmntape. lively P.T'O a.nd fron.- yarrl, rio-il ie garage with ulc roof. Price jsr,n. si.hMnr-.iat down TWO HOUSES on one In', near rnion nnd California avenues; om s-rrom, one 3-room. Live in one. IPI-' ,'he other. Quick possession, r'nil pn.. KiM)". abo'it half c«s'n FtflNlSH F.P 4 -inoni 'lan-c hi'is^'onc he.l- roon-) on iirpio^eil !..; ,-,0x1'." l,;it; Bakersfieli'. ilci-e to !•:.•-. Hi""'. I.air cash. l««fl CHESTLK AVF.M'L PIlil.Ni; i,-i::,:•?. "~P 1\ KfPP IbAlMcH Oh* acre, close in. vi'.h neaily new home. 'two bedrooms anil 'ten. IOIH of tile in kilchen £wl tiaili. I'asemoiU with unn Tieat and incitnu- s.\Mern Variclv ol 13 fruit tiee-. B"'-d will W'th prcssuie *ystem. N K-C apnifmcr.l wilh h,-ith in roar. 'H,;s pl;u e is in the very best «if rondiii'-n. Pn.e tl-.50ti. substantial flown. GOTReoiisb' furnished in Ptockdals on corner lot. 90x--l-"-. .\ heaiiiifu' 2-bedroom hoine with l.-utc scicr-ned terrace. o'it- itide patl.i tile roof, Kith nnd half, stall Bhower. One rmth has tile walls Has Ihn finest b;irbc'iie pit in the vallrv. Landscaped 10 fie last wont and in «xt-elleni. londition. Sho^'n by appointment, oniy IN OILPALE—Two-brdioom furnished house with fl)>ai;inent over eaiaKO. Full p-icc 5."","fi, J2HOO down. JJ-llilex on Oiesi.n Bliccl. SionO. JTOOO riou-n. fmflil 3-rooin home in C'asa Lorna district. $11!'i. BHAUTIFL'L 3-bedrnnm home. nearly neu'. T'ourteen orange trees. All mnler uprinklms system. »SuOO. suhslantial down. WILLARD K. BAKHR H14 Scventsenlb street Phone 2-n-.r,r, !i-l'.'-tf 10-Foot l<t or. Hank Rlrr-et; has fruit trees; just the place for that future home. Price. $700. One acre in Fairhaven district, cood location. Price JC.'jO. Jlodern. up-lo-date l-hedroom hnmn on Woodrow street in OiWale; J3850. JlOuu do\vn. $42 iiiontb on balance. Three-bedroom home on HiiKhn street in Oildalc, lat-Bc lot. property in Rood condition. Price »:i7r,0, 11000 down, bal- anuo $45 per month. JCe-w-, modern home on one-half acre, on east Crf-lifornia avenue; price J7000. half oanh, balance terms. Lovely modern home on Alturas Drive In .LriOmlta Verde; two bedrooms, laree liv- int room dininK room nnd lovely kitchen with oorn»r nink, lots of cupboard apace. separate «ta..'l Bhower. lots of btilll-ins. coollne ducta and cooler, eleel Venetian blinds. sprlnklinB system. I'l Ice 18000. half. canb. balance terms. Store nnd apartment above, with duplex 'on rear of lot. close in. Properly Is now Bhowlne income of $385 per month. Price $35,000. some lerms. X#A.r? e store bulhlinp, choice localion, oc- i ctjpied now and iloinc a catianty busi- ' "ness. Price 170.000, some terms. Phone 2-9294 i20 Haberfclde BuildinR C1X-ROOM house, close In on <5 street; has three lurge bedrooms, sun room. large livlnit room with fireplace, beautiful dininir i-oom nnd kitchen, larce service porch and basement; lawn and shade trees. This is a real buy for komeonc. Full price JtOOO, aubstuntial down FOUR-ROOM homv wilh large screen porch, close in In southeast district. On large lot, has nice shade and frull trees, carden «pace. chicken equipment, double earage. Well cared for lawn. Full price 13SOO. J1000 dow^i, balance S35 • month. DUPLEX and dandy 4-room home In highly flesirable location. All are completely and well furnished. Duplex now rented for ISO a month. Owner gets rent free In 4-room house. On large corner lot. shade trees, larse garage On bus line, and near mark«ts. Full rrice, $7500. SZ9EO down, balance (00 a month. 1665 Chester Phone 8-988! 8-I4-tf BOL'THWEST —Large 3-bcdroom home with one and one-half bathrooms, sun . -porch aud sleeping porch. Ideal for larte . family. Two-car garage, lots of shade. ...Price 17600. down. ISiOO. month $42. SJSXLAND ACRES—Large 2-bedronm with .extra sleeping porch home, on one acre. Near Highwav 99. noutb of city: t \\ o- car gaiafec Properly In good condition «mt will sell ani'-k. Price J1C50. down $1975. month 3^5. EAST BAKKRKI-'lELP—One t.f the nicest homes we have olfcicii for Rule in months. Entry ball; livinc room ha« tireplace nnd furnace; !o\clv larue ilin- tnc room; two big bedrooms anfl flnn. Batli has lots of tile: also half h.nh Hnilpe. JP like new. Lai*.*' 1 lol PlRC $7450. FHA $4400, balance cudi. Bean SI 411 Nineleenth Streei Phone :i-»2iS !>-12-tf GOOD RENTAL Income, Highland Manor. furnished, new. clean aud in splendid condition with excellent terant, lenta at $50 per month, owner pays v.-itrr: stucco, five rooms, 2-car garn^e. Kirni-r . Kaipe. 1517 EiRhteenth stiect 9-. r t-lf OJVK of the most Iti-iiuiiful .",-iooin 2 -lull- room houses iu tnwn. 4 ycut.s olt] mini' «!rn in t^erv ili-iMil. S\\i-il finniiuit' •grOI-ffl'OUH INKS. I'-alltiflli lot. b'llll 'foul -anil bai k, n:r« fcii'e epF-|r,MMl; \\-illi lil'lf H *xpenfce can l'i- ci'iiv f-i ti-ii m'n .t ^-l,, ii'•room. A J'.t('<Hi Miiuo lor >'..Mi'J. S>-i- jt Hnun. yon IOM- it. H. XV. Hul'i, • lUV'.j WilKim ht/i—t. Oildali. 11 i<-n. hath nnil ball I uilii UK 1V>I.. im H IMI-. hunih |,;ul i;.-ii,11 THRKK-llKDROOM f double KatHKe. iilso iHrge corner lo!. l,u QUiieil. Ju'.'TU. I 1 . C. I'.oX H; ( Pl-Sfielll^ FOR KALH—-K.ii-t ); . lit, <•• furnihhod '-'-lieilrooin ln,n:e. c, location. Inquire (.'.i .inaiiii H\\< B16 Kentui ky HI.U-I-I. HOUSE FOR SALl-:--llwn, mediately. Bo* :»'.(i, .Mi h __*!Rj (1__21J FURNISHED 3-n.oiii 1,- n-..'. v-ih 1,1,0. for sale. Apply U-HU j{n,r iioi.'n \ a : ,] Kiiht Bak«-rsfi«-ld. 41 FOR SALE, by owner. '_• -I,i di.,.,.,, i,. ul ... place for chickens. Oii) atti-r £>:'.. .phone. 3(i(.H) .lc\v-it L^r.i 1 .-. 41 FOR SALE, by owner, t -.111- -"In u In •!>.-. Banifs. Lot SOxL'dO. near M;u- nn.ii.., . n Garden How. J:;jOO. i:a.-h .u IIIIM- Apply at p)nce. -t:: A WONDER—Six-loom. 11 i e,- I,,.,I, ,„,„,,. ; - new, model n in e\ ery resi'.-.i tiie ihaiii. tile ba'h and tile kitchen, as tn.oii us • the very bent. Yon will line ii, M c n early. Price fRf.Od; wonl, the B. W. Bolen. l^i',3 Wilsoi, KUI dale. I a INCOME—Five rentals, corni" lot, four units, late . and up io date. 1m nUvoini floors, floor furnaccfc. Venetian blinds. . all units luinished, refriKerjitton, 1-01,1- *rs. nice btoreroom with wash house and machine. See owner u-. 712 Belle avenue. This IF nuurt. 40 FIVE-ROOM insulated East liakci sflelii, tile bath, Imrdwood floors, lire- place, laige yalil, fiuil tiees, J47. r ,c. S1500 down, balaine inouthlj-, L'7'J:' "Kentucky. Musi, lie seen by HM'0 ; m- ment. Waide U. AVutsoil, 212] CbiMer. Phone 2-4«iN. 411 FOUR-TEAR-OLD 2-bedroom home. Tilu .sink, hardwood floors, vuioiiati bl-mls. •wardrobe cloi>et(i. Lot I«lx7l> 1<—i. $3760, \$1SOU down. $30 monihly. Jn. quire 2806 Lake. Phone 2-3773. 41 tff OWNER—Two-bodroom home' wuh ' fireplace, in perfect condition; 2-car ^a- rav* and ITiO-foot lot. Jinmediate PUH- •esslon. $5850, terms. 131S Kuxt Eik-ht- eantfa street. 41^ IJ(MBDIATE posesfilon, 2-bedroora t.lnsl- •red frame home, Klaswd-ln sleei/lnt porch, single garae*. 4 fruit trees, nmull chicken pens, Kood district, Oildale. Close •In, |3»00, $1800 cash, $26 monthly. Mrs. _• Warnocfc. Phone Z-«445. 41 PARK—p'our-room home. line si?n. l.a'indry room and gaiace. J.niSR -.on,rr Im Cioso to si hool nnd b-i« ^•.ll.•lnl mi'v"), Jiono down FI'i:MPHKI>- Two-bed-rmm home, inise F'-:crnril p.,'-h. K-irnee and nee laicc «llllie f|::;l Close III !>I|S Sllll S.'lKiOl Al.TA A'ISTA nftlVK— Nicel> fur nifli.rt t -oom Itnn.p r.n ennf. corner lot innxMn, «!••>• ' H'-iti:iirl. Several kinds rif !i I-' liT"> ^.',0 fine chkkens, «ilh pfi'i--ptneni .iiid mom tc. donhle flork \\'<>' ,|'-i Till lo'.nlion. Tola, prj'e J7::.'iO • ..If do.vr.. HICHI.AMl PARK -Fine 'Inplel rtn larse !',? Thtpp nue f/.ff\ inmm and linth e;i-h fcul.- Unn Fide lOlnpletplv and n--(iv li;rn!sl!cil .(DSL reflerorn ted I dr oiiKhnni. |ioiih]p K.-U-MCP wilh lann- '!,-' I i :i'. .1 Tins pl.vp is 1'lst aho'il r, v.,i»." oi.l nnil > er>- n-.ff. Pi u-p $i;v.".0. S.'f'.i!) ilnun. halnnrp ensy Phone 2-7fi^o For Sale—Improved Farms for Bans Sl'lT. NORTH C'UF.STKR AVKN110 OWXKR OF CAMP COAIFORT OX !>9 JIIGIIWAY 1C ?14,000 TO HANDLE. EASY TERMS Acres ! i oir, RIGHTS. rxi.Mi'i:ovF,n. P,I:T\VKKX DELANO AND AVASCO. FULL P1UCK $9000. EASY TERMS $3700. ONE-BEDROOM HOUSK. SL'HOfl DOWN, BALANCE $ lit. 20 A MONTH. QUICK POSSESSION IS ESSENTIAL. \VE CAN' ACCOMODATK YOU IN OUR CAMP. LIST WITH US FOP. QUICK SALE. Drop in .'in tall< it over with us. "U'r may have the place you are looking for. CALL 7-::)4» DAYS AND L'-SliL'S EVENINGS. One f>f DIB most attractive homes In town. two lovely laiKu bedrooms, bfaiilil'nl lialh. iaiKr. livmt? ronni and Uitrlii-ii. bi-.iiillful hardwood flours and aleel X'erii'lian bliniis tin nuphoiit : Karate nnil HKu-age. fan be butiiiht fur J2:ii(l down. ba la ni e easy 2S12 Chester Phone 4-4Sf, I IMMEDIATE POSHUSSIOX— Modern five-room house in Sunset Park tract, nonr high school. Nice lawn and .shrubs, rciir yard, fenced. L'-t-.-u- garage. $">LTiO. $1750 cash, lialiinco $-'5 per month. Plione LI-,SIM !t._J._l-::._M oore. .j(| ONK-LIUDROOM adobe house, large scieen porch, nice yard; our eijuity JJilOO, hal- Hnce $30 month. liKiuirc 401 1'lyinoulli street. Olklalc. 41 KCMt SALK—One new 8-rnoni house; one 2-room house; one workshop (['I feet lony; onn vncanl lot; total frontage SO feel x K.O feet deep. Mis. F W. Collins. L'04'a Ada ni"._2 alt. 4;l BEKN'ITA PARK—Southeast section Bak- erj field, five rooma, furnished, good loi: total price $4&00 Also large old 5-room bouse, needs fixing, has 2-car garage wuh apailtnent overhead. Total price J^i^OO. Some terms nn either of these. Klmer F. Karpe. 1517 Kightcenth. 9-5-tf TU'D-BF.UROOM house, larBo rooms. Inalclc city. Apartment In Karagc. \\'el!-built older ho'lMf. hardwood floors. Coui-tesv lo I'hitiese; StiHSO. $4«80 down. Call ' FOR SALE — Eight-room remodeled brick house; walking distance from toxvn; two- car garage, $6800. Phone 2-litiTO after _ 3_P._m ; ___ ________ 3!l TWO-BEDROOM house. Very Kor.,1 condition. Nice lart-'n yard. $.'1360. terms. $1775 down and $.'10 per month. 1)4 Ra- moua slreet in Keviervicw. Please call _ ariej_ti_p _ni _ _____ 3!l TELL all-niodi-rn C-bedronm home. Give me $KOO or $1200 equity, asnuiiie $?r.OO nt $L'.j Tie:- month. 1'hone ii-5()7ri. J-'ive minutefl fi-om town. _ 40 PRIMAVERA PARK — Completely furnished. beautiful "-bedroom home, riirpftmpr included. Furnished in exi'ellont taste throughout. I'l'ii.-e |1 0,500, terms. Owner also says I may sell hi.s adjoining fi'iiit and vegetable garden, llldxtllu feet, on East Niles street, house and extra parcel at $11,850 total. ALT A VISTA TRACT— Two-bedroom home, about 5 years old, hard wood floors and all modern; •Venetian blinds. Some fruit, extra larjv lot. ifdouo, on lerms. Buih ut" iliesc shown by appointment unly. Freal AV. Harvey 'ju:; l.!io\ver liuililing' _ Phone :.'-'l_'(iO: evenings IM14H 41 $1.1,000.00 MODERN tin ee-l>edroom home only Ht'Vi.'ii years old. .Located in southwest section in attractive neighborhood. Three bedrooms, two b, i His, two-car yarane, patio, furnace and cooler. This home is of belter than average quality construction, built under F. H. A. supervision, and has many attractive leaimes. AVe will show by appointment if you liave cash or can arrange linance. URANirr INVESTMENT CO. IS":! II street Phone 2-S!)4li n-14— If ,-iouin house in Callfornt:! Trad. ].;i!-t;e lui^i'tntMit. lot tir>\-S«. l-'ruit trees. l!ni;.-i. 4 y.-iirs old. Phoni" k-S114. __ S.M.I-: -Modern I'-lii'drooin hiime. tl^.")0. fi::no ilown. $4;, mmiili. Ai 1'7:0 l::.k--t. I'hone C-lHMir,. For Sale — Lot* llir.H TLASS business lot facing on Cri-nil n\enne nt 1'ismo Beach, near I-Jiyhlil street. i.ol fi. hlnclt 95. This is an Mi'al conn 1 '- lot for any kind of t'U t :ne«--«. Lot is l^vl. ei^e 60x150. !'i i'-e Mlifl r-ash. inchniinp litle. Phone 1-iiH SALR-- Lot in Iti*<c Gulden, on 11 _ stic-el. I'hone 3-(H4'l. :','.< For Sale—Improved Farms to a»ll at once, nice 4-room home, .1 year old, on Improved lot. nice lawn. .Will sell horn* (done to Im moved. See ,owner ut imce. HmoW Wynu. 1610 Padre ,«tr«l, Bafcertifield. 41 I KAI'.I.I.VIAItT -Thn-e mili-s ea.-l. I'll acres, ^ ih - l"-iil"oin hoiiM. K;II;IK<-. iwi' ih-clii'll lioil*.-!'^. looili'in; sevcra I ' f I'll It ''»••• 5<:.'.o. h.ili' i -is!,. -Will' ii-'nde fur l'..i IV! sl'li 1,1 p| npi-l I \-. PISI.KV Ki2 inn's phililcd lo rnlloli. two u>!l^ tor 11 rm;, i ion. nn o!il lioiisc. (Inly li-*i ( in,)., iiom lovvn ;iiiil aii.ioming H!i H:i:liv,d\. A KoinJ huy u I Jlll.OCKt, JhUOU ilown. li.ll.llli-l' ., jrais Al:\ IV I i.i) MIT. s' . \ i-il.nt noil, i,i-cn l:ii-mi..| ID Kliiill ino .M-als. On ii;lnl mini :ihuut ;l mill's t-niilli Arvin. Will •"II for !(,.". pvr ui ic i:i,li or J7i per l.AAKi.Vr--.Hi in res, 1.11:1 Hdapdd to any K .nil of i-iops. In-.-n 111 daily for' nvi-l ., ] >•.!!:-. Now l'-.isi-il lor SIMM) per ynir; i'iiHi.1 will n-ni-w ieu«i' for iinoihi-i ii-nn '-I '-'iir^. A Kiiod itit'iit at ? 1 (1 SOU lil'TTdNWULOW—1* mill's HOI ihweifl. l::.S IK ii's hlai k loalli. small house: ideal coiiiMi. Kinin und xiiKiuli.-ct land. I'mli-r liMKiiiiun ami for only %',:, pi-i- arie If these do not supt you. cntit.-nl us fur olhcr latin limits. HOYUS'lTN & LANCAHTKR 1X17 If Siri'i.'t. I'hone x-MKty 41 40 Anucs wilh tooi! ninch house. Iniple- mi-nis, woik M..I-U-. , alfnliii new this yar. coin, family on-hard, rhli ki-n eiiuipment. HolH all In one nr cim be dividuil in two llli-ucrt tiucts. Klwood's Ifl^.'i "ICye." FOR SALK—Near Khiu'ierr™uTh"7,f~~sTirs place, 40 ni re», hlllf in Rnvdless granei; Address ,T. c. H. de Bruin, JMI29 "Kve" ^^njj-ei'l. BHkersficld. ' ;u 310 AC'IIKS In Lincoln coiinty~oT«l7h"olHa '. for nale or lrndn for property hero If interested, c«l! 6-5144. 41 120 ACRES near Delano, .",6 acres In alfalfa, bnlanre ready for planting, flood well. LarRp. nearly new 6- rootn house, douhle parajte. barn and storerooms nil In exrellent eon- riition. Also farm machinery SOPS with place. Priced at only $;iiti> per acre. 16H ACPiKS noithrast of Delano. .Now in cotton nnd alfalfa. Will make wood potato land. C.ood well with new pump. Only 12:.'5 per acre. A\> have many other*Rood buys in ranches and farm lands, so if yon want to buy a farm come up and see us. RICHARDSON" & SIDDALT. "03 Hopkins building. Phone 7-7oni "9 For Sale—Automobiles Kor S;tle or I.e.-ise—One of the best en I He ranches in Kern county. Will handle about 400 head the year around Plenty water. Good improvements. If you are looking for it flood entile ranch see us to<i;iy. Price nnd l-erms very rea.scAi- abie. KICHARUSOX & SIDDALL, "Uj jfopUins Building: I'hone 7-70.TI EveniiiRs t;-i;:i«8 or 3-0422 ?,!) AT-L TIIESR CARS PRICED AT OR BKLOW OPA CEIMNG '•il Jiodge De I^uxe Coupe "41 Mercury Club Coupe Ml Lincoln Xephyr Sedan '40 Packard Eight Sedan '40 Studebnker champion Sedan "•>'.> Hoick <'lub Coupe "19 Ol'tlsmobile Six Sedan ':'.!! Lincoln /.ephyr Sedan '.'!S Pont lac Sedan MS Oldsmohile Six Sedan '".S Sludebaker Six Sedan ':!" Plymouth De Luxe Sedan M7 Teraplane Sedan '::« Olilsmobilo Six Sedan '3'i Plymouth 4-Door Sedan '3.~i Dodge 4-Door Sedan '3r> Plymouth 2-Door Sedan JIAXY MOHK—PP.ICED RIGHT 27 VIOARS OF FAIR DEALING -JIDAT.R—4KO acres, 100 arrra In al- illn. :JO a i res mili.i. ^70 acres could • put imo coll iva t ion with H minimum annum of effort and expenditure. WHI Iriici'd Biifl cross fenced, foil, wells. 1 T« miles pin.' lino Comfortable ram-h Inline, walliln It'll iKcrator. 2(i head dairy I i.-iiilo. r, I.I..-KI «ooil horses, ample fii rni- ! MIL- i"i'iinni''nt lo hanille. Motile terms to rcMponsilile bliver. j Call 2=519 li' ranch. 1-ino acres, wilh fioud use. IIII-KP bum. sll fenced und crusti- •ii-ed. Gofiil water condilions. About (I acres of fajininK land cliazinK •rmil adjoining. All good funning nipmen' woi k horses, chickens and >KM. 'I'hii place will run about L'OO ail of cattle. All for onb J25 000 WII.LARn K HAKKK Seventeenth Stieet I'hone 2-Or.r.'» 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch. 840 acres of /arm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle set-up in California. 415 ACRES ot good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 32 per cent on investment. 160 ACRES well Improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. I'hone »-9C71._ 7-29-tt STUOIIT'S FARM fATALOOl.'IS CHKIO.N' C'OVKK. Hundreds of crovp anil much Imi-Kains, Canuihi to Mexico, mulled free. STKOUT RKAI.TT. 111 Puller street. San Francisco 4. Ca lil'nrnia. For Sale—Unimproved Land FOH SA1..1S-—.TJO acres unimproved land, ouarler-mile south state hiBhway (Maii- copa Hoail) and about ft niflen northwest of itani ho Pan Kmiilio. I'rice SL'fl per acre. Kelly & Son, 1 7 1 L' Chester avenue. I'hone L'-GoDS. FCIIt HAI.K—40 ncrep. fronting on good oiled i-oa<l about 3 inlies west of StaLe HiKbway "US." Hie Southern Pacific, anil Pixley. One-half oil goes. Price $1110 7>er acre. Kelly &• Son. 1712 Chewier avenue. Phone 2-tiMtS. 41 Oil and Mining FOH SALI^-Oil and eas lease with machinery and; 50 acres, 10 old shallow wells, ti producing. 1 new, beintf reronilitloned, ,1 need reconditioning; lnyalty one-eighth upper zone, one-sixth linvcr unc; eood possibillt ie« for deeper Kami. Kelly &• Son. 1712 ("heater ave- tine. J^hnne j^ti5j'S : 41 FOH SALE—Five acres potential oil land. I'llnne 2-2434. 40 If you wish to sell your car for top price but can't properly show It, conslRn it with us. We'll get you top cash. Come in and let us explain our plan. .11 2620 Chester (Corner Twenty-seventh) _______ 9-2 -tf Ft lit SALK — lfi::r> Chevrolet Pedati. clean car _ i !i AJ :i i; 7 1. a t :i 08 .1 <• r r re y_«t i •<_•<• t _ 4 u FUR SALB — 1934 Plymouth, fair shape. W'-vl tir^s $1'25. Phone 2-6ii78 or call _ a I _4 1 :,_ I rene »l reel . _ I 523201 I :!!! l!>:i:i FOUL) V-S llS-E-7191; good tires, new bntter>-, new hraltcs. radio. Call 2-3.'iOO. ___ 4 0 AUTOMOH1LK AD COPi must contain license number: If not ol state- license, m.-itj 'nuat he Inc 1 udefl In copy. 3 • 4 - 1 f SELtJCR OK PUHCHA^BR Do you need iKld'tion*! cash to complete purchase of car? If so, .lust phone 01 drop by the ACME) H-INANIIF 1 COMPANY opposite Mon-gomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Frlendlv confidential service. W. ,i. "Bill" hrrgtnun. msnsier. Phone _ '-6^116 __ _ _ LJI.-A? 193.1 (IMC 2-ion trnck. flat bed. power winch, almost new rubber (PCKROH4 1 ). Can he seen at t; 1 ti Arvin street. Phone _ fi-^illl. _ __ ___ __ 41 1911 .MEKCt'HV town ii«dan. excellent con- _dilion. Phone 4-49B5. IJZ1B41). _ _ 40 FOK SALK — 1983 Terrapla lie 8 4-door se- rlan (HH!i39:ii. Call after 4:30 p. in.. 2-:i47S 4t MODICL A il riinililinn. FORD sedan 12P4942I. «07 L street. 41 l''OR SALK— 19:12 Chevrolet coupe (1 P .15(1:1 _falif.).__ fall at 1109 Tulare. __ _ 41 FOP. SALK — 1H34 V-S Coupe. C.ood condition. (Calif. 9F-IS39K 24::1 L street. Phone 2-L'L'91l, cvi'iiintzs a t'ler u p. in. _ __ _ FOP. SAIiK— One 1929 model Podce Sedan In (,'ood running condition. Fair tires jini tin- ^lasH anil ' npholsterv are eood. Wil sfll cheap. Pee Louis Wilcox. Ilnute 4 f'.nx 4(1.1. BllkerMfii'ltl. Calif., one mil* snulhwi'St of CJcePk-y Schnol. House mny In' located by hit:h yellow water tank (i;6t:717. 40 Automotive Service, Parts COMPLETE body and fender repairing, also front wheel alignment, Charles Vigstrom's Garage. 1620 Twenty-eighth st reet. Phone 2-7937. 4-12-tt GRANT piston rings last longer. Motor tuned up. greasing ind oiling: car stor age. Blue RlbNir Gang*. 1>1( Nineteenth. Phone a-0«74. 1-lB-tf WE CAN PAINT Your Car Immediately. GMAC Budget Plan Call for A. Carter FRED C. SCHWEITZER OLDSMOBIL15 DEALER Fhon* 6-6997 Eighteenth snd N 1-4-tf Motorcycles and Bicycles For Sale—Trailers READY Csah for lour Trailer. Trailer sold on easy payment plsn. We finance our own contracts. MCLEAN TRAILER MART 100 Union Avenue l-13-tf TRUCK and trailer; 2-ton CS40 International truck wilh brownie and 16-foot flat bed. Also 20-foot best 2-axle trailer equipped with vacuum brakes. TRAILER llOt'SB for sale, good tires; Hleeps four. 327 Wilson avenue, Oildale. ___ Phono !l-il2f,ri. _______ _______ 3!t 1942 CONTINKNTAL house trailer. 2!i-foot, very good prewar tires. ".fiOxlS. eleclric brakes. Excellent condition. IL'S _ J iisnne, _H i»;hlB,nd__Paj-k. _ 4 1 1942 GYPSY CARAVAN house trailer. Kqtiippeil with butane, good tires. Call tit .1(18 He.inlta street, off Brundage. _ 4 1 20-FOOT homemade house trailer, fair tires, ftmished except stove. Priced to sell. 2517 Lako street. Phone 7-7225. 40 19.1S INDI*N house trailer. 16-foot, good shape, J."i25 cash. 920 Curtis Drive. Casa Loma. Phone 2-5150. ask for na\'ellliort 41 luggage trailer. Phone 40 WATKRPROOF 2-OSC9. LAHCIC trailer bouse, cheap. 4029 Jewel t Lane. 41 For Sale—Automobiles 1940 FORD SEDAN (87V449) WILL TRADK TOWARD LATE MODKL .STATION WACON OR SEDAN WITH LOW MILEAGE. PHONE 2-6460 OR 3-0212. 39 19.19 V-S TRUCK and semi-trailer. (PT9141.) 1941 Mercury motor; semi hns two axels and 30-foot bed. Will take pickup as part payment. Phone S-1447. 622 Del Mar street, Bakersfield. 40 19,'in Model A Ford coupe (3B7594); also .:'.2 special RemiiiKton deer rifle and a few shells. 614'a Woodrow, Oildale. 39 19.17 HARLTCY-DAVIDRON, model 74, can be <*epu at 407 Beardsley after 6 a. m.. _ o r_P h_p_ne_2-l!3_B 3. _ .1 9 FOR SALR — 1936 Indian 45, excellent condition, three tires, windshield, $295. See _ at Jack's garage, Delano. 39 BOY'S bicycle for sale, good Call 4-4268 or 2-0451. condition. 4 0 FOR SALE — Man's bicycle. at 192.1 'Eye^' §l_rePt_. be seen _ 40 FOR SALK — Cushman auto-Klide, exc-ellent condition, new rubber. Phone 2-9475. 41 GIRLS' balloon-tired bicycle. 1 year old. in good condition. Must sell; owner leav- inif town. 508 V street. Call after 6: SO p. m. 40 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WILL PAT THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH IN 3 MINUTES. 8-11-t.f Before selling your car drive to Twenty-first and K streets. We need cars. Motor Center Used Car Department. 3-6-tf LA.TE MODEL STATION WAGON OR SEDAN WITH LOW MILEAGTC. WILL PAY ALL CASH OR TRADE IN 1940 FORD SRDAN (87V449). PHONE 2-6453 OR 3-0212. 39 PRIVATE PARTY wants good used car, for cash. What have you? Phone 9-9764 before 6 p. m. 39 WOULD LIKE to 'juy 1940 or 1941 Ford. Chevrolet or Plymouth tudor sedan, club coupe or convertible club coupe. Will liay_cash. Call ^3780. 40 WILL PAY CASH for late model light coupe. Call 2-1446 after 6 p. m., and __nsk for_Bill. * l WANTED— Late model car. will pay cash. Must be In (rood condition. Phone 2-0078. or "YULK" gas-burninK imitation flrepla.ce. Wanted to Buy—Automobiles I Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS FULL CEIL BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenu* Phon* 9-9146 1-ll-it FOR USED CARS DRIVE TOUR CAR TO Twenty-first aid I TOUR CHEVROLET, BUICK. CADILLAC DEALER CENT1 For Sal*—Furniture, Fixtures I For ••)•—Furniture, Fixture* Just Arrl? ed XG, FIRESIDE AXD BARREL CHAIRS Individual and Smart Covers Something Different $L'S9.95 5-Piece Limed Oak Modern Bedroom Set. Kxtra large Round Plate Minor ?2B9.95 $3ti9.95 5-Piece Bleached AValnut Modern Bedroom Set, lliphly styled Thtee-Way-Plate Jlirror $249.95 5-I'iece Diamond Matched Bleached "Walnut AYaterfall Bedroom Set, very special * $104.95 6-Piece Modern Walnut Junior Dining Room Set, very smart design $l«n.9'> S-Piece Bleached Mahogany Modern Dining Room Set, Flipflap Leaf, extra value $349.95 $229.95 $94.95 $139.95 egister Assume Tour Responsibility to Democracy by Registering IK Vntc Qualifications: One year state resident, 90-day county resident SEPTEMBER 26 LAST DAY "A Small Store Bulging With Values" Eighteenth and L Streets Phone 2-6277 For Sale—Lumber WHILE IT LASTS 1x4 1x6 2x2 2x6 2x12 6x6 3x4 3x6 3x12 Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road. First gate on left side, near gate. Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday, September 18. KURN WRECKING COMPANY WR1TK T. O. BOX SS:i 42 :!x4. l!\ii. 1x1- sheeting. No priority. ;UIO_yVHSt l^elle avenue. Hiverview. 41 t.'SKD l.UMHKR—-lixfi. ixS, 2x10, 2x12 and heavier tiinl)ers. WiriRland Lumber (;o, ^l^oi^e_5-"_lli_S. f>0(l_NoiTl^_Ilriad_. ^1-] i-if LUMBER Sure M'P liave 1x12, 2x4. 2x6, etc. Some of it without priority, too. ••And, another thing, all our lumber conies from Oregon and Washington and that is where the good lumber comes from. \Ve do not handle local mountain pine. A good supply of doors and windows, roofing paper, moldings, etc. Oh, yes. don't forget our paint department. Outside white as low as $1.49 a gallon. It will pay you to pay us a visit. HOUTS & BOX CUT RATE LUMBER YARD 2200 EDISOX HIGHWAY 9-13tt For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures 8-24-tf Duncan Phyfe dinette set, mahogany finish, $66.50. Two-piece living room sets, full spring construction, $154.50 and up. Lounge chairs to close out, formerly $74.50, now $37.25. Hollywood beds, maple or mahogany finished, twin si/e, $211.95. Armstrong inlaid linoleum, $1 square yard. Just received a new shipment of loop shag rugs in a large variety of colors. Use our budget plan, no Interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURXITURE COMPAXY 1400 Chester Avenue Just one block south of courthouse. 41 TWIN BEDS, coil springs, spring-filled mattress: 8-plece rock maple dining suite; spring-filled sectional davenport; 7-way floor lamp. All prewar. 32") Seventeenth street. 39 ICE BOX. practically new, used two months. Apply Ellen's Cafe. 1729 Elght- eenth street. 39 FURNITURE for sale; all prewar good things, including livingroom suite, wool rug and pad. dinette with blue leather upholstering, three-quarter bed with surings ii.-id innerspritiB mattress, dress- IIIK table and chest of drawers: 6-foot General Motors Frigidalre. lawn mower, garden hose, drapes: miscellaneous articles. Prefer selling all together. Can be seen any time after 1. Wednesday. 18.1.0 Maple street. Inquire In reaj-. [19 FOR RALE—Deep blue 9x12 ruff and pad In excellent condition; bed chesterfield and matching chair, coffee table, round oak dining table, chairs. Call 2-S32C. 3D FOR SALE—Lovely baslnelte on stand with hood, tulle sntin lining with new mattress. 315 C. street. Plion-yS-SlTn. 39 FOR SALE—Electric sewing machine. Simmons box springe and white Knight mattress. 12-tube Sllvertone console radio, electric phonograph. All prac- t i c a M y new. 2305 Lake st rej>t. 39 FOR SALE—Prewar dresser, like new. mirror in excellent condition. 415 Kay street. 39 HIGHCHA1R, used three months only; new nursery chair for sale. 600 Acacia or call 2-5867. 39 PREWAR 8-piece walnut dininsr room set. $300. Phone S-OOSS until 6:30 p. m 39 FOR SALE—A Frigidaire 4-hole cabinet freezer. Call at San Joaquin Grain Company. Phone 9-9234. 39 MAPLE davenport, mohair Chesterfield net. bedroom set. box springs and mattress, coffee table and drapes. 16:11 AIta Vista. Drive. 41 MUST SELL large new davenport and chair, coffee table, rocker, maple dining room set, four chest of drawers. I'hone 2-7554 or 2-3087 after 7 p. m. __39 FOR SALE—Two-piece Kroehler living room set, divan, makes Into bed. Phone _2-4265. 2320_Alluras Drive. _S9 SINGER AND WHITE MACHINES Good, clean, guaranteed machines. AVe do hemstitching. Also repair •machines and vacuum cleaners.* 3509 West Eighth, off corner of Chester. Phone 9-JM37. 47 USED FURNITURFl wanted. Wt call any place In city and five fret estimates. Brown's Furniture, formerly Roy White Furniture. Phone 7-7021. 6-lt-tf USKD FURNITURE!, tools, stoves, miscellaneous articles of ill kinds We will buy anytblni. Call 4-4828. Authorized Maytac service and parts. Furniture repaired. Bob Morley'n N«w and Used i-'urnlture Storo. 1800 Q 4« SEWINO MACHINES and vacuum cleaners repaired. We also buy machines. 1609 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. 5:1 STUDIO COUCH, three pillows, $25. Radio, $10. Three pairs drapes. Throw rues. Girl's new plaid winter coat. size 16. $10. 2830 Chester Lane. Phone 2-0222. 3_9 FOR SALK—Helser saddle, two bridles and hits, one lightweight aluminum bit: _a 11 11 ke_new JL _Phone_'raf t_S 7 4-.1O. 3 9 COIL SPRING day bed and pad, $10; Windsor rocker, $">. 629 Beech street. _ 40 KI.KCTIUC 4-piece coffee urn; 12x15 Bicelow rut; radiant heater; combination electric toaster nnd i?rill; bird cage; other niiHcellaneotiH artU'lea^ Phone 3-0022. _40 TWO-PIECE wine colored living room set; 8-piece dining- set; baby buggy: Atwater- Kcnt radio, davenport and chair, $27.50; twin and full-size beds, di-ossers and miscellaneous Alter ti p. m.. 3531 Chester avenue. ^ 39 OLD-F.\SHlONKD*sewlng rocker, antique; platform rocker and large glass-top coffee table, uninue design. 406 Pacific. 41-- 'KSkr'E « .MKRRITT gas range, llulit tan wilh black trim, not table top, $40. 230 East Twenty-first street. Phone 2-9343. 41 FOR SALK—Recovered studio couch, $25. PJione_J-j!0 1 II_. 41 SOLID WALNUT bedroom set. with sprlnira and mattress; dining room set. 1C17 Aim VisU._Fhpne J.-5244. f ONK Clark-Jewel oven-control stove; one small dresser and dressing table: feather bed. Phone 3-0521. Cwll ut 210 Highland Drive. 'VULE" gna burnlns imitation fire plnce. Ingx. 20 Inch. Used very little. Makes a good healer. 133VJI Brundaga Lane. FOR SALK—Simmons dayberf mattress. Phone 2-9275. 12 ]T_ J,jstreeL 41 FOR SALK—A good old-fashioned elec.tric \wanhlne machine. Washes and dries; Phone S-7759, • „.. Unfinished Chests Baby Beds Ha by Carriages St rollers High Chairs Dineltd Sets Marble-top Kitchen Tables Bedroom Suites St udi'i Couches Divans Upholstered Chairs Play Pens Come In and See Our Xew Furniture Department Hardware and Restaurant Supply 132; Twentieth Phone 3-U."iSl FOR SALE—P.i'd, divan and matching chair, $•!(>._Phone •_'- 1C. 19. 4" UKAUT1FUL 5-piece solid eastern maple bedroom suite, large mirror, box spriimf. Spnntrfield matti-p**. All like new. On< J ral l-ilectric console model radio. 919'2 Pacific. Phone 8-8280. For Sale—Miscellaneous WE HAVE THR Thermos Br.ttles P.amboo Rakes Chicken Wire Ratchet Handles Da isy Churns Flashlights lliKh-Spoed Drills Ta ps Tankee Screw Drivers Cresceiu \\'renches, all sizes Fond Choppers Slillson Wrenches Paint Open End and Bo:: Wrenches Klectric Drills Switch Boxes Wood Rlocks, single, double and t riple Ttlibber Pellinff Itubher Belt Dressing Rubber Belt Lacing Ladders Hlow Torches House, .lacks Mai-hinisi Vises Carpenter Vises Klectric Wire Klectri'c Drop Cord Hubher Sheeting Kazors Pof ket Knives Slack Pots Soda Fountain Glasses Bar Glasses Daisy Can Openers ("'leavers Kitchen Knives If You Can't Find It Anywhere Else. LOOK FOR IT AT Hardware and Restaurant Supply 1322 Twentieth Phone 3-0581 USED T-20 McCormlck tractor. May be seen at 991 Nineteenth street. 3» 16-FOOT Inboard motor boat. Call about 6 o'clock* 2-934B. 39 AUTOMATIC, target pistol. 9 mm. DWM Luper. Excellent condition, with shells. 1717 Twenty-third street, Apartment No. 12. 41 FOR !;ALE—16-foot double cockpit plywood boa.? and trailer. Phone 8-5683. 41 FOR SEE THE DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVENUE 49 REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good stock of leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung, 1606 Nlne- teenth street. 8-23-lf LIMITED number ot new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trad* In. Liber I allowance. Guaranteed factory parta and service. Call Welll'a service department. 6-6861. 7-B-tt FOR SALE—Caterpillar L-28; good shape; plenty speed and power. Phone 2-4520. 39 FOR SALE—Bed davenport, miscellaneous furniture, child's d^sk set, and rowcycle Call 2-0461. 39 FOR SALIC—Boy's 3-piecc blue suit, size 14. almost new; ladies' tailored suit, size IS. brown pin stripe, never be<m worn, reasonable: ladies' gray wool slack coat, size 18, worn only a few times. Phone 3-1766. 39 FOR SALE—Two four-room houses to be moved; in good condition. Call Arvln 48-Y-12 between 6 a. m. and 7 a. m. or Arvln 43-Y-3. 40 BLUE pln-tlrlpe tailored suit, size 16; electric razor, silverware, bathroom cabinet, two windows, miscellaneous articles. 3 L street. Phone 2-5194. 39 REFRIGERATOR CAR, equipped with a Parker Ije Machine Company refrigerator unit that sold originally at $3500. Priced for quick sale at J1850 cash. Phone 2-7084 for further Information. 40 FOR SALE—Pressure cooker, quart size. Wire racks, pan. Instruction book. 315 G street. Phone 8-8175. 39 FOR SALE—Rifle, 30-40 Krag. with carN ridges. $45 cash. Also 12-gauge double- barret shotgun, some shells. $30 cash. 1414 Xi'ex street. Phone 5-5307 after f> p. in. 39 FOR SALE—Fine clean leafy alfalfa hay. $23 per Ion. Phone 2-7049. Don't call Sunday. - 39 HURRY! HURRY! HURRY! Xow's the time to plant J'our bulbs W r e have GIANT NO. 1 KING ALFRED'S DAFFODILS — RANUNCULAS FREES1A — NARCISSUS M. P. FLICKINGER 9;iU Eighteenth Street Phone 2-M~il 41 OIL. HEATER and pipe. 50-Kiillon oil drum and a (i-gullon oil can, $50. 1311 Baker street. 4 0 SALE—Two houses, to be moved off m-operty.__Phone_7-7.'l3fi. 41 DARK BLUE pin striped «uit, 40 short; also brown tweed sport .tucket, size 40; Ijlun tlllhack chair with ottoman. Z'hone 2-0(102. I1OTPOINT electric runse, upright oven; MO-etu? Woods electric incubator, like new; cump equipment. Alma Partridge, Alercpd Road, first road north of migratory camp, •T.-i miles northwest of Shalter._ Phone 423.*,_Shafti>r. 41 LARQE chicken coops, $."> each; used lumber. 1x12 and 1x4-8 feet long. China Grade loop road, quarter-mile east of Highland|_ Manor. Phone 2-2293. 40 GOOD GAMES NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FOR ALL AGES BAKERSFIELD HARDWARE CO, 2015 CHESTER AVEN.UE WILLIAM GOERTZEN—GYPSUM AND COMMERICIAL FERTIL' 1ZER SPREADING. PHONE SHAFTER 684. BOX 487, SHAF_TER, CALIF. DECORATE your home with mirrors. We specialize in mirrors and mantels, walls and doors. Rakcrsfield Clans Company, 1713 ..Njnejj»e_Hth_8ti-eei. 1-10-lf FOR SALE—Portable featherweight Singer sewing innrhuic; n | HO f, ve standard size house doors. 23,10 B street. 40 SMALL) bedroom rocker, Ivory needlepoint seat, white reflector lampshade, pair navy pumps, 7B. 101 Pacific. FOR SALE—Two-row beet dlEKer, only slightly un-d. 8m at Consolidated Pipe Company, Truxtun and Uuiou avenue. 41 For tale—Miscellaneous Hbt Wate- Heaters $35 laundry Traya $10 Fruit Jar 75c dox. Platfirm Scales Show Cases Stools Ice Cream Maker Beverage Cooler Wuoden Bowla Dishes Stock Pot Steam Tables Brooms Alops Coolers Hundreds of other Items O'wald's Reslauran 1 Supply 716 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-9317 60 Sewing Machine Exchange. J21S Baker. has Singer. White and New Homes. Repa iring. 41 ONE 20 CATERPILLAR In good repair. Star Route No. 1, Box 28A, Lancaster. Calif. 41 REFRIGERATORS overhauled. washing machines rebuilt. Cooler service. We also move refrigerators. 328 Washing- Ion, Oildale. Phone 2-7S78. 41 B'Jd and Pete Rlassen. 3-1546 Phone J-1769 or 46 THE OFFICE OF PRICE AbMlNSTRA- T1ON has set dollar«-and-cents celling prices on used 'efrlgerator*. washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriters, bed springs, cameras and photographic equipment. These maxmlum prices apply to every seller, even tn an Individual selling his personal household effects. For information concerning these and all other celling prices, call the Bakersfield Wsr Price and Rationing Board. Phone »-9419. 6-13-tf Flying nnd balsa, model plane kits Jeeps, trucks, tanks, ahlps. fittings, balsa wood carvin- knives, dope and cement. Come in and look around. Edward's Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street. 8-22-tf Service New and used. Bought, sold, repaired and exchanged. Largest stock in Kern county. KERN PUMP EXCHANGE 400 Sonora Phone 3-14S8 39 JCST ATIRIVKD—-Carload ot wire chicken netting. One to six foot hiKb; heavy d'lly barb wire; Cti-incb .hog fence. Get It while it- lasts. Cousin's Tractor Co., 424 Twenty-foil i Ib street. 4_1 GET JOUR rubber stamp* from Bakersfield's only rubber .tamp company. You will be satisfied with Us prompt service. Fads. Inks, datern ol all makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. 43 rtBCAPPlNQ Bring your old tires to us for recapplnc. Ws uss Grade A rubber: 24-hour service BENZINOS SERVICE Twentieth and K Streets 8-5-tf VACUUM CLEANERS, irons, toasters, heating pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. in 7_Water_slreet. Phone 2-4570. 6£ NOW IS THE T1MB to fertilized before the rains becln: 100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized. $6 per load delivered Phone Rusk's DaIry. 2-4027 or 2-9351. 64 [ ENJOY meeting my friends on the street since I can hear with VACOL1TE. Clement Hershey. 2735 Center. Phone 2-0'i71. 8-29-tf RADIO REPAIRS Quick service. General Service Company. 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 4-24-tf FKEE FREE FREE SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY HiBhway 89 2 Miles South of Town 9-5-tf TIRE RECAPPING ONE-DAY SERVICE) CLEROU TIRE COMPANY 171- K STREET PHONE «-6069 2-29-tf MEAT GRINDER for sale; ^-horsepower motor: perfect shape. Also slicing machine. ne\v- Phone 2-C044. 41 GOLDFISH for sale. Casa Loma Acres. 1130 Madison street. 40 FOH SALE—Man's 21-jewel pocket watch. $Ui; also "-jewel Klein watch. $20. 1202 Jeffrey. ' 39 "Paris Liberated" and "Tanks Capture Guam" anil other newsreels. 8-mm. and Iti-mm. scenic, adventure and sports picture . New cartoons. Little King. Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse, etc.. Edwards Camera Exchange. 1GO!) Nineteenth. 9-19-tf FOR SALE—1200 feet of S'ii-lnch seamless grade J second ranee, 36 casing: 4500 feet 2V.!-inch drill pipe. Hughes tool joints: 800 feet 2%-lnch drill pipe, Imperial tool joints: 950 feet 4',-4-lnch line pipe. 8-thread Arthur P. Anderson, 199 Supply Row. Taft. Calif. 44 Ca«e L. S., with scraper Case L. A., with scraper D-7 with carryall J-fi with carryall Oliver 70 4-row cultivator and 4-row planter Used Klllefer 0-foot disc One used turnover plow Central Celifornia Implement Company 918 Main. Delano. Phone 4731 39 WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service. Montgomery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Service Co., 913 Baker, phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf VACUUM CLEANER. Irons, clocks and all small appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company, 913 Baker. _ Phone 2-9278. __ 9-8-tf BOY'S bicycle with four tires, also dressmaker form. Phone 2-2348 after 4:30 _ p. m. ___ 40 KERN WISRM FERM at 1920 Cherry for the toughest, vigsliest worms that _ ever tempted a t'iah. Phone 2-49,'U. _ 39 FOR SALE — Electric motor. ',4 -horsepower, also 14-Inch fan blade. 114 1 _ H aj'djtn g. Phone 7-7280. _ 4 0 WASHING MACHINE, 60-cycle. trade for 60-cycIe: new nursery chair, electric _ iron. __ Phpne__2^530. _ 40 DO YOU need firewood? If so, can have for removing. Phone 2-5833 around 4 _ o r after. 211^ Beardsl e y . 19:!3 PLYMOUTH coupe (8«L8L'4); radiol Simmons mattress and springs: gas cook stove. Call at 252 Fourth street, Arvin. 200-AMP G. K. welder for sale. fan he seen at Blue Ribbon Garage. 1916 Nine_ te.onth_street._ __ 41 F-20 FARMALL, with cultivator, good rubber. A-l shape: 10-foot lamia in double disc: three 14-ipch J. 1. Case molboard plow; all for $1200. or se'l Individually. I'hone Mcl-'arlnnd 67!'r>; 1 mite north of rond. 1 '.vest 1 north Shoemaker. 41 BADY BlK.fJY — Baiker Bros, model, wire wheels, rubber tires. Phone 2-G908 alter •I p. ni. PKEWAR baby buggy, collapsible, all- melnl frame, rubhcr wheels; practically new. 2517 Lake street. Phone 7-7325. 41 FOR SALR—Lai-Be fan-type cooler, Including all connections and stand. Also two 8x12 rugs and felt pad. 420 Lloyd street. 40 GOLF SHOES, ejicellent condition, $5; now Jimmy Thompson No. 4 wood, $7.50: Kllsworth Vines tennis raco,li f 't. $8: Blackstone suitcase, $10; two fly roils, reel, double-tapered flylinea. Phone 2-7577. U FOR SALE—Clarinet, electric iron, electric plate. .S^min. Unlvcx camera, boy's bicycle, 16-mm. toy movie projector. Call after . o'clock. 513 G street. Phone 2-5227. PACKARD electric shaver, electric plate. Simmons bed, navy wool coat, sUe 18. Phone 2-1883 after 8 p. m. 40 CASK four-bay side-delivery rake. J. R. Bright, 2 miles south of sleum plant. Biittonwlllow. 4.2 TEN-TUBE Zenith console radio: all-wool lady's suit, size 20. 1'honn 7-7432. 612 35L° 0 - d r*^.-P ll ! 3u . 1 < 1 -.__ 4» WINCHESTER Curblnp. 25-35, wilh five linxea of shells; double-barrel 16-gaiige. with six boxed of shells, 501 V, phone 2-0805. L FOR SALE—Goort clean alfalfa hay, (24 ton, Rosedale Highvay. Phone 2-3092. 41 PRUWAR bHhy buggy, In good condition, tor sale cheap. Ill P street. 41 For Sale—Miscellaneous Vegetable Plants Urncciill Cauliflower Celery .Lettuce Orr-en Onions Flower Plants Columbine Pciistcmnn Shasta Daisy Verbena VALT-EY NURSERY 4^5 Cnllfornia Avenue Phono S-847C MECHANICAL drawing set. Very goon condition. I'scd very little. $J. l-3Ji BrundasTC Lane PREWAR bathinette. Phono 2-0869. 40 Radios, Musical Instruments FOR AUTO-RADIO SERVICE We now have facilities for mounting and dismounting auto radios. Aerials Installed while you wait. POSTON RADIO Corner K Street and 99 Highway 3-27-tf TOP PRICES paid for late model radio*. Jr'oaton Radio Service, corner ot K and »» Highway. Phone 2-0498. 2-1-tt WILL HAY highest cash price for you* piano. Call 8-8673. 1-26-tf We Have Facilities and Available* Parts to Service Any Make Radio Corner K Street and 99 Highway Dial 2-049S 12-2-tf PIANO WANTED—Highest cash prlc« paid for new and used pianos. Pbons 8-8981. 9-13-tf CAR AERIALS (or any make of car. S4.9S and up. Poston Radio, corner of K street and li. Highway. 9-1-tf HIGHEST PK1CES paid for used radios. Ftakersfleld Radio Supply. 2808 Chester a yen lie. Phone 2-6160. ill!:!? FOR SALK—-12-bass Hohner accordion, excellent condition. Phone 2.-C752. 40 BOUGHT AND SOLD Cabinet Models (29 60 Up All radios offered for sale have been reconditioned, and .ire guaranteed. SERVICE ON ANX MAKE RADIO BAKERSFIBLD RADIO SUPPLT 28H CHESTER AVRNUB DIAL t-6160 8-11-tf KERN MUSIC SHOP. SOG Baker. Musical instruments, supplies and sheet mimic. Wu repair all musical instruments: bows rehaj red. 6JT 9-Tl'BK Spartan radio In eood condition. After C p. in. at 26.11 Chester avenue. 39 FOR PALF.—Zenith portable radio in snort condition. 11:11 t.mcoln. :',3 FOR SALR—Hawaiian guitar. Kili.wnn pho- ph anil rfcords. Phone 2-fMtil. :::» Se\-cral pood reconditioned radios. Oon- HnlcH. $"5 to $"iO. Table modclM, $1S to $.111. Oile at J12. rhonn 2-ril!l3. Buck Kadio Service. 702 M'ashineton aveftue. Oililnle. 41 Cameras and Photography WANTED—Good pocket-size camera, for son overseas. Call for Bertha, at fountain, Security Market. 41 Typewriters, Office Supplies WILL PAY CASH for typewriters, m«din« machines, checkwriters and cash registers. Lynch Typewriter Company. 1650 ''beater avenue. 8-29-tf FOR SALK—McCaskey cash register and email electric National cash register. Lynch Typewriter Co.. 1050 Chester venue. .19 Fruits and Vegetables U. S. Xo. 1 STOCKTON BURBAXK POTATOES $3.90 PER 100 POUND SACK. WHELiDEX'S MARKET, TWENTY-FIRST AND UNION 9-12-tt $2.69 Full Lug. Bring your own containers. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 9-7-tt CANNING PEARS—It will soon be the end of the season for canning pears. We will have choice Tehachapi pears for about one or two weeks more. These pears are very nice size for canning and have no hard cores. They are very reasonably priced at $1.39 per lug. Mooney f s Market Spot, Eighteenth and Union. Phone 3-0961. 40 69o FOR FULL LUG Bring your own containers. The eame khid of pears we had last year. 1019 Baker East Bakersfield 8-17-tf Medium Size, Full Lug 69c FULL LUG Bring Your Own Containers l\\o ilSio 1019 Baker street, East Bakersfield 8-30-tf SPECIAL Large, stripec 1 watermelons, 2c per pound. Corner Third and Union. Phone 2-1535. 43 WE ARI-: PICKING Freestone peaches this week. They are Rood for canning, slic- • Ins or drying. Also a fow clings, last of the vftk. Brine containers. Merrill Fruit Ranch. Rio Bravo. 3!) FOR CANNING Field box, approximately 48 Ibs., $1.23* VALLEY'S FINER FOODS i Twentieth and Union 4 2000 POUNDS blackeye peas, you pick them, 6c Ib. First house south olive grove, Frultvale avenue, after 6 p. rn, only. "Punwanderin" Farm. Fbon* 2-709.'!. ~ 40 FANCIT, ItiBo Barllett pears. 11,50 IUBV. ' Please brinic containers. Becurlty Market, vcKctubla department. *t

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