The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on August 28, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1936
Page 8
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PUB BAKERSFIELD CAIJKORNIAN. FRIDAY. AUGUST 28. 1936 U. S. Seamen Will Picket_Nazi Ships (I tiilrit rrrt* (.rnurd IV(rr) SEATT1.K. Aup. TS Thr spa- men': nnlnn wns jir«T>nrert today to plokM (Jfvnmn chip* i-ntorlMR the Seattli bnrbor In protest agnlnst the Nil*! K"vrri)inent's Imprisonment of IJivrriuT Simpson, young lipsmnn of Klrklaml Vifish. ICrnlc Kox, delegate of thn sen- men's union told the C'entrnl 1/nbor Council last night thnt Hen mm MHO have naked the International Long- nhorenien'^ A*Hiir.lntlon to stage 10- minute i«t np-work Ktrlkes In loading • nd iinlondlng (lermnn vessolB. SlmpBon. .14. was aboard the R. H. Manhattan when taken off by Herman secret police, .June IS. ISSfi, and charged with having anti-Nazi •tickers In his poHsesslon. He was placed In a detention camp ami later removed to a prison in Uerlln. His father, .Tohn Simpson, has been endeavoring through the state department In Washington to have an American "observer" at the. trial, which Is still pending. Nazi law* prevent a defendant being represented hy anyone other than a Oorman attorney, Blmp«on won Inform *>d. DERBY DAY DRAMA AT FOX i BETTER Kdillc Qiilllnn mid Charlotte Henry S ' MOWING at tho Fox today Saturday In "Tho Outlet and Saturday In "Tho Gentleman From Ixnilslnim" ri fast moving drama of racing henrts and pounding hoofs on Unrby Uoy with Charles "Chic" Hale, Kddlo Qull- Ian and Charlotte Henry In tho leading role*. Tho other feature showing Is "China Clipper" n thrilling and realistic air drama of a terrific struggle to establish transoceanic airplane »ervk'i>. I'nt O'Brien, Itoss Alexander and Beverly Roberts bead the cast. A colored cartoon, "At Your Service, Madame," and Fox movietone news completes this program. Mrs. Kaufman and Her Spouse Meet /Vntlfl I'rf.m f.tairit Wlrr) KKW YOItK, An*. 2S.—Mrs. OoorKo Knnfmnn, tour* In her nyo«, rofiiKod today to «a.v whether alio would divorce her playwright him- bund who figured In Mury Amor's diary. "1 don't care to say whether I Will fir will not," nho nald. Mr*. Kaufman told nrwnpaprr men on tho lie do Frnnco ahe did not know whether she would {front her IniRbnnd If he showed up at the plnr. Hut whep she loft thr hoat nlie oh- »erved htm standing behind an automobile Home distance away and walked to his side. They did not embrace. "The story Is completely dead," Mrs. Kaufman snld. "J,ot It go back to Its oblivion." In tho midst of her Interview who i sent for Irvine Uerlln. who tilso wiifl • a passenger, and held a brief conference with him. I "I still have nothing to say," she i said at tho end of tho whispered talk. Kaufman appeared downcast. »»•» On the Air KOO-KPO — Nitlontl Broidcutlni Com- tiny—Supplltt protnmi to: KM, KECA, KfSD, KQW, HEX, KOMO, KHQ, KJR, KOA. KOA, KOHL. KDYL. KOIR, KTAR. KFRC-CBS—Don L» >nd Columbll—Sun- pIlM protnmi to: KHJ. KG8. K08. KMJ. KOW. KFBK, KERN, KOL, KVI, K8L, KOIN. KEPY. Banker Harriman Freed on Parole (Unttrd Pren {.rated Wire) LRWIBBtJHO, Pa.. Aug. 28.—Jon- i|)h W. Harriman. former New York •milker, haw been released from Northeastern federal penitentiary on parole after completing two years of 4H-yoar sentence. The former president of the llarri- man National Bank and Trust Company, convicted In 1934 on charges of falsifying bank re.cordn to the extent of $1,713,000 and misapplying approximately $600,000, was driven to tho Lcwlsburg Inn to meet his wife. COMEDIAN Ferries' Earnings in July Increase (United Prrn hcatnl Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28.—The Southern Pacific Doldnn Clate Ferries, Limited, reported today a net operating Income- of $87,U6^.31 for July of this year, an Increase of $23,516.02 over tho name month lost year. Tho net operating Income for tho first seven months of this year was 1110,288.83, an Increase of $185.513.87 compared with the same period last year. TJOSS ALEXANDER as he up•*•*• pears in "Hot Money," one of tho four attractions showing today and tomorrow ut the Fox California theater. "Hot Money" Is a frenzied farce of usurious finance with Ross Alexander, Beverly Roberts and .loscpli Cawthorn In the leading roles. The second feature Is the comedy classic of the campus, "Wo Went to College," with a huge, cast of funsters Including Hugh Herbert, Charles Butterworth, Walter Abel and Una Mer- kcl. Attraction number three Is the third chapter of the serial, "Custer'H Last Stand." A cartoon and news events complete tho program. They're Here Those Smart Looking, Practical 2 Piece SUITIES Made of Good Grade Cotton Suiting • CHECKS • BLUES • GRAYS •TWEEDS • HERRING BONE • BROWNS $198 1 Other Clever New Fall Styles In \Vnsli Frocks Arriving Right Along Come in and See Them • • • • WEILL'S Trans-Radio News Flashes 12:00 Noon to 12:15 p. in. Simple to Wash Require No March In Sixes From 11 to 2U Inclusive Another Fashion Arrival in the Wash Frock Shop Is This Very Chic Cotton Tunic Frock Equally Smart for Classroom Campus or Business Office • FALL PAISLEYS • SMALL PLAIDS • POLKA DOTS in Cotton Crepes and Prints $198 1 Tlu-y have tin- smartness of higher priced fashions'. Note the plateau shoulder urn! new sleeve treatment! In sizes 1-1-20. A Continuous Flow of Cool, Clean, Conditioned Air Keeps You Cool at t fi B ft* a 8 | ? flft 3:00 to 5:30 p. m. KBUN and network—Hollywood IlotC'l. Nnc network—Jack Moakln's Instrumentalists. W6XAT—Recordings; 6:15, M»c Himself. KNX-^-Maurlce'fi Orchestra. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KI5R.V and network—Hollywood Hotel. NIK; network—Clara, I_.u and Em. WSXAI—Recordings. KNX—What's New; 5:45, Musical to 0:15. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KERN and network—Andre Kos- telnnetz and Orchestra. NBC network—Marlon Talley. "WSXAl— News Flashes; fi:15, Dinner Concert to 6:4D. KNX—0:1D, News. 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KERN and network—March of Tlmo; 6:45, Strange as It Seems. NJJfl network—Great Lakes'Sym- phony. WSXAI—0:45. Sketches In Melody. KNX—Souvenirs of Song; 6:45, Three Merry Men. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KERN and network—Joe Helch- mun Orchestra; 7:15, Renfrew of Mounted. NBC network—Amos and Andy; 7:15, t.Ann and Alsner. WCXAI—Kl) and Zob; 7:15, World Dunces. KNX—Elmer does Hollywood; 7:15, Jlnimie Dickie. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KERN—Noble Slsslo Orchestra; 7:45, Tho Gaieties. NHC net work—Jesse Crawford; 7:45, Secrets of Secret Service. WCXAI—Jungle Jim; 7:45, Cecil and Sally. KNX—Newlyweds; 7:45, King Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KERN and network—Calling All Cars. NBC network—B. A. Rolfe's Orchestra. WOXAI—Hollywood on Parade; 8:16, Frank Watanabe. KNX—Rhcba Crawford; 8:15 World Dances. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m. KERN and network—Tho County Fair. NBC—Court of Human Relations. W6XA1—HI Hilarities; 8:45, American Weekly. KNX—Hay Grayson's Orchestra; 8:45, Townscnd Plan. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KERN and network—To be announced. NBC network—Grand Terrace Orchestra. W6XA1—News Flashes; 9:15, Dramas of l>lfo. KNX—News; 9:16, Rublnoff. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KERN—Christian Science Church; 1:45, Jan Garber Orchestra. NBC network—Hotel Blltmoro Orchestra. W6XAI— To be announced; 9:45, Rhythm and Romance. KNX—Jay Whlddon's Orchestra; 9:45, Legion Fights. 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KERN—World In Review; 10:10, Ellis Klmball Orchestra. NHC network—News Flashes; 10:15, Hotel St. Francis Orchestra. WOXAI—All Request Program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. WOXAI—All Request Program. HUMORIST RETURNS TO NILE Alleged U.S.Tax Dodger Is Not Wanted Canadian State Will Rogers and Janet Ouynor "CTATB FAIR," tho Fox pA- Oduutlon which opens a returned engagement at Nile theater Sunday on a new double feature program with "Walking on Air" Is remembered not only as Will Rogers' greatest picture but because the roles of each of tho leading players were the typo parts which brought them their greatest success. Janet Gaynor, co-starred with Rogers, and Lew Ayres are the sweethearts of a romance between a little farm girl and a dashing newspaper reporter. Sally Ellcrs and Norman Foster are the principals in another affair, -sophisticated and amusing. I.oulse Dresser plays Rogers' wife, Frank Craven appears as the country storekeeper and Victor Jory portrays a carnival stand barker. Will Rogers of course fulfills his famous role of a mldweHtern farmer whose greatest ambition Is to win first prize In the stock competition with his champion hog, Blue Boy. Would Bring Hart Back to Filmland (Associated Press Leased Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 28.—A decade since William S. Hart's last movie, negotiations were under way today lij an attempt to bring tho western cowboy star back to tho screen. DODGES GIRLS Joe K. Brown I N FOUR big musical numbers of Joe E. Brown's new Warner Brothers picture, "Sons o' Gun," which comes to tho Rex theater tonight, the whole range In song and-dance variety from slam-bang comedy to romance In waltz-ballad time is covered. Tho numbers are "Over Here," "For a Buck and a Quarter a Day," "In tho Arms of an Army Man" and a riotous Apache dance affair to that familiar theme of tho step, "My Man." The variety Is achieved In several Instances within tho scope of a single num ber. lloss Alexander, Patricia 12111s and Lylc Tulbot have tho leading roles In "Boulder Dam," exciting Warner Brothers drama featured as an added attraction by the Rex theater, along with a cartoon and ERSKINE JOHNSON-GEORGE SCARBO PRoFESSONAL OE6UT A.P SINSIN& feOV. Atascadero Given Largest RA Loan (United Press Leased Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28.—The Resettlement Administration today announced tho largest loan of Its ca- eer—$76,786—had been extended to he Atascadero Trading Association f Ataacadero, Calif. Tlie announcement was made hrough Jonathan Garst, director of ho ninth region of tho adrnlnlstra- Ion. O. F. Asbury, president of the Atascadero Co-operative, said the money would be used for a new can- icry building and equipment, a dairy, a poultry racnh and a hog •anch. Annual capacity of the cooperative will be Increased to 1,000,JOO cans of fruit and vegetables, he said. •> i » Three Projects in L. A. Area Approved (Associated Press Leaned Wire) LOS ANGELES, Aug. 28.—Two new school project's and a road Improvement job In Los Angreles county lad tho approval today of A. D. Wilder, state PWA director. They are: Rehabilitation of the Joseph Le Conte Junior High School, Hollywood, $59,555; now audl- Lorlum for Manual Arts High School, Loa Angeles, $125,702, and a road bo- tween Norwalk Boulevard and Whlt- tler Boulevard in Whittter, $36,687. (United 1'ren M 1DDLETOWN. N. T., Aug., 28.— Julian T. Bishop, stock broker who plans to move to Canada If President Roouevelt Is re-olectod, Is not wanted In one Canadian province. Harry Meola, local real ostato agont, said today. Ho displayed a letter from David Croll, minister of public welfare of the province of Ontario, who wrote Meola ho would do his "utmost to prevent Mr. Bishop's admission to Canada, on the ground that his opposition to constitutional authdrlty In the United States proves him to bo an undesirable." Bishop recently advertised In a sportsman's magazine that his quail farm at Carthago, N. C., was for sale should President Roosevelt bo re-elected, because ho Intended to move to Canada. Meola's client, Samuel Klpnls, president of the National Container Company, wanted to buy It. Meola wrote to Bishop and received no reply, but he did receive a letter from Croll. The letter follows: "Messrs. Meola and Meola, Middletown, N. Y., U. S. A. "Dear Sirs: "Somewhat apprehensively I,have read your letter to Mr. Julian T. Bishop of Carthage, N. C., offering to purchase his quail farm In the event ot President Roosevelt's reelection. My apprehension springs from tho fact that a one-way ticket to Canada Is included In tho purchase price. "Tho Dominion does not propose to constitute Itself a dumping ground fur United States tax dodgers, nor encourage them to run away from their obligations rather than to take their (Irking like men, nor do we need any disgruntled United States brokers. I think all Canada will agree that we have ample supply of brokers at tho present time. Our native problems are sufficient to occupy all governmental attention without importing additional ones. "I must Inform you, then, that If the conditions of the proposed purchase are fulfilled I shall do my utmost to prevent Mr. Bishop's admission to Canada, on tho ground Leattid Wire) that his opposition to constitutional authority In tho United States proves him to be an undesirable. "Sincerely yours, "DAVID CUOLL." King's Picture on Stamps on Tuesday LONDON, Aug. 28.—King Ed. ward's picture will appear on British stamps for tho first time next Tuesday. Tho Initial Issue will continue until September 5, after which Gcorgn V stamps will be supplied until stocks are exhausted. The new stamps arc the same size and color ns the present issue, but of simpler, moro striking design.' IDOORS OPEN 6:45 p. Ends Tomorrow Tlii Flrit Dram af Hillary's Qraatait Fllrtt EDDIE QUILLAN-CHIC SALE CHARLOTTE HENRY "THE GENTLEMAN PROM LOUISIANA" CARTOON—NEWS iiiiaiiimimiDiiiimiiiiiaimiimiiaii i AND Flooding the Screen With Thrills Patricia Ellis, Ross Alexander In "BOULDER.DAM" Cartoon Act - News Reopening of HIRSCHY'S BUFFET LUNCH 800 Baker Street § on Saturday i August 29, 6 a. m. Serving Hirschy's Famous Good Meals _ 5 i i Featuring i FRENCH-DIP i SANDWICHES 6 FREE LUNCH 1 7:30 TO 8:30 P. M. I SATURDAY GRANADA NOW—TWO BIO. FEATURES AND WILLIAM BOYD IN Clarence E. Mulford'e "CALL OF THE PRAIRIE" Also News and Short Subjects F. E. Hirschy, Proprietor Will Greet You niiiiiiiaiiimiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiDiiiiiiiiiiiDifi} VIRGINIA Open 12-11 p. m.—20c and 10c Today and Saturday TWO BIG FEATURES KATHARINE HEPBURN GARY GRANT in "Sylvia Scarlett" HOOT GIBSON In Western Melodrama "SWIFTY" Comedy, Newa and Cartoon OWABO EVERETT HOfZTON HEIGHT, 5 FEET; 10 INCHES. WEIGHT, \7sPoanos- BI2OWN HAlfS, BLUE EYEJ 3 . 8CX2«,NE.WYO^r<. CITY, MAIPCM, 181 I888i o. Bakersfield's Most Unique Cafe New Floor Show Saturday ENDS TONIGHT CAPPO and KNIGHT BILLY JOY BENITA BURRELL TRY US NEXT FOR Chickin—Stiaks—Chaps Served at All Hours Thru Fl»«r Show* Nithtly 10 p. m., HilO p. ffl., I a. m. No Cover Charge Except Saturday AIR COOLED PABST ON TAP CLUB OASIS Dance Nightly Except Monday to the Merry Mualc of the OASIS TRIO Hear them every week over WCXAI TOWN PRICES JACK CONLEY, Proprietor Rosedale Highway at Frultvale Portuguese Celebration The Ladies of the U. P. P. E. C, Are Giving u 2-l)uy Celebration Saturday and Sunday August 29, 30 DANCE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHTS Admission, 25c BARBECUE SUNDAY, PLATE 25c RAINBOW GARDENS Everybody Welcome LAST 2 DAYS--2 ACE HITS TONIGHT 7 AND 1:50 P. M. TOMORROW MATINEE 2 P. M. "THE TEXAS MANQERS" Starts SUNDAY A FAMILY TREAT1 WILL ROGERS WM ProudNt •f Thli Qr»t Story "STATE FAIR' OENE RAYMOND ANN SOTHERN In "WALKING ON AIR" TODAY and TOMORROW ORAND ATTRACTIONS LAUGH AT Rolf ALEXANDER Beverly ROBERTS Joseph CAWTHORN "HOT MONEY" HOWL AT Hugh HERBERT Charles BUTTERWORTH Una MERKEL Waller ABEL "WE WENT TO COLLEGE" Chtsttr 3 "OUSTER'S LAST STAND" TERRY-TOON — NEWS EVENTS GRUNOW Rafrifaratars—Radiaa JOHN R. HUFF PN»n« 2410 IM2 OMitir Avenw Old-Timers Dance Tonight 9 Until 1 o'clock BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION "Where They All Qo for Fun" Hur Wllun'i HirwMy land Revive the Old Favorites S5.00 Cash Door Prize Alio Spot Prize* Phone 2346-W Thr» Mllu North on Old Frnnt High*** BENEFIT DANCE By Italian Catholic Federation |> Saturday, August 29 i lit 9 p. m. : St. Joseph's School < Hall Open to the Public i Gentlemen, BOc Ladles Free STANDARD GASOLINE

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