The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1944
Page 4
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PAGE BLYTHEVIIJLB. (ARK.)' COURIER 'NEWS y In .the of Fann Ftmiliea of This I ieultuhtl Section, I NEWS-FEA1URES FRIDAY, SliPTEiMJiliSK 8, 104'J' •Enter the 'Plant-to-Proaper Con- teats sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. in Now Operating Modern Eight Stand Gin One Of Largest *, How Being Used r ?{*.'' _ Latest developments In gins have been2ncorporatecl into llic rebuilt gin cfl South Broadway, owned by K. D.-> Hug ties, which Is one of the [ew ejbht stnnds gins In the country. •.Already a gin of this unusual size, the plant has been rebuilt with new equipment such as a double cleaning and (Jfying system, with the gin operated by 185 horsepower Diesel engine *<or power. . The" work completed, the plnnl liivs start4{l operations for this season. 'Eroctcrt many yenrs ago by the old .*hoenix Gin Company, Mr. Huglvfe II yenrs ago purchased the gin which he has since operated. but one of the three gins owncd-by Mr. Hughes. Henry Hum' p'hreijS Is manager of the gin here; Ijarvfj 1 Hart, of, the gin at Hnlf Moon, and Qeorge Hamilton Is man- ajgc'r ''at the Gosnell gin. Farm Woman's *'••'' Column BROKEN' BONES AND ACII) • . 'Usirig leftover meat bones to make soup-has been the^practlcc of thrifty copks for generations, and, since the war, has been .widely urged as a means of making full use of ra- tionea' meat. Few housewives realize,'however, that bones in soup, stew >nnd many other meat dishes m'ay contribute to, family meals im- portajit calcium—the mineral most likely, to be short In American diets. : ;:The usual .long slow cooking of soups, and stews draws some cal- ciun' f 'frbm the bones Into the liquid. But :i,i;ch'mbre may be Irad, studies at. viij Oregon Experiment Stutlon shov;f:by breaking bones In small p'iece| before cooking, then cook- Ing \4'lth some acid like tomato or . vinegar. The acid .helps dissolve cal: cium»froni bones. :['• Thj; Chinese use tills method In making sweetrsour.spareribs—one of thcirj.trndUional dishes. They cut the spareribs in small pieces, then co6k-Vith;dtiutetl vinegar until the boncj'have softened enough to eat with,the meat. Sweetening Is added to offset the. \er> sour flavor also Drainage Adds to Acreage Improved drainage of farm land Js ccommcmlcd^L)' llio \Vnr Food Ads a meat is of controllin and increasing -prod ontroing uction of crjj;i AIM! Jivcelock produr l?. Two practices for which assistance is nvnit- al;!e in most Slate?, wider the rower- vation program lulimnislcrcil \>y llic 'Agrirullurm .Adjustment .Agency, arc. construction. nml mnmtcuancc of diversion terraces' und drainage ilUclu'E. Ditches anil tile tlrams, llic Jailer for underground Jratuago fls njjpojc to the furfaco dilcli type, ore uimm llio jsiinjiJcsl and most fatftfuclor means of increasing crop yields on (I farm Jam!, according to WFA. Actual coJt of planting ntnl cultivating is usually lowered, while crop returns are materially increase)!. Often tltc niosl fertile acres on a farm may lie rcclnimed and worked iniciusivcly l»y draining hollom land ami other ivct ppols. This permits the nso of sleepe lands for paFturo or hay. On many farms, says WFA, drainage, is necessary before oilier conservation. practices can l>c employed. Diversion lerrnccB arc parllciilnrl) mcful on farms wlicrc a rompleLi 1 , tor* racing sj'Atciu is nol ij Juivo foiiiuf. When llic crojiland lies , r flojics wlivrc u-nlcr ifi fcmrul in ' greater quantilics, terraces |jr«- vcnl n'fller from riiintictp; llio ciillivBteil land., Tins is usually fclri|)'fropj)cd on llie co/ilairr. n»(J if llm ilono is loiifr, aJditionnl inversion tcirnces arc pluceJ hcl»vccn l)je fiilti- utcil elripg, T ho land ijmnr diolcly nliovc llio, tcr- art! iiiii*l ihcn l»u placed in permanent foci, ^'tilrh calclu-s'uml Imlil.4 uny tilt lli;il nii^lillju wuslu'.l from » ciillivatutl Mrip into torrucc channels. A v'uElh of nol less than 10 fuel is rrroninii'niltiil by agronomists and engineer* for ilrid grass cover. When pnrccut of hniwcen 15 ami 2. r i cnlli\ r alio , ditches ore. employed. They differ from llic terrace in having a definite u'Ulcr channel from w}ikli tin; i-arlli is removed tint) piltul up to form u nnrrow ridge. This riilgt; is planted u'lth a buffer strip of rlose-^rowiir^ cover to prevent wiislnng. Draiiiflgo tcrr«c<*s ntn! dllclicf, anil tlieir outlets, should lie kepi ck'iir of. n'r,ed5, tr.isli, nni\ scrliiitrrit, it 13 poinlcit out, lo.nlloiv thn free move- inciU of llio run-off K4ler. How Dear To Our Hearts Is That Old-Time Kitchen By KUTII MIU.ETT eiij of the past, large enough to nc- Go out niirt Inke :i good look nl comodnte n rocker for Dad and I your kitchen. It may be next on (able \vltlr real chairs, into 11 cold ; thc list of • vanishing American In- chromium nml white affair (lint .stilutlotis. resembles nothing so much as a I It some of Die more imagnatlve chnln hamburger dispensary they designers have their way, your did (.nmigh to ruin the Influence roast ol beef is going to' be cooked of the kitchen on fnmily life In n desk in your living room. And nnt if they succeed In Inking other pieces of kitchen • equipment away the kitchen entirely—home will-lie as neatly concealed. certainly will become nothing but. When designers turned the old-, a 1 private hotel—as alarmists nre fashioned, brightly-curtained kllch- always predicting it is in the pi-o- Lamp'Fire Shield F IRES don't stait thenibehes, there's alwaj:, a reason lor their-origin, tlioufli it's hard to ^pl&c^Jhg^bJaiiKj i\ many cases ^imple r easy measures <if ( protcc jtion often will ptuuit a disastrous 'fire One such <*ffc preciulion is illustrated below- soy sauce which gives flavor, brown color, and some calcium. A Chinese scientist working with Chapman Williams CCES of bpcomlng. l.KAVK KITCHEN ALONK The kitchen Is of first import- In; family life.'; Many ip's most persistent inem- I home are such things as )f frying doiighiuifs the kitchen, or the pics sitting on the On The Farm Front, By LKK HANN1FV United Press Farm Kdlloi' The American Form Bureau Federation lias n bone" to pick with congressmen pushing the post-war highway construction program. The program under consideration would provide more than $3,000,000,000 to put the nation's roads back In shape nml to greatly extend the whole highway system. Repair of roads beaten -out of shape by the hurrying wheels ol war mid construction of new hlyii- wnys would create thousands of Jobs. Bui President O'Neal ol the Pert- cm lion Is nfrnlrl loo little of the $3,000,000,OtiO will lie spent to improve travel In country distrlcls. He proposes that $200,000,000 be allo- cnled for construction or Improvement of road traveled by IIFD. ciir- rlers, farm produce trucks, school buses and the like. As (uiy one lucky enough to travel these days can easily see, roads find highways of nll^-lnds are in u sad condition o! disrepair. A co.stl v program will he necessary to restore existing fH.rm-lo-mn.rkel roatls and major highways 'worn down by lack of maintenance. SOR&X6IRL5.-NOa(MR Ench succeeding issue ol the United States DoiMrtment of ABriciil- llire's report on the feed situation Is'more optimistic. Tlio latest one, foi' example, revealed Hint the supply of feed grains next January. 1 will be Inrgcr than that of the siiu- ccedlni! fcnr, considering the mini-, bor of niilnmls to be fed. Production of corn and some other grntns mny fall below early season expectations, but the decline in the siv.c of flocks niul licrda is expected to more than offset tills. , j.--••«-• ' ..vj ..tu M.V..U viiin 111 waruiii nml fofVmilk ami meat products. Ily providing c^entir.l protein alnmnantipastures and legume hay make the nation's supply O f crit |^i Bran, (^farther « n<i do belter work. Increases in nojtl preclusion are essential Una year if. new seeding in 1!)J5 arc (o be sufficient for hiy nncl pasture production and for s od acreage in regular crop rotations In help increase production of seed, support prices will bo mainiain-d for most principal legume nml grass seeds, and payments will be made by the Agricultural Adjustment Agency for linrvcatinj; seed Measure Fruit f You Don't •Have Scales The U.S.U.A. says that the U. S. and all other Unllcd Nations will continue short of sugar In 1545. In fact, there will be even less sugar Although our imports than hiivc been higher s~o far this year, wo have used It up faster than it could be shipped in. June 30 stocks were tlie lowest on record. Cuba's cane sugar crop probab- l v will be much smaller, but American beet sugar growers are expected to expand production to ITolp offset (he shortage. , j.'.Wlmt to, do when a homemaker i IK eager to pickle peaches or watcr- {mdoti rind, but has no household scales to weigh the fruit—and can't •borrow or buy them? For pickle success, weighing is betlcr (ban measuring tlic fruits, Siv.e of pcices can make quite a dif- I fcrence In what constitutes n cupful, a pint, or quart. However, for (i real pickling emergency, home .economists of the U. S. Department of Agriculture have worked out ap- proxmaie ctuivalents which may save (lie day. •If a recipe calls for four pounds of prepared watermelon rind, measure about three to three and one- half quarts, If the rind is cut into oiie-lncli squares about half an inch thick, it takes n 15-pound melon with ritid half an inch thick to provide this much. If ^n recipe calls for eight pounds of medium-sized peaches, this would be about 35 peaches or six quarts (a gallon and a half) by Better Plant At Once For Fall Vegetables September 10 to 17 is tlie'last week in which .Mississippi County Victory gardeners can plant vegetables during the 1944 season; Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, has announced. There remain eight vegetables which can still be planted and expected to mature- before killing frosts, she said. They arc: Turnips', Chinese cabbage, kale, carrols, lettuce, mustard/ radishes, and spinach. Army Must Have Holiday Turkeys OPA Hikes Ceiling To Speed Delivery For Armed Forces A steady flow .'of' finished turkeys from Arkansas inrmcrs to markets is necessary now' if [he armed forces s'e them in time for 'thanksgiving dinners, Curl Uinton, Acting District Representative, WPA's Office of Distribution, Little Hock, said today. ' With September 15 us the deadline delivery date for Thanksgiving order.?, only a relatively small percent of this year's crop has gone to processing plants, he said. To speed up delivery of holiday turkey, OPA recently increased celling prices while the procurement jjnim is in operation but in no cvcnl inter than October 31. Duri»i? September live turkeys will bring one cent more per pound than the regular ceiling price and dining October the premium will be >nc-lialf per cent per pound. After October 31, prices will revert to regular ceiling prices, Hinton explained. More dressing plants also are needed to process o. I. .turkey. Only foui' plants have been authorized to carry on processing.. i work throughout the state mid id-A dillonal ones are needed, osncclal-f ' ly during Die next two weeks, H!n-' ton said. . This year's program required 100 percent set aside of all turkeys marketed and processed until needs of the armed forces are niet for .Thanksgiving, Christinas and New Year's. The amount needed will bo Bi'cutly in excess of the 35,000,000 pounds obtained under tlic 1043 set aside order. ' Stomach Follows Clock , BUCKLEY FIELD, Colo. (UP)— The old saw about, your stocach telling you when meal time rolls around doesn't apply to a Buckley Field private. The soldier rushed to the chow line, but was informed by a sergeant that he had bceii looking at a clock in the.War In- fonnntioi] room, which gave Eastern War Time instead of Mouii- Inln War Time. Mexico U. Gels Foreigners' MEXICO CITY (UP) — Some 1.500 students have come to Mexico to attend the summer sessions at the University of Mexico—tin: largest group of foreigners ever enrolled iit this institution. The majority of the students are girls- most of them from the United States—but Canada and several Latin American republics are also represented. The .War Food Ariminlstrntion-rc- porUs that there are more than 5,000 frozen food locker plants In the nation and every state has at least '' . , „_! ij - * Mt(tt«VJ VI Ht'l' 1 ^ M'LA OHlItJii Oil [III cnouEh cnlclum .for a normal per-' kitchen'table to cool, or the aftei ™'V^!l" ( S""!!K.i"°'"^^ 0 . l . h -|Wi:ly snacks eaten at the kitchen I r, Fu ' / 5l e Fruit Cake er countries which diets.' lack the table. nillk and dairy products which sup- 1 And many: n ! innn ami woman Fudge cake and fruit cake arc two, good choices among cakes for , . . - -. ' *• I 'Jim I1IIIIIJ u llltlll tlllu ^UlfUtU: '** C. — --• ply Amcricuns with most-of (heir remelubers n mother mast fondly,. shl PP ln E '» overseas Christmas calcium, bones ar Important not In her Sunday best, but In a source of this mineral/and nre val- i kitchen apron — humming as she ucd and cooked accordingly. Aineri- went from stove to Ice box- cans might well make more of the ! ; What kind of memories arc you calcium in bones. going to have if .the mothers of Another Chinese dish Is made of llic future haven't any kitchens in pig's feet, ginger and vinegar. The which to be queens? In the interest well-known German dish, saner of family life we wish the designers braten, is an Illustration of similar would leave the kitchen nlonc — cooking in another foreign conn- unless they can do som6thing lo try as arc such American dishes as make it as important as it once pickled pig's feet, lamb slewed with was. '• tomatoes, and ham cooked with I ~ — • cider. ~ Fish bones as well ns meat bones may contribute to calcium. The bones of canned salmon and snr- ncs arc softened enough In caning to eat. Fish also may be cooked add lo soften the bones. packages, food scientists of the U. S. Department of Agriculture advise.' These firm-textured cakes- take the jolts and jars of travel bettor than softer, lighter or more •crumbly kinds. The cake may bo baked In a pound colfec can or some other similar can, then frosted In the can, covered with a tight tin cover, scaled with adhesive tape, and packed In shredded paper in n heavy corrugated cardboard shipping box. FALL PLANTING SEEDS WINTER WHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, RYE and HAIRY VETCH. Reckoned. ,, High Purity and Germination. jBlytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main. • . farmci's place their lamps in th^lqrn on rickety bo.-ies, stools, or civ- barn floors, where, if they are -tipped over they may break and fi6od the Door -with burningoil. Whcp it is probable tliaL a farmer ivill need .1 light at night in tha barn-, it'is a \\cll thought-oul precaution to provide asbestos cement Aboard shields on the eciling- and, then place hooVs in Ilia center of the shields from \\liich lamps can be hung. (fest Pnc . Kirby Drug Stores I Have Opened NEVV OFFICES Located In The First National Bank Building. 104 S. Second New Phone, 2641 H, C.Campbell elusive Ucal Kslnte Dealer . Bveryjitjl? qt repair Is m&de here -Ricrrri Shots ate cuslty— I ha rr them re 1 where ex acting tare com cd with super- t »e nrorkman- ||ri5Urt Ihclr btlnit properly Nnt an Idle Moment BRATTLEHORO, Vt. (UP) — rnttleboro's number one volunteer ar worker is Allonsc Rnttc. a ank teller and World War I vet- ran; who works four hours every fght In a war plant and in his pare time compiles the town's ser- Icc honor roll. BERLOU 10 Year Guaranteed Moothprpofing Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITURE- DRAPES—BLANKETS—etc. Ask for the schedule of reasonable prices. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier HflLTCRS ZI W. MA I N ST.' Dccre Tractor is on die Home Front! And, like every soldier, at lionic or abroad, it is cmitled to ihc best of everything . . . for the better you treat it the belter will it serve. Give your Soldier of the Soil a two or three day furlough at our service shop before you send it into action again. Let our exports go over ii from end lo end, do a job of inspecting, tightening, adjusting and iroublc-shooting. The time to do this is ' -n you can spare your cquipmci.i. It is a protective step to save you expense and costly delay at a time when you need vital dependable service. Missco Implement Co. K1.VTIIEVILLE OSCEOL BUY BOWDS* SAVE SCRAP GOL* *~~~""\ 5-^- J Buying Logs Of All Kinds. BARKSDALE MFG. CO. BlylheyiJlc, Ark PAINT OVER OLD WALLPAPER DRIES IN 1 HOUR-WASHABLE! • Hera are four advontagai of Pitlsburgh'i amazing new typ« of, point: 1. On» coat 'if "Rchldo la usually •ufficient—may bs applied right over wallpaper, dingy plaster, on basement walls, etc. 2. Comes in paste Arm. Add water, and one gallon oF Tcchida paste makej IVi gallons of paint, enough to cover an average room. •. Easy (o apply and quick to dry. 4. Wnshable - itay» »potl«« irith ordinary soap and water. Redecorateyourrooms attm*!I cost »-ith Pittsburgh Tcehide. On mle at A Complete Stock of Pittsburgh Paints You don'l pay for water In TechicU, You arfd i) younelf • nd MV* moniy. On« gallon »F TutMC ? i-?\ \ \Vi ftoJToni paint — t,.cu£;i Hr Hit «v»ni|« loom. MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. (Formerly Ark-Mo Lumber Co.) BLYTHEVILLE : - : ARKANSAS to order yoiir PIONEER ID SEED CORN 45Plci rifihg & THOMAS pflnyr> ; iippBi. Rapids, la. Published By The Delta Implement Co., BIytheville Vol. 3 Friday, Sept. 8 No. 2" We've just received a now shipment of 5 blade tractor stalk cutters. Place your order now. -DI- Uo.vcl Booker, fnniiinjr West of Sleele, lias ii No. 62 McCormick-Dccniifr combine for s;i!c. It has been used very little. -DI- IH'liverii'.s of l),e pasi week'include a 11-IJ iMoCormick-DeerinK disc harrow lo C. C. I.aiiRslon, of Number Nine; a 7-H disc harrow to Clyde Voting, of Sleek; and fivo WiiKtm IJOXCH lo ]{. C. ],aiid'Co., of I-wiclivilk . . - !•:. !!. Gee. of lilylhcvillc, ordered a SNISK attachment for a No. 5li soil pulverizer —he'll use it lo plant alfalfa seed. -DI- )ur blacksmith, Clarence Ctilloni, lias Ijeen n the hospital this week for an appendec- tomy."P.ear with us^u few day:; if we're behind on. repairs. -1)1- l.oi;liinjr for a McCormick-DccriiiK combine with mnlor'.'We know of a dealer who can make delivery on one in Ihi.s area. In our shops llm' week: 2 school buses for KPiieral chock tip for Iho HurdettK Schools and Farniall M's for overhaul for. W. S. Cockeiham, of Manila, and Cobu Rowers, of Dell. -DI- AI.trillion jjinnrr.s: we're in niiKhly i good hape on hcltini; this fall, including all wanted sues of V-betfiug. TANK UP YOUR ALBUM DOM'T NAVI It ITMCK HALFWAY IMS? * fc* t Itri TOOAY1

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