Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1908
Page 3
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NO CHANGE OF VENUE Altorneys for Sam Whitlow Say Murder Case Will Be Tried Here. "We bave had no thougbt of askln;; for a change of venue In the \NTiitlow case." said G. R. Card this mornfuK with reference to a rumor published yesterday to the effect that the defense in the famous murder case would ask for a ihaiiBe of venue. Jlr. (lord said the cane would bo trii><t here and so far a^ he knew at thirf term of court. WHiUlow . la charged with the murder of Miss May Sapp. Chnree on M hich E. V. Miller Is Inder Arrest, K. C. Miller, formerly of I.a Ilarpe. Is under arrest at Kansas Cily, cliarg ed with removing moitgatied property and will be returned 1o lola ihif" evening by Under Sheriff A. I.. itoatrlKht who went after him on the jilug this morning. The complaint was sworn to by F. E. Smith. Mr. Smith rharjie^: that he cannot find a piano, owned by Mr. Miller, on which he held a mortgage of $1.31. Miller is the man who built the foundry near the Santa Ke depot at Humboldt two or throe year;^ ago for the purpose of manulaouiriiiK and repairing drilling fi.xtuirs. HEIUMJ FINEKAL TO.MOHIUMV. Services Will He luder Ausjiices of -IFasonlc Order, The funeral services of .T. lli'rinu who died at his homo at li:'. South Huekeye yesterday iiiorniui; will lu> held at the residence tomorrow at'i(>r- noon at :! o'clock. The services wiil be under the auspices of the M:;;:oiiii' lodge, of which order .Mr. llorini; was a member. .Ml Masons are ritqii'. led to met at the Ti 'm])!(> tmiiormiv atiir- uoon at - o'olnik. Ucv. (".ail I 'ld am! Rev. Sliadwirk will be the o<li(i,iiiiii- miiiislers. Inleinieiit will lie w.uh- in the new cemetery. . .7. F. SHKKHY, of I'aohi. w;i - i'l ilu city between trains t<i<l.iy. .Mi-. Siierhv was f(Miuerly prol"e .>isor of I'le loI;i (lancing academy. MEET ME AT RICHARDSON'S lO-MIGHT The Entire Store Contributes to tlie Greatest of Clearance Sales A Sale that stands without precedent in the history of this store. Price on every piece, parcel and yard are cut to an ebb that means quick sales. This the Greatest of Clearance Sale continues all next week. TIIK K. K. A(JHi(iii/rii{AL .iii:h;Ti\(;. Snihli <>ii| .Siinie Idea^ on the! Cuniniii Fair. I". K. Smiih. secretary (jf liie .\i:eii ('oiiuiy I'air ai^sixialion. rcMiniecl la'^t nicht I'roni TopoUa where he alii'lldi'dj tiie meeting nl ilu- Sniii' lUjard of' AurinilHi; e. \\Tii!i> there he ;ook U!> some maitiMs with refereiico to next veai's fair but his plans ate as yet Miiiieveici|'i'(l. He reports that the meet iiiK was a vel^• successful one. .1. T. Tredw :iy of Harpe. was re-elected a; ;i nu'inlier of the executive honrd. ABOUT THE BANQUET rreobytcriiiii lirutlu -rlKKid Will Cive Interesting l'r<t(frjni at Bun(|uct .\exl «eek. One of the callings of a newspaper is to do good. The Register believes that if it c:!!) assist those who are out i.f work to lind )iositions that it will lie doing a great deiil. so cointueticing at otire. The lle.tister will hereafter until dup norioe is given, publish sit- ttalion wanted ads threi> times free of cliarge. Deserving are invited to take i advnntnge of this op)iortuiiily. OWl.N'i; to a tin>u:i(!er.-Mii'!iii:; the '':i.-l;ei lial! game 1. iwe-ii teii'.u.-; ii:i'liT ihiee a'jf! nine of tlw jiitiior menil'ers of l!:e V. M. C. A. gyiMiKisi'im e!;i WMS no! i!.!\e.! ihi- iiioiuir.u" but w lie pi.i .M I I'ex; Satull!il.^ tiioiMiag at i>levell oiloei<. Heplster Want Ad ^i. «rlnu K( suits. Use WiDthester, League or L. n. C. 8heli& While Buiinj' is Ripe. Full line of Gui;s, Revolvers and Ammunition. Two Big Stores The press ageut of the IMesh.x terlan i Hniiheihood Iins contributed the fol- I lowing article coiiceining the plans for the ban(|Uet which will, be given tu'Nt Tiiesilay evening: The next Presbyterian Urotherhood meeting and supper wliieh occurs Tuesday, .laiiuary Mth at il p. m. :it the I'resbv terian churell gives prondse of lieing the event of the month. Tile pl.ii's for the lian<|iiet are in the keeping <)f .Mr. U. S. .\spiiiall who by virlite of his International reputation lis a sal(?sman of collar butttvn.s and thot> laee.-. is thorinif.-ily (pia'ilied to jiiiulertake siieh a siew-pan-dous task, ile savs that there will tioi be MnoJlier isiieh supp'r served ditriiiu this disli- ' pau-'jai iiiii. Mr. A. M Mwiiiir. wliii v.- 1 eonsideied iin expert judge o! :-oilii hiotie.-i and Willi pasM>d lliroii:;li eolle-;e I one warm d;i.\ last slimmer, will IM' ,,!.\Ir. .\spiti.iirs liulit liatnl man. will ';\lso Mr. t". Ililiiiiei. a mMltlemau of Mm 111.-I :i'iiiil\ ill the matter of ea;- Anotlie;- vet \ | oieiii factor oil ijii-; ' .e-rl e.Milii.i.e w .\lr. .1. \. Wlfe'ev. a ,liel..oM' \\\u, !i,;s li .M Live very se! ill his itt.iv- Iv 1. ,im .1 i|ui(!< seiiinu' eenieiu ; Tills iailer :-eIi; ietll.ll! I.-- (if a ver\- ;oiiiei disposition and is tleijiieiitly loiitid at church on Sand.iys. 'I'he eoiiimiiiee is firiher augmented in, ;he person of .Mr W. Iv ilaistoii vvho.-^e propensity f(U- railro.idiiig projects ;hroir.rli. i-onies from h;.~ loiii; connection with the .Saiii.i lie is one of ilie:.' tender hearted ueutlemen who would sit in a ear with his e\.v- sbil' rather tliali see .i !ad.\ stand itp. Mr. l.ou llorville will belli in ilit kitchen. It was deemed advisable to put him in tli.ii re:-|ionsilile place, a.- l:e is a dysiieptic and could nm there- lore consnnii- aK 'he food bei4)re tin- A Fair Proposition We wish to siijiply your drugs this year. You v. ish to trade where your interests will b.? nio-i fully protecti'cl and piimoted. We shou'd combine and our proiiositlon is this: Begin trading here with the intention of remaining a customer on. ly so long as you receive courteous treatment, get wholly reliable goods, find what yOu want, aed are satisfied with the prices. If you wil do this we shall not ; yoti to r.'tiiain unless <f\>:ry one of conditions i.^ fuly ami :-at isfaeterily met. Burrell's Drug Store, Tin: HEX AM, sniKE. WEST sun: SIJIVKP. with great success before a deaf mutes' club. -Mr. I,. C. .Miinger was to sing a solo accompanied by Dr. A. .T. Fulton but as the former has a sore finger and the latter a sore throat it was deemed i advi.sable by the comniissary board to I smite this iiumlier from the program. The itev. Van Orden. of Fort Scott, will deliver an excellent address upon I the Urotherhood convention which he reeently attended. There can be no doubt but that this address will be mi -if satisfactory in every way. Public Sale r will Fell at Public Sale on the IMckel farm miles west of La Harpe on Advertising Primarily consists in letting a lot of people know you are in existence and what excuse you have for it. ADVERTISINQ is like throwing a rublwr ball; the harder you throw it the QUICKER It comes back. Don't write a half hearted ad—you wouldn't whisper to a customer, would you? Write a g^ood ad, tell the truth, then put It in The REGISTER and twenty thousand Readers Will Listen i;iir-'ts had it chanci i'. He i> veiv .'lever in llie liatitllfiig of di-he; and iilso oi-eii.'.lon;'.:l.\ ni'.bii'i'lles ^oine. .Ml. Cleiii: IMtiiiey will also |eni| val- it:ili'e as;-i~tati(e In servi'i'.-, the supper lie has woti coiisiderabb' f.inie li;. tin- inveMtioll of an odoile.<; perfi:aie. The president of ill.' 1 ti oi hei Jijorl will) eoiiduets a i!'• rx i disl >'"i;i-: v.ateri jil-it oiitsidi' ot tow;:. tt;c u. n- .Mr. Kratik Uiddii' cat. lies cold ihiily .ind U .-..S the rold in his rold- •rr-i:: - and ice p: ;!it. V.y his careful itild> :ilid cio.~e ;i;.p;!e;ilioii lie has ar oiMplishei; a '.^ood deal in buiiding U| •iie i'.roiherho.Ml i .i \i.• pie-eiii :lonii -i !i ill; coiidiiioti. .\llOlher L -enI lellKlIl of illVil ill.lble a -i.-fiiu-e lo ilie !!;oib..-r:iood and ont f i!s lie^t woiKers I works evei.vl.od he cam is .Mr. Harry .Mc.Xii'. :i profe loiial eaier; he can even ent in ih ilark. says he ac(|iiired liie lu'bit in !iis mother's jam pantry. There mi.:;ht al.--ii me meiiiioned in tin's coinieeiiDi Dr. Otis •)". I.aCiraiige, a man of Mion; Ititelleei aiid strolir-cr IIIIL.-ie. Tli loctor li:!S siieeeeded ' in pi - . si:f hini.-:e'f of a L 'leiii de ;i! of w-:^,- h\ extrac'iug t!;.' nerve from tl.e te-;] of his patients. I' is lejiorled that ^entlem.-Mi weal into hi> otiiee the oth er day ;inil asked the doetor to draw a tooili. The doetor said. "Yoii nius .lot have that tooth drawn, li is per fectly sound: > our iioiible is neuitil- ".ia. What you want to do is to t;!k plenty ot outdoor e.xercise and walk .ill you can. What i.-: your occuiiation I'ln :t mail cairier." said the man. Mr. Vernon Lemaster.s is another of our most able workers. He is ver.\ reliable and ahv:;;. ; tills the Iriith. whea he can think of .Mr. l.ema.-l- ••is is a .eif-in::ile iiniil. wl'iih is bet •('" tliati all old-ier.M in..a a:.> .l.i:. :Ie sonii'imes tal'ns in his !i •••i l.ii: the;: he !.~ excn.':ible li i that iii th :;nmid that he is .i ni.itried man and ;!oe.-.a't get niiuh oiiporttinity to t.ilk a! other times. Ii re:iiiiids one if tht iiii^'ii." diaUmne which occiirieil be tween a sympathetic lady and a little boy who I'.ad jnst losi his father. The lady said: •WiUie. v.haT were your father's last v.ords'.'" Willie: ' l!.^ didn't have none, ma •.VM-; wiili him to the la.=t." .With all this .irray and symposium <••'. the ablest talent avai'able at any [irice :i surely seems that this nex' brotherhood supper will appeal to the ladies and gentlemen of the-church wl'h irrisistable force and command attention hitherto nndreamed of. Then also it must he borne in mind that ihe brotherh.ood ha.s spared no pains ncr expense to get together n concert co:upany to present a splendid program immediately after the .=uii- per. The celebrated Philharmonique quartet of Boston, will appear in bloomers. This splendid qtiariet has .a very complete repertoire and could easily furnith an evening's entertainment. They have filled very imiKjft- ant foreign engagements at Fort Scott and ri (iua. and our people may safely i:i 1 III f; ; .'. aid to soiipehiug itniisna; line. Mil~'irpa.-.-ed piiiiio eoiiipn.-^itiiin liA ('apt. |i. A. irwiio- e'!!i;;'il - l Want to |:/. Ihe ('iiiiniy Attiuin;.." will be ell.:I :nin.;ly pre^eiiied by .Vll'.'. Car. e :Mi ( • .mule who h;".s leieiuiy studii'il .o.i..:id a. I'.inpi.ria.^.is. a small oovn in Ihe he.irt of lo rmau;. The :ibo\.' couipo i'ii.ii is writie:i in the key of (' and 1-1 time, so is of course ex- eediii:;ly ditncult. The above pi'Cc will be fo'lo.ved by .11 .re. ill v.hiili ulii a';. I be lilayed ly .Mile. C-irreiio Ci--.imle. The itrotliei ho.Ml (iinsidi rs itsef iinl ii - friends e :i e. iliii^ly f<.rtiinat( II 'iiii the world renowned Toadies I 'lii^'•• - (;:::irtel eon-istinu of .MIIK •;elrim:in-ll(W i!-!«-i (;r;iiige. .Mile 'a'v- .MeC'iire. .M'le. Melba Miitison •:..l .Mm.' !:niiii:i K.tiiie.; Ile.rdiik, h; .ecu Miiiiii: ::nil v.ii! sing some very liniiull seleciioiis co!.i;iosed by .Mr. t... . .\orthriip who lias reeeniiy rettirn- d fiom the renient f'onservatoi'.v at \'ew York. The lit.-t idece will bo en- itle.i 'riie .Man-Yoir-S( ripi. " This •oiiipe:iiion contains many ditficul' .litis and i: reipiires the closest of at- eniioii to tell where the music comes n. .\i)o;iier beautiful seleetion which he Tiiii.less ipiartet will sing will br 1 Have III) .Money. Itut a (loixl Kx- •iisi" iScript) composed by .Mr. .lim- iiy ('an!i)hell. .Mr. Caiiipbeil says hf •aire.l his inspiration for wrliing this .iere by observing Itev. S. S. Hilscher iliulit from a swiftly moving street ;ir. .Mr. and Mr.s. W. S. Murdioiie who •lave jlisl arrived frivm the east (ij iarpe and (last wiil be with u-. They vi; sing several lieaiuifiil niiaiber;-. in one cob r which were recniily given FOR CAIVIPBELL AND TAFT. The Kansas Third District' Committee Held a Meeting in Cherryvale. Monday, Jan. 13. commencing at 10 o'clock a. m. following described jiroperty: the «. lir. BFOir .VloaPfmm.% J. H. ommpaax, ommh. FHAHK1MOO. Aml.OM»h. iOLA STATE BANK I Cherryval.'. Kan.. .Tan. 11.—The mi etin gnf the Third district congressional committee here today brought an end to the favorite son" fight, rtartiil against Uepr< s;>ntaf ive Camp- j l.'ll s 'veral month:-: ago. A letter was | le .nd from .Iiiilgp McNeil of Cherokei? 11.lint V. who announced his withdrawal several day ngo. in which lie pledg- :•(: Ills su].p' rt to Mr. ('.•unphell. Tn addition to tills U« pr >sf ntative Ciinuiiig- of Cowl .y county appeared In- f. re th" committee and after annoiino leg his withdrawai also pledged hi'; loyal stiiiort. The mediug was thus tiirned into a love f'-ast The' com- 11 ilei' unanimously indorsed Mr. Camp bell's record In ("on'^rrss and declared for his reelection in .strong terms. Secretay Taft was also cnfhuslastical-1 ly indorsed as being one who could carry out the public policies of the iionsevelt administration. Live S'o(k—Twenty-five liead of dairy rows, some arc fresh and some will be fresh soon. Five calves; one team broiid mares; one team ponies. One IMxIS. milk wagon; one cow liarn Terms of Sale—All sums of $10.00 .-ind under cash. .-Ml sums over 110.00 nine inoi.ths time will be given with niIeie.-.-i at i; per cent interest from da. t. •'. per cent off for cash. W. E. riurphey ''ol. ('. S. MIshop. .\iicfioneer. ElJOr-i THE IMXE WOODS. HjonieP.s .\rnmntlc Air Is nonrnnteed to Cure Catarrli or fo.nt Nottaiiiir. When using the Hyomei treatment, the air you breathe is like that on the mountains high above sea level where the pine woods fill the air with aromatic healing that gives health and .-trength to those suffering from dis- e of the respiratory organs. IJreath- ed through the neat pocket inhaler that conies with every outfit, the heal ing balsams of Hyomei reach the most remote air cells of the throat, nose and '.tings, destroying all catarrhal .germs .ind giving (piick relief and cure. H.voniei has performed almost mir- .•iciiloii.i cures of catarrh, often restoring health in chronic cases that had :;iven ui) all hope of recovery, its best action is at the start of the disease •.vhen the breath is becoming offensive and when discharges from tlie nose, drojipiugs in the throat and frequent siice/.in.g of spasmodic coughing begin jo make life a. burden. At the first symptom of (•:itarrhal trouble, use Hy­ omei and see how i|t:ickly .voii get rc- 'ief and cure. The con.i-leie outtit costs Imt SI.'"' :id is sold by Chas. H. Spencer, unde: gnartintee to refund the money if it does not give satisfaction. WI.\Ti-:R TOllFtfST TICKETS via the S.V.\TA FE on sael daily until .\pril :".bth with final return limit June 1st. I'lii^. at very low rates to Austin. •!{aiiti:i-iit. I-:i i'aso. Ft. Worth, Dallas, Calvesam. San Antonio and Waco, Tevi-: Carlsbad and Deniing, N". M. and .:i:i.ny other points. Kindly see IIS we may be able to you. W. E. RALSTOX, Agent IN WYOIV1ING WRECK. Dora Brown of This Place Escaped Injury in a Car That Turned Over (Moran Herald) CAPITAL S12,BOO IOLA, KJUtSjis. OmtOTOKMi A. W. Beck. L. E^IIorviUe, J.,A,. Robinson. H. L. HeSBWBaniJ. H' Canj:)l»ell. Oo. E. Ni^STson, Pran'£ Riddle. Mr. and Mrs. X. G. Brown are in receipt of a letter from their daughter, Dora, who Is teachinsr school at Guernsey. Wyo., which tells of her being in a railroad wreck during the holidays. Lut that sh? was fortunate to escape any serious injury. The peop'e with w;:om she Ijoards weif go.Tig a short distance from home for a few day's visit and JIlss Brown was accompanying them. TTie train- they were oti left the track and the coach in which th^y were riding turned over twice down an embankment pf forty feet, alighting right sid« up. Several of the passengers were badly bniiBed and Miss Brown said that the railroad was settling the claims with the passengers and that she would probably receive $100 or $500 for her Injuries. Santa fe PRESIDENT nassett of the, Ida Portland Cement company Ls in the rity in the interest of the company. if rival Eifraordliiiiy Of the World's Greatest Clairvoyant Palmist Madam True Call you by name and what you came for. 'Third time in city. .Most wonderful clairvoyant can he consiilted on all affairs in life, business. law suits, journeys, changes, investment, mining. !(jve affairs, causes marriages f;uick, and controls the one you love, make your loved ones at a distanec ibink of you. FSnricd treasures and absent friends located, evil habits cured. Her advice is always rcr liable and highly recommended by all. Bring this ad. Hours 9 to 8 daily, and Sundays. Office at 309 South Sycamore. Fe« 5«c, $3JM.

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